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Found 5 results

  1. From the album: Just me

    Coventry couple fun, jan 2018 had the pleasure of a few hours worth of fun with this couple had several sessions, and filled 3 condoms for them to use later

    © leicesterbull75

  2. I was wondering if any of the cucks here had ever been made to wear the condom used and filled by a bull, after the hotwife had come back. I have tried to suggest it to a woman, but she was not into that. I think it's very hot...but It might be just the way I see it!
  3. Has anyone ever seen a Magum XL Condom filled to capacity? Feel free to post my image to the Internet, so the world know what a 3.5 " penis looks like. Thanks Phil!
  4. Hi there, my ultimate fantasy is to share a used condom with a bull. One filled with cum and i slip my cock into it and feel the warm cum surround.i know it defeats the purpose of safety but i think it would feel nice to fuck my partner with a used condom. Is this fetish abnormal? Leave your opinion!!
  5. Hey there cucks! I will be travelling back up the M1 from south London to York and can make a stop for the right couple. is there any UK cuck and hotwife that would like a session this Friday evening? I'm dominant, but like to ensure she's pleasured (after a lot of teasing). With it being short notice I'm happy to use a condom, howver, I am clean and tested and if the feelings are right then a bareback and creampie would be OK. I'm 36 YO, 6'4" tall with dark hair and brown eyes, yep, tall dark and handsome :-). I am oen to any suggestions, please pm with me with a pic of your wife and what you want done to her. Anything goes except scat and pain. So if you want to have. complete stranger fuck your wife and leave her more satisfied than you ever could then please drop me a mail. B x