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Found 11 results

  1. So, I have always been intrigued by the way men compare against each other in their underwear. So I decided to post some images of me wearing my briefs and then a couple of me in my wife's panties. I would like to see some Bulls post some pics of them wearing their briefs and some cuckolds posting how they look in briefs. As You can see, I was born to be a cuckold, since the bulge in my underwear is so small. Hell, I should probably always wear women's panties since I am a disgrace to real men in briefs. So let us all see you in your briefs, and or the panties you like to we
  2. I am still working on getting my wife to let another man fuck her, but should I ever convince her to take the leap, my next step would be to have her cuckold me with men who's cocks are much bigger than mine. Which is not difficult since I have a very small clit. So I am curious, what do you think is the best part of being cuckolded by your wife. As a want-a-be-cuck I am cutious.
  3. It might just be me.... But I often see young (probably inexperienced) men posing as bulls and the first comment they say is something like..... Going to fuck that slut good.... Your wife is a fine slut ...and many more. I find it a big turn off when a potential bull starts talking about the lady I am with in a term that she is just a piece of meat. Surely the whole point is to make her feel like a princess (yes to make her no holds barred in the bedroom) but to show some respect. I wonder if these "so called experienced bulls" ever get to take on a wife and train her as their own? Tha
  4. Mature couple looking, New to the world of Cuckolds, Hubby a Sissy and would like to suck,
  5. Through the years I have watched my wife get fucked by many different men. One of the things I have always found erotic, is the way her lovers enjoyed nibbling and pulling on her nipples while they were making love to her. Sadly my wife does not play around any longer, due to medical reasons. However, I have many pictures to remember the good old day with. As I flip through them reminiscing, I will often times find myself playing around to create different collages from them. This is a one I put together last night that I thought everyone would enjoy. Any other cuckolds notice this about
  6. Looking for a strong powerful Bull to really open me up and get my BF to gasp at how I can take it all!! Love to be dominated and brought to irgasm as my BF looks on helplessly!!
  7. Ok guys There are plenty of ways an experienced wife can display that she is up for approach. The "HW" anklet, the Ace of Spades etc But what about the guy who actively seeks and hopes his wife is seduced. How can he subtly mark her so that potential Bulls will know she is fair game. By seeing this... They will immediately know there is no problem with the husband...he wants her seduced. She may not be aware, but he has managed to persuade her to wear this item. So I am looking for ideas for: Please try and seduce my Wife (anklet) Maybe it could be a green anklet.... Giving potential
  8. So having found a potential bull for a hesitant wife how did you get the two of them talking together? Without starting world war three at home! Any sneaky tips to make her think he just started chatting to her and wasn't prearranged!
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