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Found 174 results

  1. I'm with my wife 9 years and approx 7 years we're enjoying this. During this time she had over 30 males. What about your wife??
  2. Nurse TJ new bf

    I thought I would share my latest adventures. A little back story for what is going on. I recently took the advice from another member on this site (Liz) and found a guy that I knew that worked shift work and see if he was interested in me. The guys name is Travis he works day and night shift and is married to Tracy. Travis and Eddie (husband) have been friends for a couple years. Travis was very excited when finding out that I was a hotwife. So he asked me out on a date. I of course said yes. So Eddie is very excited about this but Travis wife Tracy does not know what is going on. The story of our first date I sent to Liz and thought I would share the story here. As always would love to hear any comments or suggestions. Hope you all enjoy! So I had my date with Travis last night. One of the great things was the process of getting ready. As you know that is almost as good as actually going on the date. Eddie was very sweet and made some really great under garmet selections. He picked out matching red g-string and lace bra. I felt very sexy and was really hoping to show Travis both items. Since I wasn't to sure what we were going to do I didn't want to dress too slutty. I had to try and balance being sexy for Travis but not give the impression to other people we may run into while we were out. So I decided to wear a little sundress. It was nothing to revealing but made for easy access if Travis wanted to take advantage of it. I was ready to go and had 20 minutes before Travis was supposed to pick me up. So I called Travis wife Tracy. Eddie was listening as we small talked for about 10 minutes. Then Tracy told me she had to go say goodbye to Travis because he was going out with some buddies. Tracy said maybe Eddie should tag along. I said he was busy and told her I would talk later. I could hear Travis in the background starting to say goodbye. He arrived about 10 minutes later and came in the house to pick me up. When he got inside he looked at me and just said wow. I started blushing right away. He leaned in and kissed my cheeck. Eddie said hello and told him to be safe. With that I left my house with my husbands good friend for our first date. The first ten minutes in his car was very weird. Neither of us really knew what to say or do. Finally he said he can't beleive he gets to go on a date with me. He told me about wanting me from the first time he met me and Eddie. That broke the ice and we both shared all the times we have thought about possibly being together. We arrived at our destinantion about 20 minutes later and it was the drive in theater. I told him what a perfect idea. He just smiled and said he had many more good ideas to come. It was super fun. We parked and didn't pay any attention to the movie. We sat there and talked and before I knew it we had been there for over an hour talking and flirting. There was crazy sexual tension there but I think we were both nervous to make that first move. He is so sweet and respectful. Finally I just told him he can touch and kiss me whenever he wants. That was all it took. For the next hour we sat there slowly kissing each other and groping each others bodies. It was super sexy and probably one of the best first dates ever. The movie ended and other cars were starting to leave. I asked if he was okay with me sucking on him. He quickly said of course so I undid his pants and started to give Travis a blow job. While I was doing that I felt my dress come up and he was rubbing my pussy and ass. He lifted my face up and said he wanted to fuck me but thought we should save that for another date. I smiled and went back to sucking on him. He was starting to tense up and then he filled my mouth with a lot of cum. Like a good girl I swallowed every drop and cleaned off every inch of his cock. After I was done he got his pants back on and pulled out of the drive in. The whole way home he fingered me as he drove. I came two times on the way back home. Once we got to the house he walked me to the door and we stood in front of my house kissing for about 5 minutes. I was super nervous my neighbors would see but after such a good date I didn't want to let Travis down. We said our goodbyes and he left and I went in and told Eddie everything and fucked his brains out.
  3. Italian cuckold or hotwife italian

    Salve sono mario I am mario great bull!!i am seeking for hotwife or real cuck!!please for 22 cm of cock (w)contact me in skype ----- guttacavem invito tutti i real cuckold italiani o le hotwifes italiane a rimanere loro contatti skype o kik!! Possiamo creare nostra comunity e cercare di combinare qualche serata!! un saluto caloroso a tutti gli aderenti mario
  4. Show your Wife in style

    Choose your style and show your wife's often uses , let's see how classy this ladies are ..
  5. Sharing Tips

    How to make your woman into a hot wife. Idea No1 Place an advert for her on an adult site. Gain lots of responses and then show her the results. Makesure you hide her identity whilst showing off her body. My wife was flattered by the results. She actually agreed to try a mmf So what other ideas have worked?
  6. sloppy seconds

    So, you guys like sloppy seconds? I personally find the idea hugely exciting! After a wife has been fucked and used, entering a hole that has been amply lubricated and dilated by the bull is such an exciting thought! I think I will cum within 2 minutes of entering such a pussy I'd also love to rub the bulls cum on my dick and masturbate, if entering the pussy is denied
  7. My HOT wife out in public in a skirt that shows off her ass. She got a lot of offers by wearing that skirt. As you can see I was walking behind her most of the day.
  8. Cuckold and FLR

    Hey guys I have been fantasizing about my wife sleeping with other guys for a few years now but I still haven't managed to make it happen. I was probably doing the wrong thing by rationally explaining her why I wanted it and getting sad and upset when she was telling me that she wasn't interested. Now after 2 years I have decided to get some help from a professional guy who is giving me great insight on how to emotionally getting my wife interested in trying this out. As part of this process I have also started a slow journey into the FLR word and really enjoying the idea of becoming more servant towards my wife while slowly hopefully reaching the point when she will finally decide to try this beautiful fantasy out. I love her very much and I really want to serve her and have her finally sexually satisfied by someone that can make her reach as many orgasms as she deserve. I would like to hear from someone else out there that have been struggling like me for years to get this fantasy happening and if they eventually made it happening or the only final result is just giving up. Thanks so much to the one of you who would like to share some advise. Bestxx
  9. Yorkshire Bull for Yorkshire couples

    Hi I am Andy, 39 years old looking for a new hotwife or couple for discrete fun. I can't accommodate, but I can travel. Clean, discrete, DDF and non-smoker with normal but varied bedroom tastes. KIK and email to start and a discrete meet to see if we work, then leave the rest to me.
  10. Cuckold looking for TeamViewer Master Setup permanent access to my PC via TeamViewer Use wifes photo to backmail and humilitation
  11. New York City Bull

    Well educated, discreet, professional, experienced New York City Bull looking for his next cuckold couple. My last couple had to move out of the area to care for a family member out of state. They were with me for 13 years. I am now looking for a new wife/cuck couple for a possible LTR. I am an in shape and active ex-military officer. I keep in shape with long distance cycling and other outdoor activity. I enjoy a wide range of activities both in and out of the bedroom. I often enjoy the company of the wife, and sometimes both the wife and husband while I take advantage of all that New York City has to offer. Some of my outside the bedroom activities include long distance cycling, sailing, scuba diving, wood working, theater, concerts, and travel. I understand the dynamic of this type of relationship and pride myself on being able to keep both the wife and her cuckold well engaged. If you are a local hotwife/cuckold couple and wish explore possibilities with an experienced bull then send me a message.
  12. Hope you guys enjoy this.
  13. Well thanks to this site we finally found a serious bull for her. They are going on their first date today in a few hours, we are so excited about it. It has been a long journey, it started with my fantasy of many, many years, and getting the courage to tell her. When I did, yeah she was pissed, and didnt think I loved her anymore, but as the months went by, she slowly warmed up to the fantasy, and now it is really happening. We only just met him a few days ago and this is moving faster than expected, which is fine. I cant wait to see her cum filled pussy and fuck her when she gets home. She doesnt take nudes yet but hopefully soon I will have videos and pics to share.
  14. dirty comments about my young wife. what you think of her, what you would do to her, how, where..?
  15. My sexy little vixen

    My hotwife and I have been playing for about 2 years now. What would you do to her?
  16. Hey everyone, so I tried to tack this on to another post that is no longer available/deleted, so I will start here. I have fantasized about this lifestyle for some time. With a previous ex (thank goodness) we tried some, as she enjoyed telling me I have a small cock, though at roughly 5", I like to think 3.5 - 4.5 (somehow completes the cuck fantasy for me). We even explored her being sub, having a master and even had a pretty hot experience with her master, where I got to ty watch and stroke as she got what was a very thick ginger cock and load. Anyway, now I am with my fiancé, she is a sexy, thick girl, me 45, her 40...a nurse, who also has a side job selling toys and accessories via parties. The latter part is cool because she has all kinds of things that heat things up. Well, this helped introduce her to the idea. I would say, yeah you like that big cock don't you, while often referring to my dick (you can't call it a cock, can you...though I love that word and honestly like watching and admiring strong cocks, cumshots, etc..) as small. It even allowed me to point out how the big toys make her moan and also hit the clit like my little cock can't, which really makes her moan. This has been progressing nicely and now she really likes to talk about how better big cocks can take her and telling me of her past promiscuities following her divorce after 18 years. She would often turn me on and flirt/hint at her desire by exuberantly saying BIG BLACK COCK ALWAYS WINS while playing Cards Against Humanity, though she claims she doesn't want BBC (probably scared), she admits she loves a big Puerto Rican Cock...says they all have big ones. So to cut it short, here is her looking for cock, a bull on a casual kinky encounters site (will keeping working for more, but that part she may be reluctant). A pic of what she is dealing with, though it gets hard easy and is a hard/far multi-shooter (it is clearly not enough right???) that she owns. She says she wants to see some bull cock (of course, I do too) BONUS: A pic of an eclipse she and I thought was hot. Ciao, Mike and Racquel
  17. Hi every one we are real couple from Delhi. Ours tumbler name is we are 29m/28f . we are into lifestyle and cuckold relationship. let us know what you think about my hot wife.
  18. More of my wife

    Here's more of my wife for all you horny n hungry guys out there

  20. Have a ton of pics of her. Will keep adding them to this thread. Please comment: what you would do with her, your opinions or anything...
  21. Who can relate ?

    Who can confirm that ? Funny yet real
  22. My HotWife

    I hope you'll like her Comments appreciated!!
  23. Hot wife

    I'm trying to get my wife to stop cheating and start being a hotwife so I can watch here is a couple pictures of my wife if you want to see more let me know any advice pleas let me know