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Found 33 results

  1. Somebody TEAMVIEWER?

    ID and PASSW. in inbox

  3. ID 386 021 437 PASSWORD 5kq5e8
  4. WP_20170211_17_18_38_Pro.mp4

    From the album hard8bbc4mwf

    BLACK STUD 4 LIFE STYLE COUPLES CLEAN AND DISCREET hard8bbc4mwf at many sites contact me for video and pics
  5. From the album ♠️ Vicki

    collar & lead slut, waiting for BBC Bull
  6. Wifes Date night video

    My wife always try's to bring me something home to help me remember specific date nights that she has with other men. Its challenging for me to remember the little nick-nack she bought at some hotel gift shop, and I have to remember who her date was and all the details she told me. I know its going to be a good night for me when she goes to her memory case and grabs 3 or 4 nick-nacks and brings them to bed. Typically when this happens I have to remember and retell her all the details from the nights that those items represent while she bounces up and down on my cock with her eyes closed reliving the events. The names are extremely important because if I can't give her the man's or maybe the multiple men she was with that night she has nothing to call me. She wont call me by my name when she has sex with me she only calls me by some other guys name and always with her eyes closed. Although this last weekend was a little different, This time she recorded this video. I get the feeling I will be watching this video a lot while she uses me. I'm not sure who her date was last weekend so if its any of you bulls out there let me know. She told me she met him at the casino bar and that it was a one night thing and that she never traded numbers. So if its you tell me what else you wanted to do but didn't. I will tell her and who knows if its exciting enough for her she will probably want to hook up. She did say she was surprised at how good the sex was. wifemadeforme.mp4
  7. Can Other Cuckolds Relate To this?

    WATCHING, AS ANOTHER MAN SEDUCES YOUR WIFE It has to be the most erotic thing ever. Watching the woman you profess your love to every day be seduced by another man. Seeing her respond to his advances about to shatter vows promised on your wedding day. Witnessing them get naked and pressing their flesh against each other. Their lips interlocked as their hands wander exploring each other’s body. Her hand reaching down to grab his big rigid cock. His lips making their way down her neck to her succulent nipples. Her soft moans getting louder as his fingers enter her sacred pussy. The way he pushes her tingling body onto the bed. Her clenched fists grabbing the silky sheets as he eats her out. Her hesitation turning into complete surrender as he climbs on top of her. His big hard cock slowly entering her sweet wet mound. The slow thrusts which increase in speed and depth inside her. Her nails digging into his back as she wraps her smooth legs around his body. The screams that start filling the room as she exalts how amazing he feels inside her. The way her body shakes and trembles as she’s overcome with orgasms. The loud grunts he makes while fucking your wife so well. The sounds they both make as they cum together. The heavy breathing and glistening sweat on their bodies lying there in your marital bed. The anticipation that builds as you wait for them to do it all over again!
  8. Please rate this story for me, and comment, along with hitting the like button if you like it. I need to know if it is worth my time to write anymore stories about my wife's exploits of fucking other men. It was a few years back when my wife and I were at our favorite bar shooting pool when this guy asked if he could challenge the winner. I told him that it would be better if we just played a three way game and he agreed. We played quite a few games as we all drank and got to know each other. It wasn't long before I could just sense his testosterone and I began wanting him to fuck my wife. It's a common thing with me. I get around masculine men with my wife, and I begin wanting him to fuck her. On this night I was so desirous of wanting to see him fuck my wife that it would've been OK if he threw her on the table and banged her right there. Eventually he had to go to the restroom and I decided to follow him. We talked all the way to the restroom, and once I was knew we would be the only ones in there, I quickly moved the conversation to my wife and asked if he would like to fuck her. he looked at me and thought I was joking, but I assured him I was serious. To which he said, "Fuck yea." But then he informed me that he had to meet his wife at Denny's. She was getting off her job and if he didn't meet her the shit would hit the fan. So we agreed on a rain check for another time. We swapped phone numbers and headed back to the pool area. He headed to the bar to buy us some drinks and I went to the pool area. I told my wife that he wanted to fuck her, and she smiled. She told me she knew I would ask, and was glad I did, but then I informed her that her had to meet his wife. She kind of frowned. Then I asked if she was willing to suck his cock in the parking lot. She said maybe, it depended on how things worked out. He returned with our drinks and my wife made a B-Line for him and began flirting. One thing led to another and after I took a shot and missed, as I turned to let him know it was his shot, they were already making out right there in the pool area. I got excited and just stood back to watch the show to see how it turned out. I remember thinking that I may get my pool table fuck show after all. She was rubbing his cock through his jeans and he had his hand up under her blouse rubbing her breast. Before I knew, it my wife was unbuckling his pants as she tried haphazardly to get at his cock, which from the bulge I could tell was a good size one. What took place that night never happened before, and never would again. My wife gave this guy a blow job right in the bar. Th only reason no one noticed was because it was a Wednesday night and the bar was dead. The bartender and waitress were so busy cleaning up that he could have fucked my wife on the table and they would have been clueless. Ahh, the things we realize too late. It was friggin mind blowing to me, because she had never done that in public before, and as I said it would never happen again. My wife, Sharee, was beyond 3 sheets to the wind. Hell, when I asked her about it the next morning she didn't remember. As I filled in the blanks and she slowly started to recall some moments, but she thought from what she did remember, that it took place in the parking lot. Nope I told her, it was right there in the bar by the pool area. I remember it like it was yesterday. Mostly because it was so out of the norm. I oh so wished it would happen again, but it never did. Anyway, I watched as he pulled up her blouse to slide a hand into her bra to message her breast while she was busy fishing out his cock. She fumbled with his belt and then unzipped his jeans as if she was in a race. I was thinking that she wanted him so bad because she knew he had to leave soon and didn't want him to change his mind. When she finally pulled down his jeans you could see he was already hard. His cock was poking out of the elastic band of his briefs. He was a big boy, and she was determined to free his manhood from the cloth cage so she could engulf him with her mouth. She let out a sigh of gratification as she finally pulled his shorts down and grasped his cock with her hand. She kissed him and then began taking his hard cock into her mouth. As she bobbed her head up and down to suck his cock he grabbed the back of her head and leaned against the pool table. He was in bliss. He had closed his eyes and started moaning from the good feeling of her wet warm mouth. My wife is real good at sucking cocks. We had a roommate back in the early "90"s who told her that she doesn't just suck cock, she makes love to it with her mouth. I guess she has been perfecting her technique since she sucked her first cock at 12. Since then she has lost count of the many times she has been face and or throat fucked. It was so fucking hot, and I was wishing I had a camera to film it or at least take pictures. The sad thing is I had my phone and totally forgot I could have taking pics with it. I guess the whole thing took place in a cloud of alcohol and passion and I just spaced it out. The guy didn't take long before he was ready to get off though. As much as I remember it taking forever for her to get him off, the whole encounter from me turning to see them making out to him blowing his load was probably less than 5 minutes, but it seemed like an eternity. When he was ready he asked if it was Ok to blow his load in her mouth, and her only reaction was to put her hands on his ass to pull him in tight. Next thing I know he then grabbed her head and pulled her face int his groin which sent his cock into her throat. Like two lovers locked in an embrace of passion, they held each other tightly as he began shooting his cream down her throat. His whole body twitched as I could see his tightened ass cheeks quiver with every spurt of ejaculation. I doubt a drop even touched her tongue until he pulled back. At first my wife would not let go of his ass when he begin to pull back, but soon she him free. Then his cock slid out of her face and just flopped out as it was beginning to soften. There was a string of his sperm that was attached from his cock to her mouth for about 6 inches before it broke. It was so hot, my little clit was as stiff as little pencil watching it all take place. To this day I cannot believe I didn't remember I had my phone with me to take pictures. This is not the guy in the story, but it is my wife sucking another guys cock before he fucked her at our home. I thought picture of her sucking a cock would be good for the effect of the story. Did You Like This? Please let me know by clicking the like button to your right so I won't feel like it was a waste of my time. ------------------->>>>>>>>>
  9. I took this picture after she fell asleep. She had just been fucked by a stud we met at a local bar we used to frequent. At the time he had the biggest cock she had ever been fucked with. I had never seen my wife so thoroughly fucked. She was half drunk by the time we got home, so when he had finished fucking her she was pretty wore out. I saw the stud to the door and waited till he drove off. When I went back to the bedroom, my wife had put her nightgown on and fell fast asleep. I stood there just looking at her, knowing that I could never ever make her so good. She must have had three or four orgasms, and as beautiful as she looked with him between her thighs pounding his cock deep inside her,right at this moment when I took the picture she was even more beautiful and desirable to me than ever. The way she was sleeping with her hands just laying on her kitty, made me wonder what she was dreaming of. I bet she still felt the presence of his big cock spreading her pussy lips and how good it must have felt to be fucked in a spot no man had ever before been to. His cock easily reached twice as far into her pussy than my little dick could ever reach. I decided to post the pic I took of her stud getting dressed along with the one of her holding her kitty.
  10. Women wear a anklet ( some with HW charms) to tell those who understand they are a hot wife and looking. what is available for men to again tell those who understand there wife/gf is into sharing. also is there anything a man can wear to say "I'm wearing a cock cage" most people wouldn't know but those in the know can smile as they walk past, better still we could check out there hot wife I'm happy to wear something to say I'm caged, if your a bull have a go at picking up my wife
  11. We are racial cuckold couple here. Looking for long term white bull, as our bull is about to leave HK.
  12. Hot Wife story request

    Please! Would love a story about my shy conservative wife getting used in a gang bang. While I watch then join in fucking her.
  13. Alice, esposa caliente de Londres, para fiestas sexuales arriesgadas Hola, soy Alicia, una mujer atractiva caliente, atrevida, me gustan los juegos de roles, como atractivo de la criada, puta, separador, bitche sumisa. Me encanta las fiestas de sexo en grupo, donde varios hombres tienen para cada puta caliente. Hago esto sólo por diversión. En el sexo me gusta todo excepto BDSM con dolor severo. El resto de sexo atrevido y sucia que amo, Bondage, outoor sexo, exhibicionismo, culo cogida, bolbjobs, Me gusta el código de vestimenta, adecuado para todas las ocasiones, pero siempre atrevida y caliente. Nunca llevo las bragas, para más cremosos pantalla y las manos en mi culo. Interesados ​​en asistir a las partes muy calientes en Londres o de viaje si también puedo estar de acuerdo en una fecha y lugar. Tengo libertad total de mi cornudo, a la mierda con todo el mundo que desee, soy bisex, cuerpo pequeño, pero caliente y un culo redondo y sensual. Ponte en contacto conmigo, para que desear. besos calientes y traviesas para mis amantes.
  14. Hola soy Becka, Viven y trabajan en la Ciudad de Londres. Busque y el deseo, Los Nuevos amantes de la BBC para Alojarse en Londres (Tengo un pequeño apartamento, en La que vivo sola) mi marido vive para el Trabajo en otra ciudad, en la zona de Canary Wharf. me gusta, divertido, travesura, sexo fiesta, O CUALQUIER proposición rizado caliente para proponer un infarto de miocardio. mi código de vestimenta es El estilo de la BBC, mi culo desnudo bajo la falda o vestido, me GOOG gusta Black Bulls, y Mucho Más. la soja bisex. Para El Trabajo, viajo con Frecuencia a Los Estados Unidos. Las Ciudades Que El vuelo Más asiduamente, Son la ciudad de Nueva York, Miami, Seattle, Washington y Nueva York (ACTUALMENTE) también Otros destinos also in Las Ciudades, amo, divertirse y algunos adj buenos amantes de la BBC. Si alguien this Interesado, pongase en contacto conmigo para Quedarse. Ok, una organizadora y La Reunión, mejor piel con piel, es muy bueno .. besos calientes y blobjobs, becka
  15. I need help. I am 54 and my wife is 51, and she is still very hot. We have been married 25 years. How can I raise this topic with her for the first time in a way that will not leave me cringing in shame (or her thinking I am insane) if she reacts negatively? I have fantasized about this for years, but am getting more desperate about screwing up the courage to raise it.
  16. Free story on Amazon this weekend (July 23/24, US times), Lesbian-owned Wife (fffm) Amazon link (US site, but search in your local market if it doesn’t redirect) First 3k words here