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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, if anyone of you want to share his own wife videos on porn sites and let people jerking of his wife , just pm me.
  2. Hi all I’m back. i can make fake porn photos of ur wifes and moms ( just families) , if you like pm me. You will enjoy it, pm me.
  3. Hi all I’m back. i can make fake porn photos of ur wifes and moms ( just families) , if you like pm me. You will enjoy it,
  4. Hi, any iranian or persian cuckold here?? Tell to find,
  5. Hi i can make fake porn photos of anyone you want. Just pm me
  6. Some husbands become horned involuntarily and with the help of their partners ... here is an erotic story on that subject. Defiled Young Secretary By The Cryptkeeper (WARNING: Please do not read this work if subjects containing r******** and violence offend you.) Kelly Woods needed this job desperately. Her husband, Todd, became another victim of the worst economy since the Great Depression. With only her income now, the newly married couple barely made their rent and car payments. If she lost her job too, eviction from their apartment and repossession of their car threatene
  7. Hi i can make fake pics of your wife. If you like pm me.
  8. It is exciting, the way to blackmail, coerce, induce his employee to give his wife to the boss for fear of losing his job and the way the boss and his wife enjoy it. Coercion (MF, voy, nc, blkmail) by Hardy ([email protected]) *** An employee of a company is caught by his boss embezzling money. He is offered a choice, make restitution or go to jail. But the boss wants more than just money, he wants sex with the man's wife as part of the deal. *** I work as a comptroller at a small manufacturing company. I had started in the accounting department, and, over a period of five
  9. ID 386 021 437 PASSWORD fk5z96
  10. hi guys here is my gf on show for you all,we are from india and i am a wannabe cuckold.would love to hear nastiest comments from you guys if in hindi it would be a bonous.If i get enough response i will be posting more pics.Enjoy!!
  12. Addicted to cock and never satisfied the only thing left to do was a gangbang. She was wanting and willing and we took these pics that we were going to post for an ad or profile. It never happened but it wasn't because she was not wanting or willing
  13. Hi all! I am here to try and get opinions and information in regards to keeping my marriage together, but also finding another man who can sexually satisfy me, as my husband cannot. I understand the cuckold lifestyle and I believe I am looking to live something like it, especially if I can feel a real man on a daily basis, while keeping the love of my husband in the household. I will share pics of myself and would love to chat with you all! Thx! <3
  14. Wife is waiting for one of you bulls to give her a real cock any offers
  15. Starting this thread on hot wives of cuckold husband from india. I am bull from india and love fucking hot ladies and girls.
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