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Found 320 results

  1. told my wife about the fantasy of watching her get fucked hard by bbc but she wasn't sure. I've encourage her with porn but she's still unsure. I want to see if she can be persuaded by someone else. drop her an email to see if you can sway her..... [email protected]
  2. cuckold

    My wife told me to post this picture. Hopefully to show how small I am to pay her any &&&&&. I am always at her feet to serve her well. I am MR DICKLET for her
  3. First time posting. I finally told my wife after 4 years of marriage that I wanted to watch a BBC fuck her. At first she was very shocked but in just two months all she thinks about and talks about sexually is BBC and she now wants to try one of we find the right guy. Let me know what you think of my potential queen of spades.
  4. Anyone have a bull who makes himself at home and walk in your house , takes your wife by the hand and leads her to your bedroom ,she willingly fucks him and cuckolds you .He has his way with her while you feel helpless but aroused while sitting in the next room . You can hear her laughing ,moaning and having fun with him . He leaves her with a cream pie until next time .
  5. Steve here, UK Midlands bull. Looking for a wife to service, ultimate aim of breeding her. Skype or mail [email protected]
  7. Hi. Does anyone else feel that cartoons is a good way of illustrating your fantasies? I think the photos out there, and the captions, often is kind of tacky. Here is some cartoons that pretty much sum up my fantasies. The last photo is a my wife though
  8. From the album Trixsy

  9. Hi AllI'm looking for advice from some experienced bulls on the forum. Background :I'm a male late 30s and married. I have had a few one stands with other women during my years of marriage and sort of an affair. All were fairly normal vanilla style attraction. Now, this younger women started in work about 3 months ago, she is 25 y/o and of Asian origin. Lets just call her B. We hit it off fairly quickly and then last week we went for a coffee and started chatting about relationships and love-life. She told me that she really liked sex but was somewhat frustrated with her current bf. We joked that she should have an affair. She asked me whether I had ever had an affair, i responded that i didn't know her well enough to answer that!Then last Friday, i decided to ask her to go for a drink with. I was on the way to a friends work leaving party and had some time to kill beforehand. We go to a pub and pretty much straightaway we are flirting, touching hands, putting my hand on her leg etc. We get around to talking about sex and how longs it has been since she last had sex. She is vague about it - only saying that it has been more than 2 months since her and her bf have had sex. We talk a bit about my sex life - me and my wife have a few toys, outfits, restraints and a swing in the bedroom - i don't tell her it all just that we have a healthy sex life and like most couples have fun with some toys and dressing up. After this I told her that bf was a fool and that at their age they should be fucking most nights. Somehow, I told her that I had an affair before and then we sort off agreed that the two of us could get together and fuck. Before we could discuss further she got a text from her bf saying he was only 5 mins away. I left went to the party So after a few days of silly texts with either of us knowing what to say, i came back into the office today (after being stuck in long traffic jam) in a bad mood. I had decided that i needed to either be direct with B or just let it go. So we had a brief discussion about some work, i was a little angry, along the line of "for fuck sake, can't believe this isn't right". After that she text me - are u ok. I said lets go to the pub - get your coat and meet me downstairs in 5 mins. We go over to the pub, silly talk for a few minutes and then we got back on track and before I know it we have agreed that will be fucking and that we should book a hotel and make plans for next week. So, the last couple of texts - i'm playing it safe so i delete texts very quickly!B: "We are not bf/gf or a couple. We can be honest with each other. You don't have to intentionally try to please me - if you know what i mean?"me" I think i know what you mean, so you want me to not give fake flattery and you want me to take control""Yes, I want you to just f me ...... you can do whatever you want to me.. I'm not good at taking control"me : "I want to fuck you deep and hard. You have made me so horny thinking about fucking you"B: "Oh please do, you need to know i'm not very good at oral, so please bear with me"The last bit of the conversation is attached. So i'm wondering what way i should take it with B. I like light Bondage , spanking and am a bit of dom - but nothing too hardcore or crazy. Should i introduce more dirty talk now? Should i bring along some toys with us to the hotel? Should i try some kinky stuff with her?I have a really want to fuck her in front of her bf or even for her to phone him while i'm fucking her. But i don't want to frighten her off - just in case its just me with a dirty mind!Anyone with some experience please get back with advice.
  10. Anyone or any couple want to cuckold fantasy in istanbul? Plese write me; [email protected] Best Regards
  11. I am looking for a hot, young, hung, sexy bull (caucasian or black). I prefer them with a nice six pack and located in Manhattan. Apply to be my bull for my cuckold session in Manhattan
  12. He was one her favorite lovers. His cock was 9 inches and he would pound her pussy raw. I didn't always clean up, usually I just watched and took pictures or a video, but that day was different. I got real horny watching him fuck my wife, then when he finished and rolled off, my wife motioned for me to clean up the cream pie he filled her up with. So like a dutiful cuckolded husband I obeyed my wife, and sucked out every last drop of their love juices mixed together. -->-->-->-->--> Please Hit Like Button To The Right, And Please Leave A Comment -->-->-->-->-->--> ========= It will improve my community reputation rating ==========
  13. Hi, I am a broad minded very clean guy with experience looking for a couple/wife seeking sexual pleasure as well having platonic fun with your wife My personal details are that I am middle eastern , professional male, 22 YO 6'1" tall, small beard, 12st, good physical shape, confident personality, who enjoys sexual fun in all its forms. Looking to meet for some relaxed no pressure fun, happy to entertain any fantasies you may have. I am seeking something rather than a one-off casual meet. I am sexually adventurous and open minded, game for anything once. Not into drugs or pain. So if you need to spice up your love life and need some local distraction with a single, easy going, well spoken, intelligent male, who can stimulate your mind as well as your body, then get in touch. Happy to meet at a neutral venue for no obligations chat if you are nervous! I'm from the UK but able to travel around Western Europe as well. Thanks Ali
  14. Ceva cuckold din imprejurimi?
  15. Hi. any cuckolds, bulls or hotwifes from ROMANIA want to chat ?
  16. A few years ago I started creating porn Photoshop fakes of my wife because I had an urgent need to visualize my fantasy of sharing my wife and seeing another man fucking her. Unfortunately, my wife did not like the idea of another man in our bedroom. But my fantasy and the urge to see my wife being aroused by another man’s cock would not subside. So I decided to photoshop some hardcore fakes of her. This was a great visualization and I had some quality blood-boiling fapping moments. I decided to hone my Photoshop skills and started to make fakes for other like-minded husbands and boyfriends on corresponding forums. And I think I’m getting better at this. I attached a few of them to show. I show only those works that I’m allowed to show all other works are private and I won’t show them.
  17. Hi This goes to both bulls and cuckolds like me. I have had a craving the recent days, that someone prints out naked photos of my wife and leaves them in public places (mens bathrooms etc) with some kind of text, maybe some contact information. I dont dare to do this myself, as the men that would find them would live to close tous. But the thought of my wifes innocent pussy being displayed is very humiliating and at the same time makes me very horny. It is a possibility that you give them an email adress that both you and me have access to, so you can read the mail to. Would anybody help me out, or have similar other ideas to play out? (I have more photos)
  18. From the album bbc bull

    my bbc
  19. If you would like to discuss in detail and possibly arrange fucking my 25year old dirty muslim whore of a fiancee please message me or comment below. I have attached a few pictures here and can send more if we arrange something. I have wanted this for ages.
  20. Me and the hubby are visiting Vegas in September and wanted some advice as to what is the best swingers club in Vegas for couples? Looking for a non-pushy atmosphere where we can calmly choose our partner for the night, not the kind where people can't take no for an answer.
  21. My new post: it happened almost a year ago, all the pics and clips are for that night, and I am sure if you listen carefully on the clip where he is doing my wife in the bed, you will be able to hear how wet my wife gets for this guy... link bellow:
  22. Hello, Any couples from France on here? I am a French White Bull from France (Tours - 37), looking for a cuckold or Candauliste couple. Also looking to share experiences xx T.W.B.
  23. Blurb "Available for free and as a single for limited time only, the first part of a much longer ‘hot wife’ story that’ll move to Smashwords over the summer 2017. It tells the tale of the first time the narrator saw his wife, Jenn, seduce a younger man. It features full sex and might offend, so do get the sample and see if you want to read more." Smashwords link If you can't see the link, Google smashwords pbrider
  24. Any big cocks for my wife in switzerland?
  25. I need help. I am 54 and my wife is 51, and she is still very hot. We have been married 25 years. How can I raise this topic with her for the first time in a way that will not leave me cringing in shame (or her thinking I am insane) if she reacts negatively? I have fantasized about this for years, but am getting more desperate about screwing up the courage to raise it.