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  1. Young guy pounds my slutwife while I take video and photos. Her face in the end gets cum coated,. While I as a small cock cuckold make some dirty video and pics
  2. Hi all, looking for fun with couples on being a cuckold with creampie eating/cleanup, cum kissing etc….. Message me if looking/interested and or just wanna chat. I respond to all. 31 WM in the Massachusetts (413) and Connecticut (860). My interests are cuckolding, hotwife, Qos ♠️, creampie eating/cleanup, squirt drinking, cum swap kissing, bbc, bbc cuckolding, interracial and much more. My other media pages are TWITTER @bbccuckoldlova2 : BDSMLR @bbccuckoldlova : MEWE @bbcuckoldlova ♠️ Enjoy!
  3. From the album: Marci Cuckolding Slut

    She made me lay next to her with my little nub dripping precum, while one by one they unloaded on her face.
  4. From the album: Marci Cuckolding Slut

    Sometimes she’ll tell me to suck him off and enjoy the cum right from the tap
  5. From the album: Marci Cuckolding Slut

    The bigger the cock, the more mine shrivels up
  6. From the album: Cuckold

  7. Fantasise about watching your wife get fucked by a stranger? You have talked to her and she is intrigued - but nervous? Part of her reticence is about local people finding out? Maybe she is just inhibited in her familiar surroundings.... A sensitive introduction while you are on a trip, far from family, friends, neighbours and colleagues could be the answer... If you are visiting London or nearby and staying in a nice hotel then get in touch! I am a mature, experienced Bull, not a crude, "treat 'em rough, insult the husband" type but a refined, educated, subtle man who wants you both to have a good time and leave with an enthusiasm for the lifestyle. I am more appropriate for mature couples - unless she has older man fantases! Of course, you may be an experienced couple yourselves and still like the idea of a "Little London Adventure" - in which case I am equally happy to provide that diverting experience - maybe show you some characteristic pubs you would not have found yourself, whatever you fancy - followed by some "alternative entertainment" in your hotel room.... Happy to consider all applications! Contact here and I will provide email etc
  8. Some of my favourite English MILFS feel free to add your own
  9. We are male couple who are bi-sexual looking to start cucking with men, women, couples, or trans. Are there other m/m cuckold couples? I love watching my husband fuck, or get fucked in the he ass by strangers in front of me. Then I get to clean him and his partner. It drives me wild to see him in action….he is such a passionate lover. The way he eats pussy and ass is an art. I absolutely love watching him slow fuck someone then start ram rodding them…after blowing his beautiful creamy load I get to drink it out whatever hole he blew it deep within.
  10. New to posting here but not to the lifestyle. Have been a Bull for many years. Hit me up if you are interested in your wife or GF being well used and you watching it all happen.
  11. My slutwife loves to be used by bulls in motel rooms Join this conversation
  12. Here's my slut of a wife. pm me to know anything about our lifestyle
  13. I used to be extremely active in this forum and conversed with many of here but the last few years have been a roller coaster. So, I guess it’s time for an update In 2017 my wife began a romanitic relationship with our boyfriend. The thre of us became an item with her as the center. That year I sent them on a vacation together something now I do once a year. Not long after that we found out she was pregnant and in early may of 2018 we had our first. The next two years were a mess of figuring out dynamics within the household. Our boyfriend would come around more frequently and I would be left to taken care of the baby. During that time our dynamic in the bed room changed as well. My wife became more and more dominant (our bf always was so no changes there) and I became more and more submissive. 2019 was more leaning into the FLR aspect for me, I was given tasks to accomplish throughout the day and once she started going out regularly I stayed home. and of course the year everyone hates, 2020. Well guess what, we had a quarantine baby. This caused us to get tested and turns out I’m sterile. The first few weeks of that was hard to process, a lot of confusion but in the end the three of us got stronger. Not sure if it was just the pregnancy hormones or what but my wife became aggressively dominant and really tapping into my latent bisexuality. First began with pegging and finally taking our bf. I also spent most of 2020 locked and had sex maybe twice. After the baby things began to achieve a bit more normalcy. I’m still submissive but I do get to have sex now. I stay caged and pantied most of the time. For my birthday this year I was surprised with a threesome with her and a girl she fools around with. Lucky for me I clicked with her. My first woman in ten years, didn’t last long the first time. other things that have happened are a few gang bangs, countless trips to the swingers club, a few trains bareback and now we have talked about one more baby and then getting tubes tied. This a brief look at the last few years and hopefully now I have it together enough to share more.
  14. Hello cuck couples / hotwife from Gujarat. I know there are many of you but you dont come out openly. So if you are from Gujarat and want to chat secretly or share your experiences and thought, you are welcome to send a message or reply here. Would try to get in touch with you.
  15. Hey guys, here's my girl... would love to know what you guys think. comments are absolutely welcome... The dirtier the better. comment for more...
  16. From the album: Marci Cuckolding Slut

    She wound up sucking these guys off on the patio.
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