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Found 14 results

  1. Hi my name is TJ and I have been openly looking for a bull. My husband works out of town very often and would love to have someone fairly close by to be his fill in sexually. I have had other lovers but want something more stable and long term. So that is my back story. A couple weeks ago I received a text from a guy that I went to high school with. We had hung out a lot in high school but never anything romantic. I do remember thinking he was attractive but other than that not much interest. I was very shocked to hear from him. We havent talked since our 10 year reunion and he lives across country. It was so out of the blue that his number wasnt even in my phone. I just got a message saying that he had moved into town and would love to get together to catch up. Come to find out he knew I lived in Texas and got my number from one of my really good friends. It was really fun catching up and texting him. I started to remember how funny and witty he was. We chatted for a couple hours that first night. The normal catching up, high school gossip, and life situation. It was great and got me really excited to have someone from home so close. After all of the texting we said our good nights. Well my husband walked into our room and saw me beaming with happiness. He asked why I was so giddy. I told him about my friend and he got a huge smile. I was confused and asked why was he smiling so big. He just looked at me and said I think you may have found your friend for when Im gone. He then turned and walked out.
  2. Hi. I am interested in emailing guys who want to hear about the sexual exploits of my wife. This will be via email only. If you want to hear about my wife’s sexual exploits, message me with your name, age, location and email id. Regards. NOTE: I do not share pix of her. Only stories via email.
  3. My fantasy is to find a cuck who would love me threw my sluttish ways i do believe he exists somewhere in London i hope he finds me cock in hand
  4. I'm 42, single guy I'm 6' athletic build genuine friendly laid back guy who's not a time waster. Unlike most I would rather chat and get to know you more, rather than just wham, bamm, thank you ma'am. I don't try to be someone I'm not what you see is what you get, I'll treat you as you treat me. I have had the pleasure of being a bull and a third person in a few relationships. Now Looking for new local single women and couples to experience new things with also to make some friends along the way maybe. Anything you'd like to know just ask, not scared off easily so just ask away. Martin x I work in Warwickshire Birmingham and Leicester and live just outside of Derby so could meet up wherever. I do drive and have a few other cuckold and hot wife couples I meet but would like to find some new friends
  5. Hello, I’m a new 1st time cuckold, been wanting my wife to do it for years. I wasn’t blessed in that area and cum really fast. She went out with her lover for the first time Saturday around 530 pm and texted me around 1230 that night saying she would be out all night but will be home first thing in the am. I was so turned I almost came just reading the text. I love being humiliated. i already cook, and clean, What are some other things I can do to show my loyalty to my wife? I shaved Red my cockiness and balls bald, is this a loyalty thing as well?
  6. how does a single man get started in the cuckold lifestyle without an initial partner?
  7. Cuckold man in Bucharest seeking mature BBW cuckoldress for long term relationship.
  8. Im a black bull in town for a few days. If there is anyone who wants to meet up I'll gladly do so.
  9. Null. Well, I tried. No sense in stopping back, no responses, not worth the effort.
  10. I am 44 years old, I'm not skinny, short, without children. I live in Russia. I am looking for a man who likes my sex with other men. I looking for the reliable, decent man. I'm just starting to learn English, I use an online translator. I hope this does not prevent our communion. Waiting for a story about you and a photo to the address [email protected]
  11. I am from Cameroon I am 24 yrs old, I am seeking a real relationship I am single, no kids I wish to relocate feel free to mail me at [email protected] serious only
  12. Very active, athletic couple looking for a friend for her. She loves to laugh and enjoy life. Not looking for a one night stand, looking for LTR. She loves the rugged out door type. Summary Good: humor, outdoor activities, big smiles and chemistry Bad: Penis pictures, one night stands, bald, non responsive, bad breath, tattoos, smoking, too far, which means LA. Need to be local (20 miles) from Dana Point California, 92672 We've been married for 15+ years, and she hasn't dated in the last couple, she is just starting to look again. She's looking for a NSA fun escape from the day to day life. She's looking to recharge her batteries with a bf not a one night stand. I'd like to see her swept off her feet from time to time. She's a very very happy and funny person who just loves to laugh and enjoy life. Not the typical or average person. So don't expect indoor activities only. Please be active. You need to LOVE the outdoors and have a GREAT sense of humor. Chemistry is number one. She's not into penis pictures or invites to come over and have sex tonight. She's into big smiles and laughter. As far as age goes, she generally goes out with younger men because they are more active, but its not a requirement,. You don't have to have a perfect body, but round, while it is a shape, is not a shape she's interested in ...haha. Her husband is not the jealous type and loves how she lights up when she has a bf on the side to get her out and recharge her batteries. She initiates a lot of fun when she's ready so no need to push the sex thing on day one ...again its all about chemistry. Also this is an escape for her not a necessity so she's not going to chase after you. She enjoys the attention so return emails and texts and be pro - active in contacting. She loves getting texts and emails from the one she likes. She hates non - responsive people. You'll know up front if there's chemistry and no need to waste time if there's not. Her husband vets people here so as not to waste time. I know what she likes and doesn't like. We are discreet and expect the same We have done mfm, fmf, and mfmf, but for the most part this is about her playing alone. Her husband does not date on the outside, so be clean disease free and don't have bad breath. She's only 5'2,108lbs so no need to brag about penis size, it's not a requirement and in some cases an issue if it's too big. She loves blue eyes but not a requirement So to recap ... humor, outdoor activities, big smiles and chemistry is good ...,penis pictures, one night stands, bald, non responsive, bad breath is bad PS: She is very discreet and will send pics once she has talked to the person
  13. Hi I am now here, I am out wishing to meet REAL couples, single, cougar mum who will take me... I am out for long term relationship Free for all.. [email protected] Serious only... Single ladies , you wish to have a Bull bf, I am out a free heart for who will love to take me as Bf, as Son and as Bull servant
  14. I had never hear of cuckolding until one day an older man, late 50s approached me after knowing what I was into. He didn't say much about what it was or infact much atal about it. This left my mind wondering. Really wondering. Surly there cant be such thing? So what iv been doing isn't just some fucked up 'man hating' mission. I started reading into it and even brought a few books on theories ect. I spent the next 6 months, obsessing over it. Trying to explain to my other friends, they just thought I was nuts and I was always known as the one in our friend group who always loved black guys. The one who always loved the 'Bad boy'. I remember every time I got a boyfriend I would make up another story about what he does, where he comes frm ect. No parents in the right minds would have been happy to know the man I was so called 'dating' ... meaning just fucking and knowing he also had other girls but if I managed to get him to spend most of his time with me, I was number one. well in my head. I was fine with that. I wouldn't fall in love with these men, I would become addicted. Trying to leave time after time but without the replacement of another, I was never successful. I would become very obedient. However, iv had 'nice' boyfriends, and well. Iv run the first sign of a valentines card before. The first sign of an xmas present. One guy brought me a ring for Christmas, I don't really no why, not a engagement ring or anything, just a normal ring... well it freaked me out so much, I got pissed and gave it too some random girl on a night out, I got my mum to dump him and change my number. I was still at school then. She kept saying to me, whats wrong with you. Steve is a really nice guy, you can tell he really likes you. No. Steve is a loser. I don't like losers. This then allowed me to go back to an ex, from London, I was living in the countryside then just on the outskirts. Nice posh area. He was from hackney. Had another girl in my area who he was fucking with and well it became some war that lasted along time between us all. Once before I knew they was 'Fucking' well apparently they hadn't started then. She was out with us and we was in a park pissing about. I took him behind a hill and fucked him there while she was waiting with his mate. I had never met this girl before but well, I knew something was going on, I wasn't fooled. After him spunking inside me, I pulled up my knickers and leggings and well felt satisfied, like ha. This was still while I was at school. I usually went for older guys. Loosing my virginity to a seriously too well hung guy. I really dunno what I was thinking and believe u me, it was not a pleasant experience, in any way what so ever. I cried the whole way through as his HUGE black cock stretched my inside, thankfully, it didn't last long, not surprised. Im still to this day tight down there so god knows. Anyways after, I had never seen anything like it in my life. My whole bits had swollen, like seriously swollen, I looked like I had an allergic reaction. Sorry I got a bit sidetracked. So after reading through about cuckolding I thought great. Im not the only woman that likes this. I went on the hunt for a cuck, and within a month I found one. His communication was constant, from the start I had to wrap my reigns around him because he wouldn't shut the fuck up. I told him for when I arrive make sure you have a nice bottle of wine and a gift for me. The wine he brought was far from cheap as I sipped it in his plush apartment. The gift, some chocolate, disappointment. But anyways. After the let down on the chocolate, I went to the bedroom to get changed. He came in shortly after, I gave him the pleasure of licking my freshly fucked pussy as I told him about all the details, every single one. I was so surprised that he was enjoying it, I started to really push the boundaries with this man and soon after he got to meet two of my bulls. lick their fresh spunk out of my insides and see them pound me in ways he couldn't. I would suck their cocks and spit the dribble into his mouth as I held him by the throat. He loved this...