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  1. I am 30 years old, tall and experienced man. Willing to meet a cuckold couple/hotwives for an ongoing relationship, I am in Istanbul.
  2. Tons more of her to share and discuss. Message me on Sky. [email protected]
  3. So. Many couples have children of their own. I am wondering how you approach your kids when they start asking questions about anything they may see. From both the couples and bulls point of view.
  4. Love to discuss her in detail and answer questions. [email protected] on sky
  5. 34f wife from New England. Loving being shared by her extremely proud bf. Needs a little more encouragement tho
  6. I have a fun survey here for all the bulls out there. asking what they think about my Latinahotwife and what kinds of things they would like to do with her. It’s not very long and it has plenty of pics to make it worth your time. Your input is greatly appreciate here is the link https://xdpiimt5bjj.typeform.com/to/oIqUNxAD enjoy 😉
  7. Let me know how you guys like it! https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/joypixels/assets/6.5/png/unicode/64/263a.png IMG_4137.mp4
  8. This is my wife. 43 years old, she does fuck other men, doesn't matter the race. Both with me watching and alone. We are looking for people who want to play. She has voiced she would take a boyfriend while being married to me, but also just a normal play partner or one night offs. She has had a dom before and liked it and all he did with her and being told what to do. She's not into anal, but does like her butt played with, she loves sucking dick and is very skilled at it but is not big on swallowing but has done it on a person to person basis (and once without being warned and had to swallow which was hot as hell), she has done golden showers and enjoyed it, but hasn't done one involving face. Me personally I love seeing her fucked in her pantyhose, with the crotch ripped open, having cum on her feet, shoes and legs then wearing it out in public, seeing cum in her pussy, seeing her fucked hard, seeing her fucked still in her cloths and shoes on, just her dress lifted up. I love to watch and I love to be home while she goes alone as well. What do you guys think? Would you fuck her?
  9. We like to watch guys video themselves getting off looking at our pics & videos...anyone interested? We are in our late 50's in Indiana. She loves getting a guy off in front of me & I love to watch, help & clean up.
  10. You just never know, do ya? Looks can be so deceiving. This sexy woman is artslade's wife. This picture was posted on the "Party season" thread. The talk on that thread turned to "little black dresses"...a fashion staple. Pretty much a must have in any woman's closet. And let's face it...LBD'S ....little black dresses can be very, very sexy. artslade's wife gives us a perfect example here. I'm sure she caught a lot of males attention in her LBD. And I'm sure that most of those males were thinking exactly what I was thinking when I saw art's wife..."damn, I'd like to fuck her!" art's wife has that sexy...wife-next-door quality about her. Looks somewhat innocent....in a sexy way. But looks can be so deceiving. When you look at this sexy wife...does the thought come to mind...whore! Dirty, fuckslut, whore wife! No? Well maybe it should.... DomBull4U 20181214_211856(1).webp
  11. Let me know if you guys enjoyed. Slide into DM if interesting in fucking me. IMG_9849.mp4
  12. I am an experienced, well educated, in shape and easy going naturally dominant bull with a 2 family home in New York City. My second unit has been vacant for some time and I think it is time I change that. To that end I am looking for a cuckold couple who wants a live in or really close (one door away) situation in NYC. The husband should be a working professional and able to contribute to the household expenses. The wife can work, or not but should enjoy spending time with her bull both in and out of the bedroom. The right cuckold couple will have a small two bedroom place with eat in kitchen, living room and a parlor in an upscale and trendy neighborhood that is full of great places to eat and walking distance to two micro breweries and a micro distillery. They will be the envy of their social circle when they tell friends about their great deal on where they live. In addition to other men's wives some things I enjoy are fine dinning, theatre, jazz, making things with my hands, dirt bikes, long distance cycling, scuba and cooking to name a few. I am the guy who is just as at home at a black tie event as I am a county fair. I am not originally from NYC, but have lived here many years, so I may not be your typical New Yorker. If you are interested in getting to know each other and maybe relocating to my second place please private message me.
  13. Fantasise about watching your wife get fucked by a stranger? You have talked to her and she is intrigued - but nervous? Part of her reticence is about local people finding out? Maybe she is just inhibited in her familiar surroundings.... A sensitive introduction while you are on a trip, far from family, friends, neighbours and colleagues could be the answer... If you are visiting London or nearby and staying in a nice hotel then get in touch! I am a mature, experienced Bull, not a crude, "treat 'em rough, insult the husband" type but a refined, educated, subtle man who wants you both to have a good time and leave with an enthusiasm for the lifestyle. I am more appropriate for mature couples - unless she has older man fantases! Of course, you may be an experienced couple yourselves and still like the idea of a "Little London Adventure" - in which case I am equally happy to provide that diverting experience - maybe show you some characteristic pubs you would not have found yourself, whatever you fancy - followed by some "alternative entertainment" in your hotel room.... Happy to consider all applications! Contact here and I will provide email etc
  14. What do you think of my wife, Kaye?
  15. I want to help the repopulation and breed sexy hotwifes and sexy sluts , after that exhausted pandemic it should start sooner as possible ! We can have a lot of fun and mating !
  16. During the summers when I was 8 and 9 years old, my parents had hired a babysitter, named Ashley, to watch me while they were at work. Ashley’s parents lived in the neighborhood, and she was home from college and needed some extra cash. Our mothers had run into each other at the store, and her mother suggested it since I played with their youngest , Taylor (2 years older than me), all the time anyway. Spending anywhere from 8-12 hours a day for two summers with Ashley, I grew rather fond of her. She’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. After that second summer, I didn’t see her as frequently. I remember going to her college graduation party, I remember seeing her at a couple of weddings, her siblings graduation parties, and a few 4th of July’s. But about 15 years ago, she moved to Texas, got married, and had a couple of kids. Skip to about a month ago...I’m at a charity golf outing. Basically, you sign up and get randomly paired with a foursome. I got paired with two guys from my town that I knew (small town, everyone sort of knows everyone), and one guy that I didn’t really know but looked vaguely familiar, Andrew. So we’re golfing, drinking, shooting the breeze. We’re having some guy talk, and Andrew starts telling us about how he and his wife are in the lifestyle. The other two guys are pretty conservative, so I knew they wouldn’t have any good stories. So, I jump in the same cart as Andrew the rest of the day. He tells me how he and his wife used to go to swingers parties, but got tired of them really quick. Then, they’d only play with certain friends. Then, he says that they’re at the point now where he just likes to watch his wife with other guys, whether it be watching it live or letting her go off and send him pics/vids. I tell him how I’ve dabbled and have been a bull for a few couples before. So, I know where he’s coming from. At some point about 9-10 holes in it finally hits me like a ton of bricks...who does he know? Where is he from? He tells me. So, who does he know? He didn’t travel halfway across the country for a charity golf tournament to fund scholarships for high school graduates who are going to major in agriculture. So, he has to know someone local. So, I ask. And he tells me who he’s married to. And I feel like I’ve just been struck by lightning. I keep quiet about it though, and we finish out the round and head back to the clubhouse for early dinner/banquet thing where they announce the winners. Sure as shit, we walk into the clubhouse bar...and the first people we see are Taylor, Ashley, and their brother, Mike. I start chatting with Taylor, who I’ve remained good friends with over the years...even friends with benefits at times. She asks who I golfed with, and I told her the two guys and her brother-in-law. She then yells something over at him, and he and Ashley come over. She finally realized who I was, “Oh my God! How are you?! I hardly recognized you, you’ve gotten so big” (I’m 6’6” 250 lbs). At time, I realize that the people golfing weren’t the only ones buzzed up. I ask, “how long have you guys been here”? Taylor answered, “about an hour-hour and a half”. They, like many people had came out, paid to attend the dinner, and had been drinking at the bar. So we eat dinner and have a more few drinks, and it’s only about 5:00-5:30. I’m getting another beer at the bar and Ashley comes a starts making small talk. It’s mostly catching up stuff mixed with some “remember that time”. Then it turns fairly flirty. All of a sudden she blurts out that drunk Andrew has told her what we had discussed half the day. All of a sudden, she’s starts complaining that she forgot her phone at Taylor’s. She asked if I was ok to drive, which at that point I was. She then goes and tells the others that she forgot her phone and that I was taking her back into town to get it, and that we’d meet them back in town at the bar later. As we’re leaving, drunk Andrew runs outside and yells, “send me some pictures”! We get back to Taylor’s house, walk in, and I go sit in the living room while I thought Ashley was looking for her phone. After a few minutes, she comes in and sits down and we start casually chatting about random stuff again. About 10 minutes in, Ashley casually gets up, walks over, sits on my lap, and we start kissing. We’re getting hot and heavy when she undoes my shorts and starts stroking my cock. I return the favor by by sliding my hands up the skirt of her green sundress...I start gripping and rubbing her ass, then slowly sliding my hands up, pull her panties to the side, and start rubbing and fingering her pussy. Out of nowhere, she stops me, and with a smile says, “we’ll come back to that later. We don’t have much time. Oh! And don’t forget to take some pictures”. She then proceeded to slump to the floor, whips my shorts and boxers off, and starts sucking on my cock. A few minutes in...about the time she switches from sucking/stroking me and rubbing my balls, to stroking my cock and licking and sucking my balls 😂...I think to myself, holy shit! This is amazing”! Somehow I managed to compose myself long enough to take some pictures (see below), get Andrew’s number from Ashley,...and text them to Andrew. In return, I received a reply that just said “HOTTTTTT!!!!!!” 😂. We finish, clean up, and head to the bar to meet the others. We proceed to drink and have a great time catching up. We left the bar around 10:30-11:00 and walked backed to Taylor’s, where she went to bed...and Andrew watched me fuck his wife for about an hour...then, he watched watched the look on her face as I came inside her. 😂 We followed that up the next night by doing the same thing, minus the golfing.
  17. Love huge tits so I would love to see some of your wife's tits.
  18. I read online of a Dominant bull insisting that the husband start regularly taking his wife's birth control tablets. The effect on the man was that his sex drive was depleted and he was unable to get erections. This meant that the wife had to be satisfied by the bull and wanted him more often. The cuck was happy because he didn't feel the need for sex anymore and could focus on more important things in his life. I wondered if any other members have experienced this and if it worked?
  19. Mt872


    Curious. Does anyone else out there want their wives birth control to fail while with him? Or have him cum in her unprotected? I get so hard at the thought of this happening to my wife. Not sure I could do it. But it’s hot to think about
  20. As I wait for the day for my wife to finally cuck me, I would love for you guys to make your best CUCK CAPTIONS of her!
  21. We have met 8 bull's D/D free who we currently are rotating on a weekly basis for the Cuckolding sessions l crave. My cuck husband is still taking 4 more D/D free bull's who we need in our Bull pen rotation . This gives me 4 guys each week to cuckold husband with . I only want each 4 guys every other week giving them more sperm when we meet. That is one of my rules for the bull's in my pen . Currently here in Hollywood with 8 big cummers now . I have 2 we are going to meet this weekend . I like to have steady regulars for my sessions. That is what l have been up to since moving here to Los Angeles , Hollywood , My 8 bull's have kept me fed well all studs under 30 with big loads. Lots of pleasurable creampies as well . Well wishes to my fans ,, kisses Gina Jones
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