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  1. We like to watch guys video themselves getting off looking at our pics & videos...anyone interested? We are in our late 50's in Indiana. She loves getting a guy off in front of me & I love to watch, help & clean up.
  2. Hi there Leicester male, with some experience with cuckold couples have had several meetings also some experience as being a bull can meet anywhere in the midlands message me if your interested in a meeting with me
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtPpEcnfxx Can do more than standard nude fakes...
  4. I want to see my wife get gangbanged hard... forced and humiliated... also please feel free to masturbate and jerk off to my wifes pics. Comment whatever you want as long as u guys enjoy it.... if u want me to post more pls comment... nasty comments on her are always welcome...
  5. I had been hanging out helping a mate with his old classic car. Then stopped later for a drink and a catch up. They're were sitting on the couch, and I was sitting in a chair almost directly across from them, and we were watching a comedy special. We were all a little drunk , and they had began to make out. I was trying to act like I didn't notice, and just pretend to watch the show, but it was turning me on. She was so sexy, Skinny waist, and big tits with a pear shaped ass. I watched as he slid his hand down the front of her pants. I could see his hand moving under her jeans, rubbing her clit while her licked her neck. She was starting to moan quietly, and I knew I should probably go. I started to stand up, and my friend motioned for me to sit back down. So I did, then sat back and watched as he lifted her shirt up. Her breasts were perfect, they were big natural tits, and she had very puffy, and very pink nipples. He then unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down to her ankles. She whispered something to him, and I thought "Damn it! Show's over!" But then my friend looks up at me and say's "She wants you to lick her pussy, while she sucks my dick". I didn't know what to say, He stood up, pulled out his dick. It was still soft when she wrapped her hand around it, and brought it to her lips. As she filled her mouth with his cock, I got down at the back of her on my knees. She spread her legs as I began kissing her inner thigh, starting at the back of her legs, going all the way up to her inner thigh, where I was sucking gently, and slowly, licking my way to her pussy. Her cunt was shaved, and she had a nice plump clit. Her pussy smelled so sweet as sucked her fat clit into my mouth. Her clit was the biggest I had seen before, the more I sucked it, the bigger it got. I'd start to run my tongue down her pussy, and she'd grab my hair and push my face back down on that clit. She was really making a mess out of my friends dick. Slurping it, Spitting on it, shoving it so far into her throat it gagged her. She kept one hand on top of my head, not letting me move from her clit, as if I would want to. As I swirl my tongue around her little stump of a clit, she's grinding her pussy into my face. She still has his dick in her mouth, slowly trying to suck as she moans loudly, about to climax. "FUUUCCCK" she yells, and pulls my head back by off of her cunt just as a huge spray gushes out of her pussy and soaks my entire face and chest. "Uhh Huhhh" she moans, as another gush of sweet hot pussy juice sprays towards my face, this time I stick my tongue out and let her cum in my mouth. My friend says "Hurry up, and put your dick in her". I stood up, and pulled my dick out, she say's in a whimpery voice, "please fuck my pussy as good as you sucked my clit". My dick was hard as fuck as I rubbed my whole dick and balls all over her dripping wet pussy. I slid it in hard and fast. Slamming deep into her tight young pussy. She started to moan, and then said to my friend "Do you like watching you friends fuck me baby"? "I love it" he said, as he stood there, propped up on the couch stroking his dick, watching me fuck his beautiful wife. Her big tits bounced as I pounded in and out of her cunt. Her pussy was so tight, it felt so good. I had reached down and pinched that fat clit between my knuckles, just kinda stroking it as I pumped her. After a while of my thick cock, invading her sweet tight pussy, she starred up at her boyfriend and said "Ohh baby, I want you to cum on my face your friend to fill me with his spin both at the same time. "Okay baby, we will" he told her. And with hearing that, I started really fucking her pussy, ramming my cock deep inside her. Every thrust bringing me closer to cumming, as she's now starring right at me, her begging eyes, looking in amazement as my next thrust sends her into another orgasm, her cunt splashing my thighs, pouring pussy juices, the hot juice felt so good on my balls, couldn't stand it anymore, so I plunged in one last time my cock throbbed as I released what seemed like gallons of spun in her, Her boyfriend starring at me as my first shot sends a thick stream of my baby maker fluid in to her her whole face smiling at him. He moans as he see's it, and starts to cum as well. Hid dick, inches from her face, spewing hot cum all over her, she sticks her tongue out, trying to catch all of his juices. Her whole face is dripping as he rubbed his cock all over her cum covered head. Gently tapping her head with his dick as I make sure every last bit of my cum is deposited deep in her cunt.......... We now have fun 4-5 times a year I hoped you liked it !!! If you did please comment.
  6. My wife was very inexperience at sex when we got married, had only had sex with one other guy. I had @@@@@@@ her to sexual toys, adult videos, going out in public without her panties on, having sex in public places, and taking nude photos of her. We were watching an adult video with two guys making love to one woman, and she told me that the thought of me and another guy making love to her, turned her on. To make a long story short, we agreed to do it. We messaged a few guys on craigslist, and she finally narrow it down to a guy name Martin on here hes called leicesterbull75, she agreed to meet him at a local bar, and if she felt comfortable with him she would then bring him home. They met at the bar and then she called me to tell me she was bringing him home. When they got back to the house, she brought out her nude photo album for Martin to look at, and told us she would be right back, she needed to get herself ready for us. About 20 minutes later she came out with a robe on, I could see she was very nervous, so I went over to her and kiss her as I removed her robe. She had on red garter belts, stockings, crotch less panties, and a bra that @@@@@@@ her nipples. She is a BBW lady with short red hair, blue eyes, trimmed pussy, She then told us to remove our clothes, after that she took both of us guys into the bedroom, and had Martin lay on the bed, and had me sit on the chair. She join Martin on the bed and proceeded to make out with him,, she was so full of passion as they kissed and had their hands all over each other body. She then started sucking his cock going all the way down on it & licking his balls and I could see was out of control with desire, because she swallowed his cum when he came in her mouth, she had never done that with me, she always spit it out. It was so erotic to watch my wife as she sucked another man cock, and finally see her willing to swallow cum. At that point Martin then started to eat her pussy, he had her so excited, he was eating her pussy and rubbing her stomach, she was moaning with such pleasure. I could see she was having orgasms, she finally told me that she wanted me to join them, she had me lay down and put my cock in her pussy, and told me to fuck her hard and deep, and told Martin to stick his cock in her ass. It was exciting to look at the passion on her face as me and Martin fucked her at the same time. She was soaking wet, I had never seen her so horny and turned on as me and Martin fucked her at the same time. Martin was slapping her ass as he fucked her ass with his cock, and she was yelling that she wanted us to fuck her hard and deep, and he told her she was the best fuck he had ever had. She kept having numerous orgasms & just looking at her face seeing the sexual desire she had was awesome. The sexual lust she had, and the ability to be so free with her body as both of us guys fucked her, no rules, just sex, giving pleasure and getting pleasure. Finally he came first and shot his load in her ass, and he sat on the chair as we continue fucking for a few more minutes, I pulled out and blasted my cum all over her belly. At that point Martin joined us again and as we lay on each side of her, we both started sucking her tits at the same time, she has tiny tits but her nipples are large and sensitive. Me & Martin had our hands all over her body, and took turns finger banging her pussy, seeing my wife so excited turned me on. Seeing her being so free with her body, giving pleasure and getting pleasure, was so sexy & hot. At that point we all decided to take a shower together. In the shower she wrap her legs around Martin's back and he fucked her in the shower, watching her pussy take his cock and seeing his cum drip out of her pussy was a turn on for both of us, it was so surreal to watch my sexy wife take another man cock in her pussy after being married for so long. After the shower she said she wanted to go to sleep with Martin's cock inside her pussy. I watched as he slid his cock in her, it was hard to believe that my innocent little wife could be so horny and wild. I then joined them in bed & she kissed me and told me she was very grateful that I was willing to let her fantasy happen. We finally all ended up going to sleep together. It's weird because if I had found out she was cheating on me I would be pissed, but being there with her and seeing another guy fuck her was a big turn on for her and for myself. To watch my innocent little wife act like a porno star, and watch how much pleasure she was receiving by having another man's cock and his cum in her pussy was so erotic. I feel pride seeing her be so horny and out of control, I would never want her to cheat on me, but being able to fuck her with another guy is a great source of pride. We tried a threesome with another woman but my wife was not into it, but with me and another guy she is a wild woman. I would defiantly request Martin’s services again. He’s a really genuinely nice guy
  7. From the album: Cum...

    Cucky after the got his ass fucked by my bull...
  8. Just got this sent to me and thought some of my more daring cucks might want to try. Personally think this is a great idea for cuck wannabees to get the fun started. So, all, what do you think? Cookbook author, Fotie Photenhauer, has released two cum cookbooks within the past couple of years, Natural Harvest and Semenology. According to Photenhauer, semen has amazing texture and cooking properties, plus it’s good for you. He compares the taste of semen to fine wine and cheese and characterizes its taste as both complex and dynamic. He also notes that because semen is inexpensive to produce and available in many, if not all, homes, everyone should be cooking with it. Photenhauer hopes that people will overcome their initial hesitation and explore the world of semen cooking. He claims that semen is an exciting ingredient that can make an ordinary dish more exciting. Here are a few recipes from Photenhauer’s cookbooks. We do not recommend making any of these. Macho Mojito Photo courtesy of cookingwithcum.com To make this mojito, you must whisk the powdered sugar and semen together, and then spoon it on top of the drink. Why, oh why? Watch Photenhauer make a macho mojito. Creamy… Almost White Russian Photo courtesy of hercampus.com I’m very, very happy the “Dude” in The Big Lebowski did not drink an almost white Russian. That would have 100% ruined the entire movie. But I’d pay good money to see that happen… Smoothie Photo courtesy of Natural Harvest Cookbook Forget kale smoothies and spinach smoothies – this is a whole different kind of green smoothie. But if you’re not a fan of green smoothies, Photenhauer notes that you can always use peaches or strawberries instead. Regardless, they’ll all still have that extra protein boost from that liquid white cream. #healthy Creamy Cum Crepes Photo courtesy of Natural Harvest Cookbook Cottage cheese is gross enough. But cottage cheese and semen? Vom city. Cum Creme Caramel Photo courtesy of twitter.com A creme brulee-esque dessert… with cum. Nom nom nom. Galliano Cum Shot Photo courtesy of cookingwithcum.com If you thought taking shots was hard, try taking shots of semen. Yuck. But I guess the saltiness of the semen is supposed to reduced the harshness of the hard liquor flavor. Maybe? I don’t wanna find out. BBQ Sauce Photo courtesy of twitter.com Is your BBQ sauce too sweet? Photenhauer has you covered with this special sauce – a little salty but just as tasty. Has this sauce been missing from your family barbecues all these years? Probably not. Man Made Oysters Photo courtesy of Natural Harvest Cookbook This recipe uses oyster shells as spoons to eat semen. But hey, it’s served with lemon and pepper, so it can’t thaaat bad. Aphrodisiacs on aphrodisiacs, amirite? Lime Aoili Photo courtesy of Natural Harvest Cookbook Photenhauer warns semen cookers to not rush this recipe because “it takes a lot of wrist action.” I know he’s talking about whisking the egg, but we can’t help but think he means something else. Want to intensify this sauce’s appeal? Add more semen, duh.
  9. have always wanted to watch my wife with another man. Her sexy 34D and reddish brown hair on her 120 lb frame are amazing to watch move in the bedroom. I have fantasized about being able to watch her with someone else form different viewpoint over and over, and finally I was given the chance with contact I found called Martin. We befriend martin a few weeks earlier we were both out at a show. I could tell he had a thing for my wife Katie. That night Katie decided to wear a little dress I had bought her a while back. It was a simple blue cotton dress but it hugged right underneath her large tits. We decided to go out for a night movies and food, after which we came back to our apartment to watch the big fight on tv. All of us were a bit more relaxed As we all are flirtatious and me and the wife continue to drink I suggest to my wife that she give Martin a little tease. I turn on some music and tell her to dance for us. Martin and I sit on my couch and watch my wife dance on the coffee table. Both of us are getting turned on watching Katie dance, and occasionally seeing flashes of her ass and black thong. After a few minutes she stops, and I think she is going to stop. Just then she lifts up her skirt and pulls down her thong. We get a brief look at her freshly shaven pussy. We cheer and she continues to dance. Only now we are getting glances at her pussy when her dress bounces up. I then tell Katie that Martin looks uncomfortable as I can see his rock hard cock making a bulge in his pants. Martin quickly puts his hands over his crotch embarrassed. Katie looks at me with a question in her eyes, and sees the answer almost immediately in mine. She jumps down and pushes the table out of her way. She drops to her knees and begins to play with Martin s crotch. After a minute she pulls his pants down and reveals his hard dick. She looks at me one more time, and then puts his cock in her mouth. Starting off slowly she begins to suck him up and down. I lift up her dress above her waist revealing in full glory her ass. I can see Martin loving what he sees and feels. Watching my wife suck another man was so thrilling. I couldnt contain myself anymore and climb down on the floor. I begin to lick her ass and kick her tight pussy. It is dripping with anticipation. She would never ask to get fucked, as she is not that kind of girl, but I knew what she wanted. "Martin , please fuck my wife" he looked kind of shocked but agreed Katie looks at me and can't believe what she hears. She stands up, lifts off her dress revealing her big tits barely contained by a sexy push up bra. She lays down on the couch with a leg on each side of Martin . He leans over and starts to eat her out. I make out with her while he does this, and I can taste his cock on her breath. I tap him on the shoulder and gesture for him to slide up and fuck her. He slides his cock inside of my wife. I couldnt believe it. I have never seen her kiss another man, let alone get fucked by one. He continued to thrust into my wife as I pulled my cock out and put it in her face. She was sucking it while getting fucked. Her moans were more like little hums all around my cock and it felt fantastic as I watched her tits bounce back and fourth as Martin continued to fuck my wife. Suddenly, Martin stops. Askes that she roll over Doggy Style . At this time I climb underneath her so she can continue to suck me off while I watch her getting fucked. Again, I command to Martin , "Fuck my wife!" He begins to pound her little tight pussy from behind as she gets a mouthful of my cock. Her eyes water half with ecstasy and half with pain as his cock slams into her. A few minutes go by and Martin alerts me that he is going to cum. "Martin ! CUM IN MY WIFE" again he looked shocked but again agreed I could tell my wife was unsure about it, but I hold her head deep on my cock so she doesn’t get a chance to protest. He slaps her ass, and pushes in deep, as he starts to moan and I can tell he is cumming in my wifes little pussy. Her mouth tightens on my cock as she feels his cum shoot all over her insides. He slowly pulls out and I see the cum on her lips. She stops sucking me and, lets us know that Martin was amazing . She asks for me to sixty-nine and for me to get her off with my tounge. I agree knowing that Martin's cum is still inside her. She quickly flips around and straddles my face. She begins to smash her pussy on my face while sucking me off. Martin gets up and I can see him come around to finger her asshole as I eat her out full of his cum. After a few minutes she tells me she is going to cum. His cum has started to drip out and I can taste it in her freshly fucked pussy. I begin to cum her mouth as I feel her pussy tighten on my tounge. She begins to twitch as she squirts all over my face. I know have a mixture of his cum, her pussy juices, and sweat from the two of them all over my face. Martin slaps her ass again, shaking more juices onto my face. "Thanks guys" he says. With that, he put on his clothes and went and laid down in the spare bedroom. Katie and I laid there for about an hour just basking in our post sex glory. We both agreed it was the best sex we have ever had
  10. When me and the ex-wife finally split up we still shared the house together for a while.She started staying out later and later more often and I suspected she was fucking somebody else. I'd regularly check the laundry basket and sometimes find her knickers buried deep down instead of on top as if she was trying to hide them. I never actually found out if she was enjoying someone elses cock back then but check out the pictures, judge for yourselves and let me know please. I did and still do get turned on at the thought of walking in on her lay on her back in the marital bed, legs wrapped round someone else who's balls deep in her.
  11. He was one her favorite lovers. His cock was 9 inches and he would pound her pussy raw. I didn't always clean up, usually I just watched and took pictures or a video, but that day was different. I got real horny watching him fuck my wife, then when he finished and rolled off, my wife motioned for me to clean up the cream pie he filled her up with. So like a dutiful cuckolded husband I obeyed my wife, and sucked out every last drop of their love juices mixed together. -->-->-->-->--> Please Hit Like Button To The Right, And Please Leave A Comment -->-->-->-->-->--> ========= It will improve my community reputation rating ==========
  12. Me, My gf and my best friend were camping by the lake. It was warm summer night, we found a nice spot between the lake and forest. We have just bought new tents and we put them up. We started grilling, we have just bought one time grill and lots of meat, salads and lot of drinks. There was a tire in the water so we decided to put the drinks into the tire so they could cool a bit. It was late night, around 10PM and it was getting dark, the sun was gone and we decided to go get some sticks so we could set the fire on. We went deeper into the forest and found some sticks and came back and set up the fire. We all got really warm from alcohol and the fire, so we decided to take ourself more nude.. Me and my best friend were wearing boxers and my gf wore bikini, sweet sexy pink bikini. We decided to go swimming, the water was really warm and we swam a bit. We came out the water and decided to drink a bit more, the fire was about to die so they ( my gf and best friend ) decided to go to get some more sticks. I decided to stay at the camping spot, because I was really drunk and didn't want to go into the forest. They were gone a bit time, so I got worried and I went to look for them, I saw a light a bit more far away, when I got near, I saw My Gf on her knees sucking my bestfriends cock, I was mad but same time I felt so fucking turned on, I decided to let them do whatever they were doing and went back to camping spot. It took about 10 minutes before they came with sticks and act like nothing happened. We laughed, made jokes and drunk some more, before I offered to play truth or dare. We started playing, first was my gf, I told her to kiss my bestfriend.. They kissed so passionately and he grabbed her ass hard, we played a little before I offered that maybe we should have a threesome, My gf and bestfriend agreed.. We went to his tent and they started kissing, while I slowly took my girlfriends bikinis off, her top was already naked.. He grabbed her breast hard and I started licking and fingering her pussy, she was already so wet.. When I stopped, I went next to her and wanted to kiss her but she kept kissing him as he got on top of her, I took his boxers down and took his cock into my hand jerked it hard before he entered into my gf.. I was laying next to them, jerking my cock and watching my bestfriend fuck my gf hard as she moans loudly. After some time I asked " May I fuck my gf too? " and my bro was like " Oh yeah, sorry " We switched and I started fucking her as she was jerking & kissing him.. After some time we made her go into doggy as her legs were outside but hands inside the tent and she sucked my cock while my bestfriend fucks her from behind. As we switched I went behind her and licked her pussy before I entered into her. Her pussy was so fucking creamy and wet. She came off my cock as my bestfriend lyed down and she went on top of him and started riding him. I lyed next to them again and jerked my cock.. She rode him til he came inside her.. Before that, I had already came into my hand. As I went outside to wash my hand in the lake, she came off him.. went to doggy again and started sucking his cock.. I watched her pussy from behind, Wet/Creamy/Cum dripping.. I couldn't control myself.. I went behind her and licked her pussy.. After that we were all naked, drunk some more and I decided to go to sleep, they said they will be up a bit more. When I woke up, I found myself sleeping naked.. I opened my bestfriends tent and they were sleeping on the blanket naked.. When they woke up, we promised eachother that we will never talk about it again. I bought my gf a S.O.S pill so she didn't get pregnant. I paid the whole trip.. Taxi, Food, Drinks, even tents.. And how my friend paid me.. By fucking my gf.. Oh one thing more guys, the whole time, we pulled my gfs hair, smacked her ass and called her slut, whore, hoe and skank.. She enjoyed it and it made her only more wet cuz she likes it rough.. // It's not a fantasy & it happened this summer. Hope you enjoyed reading it! Waiting for feedback too and u can always PM me!
  13. From the album: Just me

    © Leicesterbull75

  14. From the album: Just me

    © Leicesterbull75

  15. From the album: Just me

    © Leicesterbull75

  16. From the album: Just me

    © Leicesterbull75

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