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  1. Hi. Does anyone else feel that cartoons is a good way of illustrating your fantasies? I think the photos out there, and the captions, often is kind of tacky. Here is some cartoons that pretty much sum up my fantasies. The last photo is a my wife though
  2. Fantasise about watching your wife get fucked by a stranger? You have talked to her and she is intrigued - but nervous? Part of her reticence is about local people finding out? Maybe she is just inhibited in her familiar surroundings.... A sensitive introduction while you are on a trip, far from family, friends, neighbours and colleagues could be the answer... If you are visiting London or nearby and staying in a nice hotel then get in touch! I am a mature, experienced Bull, not a crude, "treat 'em rough, insult the husband" type but a refined, educated, subtle m
  3. I would just like to share a hot slut that has asked me to share her awesome photos in as many places on the web as possible. Visit her on tumblr sexysueuk and let her know where you seen her.
  4. Love huge tits so I would love to see some of your wife's tits.
  5. Wife Nicolle 😉
  6. I'm with my wife 9 years and approx 7 years we're enjoying this. During this time she had over 30 males. What about your wife??
  7. Talking to his Wife while being fucked by a BBC bull, and the husband asked did you cum inside my wife, Yes i did ! dude_did_you_just_cum_inside_my_wife.mp4
  8. Caption my wife and tell me what you think
  9. Some people have cast doubt on this story being true, however I can assure them that it is and to help I will add some further background. At the time we lived in the Midlands and my brother in law had been teasing my wife long before I came on the scene as she was the younger sister and they met often when the family got together. I think he had fancied her since she was a young teenager and had watched her grow and develop. When I first met my wife to be, she was 16 and I was 20, I got on well with him and helped him fix up their new house, which as it was bigger, we would sometimes
  10. Wife Nasty Pics Here https:// vovovo.org/r/1c5w7c7v4
  11. He films his wife as she took a BBC in her ass ♣️ Interracial_amateur_anal_wife_cuckold_240p.mp4
  12. I am just wondering what everyone's first time was like watching their wife have sex with someone else . Were you jealous at all ? Was your wife nervous ? I am very curious about the emotions involved . Where did you meet your new stud ?
  13. It people are interested, I have a few stories that I have spent some time detailing and am prepared to post on here if there is interest. They are all true.to the best of my memory and the latter ones with my 2nd wife are supported in part by the many photos that I have posted. There is a strong cuckold element in the latter stories, but you have to start somewhere and I think that is at the begining, so here goes. At the time I lived with my first wife in Walsall, West Midlands, UK, we had been married about two years, it was 1977 and I was 25 and my wife was 21. She was size 14 wit
  14. Her Name is Claire This story is part true and part fiction Part 1 She fell under his spell pretty quickly. This was only her second day on the job. Claire stole a quick look at her new boss. When she saw he was looking at her, smiling, she quickly looked away, but couldn’t keep a small smile from her soft full lips. Claire wore no makeup. Not even lipstick, as her husband didn’t like it. He told her that makeup made her look like a whore and would attract other men. She had long beautiful auburn hair held together by a scrunchy at the back sweep
  15. So, you guys like sloppy seconds? I personally find the idea hugely exciting! After a wife has been fucked and used, entering a hole that has been amply lubricated and dilated by the bull is such an exciting thought! I think I will cum within 2 minutes of entering such a pussy I'd also love to rub the bulls cum on my dick and masturbate, if entering the pussy is denied
  16. I am in Orange County California for the next month and I am hoping that the wife gets lonely enough to stray . Has anyone got any pointers that I can tell her so that she will send me some pics of her getting pounded ?
  17. I met my wife at the university, we were 20 years old. We got together and started to have complete reports shortly thereafter. I was his first boy, before he had only had some unrequited crush. I was his first love, the first kiss and all the rest for her. At 27, we got married and had three children. Over time our relationship has been increasingly improved, and our sexual understanding has become truly fantastic. Cris like long preliminaries, kisses, caresses, being licked long and deeply. She likes to take it in her mouth and suck it, without haste. Then she likes to be taken,
  18. love the idea of others using her
  19. Here's my slut of a wife. pm me to know anything about our lifestyle
  20. Hi every one we are real couple from Delhi. Ours tumbler name is http://kelino-muskan.tumblr.com/ we are 29m/28f . we are into lifestyle and cuckold relationship. let us know what you think about my hot wife.
  21. During the summers when I was 8 and 9 years old, my parents had hired a babysitter, named Ashley, to watch me while they were at work. Ashley’s parents lived in the neighborhood, and she was home from college and needed some extra cash. Our mothers had run into each other at the store, and her mother suggested it since I played with their youngest , Taylor (2 years older than me), all the time anyway. Spending anywhere from 8-12 hours a day for two summers with Ashley, I grew rather fond of her. She’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. After that second summer, I didn’t see her as frequ
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