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Found 15 results

  1. I want to know if my gf and her roommate look like secret sluts who love cock
  2. Hi I’m photoshop designer and i can make fake porn photos of you family, if you interested pm me. btw it’s not free. But very low cost thanks
  3. Wanna know if she looks naughty
  4. Chesh

    My gf

    Would love some fakes or captions of her
  5. Curiosity took over and found a load of pics on her cloud that she never sent me, I love the idea that another man is fucking her, comment for more
  6. Hey guys, Here is my tumblr, im going to start posting up pics of her and of us fucking. We want to get more followers we will most likely start a snap chat and charge a small amount to follow us on there. We want to start doing live skype shows as well. follow so you can get be more up to date on when we will start. Beachound2.tumblr.com
  7. Heyyy love birds! ​I'm offering tourist couples who are interested, in cuckold lifestyle a nice session in my appartement in center cof the Tourisitic city Marrakech while i'm still in the country. Let me know for more info. kik : spiritofmarrakech
  8. This story is how i start into this life style, and how my smart friend knew how to introduce me to all of this. Part 1 : The new girlfriend So... 4 years ago, it was my last year in the university (stage period), same for my high-school best friend (let's call him NK), who i've always protected from bullies and considered him as my little brother (i've grown fast back in high-school!), aaaand also dated his high-school crush (in my defense i didn't know back then, and she was the one who run into me). Anyway... NK and me shared almost everything, from secrets (what i thought) to ideas....
  9. any guy to narrate story about my gf and her sister. everybody who post a story will be getting thier pics
  10. Heres my sexy gf, men how would u take her
  11. Does your wife wear pantyhose? Have you ever tried to fuck her when she is covert in nylons? I really love to use married housewifes. Enjoy my pics and show me your wifes....
  12. Guest

    Gf Panties

    So i just seen my gf the other day and right b4 i left she looked and me and took off her lace black panties and you have fun with these and put the panties in my bag. Whats your thoughts?
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