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Found 415 results

  1. waveydavey50

    Is there a time limit on cheating?

    This is a little complicated so bear with me. My wife and I were into swinging then cuckolding and I have no problem with any of that. My wife said prior to us starting down that road that she's never cheated on me and as far as she was concerned no secrets = no problems. On another site I posted about a guy I played football with and the sneaking suspicion that he was shagging her but I didn't have any proof. Stupidly? actually posting about it sparked up some feelings and I've since contacted some people who have all but confirmed it and much much more. If anyone needs further details please contact me. Considering this all took place almost 20 years ago some people say..its a long time swing and cuckold so what's the difference? Thoughts?
  2. Hey guys, here's my girl... would love to know what you guys think. comments are absolutely welcome... The dirtier the better. comment for more...
  3. From the album: Ejaculates in wife asshole and husband filming

    BBC Ejaculates in wife asshole and husband filming This my BEST fantasy in the World for my wife
  4. Mr Siren

    Cuckold Threesome

    What's up everyone? Here's a few photos of my thick slutwife sitting on her sissy boy's face while her boytoy fucks her. Let me know what you think.
  5. Cuckold_seekers

    Cum inside my wife anally

    My friend took my wife anally, and cum inside ! Cuckold_wife .mp4
  6. Boundaries and ideas to start the cuckold lifestyle for wannabe cuckold and hotwives. Try them and let me know what do you think about:
  7. So a couple of weeks ago it’s a Friday and I’m working from home. I don’t do this a lot but once maybe twice a quarter. It just so happens that this particular day we had scheduled a plumber to come out and zap a few of our lines. Around 2 pm there’s a knock on the door. I don’t give it a second thought my wife is home she’s downstairs I assume she will answer it and that will be it. I don’t give it a second thought. Then again there’s a knock on the door. My wife stands at the base of the stairs looks up toward my office and hollers. “Are you going to get that?” I naturally replied with a “NO”. I mean hell in not even supposed to be there. I’m working lol. Anyway I hear her answer the door I hear some laughing and some giggling still I think nothing of it. A few minutes later my wife walks into my office leans over my shoulder and very quietly said “the plumber is here and he’s really cute. Sense you are so caught up in what your working on I’m going to fuck the shit out of the plumber”. She stands and walks out of my office. I’m shocked in a state of disbelieve. Yes we have fantasized about it, talked dirty about it but really? So after a few minutes I grabbed my phone jumped from my chair and ran downstairs and walked right in on this wifeplummerme.mp4
  8. A friend took my wife anally and cum inside ! Wife_ass_fucked_and_cum_inside.mp4
  9. dan3445

    sissy cuckold in chastity

    sissy cuckold slave dan griffen in chastity. the sub will be required to clean up his Mistress and the Bull
  10. I'm with my wife 9 years and approx 7 years we're enjoying this. During this time she had over 30 males. What about your wife??
  11. Since I've had this fantasy of seeing my wife having sex with other men for a long time, and reading posts and stories here has really supported me into understanding what it is and also helped me to actually try to make it really happen, I decided to write about us and open this topic. Perhaps it can help someone else to achieve his fantasy. First as some background information, my wife is pretty small and slim, petite would cover it, with long dreadlocks. I'm off average height and weight with long hair. We're both from the more alternative scene, metal, gothic, electronic (as long as its loud), etc. Professionally we are suits however. We've been together for 10 years, married for 3 of those years. About 2 years into our relationship we had a couple of threesomes, one-time things, always with a second man as extra. It gave us a lot of fun and also broadened our sexual horizon. She was unsure at first but really quickly came round to the idea of a threesome. A couple of things happened then. First of all, I realized I got really aroused just seeing my own girlfriend suck another cock with real gusto. It was really clear she also enjoyed sucking other cocks, then proudly showing him, and then me, her mouth full of cum before swallowing it. I enjoyed it even more when the other guy was going for a second round to also fuck her pussy. It somehow mesmerized me watching another cock fuck my girlfriend. I'd happily spread her legs or her ass cheeks for another man and I think I enjoyed it even more when he would fuck her. Another thing that happened was that I started to have fantasies about also sucking a cock. The men we had threesomes with were very hetero so there was no possibility to try it out there. Eventually I actually did it though. I found a guy online, my girlfriend encouraged me to try it, while she went out shopping. Just to familiarize myself with it. I was amazed how much I liked it, my own cock leaked pre-cum continuously while I actually sucked another man's cock until he came in my mouth. And finally, the last thing that developed, were fantasies. My girlfriend started to have fantasies about having not only me and another man in a threesome, but to have 5 or 6 men wanting her and fucking her, taking turns, or multiple at a time. Sometimes her fantasies included her being bound to the bed and/or being blindfolded, never knowing who fucked her. We never got to fulfill that fantasy yet, but it really turned me on that my girlfriend had such great fantasies! Then we got married and got children. All of the above came to a halt about 5 years ago. There were some intense times involving hospitals, moving, losing jobs etc. Our sex life disintegrated. Somehow we survived all that however. Which brings me to the near present. About a year ago we got a little bit of a settled life back, and my sexual desires came back. I started looking online again at sites like this one and dating sites. I wanted to find men for my wife. Her libido came back a little slower, young children have that effect on mothers. But it came back too, only she was a little more inhibited. She immediately admitted to having her fantasies again but to make them real... Health was the issue. We want another child in some years and she doesn't want to risk a disease and lose that possibility. So to make a long story short, multiple men is still far away. So I got the idea of getting cuckolded and have my wife find a steady boyfriend or house friend. I couldn't get her to find any though, so I started looking for her. And I found many interested men! I have to explain, we live in the black forest as you can see on my profile, so it's only little villages here. So there is also an issue she has with not wanting a man in the village or the next knowing that we as a couple look for a steady bull. Still, enough men to be found that are willing to drive a little distance. Then I created an email-address for my wife so she wouldn't have to use her regular one, so that she could start talking to these men, whom I also gave her new email-address. I told my wife that it is completely up to her. She can first write, or share phone numbers and call, or actually meet each other to get to know some of these men. Everything was allowed, I would stay home with the kids... Nothing happened. She found it very arousing to have such freedom, but somehow the step to actually start this, first contact. Was to big for her. So then I decided to switch tactics. Instead of her cuckolding me, I decided to share my wife. I contacted a man whose photograph (face) she liked. I gave him our address, as a sign of good faith and asked him when he could come visit us. Then I told my wife. She was really shocked! And became very horny! So that's where we stand now. Next week on Wednesday, November 22nd, this man is coming to visit us. If my wife likes him, we might have a very exciting evening!!
  12. Cuckold_seekers

    Shared wife with BBC

    My wife screams having anal destruction ! Shared_wife_with_bbc_240p.mp4
  13. Wife Goes Down on her Knees for you Rival by Gustav Jorgenson continued from “Your wife lets a rival squeeze her tits.” After that party where you all got drunk and your wife let Bob, your rival from work squeeze her bare boobs, you were surprised at what amazing sex you had with your wife. She realized that her flirting with other guys turned you on. She had joked about inviting them over again but you were surprised when they actually showed up at the door one night. “Oh, hey guys. I wasn’t expecting you,” you say one night when your friends Pete and Sam show up with a case of beer. Bob is with them and you just glower at him as you let them all in. “Jennifer said you were having a party tonight,” says Sam with confusion. “Look Jim, I’m really sorry about what happened last time,” says Bob with an insincere look on his face, holding out his hand to shake. “Right,” you say tightly, keeping your hands to your sides. Bob just shrugs and greets your wife. “Hello Jennifer. You look very nice tonight.” You wife has entered the room wearing a short, low cut dress that shows the tops of thigh high stockings. Her cleavage is hanging out and you notice your guests all looking her up and down from her chest to her shapely legs. “I’m glad you came, Bob. I hope there are no hard feelings from last time,” says your wife. “None at all,” he says gazing at her boobs. “Great, give me a hug then,” she says and then they embrace for a little longer than is appropriate. Bob is running his hands up and down your wife’s back and then gripping her tightly against his body. She looks over his shoulder at you as she hugs him and give you a devilish wink, then she pinches his ass. “Whoa, easy there.” laughs Bob, slapping your wife on the ass and then releasing her. “Your husband is going to get the wrong impression.” “Oh, he’s a good sport. He’s doesn’t mind a little harmless flirting.” says your wife giving you a significant look. Pete and Sam just chuckle nervously and watch your reaction as you press your lips together tightly and glare at Bob with hatred. You all sit down and start drinking. You have a bad feeling about this. The guys are all checking out your wife’s body and she is giggling flirtatiously and recrossing her legs a lot. It’s turning you on, but you are worried about how far your wife will go. After everyone has had a few drinks and relaxed a little, Bob gives you a smug smile and says. “You know, Jim, after I felt up your wife’s boobs last time, I was afraid you wouldn’t ever invite me back again.” “Uh, yeah, let’s put that behind us ok?” says Sam quickly, noting your ire with trepidation. Pete chimes in. “Come on Sam, don’t make such a big deal about it. Jim’s Ok, right Jim? Just some harmless fun.” “Well, I think you guys got a little carried away last time, but … yeah. It was harmless I guess,” you say shifting uncomfortably in you seat. “Oh, don’t lie to your friends, dear. You loved it,” says your wife, slapping you on the knee playfully. “Having other guys pay attention to me reminded him that I might still have a little sex appeal left.” “Well, well, well. That’s very interesting.” says Bob looking your wife over and rubbing his hands together. “Were you planning on giving him another thrill tonight? That outfit is pretty suggestive.” You are about to snap a rebuttal when Sam cuts you off. “Now take it easy, Bob,” he says. “I think you’ve got to admit that things did get a little out of hand last time.” Pete just shakes his head. “Sam, you are acting so holier-than-thou right now. You enjoyed seeing Jennifer’s boobs as much as we did,” he says with a teasing smile. “Fess up, Sam,” says your wife jiggling her boobs for him slightly. “Ok, Jenn,” you warn her softly but she just pouts dramatically at you. ‘Shouldn’t I shake my boobs for them?” she asks you innocently. “Uh, no,” you say, looking at your friends with distrust. “But didn’t that turn you on a little?” she asks curiously. “Jenn... can we not talk about this right now?” you say, embarrassment setting in. You can’t believe your wife is putting you on the spot like this. “Hey Jim, don’t be embarrassed,” Pete tells you good naturedly. “We are all old friends here... well except for you and Bob.” Everyone laughs at that but you just smile ruefully. “But I think it’s probably a common fantasy, wife sharing or whatever. I like it when Susan flirts a little bit.” “She never let some guy finger her knockers in front of you though, did she?” you blurt out, your heart racing and your member slowly stiffening at the thought in spite of herself. “No. But that was pretty hot,” he says with a lewd smile. “Ok, look, I think I see where we stand here,” says Bob standing up. “Jim, you are reluctant about this and probably afraid to come out and admit that your are getting off on it. But it’s clear that your wife wants to play this out a little further, so I am going to help you both out.” “Oh, yeah, how so?” you ask belligerently. “Jennifer, would you stand up please?” says Bob. Your wife gives you a reassuring smile and squeezes your hand before complying. “Ok Bob,” she says standing up and standing in front of him. “Why don’t you go ahead and take your dress off now?” he says commandingly. Jennifer starts giggling nervously and looks over her shoulder at you. Your heart is pounding in your ears and your can’t believe that he just came out and said that. “You can’t just tell my wife what to do!” you yelp. “I’m just asking,” he says confidently. “Look Jenn, he’s in denial, you are going to need to help him out with this fantasy. Just turn around and I will help you unzip that dress.” “Oh boy,” says Jennifer. Then she turns to you, “Do you think you could handle this honey?” “I could handle it,” pipes up Pete excitedly. “Get naked by all means.” “Jesus, Pete!” complains Sam. “Well I’m not naked under this, I do have panties on,” says your wife to Pete with a smile. “But no bra, right?” he says gesturing at her jiggling breasts. “That’s obvious, isn’t it?” she laughs. “Ok, I know that Jim wants me to do this in his heart but he can’t admit it. Bob had the balls to stand up and ask me to do it. Pete will play along once he’s sauced up enough. But what about you, Sam? I don’t want to freak you out.” She puts her hands on her hips. “Uh what are you asking?” says Sam licking his lips unconsciously as he ogles your wife’s body, then looking over at you guiltily. “Do you want me to take my dress off or not?” demands your wife playfully. “Um, that’s up to you, I guess,” he says, sweat breaking out on his forehead. “I think I see you getting a stiffy, so I will take that as a yes,” laughs your wife pointing at Sam’s lap. “Christ, Jenn, are you serious?” you ask, shifting in your seat to hide your own growing boner. This is incredibly erotic, but you just wish Bob wasn’t involved. “Oh, you’ll be fine,” she says with a dismissive wave. Then she turns her back to Bob unceremoniously and lets him unzip her dress. She looks down at you with her dress unzipped and you can tell she is having second thoughts. You and she share a complex look of guilt, excitement, incrimination, and love. You realize that you will still love her no matter what she does and she seems to sense that. “Well... take it off,” demands Bob. “Yes, Bob.” says your wife demurely. Turning to face him and dropping her dress to the floor without further delay. Your wife is standing bare chested in her panties as stockings facing your rival from work while he casually examines her body. Pete whistles in appreciation and Sam is gasping and gulping at the site of your wife’s bare torso. She does have a wonderful hourglass figure. You are frozen in your chair and don’t know what to do. You cock is throbbing but you also want to jump up and punch Bob in the face. But in some ways this is your wife’s doing, so you just grind your teeth and look on in fascination as your wife exposes her body to your friends. “Here, turn to the side.” says Bob gently. Your wife does so and he starts running his rough calloused hands over her soft white belly, then up to her breasts. He pinches her pink nipples slightly, making them stiffen and she looks at him with pursed lips and raised brows, not objecting, just watching his face. He slides his hands back down over her belly, then around to her sides, gripping the tender pale flesh above her hips. She is breathing faster now and the color has come to her cheeks, make her porcelain complexion glow beautifully. Then Bob puts one hand on your wife’s ass and slides the other down the front of her panties. She gasps in arousal and puts her hand over the hand he’s feeling her crotch with. “You fucker!” you shout and jump to your feet. “No, no!” says your wife as Bob withdraws his hands from your woman and prepares to defend himself. “Honey, just relax. Sit down,” she says. She is in a state of high arousal and you see both Pete and Sam grabbing their crotches. “I can’t just sit here and watch this!” you say with animation. “Yes. You can.” she says, breathing heavily and pushing you back reluctantly back into your seat. “You know you want to see this.” she whispers in your ear. “Let’s do it.” “Are we cool?” asks Bob, holding his hands up defensively. “NO!” you say petulantly. “Yes,” says Jennifer turning back to him with a deep breathe. “Ok, well, do you want to take your panties off now?” asks Bob looking at your wife’s body hungrily. “If you say so,” she says submissively. Then she grips her panties by the sides and shimmies them down, bending over to slide them over her hips and down her legs. Pete and Sam are both gaping in amazement at her neatly trimmed bush. “Turn and show them that ass,” says Bob, gripping his boner through his pants lewdly. “Ok,” consents your wife. “Do you guys like this?” she asks Pete and Sam, bending over to shake her naked ass at them. They both just stare open mouthed and neither one can say a word. “My ass left them speechless, dear. Did you see that,” laughs your wife archly. “Yeah, I see it,” you mumble trying to nurse your own stiffy without attracting attention. “On your knees, now, please,” says Bob unzipping his fly. Your wife slowly gets down on her knees and looks up at Bob waiting for his next instruction. “This is going to far!” you object, but you keep your seat. But Bob and your wife both ignore you. “I hope no one minds, but I’m going to jerk off now,” says Pete pulling out his cock and stroking it. Bob pulls his thing out too and puts it right in your wife’s face. She is still looking up at him submissively. “Do I suck this now?” she asks as the head of his penis brushes her cheek. “That sounds about right,” says Bob gruffly, his voice thick with lust. Then he takes your wife by the back of the head and pushes his stiff member into her waiting mouth. He grunts with satisfaction as she starts sucking him enthusiastically. “Oh fuck!” you say in despair, gripping your cock all the while. “Yeah, she didn’t... need to be asked twice, did she?” stammers Sam looking on in fascination. “Look how she’s looking up at him.” gasps Pete, fapping away madly. “Like she’s begging him for more.” “Do you like me, Bob?” asks your wife, pulling his cock from her mouth briefly and looking up at him lovingly. “Sure, you’ll do,” he says. Then he crams his meat back in her mouth. She resumes sucking with renewed energy and then reaches up and start massaging Bob’s balls. He can’t take much of this and pulls out to shoot a load all over her face. She licks the cum from his head eagerly. “Look how greedily she licks that cum,” pants Pete, jumping up and approaching your wife. “Sorry, Jenn, do you mind if I blow my wad on you?” he asks desperately. “Jesus! ok, Pete,” gasps your wife in surprise and within seconds he is shooting his load all over her face. You and Sam just look on mesmerized as Pete further soaks your wife with cum. “Wow, sorry about that Jim,” he says sheepishly slapping his limp damp phallus against your wife’s cheek playfully. “Well, I’m not sorry. That was awesome!” says Bob. “I would kiss you Jenny, but I don’t want Pete’s jizz on my mouth. Maybe next time.” Then he zips his trousers up. He comes over to you sitting in your chair and leans over you “I really like the way your wife sucks my cock, so loving, so submissive.” he says with a leer. And this manages to unfreeze you enough to reflexively smash a fist into his face. He reels back, completely taken by surprise as you stand up as if in a dream. You kick him in the groin smoothly and he goes down on one knee. You reach your arm back to strike another blow, but your wife and Sam restrain you. Pete has zipped himself up and is helping Bob to his feet. Bob’s lip is fat and bleeding. “Fair enough. Maybe I deserved that. But it was worth it.” he shouts madly with a bloody smile. “Blowing my wad in your fucking wife’s face was worth it.” Pete drags him out the door, shouting apologies over his shoulder. “Goddamnit, Jim. I was hoping to invite him back to fuck me next time.” shrieks your wife in anger. Sam turns white at the suggestion and you just slap her numbly right across the face. She grips her stinging cheek in amazement and a tear comes to her eye. “I can only be pushed so far.” you say shakily. Then you flop back in your chair and put your head in your hands. Sam mutters his own apologies and lets himself out. Your wife goes to clean up and then returns to the living room and watches you sitting despondently in your chair. After a moment she quietly comes over and lays down on the floor with her legs spread before you, masturbating herself quietly. “Oh fuck!” you say, looking down at her offering her snatch to you. Then you pull your pants off and climb on top of her. “You win,” you sigh, sliding your stiff member into her hot, waiting pussy. “Thank you honey, I was so horny from sucking Bob off in front of you, I thought I would burst,” she whispers in your ear as you penetrate her with your throbbing rod. “You little slut!” you laugh, slapping her thigh playfully. You fuck the shit out of her, pounding her with abandon and she is gasping from an orgasm within minutes. You shoot your own load deep inside her when you feel her cunt tightening around your dick. Then you lay on top of her in exhaustion. “Do you think Bob would come back to fuck me if we asked him?” she whispers fiendishly in your ear. “Oh sure, that lip of his will probably only need a stitch or two,” you say and then share a good laugh with your wife. *** If you like this, check out my eBooks on Amazon: View my favorite porn images and more free stories on my Tumblr blog:
  14. Although I prefer being somewhat of a cuck now, my intro into this lifestyle was as a bull. When I was in college, I had a class where the professor paired the students for a class project. An Asian guy, in my class, asked me if I would be his partner for the project. I’ll call him Chan. He was from a very wealthy family in South Korea and his dad sent him to the US to study engineering. I was currently living in an apartment with two other guys. Chan was married and his dad owned a very nice house near campus. He and his wife (Mia) lived in the house while he was in college. Meeting at Chan’s house, to work together on the project, made the most sense and he quickly offered. When I arrived at his house for the first time, I was impressed. I quickly realized his family’s wealth must be quite vast. It was a secluded mansion on several acres. Behind the house was a Mediterranean style pool. What impressed me more, was his wife, Mia. She is, still to this day, the most beautiful Asian woman I had ever met. It was obviously an arranged marriage. Chan was not a bad looking guy, but he was a small Asian guy and Mia’s attractiveness outweighed his significantly. It was very difficult for me to keep my eyes off of her. Mia would wear very short shorts, exposing her beautiful, smooth, toned legs. The bottoms of her round, little butt cheeks were visible, as well. I could tell her breasts were not very large, but they appeared to be, at least, B cups. Each time we met up at his house, to work on the project, Mia seemed to be getting more and more friendly with me. I also noticed Chan seemed to be kinda nervous about something. Mia would touch me gently on the arm, let her beautiful black hair brush against me and the eye contact between her and I was getting stronger. What made it more difficult for me, was she always had a wonderful, clean, fresh scent. Not to sound full of myself, but I am about 6’ tall, blonde/blue, and at the time, I was very lean, muscular and ripped. I was very athletic in high school and played intramurals in college. I never had any trouble finding very attractive women to date. One night, after working on the project, the three of us starting drinking some kind of Korean alcohol. They kept refilling my glass and I was getting pretty drunk. Eventually, I told them if I drank any more, I’d have to stay the night. After I said that, both of them agreed I should stay the night. They actually seemed excited to have me stay with them. At the end of the night, Chan and Mia showed me to a bedroom. They were both helping me settle into the room. I could tell he wanted to say something to me, but he was nervous about it. Finally, as Mia stood next to him, Chan grinned at me and said they would both love it if Mia spent the night with me. The three of us were drunk, but not that drunk. I stared at them for a second, not knowing what to say. They were both grinning at me, then Mia walked up to me and gave me a kiss on the lips. I looked back at Chan, and all I could think to say was “ok”. To be honest, I thought something was up with Chan and Mia, almost from the beginning. I was finally finding out what that was. I was amazed at how excited Chan was that Mia was going to sleep with me. He grinned at both of us, told us he would see us in the morning, left the room and shut the door. I was still dumbfounded at what was happening as Mia and I stood facing each other. She kissed me again, then started slowly removing her clothes. She wasn’t wearing much. When she removed her shirt, she wasn’t wearing a bra. When she let her tiny, little shorts hit the floor, she wasn’t wearing any panties. Since she had been bare foot all night, I realized Mia had been wearing only two articles of clothing the whole time. After her clothes were off, she started removing mine. My shirt first, then she dropped to her knees to unbuckle my belt and remove my jeans. When my hard cock came swinging out, she looked up at me, grinned and immediately started sucking it. As I suspected, her tiny, little body was absolutely beautiful. She had a tiny, triangular shaped, patch of black pubic hair above her pussy. It was natural. She said she didn’t shape it that way. Other than that, she was void of any body hair. She never had to shave her legs nor arm pits. She simply didn’t grow hair in those places. After exchanging oral sex for a while, we climbed in bed. I asked about a condom and Mia quickly said no. As I started to enter my cock into her, she muttered “slow, slow, you are much, much bigger than my husband.” Those words made my erection stronger. As I slowly pushed my cock into her pussy, Mia’s moaning got louder. As I reached full penetration, she immediately had an orgasm. She had, without a doubt, the tightest pussy I had ever fucked. I didn’t last long. Mia’s tight little pussy and the fact that she would whisper “cum in me” over and over, between her moans, made me cum pretty quickly. Luckily, that was just the first of many for the night. We would sleep a little, then Mia would wake up and fuck me again. It was our first night together and I remember it well. I came in her 8 times that night. Each time we fucked, I would last a little longer. The next morning, Mia and I woke up curled up together. I could hear Chan in the kitchen. As we got out of bed, I started to put my clothes on. Mia grinned at me and said “no clothes, I want him to see you naked”. Her request seemed weird and a little awkward, but I agreed. Mia stayed completely naked, as well, so that made it a little better. Mia and I left the bedroom completely naked. As we entered the kitchen Chan looked at me, grinned, then said “I had a feeling you had a big cock”. I laughed and said thanks. Then, he gave Mia a kiss and asked her if she enjoyed my big cock all night. She gave him a sheepish grin and said “yes, very much”. Our three-way relationship blossomed from there. They talked me into moving in with them and becoming her primary sex partner because they wanted a mixed race child. I wasn’t sure if I wanted that, but I was young and naïve and agreed to it. However, living in a mansion, with a pool, for free and having limitless sex with Mia, versus a small apartment with two other smelly guys, made the decision pretty easy. Plus, both of them treated me like a prince. Mia cooked, did my laundry and they took me out to eat and on a couple of short vacations, as well. I was amazed at Mia’s lust for sex. She seemed to have no inhibitions like every girl I had been with before her. Very little was off limits to her. She was giving me the best sex I had ever experienced. The three of us shared their king size master bed. Chan stopped having sex with his wife, because he wanted me to have her exclusively. Nevertheless, the two of them still shared lots of affection towards each other. He told me he got extreme arousal from watching Mia and I have sex. He would masturbate as he watched Mia and I having sex. Chan was not just a small guy, in stature, but he had a very small penis as well. Fully erect, he was only about 2-3 inches in length. On occasion, Mia would suck his dick as she and I were having sex, but he and she only wanted my cum in her pussy. Mia loved anal and sucking my dick and swallowing my cum, as well, but I would tease her that, those were the wrong holes to get her pregnant. Mia would wear me out on most days, because she wanted sex all the time. She stayed naked most of the time to entice me to have more sex with her and eventually all three of us were naked most of the time. Mia and I fucked everywhere inside and outside of their huge house. I would fuck her in the kitchen, laundry room, in the shower, on the kitchen table, etc. We always skinny dipped in the pool, so we had sex in and around the pool area a lot as well. Mia finally ended up pregnant, but she lost the child less than a month into the pregnancy. We were all very upset, but we kept trying. I managed to get her pregnant one more time, but she lost that one as well. I ended up living with Chan and Mia for almost a year. Then, one day, when we got word that Chan’s father suffered a stroke and they had to return to South Korea. We finished the semester, but unfortunately, they returned to their country without carrying my child. At least, as far as I know. The plan was to keep in touch and I would come to South Korea and visit my child as much as I could. Mia and I did fall in love. Chan knew that, but it didn’t seem to bother him at all. In fact, I think he liked knowing the love and connection that Mia and I shared. However, I knew because of their culture and arranged marriage she would always belong to him. Nevertheless, I will always be fond of the memory I have of Mia and what we shared together. I learned a lot from Chan and Mia. I was uncomfortable with all the nudity at first. They made fun of how Americans were so uptight about nudity and it eventually made me feel completely comfortable being naked. I probably had a few sexual hang-ups and Mia taught me how to let go and live in the moment while we were having sex. Chan taught me how being a husband, didn’t necessarily mean owning your wife in every way. Allowing one’s wife to explore her sexuality was one of the greatest gifts a husband could give to his wife. I was his wife’s bull, but Chan planted the seed, in my mind, for me to be a cuckold one day. As far as the class project. We got an A. Or, I should say Chan earned us an A. He did the vast majority of the work while I was fucking his wife. My wife knows this about my past and she and I would both be tickled if a half Asian/Caucasian knocked on our door one day claiming I was their father. It also sparked a curiosity from my wife. She asked me how I enjoyed being a bull. I told her I thoroughly enjoyed every second of my relationship with Chan and Mia, but what I really wanted, was to be the cuckold. It took my wife a long time to warm up to the idea, but she finally did.
  15. Any couples in The Netherlands? Belgium or Germany is good to. Couples who want to meet or chat?
  16. subsucko

    A Cucky Reborn

    A lot has changed since I was regularly active. The last year and a half has ushered in a rebirth of me as a husband, cuck and person. Last year my Lara and her bf celebrated 3 years together, to celebrate that I decided I'd send them on vacation that was about them. No rules, no checking required. Just have fun. I booked them on a cruise and everything began to fall into place. I had my suspicions that they were developing feelings for each other as they got closer and closer. I knew Lara loved me so I wasn't worried, in fact I was a little happy. One night before they left the three of us went on our usual Wednesday date night. For the last year we had went to the same restaurant almost every Wednesday and had the same server every time. This time he asked me why I never brought in a date. I told him that Lara was my wife and she introduced our boyfriend. He was a little embarrassed but said he'd been invited to come home with couples before. Since I had to work at 5 in the morning, I paid the bill and went home. Lara came home around 1130, much earlier than usual when I leave early on date. She seemed nervous, flustered. She said she had something to tell me. I felt my chest tighten up and tried to control my breathing. They got back to his place about an hour earlier and were kissing and he said "I love you" she immediately said, "I love you too" without skipping a beat. They stopped. Went inside and talked about what to do. She decided to tell me right away. She insisted she loved me and told me she doesn't want this to come between us, but she did love him too. I told her I knew and I've known for a while. I kissed her and took her to bed. That weekend once things settled down he stayed the night. I was expected to do my usual servicing of them. Once I had their pants off I took him in my mouth and rubbed her. As I slid my finger in her tight pussy she moans "I love you" into his ear. He responded in kind. I about collapsed. Butterflies in my stomach. Light headed. It was finally real and I loved it. I nuzzled his tip. Kissed it lightly then slowly slid him all the way in my throat. When he entered her I traced his body and for once saw everything. They were two perfect people making perfect love. I buried my face in his ass as he pumped slid in and out of Lara. I worshipped her feet as he came in her. When I was allowed to enter her I felt every last muscle in my body tighten up it was like my first time all over again. I made love to my wife and when I came I came like a steam engine. Pushing his cum further into her pussy. A few weeks later they left on their cruise. They called me every morning usually after making love, to let me know they were alright. Her key was always visible around her neck. They sent snaps to me of them doing couple things. Holding hands. Kissing under the sunset. Cuddling. It was beautiful torture. When they came back the three of us fucked like we never had before. He came in her twice and once in me. I was allowed to cum on Lara but instructed to lick it off, naturally I obliged. Not long after that we found out she was pregnant! We decided after much discussion that I would assume role of father and no DNA test would be taken as the date of conception was during a week we both had her. During the pregnancy she became increasingly dominant. Ordering me to service them, more caging and plugging of me. We began a routing that to this day we still follow. I bathe and shave her. If she needs her toes painted i do that. She's teaching me how to do her hair as well now. At the end of April we had our baby girl and it has been nonstop ever since. During the week she takes care of her and on the weekends I give her a break and let her sleep in. About two weeks ago she had sex for the first time, I wasn't involved, I was finally allowed to a week later. I want to say more but I'm sadly out of time. I hope if anyone is facing a situation like mine that it turns out the same. This has been a beautiful journey and I wouldn't trade a single second!
  17. The Fifth Date by Anonymous5 (address withheld) *** A married couple discover where love and jealously intersect as neglected wife yearns for attention from her husband. (MMF, reluc, wife, cheat) *** Chapter 1 "I think we should see other people," Donna announced. "Or at least I should. I'm pretty sure I don't want you to. Not that you would, you're always too busy working." "It's kind of late for that isn't it? We've been married for 20 years," I countered. "That's my point. After 20 years I should still expect my husband to take me to dinner and a movie once in a while. When was the last time we went out? When was the last time you looked at me like you wanted me while we ate dinner at a nice restaurant? That's what I miss about dating. Having someone hang on your every word, open car doors, and really pay attention. I want a man that will just pay attention to me." She had started out almost in jest but as she made her statement, I could see the emotion building in her voice. It was all about that new movie "Midnight in Paris" that her friend Jill had seen. Once Donna heard someone rave about something, she had to have it also. "Donna, you know I have been working 10 hour days lately and I am just too tired. Why don't you go with Jill? I bet she would love to go again and you could have a night out and see the movie. And if its sex you want, I'm not too tired on the weekends." "You just don't get it do you? So you really aren't going to take me then?" I heard finality in her voice and assumed she was beginning to see my point of view. Of course I said I was not going to take her anytime in the next month and frankly I didn't usually care for Woody Allen movies. Looking back over my life I can identify several times when there was some small decision or word that had a disproportionate effect on my life. I later found this was one of those times. "It's ok," she conceded, "you don't have to go. I'm sure I can find someone that will take me." Victory I thought; no Woody Allen movie for me. I left the room and went back to work on those customer billing statements. After about an hour, I started to wear down and decided to call it a night. I shut off the computer and got up to go to bed. As I walked down the hallway to the bedroom I heard Donna giggling on the phone as she talked to someone. "...oh that sounds good so see you then... Right, right, I'll be ready. .... Unh, unh, not on the first date mister... You bad boy. (giggle). Oh, gotta go, bye." When I walked into the bedroom, she was just closing her cell phone. "Uh, who was that?" I asked. "Oh that was Tom. He's taking me to dinner and a movie." "Who's Tom?" "Oh, he's the new attorney working on the Smith case. Remember the sexual harassment lawsuit the school district got last year that I told you about? Well his wife left him about 6 months ago and he just moved to town when he took the job with us at Crab, Gobel and Goldberg. He told all the women in the office that he wasn't really ready to get back into the dating game but that if anyone needed company just to get out of the house sometime he was game. Poor guy, he doesn't know a soul in town. And he's not very handsome. So, I thought I would show him around and I would have my date for Thursday night. You're not jealous are you?" Donna was openly smiling at me as if to dare me to challenge her arrangement. "Honey, would you like me to cancel on him and you take me instead?" The truth is, I WAS a little jealous and I almost blurted out for her to cancel her date but then I remembered Thursday, I was working late with my boss and my boss's boss so I could not take Donna out that night. "What about tomorrow night instead of Thursday? I offered. "No, I have some errands I have to get done and Thursday is the last day the movie runs in town so sorry. Thursday or nothing." "I'm sorry Donna, I just can't. You know how it is." I pleaded. "It's ok big guy," she said as she approached me. "I will never forget who I'm married to and I will never ever forget you are the only lover for me." She reached up and gave me a kiss that in romance novels would be called smoldering. Let's just say it was slow, deliberate and full tongue. After we broke from the kiss, she backed up a little and gazing straight into me eyes, reached her hand down and started to stroke the growing bulge in my jeans. Twenty Five minutes later we were lying in bed in post coital bliss. "Where did that come from? I asked." "I don't know but I like it." Donna answered as she snuggled over next to me, draping her leg over my hips. We fell asleep and the next we knew it was morning. Wednesday went by in a blur and as usual, I got home late around 6:30 and Donna had just gotten home before me. "Hi honey, how was your day?" she asked in an upbeat tone. "The usual. Do twice as much with half the resources," I complained. We were both pretty quiet through the rest of the evening. After dinner, I went back to work on some numbers and Donna was in the bedroom arranging her closet and trying on some clothes. I came in and went to bed around 10:00 and she was already asleep. Thursday morning we got up at the usual time and left for work. When I kissed her goodbye the kiss seemed to linger just a bit longer and when I said "Love you," she answered back with a sincere "And I love you." My afternoon meeting nearly went wrong and I was nervous all day. Finally, around 6:00 pm it wrapped up and I headed for home. I hadn't even thought about Donna all day and now I realized I would probably miss her since she likely would have left for the movie by now. I finally rolled into the driveway, noticing her car was gone. Oh well, ham sandwich and cold beer for dinner tonight. I was already missing my wife. As I walked into the house, I smelled the faintest trace of perfume. It was an unfamiliar scent. I wondered if Donna had purchased a new one. I followed the scent into the bedroom where it became stronger, intoxicating as if there was a strange new woman in my house. In a way there was. I was feeling a little bit of "poor me, my wife isn't home to fix me dinner" when I saw the wrapper in the bedroom trashcan. "Sexy thigh high stockings with stay up lace top," it read. $10.99. Suddenly I felt a surge of jealousy and panic and arousal all at once. I well- remembered her preferring thigh highs to pantyhose when we were dating. She preferred the easy access it allowed me to slip my hand under her dress and into her panties. That seemed so long ago. I searched the room looking for other clues. There was also a tag in the trash can that looked like it had been recently clipped off of a new dress. Not finding any other clues, I realized I could look up her credit card online. Sure enough, there were a number of purchases on Wednesday that had just posted. $75 at Victoria's Secret, $180 at Macy's and about $9.00 at Walgreens. I almost got sick at my stomach when I imagined her activities of the previous day. New underwear, new dress and a dozen condoms. Oh, and don't forget she smelled heavenly with the new perfume. I sat in the living room and looked at the clock until my emotions came down a little. I got back on the computer and looked up the showing times for the movie. 7:45 was the start time so that meant it would probably run until about 9:30 to 10:00 pm. Allowing for no hanky-panky, she would be home around 10:30 or so at the earliest. That is, if she actually went to a movie. I went online and checked the story plot. I would casually ask her questions about the movie and find out if she was actually at the movie or not. I felt better that I had a plan of action at least. I had a couple more beers and fell asleep on the couch watching a documentary. "Hi honey, wake up, I'm home!" Donna burst through the front door, click, clicked her heels across the tile floor and reached down to kiss me. God, did she smell good. It wasn't just the perfume, there was a musky female scent mixed in with the perfume that would arouse a dead man. I glanced at the clock. It was 11:45. I noticed her lipstick was smudged before she kissed me. Still groggy I stood up and asked. "So how was Mr. Hemmingway?" "Still overweight, smokes cigars, and a little suicidal. The movie was really good. I thought Owen Wilson pulled it off really well and I don't usually care for him." I felt a wave of relief realizing she really had seen the movie. "So where did you go for dinner?" "Oh we went over to Morton's steak house. Tom loves the New York strip there and wanted me to try it. It was wonderful. Overall, it was a really good time. Tom is a good guy. Some woman will be lucky to get him." "So when did the movie let out. Seems like you were late getting home." "Oh, you really are jealous aren't you! Look, I'm going to put all my cards on the table. Dating is not just about sex, it's about fun and talking and spontaneity. I do not intend to FORNICATE with anyone." she said with emphasis. "It's harmless fun and I know that I have a terrific husband." I felt much relieved after she told me that but I just had to know. "So what did you buy at the Walgreens yesterday?" "Oh my god, you are SO jealous! And you were spying on me!" After a moment she said "I guess I have been torturing you haven't I? Well if you must know, I picked up some feminine products. Anti-itch cream, if you must know. My privates have been itching lately." She said as she swiveled her hips over to me and molded her body to mine. "Got enough energy left to do me?" I pulled her to me and inhaled her perfume in my nostrils as I kissed her check and slowly moved my kisses up to her earlobe. I heard her breathing quicken as she responded to my touch. As we kissed, I reached my right hand around and unzipped her dress while I killed the light switch with my left. We stood in the half-darkness for several minutes feeling each other's bodies like it was the first time, her new red dress puddled at her feet. We broke apart finally and Donna whispered in my ear, "let's get in bed." I stripped off my clothes completely. Donna removed her bra first and then sitting on the bed rolled her stockings down. She scooted up into bed wearing only her new panties. Noticing me looking at her panty area, she asked, "Like 'em? I bought them just for you. Liar," I said as I slowly reached up and hooked my fingers into the waistband to pull them down off her. She compliantly raised her hips to help me while she chuckled at my accusation. Moving my face between her legs, I inhaled her wonderful female smell. God, she smelled good; a mélange of clean skin, and perfume and female musk. But no semen smell. I guess I just had to know that she hadn't been fucked. After a delicious period of foreplay, I moved up and eased into her female wetness. We held each other quietly while I moved rhythmically inside her body. Donna's arousal was building with every stroke and soon started to make small keening sounds. I stopped my movement and kissed her, she moved her legs around me resting her ankles behind my knees. I raised back a little off of her and asked, "Did he try anything?" "Not... really," she breathed. "It was actually a little disappointing that he... he... didn't try much of anything. I almost felt unappreciated." "What do you mean, not really?" "Well, at dinner, he slipped his shoe off and very slowly slid his toe up my leg. It tickled at first but then it felt good and then it gave me this tingle. It's nothing really, he was just testing the waters." "And how wet was the water?" "Wet I'm afraid. I started really lubricating. My panties were so wet." I stroked in and out a few times and then asked, "So what else happened?" "Nothing really, not even much for a first date. After the movie, I kissed him once. And that... that was it." "French kiss, or kiss your brother kind of kiss," I inquired. "Kind of in between, open mouth but not much saliva swapping." Donna's breath was coming in gasps now, very much aroused. I couldn't determine what was exciting her more, me pushing into her or her little confession. "I'm glad you didn't fuck him. I couldn't have taken that. Promise me you won't fuck anybody but me and promise me you won't keep any secrets no matter what. Lying would be worse somehow." "Worse than what?" she asked in a breathy halting voice. "Worse than fucking somebody else. I would rather you confess something really bad than lie to me about even something small." "I can't lie to you. At least not while we're like this with you inside me. I just couldn't." Her head tilted back, her eyes rolled up and then... "Oh... Oh... oh... oh, oh, ee, ee, eeee!" I spurted into her and we held tightly, both convulsing together. After about a couple minutes, I eased out and moved over onto my back next to her. Donna's breathing slowly returned to normal. We fell into the complete sleep of sated lovers. Chapter 2 The next day at work, I got a call from Donna. "Hi lover, got plans for the weekend?" "Actually, I've been too busy to think about it." "Well think about it, it's already Friday morning. How about tomorrow we drive out to that winery we used to go to and poke around in antique shops or something?" "That sounds really great but remember, I promised your dad I would help him with that yard work project? And on top of that I have two hours' worth of book work I need to get done." "Always working. Oh well, I guess you won't mind Tom taking me to the winery then." she said defiantly. "I was telling him about it at work and he was very interested in going. He says he's a recovering wine snob. Don't worry, we'll be back before dinner time. And besides," she said in a sultry low voice, "nobody gets into my panties until the fifth date. I'm old fashioned that way." I was mildly jealous, thinking about her going to my favorite winery with this Tom guy. But then I realized there was a hidden benefit. The last time she went out with him she came home very horny and I certainly reaped the benefits. I played along. "So define 'getting into my panties' for me. Does that mean just heavy petting or an hour of hard pounding you into the headboard?" "Well that depends on how the date goes, how good looking he is and how many glasses of wine I've had. It's kind of a point system," she giggled. "So take me for instance. You've said I'm handsome and we've had about a thousand dates. So maybe two glasses of wine would do it?" I asked. "I think that would be a sure thing sweetie" she laughed. "What time will you be home tonight?" "Leaving early believe it or not. Why don't we pick up some fish at St. Mary's and watch an old movie tonight?" "Not exactly painting the town red, but at least it's a plan. I have a couple errands to run but see you around 5:00." "OK, bye." I replayed the conversation with my wife in my head. Something dawned on me then. When we were first dating, I remember we had sex for the first time on about the 5th or 6th date. I couldn't remember exactly. Maybe she did have a five date rule. I got home around 4:00 and Donna wasn't home yet so I decided to open a bottle of wine. A dry Riesling should pair with the fried fish I planned to pick up. While I was in the kitchen, I opened the drawer looking for the corkscrew and noticed Donna's day planner. I glanced at today's date and noticed an appointment for her at her gynecologist. That's funny that she told me she had an errand and not a doctor's appointment. Oh well, probably nothing, I hope there's nothing wrong with her that she is keeping from me. Her sister had suffered with endometriosis and so I hoped it was just a regular check-up. I left for the fish fry and upon returning home pulled into the driveway right behind Donna. Coming into the doorway from the garage I called out "Hi babe, how was your day?" I had startled her and she seemed to be hiding something in a paper bag behind her. I didn't bring attention to it and nonchalantly offered her a glass of wine. "Sounds great hon, just pour it and I'll be right back." She disappeared into the bathroom and returned sans paper bag. The evening passed uneventfully. Friday's we were both usually tired and a little laid back. Before you know it we both fell asleep with the movie on. I woke up around midnight and quietly got out of bed to turn the TV off. Then I thought about the paper bag again and went into the bathroom. I opened the drawers one by one and saw nothing unusual. Then I went through the linen closet. Still nothing until I ran my hand behind a pile of towels and there was a paper bag. I pulled it out and looked inside. What the fuck? There was a package of Nuva Ring. I've seen it advertised on TV and know what it is. Why was she getting birth control? It certainly wasn't for my benefit since I had a vasectomy after the birth of our second child. The answer was inescapable. She was planning on having sex with someone else. I wanted to scream and run in and kick her out of bed. I wanted to get in my car and go find Tom and beat the hell out of him. But what I did was put the paper bag and its contents back where I found it. Then I went back to bed but didn't actually fall asleep until I had worn myself out thinking about it. Jealousy burned in me but I found myself getting hard thinking about it and then I got angry at myself for feeling turned on. Saturday morning I woke up and Donna was already out of bed making coffee. I got up and went down for a cup myself. "Hi sleepy head. You sure slept in." she said. "Yeah, I didn't sleep very well. Lot of things on my mind." "You worry too much. Have more fun, worry less." She smiled and left the kitchen to go take her shower. I looked at the clock. Crap! It was already 9:15 and I had promised her dad I would be over by 9:30 or 10:00. I will have to get moving. As soon as Donna got out of the shower, I jumped in and before I knew it I was leaving. And I was angry with myself for not confronting her. I told myself I would get it in the open tonight. By 3:00 PM I was exhausted. Manual labor is no longer my cup of tea. I said goodbye to Donna's dad and arrived back home by 3:30. I didn't expect Donna to be home yet and she wasn't. Moving around the house I snooped like I was in someone else's house. I checked the bathroom and the paper bag was missing. I went into the bedroom and didn't find anything of note except the smell of perfume was still faintly in the air. I went back to the study and did some work. Eventually the garage door made its clackety sound and I realized it was 5:00 o'clock already. The car door slammed and soon, I heard her tennis shoes bounding up the stairs toward me. "Hi honey, I'm home," she called out as she came toward me. Whoops, she seemed a little unsteady. She came up behind me and reached down to nuzzle my neck letting the smell of alcohol fill the air. "That feels nice," I said as she began to massage my shoulders. "Oh yeah, right there," I said to encourage her. She kept on massaging my neck and shoulders for a few minutes and then slowly reached one of her hands down into my shirt and lightly ran her fingers over my nipple. After a few seconds of tickling, she lightly squeezed my nipple without pinching. "What's got into you," I asked. "Well, no one. That's the problem. I'm horny, you're kind of cute, and I've had 4 glasses of wine." That was as good an invitation to sex as a man gets. Being the gentleman that I am, I swiveled my chair around facing her, cupped her breast's in my hands and massaged them while I leaned up to kiss her. She was not wearing a bra. Not that she desperately needed one. Donna was a firm 36 C so she could get by without a bra sometimes. I was a little surprised and turned on to find she wasn't wearing one today. I thought back and tried to remember if she was wearing one this morning before meeting Tom. Damn it, I was too busy to notice. I couldn't remember. We French kissed for a good minute while I administered my massage to her body. Then I stood up and held her hand pulling her into the bedroom. Somehow, my jealousy melted away as I rediscovered how much she desired me. I pulled her onto the bed and squeezed her body tightly to mine. She responded like the horny woman with four glasses of wine in her that she was. After a bit, we pulled back and began to undress each other. She opened my shirt buttons one at a time. I in turn pulled her t shirt off and unfastened her shorts. I pushed her shorts down and she assisted by kicking them off onto the floor. I stood up and pulled the rest of my clothes off . Then while standing over her, I pulled Donna's panties down inspecting her wet vulva. I couldn't help myself, I had to taste between her legs. Spreading her legs apart with my hands, I moved my face against her pussy. My tongue stroked the length of her opening causing a sharp intake of breath from her. For the second time in a week, I was relieved to taste her female scent without the troubling additional smell of semen. She had saved her intimate affection for her husband. We made love like animals in rut. Everything else was forgotten. There was only the now, the moment, the smell of sex. After the heat died down we laid in each other's arms, savoring the denouement. After the climax, reason and logic began to return. I realized that I still needed to confront Donna but did not know how to begin. I was somewhat relieved when Donna began for us. "I hope you won't be mad but I have a little something to tell you." "What's that?" I asked non-committedly. "Tom got a little bit friendly with me today." "Tell me what happened. Remember, I'm your husband and I'll always love you no matter what." "Well I hope so. I didn't mean for anything to happen but we were having such a good time walking that 2 mile nature trail out by the winery. And after that we went to the winery and went through the wine tasting class that they give. We had such a good time. And after tasting about 10 different wines I was feeling really good. So Tom bought a bottle of Vignola's, you know that white wine I like that is just a little bit sweet. So anyway we got a bottle and some bread and had a little picnic there at the winery. We were just lying on a blanket that Tom brought and drinking wine and looking up at the clouds. That's when I complained that my shoulders hurt so Tom started to massage my neck and shoulders. He must have kneaded my shoulders for 5 or 10 minutes until I was like in a trance or something. Then he started to move his hands farther down my chest. He didn't really feel my boobs at first, just halfway down where it felt so good. He asked me if I liked what he was doing and I just said, "Oh don't stop." He must have taken that for a go ahead signal and so he just moved his hands down to massage my breasts and I'm sorry honey but with the wine in me I couldn't say no. He just gently squeezed my boobies for what seemed like an eternity. I got so wet between the legs I wanted to fuck right there. Then he leaned over and kissed me. It was weird because our faces were upside down with each other. You know, upside down kissing. Are you mad?" "So you drink too much wine, let him paw on your tits and then French kiss. And now you're feeling guilty and want forgiveness?" "I guess that's it." she said in a submissive tone. "I'm sorry. You know I only love you. My mind only loves you but my body responds when it's stimulated," She apologized. I wanted to be mad at her but I just couldn't because she never held anything back and I could always trust her to tell me the complete truth. She was childlike in her honesty. "What else do you have to tell me?" I asked. "What else?" She let out a big sigh and was silent for a moment. The she began, "Now don't be angry with me. Just listen and hear the whole story before you judge me. I've given this a lot of thought and I've agonized about this for days. I started out thinking I could just date and not have sex, but I started to worry that maybe I couldn't always control every situation. That maybe my brain would say no but my body would say yes. Or maybe I would get date raped or I don't know whatever. So just so you know, I have no intention of having sex with anyone but you. But just to protect us both, I got a prescription for birth control from my gynecologist." I didn't know what to say. I was grateful for her honesty and slightly turned on and yet pissed that she was basically telling me that she didn't even trust herself around another man. I calmly and gently said to her, "Donna, you are the love of my life, the other half that completes me. And I know you love me, you show me every day in some way. But you're telling me you went on birth control in case you fuck some other guy. How do you think I feel right now?" With those words out of my mouth, she started bawling loudly, tears down her checks and she clung to me with a death grip. The poor woman was emotionally a wreck. I held her tightly and consoled her. "I love only you. We'll always be together no matter what. It will work out ok, I know it." Finally I told her "Hey stop it, nobody got killed or anything." "I don't deserve you." she finally blurted out between sobs. We lay together like that until we must have drifted off to sleep. Chapter 3 Sunday morning I woke up early and went to the kitchen for coffee, leaving Donna still soundly asleep. After I had my first cup of coffee in hand, I remembered I had kept forgetting to check the owner's manual for some maintenance questions I had on Donna's car. So I went out to the garage, opened Donna's car door and went through the glove box. To my surprise, I found a very sexy blue bra neatly folded up. What the hell was her bra doing in the glove box. I guess she must have neglected to tell me how she willingly took her bra off to give Tom an easier grab at her boobs. I was feeling rather pissed although it really didn't change any material facts. She had already confessed to letting Tom grope her breasts anyway. What difference did it make? I put the bra back, carefully replacing it as I found it. I then went back into the house and got on the computer to check my email. I started to check my email but then started thinking about the Nuva Ring. I googled it to see what I could find out. Simple, 99% effective and starts working 7 days after insertion. Well I hope she doesn't fuck anybody this week, I thought. Then I started to get extremely hard thinking about her fucking. I visualized her pelvis thrusting up as some guy pushed his fat cock into her feverish out of control body. Get a grip I thought. She's my wife and she's not going to do that and I won't let her anyway. I remembered then that she had written down her passwords in a small book. I pulled it out and found the password for her email. Listening to hear she was still sound asleep I quickly logged on and began to look over her email. There it was. A message from Tdavis @ I opened it up and read. "Thank you for a wonderful day. You don't know how good it makes me feel to be around a good woman again after my divorce. It's been hard for me to trust again but I can tell that you always tell the truth and you have a gentle encouraging way about you. Thank you. As you know, I have a very busy schedule this next week so I won't be able to spend any real time with you. But maybe we could have lunch on Thursday at the little Italian place. Just meet me there a little before noon. I think it best if we drive separately. With fondness." Tom. P.S. Great nips! I felt smug knowing I had Donna to myself this week, well mostly anyway. I logged off, went back to the bedroom, woke Donna up and fucked her silly. She was more than willing. I realized that we had had sex more often in the last week than in the last three weeks previously. We got up and showered in time to make second service at church. By a weird coincidence the pastor had a sermon about sexual purity. It was about how you should never put yourself in tempting situations to begin with. I glanced over and saw Donna squirming a little. The rest of the day we just did stuff around the house and we didn't really speak about anything important. I guess we both needed to think a little. Monday morning rolled around and we dived into the workweek. Both of us were busy with deadlines at our respective workplaces so it was just a week of quick dinners, then off to bed tired. Thursday night when I got home from work, I remembered the email I had surreptitiously read earlier. Donna was home already when I walked into the kitchen. "Hi sweetie, I'm home, how was your day?" "Oh, not bad. I had lunch today with Tom at that little Italian place, Luigi's or Luggi's or something like that. How was your day?" "Well not as interesting as your day. Get your tits massaged or anything?" I asked with more than a little sarcasm. "You can stop it right there mister! When you act disrespectful to me it makes me not want to share with you. I know I went over the line but please don't hold it over me forever." "I'm sorry," I said contritely. "It's just that I couldn't bear to have anyone take you away from me. I love you." "Oh, you do love me don't you." she cooed. "I know I did bad. Would it make you feel better to spank me or something?" She said flirtingly as she turned her rear around to me. "No, just tell me about your lunch." "Well, he really opened up and told me about his marriage. He still loves her and is struggling with a way to try to mend their relationship. I shared some ideas that I thought might help. He's maybe going up to Milwaukee this weekend to see her if she will let him." I began to feel sympathy for him. I imagined myself in his shoes, Donna hundreds of miles away. Feeling another woman's tits would be no substitute for losing my wife. Poor guy. If I knew then the events about to unfold, I would have had much less sympathy for Tom. The next morning at work I got a call from my supervisor that I didn't really want to hear. The bottom line is that there was a big screw up at the Milwaukee plant and it was all hands on deck. A team of six including me would be going to trouble shoot the problem and we would be leaving late this afternoon. I would have just enough time to run home and pack a bag. Crap, I hate when things like this happens. Imagine the irony, both me AND my wife's "date" would both be in Milwaukee. I called Donna to let her know but only got her voice mail. I called 3 more times and same result. Oh well, I guess I could call her from Milwaukee. She wasn't going to be happy though. We had a fight one time over something similar. She thought I should have stood up for myself and not gone. She never understood responsibility. I left her a note and got in my car to head for the airport. About 7:00 PM I'm walking out of the gate at Mitchell Airport when my cell rings. "Did you run off with another woman or did Henderson really send your team to Milwaukee for the weekend?" she quizzed. "No other woman would have me. It was that asshole Henderson alright. And he said I won't be back until late Monday night or Tuesday." "Well, I guess I'll have to find something or someone to keep me busy this weekend," she sighed. "Well it won't be me or Tom since we're both in Milwaukee, sweetie." "Oh that's not quite true." she said. "Tom called a little while ago and said his ex-wife is out of town visiting her mother in Chicago so he won't be going after all. He said she did sound open to the idea of talking. Apparently she is lonely also. So, guess what? I have a date for Saturday night! Now don't be jealous. I promise to not drink anything. I think we both know where that leads. I want to get out and have fun but I'm not looking for any hanky-panky. From the sound of Tom talking about his ex, probably all I'm going to do is hear him talk about her." We talked a little more chit chat and then we said goodbye as I got to the rental car kiosk. Monday morning, we had finally resolved the issue. One of those crazy little simple things that you just don't see until you see it. So anyway, we were all jubilant to wrap it up and head for home. To his credit, Henderson called and said the team had the rest of Monday and all of Tuesday off. See you Wednesday, job well done, blah blah blah. I was back at home and pulled into the garage around 2:00 PM. I came in, dropped my bag in the bedroom and lay down on the bed to rest. I must have dozed off but woke up around 3:30. I got up, poured myself a glass of chardonnay and it was then I noticed two wine glasses and an empty bottle of pinot grigio in the living room. I picked the glasses up to put them in the dishwasher and tossed the empty. My mind started to imagine Donna sitting on the couch with Tom sharing a bottle of wine. I began inspecting the house more carefully, noticing a pair of panties half under the bed. Definitely a slight residue in the crotch. I smelled them but couldn't really detect anything. Still, what the hell were they doing under the bed. I began to feel a burning in my veins. My blood was boiling. I was angry and I was starting to feel aroused at the same time. Lucy's got some splainin to do. I put the panties back exactly where I found them. Then I decided to look the rest of the house over. There was the remains of a used up candle on the nightstand, and a towel in the laundry that smelled like sex. I sat down to wait for Donna to get home. As usual, when she came in the door, my heart beat with joy. She had that way about her of always making me happy to see her. "Hi honey," she said, as she came to me for a heartfelt kiss. "I didn't expect you home yet but that makes it all the better." "It's good to be home'" I said with a lack of conviction. "Oh you must be tired. What can I do to make you feel better? How about you take a hot shower and then I'll love on you. Wouldn't that be good?" "Sounds wonderful," I said as I ambled off to the shower. Later in bed, Donna turned the light off, lit a candle and carried it over to the nightstand. She slipped under the covers with me and it was then I realized she wasn't wearing any clothes. We didn't say anything as she moved her mouth to my body first sucking on my nipples, then lower on my belly and finally she engulfed my rigid manhood into her warm moist mouth. "After 10 minutes of oral attention, she moved up to kiss me full on the mouth and worked her hips back and forth until I eventually slid inside her. She didn't move too vigorously. Mainly, she just held me inside her moving just enough to feel very loved and close to her. I told her, "that feels so nice what you are doing. Did you learn some new technique from your date this weekend?" She lowered her mouth to my ear and whispered, "maybe. Would you be mad if I had?" "Sure I would, well tomorrow anyway. Right now I just like what you are doing to me." "Do you want to know everything that happened or should I just keep my secrets?" I sensed anxiety in her voice. She really was worried what I would think. "You know the rules, Donna. You have to tell me everything with no falsehood of fact or omission." By now she had lowered her body just enough that I could suck on her nipples while she began her confession. "Tom picked me up Saturday night and took me to dinner at Crazy Fish and then afterwards we went to Club Viva to dance. It felt so good to really shake it out on the dance floor. I even danced with two other guys that I knew from our insurance agent's office. Remember Dan and Tim? Anyway by 11:30 I was feeling really good and then a slow song came on and Tom pulled me onto the floor and we just held each other and swayed while the other people danced. "It was so nice. Not as nice as now with you inside me but nice. I kept feeling Tom's cock through our clothes, god it was so hard and driving me crazy. Finally, I realized that I had to get home or I would start doing things I didn't really want to do. So I asked him to take me home. He drove me home and when we got there, I was just feeling really lonely with you gone so I invited him in just for a little bit. I offered him a glass of wine and he accepted." "Is that when you lost your panties under the bed?" "What are you doing looking for my panties?" "Husbands always look for clues of their wife's indiscretions." "I didn't do what you think. We just sat in the living room and talked about our marriages. Well, maybe we did a teensy bit more than just talk." She then rotated her hips and ground her pussy into me as hard as she could. Donna didn't cum yet but she was close. "So what happened then?" "One glass of wine led to two and two led to four. You know what happens with four glasses of wine don't you?" "Go on," I said. "I didn't fuck him," she said defensively. "We were just sitting on the sofa and suddenly I wanted to kiss him. I wanted him to feel good again. He was so lonely for his wife. I wanted to be her and love him and take the pain away. It's hard to explain. So we kissed for a long time and just got into the sheer joy of kissing. I was so wet that by the time he slipped his hand under my dress, I wanted him in me. I was craving it. He caressed me for what seemed like an eternity before he finally got the nerve to slip his hand inside my panties and finger me. I came almost immediately. I needed to get off so badly. I wanted to pull him into the bedroom and take off his clothes but ended up we just didn't do it. I can't say why but it just didn't feel right. So instead he used his hand to make me cum several more times. Then later I got some KY out and massaged him till he came. After all that kissing and petting we did, I just couldn't leave him high and dry." "So I guess you learned you're playing with fire." "I guess so," she said somberly. And I also found out he really is a big boy. Not so long but really big around," she said with an impish grin. "You're not really angry with me, are you? After all, I didn't really have sex with him and I've told you the complete truth. Please don't hate me," she pleaded. She lowered her left breast to my mouth, holding it in her hand as if to offer it to me to suckle her in a symbol of submission and love. I took the offered nipple, rubbery and firm and swirled my tongue on it. Her breath came in ragged gasps as she began to grind her pelvis into mine. Together, we grabbed the release we were both reaching for. Her insides flooded with our combined release of fluids. Sometime later as we lay naked under the covers drifting off to sleep, I thought wasn't it funny he had gotten into her panties and it was only the fourth date. Well only the fourth date I was aware of. The next morning, I used my day off to organize and catch up on errands while Donna went to work as usual. I remembered, I had her email password, and I debated should I or shouldn't I. I shouldn't be spying on her since she was honorable enough to tell me the truth about her and Tom. What the hell, I concluded, I paid for this computer and it's mine to use. So after logging into her email account, I looked down the inbox until I found the TDAVIS message I was looking for. "Donna, thank you for such a wonderful time. That was one of the best nights of my life. The only way it could have been better would have been to do it all the way. All day today, I couldn't think of anything but the smell of your body on my face and hands after I left your house Sunday morning. I still have feelings for my wife but if she doesn't take me back, I could do no better than to possess you, if only on a part time basis. I can think of nothing but our next rendezvous." Now I was pissed. He was falling in love with her and it was getting serious. I'm going to put my foot down. I spent the rest of the day distracting myself with mindless tasks. Shoes to the shoe shop, replace light bulbs, sharpened the lawn mower blade, etc. etc. I've been working such long hours, I've gotten way behind on the rest of my life. Yeah that was it. That was the problem. Work had caused me to neglect my life, my wife, Donna. Chapter 4 Donna got home around 4:30 and greeted me with her usual upbeat mood. "Hi honey, I'm home. What did you do all day without me?" she asked. "The usual, I had 6 lines of cocaine and sex with 6 women midgets," I joked. "That would be one line of cocaine per midget. What did you do?" "I saw Tom this afternoon in between his scheduled appointments. They are really running him hard." "Seems to me you were running him hard. Or at least stroking him hard. I think it's time to quit seeing him. We both know where this is going." I softened my voice and said, "I don't want to lose you. You've been building up the courage to have a full-fledged affair with him. It's time to stop now." Donna lowered her head and said meekly, "I guess you're right. I've upset you and I'm genuinely sorry. Please forgive me." I didn't know what to say since I was expecting a fight and instead she capitulated immediately. "Donna, you have to tell him you can't be alone with him. This has gone too far and you are married. You tell me you love me. It's time to prove it." "I will," was all she said. She then patted my chest with her hand and without looking me in the eye, she left to go to the bedroom. I don't know why but I felt like the bad guy in this. What the hell! I'm the wronged party here folks. It's just that Donna is always the most upbeat person and now she is down. And her being down makes me down. I didn't realize until then how much of my happiness is just reflection off of her joy. I spent the rest of the evening apart from her in my study just fiddling around on the computer not really doing anything productive. Finally, I gave it up and went into the bedroom. She was already asleep and I slipped into bed and joined her in an embrace. We did not make love. Wednesday morning, I woke up early and left for work early. We barely spoke as we got ready for the work day. The day went fast for me since I had been out of the office since Friday morning. I had lots of emails and correspondence to respond to. I got frustrated and left early. Being a salaried employee does have its advantages. I got home around 3:30 and of course Donna was not yet home. I piddled around until she came in the door at 4:30. She was not her usual bubbly self. I felt bad like it was somehow my fault even though I knew I had nothing to feel bad about. Eventually, I drew her out and got her to talk about her day while I cooked chicken breast smothered in Italian sauce and cheese and opened a mediocre bottle of Trebbiano. "I talked to Tom today. I told him I couldn't see him anymore. He was devastated but he said he understood. I think his ex-wife is playing with him. I don't think she's going to take him back. I hope I'm wrong but that's my gut feeling about it. He's feeling very lonely right now." "I don't feel any ill will towards him," I said. "I just have to protect my marriage. That's all. And just so you know, I admit you are right about my working too much. How about we go out Friday night and do something fun?" Donna pretended to smile but didn't have her heart in it. "Sounds good, honey. What do you want to do?" "Whatever you want. I'm in." "OK, I'll think of something." and she drifted off to the bedroom to change out of her work clothes while I finished cooking dinner. I called her when dinner was ready and she came out to eat with me. She didn't say anything but when I saw tears running down her face, she didn't have to verbalize to communicate. She was sad to lose the relationship with Tom. Later in the bedroom, after dinner, she asked me, "Did you mean I couldn't date Tom or couldn't date anyone at all?" "You naughty wife!" I blurted out. Didn't you learn your lesson. Get your bottom over here." And I reached for her, turned her over my knee and spanked her good. "I'll be good. I'll be good," she wailed." The spanking seemed to expunge some sin from her. She acted like it was a terrible thing I did to her but, subconsciously, I think she wanted to be physically punished to atone for her behavior. After I unleashed my emotion via my hand on her butt, I pulled her to me and kissed her with passion. She responded with enthusiasm and I felt that I had her back again. We made love sweetly that night. Donna seemed just a bit more submissive that usual. Thursday and Friday went by quickly and as I drove home after work on Friday I reflected on my life. I had it pretty good really. And Donna was really the best part. I determined to make her feel especially wanted when I got home. Pulling into the driveway, I realized Donna was not yet home. It was only 4:00 so she would probably be along any minute. A few minutes later her car pulled into the garage. "Hi sweetie," I said to her when she came into the kitchen through the door from the garage. "How was your day today?" I asked. "Not so good. The partners lost a big case, I screwed up a legal document, and Tom looks so bad he could pass for suicidal." "So his wife isn't being very friendly, I take it." "It's his ex-wife. She's fucking with his head. And he'll be lucky at this point if she doesn't take him back." "Oh," I said. "Guess I didn't have it so bad today." I pulled Donna to me and held my arms around her. She sighed and held me while I caressed her back and shoulders. After a little while, she looked up at me, smiled and said, "I guess I will keep you after all. You always know how to make me feel better. Thank you." I kissed her tenderly on the forehead and said, "I don't know why you do keep me but I'm glad you do." Donna held onto me tightly, burying her head against my chest. The next few days passed uneventfully and slowly we got back into the old rhythm of husband and wife. Donna's mood seemed to improve a little each day and by the end of a week she was almost back to normal. I came home the Thursday following and told Donna, Henderson was sending us back to Milwaukee. Another screw up, this time Henderson was going himself so It didn't look good frankly. Donna was of course disappointed. She said she might give Jill a call and do something. She was obviously not happy at being abandoned for the weekend again. I left for the airport Friday morning as Donna was going to work. We said our goodbye's and I left in my car. Friday went by in a blur and at about 7:00 PM, sitting in my hotel room, I called Donna to say good night. She didn't answer after about 6 rings. Probably in the tub, I thought. She sometimes took a leisurely bath and shaved her legs so could be tied up awhile. At 8:00 I called her back. Still no answer. Same thing at 10:00 and 11:00. I finally left a scathing message that I regretted as soon as I had sent it but it was done and I went to bed. Saturday morning, I got a call from her. "I'm so sorry, I had my phone on mute and forgot to turn it back up. Jill and I went to ladies night at that little pseudo winery with the jazz band. I should have called but we were having fun and I lost track of time. How is everything going?" "Better than I expected. We might finish tonight or tomorrow. Looks like I'll be flying home tomorrow night sometime." "Good, I'm lonely and I haven't had any sex since Wednesday." "Hey, what a coincidence. I haven't had any since Wednesday, either," I joked back at her. How about we get together and fix that problem?" "It's a date." she quipped. "I have to get back to work, sweetie. I'll call you when I have my flight time." We said our goodbyes then and hung up. My mind gradually got back on work and off of Donna. It was about four that afternoon, when my phone rang. It was Donna. "Hi babe, what's up?" I asked. "I'm worried about Tom. I didn't tell you earlier but he wasn't at work on Friday. Suzie, you know the blond attorney you couldn't quit talking to at the Christmas party, ran into me at the dry cleaners. Well she mentioned that she saw Tom and she said he looked like hell. Hadn't shaved and didn't even acknowledge her when she said hi to him. I'm worried about him. He was so sad about his wife and he didn't take it well when I said I wouldn't see him anymore. What should I do?" "I'm no expert, but I guess it wouldn't hurt for you to call him. You could give him the 800 number for your health plan's mental health hotline. He probably just needs someone to talk to." I was thinking he probably just needs someone to fuck also. But I didn't want his suicide on my hands either. Besides, I trusted Donna to call him without getting involved again. Well, mostly. "Thank you for letting me talk to him. I feel so sorry for him." Donna I knew was going to call him right away so we said goodbye after she had promised to call right back after she talked to Tom. Meanwhile, I had about an hour of work to wrap up. The time passed quickly and we finished at 5:30 and headed to the hotel. We had to spend the night since there wasn't a flight until 10:00 the next morning. I realized I should have gotten a call from Donna by now. It was then the phone rang. "Hi babe, how is he?" "Not good, he's really down. We talked for an hour and then his phone went dead. I'm driving over to see him now. I have to make sure he's ok. What else could I do?" "I guess you're right. We can't have him jumping off a bridge, can we?" I said sarcastically. "What are you going to say or do for him?" "That's not funny. He is very wounded right now. I'm going to do whatever it takes to bring him out of the dark hole that he's in." She had spoken in a level serious voice that I rarely heard. Donna could be determined when she wanted to be. "I know you'll do the right thing," I said. "Gotta go, hon. Here's my exit. I love you." "And I love you," I said back in a serious tone. The line went dead and I was alone in my hotel room. Dinner at the hotel was nice. I sat with two of my fellow workers and we mostly talked about work stuff. My mind kept drifting back to Donna and Tom. I wondered how she was doing with him. It was dark out now, so I hope she had talked him into getting some sleep. Instead of getting some Donna. I felt that familiar burn in my veins. After dinner my companions tried to talk me into going to the infamous Safe House for a martini but I begged off. I told them I was tired. I was of course but mainly I just wanted to be alone. I made my way back to my room, kicked off my shoes, plopped on the bed and clicked the remote. I got absorbed watching a movie with Diane Lane and Richard Gere titled "Unfaithful." Perfect, I thought, a movie on cheating while I wonder what my wife is doing right now. I roused myself. Must have fallen asleep. I looked at the clock. It was 11:00 and still no call from Donna. I checked my phone again just to make sure I hadn't gotten any messages. Damn, there were two messages. The first around 6:00 said I need to talk to U. The second, around 6:30 said, C U tomorrow. I wondered what was going on. Well I guess whatever it was, Donna could handle it. I texted to her Can U talk. After ten minutes had gone by, I realized I was not going to get an answer tonight. She was probably at home asleep anyway by now and I didn't want to wake her up. She hated to answer the phone after she went to sleep. I got up and got a drink of water, took a good long pee and then hit the sack. It would be ok in the morning I told myself. It was not ok in the morning. Chapter 5 I woke up around 7:00 and headed for the shower. It was still a little bit too early to call Donna, even though I was dying to know what was going on. I was out, shaved and dressed by 7:30 and decided to call. The phone rang until I got the recorded message and hung up. Damn the luck, she was probably in the shower about now. I texted a message to her "call me" and went downstairs for breakfast. I ordered the Belgian waffles with two eggs on the side. Breakfast of champions, I thought. I finished, tipped the waiter 20%, and headed back to my room. I called Donna again. Still no answer, so I began to worry. It was now 8:30 and I had to pack and run for the airport to catch the 10:00 am flight. The next 30 minutes were a blur as I threw stuff in my bag, checked out and caught a taxi for the 10 minute ride to the airport. I did the self-check in and was soon moving through the TSA line. By 9:30 I was at the gate just as the boarding call began for group A passengers. I was group C so had about 5 minutes to call Donna. She answered on the third ring. "Hi honey she said," in a subdued tone. "Hi, how is everything going?" "Under control. Tom was just an awful wreck. I think he might have done something really bad if I hadn't got to him when I did. Thank you for letting me go to him." "Of course. I wouldn't want anything ugly to happen. So what happened? Oh, wait. I have to go. I'm boarding now. I'm glad everything is ok and I'll see you when I get home. I love you." "I love you," she said. "I hope everything's ok." "What do you mean?" "I'll tell you when you get home." "Why can't you tell me now?" "I stayed in bed with Tom last night. I ... I thought it was the only way to make sure he was safe. Are you mad?" "We'll talk when I get home," I said as I walked down the ramp to my waiting plane. Although only an hour and a half, it was the longest flight I've ever been on. I replayed the conversation with Donna in my head about a hundred times. She said she stayed in bed with him, she didn't say she had sex with him. Maybe not a big difference to some but it was important to me. I remembered back to when we were first dating in college. I think it might have been our second or third or fourth date, she stayed overnight in my apartment and we cuddled together under the blankets until we fell asleep. We never did more than kiss but it was one of the best nights of my life. It was the night I fell in love with her. We shared secrets about our innermost desires and fears. I loved her so much back then. And I still do. Eventually my flight touched down in St. Louis and I headed for the shuttle to the long term parking lot. Forty-Five minutes later, I was pulling into my driveway. It was about 1:00 and I was hungry. But more than that I wanted to see my wife. Donna's car was gone. I walked into the house from the garage and looked around for a note or anything. No note but I found the sheets in the bedroom wet with sex smell. There was a candle stub left on the nightstand, two wine glasses and some of her clothes strewn around the room. A blind man could reconstruct this crime scene. I sat on the bed and held my head in my hands. I felt sorry for myself for being so stupid to allow Donna to "date" in the first place. It's true that men and women can't be friends. They were made to mate with each other. I then started to feel a little bit sad for Donna. Wonderful, bubbly Donna was so distraught and ashamed she couldn't face me. That's the only reason she isn't here waiting for me. I dialed her. "Hello," she answered. "Are you home yet?" "I'm home alright." My answer told her I knew what she had been up to last night. "Do you want me home? Or should I just stay away?" she asked quietly. "Home. I want you home." "OK, I'll be there in twenty minutes or so." I was tired so I kicked off my shoes, moved the covers over and lay down on my bed. I stayed over on the side that wasn't too wet although somehow it seemed the entire mattress had been permeated with wet sex juice. It didn't seem to matter as I tried to compose the words I would say to Donna. But nothing seemed to come to me. I couldn't find the words. After an eternity I heard the garage door open and a minute later, I heard her walking into the kitchen. She called out my name and I answered, "I'm in the bedroom." She must have grimaced at that. Returning to the scene of the crime. She came into the bedroom and without saying a word, stood by the doorway facing me with her head down. Without hesitation, I got up from the bed, walked over to her and pulled her gently into my arms. I began to nuzzle her neck and kiss her cheek as she silently dripped tears down her face. I sighed and then she sighed. We both started to speak at once, and then I said "you first." "I was bad." "Maybe," I said non-committedly. "Why don't you just tell me what happened." "I think you can see what happened," she said with a sharp tone. "Do I have to spell it out?" "I just want to know what happened, Donna. Now tell me about last night." She sat on the edge of the bed and began her account. "I don't know what to say. I went over to his house and at first he didn't even want to talk to me. I made him open up and he let me in. So then we just talked about how sometimes life sucks and I told him he was just in a rough patch but it would get better. I hugged him and he said thanks that really made him feel better that maybe somebody cares. I told him lots of people care but I just happened to be the one here with him at the moment. "That got him talking about how he doesn't do good with women and now he's lost his wife and me the only two women in his life that he thought were special to him. Then he started to cry in my arms like a baby. Finally I told him, that's it mister, we're going. You're coming over to my place and I'm going to fix us something to eat. So I made him get in my car and we came home." "Well, I can pretty much see what happened then. Where do we stand Donna?" "Like I told you. Tom was so depressed, I just did everything I could think of to cheer him up. I fixed us dinner with a glass of wine. I thought that would help. That made him feel a little better, and then I suggested we stay up and watch old movies. That sounded good to him but then I suggested he needed to bathe first, and shave." So I filled the tub with hot water and told him to get in. He just took off his clothes and got in the tub. He seemed to relax in the water and just lay his head back and closed his eyes. That's when I collected his clothes and put them in the washer. I came back in and he was still in the tub so I knelt down and told him to lean forward. I soaped up a washcloth and began to scrub his back. I just wanted him to feel loved and cared for. After he finished bathing and shaving, I put him in our bed and he fell asleep. It wasn't about sex. He just needed to be cared for and loved. I tidied up things a little and then I decided I was tired and wanted sleep. I took a shower first, then dried off and slid in bed next to him. It just seemed so natural. Almost like I was sliding into bed with you. I spooned up next to him and fell asleep. We didn't have sex until this morning. I woke up first and just snuggled up to him to keep warm. I tickled his back and gently rubbed his body. Eventually he woke up and whispered "thank you" to me. I just squeezed him tight and told him "you're welcome." After a few minutes he rolled over on his back, pulling me towards him with his arm. I instinctively reach my arm over his body and stroked his chest and stomach. We just lay like that for the longest time, touching and holding each other. I was dying to know if Tom was aroused so I accidentally on purpose moved my hand down lower till I found his erection in my hand. "Someone's feeling better," I said to him. He smiled and yawned, then rolled over on top of me. He pinned my arms down and kissed my neck and nuzzled against me. At first I told him we shouldn't be doing that but he wouldn't let me up. He lay between my legs holding me down and he kept both of my arms pinned over my head. I couldn't do anything at that point except let him have me. It was torture to feel him loving my body and knowing I would have to tell you about it later. I'm sorry," she said in her little girl voice. "Sounds like he forced himself on you." "Maybe. I think maybe I wanted him to though. Kinda like if he forced himself on me, it wouldn't be my decision. Then I wouldn't have so much guilt." "Then why do you feel so guilty?" "Because I've been a naughty, naughty girl," she said as she looked slyly up at me. "Oh, you've been naughty all right. The question is what to do with you." "You could hold me and love me. Then we can go from there," her little girl voice offered. I moved over to her facing her where she sat on the bed. Not saying a word, I pushed her shoulders back pinning her to the bed. I looked her over deliberately taking my time to inspect her body up and down. Reaching down under her dress, I slid her panties down her ankles, pulling them off. Kneeling on the floor in front of her I gently pulled her knees apart and leaned forward, inspecting her matted pubic hair. Strangely, the thing I had most feared didn't really upset me. Instead, her messy wet pussy lips looked beautiful at that exact moment. The strong scent between her legs seemed to tell me that not only had she fucked Tom, she had enjoyed it immensely. I licked my tongue on her clitoris, tentatively at first, then with more pressure. Donna didn't say anything, but her breathing quickened just a little. I then lapped slowly up and down the full length of her sex opening, letting my hands push her legs apart with more force. She groaned and moved her legs far her back against her body. I licked her up and down several more times as she started to pant. Abruptly then, I stood up, unbuckled my pants, kicked them off and went for it. I was so hard at this point and she was so wet I went right in. I pounded hard into Donna, letting my anger at her and erotic feelings express themselves all at once. After about ten strokes, I came in her, adding my semen to her lover's earlier deposit. "Eh, eh, eh, eh, eeeh, OOHHHH!!" she screamed as I filled her opening. We stopped motionless then, looking into each other's eyes, wondering what was happening, where was our relationship headed. After a moment, I laid down on her kissing her softly at first, then more needy, then softly stopping. I held her and we didn't move, afraid to change the moment, afraid to lose something. The moment of intimacy passed. I quipped, "Well, I see he didn't stretch you too much." "It wasn't for lack of trying. Damn thing was really big," she fired back. "Liar, I bet he's four inches, tops. And besides, if he was that big you'd be too sore for sex with me." "Sweetie, know that I love you like no other, but his cock was huge and I have personally never had one that big inside me. I felt filled up like I've never felt before. And for the record, I WAS sore. It's just that I would never turn you down, especially not now, not after last night..." as her voice trailed off. "Hey, want to go get some ice cream?" I asked. She looked at me strangely. Then tearing up she said, "Yes." END * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than a trusted partner. 4-million people around the world contract HIV every year. You only have one body per lifetime, so take good care of it!
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