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Found 16 results

  1. Curiosity took over and found a load of pics on her cloud that she never sent me, I love the idea that another man is fucking her, comment for more
  2. My 20 year old wife has no experience at all in sex, I fuck her and she settles for me, but lately it fantasizes me to see her with a big black cock, so I bought her 3 black dildos in different sizes, not so much used them, but she really loved them, and she Told me yes she will try them, I'm afraid if you try them then you will not feel me anymore or you will not want my cock anymore can it happen?
  3. Chesh

    My gf

    Would love some fakes or captions of her
  4. Wanna know if she looks naughty
  5. Hi I’m photoshop designer and i can make fake porn photos of you family, if you interested pm me. btw it’s not free. But very low cost thanks
  6. I want to know if my gf and her roommate look like secret sluts who love cock
  7. Hey guys, Here is my tumblr, im going to start posting up pics of her and of us fucking. We want to get more followers we will most likely start a snap chat and charge a small amount to follow us on there. We want to start doing live skype shows as well. follow so you can get be more up to date on when we will start. Beachound2.tumblr.com
  8. Heyyy love birds! ​I'm offering tourist couples who are interested, in cuckold lifestyle a nice session in my appartement in center cof the Tourisitic city Marrakech while i'm still in the country. Let me know for more info. kik : spiritofmarrakech
  9. This story is how i start into this life style, and how my smart friend knew how to introduce me to all of this. Part 1 : The new girlfriend So... 4 years ago, it was my last year in the university (stage period), same for my high-school best friend (let's call him NK), who i've always protected from bullies and considered him as my little brother (i've grown fast back in high-school!), aaaand also dated his high-school crush (in my defense i didn't know back then, and she was the one who run into me). Anyway... NK and me shared almost everything, from secrets (what i thought) to ideas.... So in the stage town NK told me that he've got a new girlfriend, he always talk about how she's so smart, and into philosophy, and "open minded"... I was happy for him, happy that he've got someone like him and likes him, but this talks about his GF always turned into sexual stories and fantasies (he's my best friend and best friends always brag about how dirty their GFs can get), so it was normal for me. One day he invite me to go with him visiting his GF in her own university, 45 min from ours, i was excited to see her since we talked to much about her. so we arrived and found this good looking girl on the campus's parking spot waiting for us. a fit brunette with class and glasses, piercing eyes, average hight, looks from far like a lawyer (no wonder, it's law university, the girls heaven for every science student). So we sat all three in the cafeteria, we talked about everything and nothing (indeed she was smart with a good social skills). at the end of the day we goodbye her and hit the road, in the road back NK told me that he was happy seeing his GF (who wouldn't be!), and she kind of liked me (i thought in a friendly way), i was like (yeah! Buddy i liked her two, she's perfect for you), he replied (sure indeed)... And went back to our lives. The next Sunday we were having a party with some friends, everyone was drunk/stoned. So...like every party i stay up with my best friend talking or playing guitar, but this night it was different (nope! no gay make out) hence... NK start to talk about his GF (again!) and ask me this question: "how do you find my GF?" Me: "Hot pot my friend, lucky you." NK: "Would you like having a threesome with us?" Me: yeah! But no eyes contact and touch only to high five (it wasn't what i really think, i have a GF and i was just keeping things cool in a funny way) NK: "deal!" He continue telling me that she always fantasized about a threesome and i was the best candidate for trust, and this will improve their relation to the next level (here i knew he was serious), and we already talked about it and she already likes you, and she's coming next week here, and it will be awesome! To be honest i like her too, she got an athletic body with sexy cleavage, and lovely face. but, i don't feel like sharing a women with someone even if it's his GF... Whateveg So... The day comes when she visit us, it was the weekend, i took care of myself shaved, dressed up, and joined NK to prepare the apartment for the 3 members party, we finished and took some beers and joints as reward to our work and then the phone rings, with her saying she is waiting in train station, NK went straight to bring her, i relaxed in the apartment finishing my beer. 10 min after the door open and he was NK with her (damn... She was fucking hot with a black dress on her white skin and brown hair, i went straight on, that i forgot to reply to NK when he said we're back). Part 2 : The awkward moment She came in… We hugged, and she felt my excitement and she kissed me in the back of my ear, and i was paralyzed with her mesmerizing perfume. After hi and how was your trip and the casual, she sat on my couch and putted her sexy white long legs on the table facing NK, while he was comfortably sitting in front of us. I instantly start rolling a welcoming joint (home specialty) and passed to her to light it up, and i start playing guitar (what I usually do when I'm nervous or trying to avoid awkward talks). After she smoke, she put the joint with her two finger in my lips while I was playing on my guitar, (honestly, I was like WTF is happening but I kept it cool). With every smoke I tasted her strawberry lipstick on the end of the joint, she knew it and she like it, and I like it, I’m sure she's way smarter than I thought. After many songs and cards playing and laughing... we went out of cigarettes, she fixed her boyfriend with her piercing eyes, and ordered him in a direct serious voice to go out for cigarettes and make it quick. (i was surprised by her behavior, I don't like girls like this, but it's him, her BF and he likes her the way she is so who cares), so the only word he replied is “okay!” and went out. I was alone with her with nothing to say, I was unbelievably calm, I fixed her legs with my eyes, and she noticed (i was like: oh shit) but i saved the situation by saying in a serious voice: "you won't put your legs away from my table aren’t you?" She waited for a couple of seconds and put them unexpectedly on my lap, and replied: "how about here." I was officially ON… And with quick move i spread her soft legs and jump on her little body devouring her down-up, she showed some resistance at first but i tight her hands and she relaxed after and let it go. We make out so hard, and the friction between our clothes was so intense that it can light up a huge fire. In the meanwhile she slide her flexible hands in my pants and pulled out my dick. With a wide eyes she said: «wow! So it’s true!" (I didn't know what she was talking about, i was high in her scent to care, I was also impatient to penetrate her). While we were still in the preliminaries I completely forgot about NK, until the outdoor opened with his voice saying I’m back! I woke up on her so fast, like i was struck by lightning! And returned back my hard erected dick as fast as I can, she tried to stop me and said: "it okay! Look" and then she called NK and said to him: “come here and pull off my shoes it hurts” i was surprised when he agreed and start both talking about my dick length (he know about my dick length from freshmen integration challenge and it was about dicks length, I won the first place with 21cm), he replied to her: "I told you!". I was in shock high and confuse, they notice it and told me that we're just having fun, and she put her hand in my pants again and pull it out, and NK smoking like nothing is happening. I took my lost breathe and order NK to pass me a cigarette, and to start rolling a joint, she looked at me like she likes it and the real action began...!! She start sucking my dick dry-wet, my best friend was excited but he remained in his place watching. After a while, I forgot that he exist, i forgot the guilt i have a GF, I'm the man of the moment, and the rich-ass beauty is chocking on my dick, and she's enjoying it, so why caring. After a passionate facial she recalled her BF to undress her, I was silent with no comment, while she's look to me and smiling. While undressing her, he tried to kiss her, but she didn't let him and told him to wait for his turn. Then I’ve got up, walked to her, and left her up in front of him, and took her to my room and locked the door (honestly i feel guilty now for not feeling guilty back then for this). I pushed her on the wall and start digging my way up in her tight pussy, she was in tears, i was in a hurry so i didn't take in count the time for her uterus muscles to take a relief, even if the pressure on my dick was so strong and painful for me too i kept it on until it began to stretch, then i put her directly in missionary on my bed, legs up my shoulders, with every push, i hear an "ouch", it was a big turn up, then she tried to turn back side, i understood that she wanted to change position, i turned her to doggy-style, but the tension was so intense that i felt on her ass; Back pressing her in the bed and devouring her neck, at first, she tried to liberate herself but she abounded all hope when my 82 kg went all on her. I still can remember her struggle to breathe, (it was a special moment that i've never even had such thing with my fragile complaining ex GF), i was near cuming she know it and she said that i can cum inside her with no worries, so I increased the friction and shoved my instrument deep inside her and let go all my genetic load inside her. It was beyond than I can describe, I swear i fucking saw the vaporized sweat in slow-motion coming up from our buddies in magical shapes, it was different from anything I experienced, and she! She was wriggling in a state of ecstasy with a weird movements, like someone with epilepsy Part 3 : Guilt & Realization It took us a while till we woke from the orgasm…I looked at her I smiled and she smiled back to me and told me: “how it was?” I replied “magical”. Then she recalled for NK, he says "yes!?" she replied "bring cigarettes and come here" he add: "right away". I quickly put a towel on me and went to the balcony of my room, he enter and give her a cigarette and came to me, asking how it was! I said fucking good, and she is hot as hell, He confirmed happily and went back to her at the end of the bed. While I was smoking in the balcony, NK start kissing her downs up, starting by her feet passing by her legs and end up eating the pussy i just cum in it, (dafuq !!!!)…. i Pretended i didn't see, and turned back smoking in the balcony, but she saw me and she smiled at, biting her lips orgasming, and she called me but i didn't reply. I just went throw the other room and hit the shower. In the shower i was teared up by a storm of thoughts, and since the alcohol and weed combine started to fade, I began to realize what happened, (i just fucked my Best friend's GF and i just witnessed him eating the mess I left, a voice in my head started telling me that this how it should be, and i have to seize every opportunity, I was born virile and manly, a leader by instinct so why should I keep this beast tearing me inside out while I can let it tear others outside in, why the guilt? Why the regret? I've always struggled by some stupid codes about good behavior, friendship, ethics, and lot of lot of bullshit made up by society to limit our pleasure and prevent us from being what we really are. My best friend and his girlfriend are still together happy in their relation, I’m thankful for them, they set me free and summoned my true identity, I may misjudged them at first, but who cares… they live their life as they like, and so i did since then. There is a lot of stories from back then till now with other girls, couples, and tourists, I am willing to write more if I found some interested readers. Thank you for reading and sorry for my bad writing i'm not an english native neither it's my second language.
  10. any guy to narrate story about my gf and her sister. everybody who post a story will be getting thier pics
  11. Heres my sexy gf, men how would u take her
  12. Does your wife wear pantyhose? Have you ever tried to fuck her when she is covert in nylons? I really love to use married housewifes. Enjoy my pics and show me your wifes....
  13. Guest

    Gf Panties

    So i just seen my gf the other day and right b4 i left she looked and me and took off her lace black panties and you have fun with these and put the panties in my bag. Whats your thoughts?
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