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Found 603 results

  1. Ordered to submit this video 20191022_152321.mp4
  2. I'm with my wife 9 years and approx 7 years we're enjoying this. During this time she had over 30 males. What about your wife??
  3. 47 year old, fit and attractive, straight, creative, 'gentle-ish' asian Dom in search of a real cuckold couple either with some experience or complete novices with real fantasies regarding an interracial bull, and want to make it a reality… Both must be submissive to me, but wife must be capable of Dominating hubby along with me in the form of sissy/humiliation, and him willing to accept his role in the relationship as tending to his wife’s needs/pleasures whenever we are together. Yes, she is your wife but ultimately the reality is that sexually she will be my woman and I will own her, I will also date her! Guys do not contact me without your partners’ knowledge as it is important your cuckold desires are mutually understood and accepted, preferably with the cuckoldress taking the lead, and I am not interested in talking about your wife/gf, this is a genuine ad and I am only interested in genuine couples with intentions of real time meetings after a short period of online and phone interactions, where we will discuss the proposal and exchange pictures… I will only go ahead if you are comfortable with live verification of each other, and I must see you and your partner/wife together, on a suitable application. Not looking for a one off, prefer regular and long term where I will be your wife’s man. I am willing to travel within London /southeast or a few reasonable miles beyond, and happy to pay for hotels for overnights on a reasonably regular basis.
  4. Since my wife found me all dressed up in femme, my life has changed...i beleive to the better and the kinkiest!!!! She was supposed to be at work, so I was home alone and every time I am home alone I dress up...with stockings, g string, high heeled boots, sexy mini dresses, and if I know that she is coming late, I put make up and my wig. Most of the clothes that I wear belong to my wife, thank god we have the same shape and body, even her shoew fit me, lucky me... that is why every now and then, I buy her sexy lingerie and clothes because at the end I will be wearing them as well..!!! So, it was around 1 oclock in the afternoon, and I was chatting with a black guy on the internet. I knew my wife was suppose to return back at 4, so I had time to paly around and then undress and wait for her. In the meantime, while dressed I did all the house work, cleaning the dishes, vacuming, fixing the bed, laundry and all a good house wife should do. You see, since I was unemployed, my wife was the earner in the house so I had to help. To be honest, I enjoy every minute it of it, because I am a good housewife...haha, making me more feminine. I need to mention also that for the past 2 years I have been taking feminization pills, on and off because I want to feel and become more feminine. I have been taking some herbal hormones that helped a lot band also some estrogen and antistestosterone pills. Since I have been taking those pills, my skin became more soft, my breast more pouty with very sensitive nipples, my hips started to get bigger and I became more sensitive...i can watch a romantic movie and cry..haha. Also, besides the hormones I started removing my breast hair, my wife was asking me why..and I was telling her that I wanted a change...I have been shaving my private parts, cock, balls and ass for many years, since she met me, so there was no questions about this. I also trimmed my legs, you see I could not shave them all the way, but with high dem stockings you could not tell that I was not all the way shaved. Thank got I am not hairy, and since I started the hormones the hair growth was not the was slower..lucky me!! So, I was having my esspresso, and chatting on skype with this nigerian guy and listening to music, so I did not hear the door opening. She called me and then open the office door and saw me there, all dressed up, lookinmg so sexy and feminine, with open skype and a black guy on the line..... I could not escape, everything that I was hiding so many years have fallen apart...I was there all dressed up as a sexy sissy, wearing her clothes, her makeup and talking to a black guy on line..OMG, I wish the earth could open and take me deep inside. I was trying to say something but I could not.. I had seems that I was there for hours listening to her questions...what is this? what are you doing? and so on... What I managed to say was I am sorry, let me explain to you... and she said ok, go ahead.. We went to the livin g room, so as soon as she sat on the couch, I told her wait a second... I went to the kitchen and pour some vodka with some ice cubes and fresh lemom juice and took it in a tray... I served her the drink and I was trying to explain her what i was doing... She started drinking her vodka and calmed down. She said to me that she had figured that something was going on with me... she could find her clothes and make up messed up, I started to be more feminine - the hormones started to kick in- meaning my movements some times, and some other things. I explained to her that I still love her, it just I have two personalities, the one that she knows and married and another one, Eva, that she does not know yet but I wish she could know and accept. I was so nervous waiting for her reactions and her answers on all this.. but she kept drinking her vodka without saying anything. I was sitting on a fire, waiting for a sign... Then, as soon as her vodka finished she told me: You bitch, go and get me another vodka, 50 ml and half a lemon juice and 3 ice cubes! I was shocked I took her glass, rush to the kitchen and follow her order. 50 ml vodka, 3 ice cubes and half a lemon fresh squeezed juice. I went back, carrying the glass, and the she said - where is the fucking tray? So, back again, getting a tray and serving her the vodka. I serve her the glass and put then tray down on the table. Then she ordered me to take off her boots and put her leg on a pillow. I followed her orders...I could not resist her bossy way..I think I started paying my duties.. on one hand I was feeling starnge, but on the other hand, i always wanted this to happen...So Eva, shut up and start serving your wife.... Trans EvA Zurich , Switzerland Hello everybody, I am EvA and I live in Switzerland. There are so many fetishes that I have done and there are also some that I am willing to do. I am 40 yeras old and I have been a crossdresser for 13 years. Because I am doing that for so long I consider myself a transvestite, because for a period of 3 years I have been taking on and off feminazation hormones and I feel more feminine and sexy. My figure is curvy, my skin soft and my titties full and pouty with very sensitive nipples that erect in the mouth of my lovers... I enjoy beeing with men and I am only passive!!!! I like to be treated as a woman, slut, whore and treat my men as my Masters!! I have been with many men, I have been with 3 men at one time, with 2 black men twice and with couples 3 times. Lately I am addicted to black men. I have to admit that I enjoy being with men anyways, but with the black men I have been was something else. Now I want my wife to meet black men and cuckold me with BBC only. The last months I have been very kinky, buying sexy lingerie and accesories. Now as I am writing I have inside my my Butt Plug Jewel and wearing my chastity belt. Kisses EvA View my complete profile Powered by Blogger.
  5. So, you guys like sloppy seconds? I personally find the idea hugely exciting! After a wife has been fucked and used, entering a hole that has been amply lubricated and dilated by the bull is such an exciting thought! I think I will cum within 2 minutes of entering such a pussy I'd also love to rub the bulls cum on my dick and masturbate, if entering the pussy is denied
  6. Love huge tits so I would love to see some of your wife's tits.
  7. Hi. Does anyone else feel that cartoons is a good way of illustrating your fantasies? I think the photos out there, and the captions, often is kind of tacky. Here is some cartoons that pretty much sum up my fantasies. The last photo is a my wife though
  8. Looking to have fun with a couple. 26 white male with big dick.
  9. Hello cuck couples / hotwife from Gujarat. I know there are many of you but you dont come out openly. So if you are from Gujarat and want to chat secretly or share your experiences and thought, you are welcome to send a message or reply here. Would try to get in touch with you.
  10. Are there any Aussie hotwives or shared wives out there
  11. So as I sit here alone on a saturday night as my wife is 'out' tonight with her friend, I'm struck with a question. So, as I usually do, I brought it here. So, to those who live the lifestyle, which type of guy turns you on the most? a friend, some one you will see outside of the bedroom, or, a stranger, or some one you meet online and don't expect to see ever again/once and a while? For me, knowing my firneds have sampled my wife is the biggest turn on. I suspect it is for her too, as we often have everyone together and we enjoy the knowledge only a select few know about the others. What say you , lovers of the hot wife ? which is your fantasy
  12. During the summers when I was 8 and 9 years old, my parents had hired a babysitter, named Ashley, to watch me while they were at work. Ashley’s parents lived in the neighborhood, and she was home from college and needed some extra cash. Our mothers had run into each other at the store, and her mother suggested it since I played with their youngest , Taylor (2 years older than me), all the time anyway. Spending anywhere from 8-12 hours a day for two summers with Ashley, I grew rather fond of her. She’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. After that second summer, I didn’t see her as frequently. I remember going to her college graduation party, I remember seeing her at a couple of weddings, her siblings graduation parties, and a few 4th of July’s. But about 15 years ago, she moved to Texas, got married, and had a couple of kids. Skip to about a month ago...I’m at a charity golf outing. Basically, you sign up and get randomly paired with a foursome. I got paired with two guys from my town that I knew (small town, everyone sort of knows everyone), and one guy that I didn’t really know but looked vaguely familiar, Andrew. So we’re golfing, drinking, shooting the breeze. We’re having some guy talk, and Andrew starts telling us about how he and his wife are in the lifestyle. The other two guys are pretty conservative, so I knew they wouldn’t have any good stories. So, I jump in the same cart as Andrew the rest of the day. He tells me how he and his wife used to go to swingers parties, but got tired of them really quick. Then, they’d only play with certain friends. Then, he says that they’re at the point now where he just likes to watch his wife with other guys, whether it be watching it live or letting her go off and send him pics/vids. I tell him how I’ve dabbled and have been a bull for a few couples before. So, I know where he’s coming from. At some point about 9-10 holes in it finally hits me like a ton of bricks...who does he know? Where is he from? He tells me. So, who does he know? He didn’t travel halfway across the country for a charity golf tournament to fund scholarships for high school graduates who are going to major in agriculture. So, he has to know someone local. So, I ask. And he tells me who he’s married to. And I feel like I’ve just been struck by lightning. I keep quiet about it though, and we finish out the round and head back to the clubhouse for early dinner/banquet thing where they announce the winners. Sure as shit, we walk into the clubhouse bar...and the first people we see are Taylor, Ashley, and their brother, Mike. I start chatting with Taylor, who I’ve remained good friends with over the years...even friends with benefits at times. She asks who I golfed with, and I told her the two guys and her brother-in-law. She then yells something over at him, and he and Ashley come over. She finally realized who I was, “Oh my God! How are you?! I hardly recognized you, you’ve gotten so big” (I’m 6’6” 250 lbs). At time, I realize that the people golfing weren’t the only ones buzzed up. I ask, “how long have you guys been here”? Taylor answered, “about an hour-hour and a half”. They, like many people had came out, paid to attend the dinner, and had been drinking at the bar. So we eat dinner and have a more few drinks, and it’s only about 5:00-5:30. I’m getting another beer at the bar and Ashley comes a starts making small talk. It’s mostly catching up stuff mixed with some “remember that time”. Then it turns fairly flirty. All of a sudden she blurts out that drunk Andrew has told her what we had discussed half the day. All of a sudden, she’s starts complaining that she forgot her phone at Taylor’s. She asked if I was ok to drive, which at that point I was. She then goes and tells the others that she forgot her phone and that I was taking her back into town to get it, and that we’d meet them back in town at the bar later. As we’re leaving, drunk Andrew runs outside and yells, “send me some pictures”! We get back to Taylor’s house, walk in, and I go sit in the living room while I thought Ashley was looking for her phone. After a few minutes, she comes in and sits down and we start casually chatting about random stuff again. About 10 minutes in, Ashley casually gets up, walks over, sits on my lap, and we start kissing. We’re getting hot and heavy when she undoes my shorts and starts stroking my cock. I return the favor by by sliding my hands up the skirt of her green sundress...I start gripping and rubbing her ass, then slowly sliding my hands up, pull her panties to the side, and start rubbing and fingering her pussy. Out of nowhere, she stops me, and with a smile says, “we’ll come back to that later. We don’t have much time. Oh! And don’t forget to take some pictures”. She then proceeded to slump to the floor, whips my shorts and boxers off, and starts sucking on my cock. A few minutes in...about the time she switches from sucking/stroking me and rubbing my balls, to stroking my cock and licking and sucking my balls 😂...I think to myself, holy shit! This is amazing”! Somehow I managed to compose myself long enough to take some pictures (see below), get Andrew’s number from Ashley,...and text them to Andrew. In return, I received a reply that just said “HOTTTTTT!!!!!!” 😂. We finish, clean up, and head to the bar to meet the others. We proceed to drink and have a great time catching up. We left the bar around 10:30-11:00 and walked backed to Taylor’s, where she went to bed...and Andrew watched me fuck his wife for about an hour...then, he watched watched the look on her face as I came inside her. 😂 We followed that up the next night by doing the same thing, minus the golfing.
  13. So a couple of weeks ago it’s a Friday and I’m working from home. I don’t do this a lot but once maybe twice a quarter. It just so happens that this particular day we had scheduled a plumber to come out and zap a few of our lines. Around 2 pm there’s a knock on the door. I don’t give it a second thought my wife is home she’s downstairs I assume she will answer it and that will be it. I don’t give it a second thought. Then again there’s a knock on the door. My wife stands at the base of the stairs looks up toward my office and hollers. “Are you going to get that?” I naturally replied with a “NO”. I mean hell in not even supposed to be there. I’m working lol. Anyway I hear her answer the door I hear some laughing and some giggling still I think nothing of it. A few minutes later my wife walks into my office leans over my shoulder and very quietly said “the plumber is here and he’s really cute. Sense you are so caught up in what your working on I’m going to fuck the shit out of the plumber”. She stands and walks out of my office. I’m shocked in a state of disbelieve. Yes we have fantasized about it, talked dirty about it but really? So after a few minutes I grabbed my phone jumped from my chair and ran downstairs and walked right in on this wifeplummerme.mp4
  14. We are a new couple here, check out our website
  15. Caption or fakes of her please?
  16. Fantasise about watching your wife get fucked by a stranger? You have talked to her and she is intrigued - but nervous? Part of her reticence is about local people finding out? Maybe she is just inhibited in her familiar surroundings.... A sensitive introduction while you are on a trip, far from family, friends, neighbours and colleagues could be the answer... If you are visiting London or nearby and staying in a nice hotel then get in touch! I am a mature, experienced Bull, not a crude, "treat 'em rough, insult the husband" type but a refined, educated, subtle man who wants you both to have a good time and leave with an enthusiasm for the lifestyle. I am more appropriate for mature couples - unless she has older man fantases! Of course, you may be an experienced couple yourselves and still like the idea of a "Little London Adventure" - in which case I am equally happy to provide that diverting experience - maybe show you some characteristic pubs you would not have found yourself, whatever you fancy - followed by some "alternative entertainment" in your hotel room.... Happy to consider all applications! Contact here and I will provide email etc
  17. My Wife gave me a new chastity device I’m very happy to receive a metal chastity belt with a smaller tube. She has a new rule for me, I will stay in chastity until She reaches 100 orgasms! This is more interesting because if I want to be released from chastity I must encourage her to meet her bulls as many time as possible.
  18. I put some jazz music on the stereo and sat across her. Then the door bell rung. I woke up and open the door and Eddie was in the door. She had a bootle of wine with him and a rose.. He leans infront and gives me a kiss in the mouth and asks me about the surpise... I tell him come on in and you will find it out. As soon as he enters the living room, he sees my wife sitting on the couch in her sexy lingerie, enjoying her chianti and he stays frozen... I then brake the ice and say, Eddie this is my wife Erica, Erica this is my black friend Eddie. My wife stands up going on to him hugging him and start kissing him in the mouth... I was frozen now...but I am liking what I am seeing.. the contrast of her white face kissing his black face was very kinky. I feel me clity trying to get erected but as I am caged I am in pain. They kiss for a few minutes and Eddies hands are all over my wifes body and she looks that she is enjoying every damm second of it. As soon as she stops kissing him she orders me to serve them some wine. Eddie sits next to her on the couch and I pour some wine. Then my wife orders me to undress Eddie, so he stands up and I undress him, taking his shoes and socks, his pants and tshirt and then pulling his brief off. As I do that his cock is semi erected so my wife orders me to kneel infront of him and lick him fisrt to clean his cock first so that she can go on and blow him. I kneel infront of him, smell his cock head, I always love to do that, the smell of cock, manhood and piss is hitting my nostrils and make me feel seductive to his cock. I stark kissing him all over his length and go down to his balls and I start kissing and caressing his big black balls. My wife then takes my mobile and starts taking pictures and videos.. I keep on worshipping his cock and then my wife orders me to stop. Now this black cock is mine you sissy fluffer... She then pushes me back and she kneels infron of me and starts blowing Eddies big, thick balck cock. I must have done a good job because his cock was standing tall and strong for my wife to enjoy. Erica started blowing Eddie with passion, the way she always was giving me a blowjob. She takes all his cock in her mouth up to the balls and she gags. as she takes it back saliva is running from our black's lover cock, so she orders me to kneel next to her and lick only the running saliva from her mouth and Eddie's cock. She keeps on gagging on his cock and swallowing all the saliva from her dripping mouth. She keeps on sucking and we can both tell that Eddie will be coming soon.. Then my wife startsn blowing him and wanking him faster and faster and then Eddie starts screaming and emptying his balls in my wife's mouth. My wife takes all his cum in her mouth and as soon as Eddie finishes coming, she turns to me and gives me a kiss and empties all his cum in my mouth... I swallow his sweet, salty, erotic cum and kiss me wife and clean her from some cum from her lips and face. Then I clean Eddie's cock from the final traces of his love juices. They both lay on the sofa and my wife orders me to get her some perrier, so I am going to the kitchen. I needed to go to the restroom , so I want to pee and then fix my make up because my lipstik was ruined while blowing Eddie, so I fix it to look sexy and slutty. I then go back to the kitchen get her the perrier and go back in the living room... then i find my wife with open legs and Eddie between them licking and fingering her ass. I serve her the perrier and she ordered me to fluff Eddie so that he is ready to fuck her. I went to my usual position and started fluffing Eddie to make him ready to fuck my wife...yes I was licking a black cock preparing him to fuck my wife... As soon as I made him ready, my wife opened her legs and welcome Eddie in her pussy, without condom. Thank god I know that she takes contraceptives, I do not want to raise a black kid... haha. Eddie keeps on pounding her and my wife orders me to between hen and her lover and lick both of them and every time Eddie is coming out to fuck my mouth. I follow her orders and Eddie is taking his cock of her pussy and puts it straight in my mouth. I lick him and I taste my wife's juices...I have licked her to orgasm so many times that I recognize her pussy aromas from far away... I feel excited now that i taste my wife from a black cock... I keep on licking his cock and her pussy alternate and enjoy every minute of it. My wife is screaming from passion ans I can tell that she is ready to have an orgasm ans I can also tell that Eddie is ready to cum as he keeps on fucking her, my wife cums and her body is shaking on Eddie's cock, while Eddie cannot hold on and starts cumming while being inside my wife's pussy. My wife pulls his torso all the way in her pussy so that he will empty his balls and hot cum in her wet pussy. Eddie screams and starts cumming in my wife's pussy ans I am there kissin her clit and his cock as I feel him cumming in her pussy... He keeps on pounding her and my wife screams from passion and then Eddie withdraws and fucks my mouth... I taste his cum mixed with my wife's pussy juices and I am in heaven. Them my wife stands up and orders me to lay on the couch and she sits on my face.... I start licking her wet pussy ans slowly slowly she starts emptying Eddie's juices in my mouth...I am in fantasy comes true...I am licking black cum from my wife's pussy...As I keep on licking her juices, Eddie opens up my legs, takes off the dildo that I had inside me and enters my ass with a strong stroke. I fell him all then way in my pussy ass and he keeps fucking me while I am swalloing his cum from my wife's pussy and she is french kissing him. I am used like that for I can not recall for how long, having a pussy and ass in my mouth and a cock in my ass...Eddie is pounding me strong and I can tell that he is ready to cum, so I pull hiom all the nway in me and he starts cumming in my pussy ass. My little clit is trapped in the chastity belt and just starts running cum, because while Eddie was fucking me his cock is milking my prostate and I cum without having an orgasm. As soon as he empties his balls in meet he withdraws and leaves my anus open....My wife still sits on my face and starts fingering me taking his cum and feeding me.......Eddie is siting on the couch watching us playing with his cum, wanking his dick...
  19. Caption my wife and tell me what you think
  20. Here are some pics of a Indian hot wife I bred recently the hubby was a useful cu k too made my dick hard every time I came inside her
  21. Guest


    Ameejo just posting a few things and saying hello.We are in teh Wichita Kansas area. Come by and say hello. xoxoxo
  22. My girlfriend got me into IR porn and when she knew I was hooked an so addicted that when I caught her being pounded by a big black cock all I could do was pull my dick out and start stroking it. Best day of my life. She got used hard by 2 bulls last night for the first time after they had there way with my soon to be wife she told them to stick their big dicks in my mouth never sucked a cock before did t really want to until she made me and omg that cock was going n and out of my mouth so fast the first guy came in my mouth my girl was sucking the other dude and he pulled it out of her mouth and shot his load all over my face and made me suck it dry fuck it was so hott