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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all, looking for fun with couples on being a cuckold with creampie eating/cleanup, cum kissing etc….. Message me if looking/interested and or just wanna chat. I respond to all. 31 WM in the Massachusetts (413) and Connecticut (860). My interests are cuckolding, hotwife, Qos ♠️, creampie eating/cleanup, squirt drinking, cum swap kissing, bbc, bbc cuckolding, interracial and much more. My other media pages are TWITTER @bbccuckoldlova2 : BDSMLR @bbccuckoldlova : MEWE @bbcuckoldlova ♠️ Enjoy!
  2. Hi, I’m new to this site so apologies if this topic has been raised previously. My wife and I have been married 25 years, very much in love with an active sex life. Over the years we have played with other females 5 or 6 times, MFF & MFFF. We both really enjoy that and take any opportunity that arises, my wife would describe herself as bisexual. Over the last year or two, my fantasies have changed. I constantly fantasise about sharing my wife with another man. Humiliation or degradation doesn’t interest me at all, but the thought of licking her pussy while she is getting fucked sends me over the edge. Her pleasure has always been the number one priority, for a while now when we're fucking, I edge myself so I leak some cum into her then go straight down and lick and suck it all up. No matter how many times i say to myself I’ll go down on her after I’ve orgasmed and came inside her, the lust has gone and it never happens. I also think about having another cock inside her at the same time as me as well as sloppy seconds. I’m quite sure if she presented to me a cum filled pussy I’d be lapping away at her like my life depended on it. I’ve never had any experiences with another male. I’m not attracted to men at all, having said that I do think I would like to suck a cock under the right circumstances, or should that be level of horniness! So, now my thoughts are turning to shemale or ladyboy. Would that be an easier / gentler option for me to test the waters by us getting together with a shemale escort, she could get fucked, I could fuck them both, or even I could get fucked, I know that would send my wife wild! Perhaps a holiday to Thailand would fix this? Am I a potential cuckold? I would be on the submissive side I guess. Anyway, any advice or comments would be welcome. P.S. This site is awesome. 👍
  3. As I was home for a few weeks after a few weeks away for work Lara had left town for a weekend to go to a wedding. The wedding was a friend of her regular bull. So as they were gone for the weekend I allowed my imagination to run wild. Before she left I told her I wanted to see pictures of them doing couple things like holding hands. They left town on a Thursday to meet some of his other friends gathering to party before the wedding on Saturday. They meet up and spend the next few days drinking, grinding and fucking. Finally the day of the wedding comes and she snaps me her outfit. She looked incredible. Tight black skirt with little white dots and a strapless red shirt. Her ass looked as if it were ready to burst out. Once they get to the ceremony she sends a picture of her hand on top of his, wedding ring in plain view. A feeling I had never felt before rushed over me that I remember perfectly. The humiliation most cucks talk about, that sudden wave of emotions, excitement, fear, jealousy, lust but still covered with love. As quickly as it came it was gone and then there was only horniness. As the hours went by a few more pictures came in, some of the food, of the bride, just things to let me know how it was. Finally the dance begins and a few pictures of her dancing come on. As the night progressed and the familes began to leave the dj began playing a little more adult music. I get a snap of her twerking on some guy and judging by the look on his face, not her bull. She's grabbing her ankles and shaking from side to side. Two hours later I get one last picture, her hand around a big fat cock. Once again, wedding ring in plain sight. Apparently the they fucked for like three hours that night. On Sunday she finally came home but not before a two hour detour at his place. They fucked another three times. I'm guessing he probably unloaded close to twenty loads in her during the course of their weekend. By the time she got home she was so sore all she could do was tell me about it as I jerked my cock and cleaned her out. When she finally could have sex she was still so incredibly loose I almost couldn't feel her sides. Needless to say, I came immediately.
  4. Hey i'v recently been intered in gloryholes and been wondering if any cuckold has bough his wife/girlfriend to a gloryhole and watched as she fucked or sucked of a stranger I want to know how it was
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