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  1. Cuckold japanese dad here looking for guys to “babysit” my . She can be a bit of a slut and also found nudes on her phone. So looking for reliable, misogynistic and douchey guys, and pervs. Message me if interested. MUST be able to voice call
  2. I am now in London but will touring to New York City in March... Where are all the cuckolds?
  3. A typical scenario I often do is that tie up my cuck in the corner and make him watch me having nasty sex! I love multi-tasking in wild sex with 1 or more bulls. If with 1 bull, I love the position which we lie on side. He can pound me hard continuously while we stick out our tongue kissing and he is busy rubbing my big breasts! Some of the readers including me get immediately hard or wet when reading this! If with 5 bulls, I love the horny loop! I lie down on a bull’s body , savoring/slurping the 1 giant cock in my mouth while 1 big cock in each hand, 1 cock in pussy, 1 cock in ass. that’s a 5 bull closed loop! 2nd scenario I am fond of is I and my cuckold run out of money so we need a free lift while we travel to a vacation resort. The 2 drivers of the minibus want me to pay for the lift with my stunning body after we get on the the minibus. I don’t agree so they use a trick. They drug my cuck, tie me up, then take turns to bang me in the wild! 3rd scenario is a subordinate was fired by my cuck so he wants to make revenge on his blind wife-me. He sneaked in while my cuck is away. He saw me in the shower, began to grope me, rubbing my ass, grabbing my big tits. I am helpless as I'm blind. I was trying to figure out where he is, I felt my pussy lips was sucked hard suddenly.
  4. interesting, on CNN https://www.cnn.com/2018/01/25/health/cuckolding-sex-kerner/index.html
  5. I am back in Manhattan, New York. Apply to be my cuckold. I love to play with my sub and cuckold him. It is the best to go bull hunting with me. apply to be my cuckold in NYC
  6. Are there any women on this site who are actually cuckolding their husbands, and are doing it because it was their fantasy and something they enjoy, not because their husband requested it? And if there are no women who are really cuckolding their husbands, are there any who fantasize about it and would do it if they thought they could and their husband would accept it? I ask because of the seemingly accepted socio-sexual position that is constantly being perpetrated by both males and females concerning feminine sexuality which portrays a woman as being unable to cheat or enjoy adulterous affairs without there being some underlying emotional reason for it (i.e. she is being ignored by her husband, ect.). Personally, I believe women, including married women, have more power over their sexuality than fall into any one singular mold. What is the female view of the subject?
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