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Found 24 results

  1. Received this from my girlfriend today while I was at work!
  2. I am Greek Bull 34yo very horny, i would love to bareback your wife or girlfriend and creampie her deep inside her pussy, i get more horny when she is ovulating and i cum bigger loads. If you want her get pregnant by me i would glad to make her my cum dump until her belly start get growing with my seed. If you plan to visit Greece for vacation and real meet or something more contact me i would love to discus.
  3. I always fantasize about watching my girlfriend enjoying herself with another man. She’s absolutely amazing and has an amazing body that’s perfect in my opinion. She also has some really good looking friends that I often fantasize about watching fuck other men too as well as myself. Do YOU share the same thoughts? Pictures are always a plus.
  4. As my name suggests, I am looking for a dom, middle eastern bull for my 26 year old white american girlfriend. Chmm1234 on yahoo messenger.
  5. Here’s my gorgeous 26 year old gf. What are your thoughts?
  6. Hello... Im newbie here. Very interested in cuckold stories and think about it alot. I have younger gf (shes 26) and we often talk about her having some fun with another guy. When we play games and get horny she is very interested into it, and I belive she is very interested to try it but shes very shy and Im sure she does not want to tell me all she thinks about it. Im sure she would like to flirt around and maybe more, but still not have bravery to talk 100% freely. And for that reason we have only talk when we are horny... Any advice about it iand what is good for start? I dont need meet in real with guy, online fun will be great at the moment Or maybe I need to find guy here who would like to seduce her online via email or something, in case she does not tell me shat she is doing... If anyone is interested in more about her, maybe we can talk in private or mail. If I found you trusted maybe can share pictures. tnx
  7. hi guys here is my gf on show for you all,we are from india and i am a wannabe cuckold.would love to hear nastiest comments from you guys if in hindi it would be a bonous.If i get enough response i will be posting more pics.Enjoy!!
  8. Full story is free on Amazon the next few days, before moving to Smashwords. Read the start on the author's blog (which also has a link to Amazon) or below: ONEThe guy who used to live in the apartment across the hall, Kyle, was a cocksman who made sure everyone knew it. It's a small building, 12 units total, and we all pass each other on the stairs or by the mailboxes, and it seemed like every other day there was a different girl going in or coming out of his place. Blonde, brunette and redhead, Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic and Black. The only thing they had in common was they were hot as fuck and smiling.I had no doubt the bastard was living the dream.Now I had a girlfriend, Jess, a pale tight-bodied redhead who liked getting high and did anal on the first date. We'd only been seeing each other a few months, but since I had my own place and she had a roommate she came over to mine once or twice a week, and stayed over most weekends, and it was a great routine – watch movies, get wasted and fuck. Typical 20-somethings in love.Of course, it didn't take long for Jess to notice the parade of babes coming in and out of Kyle's place, or the guy himself, to be honest, since he was tall, good-looking, and well-built, all that stuff women love and guys like me resent."How many girls does he have?""I don't know, three or four regulars and a lot of one night stands. Works in hotel or something, picks them up all the time."I wanted to make her realize she had no chance of a relationship with this guy, that he'd just fuck her and leave, not be the kind of nice, reliable guy that I thought was at the time.I wanted to convince us both that what we had was special, so we didn't feel we were missing out on all the more casual sex we should've been getting in our 20s, so we wouldn't look back later and wonder what the fuck we'd done with our lives.I thought maybe it would work on Jess better than on me.Now as much as I envied, feared and kind of hated Kyle, he did have a lot of cool shit, a regular bachelor pad that I'd seen a few times when he invited me over to watch a game or fight on his big screen. So when he said that he was packing up and moving, selling everything he couldn't fit into his car – well, I wanted to get in there and see if I could get a good deal, make my place more in keeping with my imagined lifestyle."Can I take a look at that TV?" I said. "I'll give you a good price.""Sure, man. I'm having a sale Saturday. Come on over, look around, maybe there's some other stuff you want."Yeah, I thought, your whole damn life.TWOThat Friday Jess came over and was real tired from work, so we got high and started drinking, and decided to chill out and watch movies until the weekend hit for sure, then we'd fuck like rabbits."I brought an outfit," she said, pointing to her duffle bag."What?""Some shoes and stuff. I think you'll like it.""Fuck, let's do it now.""I need to shave, and I don't feel sexy. Come on, let's just watch this movie, then tomorrow I'll get ready. You're going to like it, I promise.""Cool," I said, hitting a bong, "tomorrow."We were both really high, and even if Jess didn't want to fuck then maybe she'd give me a blow job, and if not I'd have a bigger load the next day, and this outfit thing sounded like fun.I hoped there was some fishnet or latex, or maybe she'd dress up like a schoolgirl or whore.Then I remembered it was Saturday coming up, and there was something I needed to do."OK," I said, snapping my fingers, trying to remember, "but I've got to check out... I mean, that guy, the one with all the girls, he's moving out, selling stuff. Said I could have first pick, but got to be there early. I want his TV.""Sure," Jess said, lighting the bong and taking a hit, "cool."She coughed a huge cloud of smoke and handed me the glass.I packed it with a new batch, hit it, and saw stars.Triple-X Fly, some weed that made you fuck like a teen.I slumped on the couch and forgot what I was I doing, put a hand on Jess's thigh and moved it up to stroke her clit through her pants. She kissed me and we tongued each other, then she pulled back and put a hand on my crotch, rubbing it over my thick, hard cock, a serious look on her face."Wait, can I go too? We need some stuff at our place."I looked at my girlfriend and tried to read her, because the truth was I got turned on by the idea of Kyle fucking Jess.It had become my shame and obsession.Jess had long red hair and pale skin, a slim body and nice, small tits, and whenever I found a set of pictures of a girl like that getting fucked I looked for the ones where her face was obscured, so it looked like her getting railed by another dude, and sometimes two or three.In all of these I imagined myself watching my girlfriend fucking in real life, or that I'd just found her online, her secret, slutty past uncovered, or – even better – her secret, cheating present, off out fucking whenever I was home alone, and when she came back I'd fuck her with a vengeance and make her my bitch, all while loving her more deeply.This was what I jerked off to almost every night she wasn't with me, high as a kite and rabid with lust, and this is what I thought of when I fucked her."No problem," I said, flirting with myself. "We can go take a look in the morning.""Yeah," she said, "right after we've fucked. I've got some stockings, a pair of fuck-me heels, and a butt plug."I grinned until my face hurt.I was going to nail her from behind, put my foot on her head, and she was going to call me a bastard and I'd stick some fingers up her well-trained butt as she came and call her a whore, and she'd shake like a woman possessed.Yeah, she was going to get fucked in the morning.THREEI slept the long, dreamless sleep of the pothead, then lay in bed and felt Jess up before breakfast. We were spooning, so I got one hand on her firm, round ass and the other reaching over to her little tits. We made out like a while, my dick up against her butt and ready for action, until she rolled over and looked at me, grabbed my cock."Oh, it's you, " she said, "but come on, I need a shower, and then I'll to dress up and you can fuck my ass, OK?""Really?""Really. I've got big plans for this weekend."Yeah – I was falling real hard for Jess.
  9. longrun


    Hey guys have some questions I am with my girlfriend nearly 5 years now and the old missionary position sex is becoming a little boring. We live in ireland and she's really good looking short hair big tits slim body and a pretty nice ass. So I had a dream one night about her being fucked by an older guy while I watched in a hotel room. And I told her about it and she enjoyed the story etc etc. So when we were having sex I brought it back up and she came so hard on my cock like nothing before and enjoys talking about the prospect of a threesome. "BUT" I don't know if it's because I keep talking about it or if she just says things to turn me on she gets annoyed and says it would never happen. I am fixated with the thought of doing a threesome with her and another guy but I don't want to push or force it on her. Any ideas on how I can change her mind?
  10. Addicted to cock and never satisfied the only thing left to do was a gangbang. She was wanting and willing and we took these pics that we were going to post for an ad or profile. It never happened but it wasn't because she was not wanting or willing
  11. GF made me a vid when I was away for the weekend. Not sure who he is but she looks to have enjoyed it. Never have seen her get creamy like that. I think he cums inside of her... tmp_13998-Cheating-821222552.mp4
  12. This is one of seven animated gifs I made from a short video I took of my ex-girlfriend riding my friends cock while I filmed and jacked off. It's real hot. Let me know if you want to see the next gif in the series of the seven I made. If I get enough comments and likes, I will post more. This is a trial to see if it's worth my time and effort. If you convince me it is, then I will create gifs from videos of my current wife getting fucked. Warning!!!!!! If I do not get enough comments or likes, I will not post anymore gifs of either the 7 I made of my ex-girlfriend, nor any of my wife. So please show me you care by liking and leaving comments. It takes much time to do these in a way that I can upload them in high quality. SO PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Let me know if you want me to keep posting by leaving a comment, hitting the like button, and also please follow me so you can keep up with my posts so you won't miss anything. -->-->-->-->--> Please Hit Like Button To The Right, And Please Leave A Comment -->-->-->-->-->
  13. A shot of my sleeping girlfriend. Please caption what you'd like to do to her while she's like this....
  14. hey guys so heres my story, Ive been into cuckolding for close to 5 years now im 28. So i got into it young from hearing all my friends brag about their big dicks and all the girls they would fuck while i was a virgin till 19. so naturally when i found cuckolding i became really interested in the idea. Flash forward to my girlfriend weve been together almost 2.5 years. I told her about cuckolding 1 year ago since then weve bought a lock for dick, some big toys and we role play, shes told me sex stories and likes to deny me and tease me. She drew the line at fucking someone random. But she does have a friend she would be comfortable with fucking cause theyve known each other for a long time and used to fuck. He also has fucked her better than anyone else so he loves his dick. He lives in another state so thats they nothing has happened yet, she did tell him about cuckolding so he knows they talked about it for a little but he had a girlfriend at the time so didnt want to cheat on her. they broke up not to long ago and this past week he came down for a few days. So on thursday she drove up to see him, i stayed home I couldve gone but i didnt want to and i wanted to see how this would play out. We didnt talk or mention anything about them fucking. She gets there and a few hours later she calls me sayiing she is going to be late, they are going with his family somehwere. She then texts me even later saying they have been drinking and his familiy doesnt want her to make the 2 hour drive back home. he was in town visiting them. So gave her permission to stay cause i didnt want her to fall a sleep driving or anything. I then text her its ok if anything happens. The mood changes she gets excited and starts asking "really, this isnt a trick, you wont mind?"ect. I tell her no, go for it we all want it, he doesnt live her you dont see him often so go for it. That was the last i heard from her that night. I tried calling around 12:30 but her phone was dead, which sucks cause she said she would get pics. I called his phone and it just rang. She gets home the next morning, we dont mention anything she starts playing some mario then she says "thank you for letting me enjoy myself, the night progressed so nicely and when you gave permission that was just the best" She then tells me as soon as they got in the room together he tossed her on the bed took her pants off and started eating her ass. He fucked her doggy for 45 minutes ate her pussy for 45, she sucked his dick ,he was playing with her ass while fucking her she said she barely got any sleep. and when she did he woke her up and threw her on top of him gave her no choice but to fuck him. She said he really man handled her and had her pinned down just taking his dick. As she was telling me all this my tongue was so deep in her pussy i ate it vigorously. I then came in her twice, she says she didnt come from him that she wanted to save that for me. Im not sure where he came i still have to ask but i think it mightve been on her face cause i saw a messge she sent him saying she can still smell him. She also wants to do it again but more privately since they were at his parents and couldnt be too loud she told him in a message. He agreed. I am now a cuckold. I have had butterflies in my stomach and when i get horny its like turned up to 11. I watch porn and just think damn he mustve had her like that, or watching blow jobs just throws me into overdrive cause i know how good she sucks dick so its easy for me to picture everything that went down. Right now though i just dont know how to bring it up and talk about it. She has been acting like nothing happened, she likes that im turned on and i think she is just denying me cause we havent fucked since friday morning. Can anybody help me out with what to do afterwards how to keep it fresh and not have her get bored of always talking about it but fuck i am so horny all i want is for her to tell me every detail over and over. I am a little surpirsed at how well i am taking it, obviously before she fucked him i could never know how i would feel about it, but i really dont mind, i dont feel bad or upset. In fact i havent been able to take my hands off of her and it really made up realize the love we have for each other. Funny right?
  15. Hello guys, what do u think of her? Can someone please fake/ddddddddddddd/caption this Asian slut of mine? Many more pics of her if u li
  16. Be specific and tell me what you'd do to my girlfriend... Kik me videos here: liamislive , enjoy.
  17. I sometimes like my girlfriend to put on a show for me and let me watch her use her vibrator , which she is more than happy to do. I'll lie there and watch her slide it in and out of her hairy pussy while she moans with pleasure. Sometimes I'll hold her legs up while she wanks me off and imagine it's somebody elses cock fucking her, it;s a real turn on for me. As you can see she's a heavy cummer and when I was finally allowed to slip my cock in her her wet hole it was like somebody had already left a creampie inside her. At the moment it's just fantasy as she's mentioned she's not interested in being with anyone else. Thought I'd share though and would like to see some more pics of your wives/girlfriends enjoying themselves alone.
  18. I recently found an old diary belonging to my current girlfriend while having a rummage. It lists who she fucked, when and where. One entry I'm having trouble getting out of my mind is she once did it with another guy on the train. I'd of loved to have seen this. Has anyone else accidentally found something out about their girlfriend or wife that they don't know about ? Is so please share
  19. So, my girlfriend has finally let me share the first photos of her online. Please encourage her have more pictures made & uploaded - maybe that will lead to some hot wife/hotGF action down the road ;-) So what do you think of her ass? What could you imagine doing to her? What would you like to see her do? Can't wait to let her read your comments! (and if you cum on her pics & post that, that would be something great too!)
  20. Before sex my girlfriend likes to play with her favourite toy, the pink rabbit, and let me watch. She'll run it over her clit before plunging it deep inside her hairy pussy and giving it a good fucking. I'm allowed to lie there and watch while stroking myself or holding her legs up but aren't allowed to put my dick in her until she cums. Last night while she was doing it I told her to imagine it was a big cock fucking her...she just smiled and laughed !!
  21. I am a 21 yr old M from Aus and this is my 19 year old girlfriend, very petite and very slutty . Love to hear what you think of her and would love to do to her. Have many more photos on request. Edit: Forgot to mention we are an amateur cuckold couple and would love to meet some like minded people!
  22. Guest

    Toy sucking

    hi im new to this sight so bare with me lol. So my gf of 2 years had me suck off her 8 in rabbit dildo the other night while i jerked myself after she got off. and i dont know what this means or what. so whats your opnion on it.