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  1. I want to know if my gf and her roommate look like secret sluts who love cock
  2. Hi I’m photoshop designer and i can make fake porn photos of you family, if you interested pm me. btw it’s not free. But very low cost thanks
  3. Received this from my girlfriend today while I was at work!
  4. I am Greek Bull 34yo very horny, i would love to bareback your wife or girlfriend and creampie her deep inside her pussy, i get more horny when she is ovulating and i cum bigger loads. If you want her get pregnant by me i would glad to make her my cum dump until her belly start get growing with my seed. If you plan to visit Greece for vacation and real meet or something more contact me i would love to discus.
  5. I always fantasize about watching my girlfriend enjoying herself with another man. She’s absolutely amazing and has an amazing body that’s perfect in my opinion. She also has some really good looking friends that I often fantasize about watching fuck other men too as well as myself. Do YOU share the same thoughts? Pictures are always a plus.
  6. As my name suggests, I am looking for a dom, middle eastern bull for my 26 year old white american girlfriend. Chmm1234 on yahoo messenger.
  7. Here’s my gorgeous 26 year old gf. What are your thoughts?
  8. Hello... Im newbie here. Very interested in cuckold stories and think about it alot. I have younger gf (shes 26) and we often talk about her having some fun with another guy. When we play games and get horny she is very interested into it, and I belive she is very interested to try it but shes very shy and Im sure she does not want to tell me all she thinks about it. Im sure she would like to flirt around and maybe more, but still not have bravery to talk 100% freely. And for that reason we have only talk when we are horny... Any advice about it iand what is good for start? I dont ne
  9. hi guys here is my gf on show for you all,we are from india and i am a wannabe cuckold.would love to hear nastiest comments from you guys if in hindi it would be a bonous.If i get enough response i will be posting more pics.Enjoy!!
  10. Full story is free on Amazon the next few days, before moving to Smashwords. Read the start on the author's blog (which also has a link to Amazon) or below: ONEThe guy who used to live in the apartment across the hall, Kyle, was a cocksman who made sure everyone knew it. It's a small building, 12 units total, and we all pass each other on the stairs or by the mailboxes, and it seemed like every other day there was a different girl going in or coming out of his place. Blonde, brunette and redhead, Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic and Black. The only thing they had in common was they were hot as fuck
  11. Hey guys have some questions I am with my girlfriend nearly 5 years now and the old missionary position sex is becoming a little boring. We live in ireland and she's really good looking short hair big tits slim body and a pretty nice ass. So I had a dream one night about her being fucked by an older guy while I watched in a hotel room. And I told her about it and she enjoyed the story etc etc. So when we were having sex I brought it back up and she came so hard on my cock like nothing before and enjoys talking about the prospect of a threesome. "BUT" I don't know if it's because I
  12. Addicted to cock and never satisfied the only thing left to do was a gangbang. She was wanting and willing and we took these pics that we were going to post for an ad or profile. It never happened but it wasn't because she was not wanting or willing
  13. GF made me a vid when I was away for the weekend. Not sure who he is but she looks to have enjoyed it. Never have seen her get creamy like that. I think he cums inside of her... tmp_13998-Cheating-821222552.mp4
  14. This is one of seven animated gifs I made from a short video I took of my ex-girlfriend riding my friends cock while I filmed and jacked off. It's real hot. Let me know if you want to see the next gif in the series of the seven I made. If I get enough comments and likes, I will post more. This is a trial to see if it's worth my time and effort. If you convince me it is, then I will create gifs from videos of my current wife getting fucked. Warning!!!!!! If I do not get enough comments or likes, I will not post anymore gifs of either the 7 I made of my ex-girlfriend,
  15. A shot of my sleeping girlfriend. Please caption what you'd like to do to her while she's like this....
  16. hey guys so heres my story, Ive been into cuckolding for close to 5 years now im 28. So i got into it young from hearing all my friends brag about their big dicks and all the girls they would fuck while i was a virgin till 19. so naturally when i found cuckolding i became really interested in the idea. Flash forward to my girlfriend weve been together almost 2.5 years. I told her about cuckolding 1 year ago since then weve bought a lock for dick, some big toys and we role play, shes told me sex stories and likes to deny me and tease me. She drew the line at fucking someone random. B
  17. Hello guys, what do u think of her? Can someone please fake/ddddddddddddd/caption this Asian slut of mine? Many more pics of her if u li
  18. Be specific and tell me what you'd do to my girlfriend... Kik me videos here: liamislive , enjoy.
  19. I sometimes like my girlfriend to put on a show for me and let me watch her use her vibrator , which she is more than happy to do. I'll lie there and watch her slide it in and out of her hairy pussy while she moans with pleasure. Sometimes I'll hold her legs up while she wanks me off and imagine it's somebody elses cock fucking her, it;s a real turn on for me. As you can see she's a heavy cummer and when I was finally allowed to slip my cock in her her wet hole it was like somebody had already left a creampie inside her. At the moment it's just fantasy as she's mentioned she's not interested
  20. I recently found an old diary belonging to my current girlfriend while having a rummage. It lists who she fucked, when and where. One entry I'm having trouble getting out of my mind is she once did it with another guy on the train. I'd of loved to have seen this. Has anyone else accidentally found something out about their girlfriend or wife that they don't know about ? Is so please share
  21. So, my girlfriend has finally let me share the first photos of her online. Please encourage her have more pictures made & uploaded - maybe that will lead to some hot wife/hotGF action down the road ;-) So what do you think of her ass? What could you imagine doing to her? What would you like to see her do? Can't wait to let her read your comments! (and if you cum on her pics & post that, that would be something great too!)
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