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  1. Chesh

    My gf

    Would love some fakes or captions of her
  2. 26 m always been into cuckolding and finally got what i wanted when i got with me now ex gf who was a hooker i never told her but i got off to it all the time even at work knowing some guy who was paying her was having his way with her
  3. We keep our cucking activities discreet, mostly for the protection of the Bulls, both of whom are married. But yesterday Woman let slip that her sister-in-law "probably has guessed". I tried to find out more but the conversation was changed in a hurry. I suspect after a lot of wine, in the course of girly talk, too much information was blurted out. The significance is that Woman is visiting relatives in the US next month, and completely by coincidence the sister-in-law is coming over from NZ and staying at our house during that time. I'll be sitting in the same room alone with someone who prob
  4. Wanna know if she looks naughty
  5. I had been hanging out helping a mate with his old classic car. Then stopped later for a drink and a catch up. They're were sitting on the couch, and I was sitting in a chair almost directly across from them, and we were watching a comedy special. We were all a little drunk , and they had began to make out. I was trying to act like I didn't notice, and just pretend to watch the show, but it was turning me on. She was so sexy, Skinny waist, and big tits with a pear shaped ass. I watched as he slid his hand down the front of her pants. I could see his hand moving under her jeans, rubbing her cli
  6. Oldies but goodies. A couple of my favorites just because we haven't had the opertunity to post in a while
  7. So I get home the other day, Monday, and the wife tells me she has to tell me something. I was like ok, let me shower and I'll be right there. Short story long, the neighbor came by to get some mail that was at my house and the got to playing around and he got himself a hand full of those luscious titties. So I told her she needs to let him fuck her next time he comes over for some mail. Now what she doesnt know is I installed a nest camera in the kitchen to capture such an illicit act. Stay tuned, cause hopefully ill have a video for you guys to show what a dirty girl my blushing b
  8. Was working and got these in a text. God I love my wife.
  9. Not a sex post, but a general information post. I want to query the forum. If youre a man, and consider yourself straight, and you have a threesome with another man and your woman, are you gay for touching his cock? What about eating her after he's fycked her? If you touch it are you gay? Even if you have no thoughts of men outside of a three some, and single guys don't turn you on Is it still considered gay? Or does the term ' irs not gay in a threeway' apply?
  10. Throw back Thursday Enjoy. I wish i had some freshly used. Working on it. The new guy seems down to play So we'll see
  11. Her Name is Claire This story is part true and part fiction Part 1 She fell under his spell pretty quickly. This was only her second day on the job. Claire stole a quick look at her new boss. When she saw he was looking at her, smiling, she quickly looked away, but couldn’t keep a small smile from her soft full lips. Claire wore no makeup. Not even lipstick, as her husband didn’t like it. He told her that makeup made her look like a whore and would attract other men. She had long beautiful auburn hair held together by a scrunchy at the back sweep
  12. I am curious to know in the hotwife/cuck relationship who is the person that finds the bull? For me and hubby it has always been me looking for a bull. Im not sure if this is common. I do think it would be extra hot if my hubby were to find me a bull he thinks I would like. I know there is a lot of experience in these forums so would love to hear how people go about this. TJ
  13. Hi there my name is Martin im the Bull for 4 couples here in the Midlands in the UK im always on the look out for new friends and couples i currently service 1 30 yr old couple in Coventry 2 40 yr old couples in Leicester/derbyshire and a mature 55 yr old couple in warwickshire these are regular meetings im not into short term each of the couple above ive been seeing for about 1-4 yrs if your interested in a 40 something guy joining you please drop me a message over i would describe myself as rugby player build, about 14 stone but not fat, im a non smoker and social dr
  14. Woke up to these in my email . Said had a good time with her last night. I didnt know the email...
  15. A nice morning view taken by the wife knowing I was out of town. I love this woman
  16. Good morning Took this and played with some filters. What do you think?
  17. Let me know what you think of my asian slut wife Kelly and ill post more
  18. So I was sitting here on my tablet, my wife asleep with the scent of another successful night with withal friend still lingering on her soft white skin, and knowing I'm to be locked until she wakes up and we showered, I found myself browsing cuckold webpages. One of the more interesting things I read was this, lifestyle if you will, isnt new. Nor is it at strange as I once gave it thought to being. In fact ,I discovered that chastity in cuck relationships are mild compared to some of the more non main stream fetishes out there. That being said, its still not normal, and even i
  19. So my wife is super curvy hot blonde. I’ve been into this lifestyle and so curious and turned on about it for couple years. My wife not so much. However we recently moved and I notice she now has Snapchat installed and she has changed her password on her email. I’m like hoping it’s because she is talking to other guys. My questions is what do you think is going on? How can I get her to just be the hot wife she is?
  20. Need information Where can I find respectful men to pleasure my wife without catching feels? Since craigslist banned hook ups, what's another place to search for willing gentlemen? Too many people I know on tinder, so, that would be a bit awkward. Any ideas?
  21. From the album: Cucky caged...

    Cucky wearing his cage and plugged...
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