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Found 8 results

  1. Good morning. My wife for your enjoyment. Shea opening up to picture taking thanks to a couple of your nice comments. Keep it up!
  2. Good morning Took this and played with some filters. What do you think?
  3. So I was sitting here on my tablet, my wife asleep with the scent of another successful night with withal friend still lingering on her soft white skin, and knowing I'm to be locked until she wakes up and we showered, I found myself browsing cuckold webpages. One of the more interesting things I read was this, lifestyle if you will, isnt new. Nor is it at strange as I once gave it thought to being. In fact ,I discovered that chastity in cuck relationships are mild compared to some of the more non main stream fetishes out there. That being said, its still not normal, and even in some fetish circles, having a male sub in a cage ,and or chastity device, is still rather out there, but mild none the less. So I'm curious, I know what I read as to why and what we get out of it, hunting was curious if any of my fellow travelers in chastity play had any thoughts on why they choose to be locked as opposed to just having a wife who sleeps with other men. Anyone?
  4. Need information Where can I find respectful men to pleasure my wife without catching feels? Since craigslist banned hook ups, what's another place to search for willing gentlemen? Too many people I know on tinder, so, that would be a bit awkward. Any ideas?
  5. As I wait for the day for my wife to finally cuck me, I would love for you guys to make your best CUCK CAPTIONS of her!
  6. when using a Chastity device with an insert, ie urethra insert, what is the beat lube to use? Specific name, not just a type. Tired of feeling like I have an infection when I pee after I pull it out after a weekend of being locked Any ideas?
  7. so warm weather is here, in the states any way, so I suggest a contest for bragging rights. Film or take a picture of your wife nude, semi nude, or in see thru clothing in public. The catch is, you have to have someone else in the image Not necessarily their face, but where we can see she could be caught Any takers? I'm going to work on mine this weekend. We have a date at an adult club. So who knows...