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Found 6 results

  1. A lot has changed since I was regularly active. The last year and a half has ushered in a rebirth of me as a husband, cuck and person. Last year my Lara and her bf celebrated 3 years together, to celebrate that I decided I'd send them on vacation that was about them. No rules, no checking required. Just have fun. I booked them on a cruise and everything began to fall into place. I had my suspicions that they were developing feelings for each other as they got closer and closer. I knew Lara loved me so I wasn't worried, in fact I was a little happy. One night before they left the three of us went on our usual Wednesday date night. For the last year we had went to the same restaurant almost every Wednesday and had the same server every time. This time he asked me why I never brought in a date. I told him that Lara was my wife and she introduced our boyfriend. He was a little embarrassed but said he'd been invited to come home with couples before. Since I had to work at 5 in the morning, I paid the bill and went home. Lara came home around 1130, much earlier than usual when I leave early on date. She seemed nervous, flustered. She said she had something to tell me. I felt my chest tighten up and tried to control my breathing. They got back to his place about an hour earlier and were kissing and he said "I love you" she immediately said, "I love you too" without skipping a beat. They stopped. Went inside and talked about what to do. She decided to tell me right away. She insisted she loved me and told me she doesn't want this to come between us, but she did love him too. I told her I knew and I've known for a while. I kissed her and took her to bed. That weekend once things settled down he stayed the night. I was expected to do my usual servicing of them. Once I had their pants off I took him in my mouth and rubbed her. As I slid my finger in her tight pussy she moans "I love you" into his ear. He responded in kind. I about collapsed. Butterflies in my stomach. Light headed. It was finally real and I loved it. I nuzzled his tip. Kissed it lightly then slowly slid him all the way in my throat. When he entered her I traced his body and for once saw everything. They were two perfect people making perfect love. I buried my face in his ass as he pumped slid in and out of Lara. I worshipped her feet as he came in her. When I was allowed to enter her I felt every last muscle in my body tighten up it was like my first time all over again. I made love to my wife and when I came I came like a steam engine. Pushing his cum further into her pussy. A few weeks later they left on their cruise. They called me every morning usually after making love, to let me know they were alright. Her key was always visible around her neck. They sent snaps to me of them doing couple things. Holding hands. Kissing under the sunset. Cuddling. It was beautiful torture. When they came back the three of us fucked like we never had before. He came in her twice and once in me. I was allowed to cum on Lara but instructed to lick it off, naturally I obliged. Not long after that we found out she was pregnant! We decided after much discussion that I would assume role of father and no DNA test would be taken as the date of conception was during a week we both had her. During the pregnancy she became increasingly dominant. Ordering me to service them, more caging and plugging of me. We began a routing that to this day we still follow. I bathe and shave her. If she needs her toes painted i do that. She's teaching me how to do her hair as well now. At the end of April we had our baby girl and it has been nonstop ever since. During the week she takes care of her and on the weekends I give her a break and let her sleep in. About two weeks ago she had sex for the first time, I wasn't involved, I was finally allowed to a week later. I want to say more but I'm sadly out of time. I hope if anyone is facing a situation like mine that it turns out the same. This has been a beautiful journey and I wouldn't trade a single second!
  3. Dear all, hope you enjoy this somewhat lengthy story by me... all feedback and comments welcomed... My phone let off a buzz, notifying me of an incoming text. One that I was eagerly anticipating. I glanced down at my phone and saw Master’s name, with the message “Pet, it is on today. Get ready.” along with it. I feel my cock (or as Master refers to it, my clit) tingle with excitement. “Babe, was that G?” my wife asks from the other room. “Yes dear, he is coming over.” "Alright, I better get ready - you should too.” My preparation for Master’s arrival is simple: I strip myself completely of all clothing, kneel at the door with a tray in my hands presenting Master with a glass of iced water and a hot espresso. I remove every item of clothing, stripping down to my bare nature. I love the sensation of being naked, especially now that I am completely hairless from my brow and below. Master’s instructions. Waxed, and not shaved in fact. That is always an interesting experience, going to the salon to get the treatment done. Most times I am required to keep my cockcage on when I am getting waxed (other times, a buttplug occupies my other orifice), but it is on this rare occasion that Master allows me to carry the key with me in case the therapists insist on me taking it off to aid access to my crotch area. Apart from that exception, my wife wears the key to my cage around her ankle or her neck. The key signifies the ownership of Master of both my wife and I - and I love it. I am at the door, kneeling with the tray in my hand and plug up my butthole (or my pussy - again a phrase coined by Master). I feel my clit struggling to get aroused, pressing against the solid silicon material (a much better alternative than my usual metal cage - gulp!). I hear a car pulling up into our driveway, then a clinging of keys and the front door opening. “Hello, pet.” “Yes Master.” He takes a sip of his coffee, and then a sip of his water. Master lifts my head by my chin, “Are you ready for me to fuck your wife, my darling whore?” “Yes Master, thank you Master.” My lips are trembling. I am completely subdued - a far cry from my “normal self.” Master chuckles, and I hear my wife coming down the steps. “Darling, you are here.” “Yes my sexy thing.” They embrace and share a kiss - a meeting of lips with a subtle brush of tongues. My wife is dressed comfortably in a silk robe (I know she is naked underneath) but she has some mild makeup on. Without the “cakey” effect, but enough to see that she put in a bit of effort. The robe goes down to just below her butt cheeks, and her legs are accentuated by the 5’ heels that she is wearing. Master loves it when she is in heels (and so do I). Master leads my wife into the living room, hand on her hip. “Pet, come along now.” I rise to my feet and eagerly follow. Master sits himself down on the couch and instructs my wife “Get the collar.” He turns to me, “Kneel, cucky boy. Hands behind your back.” I comply, followed by the leather collar along with a leash attached to my neck. My wife hands the end of the leash to Master as she joins him on the couch. They embrace, and their mouths meet. Passionately gnawing away at each other. Making slurping noises. I love watching them kiss. My clit protests against the cage. Master reaches into the robe, parts it slightly and has one hand on her tits. She lets out a soft moan - pacified by Master’s tongue in her mouth. Her hands start exploring his chest, his groin, then his crotch. She unbuckles his pants, pulls them down. Master disrobes her completely - she is so sexy with nothing except her heels on. The next thing that goes is Master’s shirt. I love seeing the contrast of bodies - my wife’s smooth Asian complexion against Master’s older, hairier, Caucasian body. They press against each other, my wife rubbing her tits against Master’s chest and her cunt brushing against the head of his hardening cock. He withdraws, and tugs at my leash. I crawl across to them, hungry to be a part of the action; hoping I get to be a part of it. Master repositions himself on the couch. His knees are resting on the seat, butt out and I know what is coming. “Get to work, sissy,” I take a deep breathe and wet my lips, and my mouth goes onto Master’s ass crack. I tongue the hairy trench, with one hand stroking the shaft of his tool and another gently rubbing his balls. Master groans and lets out a “Oh yeah..” I am pleased. I am pleasing Master. I have practiced a lot so that I could improve to impress. My wife encourages me, her hand is on my head guiding the pressure and speed to wish I lick out Master’s butt crack. Master’s tool is rock solid. His body doesn’t seem that firm due to his age, but his cock is as stiff as iron. I spent about 5 minutes performing my duty, then I feel Master’s body shifting. He sits back on the couch, balls resting on the cushion and cock pointing north. He has his hand wrapped around my neck, and pushes me towards his jewels. He nods at my wife, and gestures towards his cock. I caress Master’s balls with my tongue, and on top of me my wife licks the head of his cock first - going in a circular motion. After a certain moisture build up, she gorges down on that shaft; taking it deep down her throat. Master’s cock and balls are now glistening with our spit, he pulls me up to join my wife at the shaft. She goes down, allowing the head to rest at the back of her throat, then withdraws. I go in next, taking his rod into my mouth - trying to get it all the way to my throat. My gag reflex activates much easier then my wife’s. I need more practice. We continue sucking for a while, before proceeding to do a bit of teamwork. We kiss momentarily. Then we both envelope Master’s cock head in our lips, and we slide up and down his shaft together in synchronised movements. Master’s pleasure intensifying - expressed by his loud groans. The action changes up a bit. He instructs her to sit on the couch. He pulls my leash and then pushes my head down to my wife’s cunt. I do not object and go face first and on all fours into her cunt. I love giving oral worship, but I will be honest - I prefer sucking dick more than eating pussy. That is what Master’s conditioning has done to me. As I eat her pussy out, I feel the buttplug in my pussy being withdrawn - and I brace myself for what comes next. I hear a spitting sound, followed by a feeling of moisture building up in my assho- , my pussy. I feel the tip of his cock rubbing the spit in, and slowly at first… he pushes in. I arch my back and my neck props upwards a bit, I let out a soft moan. I have learnt to moan in a more effeminate manner - Master’s preference again. I feel the walls of my bunghole slowly accepting the rock solid tool - my clit’s pressure against the cage so great that it feels like my clit would either snap or the cage will burst. Master pumps into me slowly at first, and I continue to eat my wife out. My wife’s pussy crashing against my face, and Master pounding away from behind. I am in some sort of cuckolding-sissy-sandwich heaven. My pussy was stretched by the plug, making it so much more accommodating for Master’s cock. The intensity of the moment. I almost feel my clit “leaking” - I am beyond fucking aroused. In one swift motion, Master tugs at my leash, withdraws from my pussy and stands up. He reaches into a nearby drawer and pulls out a “pluggable” 8” dildo (the number of times I have felt nervous when guests came over and they sit really close to that drawer). He places it on the floor, and tells me to ride it. I am disappointed, I want Master’s cock - but I will not complain nor disobey. I position myself on the dildo, it is a bit dry - I use my spit to remedy that. My wife looks intoxicated - I know she wants Master’s cock. Master sits on the couch while she climbs onto him. She lowers herself onto his cock, and begins riding him like there is no tomorrow. I am riding my dildo like there’s no tomorrow. I want to see them in action, but at the same time the sensation of a rubbery toy in my asshole is also an inviting sensation - one that causes me to close my eyes and writhe in pleasure. Up and down we are both bobbing. My wife and I. On the respective rods. Master is close to cumming. I hear his breathing getting heavier and heavier. Heaving almost. My wife has worked up a real sweat getting pounded like that. “Get up, I want to cum in your mouth.” My wife obliges. “Come here, sissy. Leave that for a moment.” Obedience is the only option. Master gets my wife on her knees, and he does a little “half-squat.” I know what he wants. My wife’s mouth on his cock, mine on his asshole. Yes Master, Yes Daddy. His asshole is salty now - from the sweat no doubt. But I am not complaining. I have learnt to appreciate that that is the taste and scent of an Alpha male. Master beats his cock furiously, while I keep a steady pace working on his crack. I feel his butt cheeks tightening - then he shoots his load. My wife’s mouth is open, trying to catch each drop. It splatters onto her face a little bit on her upper chest, but Master unloads most of it onto her mouth. “Share it with your husband darling.” My wife grins and comes towards me. We kiss. Our tongues rubbing against one another, the cum shifting into my mouth as well. Some of it escape, dripping onto the tiled floor (yes, thankfully it is tiles and not the carpet). We kiss passionately, I am hungrier for the cum more than my wife’s mouth quite frankly. Before anymore goes to waste, I swallow. She does the same. “You need a reward.” Master says. I wished it was to me, but I know it isn’t. Master lays my wife on her back, he will feast on her cunt till she cums. That is the kind of lover Master is for my wife: considerate and unselfish. “As for you cuck, ride that dildo till your wife cums.” Fuck. I need to cum. I whimper in protest. But I obey nonetheless. I want so badly to rub my clit till I spill, and I translate that frustration and desperation onto the dildo. Master eats my wife out wholeheartedly, and in a short moment she cums. Her back arches upwards and neck backwards. Master is so good with his mouth. They like and embrace each other, while I am still riding the dildo. The air is permeated with the sound of them taking deep breaths while cuddling, and the slapping and slicking sound of me riding the dildo almost seems out of place. Master looks towards me. “Stop. The clean up the mess on the floor.” I let out another whimper and crawl towards the blotches of cum on the floor and start licking it up. My wife giggles, amused at what a obedient sissy I have become. “Should we let your husband cum?” My wife looks at me first - licking up Master’s remaining spunk - then looks back at him… “Hmmmmmm…"
  4. Love kissing her neck and whispering in her ear as she sucks and licks another guy’s cock, watching him slide into her mouth, hearing her groan onto him…so hot when he fills her hot mouth with cum…
  5. I have an observation that most, if not all, cuckolds are bisexuals in various degrees. Some may just be bi curious, who would not have any overt sexual relationship with the guy ( the 'Bull' ) while some may be wholly into guys - sucking and getting fucked by the other guy! Either way, their certainly is some sexual tension between Cuck and the bull. In many cases the Bull too doesn't mind having sexual contact with the Cuck and is thus cannot be called 100% straight ( - as most would like to portray to the world, and even to self). There is not to make any judgement : if anything, bisexuality, IMO, makes the cucks ( and such bulls who are into guys too) the blessed lot, who can swing both ways and thus enjoy wider experience :-) What is your take on this?