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Found 4 results

  1. Mrs. Flyboy returned home from her adventure at the swinger’s club with Dom and could hardly wait for show and tell with Flyboy. She wanted to relive every cock, strap on, and pussy she had enjoyed in wonton bliss through Dom’s pictures plus the videos taken and shared by the crowd. She realized she was not the only one who had a night of pure pleasure, Flyboy had the chance to experience his first FMF with two gorgeous women. The thought of him enjoying the pleasures of two women at once made her wet, and to think a few weeks prior, that thought would have repulsed her. What a change in
  2. It took Mrs. Flyboy a couple of days to fully recover from her first true gang bang. She had taken on 9 new cocks at least twice each, 2 repeat cocks, Dom and Flyboy, plus Shelia had nailed her with a strap on. All the men and Shelia had used all of her holes and she had enjoyed every second of the sexual bliss they provided. She had seen Flyboy, enjoy Shelia’s pleasures knowing that he had not had any other woman during their marriage until he had made sure his bride was enjoying new cocks. She also felt the touch of a woman for the first time and knew it was an avenue to explore. As she
  3. This is a story started in thread by DomBull4U and finished by me. I'll add more parts to my fantasy over time. This is how it goes. Flyboy and his wife were young sweethearts and had married at a young and tender age. They stayed happily married for many years...wonderful years. Throughout their many years of marriage, they had maintained an active and enjoyable sex life. Mrs. Flyboy was a good wife and remained faithful to her husband for all of their years together. Flyboy was in fact the only man Mrs. Flyboy had ever been with. Together they had experimented with many differe
  4. I'd found him on craigslist. A 57 year old plump farmer-type with short grey hair and an ample waistline. He'd only ever had sex with his wife - on her back in the dark - and wanted to try something more exciting. I'd been training her for a while and thought he was an excellent start. We met in a cafe and I showed him her pictures. I could see he got hard for her then. I let him choose an outfit and spent the next two days looking though her things trying to find a match for what he wanted. Now we were in the hotel room waiting for him to arrive. She didn't even know who he was or any
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