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Found 40 results

  1. Marina’s Cuckolding Report features 12 sex scenes. Each scene has up to 4 unique CGs with numerous variations. The author clearly understands the excitement that comes with escalation. With the cheating wife fetish, it’s important that things start slow and escalate gradually. She only role-plays at first to get you excited. Eventually you get to watch your wife’s lover introduce himself to your ! You’re sitting at home watching your , while this man is plunging his cock into your wife! She’s completely oblivious to what’s going on. My favorite scene took place in the hotel where Marina is getting laid. The husband listens through a crack in the door. She’s bouncing on a cock buried deep into her flesh folds. She’s begging for more! The husband sends a text message to her phone, asking if she’s started yet. She answers with a blatant lie: “No, not yet, what’s up?” She says they’ve been sitting and groping a bit, but it hasn’t gone far – yet. In truth, she jumped on his cock the moment the door was closed! After you complete the game you unlock 4 sex scenes from your wife’s perspective, and can actually see inside the hotel room. On top of that, she told you that he never creampied her until later – but in truth – she got creampied on the first night! Thank goodness she’s on the pill, although, that means they never went back to condoms! On her first night sleeping with him, she’s just beginning to know this new guy. On their last night together she says “Right now, you are my husband, and I love you”. The guy says he loves her back! They start kissing each other with incredible passion. The game features every sex position from a leg-locked cowgirl to sixty-nine. MORE INFO HERE
  2. So she was groped in club ended up fucking her in toilets. Who would fuck her for me, now just like see her fucked
  3. waveydavey50

    Is there a time limit on cheating?

    This is a little complicated so bear with me. My wife and I were into swinging then cuckolding and I have no problem with any of that. My wife said prior to us starting down that road that she's never cheated on me and as far as she was concerned no secrets = no problems. On another site I posted about a guy I played football with and the sneaking suspicion that he was shagging her but I didn't have any proof. Stupidly? actually posting about it sparked up some feelings and I've since contacted some people who have all but confirmed it and much much more. If anyone needs further details please contact me. Considering this all took place almost 20 years ago some people say..its a long time swing and cuckold so what's the difference? Thoughts?
  4. subsucko

    Lara's First Time

    I've decided to do a chronicle of our adventures into the lifestyle. So naturally I will start with the beginning. For those unfamiliar with our story Lara and I had begun dating right before I left on my second deployment to Afghanistan. She was a virgin when we began dating and I had felt some guilt for that. So I proposed we open her end of the relationship up when I left. She was reluctant at first but after a few months of me being gone, inhibitions got the better of her. This is the story of that first time. I had been gone a few months and it finally begun to take its toll on her. I had proposed time and again she take a lover with the only rules being wear a condom, tell me everything and make sure it was none of either of our friends. As spring turned to summer she began having a more active life. Parties and festivals every weekend. Finally after months of waiting, she finally did it. There was a three day music festival in the village she lived in. House and techno. So naturally a lot of alcohol and a lot of pot. Her usual MO at festivals was get black out drunk and run around in her thong. This time was a little different. On the second day after copious amounts of alcohol she met a guy. He was from a neighboring village and took to her right away. They spent the day with her friends drinking and smoking. As the night progressed and the alcohol took its effect they got closer and closer. Dancing and grinding. Finally they began making out. In front of our friends. She later told me when she opened her eyes they had looks of shock on their faces. For some reason that turned me on like nothing else ever had. As everyone got comfortable with the new turn of events they began making out again. She invited him back to her tent, which he happily obliged. Being a techno fest there was no lack of public debauchery. Lara and her lover were no different. They began undoing each other's clothes in front of the tent and once her pants were unbuttoned they jump into the tent and finally into bed. Once they get in, they lay down and start grinding on each other.He slides his finger into her dripping pussy and she moans like a whore. When he pulls it out she grabs his hand and sucked his fingers dry. After they were nice and clean she pullls him out. She gives him some firm strokes as they make out. When the time finally came he pulled out a condom and she spread her legs. The first new cock she had in months finally entered her oozing pussy. He thrust into her. She opened her legs as wide as she could and within minutes was spraying everywhere. As she screamed and moaned she heard her friends start laughing in the tent next to her. They said something about, "so that's what her boyfriend always hears". She wrapped her arms and legs around him and laughed as she kissed him. She rolled him over and rode him until she came again. After her convulsing on top of him stopped she went for one more go around. This time he hit her from behind doggy style. She said he couldn't stop slapping and playing with her ass. As he pounded her harder and harder he said she could feel him tense up with each thrust. His hands spread her ass cheeks exposing his dick in her busy as he filled the condom up inside of her. They exchanged numbers and met a few more times, however she wasn't feeling it with him. However he opened the door to a whole new lifestyle with the two of us.
  5. I was using my wife's phone while she was asleep and I found an app called kik. I opened it and found her chats with a coworker. They are very intimate and she's clearly cheating. I saw pix and vids they've sent to eachother. I didn't say anything to her and she doesn't know I know. She also doesn't know that I'm into makes me so horny! Anyone else ever have this happen? Anyone want to chat about it?
  6. bigun79

    Ex-Wifes Stained Knickers

    When me and the ex-wife finally split up we still shared the house together for a while.She started staying out later and later more often and I suspected she was fucking somebody else. I'd regularly check the laundry basket and sometimes find her knickers buried deep down instead of on top as if she was trying to hide them. I never actually found out if she was enjoying someone elses cock back then but check out the pictures, judge for yourselves and let me know please. I did and still do get turned on at the thought of walking in on her lay on her back in the marital bed, legs wrapped round someone else who's balls deep in her.
  7. LeicesterBull75


    From the album: Just me

    © Leicesterbull75

  8. LeicesterBull75


    From the album: Just me

    © Leicesterbull75

  9. LeicesterBull75


    From the album: Just me

    © Leicesterbull75

  10. LeicesterBull75


    From the album: Just me

    © Leicesterbull75

  11. LeicesterBull75


    From the album: Just me

    © Leicesterbull75

  12. LeicesterBull75


    From the album: Just me

    © Leicesterbull75

  13. LeicesterBull75


    From the album: Just me

    © Leicesterbull75

  14. LeicesterBull75


    From the album: Just me

    © Leicesterbull75

  15. LeicesterBull75


    From the album: Just me

    © Leicesterbull75

  16. dirty comments about my young wife. what you think of her, what you would do to her, how, where..?
  17. My wife was very inexperience at sex when we got married, had only had sex with one other guy. I had @@@@@@@ her to sexual toys, adult videos, going out in public without her panties on, having sex in public places, and taking nude photos of her. We were watching an adult video with two guys making love to one woman, and she told me that the thought of me and another guy making love to her, turned her on. To make a long story short, we agreed to do it. We messaged a few guys on craigslist, and she finally narrow it down to a guy name Martin on here hes called leicesterbull75, she agreed to meet him at a local bar, and if she felt comfortable with him she would then bring him home. They met at the bar and then she called me to tell me she was bringing him home. When they got back to the house, she brought out her nude photo album for Martin to look at, and told us she would be right back, she needed to get herself ready for us. About 20 minutes later she came out with a robe on, I could see she was very nervous, so I went over to her and kiss her as I removed her robe. She had on red garter belts, stockings, crotch less panties, and a bra that @@@@@@@ her nipples. She is a BBW lady with short red hair, blue eyes, trimmed pussy, She then told us to remove our clothes, after that she took both of us guys into the bedroom, and had Martin lay on the bed, and had me sit on the chair. She join Martin on the bed and proceeded to make out with him,, she was so full of passion as they kissed and had their hands all over each other body. She then started sucking his cock going all the way down on it & licking his balls and I could see was out of control with desire, because she swallowed his cum when he came in her mouth, she had never done that with me, she always spit it out. It was so erotic to watch my wife as she sucked another man cock, and finally see her willing to swallow cum. At that point Martin then started to eat her pussy, he had her so excited, he was eating her pussy and rubbing her stomach, she was moaning with such pleasure. I could see she was having orgasms, she finally told me that she wanted me to join them, she had me lay down and put my cock in her pussy, and told me to fuck her hard and deep, and told Martin to stick his cock in her ass. It was exciting to look at the passion on her face as me and Martin fucked her at the same time. She was soaking wet, I had never seen her so horny and turned on as me and Martin fucked her at the same time. Martin was slapping her ass as he fucked her ass with his cock, and she was yelling that she wanted us to fuck her hard and deep, and he told her she was the best fuck he had ever had. She kept having numerous orgasms & just looking at her face seeing the sexual desire she had was awesome. The sexual lust she had, and the ability to be so free with her body as both of us guys fucked her, no rules, just sex, giving pleasure and getting pleasure. Finally he came first and shot his load in her ass, and he sat on the chair as we continue fucking for a few more minutes, I pulled out and blasted my cum all over her belly. At that point Martin joined us again and as we lay on each side of her, we both started sucking her tits at the same time, she has tiny tits but her nipples are large and sensitive. Me & Martin had our hands all over her body, and took turns finger banging her pussy, seeing my wife so excited turned me on. Seeing her being so free with her body, giving pleasure and getting pleasure, was so sexy & hot. At that point we all decided to take a shower together. In the shower she wrap her legs around Martin's back and he fucked her in the shower, watching her pussy take his cock and seeing his cum drip out of her pussy was a turn on for both of us, it was so surreal to watch my sexy wife take another man cock in her pussy after being married for so long. After the shower she said she wanted to go to sleep with Martin's cock inside her pussy. I watched as he slid his cock in her, it was hard to believe that my innocent little wife could be so horny and wild. I then joined them in bed & she kissed me and told me she was very grateful that I was willing to let her fantasy happen. We finally all ended up going to sleep together. It's weird because if I had found out she was cheating on me I would be pissed, but being there with her and seeing another guy fuck her was a big turn on for her and for myself. To watch my innocent little wife act like a porno star, and watch how much pleasure she was receiving by having another man's cock and his cum in her pussy was so erotic. I feel pride seeing her be so horny and out of control, I would never want her to cheat on me, but being able to fuck her with another guy is a great source of pride. We tried a threesome with another woman but my wife was not into it, but with me and another guy she is a wild woman. I would defiantly request Martin’s services again. He’s a really genuinely nice guy
  18. Alikhancuck

    Wanna discuss fucking my fiancee

    If you would like to discuss in detail and possibly arrange fucking my 25year old dirty muslim whore of a fiancee please message me or comment below. I have attached a few pictures here and can send more if we arrange something. I have wanted this for ages.
  19. lildickguy03

    Naughty Cheating Wife

    Was going to upgrade my wife's phone as a surprise, found these gems on there....only trouble, I never received one of em!
  20. Cwilling

    Hot wife

    I'm trying to get my wife to stop cheating and start being a hotwife so I can watch here is a couple pictures of my wife if you want to see more let me know any advice pleas let me know
  21. subsucko

    First Cuckold Experience

    Another question for my fellow cucks out there. What was your wive's/girlfriend's first experience with a new lover? How did it make you feel? Were you present?
  22. Addicted to cock and never satisfied the only thing left to do was a gangbang. She was wanting and willing and we took these pics that we were going to post for an ad or profile. It never happened but it wasn't because she was not wanting or willing
  23. GF made me a vid when I was away for the weekend. Not sure who he is but she looks to have enjoyed it. Never have seen her get creamy like that. I think he cums inside of her... tmp_13998-Cheating-821222552.mp4