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Found 18 results

  1. Doing fakes, anyone feel free to contact me (PM). Here are some of my edits, I do most fetishes, even the extreme ones like scat and beastiality. Fakes can remain private if specified!
  2. As I wait for the day for my wife to finally cuck me, I would love for you guys to make your best CUCK CAPTIONS of her!
  3. please caption
  4. Caption or fakes of her please?
  5. Please please please make captions or fakes for my Asian gf Ailee. I love to see her shared and talked about please let me know if u can. I appreciate all captions and fakes, iF they're good I'll. Let you send hem to her
  6. Loking to make captions of real wifes and girlfriends also loking for some to be made
  7. Hi all, I'm new here, but familiar with the lifestyle. I'm running Tumblr's largest (2200+) and most original cheating, hotwife & cuckold captions archive with 94000+ followers. I'd really appreciate it if you dropped by and enjoyed the captions I create. Cheers!
  8. Guest

    Please Caption My Wife

    Can anyone caption her. Thanks
  9. Some of my favorite captions I've seen here and on the net. Some breeding, some cleanup.
  10. Some more of my favorite captions.
  11. I will make you custom cuckold captions in exchange for captions for me. PM me.
  12. I need to be locked up, because I got a small dick