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Found 6 results

  1. Hot, sunny day and crystal clear sea infront of a beautiful sandy beach. A perfect, relaxing vacation for me and my mum. We were lying on the beach, just resting. Mom was almost asleep, and I was a bit bored, playing with my phone. I scrolled some messages, and came to a conversation with my best friend. I smiled as I read how he was trying to convince me few days ago that ''my sexy mum surely isn't alone, and that she has to date someone'' and even nastier, that ''she isn't telling me ofcourse, but surely some guy is plowing her twat every day, she's too hot to be left alone like this, it would be a shame..'' I looked to my left and I kinda understood why my friends are so crazy about her. She really is still a babe, that can easily compete with girls half her age. Her fit figure and almost flat belly, with just little extra fat here or there doesn't reveal her 38 years of age in any way. I kept analyzing her like a woman for the first time, her legs and butt was just as fit too, with little cellulite here or there, that she got after she gave birth to me, her breasts are still looking good, they just have few stretchmarks from containing milk and breastfeeding ofcourse - and those things are just the ones that make moms even sexier for some. I started to feel almost proud, that I have such a good looking mom. It crossed my mind how my friends would kill for being here with us now, to have my mum on display like that. Should I take a photo and send it to them ?... Nah, no way ! My teenage dreaming was interrupted by my mom's moan: ''Uhh..Mm, honey ?'' ''Yeah, mom..'' ''Oh, you're here.. God, I almost fell asleep here already. Could you please put some sun cream on my back for me?'' ''Sure.'' I took cream, and leaned over her. I rubbed all her back slowly with that moisty sun cream on my hands, and started to wonder again.. How many men that I know, would like to touch her, caress her like that (okay, and ofcourse much more). Not just my friends, but other, older guys, too ofcourse. I heard so many comments on her, more than i can count, so surely, a lot of them. And a lot of them tried, too, but noone succeeded. My mom is single, and she didn't wanted to let anyone near. I thought about my friend's words, that it would be a shame for a woman like that to live without having fun.. Well, I had to admit, that he was right.. Surely, she has her needs too. When we talk about that, she always says she isn't ready for a relationship yet, and that's all. I know that she's worried about what would I think about her, if she would go out with guys also. But wait.. Why she couldn't just have some fun.. Like a teen, maybe something without string attached. She's single and hot, I'm not an obstacle.. Why not ? Could I handle looking at her with a man, though ? It's one thing in my mind, but another in reality.. I mean, we were living alone since ever, and we're more like friends than a mom and son, we trust each other, and can discuss everything... I know every inch of her lovely body, also, her smell, those little details about what she likes or hates.. Those things are only known to me. That made me feel privileged, despite I'm her son - I'm still the only man alive, despite how many tried, that saw this sexy woman naked and touched her skin in the last 17 years ! These thoughts almost made me burst in laugh actually, but I was getting amused by my thinking also. Well, what else could you expect from an 18 year-old teen. Is it right, man... I shouldn't be thinking like this ! .. But, still... could I handle that suddenly someone else would get to see and touch her, too, in reality ? Could I ? ''Mum.. I'm done. '' ''Thanks, sweetheart !'' I smiled, looking at her and said ''Uh, look at you...'' ''What ?'' ''You're such a beautiful girl, mum. I noticed some guys checking you out, and as soon as I looked towards them, they all stopped looking instantly. They probably think i'm your boyfriend, not your son !'' We both burst in laugh, and mum gladly accepted my compliment ''Ah, honey, you're too sweet ! I don't think they were checking an old lady out, they probably looked at that girl there'', she meant a girl, 25-27 years old, that was suntanning topless few meters away. ''Oh come on mum ! Now, look at her.. She's atleast 10 years younger than you and probably didn't breastfeeded yet.. And you still have better looking breasts than her.'' She gave me that sexy look, like only an experienced woman can, when she's trying to be a lady and make you feel like you're talking is not appropriate, rude, ''Oh, my.. ! '' ''Ha ha, you asked for it !.. And by the way, I think beach is empty enough for you to suntann topless as well, you mentioned you'd liked to.'' Mum enjoyed suntanning topless, but not in a crowded area ofcourse. Though, I really wasn't dirty minded, I just remembered she likes to do it. ''Nah, I rather won't. If they were really checking me out, you'll be ashamed of your ''girlfriend'', when they see my breasts, all affected by gravity, then they'll surely rather start looking at that girl there.'' We were used to laugh while having those flirty conversations, but it always ended like this, and now it wasn't any different. I rolled my eyes and went to get us some drinks. When I returned, I found mum topless finally. I sat down next to her, gave her drinks, she thanked me, and we were quiet, just enjoying ourselves. ''Uhm.. Do you really mean what you said before?'', asked mum. ''What ? '' ''You know, do I really look better than that girl there.'' ''Yes, ofcourse ! You do look way better, I mean, just look at yourself. Even my friends check you out !'' She rolled her eyes as she wasn't comfortable with that, but she was very glad and proud, I noticed, and she finally believed my compliments. ''It's really a shame for a woman like you, to be alone.'', I seized my chance, ''Why couldn't you have some fun with guys ? I mean, you wouldn't need to get involved too much, just for fun. You're single, good looking, and I'm just okay with it !'' ''Come on, you'd be bothered by it for sure.. Just imagine looking at me, being wrapped around a man who just has fun with me, he wouldn't be your stepfather.. You'd be disgusted !'' Actually, this thought did just the opposite, it suddenly made me horny when I tried to imagine that. ''No way mum, I'm really okay with it. Trust me !'' She gave me a questionable look, but accepted it after some more convincing, and said she promise she'll be more open for guys from now on. I'm aware that she has to have some needs also, everyone has them.. She has such a flirty personality, good looks, and all and I was sure, that if she'll keep her promise, it won't be long until I won't be the only guy to see her naked anymore. I couldn't be more right. We always went on vacations to the same place, a nice, cozy apartment not far away from beach. In this time we got familiar with the owner, around 50 years old man, who lived alone after his wife died in the building next to this apartment. The man was always cheerful and very nice, so we were both comfortable around him. He often took us for a ride with his boat either. That day, we went from the beach at evening, and he just arrived with his boat. He invited us for a drink, and there, he asked if we'd like to join him tomorrow. He planned a trip by the coasts nearby. Me and mum got up early in the morning, made some coffee, and soon Carl, the owner, showed up. ''Hey guys, you ready ?'' ''Ofcourse, let's do it!'' We went to the boat, and sailed off. We really enjoyed ourselves, laughed a lot. The man was experienced, and had a lot to tell about his life, so it was interesting to listen to his stories. That's where I got an idea.. Probably he knows how to ''take care'' of a woman.. Could he ''start my mum up'' again ? We anchored near a beach, and swimmed to a beach bar there, to take a short break. After some time, my mum stood up and went to the toilets. She was sitting next to me, and went back, and I noticed Carl starring at her butt as she went. I took advantage of it, and smiled, '' What are you looking at ?'' ''Oh... I'm so sorry,'' he was embarrased, and started smiling, ''.. But you can't blame me, your mum probably can make anyone go crazy. You must watch out for her, she's really a good woman. You're very lucky.'' '' No need to say sorry, I understand you completely, and I really don't mind.'' I told him about our conversation yesterday, and explained everything about our relationship, how we can trust each other everything and so on. ''.. So, I won't mind even if you try to have some fun with her.. Really, I know you like her, and I'm sure you're a decent man, so.. Well, be my guest !'' ''What, really ?! I appreciate this so much, but I don't know.. I'd really feel uncomfortable I think, it just isn't fair for you..'' ''Don't worry about it.'' Mum returned and we sailed on. We went to a beautiful beach in a secluded place, we were alone there. We were lying on the beach, suntanning again, and Carl went swimming after some time. ''Well, here's the perfect place if you want to suntann topless or something..'', I started innocently. ''Come on, are you nuts ? I can't infront of him, I already let him go too far !''. He was trying to flirt with her before, but not infront of me, though he grabs every chance to sit very near to her and to touch her. ''Why are you so shy ? Mum, be a good girl and let him atleast enjoy the view !'' Mum looked at me like she's angry at me, and we burst in laugh. Carl came back to the beach, and said he remembered that we forgot to take any drinks with us. I offered to take the boat and go to the bar to buy some. He ofcourse said yes, and I stood up, got ready and went, and as I passed him, I blinked him - he was still embarrased, but smiled and blinked back. My mind was racing as I sailed towards the bar. Could this man be the one to nail my mum after so many years ? Could he be the first one now to use her cunt ? Well, she definitely still has a lot to show. As much as I was fighting this thought, I was still thinking how cool it would be to find them in the middle of fucking as I returned. But, luckily, that didn't happened, so I didn't had to fight myself anymore. They were on the beach, dressed.. Oh, wait ! Not completely, mum was topless ! Well, that was a good sign.. I came to the beach with drinks, and I liked what I saw. They were sitting next to each other very close, and both smiling. I saw a sparkle in my mum's eyes, the kind that I didn't see for ages.. She just looked... Happy ! ''Hello, guys. Here are the drinks.'' ''Thanks !'', they responded. I smiled and looked them both, and they smiled back. Mum rolled her eyes, ''What ?! Yes, okay, we did it !'' We laughed like crazy, I said ''Good, good. That's what I wanted to hear !'' Carl looked at me, winked and whispered thank you so much, as we went to play with the ball in the water. In the water, mum was sooo much more playful than before, she let Carl play with her and during playing, touching her everywhere, just a bit discretely, and we were really having a good time. I had a hard on most of the time, and I was really worried that they would notice it on the beach, but luckily they didn't. I couldn't imagine how ashamed I would be, if they found out about my new ''fetish'' - seeing my mum screwed by another guy ! I fought it, but I was helpless... Mum was much happier, much more playful after this.. And because of that even sexier. And, I got to see another man touching her, the first one except me, after so many years.. I just couldn't help myself, it turned me on. As we went home, Carl screwed around and kissed her the whole time, though she stopped him as soon as he wanted to touch her breasts or carressed her thighs too much - she was embarrased infront of me. We went home, said good bye. I went in the apartment, mum and Carl stayed out for a few more minutes, kissing, and then they wished each other Good night. Mum came in, and she immediately started: ''Oh god, honey, I'm so sorry ! Yes, I know you ''planned'' this, but I shouldn't, I'm such a worthless slut and a disgusting mother !'' This went on and on, until I started laughing, and said, ''Mum, don't worry. It's okay, I'm totally okay with it. I'm very happy that you finally done something like that, and I'll be more than glad if you continue doing it, every day with another man if you'd want, and it won't bother me !'' , I continued, ''Please, you're the best mum. Look at you, you're another person now, way more happy and all cheerful.. You need this, trust me !'' She almost cried already, but now she calmed down, ''Honey, you're so sweet ! I don't know how can I thank you, for such understanding.. You're right, it is kinda fun, but really, it would bother you if I kept doing this.. I better stop it, this was cool, but no, I can't afford this.'' Well, the next day, we were on the beach and Carl invited HER to the boat, alone.. After some convincing, she still went. I looked at them as they went to the boat - he was holding his hand on her butt all the time, and even stopped infront of his friends like that. Mum played nice, and was cheerful and flirty like always, and the situation turned me on like hell. Looking at her, with a man's hand like this on her ass.. That was really something new to me.. And that scent she got yesterday at the beach.. Wow, I know how she smells like for so long, but that smell of sex on her.. Let's say it suits her very well. She's made for it. Made for men to enjoy ! This continued for few more days. Mum got used to it, and almost completely lost the bad feeling she had about it, and we were having a great time. One evening, I went to the toilet in our apartment, and she was infront of the mirror, just taking her pill. I knew she's on the pills, but I had to tease her. ''Oh, you're on the pills.. So, that means he can come in you, huh ?'', with an evil grin on my face. ''Oh come on !'', she rolled her eyes, ''Yes I am on the pill, but he doesn't come in me !'' ''Wow.. Where does he cum then.. Do you swallow it, mum, or what ? Ha ha, good girl !'', I couldn't help but tease again . ''W.. What the hell ?? Okay, stop it now ! Why on the world would you even want to know that !'' ''Ha ha, yeah, you just admitted it.. It's nothing to be ashamed of, it's a nice thing !'', now I really had to get out of the toilet - but I really meant this last sentence, from her reaction I can tell she swallows like a good whore. The next morning mum went to the shop and me and Carl were drinking coffee at home alone. I didn't had the time to jerk-off and ''relax'' my morning wood, which is uninevitable especially now, when I'm watching my mum being kissed every day by this man and imagining what he might be doing to her on that boat. So, I was even hornier when we talking in the morning and drinking that coffee, and I just couldn't help myself... ''So, how is my mum.. Is she a good girl?'' and I gave him a naughty smile. He was very suprised, ''O.. Ofcourse, ha ha. She's so sweet, she's a great girl..'' ''Really, sweet ? I though cunt tastes more like fish'', my heart started racing as I didn't knew what can I expect from my mom's lover, will he be disgusted by my curiosity ? I laughed hard to make it look like a joke. ''She tastes great.. If I'm honest, I have some experience by now.. But I really never tasted a girl like your mum... She's just one of a kind, a taste that makes you go crazy.. God, why I'm telling you this..'' ''Ha ha, great, I'm glad for you.. No problem, I asked for it..'' ''Do you actually like to hear these things.. Details and shit.. About your mother ?'' I got serious because I wasn't sure if he'll be disgusted or... ''Well, well, well... You little pervert ! Ha ha !'', he laughed, and I saw that I can still trust him.. ''I admit, it does turns me on like fuck ! But not my mum, I wouldn't do anything with her... It just turns me on now that she's your sex toy every day ! It's just awesome, that finally someone else knows how she looks naked, and how she feels too.. And can do with her much more, than I can really ! ''Ha ha, well I don't blame you. If I ever had a mum like yours, I'd probably wanted to fuck her myself ! Well, anyways, no problem, it'll be my pleasure to tell you everything you want..'' We talked some more, and he told me, her pussy is still in a very good shape, and that she feels great.. I told him that I'm happy I didn't ''hurt'' her more, as she gave birth to me. We talked about everything, he told me what she likes, that she loves to swallow like I thought, and that they even tried anal, but she can't hold it together. ''I have an idea. On my boat, there's just enough room below, and if you leave those doors on the floor open slightly, you could peek from there... Would you join us today ?'', he smiled. I got super horny by the idea, and surely I agreed. I left for the boat already, and when mum came, Carl said I went on the beach, and that they don't have to wait for me, that I know they're going. I found a good spot in the boat cabin, by the door, and made myself cozy and waited there for few more minutes, hard as a rock. They finally came, and started french kissing like they wouldn't get laid for a year ! They stopped, Carl got the boat going and we were sailing towards the open sea, away from possible spectators.. Mum didn't knew that she has one on board. She got undressed pretty soon, and hugged Carl as he was driving the boat. The doors were just ahead of her as she was on his left side, so I was just a couple of inches away, and could clearly see her body - and Carl's fingers, that started to carress her sexy tummy all the way down to her already shining crotch, while she pressed against him, topless. ''Mum's really a great woman -'', I thought to myself, ''A trustworthy, respectful lady in public... And a nasty bitch in private !'' I knew Carl was making a show for me, as he slid his two fingers into her crotch, exploited her a bit, she shivered.. Then he pulled them out and gently carressed her lips with his fingers. Mum knew how to seduce a man, she played a good, obeying girl, with a look in her eyes that say ''Am I doing it right, daddy ?'', as she slid out her tongue, and played with this two fingers, that were oozing with her cunt juice. Then he stuck them in her mouth good, and got more intense, like he'd like to lube her whole mouthhole with her cunt juice. Mum moaned and they both smiled. She took his cock in her mouth, to prepare it, but didn't had much to do, he was already hard. Mum looked up to him like a proper slut should, and was sucking him with her fuckable lips sensually and with care, just inches away from me ! He grabbed her and pretty roughly turned her on her knees, for a doggystyle. He turned her away from me, so I could get a good look at how he's pounding the cunt that gave birth to me. First, he pushed his fingers in her juicy twat.. Pulled them out, then he leaned down and spit on her, despite she was already well lubed by herself, and he carefully induced his spit into her pussy, and used the chance to give some more rubbing to her clit with his spit on his fingers, also. Mum looked back, smiling.. He surely seemed to know what he was doing. He then kneeled back up, and immediately spanked her ass hard ! It surprised me and my mum there, she screamed, but started laughing after. He done it two more times, checking her out with joy as she was in his full control already now. He slowly pushed his quite big, thick, erect cock in her, and started pounding.. Harder... Harder... Harder !... Well, he didn't yet, but I came already, jerking off while peeking there, hidden behind the door. I felt helpless and a bit humiliated, and I even enjoyed that. I mean.. I'm jerking here like a loser, while a man is fucking the brains out of my mum right infront of me.. And I even asked for it ! But, I quickly reminded myself, that I'm enjoying great respect from this man because I let him do that, and that he doesn't want to hhhhhhhhh me. I was ready for another go. By this time, he quickly grabbed her, and put her up on her knees, and he stood up, grabbed her hair, and directed her towards his cock. She started sucking on him again, way quicker than before, as she knew he's going to cum soon. I loved how her beautiful body was all dirty and sweaty already, and when she was adjusting, I saw that her ass was already turning red, and her cunt is a bit sore from fucking. He fucks her up pretty well. After she just catched the rhythm of sucking, he seized the moment - just when she was going to take a breath -, he grabbed her with full strength and pushed her head, forcing that last inch of his cock down her throat - here even mum couldn't help but gag ! I was rock hard again, as I watched my beautiful mum gag on Carl's cock, and he just put that evil grin on his face, turned towards me, while still choking my mum with his cock, and blinked. Then he released her. She was breathing heavily, her spit ran down her chin, but her experienced fucker had that planned either. She didn't stopped stroking his cock automatically, as he was in control and could push her on his cock again if she let it completely, but it was such a shock for her, that she wasn't cautious and didn't noticed, he's going to cum. And when my poor mommy just took a breath or two, she already got a huge load of cum in her mouth and all around her face, because she closed her mouth for a second, as she was surprised ! Mum almost started laughing, Carl was already... But when he finished, she first wanted to lick his cock dry.. He didn't let her, He used his fingers and gathered every drop of cum around her face and each time he roughly, literally threw that cum in her mouth, he told her nasty things like ''Uhh... Nice.. Here, bitch. You're such a worthless slut. A fucking cum bucket, Take that, eat it all up, you worthless piece of shit !'' Well, that was something he didn't told me, so I figured it's just one more surprise from Carl - my mum likes to be treated like a dirty bitch. As she was cleaned, she leaned to his cock to lick him dry again, and he let her this time. As she finished and showed her open mouth to him, he grabbed her hair again, hold her head still, leaned to her and spit roughly into her mouth, and then let her swallow it all. My mom was slowly regaining her senses, still kneeling infront of him, and he was just laughing, ''My, my... And with that sexy, dirty mouth of yours you dare to kiss your son every evening, after doing me like that ? You fucking cumslut.'', as he exploited her lips and mouth with his fingers slowly again. After it, it was her turn. He was a good man, and besides, he promised me this morning to keep her satisfied, too. She lied on her back, turning away from me again, and he took a bottle of Scotch, and poured it on her tits and tummy, gave her a gulp, too. He started to carress her nippless, slapping the tits that breastfeeded me around, and eventually sucking on the nippless as he was already playing with her pussy with other hand. She didn't needed much anymore. My mum, his fuck toy was fucked senseless half a minute ago, so she started shivering quickly. He felt her vagina muscles pressing against his fingers, and in that moment, he knew she's completely in his hands now. Her body started humping up and down, and her hands shaking, as she tried to help him with her nipples furiously. In that moment, I jumped out ! I went there, kissed my mum on her sexy, but dirty cheek, and then she looked.. Saw me. ''O...OOOh. Fuck, fuck, fuck... !! Ahhh. I... F......!'' That was all she can do, and we were laughing, both hard again, at how helpless a woman gets when she orgasms.. She couldn't help herself. After orgasm, she was still lying there, all sweaty, dirty, that fine scent of sex all over her... My mommy was literally fucked senseless, and we both just sat down on the back. Carl threw me a beer, saying ''Satisfied ?'' ''Fuck yeah.. You really fucked her brains out, man, I can't believe it.. Finally my mum's getting fucked properly, she'll surely be way more cheerful from now on !'' We laughed at that, and I congratulated him. I shook hands with the man that just satisfied my mum by fucking her senseless. As she came back to her senses again, she immediately started apologising and asking what I'm doing here actually... We told her all about it, and I confessed how I feel, and that this is turning me on. I assured that I wouldn't ever wanted to do anything with her myself, but that I love to see her like that, fucked by others and just whoring her out. In the next days, she accepted it, and we had the time of our lives, literally. Carl was fucking her pussy three, four times per day, as she rested her head on my lap, and I gently kissed her for ''support'' here or there. He only convinced her to let me taste her cunt juice, and said it's because I will never taste a woman in my life, that tastes so good.. Well, he was probably right. My mum tastes like heaven ! We laughed a lot, and enjoyed teasing each other, he loved to @@@@@@ her cunt to me, and kept making dirty comments about her infront of me. In few days, we left, but we're still in touch no matter what. We still go there on vacations, now for even longer period, and ofcourse, for free. When we're home, we talk on cam via Skpe almost every day - ofcourse without any clothes on my mum. Me and mum are even closer now, and she's way more playful and happier than before. She's very thankful to me, my understanding, despite my kinks. I like to help her pick underwear and corsets, and I even take naughty pictures of her for this man. He's crazy about exhibitionism, too, so I had my mum infront of the camera, naked or just in sexy, slutty underwear in my car already, by the forest, on her bicycle and even by the car, on a truck stop ! What would my friends say now if they would catch us, taking pics of her in my car..
  2. When Liz and I got together she was 35 and I was 42. Liz was an absolutely beautiful woman, large firm breasts, a flat washboard stomach great legs and a very pretty face. She also had a perfect pussy neat, tight and always moist and juicy. She was a total perfectionist where her appearance was concerned – perfect hair and makeup and always immaculately dressed. She was the perfect girlfriend and we hit it off sexually right away. She was always up for fun, and we experimented with all sorts of positions and fantasies. As we tried different things I noticed that what really seemed to turn her on was fantasies involving someone seeing her naked or seeing us fucking. She would have shattering orgasms and would become completely insatiable when I described these situations to her-especially as I slid my cock in and out of her sopping wet pussy but she would even come while sucking my cock if she imagined someone was watching her. As we explored this fantasy together I began to notice that what really sent her over the top was when she imagined she was being watched by men as she stripped and @@@@@@@ herself to them – her breasts, her arse and most of all her perfect pussy. She loved the thought of putting on a show for them – touching herself and eventually fingering herself until she came in front of them. She loved the idea of the men getting more and more aroused, rubbing their cocks and eventually getting their cocks out and wanking themselves off as they stared at her perfect body. What really did it for her was the thought of her putting on a live sex show for them, me fucking her hard from behind or her sucking me off until she made me come over her pretty face and perfect breasts. It was clear she was a real exhibitionist and really got off on the power of arousing men to the point where they couldn’t control themselves anymore and could do nothing but spurt spunk from their cocks as they stared at her willing sexy body. Eventually, after a really great session, I asked the million dollar question. –‘Would you like to try it for real?’ ’ I’m really not sure’ she said, ‘I’m not sure how I would feel if they were actually there looking at me for real, I might not find it as sexy as the fantasy.’ I look down and her fingers were massaging her clit as she spoke. ‘Well you certainly look like you like the idea to me’, I said, ‘ all those men stroking their big hard cocks watching you reveal your breasts and you pussy to them, watching you finger yourself till you come’. She groaned loudly and came as I spoke. ‘Only if you are there’ she said ‘I want to suck you while they watch’ she said, licking my cock between words. The next day I asked her if she was serious, or was it just lust speaking. ‘I’m game if you are’ she said. We talked about how we could make it happen – there weren’t any sex shops or porn theatres anywhere near us, where a little exhibitionism might be ok , but we were aware of a place off the A3 that was notorious for dogging. We agreed that we would give it a try – we could stay in the car and check the situation out, and if she didn’t like it we could just drive off! We decided to try it next Saturday. Liz got ready, putting on a tiny thong, a pair of knee length spike heeled boots, no bra and a dress that wrapped over her breasts and tied at the side. Her hair and makeup were perfect as ever and she looked absolutely stunning. We drove to the area and slowly drove into the woods to the parking area. It was dark, but we could see a number of cars parked in a clearing, some with lights on inside. Someone flashed their lights on as we pulled in, and we could see a few men moving about outside. It was a warm summer night and I opened the windows a little so we could get some air and hear what may be going on. Liz reached over and started to massage my cock through my trousers and in no time I had a raging hard on. A couple of men moved close to the car and a few seconds later a third man joined them. Liz started to squeeze her breasts and rub her hard nipples with her left hand while she unzipped my fly and pulled my rock hard cock out. I leaned over and untied the dress, pushing the material aside so her breasts were on show. Her nipples were sticking out harder than I had ever seen them. ‘Put the light on’ said a voice from outside ‘put the light on so we can see better’. Liz reached up and switched on the interior light and she was bathed in bright light. We could no longer see outside, but Liz started to put on a show. She reached down and opened her dress, teasing her nipples with her left hand and rubbing her pussy through her thong with her right. I took about 20 seconds of this before she came, groaning loudly, her eyes closed.. By now the men had moved close to her window and were looking through, rubbing bulges in their trousers. Liz opened her window a little more ‘lets see some cocks’ she said – ‘the nicest one might get a little treat’ I could hardly believe my ears – what did she mean by a ’little treat’? My mind was reeling but my cock was harder than ever. I was losing control of the situation and thought maybe we should go, but I was so aroused that I wanted to see what happened next even more. I didn’t wait long to find out. The men outside each unzipped their trousers and pulled their cocks out. One of them was already hard and I was gratified to see he was somewhat smaller than me, the others were semi hard but one cock was already bigger than mine. It was circumcised and I could see a little pre cum shining on he tip in the light. ‘Looks like you need a little encouragement’ said Liz as she opened the window fully and waved the men closer. She reached out and gave each of them a couple of squeezes. ‘Hey’ I said ‘that wasn’t the deal’. ‘Don’t worry honey its just a little squeeze so I can see them hard, I won’t forget you’. She smiled as she wrapped her hand round my engorged cock. I was totally lost, my cock was throbbing so hard I didn’t have the will power to do anything except to try not to spunk all over her there and then. ‘looks like you are enjoying the show too ‘ she said, smiling wickedly. With that she turned around , took hold of the smallest cock, and pulled it close. She then amazed me by opening her mouth and sucking it deep down. I watched mesmerised as the cock pushed in and out of her mouth. She was taking his full length easily as he pumped his cock in and out, fucking her mouth. The other two cocks were hard now and the guys were wanking themselves. One guy had a decent size cock, about the same length as mine, 7 inches, but a bit thicker. The other cock was big- about and inch longer, but really thick. Just then the guy Liz was sucking let out a loud groan. Liz pulled his cock out of her mouth just as long spurts of cum shot from his cock, spraying ribbons of spunk across her lips and down on to her breasts. He just kept on coming, he must have spurted 6 or 7 times before he was done. He was quickly replaced by the next guy who grabbed her head and pushed his cock into her open mouth. He fucked her mouth fast, plunging in and out as Liz pushed her hand between his legs and grabbed his balls. They looked huge as she massaged them with her right hand, trying to control his thrusts with her left. Suddenly he tensed up, and as Liz squeezed his big balls he pumped his spunk into her mouth. I could see the big vein under his cock pulsate over and over again as he dumped load after load into her mouth and down her throat. Liz sucked and swallowed for all she was worth. As he finished and pulled his satisfied cock out of her mouth, a few ribbons of cum dripped down her chin to join the first guys load. ‘What about me’ I said, rather pathetically, ‘I haven’t forgotten you’ she said. As she turned towards me I could see the spunk on her face, trickling down between her breasts and coating her erect nipples. It was I could do not to come as she wriggled out of her dress completely. She was now only wearing a soaking wet thong and her boots. She leant over and kissed me and I tasted the warm cum on her lips. As she turned and knelt on the seat sideways, she lowered her head on to my cock, her left hand reaching back to play with her soaking wet pussy. I was in heaven as she sucked my cock. I could feel the other guys cum dripping on to my thighs. I was completely overwhelmed as I rapidly approached orgasm, when I heard Liz grunt loudly. She stopped sucking me and started to gasp as she came again. It was at that moment that I realised the last guy had opened the car door and had plunged his cock into her pussy. I could see his hips thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy and his balls slapping against her. She came loudly again and arched her back. As she did I could just see his huge cock in her pussy. Her lips were being pulled out and pushed back as if her pussy was traying to grip his cock. As he came again I saw him tense up a start to come deep inside her. It was too much for me and I spurted into the air in front of her face, covering myself in come. The guys back off and she reached round and closed the car door. I took that as a cue to go, and started the car, pulling away slowly. ‘Well it looks like you enjoyed that nearly as much as me’ she said, looking down at the mess of cum that was all over me. ‘Yes, but I am not sure we will doing it again’ I said. Liz ran her finger through the cum on her breasts and smiled. ‘Oh I think we probably will’ she said. As my cock stiffened again she looked down at it and smiled - ‘in fact I am certain of it!’. I knew then that I would do whatever she demanded.
  3. Wife Asks for a Hug By Gustav Jorgenson Eve and Jason have been married for over twelve years and their life has settled into a comfortable routine. They have good jobs, live in a decent suburb, and have good friends. They have noticed that they don’t make love as much as they used to and have discussed ways to spice things up. Eve tried getting sexy lingerie, but she never got around to wearing it. Then one day while using her husband’s laptop, she made a disturbing discover and decided to talk it over with her best friend, Samantha. “So, what’s up?” asked Sam as she and Eve settled down at their favorite coffee shop with their coffees and muffins. “Well you know how Jason and I have been trying to respark our love life?” asked Eve nervously, looking around to ensure that no one could overhear her. “Sure,” replied Sam leaning forward and lowering her voice. “It hasn’t worked. I don’t know if our hormones are flagging or we are just bored with each other…” said Eve sadly, looking out the window at the busy street. “Well, sure, after all these years, I guess you just have to work harder,” said Samantha sympathetically. “Sure,” snorted Eve, looking at her friend significantly. “But then I was using Jason’s laptop the other day and I found that he was looking at certain porn sites.” “That’s annoying, but it’s understandable. Are you really mad about that?” asked Samantha taking a thoughtful bite of muffin. “I’m not mad, I’m freaked out. He was looking at… uh, wife sharing porn…” whispered Eve glancing at the nearest table to make sure the two older ladies sitting there weren’t eavesdropping. “Wife sharing?” asked Samantha with a furrowed brow. “Yes, like pictures of a husband watching another guy have sex with his wife,” said Eve, blushing slightly. “Whoa…” said Sam trying to keep from laughing. “So… uh, that’s different.” “I’ll say. So I looked it up and I guess it’s a whole thing where some guys get off on watching their wives…” said Eve with exasperation. “Well, it’s a little weird, but it’s just a harmless fantasy,” said Sam soothingly. “As least he’s not into bestiality or something.” “I know, but what if it’s not just a fantasy…” said Eve with concern. “What if he is trying to work up the nerve to get me to try it?” “Try what? Bonking some other guy while he watches?” asked Sam with a laugh. She raised her voice by accident and several people in the coffeeshop looked over at them briefly before carrying on. “Keep your voice down,” whispered Eve with a scandalized smile. “This is embarrassing!” “But you aren’t seriously considering this?” asked Sam with delight. “No...well… I don’t know…” said Eve with confusion. “What if that worked? What if that was what we needed to get our love life fired up again?” “You are unbelievable,” laughs Samantha. “I never knew you were so wild.” “I haven’t been wild since I got married,” says Eve blushing a deeper shade of red. “But I was in a threesome with two guys once, back in college.” “Really?” says Samantha, wriggling in her seat in excitement. “That’s kinky. Which of your husband’s friends do you want to try out?” “Oh my goodness, Sam! Are you encouraging me?” laughed Eve awkwardly. “I don’t know. Steve Winthrop is nice.” “Steve is not bad looking, but one has to wonder why he’s been a bachelor all these years,” says Sam thoughtfully. “Does he like women?” “Oh yes, he has dated on and off over the years. I think he’s just very nerdy and sort of eccentric,” says Eve. She pauses for a moment thinking it over. “I would do him,” she says finally with a devilish little smile. “Eve, you are terrible!” exclaims Samantha with a laugh. “How are you going to do it?” “Well, I figured we could just invite Steve over for dinner with just Jason and I. We could have a few drinks. Once we are all loosened up, I will go change into a sexy bra and panties and just come out as though it were perfectly natural,” says Eve, warming up to the conversation. She can’t believe she is actually planning this, but the idea is exciting her now. “That’s a good idea. Not too subtle, but not something crazy like grabbing Steve and kissing him or something,” says Sam thoughtfully. “Are you really going to go through with it?” “I think so,” says Eve bravely. “My love life with Jason might depend on me getting a little bit creative.” Eve and Sam sit quietly for a moment and then break out giggling like schoolgirls as the other coffee shop denizens eye them strangely. *** Eve invited Steve over for dinner the following week. She wore a short, revealing dress and Jason took note of it but didn’t make a comment. She was very nervous at first, but the three of them had an enjoyable dinner. She noticed that Steve was glancing at her breasts throughout dinner and also at her stockinged legs whenever she got up from the table, which she took as a promising signal. After dinner, the threesome moved into the living room to have some drinks. By her second martini, Eve started to feel more relaxed and decided to start dropping some subtle hints. “So, Steve, do you like this dress?” she asked innocently. “I noticed you looking at it all night.” Steve blushed immediately and looked at Jason guiltily but Jason just smiled in response. “Don’t tease him, dear,” chuckled Jason, leaning back in his favorite chair. “You know Steve is shy around women. In fact, I was surprised when you wore that outfit tonight. It’s a bit risque, isn’t it?” “Oh I don’t know, is it?” responded Eve, flipping her hair casually. “Does it bother you to have other men appreciating your wife’s body?” It was Jason’s turn to blush and he avoided his wife’s intense gaze as she sat, examining his reaction. “Uh, no,” he muttered uncomfortably. “You have an outstanding figure… You can show it off a bit if you like…” “Uh, huh,” responded Eve, staring at her mate knowingly. She could tell that he was getting excited by this turn in the conversation. “I didn’t mean to…” stammered Steve finally. “That is, I didn’t mean to stare. I guess I am not used to seeing you dressed like that.” “I wore this especially for you, Steve,” said Eve, turning toward him and hiking the hem of her dress a bit higher up her thigh. She leaned forward a bit to give him a better view of her generous cleavage as well. “For me?” squeaked Steve, his voice cracking awkwardly. He realized after a moment that he was staring at Eve’s boobs again and he forced himself to look her in the eyes. His penis was painfully erect, as it had been all evening and he held his drink in his lap hoping that she wouldn’t notice the lump there. “What do you mean?” he said, struggling to maintain a normal tone to his voice. “Yeah, what is that supposed to mean?” laughed Jason nervously, mustering the nerve to look his wife in the eye. “Well Steve probably needs a bit of thrill now and then,” she says reasonably, putting her hands on her knees primly and sitting up straight. “He hasn’t had a girlfriend in… How long has it been, Steve?” “Oh, what?” he asks, taken aback. “Since I dated a woman? Uh, there was that lab technician, Martha from work a couple of years ago.” “Don’t you get lonely?” asked Eve, tilting her head sympathetically. “For a woman’s attention, I mean,” she adds, shooting her husband an impish smile. “What? No, I’m ok,” responded Steve, rubbing his face distractedly. “I am comfortable being alone. It’s simpler that way.” “That’s true!” laughed Jason. “Women are complicated creatures. It’s hard to figure out what they are thinking sometimes,” he said giving his wife a look of mild exasperation. “My goodness,” responded Eve putting her hand to her mouth in mock surprise. “I had no idea my little dress would cause such a stir. Shall I go take it off?” “Oh, no, dear, it’s fine,” said Jason with chagrin, glancing down to admire his wife’s shapely legs. “You do look nice.” “No, no,” said Eve, standing up resolutely. “I don’t want to make our guest feel uncomfortable. I will go take this off right now.” She walked purposefully out of the room with a little smile on her face. Jason and and Steve watch her go, each of them confused. Jason notices Steve looking at her ass as she departs and feels his member stiffen at the sight of another man checking out his wife. Steve noticed that Jason is watching him and blushes anew. “I’m really sorry about that, Jason,” he says. “I had no idea I was staring. I guess I don’t know how to play it cool,” he gave a rueful laugh and takes a sip of his drink. “Don’t worry, my friend,” said Jason. “Eve does have a great body. I don’t blame her for wanting to show it off a bit now and then. And I don’t blame you for looking. She’s feeling devilish tonight, I can tell. That’s why she’s teasing you like that.” “Devilish!” laughs Steve. “See, that is why I can’t understand women. It almost seemed like she was flirting with me,” he says after brief pause, giving Jason a furtive glance. “Well I was of course, silly,” said Eve, striding bolding back into the living room wearing her pink lace bra and panties, her black, thigh-high stockings, and nothing else. The bra barely contained her large breasts and the tops of her nipples peaked out. The panties were very brief, and the top edge of her public hair was visible too. Eve laughed as Jason and Steve’s jaws dropped in amazement. Eve was turned on by the way her husband and his friend were devouring her @@@@@@@ body with their eyes, looking her up and down hungrily. She could feel her crotch getting hot. “Gah, Eve, what are you doing?” blurted out Jason once he caught his breath. He couldn’t believe this was happening. This had been a fantasy of his for some time, but now that it was happening in real life, his blood was running cold in shock. “Well you two told me to go take my dress off, so I did,” responded Eve coyly. “Wait, what?” stammered Jason in response. “We did no such thing!” “Well I don’t know what you want then,” said Eve furrowing her brow in mock confusion. “Do you want me to take these off too?” she asks, tugging at her panties and suggestively. “My God, no!” exclaimed Jason, struggling to catch his breathe. His heart was pounding in his ears and his palms were slick with sweat. “Steve, you did want me to take my dress off, didn’t you?” asked Eve cocking an eyebrow at him. “Wha… I… No, I didn’t mean to say that,” said Steve. He fingered his boner through his pants unconsciously as he gazed at Eve’s voluptuous figure. “Steve, why are you touching yourself like that?” asked Eve quizzically. Steve gave a start and withdrew his hand from his crotch guiltily. His face was burning bright red. “Honey, you have to go put some clothes on,” said Jason, trying to regain his composure. “You don’t really want me to do that, do you dear?” asked Eve seriously. “You are just saying that to maintain an illusion of propriety.” She stared at her husband frankly. Jason realized that she must have discovered his secret fantasy and he bowed his head in resignation. He understood why she would try this. She was trying to reignite their love life. But the stress of the situation was practically giving him a heart attack. When Jason said nothing in response, Eve nodded her head. “Alrighty then. Let’s proceed, shall we. Steve, will you please come give me a hug?” she asked sweetly. “A hug?” gasped Steve, his own heart was racing and he his stomach was flipping from arousal. “I really couldn’t,” he said looking at Jason helplessly. Jason looked at Steve in dismay, but said nothing. “My gosh, I just want a friendly hug,” begged Eve plaintively. “I came out here in my underwear and created a terrible scene. Now I feel terrible. I want you to show me that you aren’t mad at me and that there are no hard feelings between us.” “Of course I’m not mad at you,” stammered Steve looking at Jason in desperation. Jason just shrugged his shoulders in response. “Well then, give me a hug and comfort me,” purred Eve, hold her arms open as she stood before him, wearing practically nothing. Steve gazed at her erect nipples, pushing through the thin fabric of her bra and gulped. He rant his eyes down her gorgeous, pale torso to her generous hips and shapely thighs and he felt that he would burst with excitement. He got up shakily and approached her. His erect penis pitching a tent in his trousers as he did so. Eve looked at the bulge in Steve’s pants, but said nothing. She glanced at Jason significantly and he just returned her gaze with a wan smile. The blood had drained from his face and he was feeling faint. Steve approached Eve hesitantly and then reached out to give her a loose embrace. The smell of her body filled his nostrils. She smelled clean and fresh with no cloying perfume. He put his hands on her bare back chastely and the feel of her soft, smooth skin made his cock quiver in response. Eve wrapped her arms arms Steve and pulled him close. His erection pushed up against her crotch and aroused her. Steve tried to withdraw but she gripped his buttocks and pulled him toward. She ground her groin against his stiff member eagerly. “Is that a billy club in your pocket or are you happy to see me?” she breathed breathily. “Steve’s pushing his cock up against my pussy, Jason,” she told her husband matter-of-factly. “He’s hard as a rock.” “Ok, that’s…” Jason tried to speak, but the words wouldn’t come. Steve stopped trying to withdraw and started dry humping Jason’s wife shamelessly. It felt so good to grind his dick into her waiting crotch. He could feel her heat right through his pants. “There you go,” gasped Eve lustily. “You just needed some encouragement. But I still feel that I might have been too forward. Can you give me a little kiss to assure me that we are still friends?” “Ugh,” said Jason. Eve looked over at her husband out of the corner of her eye as she and Steve locked lips. She darted her tongue into his and soon they were french kissing madly. Jason sat staring in fascination, mouth dry and hanging open. She reached back and pulled one of Steve’s arms from around her back and placed his hand firmly onto her breast. He didn’t need much encouragement and began enthusiastically kneading the large soft orb, pinching her nipple for good measure. Eve was satisfied to see Jason grunt desperately and unzip his fly. He started stroking his own cock as he watched his wife making out with his good friend. Emboldened by Jason’s masturbation, Eve reached down and unzipped Jason’s fly. His dick erupted from his pants and she gripped the smooth hard shaft fiercely. “Oh, Eve,” he panted. “Yes, Steve?” she asked innocently, looking him in the eyes, their noses practically touching as she stroked his stiff erection. “Were you going to ask me to blow you? Because, I will, you know. You just need to ask.” Steve looked over at Jason in confusion. “My husband’s jerking off over there, Steve. I don’t think he’s going to object.” said Eve softly, yanking Steve’s rod insistently. It was a good hard cock and she was anxious to get her lips around it. “I see. Yes, I want you to suck my penis now,” said Steve awkwardly. “Uh, huh,” said Eve absently as she smoothly descended to her knees before him. She looked over at Jason, breathlessly beating off. “Watch this, dear,” she told her husband with a conspiratorial air. She put her hands on Steve’s thighs and looked up at his submissively with his straining cock just an inch from her waiting lips. “Are you sure you want me to, Steve?” she asked coquettishly. “Yes! Suck it!” he exclaimed pushing his thing into her mouth. “Oh Steve, you are so forceful,” she said, pulling his cock from her mouth briefly. Then she popped it back into her mouth and began sucking fitfully. She looked over at her husband, to make sure he had a good view of her with another man’s dick in her mouth. She wagged her eyebrows at Jason and he groaned in pleasure as he fapped off. Then Eve unsnapped her bra and wriggled out of her panties. Jason almost blew his wad right then when he realized that his wife was preparing herself to get fucked by his friend Steve. Once she was fully naked, Eve, withdrew Steve’s penis from her mouth and lay back on the oriental rug with her legs spread, looking up at Steve suggestively. “What do you want to do with me now, Steve?” she asked innocently. Steve said nothing. He gazed down at Eve’s lovely pale body spread before him and pulled his pants down unceremoniously. He paused just a moment admiring her large breasts and was struck by how atrractive the dark patch of her public hair looked in contrast to her white belly and thighs. Then he climbed on top of her and plunged his cock directly into her waiting snatch. Steve gasped with pleasure at how hot, wet, and tight Eve’s cunt felt. It had been a long time since he had his penis inside a woman and he had to fight to restrain himself from ejaculating right away. Eve moaned as well as her vagina gripped Steve’s stiff rod. “God you are hard,” she said distractedly as Steve started pumping his thing in and out of her deliberately. Steve pinned Eve’s wrists down the floor and finally felt comfortable taking control of her. She writhed with pleasure beneath him as he jammed his rock hard phallus into her over and over. Meanwhile her husband sat in his favorite chair and watched, pulling his pud the whole time. The way Eve ground her pelvis against his greedy to receive his dick pushed Steve over the edge quickly. “I’m going to cum!” he shouted, forgetting himself in his passion. “Cum inside me, Steve,” she urged, reaching down to finger her clitoris frantically. Steve sank himself deep inside Jason’s wife and discharged load after load of sperm within her. Jason sat watching in amazement. He couldn’t believe this was happening. As Steve rolled off of Eve, Jason jumped up and rushed over to stick his own cock into her face. She sucked him hungrily as she fingered herself and urgency with which her husband forced his member into her mouth triggered her climax. While Eve shuddered from the effects of her orgasm, Jason pulled his thing out of her mouth and jerked it until he started shooting cum all over her face. She licked his spurting head receptively as he did so until he fell back with a grunt of satisfaction. All three lay on the floor in a daze for several minutes, saying nothing. Finally Steve stood up shakily and put his pants on. “I, uh, hope it was ok that I did that to your wife, Jason,” he said, looking at this old friend with concern. “Yeah, it’s ok,” said Jason. “She clearly wanted to do it.” “You wanted me to do it too, dear,” said Eve, stretching luxuriously. Both men stopped to look at her body as she did so. “Yes,” admitted Jason tightly, gazing at the way his wife’s breasts jiggled. “I did.” It was embarrassing to admit, but he felt a weight removed from his shoulders as he did so. “Will you come back and fuck me again next week, Steve?” asked Eve, batting her eyelashes at Steve flirtatiously. “Um, yes?” he said, pulling his gaze away from Eve’s naked body and looking at Jason for confirmation. “Well if you want to, I guess that’s ok,” said Jason, blushing. “Ok, it’s settled then. We have a little menage a trois,” said Eve happily. “Give me a kiss before you go,” she demanded of Steve. “But your face is covered in, uh, jism,” said Steve with a crooked smile. “Well, kiss my belly then,” said Eve playfully, gesturing to her smooth, flat belly. Steve complied and got down awkwardly on his knees to give Eve a smooch on her soft white stomach. Jason’s gut twisted with jealousy at this intimate gesture, but he said nothing. Steve climbed back to his feet and departed with a wave. “That was awesome. I can’t believe how horny I got with you watching Steve put his hard cock into me. I never knew that I could get off on being so perverted,” said Eve excitedly. “Yeah, that was pretty surreal,” agreed Jason uncomfortably. It felt weird to hear his wife talk about another man’s dick inside her. He was excited and freaked out by her flippant attitude to the whole thing. “So, which of your other friends should I fuck next?” asked Eve pleasantly. “Oh God,” said Jason, staring at his wife in amazement. “Or should I bring home a stranger?” she asked with a devilish smile as the blood drained from Jason’s face. *** If you like this, check out my eBooks on Amazon: View my favorite porn images and more free stories on my Tumblr blog:
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  5. Bob and his wife Dorothy head down to the park one weekend to sit and read and get some sun. It was a beautiful summer day and the park was crowded with families and couples walking about and playing on the lawn. “Honey, let’s go find a secluded spot. I might want to take my top off and really soak up the sun,” said Dorothy with an impish smile. “Come on now, you can’t do that here, it’s too crowded. Look around,” laughed Bob. He was very familiar with his wife’s penchant for outdoor nudity, but she normally restricted this behavior to remote or private places with no people around. “But look how beautiful it is out here, I can’t be all covered up on a day like this,” she whined playfully. “Look, you’ve got your bikini on under your clothes,” said Bob reasonably. “We can strip down to our bathing suits like just like we planned.” “You know I’ll get tan lines and everything,” muttered Dorothy searching for a spot to sit. “Just humor me, I am sure we can find an out-of-the-way place.” “This park isn’t very big…” said Bob nervously. The couple walked to the edge of the park where it bordered some woods on private land and they found a little clearing that is set back from the footpath that encircles the park. “This is fine,” said Dorothy happily. She throws down her bag and starts spreading the blanket about 20 feet from the path partially screened by some low bushes. “It is nice and sunny here,” agreed Bob. “But there is no way you could strip here. You’ll be clearly visible from the path.” “Well, there are these bushes,” said Dorothy with a half-hearted smile, gestures at some low shrubs. “Come on, those don’t offer any privacy,” countered Bob. “Just skip the naked sunbathing idea for today, OK?” “Alright dear, whatever you say,” agreed Dorothy reluctantly. She casually pulled off her t-shirt and shorts while Bob stood admiring her gorgeous hourglass figure as she stood in her bikini. “I don’t blame you for wanting to show off that body,” he growled flirtatiously, grabbing her by her soft white hips. “Stop it,” she laughed, giving him a quick kiss and then pushing him away. “No PDA please.” While Bob stripped down to his swimming trunks, Dorothy unpacked their snacks and pulled out their novels. They settle down and are soon engrossed in their reading. It’s a wonderful spot. A cool breeze blows out of the woods and they are far enough from the center of the park to not be disturbed by the raucous laughter of the children playing there. Few people passed by their little clearing and pretty soon Dorothy get emboldened. “Honey, will you run back to the car and get the other thermos? I want some iced tea,” she asked sweetly. “No problem, dear,” said Bob and he gallantly jumped up to go fetch his wife some tea. As soon as he is out of sight, Dorothy looked around cautiously. No one was on the path so she slipped off her top and wriggled out of her bikini bottom. She breathed a sigh of relief as her large breasts swing free and the cool breeze stiffens her pink nipples. She scratched at her bush distractedly, enjoying the unique feeling of freedom she experienced being nude outdoors. “Now this is the way to enjoy a beautiful day,” she sighed to herself. She knew her husband would be miffed when he got back, but she liked being naughty sometimes. By the time Bob returned, Dorothy was already engrossed in her book again. “Christ Dorothy,” he exclaimed as he approached on the path. “Anyone passing by could see you perfectly well from the path here.” He stood there, themos in hand, shaking his head. The sight of his wife boldly displaying her lovely body made his penis stiffen with lust. He eyed her large round breasts with their erect pink nipples hungrily as he approached. “I don’t think anyone will say anything,” she said with a wicked smile. “Well, any guys that pass by certainly won’t complain,” admitted Bob, adjusting his erection. “Jeez, look at you,” laughed Dorothy, grabbing the bulge in Bob’s shorts. “You like it when I act a little slutty.” “Ha, maybe I do,” he agreed amicably, flopping down next to her. “But I will be embarrassed as hell when the next passersby come along.” He paused, contemplating his wife’s shapely bare thighs and slightly unruly snatch. “Won’t you be mortified if someone sees you?” “I don’t know,” she admitted, scrunching up her nose cutely. “I think I will just sit here reading as though it’s the most natural thing in the world. Folks might take a peek, but I’ll bet they will just keep on walking.” “Ok, that’ what I’m going to do then,” says Bob. “But if the police come, I don’t know you.” “Thanks alot Sir Galahad,” laughed his wife. The first people to pass by were an elderly couple. A man and woman were walking slowly together and enjoying the day. Bob glanced up furtively then back down to his book again. His heart start pounding with anxiety and he wriggled with embarrassment. He glanced up again to see the old man staring open mouthed at Bob’s nubile wife. Then the old woman took notice. Bob quickly averted his eyes and felt a horrible urge to jump up and run away when he was surprised to hear the old couple break out laughing. They just shook their heads and chuckled as they walked slowly on their way. Bob looked over at his wife who kept her eyes glued to her book the whole time but was blushing madly. “See,” she croaked nervously. “No big deal.” Bob relaxed after that incident and found himself enjoying the weather and his tea as he sat reading and chatting with his wife. A couple of lone joggers passed without taking any notice of Dorothy at all. But then a group of fraternity boys in hurley t-shirts with backward baseball caps came sauntering along the path, and they stopped in their tracks when they saw Dorothy. They starting pointing at her naked body and hooting with excitement. “Oh shit,” muttered Bob. “Just put a blanket over yourself, will you?” “Fuck, I hate to cave in to a bunch of assholes like that,” said Dorothy through gritted teeth. “I’m not going to let them push me around.” “Push you around?” sputtered Bob. “What are you talking about?” “I’ll show those fuckers,” whispered Dorothy. Then she lifted her head up from her book and waved to the frat boys. “Hello boys, enjoying the view?” she shouted boldly. Bob had to admit that was a gutsy move and the frat boys did shut up for a moment, completely taken aback by Dorothy’s audacity. But then, one especially cocky looking jerk wearing his sunglasses backward on his head squared his shoulders, fixed a grin on his face, and strode right over to Bob and Dorothy’s blanket. His friends exchanged nervous glances and followed hesitantly. “Wassup,” said the frat boy nodding to Bob and Dorothy and then gazing down unabashedly at Dorothy’s bare boobs. “Nice rack.” His friends broke out giggling behind him. “Uh, yeah, thanks… I guess,” said Dorothy with distaste. All the guys were staring at her body, but she just sat up straight and let them look. She kept her arms to her sides and refrained from the urge to cover her nipples and her crotch. “Hey you know what would be cool? It would be cool if you guys could chill out and leave me alone,” she said boldly. Bob tried to square his shoulders and seem authoritative, but it was hard when he was sitting next to his naked wife while she told off a group of meatheads. “Oh yeah, like, we’re so sorry,” said the leader furrowing his brow in mock contrition. “You have every right to hang out totally naked with that smokin’ body without being harassed.” The way he emphasized “smokin” made Bob grit his teeth in anger. “But you know what? I think everyone should be allowed to hang out naked. In fact, to show there is no hard feelings, I will join you.” With that the guy pulled his shorts right down and his erect penis came popping up, pointing directly at Dorothy’s face. His friends all broke out laughing in amazement at this. “Jesus Christ,” shouted Bob, jumping to his feet. “What the fuck do you think you are doing?” “Easy, bro, easy,” said the jock stepping a bit closer to Dorothy so that his swollen cock was just a foot from her face. “If she can hang out naked, I can too.” He started stroking his dick as he said that. Bob noticed with discomfort that Dorothy was gazing with fascination at the purple head of the penis bobbing just in front of her mouth. She started touching her nipples distractedly as she contemplated this young guy stroking his cock right in front of her. “Oh man, look at her, she’s playing with her titties,” snickered one of the frat boys. “Now who’s enjoying the view, baby?” asked the leader, noticing the interest the Dorothy was taking in his cock. Dorothy blushed deeply and pulled her hands away from her nipples. “Eh, it’s a dick, no big deal,” she teased shrugging her shoulders. The frat boys laughed at the way Dorothy emphasized “big.” Even the leader had a chuckle at that, but he kept his cock directed at Bob’s wife’s face and he kept stroking his rod. “Come on honey, let’s get out of here,” said Bob nervously. “I’m not going to go anywhere,” said Dorothy decisively but she never took her eyes off the cock in front of her face. “I’m not going to be driven out of this spot by these asshats.” The frat boys laughed with delight at being called “asshats.” “I like her, she’s feisty,” said the leader to Bob while he jerked his thing in front of his wife’s face. He stood another step forward and practically stuck it in her eye with his rod, but she reached up instinctively and pushed it away. He gasped with shock, “How dare you touch my penis!” “Keep that thing away from me,” said Dorothy. She was breathing heavily now and Bob would swear that she was actually aroused by this situation. “I’m sorry,” he responded softly. “You seemed so interested in it…” Bob strode forward and pushed the leader backward interceding between the leader and his wife. “Get the fuck out of here,” he demanded hotly, holding his fists up. “Honey, just relax,” said Dorothy sharply. Then in a softer tone, “It’s a free country, they can do what they want. I am just going to lay here and ignore them.” Then she leaned back on her elbows and spread her legs slightly, exposing her bush to the group suggestively. “Uh, what?” said Bob, distracted by the sight of his wife’s gorgeous body spread out for the whole group to enjoy. “Yeah, sit down, honey,” said the leader. “She’s right. Nothing to get worked up about.” Bob was torn. He knew how stubborn Dorothy could be. He was afraid to argue with her in front of these guys. He felt that would be a sign of weakness. So he had no choice but to play along with Dorothy’s lead. “Ok, no problem,” snapped Bob. He backed away from the confrontation and sat down next to his wife. His mouth was dry, so he poured himself a cup of tea. “Can I have more tea, too, dear?” asks his wife casually, ignoring the group of frat boys standing several feet away. “Aren’t you going to offer us any?” asked the leader with a hurt expression, cautiously drawing a bit closer to Dorothy. “Oh are you still here?” drawled Dorothy with a bored expression. She looked down at his cock, hanging limp between his legs from the clash with her husband. “Ha, what happened to your big purple cock? Doesn’t look like much now.” But his cock responded to her attention almost immediately and began noticeably swelling as it filled with blood. “It knows your talking about it,” said the leader smugly coming over to stand before Dorothy. Bob didn’t like how close he was standing or the way the big frat boy gazed down hungrily at his wife’s @@@@@@@ beaver. Dorothy’s eyes widened in surprise at the leader’s cock rose up into a stiff erection before as she looked on. “Yeah, you like that?” he asked confidently. “Your body made that happen.” He started stroking his meat again as he stood over her naked body. “You like to play with yourself in public, huh?” responded Dorothy laconically, gazing at the frat boy’s cock which had quickly regained it’s purplish hue. “Hey, if a sexy lady spreads her legs for me, I will jerk it wherever… in the park… in church… wherever.” He shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly as his buddies broke out laughing. Dorothy couldn’t help herself and laughed along with them while Bob sat gritting his teeth in anger and jealousy. “You would do me in church huh?” asked Dorothy with a smile, nudging her pelvis upward for emphasis. The frat boys broke out in further raucous laughter at her little pelvic thrust and Bob’s face was burning with humiliation. She seemed to actually be flirting with this asshole now and he had no idea how to stop her. If he chastised her, she would probably resist him and the frat boys would mock him. So he just sat and drank his tea in frustration. “Dude, did you see that little groin move she made?” said one of the leader’s sidekicks. “She’s into you.” “I would definitely fuck you wherever you let me,” said the leader looking Bob’s wife up and down. “You have got a hot motherfucking body... and I like the way you dress.” Everyone laughed at that, including Dorothy. Even Bob had to struggle to keep a straight face. “Yeah, the way I dress,” said Dorothy softly. “That was clever, actually.” Bob’s guts twisted with angst as she looked up at the frat boy with amusement in her eyes. “But I can’t let you do me, I’m a married woman,” she said with a twinkle in her eye. “But what if your husband went along with it?” asked the frat boy, waggling his eyebrows at Bob lewdly. “Of course I would never go along with it!” squeaked Bob in indignation and the frat boys all laughed at the way his voice cracked from the stress. Bob’s face burned bright red from the humiliation. The leader just pursed his lips judiciously. “Now don’t rush into a decision, my man,” he said, wrinkling his brow. “I mean you let your wife take her clothes off in a public park, now didn’t you?” Bob said nothing and just glared up at the frat boy who desisted from jerking himself and just waved his phallus back and forth as he started pacing back and forth above Bob’s wife as she lay spread out before him. Bob was mortified to see Dorothy’s eyes fixed on that stiff prick the entire time. She had a little smile on her face and her tongue was poking out slightly between her teeth, which Bob knew was a sign of intense interest in his wife. “What were you thinking when she pulled her top off and those amazing orbs came popping out? Of course any red blooded guy who laid eyes on those bad boys would need to come over here and investigate.” He gestured reasonably to his buddies and they acknowledged his point. “Next, I would like you consider the intense interest your wife has shown in my humble johnson. You might have noticed that she can’t seem to pull her eyes away from my cock. I think it would be terribly selfish of you to deprive your woman of the pleasure my penis will bring to her.” Dorothy laughed out loud with delight at this, “You’re pretty sure of yourself, aren’t you?” she said looking up at him with a lascivious smile and spreading her legs a bit more. She cupped her breasts in her hands and started unconsciously toying with her nipples again. “Dude, I think she just spread her twat a little more for you,” laughed one of the frat boys in surprise. “She playing with her titties again too,” chimed in another. Dorothy just shot them a dismissive smirk before returning her attention to the leader who stood waving his cock above her. “It’s true, buddy, your wife clearly wants me to sink my meat into her. Be a sport and give us a few minutes alone, will you?” said the frat boy earnestly. “Honey, let’s get out of here,” said Bob jumping to his feet decisively. “Oh Bob, why are you letting these guys get your goat?” pouted Dorothy cutely. “Can’t you see that they are just excitable young guys who haven’t seen too many naked women before?” “Come on, Dorothy. This has gone far enough, we are getting out here right now,” demanded Bob, going out on a limb. But Dorothy just looked up at him with her inner eyebrows arched skeptically. “If you want to go, feel free. But I am going to lay right here and enjoy the sun. frat boys or no frat boys,” said Dorothy firmly. “Of course, I want you to stay,” she added quickly when she saw Bob’s face turn white. Bob couldn’t believe that she was doing this to him. He had no idea what had gotten into her. Dorothy didn’t know herself. She hated to admit it, but she was incredibly turned on by this brash douchebag of a frat boy. She wondered what that stiff purple penis would feel like plunging into her cunt while his buddies looked on. She was sure that she was soaking wet by now. Bob was very afraid that if he left now, the frat boy would just climb onto his wife and start fucking her right there in the park. So he swallowed his pride and sat back down by her side. Meanwhile, the frat boy kneeled down on the other side of Dorothy with his knees practically touching her side and his cock hovering above her belly button. “Do you mind if I kneel over here?” he asked politely, looking down into Dorothy’s eyes. “It’s a free country,” she responded breathily, gazing back into his eyes with frank lust. Bob wriggled uncomfortably at this exchange but could think of nothing to say. “You know, your skin in incredibly nice,” said the frat boy, putting his hand casually on Dorothy’s belly. She gasped in response but didn’t object. Bob said frozen with indecision. “It’s so soft,” said the jerk running his rough calloused hand lightly over Dorothy’s stomach. “Thank you,” she gasped, barely able to breathe from excitement. Her pelvis thrust upward against reflexively and she had the intense desire for him to put his fingers inside her. The frat boys gathered more closely around to get a better view and Bob noticed one of them unzip his own fly to start jerking himself as he watched. The situation had clearly escalated out of control and he had no idea how to stop it short of dragging his wife physically away, and even that probably wouldn’t work at this point. “I don’t want you to touch my wife,” said Bob suddenly. Dorothy looked over at him with concern, but the frat boy just kept rubbing her belly. “Don’t be selfish, Bob,” he said in an infuriatingly familiar tone. “Besides, I notice that your wife isn’t objecting. You don’t want me to stop, do you darling?” He looked down into Dorothy’s eyes with a imploring tenderness that Bob found surprising. “I… I guess it’s OK…” said Dorothy in small voice, looking at her husband with concern. “Yeah, sure it is. Perfectly harmless,” said the leader soothingly as he started making wider and wider circles with his hand until he was alternately brushing the top of Dorothy’s public hair and the bottom of her breasts. Bob noticed Dorothy’s belly quivering with excitement and her eyes were locked with the douchebag’s. The frat boy’s penis started giving little spasms of excitement as as he felt up her naked body. Dorothy looked down at it and made a little “O” of surprise with her mouth. “Your thing is hopping…” she said thickly. “It’s cause your tits are so fucking big,” he said as he brazenly gripped a boob in each hand. “Cut the shit,” squawked Bob helplessly as the frat boy started kneading Dorothy’s boobs in his hands and pinching her nipples. “Take it easy, Bob, everything is going to be ok,” said the frat boy in a friendly tone. “You can’t blame me for going after these titties now, can you? Look at these things.” He squeezed Dorothy’s tits and pointed the nipples at Bob playfully. She giggled in spite of herself and reached down to grab hold of the frat boy’s purple cock. “Ah fuck, atta girl,” he gasped with pleasure. “I thought you would never cave in and grab that thing.” “Oh you like that?” she purred sexily as she started pulling on his swollen member. “Dorothy!” exclaimed Bob in shock. “What’s gotten into you?” “I don’t know, honey,” she said apologetically, tugging away on this other guy’s cock the entire time. “I just … Jesus, he’s as hard as a fucking rock. And it’s purple for Christ’s sake! I mean, who has a fucking purple penis?” She laughed weakly, averting her eyes from the stunned expression on her husband’s face, as she continued to work the frat boy’s tool. The frat boys laughed raucously and crowded in closer. “This is awesome!” muttered the guy who was jerking himself as he watched. The leader looked over at Bob and said, “Pardon me, Bob.” and he swung a leg over Dorothy so that he was straddling her with is cock in her face. She just broke out laughing hysterically. “Oh my God, you are really going for it!” she exclaimed happily. “Care to suck a purple penis?” he asked casually as he reached behind him and started exploring her twat with is fingers. Bob looked on in dismay as his wife hungrily thrust her hips upward in response to the frat boy’s fingering and simultaneously took his cock into her mouth and started sucking it urgently. “Man, look at your wife going to town on Joey’s rod, Bob,” said one of the frat boys with a laugh. “It’s like she hasn’t had a dick in ages.” “Shut the fuck up,” said Bob numbly as he looked on in shock. “Ok, that’s enough honey,” said Joey pulling his thing away. Dorothy gripped it and didn’t want to let go. “I want more,” she pleaded. Her eyes shining with lust. “Don’t worry, I’m going to put it in you now,” he said tenderly. The frat boy turned and gave Bob a cocky smirk as Bob sat staring open mouthed at the site of his wife refusing to let go of this douchebag’s penis. Then the frat boy deftly squat-thrusted into a missionary position and dropped down between Bob’s wife’s legs. He grabbed his dick and nudged the head gently between Dorothy’s labia, moving it up and down her slit to get it lubricated. “She’s real wet,” he told Bob confidentially. “Don’t tease,” whined Dorothy, her cheeks flushed and eyes burning with lust. “Put it in me,” she begged, avoiding her husband’s glare guiltily. The cocky frat boy thrust his hips down, smoothing plunging his stiff prick into Dorothy’s hot sodden snatch. She gasped with pleasure and wrapped her arms around his back eagerly. “See, you like that, don’t you?” he asked her. “Yeah, it’s real hard,” she admitted, her wits dulled by lust. “Take that!” he grunted as he started pumping his thing in and out of Bob’s wife. She clung to him making little whimpering sounds of passion. He turned to Bob and panted, “Oh man, your wife’s pussy is so fucking tight, it’s awesome!” Bob couldn’t take any more and jumped up. Bob was about to give the frat boy a kick, but one of his buddies intervened. “Hey, I know how you must feel,” said the frat boy sidekick interposing himself between Bob and the fornicating couple. He continued in a surprisingly compassionate tone. “But you should just let him do her at this point. Look how into it she is.” Bob paced back and forth in frustration as the leader drilled his wife on the blanket they laid out just an hour before. A group of teenagers was gathered on the path watching in fascination. Suddenly Bob’s wife cried out in ecstasy as she entered the throes of climax. Bob looked over to see the frat boy pull out and spill load after load of hot sperm all over her soft white belly. She jerked his cock to help him finish and looked over at Bob with an apologetic expression. ”Sorry honey,” she said to Bob with chagrin. Just then the guy jerking off while he watched knelt down by her side and shot a load right into her face. “Jesus christ!” she said, punching him in the gut angrily. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” The guy fell back on his ass laughing. “What? Are you going to get all picky now? You just fucked my buddy without even knowing his name.” “I didn’t know his name, but he had the balls to whip his junk out and take control of the situation. You’re just a fucking peanut in the gallery, jerking your pud,” she replied angrily wiping his cum from her face. “I don’t want your fucking jizz on me.” All the frat boys laughed uproariously at this and the leader got up and gave his buddy a swift kick in the ribs. “She told you off, Patterson. That was epic. I love this lady.” He went and found his shorts and pulled them on. “Ok, we are out of here,” said, bending down to give Dorothy a kiss on the cheek. “See you later gorgeous, thanks for the shag. You were amazing.” “You too, purple penis man,” said Dorothy with a laugh. Joey turned to Bob and held out his hand, “Hey, no hard feelings, huh, bro?” Bob just slapped his hand away in anger and turned his back on him. Joey shrugged his shoulders and helped Patterson to his feet. “That kick really hurt, bro,” complained Patterson. Joey just punched him in the arm as hard as he could in response. “Ow, what was that for?” yelped Patterson. “That’s for taking liberties with my woman,” said Joey with a laugh as the group walked away. Bob gritted his teeth in anger that this douchebag was calling Dorothy “his woman.” Just at that moment a policeman pushed through the crowd of teenagers and strode casually over to where Dorothy was laying, naked and covered in cum. “Hello, officer,” she said laconically. “Can we help you?” “You can help everyone by putting some clothes on. I’m going to have to take you two in for public indecency,” said the policeman shaking his head sternly. “Oh, I don’t know her officer, I was just passing by,” said Bob thinking quickly. As he walked away he heard Dorothy screeched in complaint behind him. He only felt a little guilty about it. Maybe she deserved a night in jail for cheating on him like that. *** If you like this, check out my eBooks on Amazon: View my favorite porn images and more free stories on my Tumblr blog: