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Found 160 results

  1. Black or white? Rating pussies

    Do you like white or black bulls more?? Share your pussy pic for rating

    Well educated, in shape, professional in New York City who happens to prefer his women married to someone else. I am experienced with D/s, BDSM, and all aspects of the hotwife/cuckold dynamic. I had my first cuckold couple in my 20s, and had one for 13 years until they had to move out of town. I am presentable in public and your friends would never suspect the secret dynamic that happens between us in private. If you are a hotwife/cuck couple in or visiting NYC please feel free to contact me. If you are visiting I might just be able to arrange a flat for you to stay in. It would come with everything needed for a pleasing stay in NYC. If you are in the NYC metro area I am on a serious search for a new cuckold couple.
  3. UK Bull for long term

    45 year old, fit and attractive, young looking straight, creative, 'gentle-ish' asian Dom in search of a real cuckold couple either with some experience or complete novices with real fantasies regarding an interracial bull, and want to make it a reality… Both must be submissive to me, but wife must be capable of Dominating hubby along with me in the form of sissy/humiliation, and him willing to accept his role in the relationship as tending to his wife’s needs/pleasures whenever we are together. Yes, she is your wife but ultimately the reality is that sexually she will be my woman and I will own her, I will also date her! Guys do not contact me without your partners’ knowledge as it is important your cuckold desires are mutually understood and accepted, preferably with the cuckoldress taking the lead, and I am not interested in talking about your wife/gf, this is a genuine ad and I am only interested in genuine couples with intentions of real time meetings after a short period of online and phone interactions, where we will discuss the proposal and exchange pictures… I will only go ahead if you are comfortable with live verification of each other, and I must see you and your partner/wife together, on a suitable application. Not looking for a one off, prefer regular and long term where I will be your wife’s man. I am willing to travel within London /southeast or a few reasonable miles beyond, and happy to pay for hotels for overnights on a reasonably regular basis.
  4. Bull looking for a cuck/wimp for longterm teamviewer control. Msg me if interested. kik- makeyousmilex
  6. Hello everyone i am 35 male n have 32 yrs hot slim wife well i never knew the feeling as Cuck often people used to stare her at markets and i used to feel bad about it. But donot know gradually what went wrong in my head that i suddenly developed a lust for it. Now i enjoy if someone peeps on her but biggest problem is that she would never ever accept the reality of being a cuckold couple .............. need your experiences n advise to make her dream of my fantasies n Accept Sleeping with other Men
  7. Bull here in Chattanooga, TN

    I'm located in Chattanooga, TN and have been looking for a couple with a cuckold spouse. Let me know if you are close.
  8. WP_20170211_17_18_38_Pro.mp4

    From the album hard8bbc4mwf

    BLACK STUD 4 LIFE STYLE COUPLES CLEAN AND DISCREET hard8bbc4mwf at many sites contact me for video and pics
  9. New York City Bull

    Well educated, discreet, professional, experienced New York City Bull looking for his next cuckold couple. My last couple had to move out of the area to care for a family member out of state. They were with me for 13 years. I am now looking for a new wife/cuck couple for a possible LTR. I am an in shape and active ex-military officer. I keep in shape with long distance cycling and other outdoor activity. I enjoy a wide range of activities both in and out of the bedroom. I often enjoy the company of the wife, and sometimes both the wife and husband while I take advantage of all that New York City has to offer. Some of my outside the bedroom activities include long distance cycling, sailing, scuba diving, wood working, theater, concerts, and travel. I understand the dynamic of this type of relationship and pride myself on being able to keep both the wife and her cuckold well engaged. If you are a local hotwife/cuckold couple and wish explore possibilities with an experienced bull then send me a message.
  10. Bull and Holiday

    Holidays available in South Italy for a cuckold couple. The bull will come and pick you up and please You with up to one week of sex. Private House is very close to the beach and has all comforts.
  11. Advice from Bulls Needed

    Hi AllI'm looking for advice from some experienced bulls on the forum. Background :I'm a male late 30s and married. I have had a few one stands with other women during my years of marriage and sort of an affair. All were fairly normal vanilla style attraction. Now, this younger women started in work about 3 months ago, she is 25 y/o and of Asian origin. Lets just call her B. We hit it off fairly quickly and then last week we went for a coffee and started chatting about relationships and love-life. She told me that she really liked sex but was somewhat frustrated with her current bf. We joked that she should have an affair. She asked me whether I had ever had an affair, i responded that i didn't know her well enough to answer that!Then last Friday, i decided to ask her to go for a drink with. I was on the way to a friends work leaving party and had some time to kill beforehand. We go to a pub and pretty much straightaway we are flirting, touching hands, putting my hand on her leg etc. We get around to talking about sex and how longs it has been since she last had sex. She is vague about it - only saying that it has been more than 2 months since her and her bf have had sex. We talk a bit about my sex life - me and my wife have a few toys, outfits, restraints and a swing in the bedroom - i don't tell her it all just that we have a healthy sex life and like most couples have fun with some toys and dressing up. After this I told her that bf was a fool and that at their age they should be fucking most nights. Somehow, I told her that I had an affair before and then we sort off agreed that the two of us could get together and fuck. Before we could discuss further she got a text from her bf saying he was only 5 mins away. I left went to the party So after a few days of silly texts with either of us knowing what to say, i came back into the office today (after being stuck in long traffic jam) in a bad mood. I had decided that i needed to either be direct with B or just let it go. So we had a brief discussion about some work, i was a little angry, along the line of "for fuck sake, can't believe this isn't right". After that she text me - are u ok. I said lets go to the pub - get your coat and meet me downstairs in 5 mins. We go over to the pub, silly talk for a few minutes and then we got back on track and before I know it we have agreed that will be fucking and that we should book a hotel and make plans for next week. So, the last couple of texts - i'm playing it safe so i delete texts very quickly!B: "We are not bf/gf or a couple. We can be honest with each other. You don't have to intentionally try to please me - if you know what i mean?"me" I think i know what you mean, so you want me to not give fake flattery and you want me to take control""Yes, I want you to just f me ...... you can do whatever you want to me.. I'm not good at taking control"me : "I want to fuck you deep and hard. You have made me so horny thinking about fucking you"B: "Oh please do, you need to know i'm not very good at oral, so please bear with me"The last bit of the conversation is attached. So i'm wondering what way i should take it with B. I like light Bondage , spanking and am a bit of dom - but nothing too hardcore or crazy. Should i introduce more dirty talk now? Should i bring along some toys with us to the hotel? Should i try some kinky stuff with her?I have a really want to fuck her in front of her bf or even for her to phone him while i'm fucking her. But i don't want to frighten her off - just in case its just me with a dirty mind!Anyone with some experience please get back with advice.
  12. Hello, Any couples from France on here? I am a French White Bull from France (Tours - 37), looking for a cuckold or Candauliste couple. Also looking to share experiences xx T.W.B.
  13. Young Guy Seeking Couples!

    Hi, I am a broad minded very clean guy with experience looking for a couple/wife seeking sexual pleasure as well having platonic fun with your wife My personal details are that I am middle eastern , professional male, 22 YO 6'1" tall, small beard, 12st, good physical shape, confident personality, who enjoys sexual fun in all its forms. Looking to meet for some relaxed no pressure fun, happy to entertain any fantasies you may have. I am seeking something rather than a one-off casual meet. I am sexually adventurous and open minded, game for anything once. Not into drugs or pain. So if you need to spice up your love life and need some local distraction with a single, easy going, well spoken, intelligent male, who can stimulate your mind as well as your body, then get in touch. Happy to meet at a neutral venue for no obligations chat if you are nervous! I'm from the UK but able to travel around Western Europe as well. Thanks Ali

    Hi, I am Antonis and I live in Athens (Greece). I am 37 years old, active male, with experience oi cuckolding. I would like to meet couples, that are going to be here in Athens for holidays, and they are seeking a nice and elegant man. Thank you for reading my note. Pls contact me : [email protected] I wish to all, be cool and have fun.
  15. Bull looking in pittsburgh

    Any slut wifes looking for a big cock can kik me :hugemale99 and cucks i live getting pictures of your wife naked
  16. Bull looking in pittsburgh

    Any slut wifes looking for a big cock can kik me :hugemale99 and cucks i live getting pictures of your wife naked
  17. 45/M/Sri Lanka. Looking for cuckold couple who are planning to visit Sri lanka on business or Holiday to provide my service for them to satisfy their wives or partners sexually. I am a Massage therapist and specialized on women. So I can assist you to seduce your partner and Offer them sexual satisfaction. You may visit my web site Make your early booking an avoid disappointments Contact me in Sri lanka :- WhatsApp +94723596859
  18. Guy in lanzarote

    Looking for a guy in puerto del carmen in august
  19. Hello Sirs. I am a sub cuck from east of france. My Master ordered me to become a cocksucker. So I am loking for Bulls who will train me in cock sucking in east of france or in germany near french border. respectfully.
  20. Bull in Sunny Beach

    Im bull in Sunny Beach... all summer my body type is athletic my favorite position is doggie 18.6 cm 7.3''
  21. Am I big enough to satisfied her with this dick like to hear if my dick is a nice size or not . 🤔
  22. Hi all, have a long held fantasy of sharing my wife and myself being cucked whilst she does it. If you like her pics let me know and I'll post more.
  23. Cuckold looking for TeamViewer Master Setup permanent access to my PC via TeamViewer Use wifes photo to backmail and humilitation
  24. Htownmexwifey

    Hot Mexican wifey looking for some BBC to have fun this weekend ?
  25. Creampie-1.m4vCreampie-1.m4vMy Wife Inseminated and Creampied by her Bull Hope you like the vid guys, PLEASE LEAVE comments Comments much appreciated Check out her Riding the Bull video too Creampie-1.m4v 20060517_015359.avi