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Found 1 result

  1. DISCLAIMER (READ CAREFULLY): I am starting this new thread to develop a theme that is very dear to me. Some of you may have read my positions on stereotypes in other threads on here. Since I lament the lack of variety in cuckold porn, I decided to open a thread where the roles are reversed, with respect to what normally happens. You can find countless images where white women sleep with black bulls and cuck their white husbands. Here, I have decided to caption pictures portraying black women cucking their black spouses with white males. If you don't like the subject, nobody forces you to proceed further. If you DO decide to proceed, be aware that NO SLURS WILL BE USED NOR RACIST/DISCRIMINATORY SITUATIONS WILL BE PORTRAYED. That said, however, HUMILIATION WILL BE ENFORCED. Simply becuase that's the way I like a cuckold scenario to unfold. In my captions, black males will be asked to do what it is normally required out of white cucks. Once again, if you don't like it, feel free to leave this thread now. IF YOU DECIDE TO CONTINUE READING/WATCHING THIS THREAD, YOU ACCEPT ITS CONTENT. SO, PLESE DON'T COMMENT WHAT A RACIST I AM BECAUSE 1) I AM NOT AND 2) YOU WOULD ONLY RUIN THE PLEASURE TO OTHER READERS.