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Found 10 results

  1. Can anyone give me some advice on getting my wife fucked by big black dick. She encourages interracial movies and creams at the sight of a bbc on television but won’t let any black men touch her, yes they have tried and I let them to no avail.
  2. Horny wife is ready for big cocks but still quite the teaser.
  3. This is my first post on this forum so hopefully all goes well and I can figure out how to include a few pics. Wife is 47 years old, 5'6" tall, 220lbs, 38D cup tits, 51" ass. I want other men to use her for pleasure.
  4. Wife’s big puss loves the big dick. I’m trying to get her to try bbc. Chime in and give comments and advice please.
  5. Hello everyone, we have been very busy with our daytime life obligations and not able to enjoy our nightlife "Play" and "Fun". We found this site a couple of months ago and we like how this site operates. And we oticed everybody who use this site are very open and friendly. This is how we like it and even though it has been only a couple of month we decided post some of our pictures. My wife and I have been married for over 30 years now. We have had our ups and downs with our relationship since my wife is very promiscuos. She gave me a heck of roller coster ride so far. I knew she was very sexual when I first met her. She told me she had over 100 lovers when I met her. There are few people who know how my wife is and I somehow put up with her behavior. I understand that there are several guys at her work who know she can be a fuck doll. Majority of the time when she decides to get wild, she is drinking. Of course working for a company (she is a database administrator at a large energy resource company) for over 15 years can reveal some of personal life style. During the holiday seasons, office party with plenty of booz made her stayed out all night long and sometime she didn;'t get home until following afternoon. My wife is not into cuckolding me with humiliation. I think I talked about my fantasy so much that she kind of comform with my fantasy. We are both very submissive and what we like is men and women dominate us. I love to fantasize I am forced to @@@@@@ my wife's naked body to strangers and hear degrading remarks about our body. You can take a look at our profile and find out what make us turned on. In any event, we are going to post few photos for now. Some of the pictures were extracted from our video clips and some are not good quality photos, we apologize. We are hoping we can attach the video clips to this thread. If you like our photos let us know and we will post our video footage. What we would like is (my wife's request) give us a feedback on our uploads. Degrading, nasty and humiliating commets is what she is hoping to receive. We hope you like them OK.... Giver2u
  6. Contact me for naughty and exciting experience More than happy to fulfil Your desires Kik :kojy_arizona Don't be shy to reveal it
  7. what will you do with her?
  8. I sometimes like my girlfriend to put on a show for me and let me watch her use her vibrator , which she is more than happy to do. I'll lie there and watch her slide it in and out of her hairy pussy while she moans with pleasure. Sometimes I'll hold her legs up while she wanks me off and imagine it's somebody elses cock fucking her, it;s a real turn on for me. As you can see she's a heavy cummer and when I was finally allowed to slip my cock in her her wet hole it was like somebody had already left a creampie inside her. At the moment it's just fantasy as she's mentioned she's not interested in being with anyone else. Thought I'd share though and would like to see some more pics of your wives/girlfriends enjoying themselves alone.
  9. my hot indian gf who cuckolds me
  10. I get off on imagining my girlfriend with other men whilst fucking her. I found an old diary of hers and it looks like she went through a phase of being a bit of a slut and having plenty of different cocks before we got together. She's previously mentioned in passing conversation that she'd have no interest in anyone else joining us so thought I'd just share some candid photos of her instead. Please comment on what you think and would like to do to her given the chance.