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  1. Some of you cucks seem really frustrated because your wives can't be posted in the chat room. Hopefully pic posting in the chat room will be problem that is soon resolved.The cuckfart administrators have told me they are working to restore pic posting to the chat room. But...in the meantime, I may be able to help some of you cucks out. Maybe I can post your slutwife on this forum. OR...you can do it. Cucks...love those amazing slutwives of yours! DomBull4U
  2. Ok guys There are plenty of ways an experienced wife can display that she is up for approach. The "HW" anklet, the Ace of Spades etc But what about the guy who actively seeks and hopes his wife is seduced. How can he subtly mark her so that potential Bulls will know she is fair game. By seeing this... They will immediately know there is no problem with the husband...he wants her seduced. She may not be aware, but he has managed to persuade her to wear this item. So I am looking for ideas for: Please try and seduce my Wife (anklet) Maybe it could be a green anklet.... Giving potential Bulls the green light to chat her up. It is subtle..... Some wives might be in the know, others might be blissfully uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.... But the potential cuckold and the potential bull will know what each other wants. The cuckold wants help in turning his wife into a hotwife. The bull wants her pussy (and now knows he will have no problemo from hubby) Of course Bulls seeing this will have to be polite friendly and subtle (as well as charming, pleasant etc) But they can subtly check with the hubby if he knows what the anklet (or other item) means. It is a way of finding a helpful source of information with a common goal.... To have the wife penetrated! I would guess 80% of wannabes wives are uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu of the lengths their hubbies will go to to get them laid by another man! Come on Bulls and cucks a like....post your ideas. Then we will vote, once we agree we will make this go viral and start our wives unwittingly using it. Let's get them advertising their husbands desires!
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