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Found 7 results

  1. Who will send us tributes videos. Either cumming on her pics or jacking off and shooting big load while watching her video! Love to see em all. Who wants to fuck her? [sharedmedia=videos:videos:40]
  2. She likes to make me stroke my tiny cock while she sucks off two well endowed black guys. When the empty their loads on her and on her, she comes over to me and rubs herself all over me until I lick all the cum off. It's so nasty. But I cum every time. 😊
  3. I thought I'd share some stories of what I have done with my slutty little girlfriend. I have always loved the idea of fucking my girlfriend with another guy and have a couple of times in the past. The girl I am with now is probably the most open girl I've ever been with so we have done a lot of crazy shit. I have had her strip for my friends, fuck guys she didn't know, @@@@@@ herself to strangers and make porn on a regular basis. I love the idea of guys jerking off to her so the porn thing is great (and we make some of the roughest, fucked up porn in the amatuer world) We had a guy who wanted to help us film a scene at a hotel room, he paid for the room and paid to watch so it was a win-win for us. We went and filmed the scene, I had already told her that I might make her do something with him so she knew she was going to have to perform twice that night! Once we wrapped up what we needed I had her suck him off, he didn't expect to be getting anything from her he was just thinking he'd be watching so having his cock in this hot little tattooed chicks mouth was great for him. I kept filming, took a few pics and then we both came on her face and tits. It was a great night. Another time we were filming at a hotel I was pretty bummed I missed a great opportunity. I had to head back out to the car to get some camera equipment and met some guys visiting from Canada. After we wrapped what we needed at the hotel we were leaving and she was very, very drunk and she saw them and flashed her ass to them (she was wearing a short black skirt when we left) and they were very receptive. It was late, I was out of film and she could barely walk but I should have dragged her over there, made her show off the goods and then had her pleasure the two guys in their room for the hell of it. I know I won't miss that opportunity again (I am sure they would have gone for it, they were outside, hanging out with nothing to do and were not locals, who WOULDN'T want to fuck some young girl NSA?) Luckily I haven't missed an opportunity to whore her out since then and figured I'd start by sharing a few pics of the night she sucked the cameraman off!
  4. Does your wife wear pantyhose? Have you ever tried to fuck her when she is covert in nylons? I really love to use married housewifes. Enjoy my pics and show me your wifes....