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Found 18 results

  1. From the album: Cucky caged...

    Cucky wearing his cage and plugged...
  2. when using a Chastity device with an insert, ie urethra insert, what is the beat lube to use? Specific name, not just a type. Tired of feeling like I have an infection when I pee after I pull it out after a weekend of being locked Any ideas?
  3. Hey guys, looking for a little moral support here. Show off your cages and tell me what you like and don't like about them and what you wish it did or did not. Here is my little canary cage. I have a metal one with an insert, just working up the nerve to try it.
  4. Any one know if they make smaller cages? I'm hung like a snail, and this one is too big
  5. Honest options. Thanks! I am a shower, not a grower! Shower Hard, not grower. Small, average or large?
  6. sissy cuckold slave dan griffen in chastity. the sub will be required to clean up his Mistress and the Bull
  7. A lot has changed since I was regularly active. The last year and a half has ushered in a rebirth of me as a husband, cuck and person. Last year my Lara and her bf celebrated 3 years together, to celebrate that I decided I'd send them on vacation that was about them. No rules, no checking required. Just have fun. I booked them on a cruise and everything began to fall into place. I had my suspicions that they were developing feelings for each other as they got closer and closer. I knew Lara loved me so I wasn't worried, in fact I was a little happy. One night before they left the three of us went on our usual Wednesday date night. For the last year we had went to the same restaurant almost every Wednesday and had the same server every time. This time he asked me why I never brought in a date. I told him that Lara was my wife and she introduced our boyfriend. He was a little embarrassed but said he'd been invited to come home with couples before. Since I had to work at 5 in the morning, I paid the bill and went home. Lara came home around 1130, much earlier than usual when I leave early on date. She seemed nervous, flustered. She said she had something to tell me. I felt my chest tighten up and tried to control my breathing. They got back to his place about an hour earlier and were kissing and he said "I love you" she immediately said, "I love you too" without skipping a beat. They stopped. Went inside and talked about what to do. She decided to tell me right away. She insisted she loved me and told me she doesn't want this to come between us, but she did love him too. I told her I knew and I've known for a while. I kissed her and took her to bed. That weekend once things settled down he stayed the night. I was expected to do my usual servicing of them. Once I had their pants off I took him in my mouth and rubbed her. As I slid my finger in her tight pussy she moans "I love you" into his ear. He responded in kind. I about collapsed. Butterflies in my stomach. Light headed. It was finally real and I loved it. I nuzzled his tip. Kissed it lightly then slowly slid him all the way in my throat. When he entered her I traced his body and for once saw everything. They were two perfect people making perfect love. I buried my face in his ass as he pumped slid in and out of Lara. I worshipped her feet as he came in her. When I was allowed to enter her I felt every last muscle in my body tighten up it was like my first time all over again. I made love to my wife and when I came I came like a steam engine. Pushing his cum further into her pussy. A few weeks later they left on their cruise. They called me every morning usually after making love, to let me know they were alright. Her key was always visible around her neck. They sent snaps to me of them doing couple things. Holding hands. Kissing under the sunset. Cuddling. It was beautiful torture. When they came back the three of us fucked like we never had before. He came in her twice and once in me. I was allowed to cum on Lara but instructed to lick it off, naturally I obliged. Not long after that we found out she was pregnant! We decided after much discussion that I would assume role of father and no DNA test would be taken as the date of conception was during a week we both had her. During the pregnancy she became increasingly dominant. Ordering me to service them, more caging and plugging of me. We began a routing that to this day we still follow. I bathe and shave her. If she needs her toes painted i do that. She's teaching me how to do her hair as well now. At the end of April we had our baby girl and it has been nonstop ever since. During the week she takes care of her and on the weekends I give her a break and let her sleep in. About two weeks ago she had sex for the first time, I wasn't involved, I was finally allowed to a week later. I want to say more but I'm sadly out of time. I hope if anyone is facing a situation like mine that it turns out the same. This has been a beautiful journey and I wouldn't trade a single second!
  8. I'm not sure this is the right spot for this, so please for give me if I've posted to the wrong forum. I love watching cuckold porn especially IR porn with BBC and the white husband in chastity. If I had taken a different path that would be my life but because I love BBC so much I am gay. I like watching gay cuckold porn but there is very little of it. I know there are probably several sissy husbands here but I wondered if there are any other self identified gay men?
  9. I dream of such a pleasurable moment. Her pleasure is all that's important. I live to serve.
  10. So who wears a cage, and do you have a picture or two. Here are some I found on the web for those who wonder what kinds they have.Yes, I have worn them before, but I have no pics if me wearing them. Next time I do I'll be sure to get a pic taken. Check this one out. Scary ain't it?, here is another one that looks strange. Talk about being on the wrong side of the window. We all know why we wear them though, and we know who holds the key
  11. To my fellow cucks out there, recently we've purchased a chastity cage. I was wondering which ones all of you have and what you like about them, what would you change? Currently I have the Bastille Cage from Imperia.
  12. How many of you like to combine chastity play and cuckolding? I would like my wife to cuckold me and also deny me. We already practice tease & denial. So, I just need her to cuckold me and combine them together. In the tease denial play, my wife will "edge" me like 15 times. This is where she strokes me up until the very point of no return and stops cold. I'm tied down, so I cannot finish myself. I then lick her pussy to a few orgasms, and go back into my cage. I don't cum for many days, or even months. Sometimes she will also crush my balls in her hands just as I'm about to cum, or give me post-orgasm-torture. My fantasy is to be locked up for 6 straight weeks and have to earn the right to jerk myself off (still never cum inside my wife's pussy), while my wife gets the bull to come bareback inside of her 3 times a week at least. She and the bull will enjoy numerous orgasms until satisfied and until he cannot even get hard any more. Meanwhile, I get to only hear them, not even see her body until its time to clean them up. I want her to enjoy the taste of his cum as he gets blowjobs nearly daily. All I get is blue balls and to massage her before bed daily. Perhaps, like for every 20 loads of cum inside her by the bull, I get to jerk off once.
  13. You perhaps know, that january 14 th has been declares as "International Lock Your Man Day"
  14. I need to be locked up, because I got a small dick