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Found 356 results

  1. Starting out

    Hello there all! New here. Just a little background. I’m 30 and my wife is 31 and we’ve been together 8 years; married 2. I have fantasized about my wife cuckolding me for some time. I have shared with her this fantasy as well as my bisexuality, and my love of femdom and erotic humiliation. She has fucked me with a strapon and talked dirty to me about other guys with bigger dicks fucking her better as I blew my load. We are not yet on doing it IRL yet or sharing xxx revealing photos of her yet, but here’s a little tease at the bottom that she gave the okay on. She’s a little more timid about this than me but she wants to make me happy and indulge in my fantasies as she doesn’t really have any herself. Just looking for any advice from any people experienced as to how we can go forward. What can we do to scratch that itch before going all out and bringing in another guy? That’s just a little farther down the road.
  2. Cuckold Couple

    From the album Mina

    Nick and Mina
  3. London Vacation Opportunity?

    Fantasise about watching your wife get fucked by a stranger? You have talked to her and she is intrigued - but nervous? Part of her reticence is about local people finding out? Maybe she is just inhibited in her familiar surroundings.... A sensitive introduction while you are on a trip, far from family, friends, neighbours and colleagues could be the answer... If you are visiting London or nearby and staying in a nice hotel then get in touch! I am a mature, experienced Bull, not a crude, "treat 'em rough, insult the husband" type but a refined, educated, subtle man who wants you both to have a good time and leave with an enthusiasm for the lifestyle. I am more appropriate for mature couples - unless she has older man fantases! Of course, you may be an experienced couple yourselves and still like the idea of a "Little London Adventure" - in which case I am equally happy to provide that diverting experience - maybe show you some characteristic pubs you would not have found yourself, whatever you fancy - followed by some "alternative entertainment" in your hotel room.... Happy to consider all applications! Contact here and I will provide email etc
  4. 1st time wife meeting guy alone

    I have been trying for a long time to get my hire to be a horny hotwife. We have played with other guys a few times but she never seemed enthusiastic about any of it. I was always there to watch, enjoy the fun. I have talked to her more about being shared and she always dismisses it. I set up a plan recently. I found a good looking younger guy (37, my wife is 47, I am 46) to come by our house during the day as a handyman to give an estimate on doing some work. He flirted with her and even text her after trying to get something started. He and i text trying to encourage things but nothing. I was talking to her last week about being more adventurous sexually together. We talked about a 3 some. She brought him up. She text him and they have been flirting thee last week via text. They have even exchanged naughty pics (which he had already seen anyway from me sharing them). Now there is a chance she is going to have him over during the day next week while kids are in school and I’m at work. He and i text and he keeps me up to speed on everything without her knowing i am helping him. I have thought about and fantasized about something like this happening for a long time but now that it might actually happen, i am a nervous wreck!!! She is not hiding the fact that he might come over and he is keeping me in the loop too but i am not sure i can go through with this. I love my wife and love to show her off and loved the times i have been able to share her but this is next level stuff doing it without me. I appreciate any advice. Am i doing the right thing letting this happen? Is this nervousness normal? I included a couple pics of her.
  5. Please make captions and pictures of her. Ive been wanting this for a while now and shes really hot. I wanna be cucked by her please make captions and photoshops please and thanks Bbc photo shops too
  6. Mina 2

    From the album Mina

  7. Mina 1

    From the album Mina

  8. Bull looking for a cuck/wimp for longterm teamviewer control. Msg me if interested. kik- makeyousmilex
  9. fake photos

    I`ll fake your wife or gf. P.M me!
  10. I have been fucking my aunt for the past 1 /12 years and we got caught to my uncle 6 months ago . From then he used to sleep on the guest room and me with his wife in their bedroom , fucking , sucking , aunt love my cock that she shouts out loud . My uncle wants to know you dirty coments of his wife getting fucked by me
  11. Wife Coercion By Husbands Boss

    It is exciting, the way to blackmail, coerce, induce his employee to give his wife to the boss for fear of losing his job and the way the boss and his wife enjoy it. Coercion (MF, voy, nc, blkmail) by Hardy ([email protected]) *** An employee of a company is caught by his boss embezzling money. He is offered a choice, make restitution or go to jail. But the boss wants more than just money, he wants sex with the man's wife as part of the deal. *** I work as a comptroller at a small manufacturing company. I had started in the accounting department, and, over a period of five years I moved up in the dept. to my current position. However, in spite of increases in salary, I was consistently spending more that my income. A lot of this was attributed to my wife's spending habits, but I was partly to blame, as we enjoyed a comfortable life style. Nevertheless, we probably could have managed if it were not for my wife's lavish expenditures on clothes. Sharon certainly dressed well, from the bottom up, expensive lacy lingerie, the latest style in dresses, jackets, shoes, etc. She did have good taste; she was a striking woman to begin with, and the clothes she wore complimented her beautiful figure. Her tall figure, her attractive face, her firm breasts, a slim waist blending into full rounded hips and ass, and long lovely legs which she showed off to advantage, turned the heads of many men. I know she enjoyed the attention she received, and she was well aware of the effect that she had on the men that she would come in intact with, but she was modest, and never indulged in anything more then harmless flirting. Sharon never had love affairs before we were married, and she was very circumspect after we were married. She was never unfaithful, so I never complained about the attention she received from other men, or the amount of leg that she showed. There were several times when she had to repel the advances of some man who was attracted to her, and who wanted to carry the relationship beyond a social one. She let them down gently, but made it clear that she did not stray in her marriage. My boss Steve, who had a reputation as being a womanizer, had attempted on more that one occasion to add her to his list of conquests, but was gently but firmly rebuffed in his attempts to seduce her. By hearsay, not many women refused his advances, and that was understandable, as he was an attractive man, and in addition had a lot of clout as the firm's owner. There were rumors to the effect that he had used coercion on some female members of the firm, as well as the wives of employees. There were also rumors that he sported a cock of considerable proportions. In any event, I think that he was frustrated be his inability to add my wife to his list of conquests. It was only recently that at an office party, Steve had asked my wife to dance, and during the dance, was trying to hold her too close, and also made known that he found her irresistible, and wanted to arrange a rendezvous. Sharon became angry with him and refused, but Steve said that this might change. On the way home, Sharon told me what had transpired, and said that she was tired of his advances, and this time she had told him off. Well. I said, "Don't make him too angry; remember that I work for him, just try to be nice to him. "What do you mean be nice to him? Do you want me to fuck him?" "Absolutely not," I said. "Just try don't piss him off." "Alright, but I don't want him pawing me." Once again we had another discussion regarding all of our money that she was spending on clothes. I told her that I just couldn't keep up with her expenditures-that we were maxed out on all our charge cards, plus financing our trips, the mortgage, car payments, loans, etc. She said that she would try to do better. What I did not tell her -- was what I had done to try to keep us financially afloat. As comptroller of our company, I had access to a lot of cash, including a large slush fund, and I had steadily and consistently taken monies out to cover some of our debts. I had shifted money around to cover this, and I intended to pay it back before an audit caught the shortfall. It was a major worry for me, and I was in constant fear of discovery. I had already begun to pay money on our charge cards, and on our loans, but we had to be more economical. Anyway, an invitation arrived from my boss Steve, inviting Sharon and I to join Steve and his wife Ann for dinner at their place on Sat. My wife did not want to go, but I said that we had to go, as this was part of the job. She was very sulky about this right up to Sat. On Sat. we bathed and began to get ready for dinner. I always enjoyed watching my wife get dressed, as she did now, beginning with her sheer stockings attached to a lacy garter belt, then adding on sheer white panties with flared legs, followed by a matching bra, and a lovely white half slip. She did her face and then was about to put on a black dress, at which point I was aroused and attempted to embrace her. I wanted her and there was still time, but she rebuffed me, saying, "I am not going to get messed up before we leave, so you will have to wait till we get back from dinner." We arrived at their spacious home, and were ushered into their large living room where we had cocktails, Steve making sure that our glasses remained full. Finally Ann announced dinner, which was very enjoyable, and served with wines. After dinner we adjourned to the living room where Steve had set up a table for bridge. We began to play and more drinks were served, to the point where Sharon and I were feeling no pain, but Steve persisted in seeing that our glasses were full. At one point Sharon was wiggling around and looked flushed, and I wondered what was wrong with her. Well, I didn't have to wonder very long, for when I bent over to retrieve a card that had fallen, I saw that Steve had a hand on my wife's leg, attempting to push up her dress. I was shocked and gulped my drink. Ann seemed oblivious as to what Steve was attempting, even though Sharon was still flushed and moving her hand down to stop Steve. Well, finally the came was over and we got comfortable, me in an armchair, and Sharon and Ann on the sofa. Soon Ann said that she was tired and said goodnight and left. Then I said that we should be going, but Steve would not hear of it, and added to our drinks. My wife looked at me and gave a sign about leaving. The drinks finally got to me, and I fell asleep in my chair. Soon I was awakened by my wife saying, "No! No!" and calling my name. As I opened my eyes I saw Steve on the couch by my wife, and he was tugging up her dress to her stocking tops, even exposing her naked thighs and garter straps. She was struggling with him, trying to pull her dress down and. I said, "Steve, leave her alone." Steve just smiled and said, "Well, we are just going to have a little talk." "First of all, I know that for some time you have been embezzling money from my company." The blood drained from my face. Steve continued; "Since I have discovered this some time ago, I have been documenting your theft, and I have some pretty good numbers on the amount of money missing. Sharon looked at me aghast and said" is it true?" She could tell by my expression that is was true. Then Steve said, "You are either going to jail, or we are going to reach some accommodation." I said, "What do you mean?" I was really shaking. The thought of legal action and then jail had me terrified. Steve smiled as he continued; "First of all, we will need you to sign a repayment plan, and secondly, I am going to need some co-operation from your wife." I was shocked-we both knew what he meant. I looked at Sharon, and our eyes locked. She exclaimed-"Oh no, I won't do that. I can't give myself to him." She was trembling, and Then Steve said, "It's up to you two, but I'm not going to wait very long for your decision." My wife looked at me again and I said, "I don't know what to say, I don't want that, but I don't want to go to jail." Then Steve said to me, "Why don't you pick up the bottle and take it into the den." I just stood there a moment-then I picked up the bottle. As I did that Sharon said, "You would give your own wife?" I didn't say anything, and looking at her I saw tears in her eyes. Finally I said, "I'm sorry Sharon." She became angry at me for putting her in this position, and she said I would be sorry. I replied that her spending habits were much of the problem. Then, as I started to leave the room with the bottle my wife said to Steve-"If I am forced to do this, then I want you to make him watch what we do-it will serve him right since I don't have much choice. He is not going to get out of this that easy. If I am going to be humiliated like this, he needs to suffer also." Steve smiled, enjoying this dialogue, and knowing he was winning said, "Yes, you stay and watch-I think that I will enjoy your presence, observing what your actions have caused. That will be a real high for me." "Lets begin," said Steve, and he asked my wife to stand up, and after she did he told her to lift her skirt. She hesitated, and then she raised her skirt, and Steve said, "And your slip also." Sharon complied, exposing her legs above her stocking tops. Then Steve said, "Higher." She raised them up higher till her sheer lacy panties were @@@@@@@, and then he again said "higher," and again she complied, pulling up her dress and slip to the top of her panties, her face getting red as she @@@@@@@ herself to him. Then Steve said, "Turn around-slowly." And she did just that, still holding her skirt and slip high, her lovely legs and hips displayed to his gaze-his now very appreciative gaze as he looked at the erotic picture of my now compliant wife, blushing as he looked at her. "Now," said Steve, "take off your dress, slowly," and again my wife complied, pulling down the zipper on her dress, then pulling her dress down and off. Then Steve said "and now your bra." Sharon hesitated, and Steve repeated the order, and finally my wife undid her bra and removed it, exposing her beautiful firm breasts, her face red with embarrassment while Steve looked admiringly at her breasts, enjoying her discomfort. At that moment, his wife Ann appeared at my side. Apparently she had been watching the scene from behind me. I said, "Ann, can't you make him stop!" Ann said, "No, you two caused the problem, and you're going to have to live with the consequences." I said, "What about watching your husband doing this?" Ann said, "I can't control my husband, and besides, I rather enjoy the plight of couples who have to pay up when they do something wrong." I said, "So you've watched this kind of thing before?" Ann said, "Yes, I get a thrill when Steve dominates another couple, and thoroughly fucks the wife." I knew then that there was no way to stop this. Steve was smiling as he looked at me, "I think you need to participate more, and so I would like you to take her panties off and hand them to me." I didn't move till he repeated his order in no uncertain terms, and so I moved up to my wife, and after she had raised her slip up to her waist at Steve's command, I started sliding her sheer panties down over her hips and ass, down her lovely legs to her ankles, taking her panties off with her shoes, and then handing them to Steve. I was humiliated, and so was Sharon, while Steve just looked on with amusement, enjoying our discomfort, and the erotic display of my wife. After he sent me back to stand by Ann, who was also enjoying the scene and our humiliation, Steve ordered my wife to take off her slip, which she did, now standing only in her lacy garter belt, and her sheer stockings. My wife was by turns tearful and angry, but it was clear that she had surrendered, and when Steve ordered her to lie down on the huge sofa, she complied, but she looked at me, her face tearful at first, and then challenging, as she said, "You still can stop this." But when I looked away and said nothing, she just said, "Alright, I'll let him fuck me, and you'll be sorry. I hope you enjoy watching your own wife get fucked by your boss," she said, angry now ."I can't believe you're allowing this to happen to your own wife." Steve was enjoying my humiliation and my wife's surrender, gazing at her breasts and her lovely hips and ass. At this point Steve undressed completely, and when he removed his shorts, a very large and thick cock was @@@@@@@, almost fully erect. My wife's eyes widened and she gasped when she saw this, saying "Oh God, no," and Steve laughed, "Oh God yes." He then moved down beside her, and began caressing her breasts, and then stroking her abdomen and her thighs, finally stroking between her legs, my wife at first rigid, and then, against her will, her body responding to his caresses. He continued stroking her, now her inner thighs to her cunt, her body jerking when she felt his touch there, whimpering now as his fingers took possession of her cunt, invading the moist lips. She turned her head away when he tried to kiss her, refusing to surrender her lips. However, he continued his expert stroking of her breasts and the now moist red lips of her cunt, my wife gasping as he found her clitoris, caressing here till she was groaning. He was steadily overcoming her resistance and her obvious intention of not responding to him. He continued his caresses, his stroking of her body, gradually pushing her legs and thighs open more, her cunt pulling open, my wife was trembling, whimpering now, her body flushed as against her will she was responding to him. Soon it was clear that she was helpless, her legs spreading fully to his pressure against her thighs. She finally surrendered, her arms falling to her sides. The picture that she was presenting was incredibly erotic, her firm breasts, her legs and thighs spread, her wet cunt opening some, compliant now, moaning as he stroked her. Steve felt her surrender, relishing her helplessness now, as he prepared to mount her. He lifted her legs and thighs, encased in her sheer nylons, so that we had a clear view as he raised up, mounting her and directing his cock against the wet swollen lips of her cunt. We could see as he moved his cock up and down the lips of her cunt, moistening the large purple head of his cock. Then he positioned his cock at her entrance and began to push with a steady pressure as my wife's whimpers changing to groaning as she felt herself beginning to stretch to accommodate his entrance into her defenseless cunt. He continued the relentless pressure, stretching her more till finally, with a hoarse cry from my wife, the head of his cock entered her. Slowly he began to push further into my helpless wife, and we could now see her cunt stretched tightly around his cock, Steve moving in and out with short strokes, wetting his cock as he continued to penetrate her deeper with each stroke, my wife wide eyed and moaning with this invasion. Then finally, with one last thrust, he impaled her on his cock. Then my wife cried out and her body began jerking, and her lovely nylon clad legs clamped over his thighs as her trembling body erupted in a powerful orgasm, which took her completely by surprise. I couldn't believe that she had responded in this manner so quickly. Gradually she relaxed, and at that point Steve began a slow deep thrusting into her, his cock shiny with her juices, pulling back each time till the head of his cock was at the entrance of her cunt. He took a long time with her, but finally he began to increase the speed of his thrusts, my wife jerking with each thrust as now her body began to respond. She was flushed, trembling and groaning, as Steve moved her closer and closer to a climax. Finally, with a shrill cry, her orgasm was upon her-crying out again and again as her legs clamped over his thighs, her body jerking, her arms gripping his back. At that moment, Steve's own climax began, as groaning, he erupted into her, gripping her ass as he fully impaled her, spurting into my wife, draining his cock into her, as Ann gripped my arm, her eyes wide with excitement. Well, she said, "How did you like seeing your wife get thoroughly fucked? She really seemed to enjoy it, and I bet you will remember this for a long time." Finally it was over, and I could not believe the way she had responded to his thorough fucking. She was tearful, now lying spread-eagled, her cunt gaping open, their juices visible. I was not aroused, watching her being taken by this stud. I was just humiliated, especially when she had never responded to my lovemaking in this manner. Then my wife slowly got dressed as did Steve, and I said, "We are leaving," taking my wife's arm. Then Steve said, "Oh, one more thing, your wife is 25% of the way to clearing you." I asked, "What do you mean?" And Steve said that meant that my wife was going to entertain him 3 more time before I was all cleared up. I told him to go fuck himself and then we left. * The discussion on the way home was spirited after I noted how much she enjoyed getting fucked by him. She was angry then, and said she couldn't help it, and then she said it served me right, and she hoped that I had enjoyed watching her submission. "Did you enjoy watching another man's cock thrusting into your wife, and emptying his cock into her, and tonight you can be second. Since it is still wet and loose, you won't have any trouble getting in." Then she said, "Yes, I did enjoy being taken like that, being forced to do it because of you. And yes, I will fuck him 3 more times, and I think I'll enjoy it." I was angry and said nothing more. * Well, it did happen, and each time Steve called and said where and when I was to take my wife. The first time it was at his house, and I had to sit with Ann till he was through with her, hearing her cry out as he fucked her. Ann enjoyed listening to her husband servicing my wife. The second time he told me to bring her to his office, and I was told to wait outside. However, I quietly opened the door to observe them. Steve had my wife bent over the desk with her dress and slip around her waist, her sheer lacy white panties pulled down over her garter belt and sheer stockings to her thighs, which were spread for his entry. It was incredibly erotic seeing her like that, more so than if she was naked. His trousers and shorts were at his ankles, and his thick cock was fully erect as he brought it to the entrance of her wet cunt, holding the lips of her cunt open with his thumbs as he began pushing into her. She cried out again as he stretched her and entered her. Then he gripped her hips as he penetrated her, deeper and deeper, till he was fully in her, my wife crying out, and then groaning as he thrust into her powerfully. Finally she cried out as she shuddered, her orgasms shaking her-then Steve groaned as he erupted into my wife. She began sobbing at her submission to him, being taken like that, helpless as her body responded to him. For the first time, I found to my consternation that I was aroused and became fully erect watching him taking her, and thoroughly fucking her as she was bent over his desk. I found out later that other women in the office were aware of what happened, and were thrilled knowing my wife was being fucked by Steve. The third and last time was at our home, Steve taking my wife to our bedroom, and I again observed them as once more he fucked her to orgasm, fucking her powerfully, the noise of their coupling arousing me again. After he left I entered the bedroom where my wife was still on her back with her legs spread. I undressed and quickly entered her, her cunt very loose and wet. I came almost immediately to my wife's amusement, as she now knew that I was very aroused seeing her being fucked by this stud. The other thing was that she refused to take any precautions against pregnancy, saying it was more exciting being fucked while playing what she called Russian Roulette. END
  12. Atlanta groups?

    New here, and just getting used to the site. Looking for any information about play groups, other cuckolds to network or meet ups in or around Atlanta, preferably on the South side. 43 year old white guy and a 35 year old Chinese MILF. Would like to find other couples to hang out with especially if there is an Asian female partner. I've been overseas for a while and have lost all of my contacts here in Atlanta and wow, the game has changed here!
  13. I am 9.5 x 8 inches dick Bull in Egypt,Cairo.I am handsome classy doctor Telegram @The_master_bull Kik @The_master_bull fff mohamed.pharoah.1 Twitter @thelover913 Skype Mohamed thepharoah/ [email protected] .com
  14. New here want to play with a couple

    Niagara Falls area have a common law wife who is non sexual. I am opposite love women all ages. Also like cock but not gay. Would love to join a couple in area. Anything goes.

    From the album Trixsy


    From the album Trixsy


    From the album Trixsy


    From the album Trixsy


    From the album Trixsy

  20. any couples who wants me? 7.3'' doggie is my favorite
  21. Talking

    Hi I am new this. I wanna just talk about cuckolding with people who are cuckold. I am very shy too about talking may be prived mesaj first may be openly here I am not sure Need help
  22. Since I've had this fantasy of seeing my wife having sex with other men for a long time, and reading posts and stories here has really supported me into understanding what it is and also helped me to actually try to make it really happen, I decided to write about us and open this topic. Perhaps it can help someone else to achieve his fantasy. First as some background information, my wife is pretty small and slim, petite would cover it, with long dreadlocks. I'm off average height and weight with long hair. We're both from the more alternative scene, metal, gothic, electronic (as long as its loud), etc. Professionally we are suits however. We've been together for 10 years, married for 3 of those years. About 2 years into our relationship we had a couple of threesomes, one-time things, always with a second man as extra. It gave us a lot of fun and also broadened our sexual horizon. She was unsure at first but really quickly came round to the idea of a threesome. A couple of things happened then. First of all, I realized I got really aroused just seeing my own girlfriend suck another cock with real gusto. It was really clear she also enjoyed sucking other cocks, then proudly showing him, and then me, her mouth full of cum before swallowing it. I enjoyed it even more when the other guy was going for a second round to also fuck her pussy. It somehow mesmerized me watching another cock fuck my girlfriend. I'd happily spread her legs or her ass cheeks for another man and I think I enjoyed it even more when he would fuck her. Another thing that happened was that I started to have fantasies about also sucking a cock. The men we had threesomes with were very hetero so there was no possibility to try it out there. Eventually I actually did it though. I found a guy online, my girlfriend encouraged me to try it, while she went out shopping. Just to familiarize myself with it. I was amazed how much I liked it, my own cock leaked pre-cum continuously while I actually sucked another man's cock until he came in my mouth. And finally, the last thing that developed, were fantasies. My girlfriend started to have fantasies about having not only me and another man in a threesome, but to have 5 or 6 men wanting her and fucking her, taking turns, or multiple at a time. Sometimes her fantasies included her being bound to the bed and/or being blindfolded, never knowing who fucked her. We never got to fulfill that fantasy yet, but it really turned me on that my girlfriend had such great fantasies! Then we got married and got children. All of the above came to a halt about 5 years ago. There were some intense times involving hospitals, moving, losing jobs etc. Our sex life disintegrated. Somehow we survived all that however. Which brings me to the near present. About a year ago we got a little bit of a settled life back, and my sexual desires came back. I started looking online again at sites like this one and dating sites. I wanted to find men for my wife. Her libido came back a little slower, young children have that effect on mothers. But it came back too, only she was a little more inhibited. She immediately admitted to having her fantasies again but to make them real... Health was the issue. We want another child in some years and she doesn't want to risk a disease and lose that possibility. So to make a long story short, multiple men is still far away. So I got the idea of getting cuckolded and have my wife find a steady boyfriend or house friend. I couldn't get her to find any though, so I started looking for her. And I found many interested men! I have to explain, we live in the black forest as you can see on my profile, so it's only little villages here. So there is also an issue she has with not wanting a man in the village or the next knowing that we as a couple look for a steady bull. Still, enough men to be found that are willing to drive a little distance. Then I created an email-address for my wife so she wouldn't have to use her regular one, so that she could start talking to these men, whom I also gave her new email-address. I told my wife that it is completely up to her. She can first write, or share phone numbers and call, or actually meet each other to get to know some of these men. Everything was allowed, I would stay home with the kids... Nothing happened. She found it very arousing to have such freedom, but somehow the step to actually start this, first contact. Was to big for her. So then I decided to switch tactics. Instead of her cuckolding me, I decided to share my wife. I contacted a man whose photograph (face) she liked. I gave him our address, as a sign of good faith and asked him when he could come visit us. Then I told my wife. She was really shocked! And became very horny! So that's where we stand now. Next week on Wednesday, November 22nd, this man is coming to visit us. If my wife likes him, we might have a very exciting evening!!
  23. Town's old bike

    Almost two weeks ago we went on a trip in the mountains.We rented a small house almost inside a forest,something like a cabin,as the Americans say.Greece has also very nice mountains,not to mention sea.There was a village near the house,which was very small and the majority of the population were villagers.In that area there and in other similar are a lot of single or divorced men, because the ladies here in Greece do not like being married to a farmer and live in rural areas,even if their father was a farmer.Anyway...We went to the local market to buy some things.Among them was lube,because we forgot it back home and we had to try my wife's new dildo for her strap on harness (pegging,yes!!!!!!!). In the register the owner/cashier was looking shocked that we were buying things like that (very conservative people here).Apart from that he was checking my wife out.He is in his 30s and well built.After shopping we went to a traditional coffee shop to have a coffee and he came also there and we started chatting about our trip so far,if we are married,if we liked the place etc.He was staring my wife's boobs and underskirt,as she was letting him see her panties.I received an sms from her to go to the bathroom and stay there until she seduces him.This is what I did. She told him to come to our place for a drink and bring a friend if he liked.He was shy and she told him not to be shy,because she knows that he likes her.Then she stroked his cock and after some seconds I returned.He told us that we are good people and that he would visit us with a friend.Perfect.I was surprised that in the village there were very few young women and almost none single.I learned from a fried of mine that men there were going to Athens,capital o Greece or the big city nearby for pleasing their needs with prostitutes. We went home,we grilled the meat we bought,she fucked my ass with our brand new dildo,we had our lunch and we slept a bit.Early in the afternoon we wife started getting ready.She wore a pair of leggings and a gstring that was visible with her every move and a blouse with no bra.And some tall shoes,like platforms.They came and they were stunned.After talking about the lack of women.The owner of the market,John, wanted to see the house,because we said he wanted to buy it from its owner and my wife offered to "show" it,while I remained with the friend,Peter. Peter told me that I am very lucky to have such a beautiful wife,who is also a very good housewife and hostess.I told him that she has a way to entertain guests and it is the same way that he was thinking.He was looking at me like he was lost.I explained to him that we are into the cuckold life style and that I have no problem when my wife is fucking with other people.And I added that I am getting fucked by the same people most of the times.He was astounded.He confessed that when he was in the university,he had a girlfriend that has fingering him and that since then he is anally masturbating with his fingers or a thin classic vibrator,but he wanted to have sex with a man.I told him that I would be very pleased to fuck him and he could fuck me also and later he could also have my wife.I unzipped his jeans and started sucking his cock in the patio. 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  24. MY WIFE

    From the album Trixsy