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  1. Has anyone out there enjoyed having their wife or GF put on a strap on and peg your cuckold ass ? Has it been in front of her boyfriend or better yet have you let her boyfriend give it to you before he screwed your wife ? Was it painful ? Were you prepared for it ? How did it make you feel ?
  2. Hi. Does anyone else feel that cartoons is a good way of illustrating your fantasies? I think the photos out there, and the captions, often is kind of tacky. Here is some cartoons that pretty much sum up my fantasies. The last photo is a my wife though
  3. My wife refuses to have anything to do with my penis because it is so small, which is understandable. Her pleasure is to insult me in front of her bulls by comparing my size to theirs. Of course theirs is always bigger. The photos show it all...
  4. Hi This goes to both bulls and cuckolds like me. I have had a craving the recent days, that someone prints out naked photos of my wife and leaves them in public places (mens bathrooms etc) with some kind of text, maybe some contact information. I dont dare to do this myself, as the men that would find them would live to close tous. But the thought of my wifes innocent pussy being displayed is very humiliating and at the same time makes me very horny. It is a possibility that you give them an email adress that both you and me have access to, so you can read the mail to. Would anybody help me out, or have similar other ideas to play out? (I have more photos)
  5. Who else here fantasizes day in and day out about their wives being used for blowjobs? I don't care much to see her get fucked I just want to see her drop to her knees and pleasure other men. I want to see her casually used and degraded whilst being called a flurry of names. I want her to love having her mouth used & begging to suck. I know a lot of cuckolds like to be degraded themselves but I want to see my wife degraded and used. I want to put her on a pedestal while someone else treats her like a slut. Does anyone else have these urges?
  6. So most of you know me/us and our story. So we have been absent lately due to this that and the other Personal life comes first. So, this past weekend, I was informed I was wearing the canary yellow cage while she left to go out. Anticipating a normal night, I put it on and set off to do my husband duties. After a couple hours she returns with three of her friends and tells me that their plans were cancelled and I was the evening entertainment. Not knowing if any of her friends knew of my relatively sensitive situation, I went along with the idea of being the servant. Everytime I'd slip out of eye sight to remove my cage one of the women would find me and ask for a refill. As the night progressed and inhibitions lowered, my secret slipped my wife's tongue and my secret was out. Standing in a room of half drunk women, knowing my secret was a bit more than I could handle. My cock started to twitch and grow, and my discomfort , which my wife knew the signs, became the greatest joke in history. The women laughed at me being in Chastity and not being man enough to satisfy my wife. Needless to say I had quite the raging caged hard on Now, I ask, is that reaction normal? I've had bulls and lovers make fun of me, but never a room full. I'd love to say they wanted to see it, but my wife wouldn't let them, only pointing to my crotch and laughing. I was turned on in my humiliation. What do you think? I found out afterwards her friends knew she cheated but not that I knew. So the secret is out and I've been dripping pre cum ever since Help
  7. Who else here fantasizes day in and day out about their wives being used for blowjobs? I don't care much to see her get fucked I just want to see her drop to her knees and pleasure other men. I want to see her casually used and degraded whilst being called a flurry of names. I want her to love having her mouth used & begging to suck. I know a lot of cuckolds like to be degraded themselves but I want to see my wife degraded and used. I want to put her on a pedestal while someone else treats her like a slut. Does anyone else have these urges?
  8. I received a call from a married lady friend I have known for years saying she would like to make her hubby watch while she gets a good fucking in front of him. I was asked to turn up at 2pm in the afternoon which i did. She opened the door wearing only a long black T-shirt which just went passed her bottom. She was an attractive lady in her late 40's. She lead me upstairs without saying a word until we reached the bedroom, then she asked me to wait until she called me in. Once back in the bedroom i heard some kissing and then she told her hubby that she had a surprise for him. She told him to sit down and then a couple of minutes later she open the door and beckoned me in. The first thing i noticed was hubby was tied naked to a chair and his cock was standing to attention. Eileen said Simon wanted to watch her get a good fucking by someone and humilated him as well she wanted it to be someone she knew and trusted. Eileen moved over to me and we started kissing and my hands started to explore her body. The kissing became more and more passionate and i helped her take of her T-shirst and she was naked underneath. I started playing with her tits and nipples and i took each nipple into my mouth in turn and started to suck on them, she started to moan and i could tell she was enjoying it. I pushed her back on to the bed and made her lie down and open her legs wide and i could see her beautiful pussy. I started kissing the inside of her thighs working further and further up nice and slowly until i reached her wet pussy. I told her to tell Simon what it felt like and then i could hear telling him how good it felt to have another mans head between her legs. At this point i was licking, sucking and finger fucking her until all of a sudden she let out a load scream as she cum, her body was shaking. After a couple of minutes she got up, gave me a smile and walked across to Simon with his rock hard cock. She stood in front of him and inserted her fingers in her soaking wet pussy and then she put them into his mouth and was told to suck them, this happened a few times and then she bent down and sucked his cock for a minute or two and told him that she was now about to get a good fucking in front of him. Eileen came back over to the bed and asked me to stand up and then started to kiss me, i remember feeling her arse and thinking 'God that feels good'. Eileen started opening my shirt and kissing my chest at the same time she was opening my trousers until she found what she was looking for, my cock. My trousers were around my ankles and Eileen was playing with my balls and cock. The i heard her say to Simon, 'this cock is going to fuck me Simon and you are going to watch'. She then put my cock in her mouth and then took it out and said, 'it tastes good as well'. She sucked me for a good 5mins until I exploded in her mouth. She then went over to Simon and made him taste my cum. I then decided to take control of situation and grabbed Eileen down onto the bed face first and i looked at her great arse and made her knell on the bed and went behind her, i looked over at Simon and asked him if he wanted me to fuck her and he said, 'yes please'. I started to tease her pussy with the head of my cock while playing with her arse. Then Simon shouted, 'Fuck her' and Eileen said, Please fuck me i want it'. So i thrust my cock deep inside her pussy and fucked her good and hard. While fucking her i lent forward and started playing with her tits. I told Eileen to tell Simon what it felt like and she stated to tell him what it felt like to be getting a good fucking. Then after 4-5 mins of hard fucking i exploded inside her with my cum. It felt really good and Simon had a smile on his face as well watching my cum dribble out if Hus wife's cunt. After a couple of minutes Eileen went over to Simon and stood naked in front of him, she asked him if he had enjoyed watching so far and he said he'd loved it. She then put her fingers deep into her pussy and then ordered him to lick them clean and this happened a few times and then she asked him if he wanted her to suck his cock, Yes was his cry. She then went to work on my now hard cock again sucking me like a pro. I left after we had been there for about 2 hrs. I now see them a few times a year
  9. I was wondering if any of the cucks here had ever been made to wear the condom used and filled by a bull, after the hotwife had come back. I have tried to suggest it to a woman, but she was not into that. I think it's very hot...but It might be just the way I see it!
  10. When Liz and I got together she was 35 and I was 42. Liz was an absolutely beautiful woman, large firm breasts, a flat washboard stomach great legs and a very pretty face. She also had a perfect pussy neat, tight and always moist and juicy. She was a total perfectionist where her appearance was concerned – perfect hair and makeup and always immaculately dressed. She was the perfect girlfriend and we hit it off sexually right away. She was always up for fun, and we experimented with all sorts of positions and fantasies. As we tried different things I noticed that what really seemed to turn her on was fantasies involving someone seeing her naked or seeing us fucking. She would have shattering orgasms and would become completely insatiable when I described these situations to her-especially as I slid my cock in and out of her sopping wet pussy but she would even come while sucking my cock if she imagined someone was watching her. As we explored this fantasy together I began to notice that what really sent her over the top was when she imagined she was being watched by men as she stripped and @@@@@@@ herself to them – her breasts, her arse and most of all her perfect pussy. She loved the thought of putting on a show for them – touching herself and eventually fingering herself until she came in front of them. She loved the idea of the men getting more and more aroused, rubbing their cocks and eventually getting their cocks out and wanking themselves off as they stared at her perfect body. What really did it for her was the thought of her putting on a live sex show for them, me fucking her hard from behind or her sucking me off until she made me come over her pretty face and perfect breasts. It was clear she was a real exhibitionist and really got off on the power of arousing men to the point where they couldn’t control themselves anymore and could do nothing but spurt spunk from their cocks as they stared at her willing sexy body. Eventually, after a really great session, I asked the million dollar question. –‘Would you like to try it for real?’ ’ I’m really not sure’ she said, ‘I’m not sure how I would feel if they were actually there looking at me for real, I might not find it as sexy as the fantasy.’ I look down and her fingers were massaging her clit as she spoke. ‘Well you certainly look like you like the idea to me’, I said, ‘ all those men stroking their big hard cocks watching you reveal your breasts and you pussy to them, watching you finger yourself till you come’. She groaned loudly and came as I spoke. ‘Only if you are there’ she said ‘I want to suck you while they watch’ she said, licking my cock between words. The next day I asked her if she was serious, or was it just lust speaking. ‘I’m game if you are’ she said. We talked about how we could make it happen – there weren’t any sex shops or porn theatres anywhere near us, where a little exhibitionism might be ok , but we were aware of a place off the A3 that was notorious for dogging. We agreed that we would give it a try – we could stay in the car and check the situation out, and if she didn’t like it we could just drive off! We decided to try it next Saturday. Liz got ready, putting on a tiny thong, a pair of knee length spike heeled boots, no bra and a dress that wrapped over her breasts and tied at the side. Her hair and makeup were perfect as ever and she looked absolutely stunning. We drove to the area and slowly drove into the woods to the parking area. It was dark, but we could see a number of cars parked in a clearing, some with lights on inside. Someone flashed their lights on as we pulled in, and we could see a few men moving about outside. It was a warm summer night and I opened the windows a little so we could get some air and hear what may be going on. Liz reached over and started to massage my cock through my trousers and in no time I had a raging hard on. A couple of men moved close to the car and a few seconds later a third man joined them. Liz started to squeeze her breasts and rub her hard nipples with her left hand while she unzipped my fly and pulled my rock hard cock out. I leaned over and untied the dress, pushing the material aside so her breasts were on show. Her nipples were sticking out harder than I had ever seen them. ‘Put the light on’ said a voice from outside ‘put the light on so we can see better’. Liz reached up and switched on the interior light and she was bathed in bright light. We could no longer see outside, but Liz started to put on a show. She reached down and opened her dress, teasing her nipples with her left hand and rubbing her pussy through her thong with her right. I took about 20 seconds of this before she came, groaning loudly, her eyes closed.. By now the men had moved close to her window and were looking through, rubbing bulges in their trousers. Liz opened her window a little more ‘lets see some cocks’ she said – ‘the nicest one might get a little treat’ I could hardly believe my ears – what did she mean by a ’little treat’? My mind was reeling but my cock was harder than ever. I was losing control of the situation and thought maybe we should go, but I was so aroused that I wanted to see what happened next even more. I didn’t wait long to find out. The men outside each unzipped their trousers and pulled their cocks out. One of them was already hard and I was gratified to see he was somewhat smaller than me, the others were semi hard but one cock was already bigger than mine. It was circumcised and I could see a little pre cum shining on he tip in the light. ‘Looks like you need a little encouragement’ said Liz as she opened the window fully and waved the men closer. She reached out and gave each of them a couple of squeezes. ‘Hey’ I said ‘that wasn’t the deal’. ‘Don’t worry honey its just a little squeeze so I can see them hard, I won’t forget you’. She smiled as she wrapped her hand round my engorged cock. I was totally lost, my cock was throbbing so hard I didn’t have the will power to do anything except to try not to spunk all over her there and then. ‘looks like you are enjoying the show too ‘ she said, smiling wickedly. With that she turned around , took hold of the smallest cock, and pulled it close. She then amazed me by opening her mouth and sucking it deep down. I watched mesmerised as the cock pushed in and out of her mouth. She was taking his full length easily as he pumped his cock in and out, fucking her mouth. The other two cocks were hard now and the guys were wanking themselves. One guy had a decent size cock, about the same length as mine, 7 inches, but a bit thicker. The other cock was big- about and inch longer, but really thick. Just then the guy Liz was sucking let out a loud groan. Liz pulled his cock out of her mouth just as long spurts of cum shot from his cock, spraying ribbons of spunk across her lips and down on to her breasts. He just kept on coming, he must have spurted 6 or 7 times before he was done. He was quickly replaced by the next guy who grabbed her head and pushed his cock into her open mouth. He fucked her mouth fast, plunging in and out as Liz pushed her hand between his legs and grabbed his balls. They looked huge as she massaged them with her right hand, trying to control his thrusts with her left. Suddenly he tensed up, and as Liz squeezed his big balls he pumped his spunk into her mouth. I could see the big vein under his cock pulsate over and over again as he dumped load after load into her mouth and down her throat. Liz sucked and swallowed for all she was worth. As he finished and pulled his satisfied cock out of her mouth, a few ribbons of cum dripped down her chin to join the first guys load. ‘What about me’ I said, rather pathetically, ‘I haven’t forgotten you’ she said. As she turned towards me I could see the spunk on her face, trickling down between her breasts and coating her erect nipples. It was I could do not to come as she wriggled out of her dress completely. She was now only wearing a soaking wet thong and her boots. She leant over and kissed me and I tasted the warm cum on her lips. As she turned and knelt on the seat sideways, she lowered her head on to my cock, her left hand reaching back to play with her soaking wet pussy. I was in heaven as she sucked my cock. I could feel the other guys cum dripping on to my thighs. I was completely overwhelmed as I rapidly approached orgasm, when I heard Liz grunt loudly. She stopped sucking me and started to gasp as she came again. It was at that moment that I realised the last guy had opened the car door and had plunged his cock into her pussy. I could see his hips thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy and his balls slapping against her. She came loudly again and arched her back. As she did I could just see his huge cock in her pussy. Her lips were being pulled out and pushed back as if her pussy was traying to grip his cock. As he came again I saw him tense up a start to come deep inside her. It was too much for me and I spurted into the air in front of her face, covering myself in come. The guys back off and she reached round and closed the car door. I took that as a cue to go, and started the car, pulling away slowly. ‘Well it looks like you enjoyed that nearly as much as me’ she said, looking down at the mess of cum that was all over me. ‘Yes, but I am not sure we will doing it again’ I said. Liz ran her finger through the cum on her breasts and smiled. ‘Oh I think we probably will’ she said. As my cock stiffened again she looked down at it and smiled - ‘in fact I am certain of it!’. I knew then that I would do whatever she demanded.
  11. Hi We are sometimes visiting my mother's vacation home in Torrevieja. Going there now in june. My wife is way to shy to act on our fantasies, so she will probably not agree to meet another man. But if you are sometimes in the area, I would love to chat with you and keep in contact. Would be hot to hear what ideas you might have when seeing her photos, what would happen etc. We are both straight, but I am ashamed to admit that submission is a turn-on. So I would do as the alpha male says, especially in front of my wife. Would be interested in exchanging skype adress or similar things. I'm also planning on sneaking away when in Torrevieja, to go check out one of the nude beaches. Maybe I feel safe enough to meet u there to show you uncensored photos of my wife on your command or something, or to hand over her hottest panties etc. I hope that I will be able to get her to go to one, so that all the mature an alpha men can inspect her married pussy.. To let you into my brain a bit, before we start communicating about my cute wife strolling around in her bikini in Torrevieja, here is a couple of my fantasies: 1. Dream I had the other day: I had a very erotic and intense dream last night (june 3.). I dreamt that my wife was waiting for her new boyfriend to arrive (on a ferry for some reason). I was thrown into this scenario in my dream. She ignored me, I was very jealous, as she acted like a child witing for christmas, and ignored my feelings. As we saw he was a few steps away from the door, I finally panicked, built up the courage to express anything at all. I went in front of her and tried to tell her to not be so enthusiastic, but it was clearly that I was out of her heart in that moment. She annoyingly pushed me out of the way, and ran fell into his arms as he opened the door. I felt a lot of angst, and betrayal, but woke up with a raging hard-on. It was unbelivable intense, and I felt horny despite desperatly panicking because I felt I was in danger of losing my dear wife. I guess it was to much to keep me asleep anymore. I realize that this is a dangerous road, but its just a fantasy, I guess. 2. Small experience My wifes best girlfriend is recently divorced from my best friend. She found an alpha male (car mechanic) in the gym, and started bonding with him, cheated, and then dropped the bomb on my friend. He wanted her to think reasonably, but she was thinking with her heart and probably her pussy, and left him. Now, some months later, me and my wife visit her friend and her new boyfriend. We had our kids with us, who played with her friends kid. They made a bit to much noice in the living room, an this new boyfriend told all the kids sternly (none od them was his) to go play somewhere else. My wife reacted by telling ME sternly to go guide the kids outside. (My wife is never stern otherwise, just shy and nice). I have had suspiciouns that she likes him. Now, my wife and her friend slightly smiled, as I lifted my ass and did as told. The guy just sat there, satisfied. Now, it might not sounds like nothing is wrong with this situastion, but I felt emasculated and humiliated....and horny. The guy has also been kind of dominating in the conversations with my wife on a couple of parties, and it seems like that leads to joking and mild flirting beetween them. The very small situation has lead to many fantasies on my part. Are you an alpha male, and preferably older than us (34); Please feel free to contact me
  12. Lately I've been trying to add small dick nicknames into my life, but have been having trouble coming up with anything particularly stabbing or clever and I was wondering if you could help. I'm roughly 5 inches in length and just under an inch and a half at my thickest. Please call me names and make fun of my pathetic cock.
  13. It was last New Years. We were at a party. My wife was flirting furiously with a handsome guy called Fergal at the party. He didn’t give a fuck that she was my wife, and she didn’t care either. They ran outside at midnight and snogged like teenagers. I heard her ask him for a date. Then they sat kissing and cuddling in the kitchen table. Total humiliation for me. Everyone at the party could see them, and knew I was her partner. I ran to the bathroom where I could watch them as she played and snogged the guy in the conservatory extension at a friend’s house. They didn’t know I could see and hear everything. She began to toss him off under the table at the party...I saw everything from the window He came in her hand. She was jerking him off and rubbing his massive cock on her pantyhose She was wearing a short black skirt, nylons, very high heels and tight blouse Fergal’s cock was aching for her. When he erupted and I could see 5 or 6 thick creamy ropes of spunk splashing over her knees and lap. I felt about 3 inches high, but there was nothing I could do All I could do was watch and wank in secret - not man enough to confront them. I stood in the bath so I could see out the vent window and wanked furiously about ten times until my limp dick had nothing more to give. Then dejected and alone I went to our room leaving them together to play. She came to our room later tipsy and giggling. I was sleeping on the floor in sleeping bag at the end of the bed.. Fergal followed her minutes later and they fucked on the bed all night with me pretending to be asleep on the floors. I was jerking my little cock so slowly while holding my breath I almost passed out. It was really not easy to endure but I came anyway in my cuckold lust and frustration. Pummelling the inside of the sleeping bag with my clear jism, secretly wishing I could suck his cock and swallow his cum. I got about 3 mins sleep and wanked constantly in the darkness on the bedroom floor. My head spinning and feeling sick at what was happening. A total sissy cuckold..
  14. If you cucks are into humiliation of the cuck by the bull, you may enjoy these. Let me know what you think.
  15. It all started with my 2nd wife now ex. She saw how hard my lil dick would get when I was allowed to fuck her, when I would lick up my own cum-pie. And she would always tell me about all the other guys that had cocks the size of a beer bottle . Even though it hurt ,my lil dick would get rock hard & pre-cumm droolin, & of course she would take notice. She was a hair dresser & had Mondays off soo Sun nite was her (out with the girls nite). & of course I bought it . She wouldnt cum home until 4:eek:o am. Then go to the bath room & wash & change to cumm to bed . This went on for a while I started getting some friends tellin me how she acting at the clubs. So I started going thru the hamper & found her panties all full of cummmmm & not mine. So I brought this up to her & to my amazement she just told me that she was fuckin other guys & their cocks were huge. & She wasnt shy about tellin me how she would flirt & literally grab their cocks after a few close dances so she knew they were hung.
  16. This story is how i start into this life style, and how my smart friend knew how to introduce me to all of this. Part 1 : The new girlfriend So... 4 years ago, it was my last year in the university (stage period), same for my high-school best friend (let's call him NK), who i've always protected from bullies and considered him as my little brother (i've grown fast back in high-school!), aaaand also dated his high-school crush (in my defense i didn't know back then, and she was the one who run into me). Anyway... NK and me shared almost everything, from secrets (what i thought) to ideas.... So in the stage town NK told me that he've got a new girlfriend, he always talk about how she's so smart, and into philosophy, and "open minded"... I was happy for him, happy that he've got someone like him and likes him, but this talks about his GF always turned into sexual stories and fantasies (he's my best friend and best friends always brag about how dirty their GFs can get), so it was normal for me. One day he invite me to go with him visiting his GF in her own university, 45 min from ours, i was excited to see her since we talked to much about her. so we arrived and found this good looking girl on the campus's parking spot waiting for us. a fit brunette with class and glasses, piercing eyes, average hight, looks from far like a lawyer (no wonder, it's law university, the girls heaven for every science student). So we sat all three in the cafeteria, we talked about everything and nothing (indeed she was smart with a good social skills). at the end of the day we goodbye her and hit the road, in the road back NK told me that he was happy seeing his GF (who wouldn't be!), and she kind of liked me (i thought in a friendly way), i was like (yeah! Buddy i liked her two, she's perfect for you), he replied (sure indeed)... And went back to our lives. The next Sunday we were having a party with some friends, everyone was drunk/stoned. So...like every party i stay up with my best friend talking or playing guitar, but this night it was different (nope! no gay make out) hence... NK start to talk about his GF (again!) and ask me this question: "how do you find my GF?" Me: "Hot pot my friend, lucky you." NK: "Would you like having a threesome with us?" Me: yeah! But no eyes contact and touch only to high five (it wasn't what i really think, i have a GF and i was just keeping things cool in a funny way) NK: "deal!" He continue telling me that she always fantasized about a threesome and i was the best candidate for trust, and this will improve their relation to the next level (here i knew he was serious), and we already talked about it and she already likes you, and she's coming next week here, and it will be awesome! To be honest i like her too, she got an athletic body with sexy cleavage, and lovely face. but, i don't feel like sharing a women with someone even if it's his GF... Whateveg So... The day comes when she visit us, it was the weekend, i took care of myself shaved, dressed up, and joined NK to prepare the apartment for the 3 members party, we finished and took some beers and joints as reward to our work and then the phone rings, with her saying she is waiting in train station, NK went straight to bring her, i relaxed in the apartment finishing my beer. 10 min after the door open and he was NK with her (damn... She was fucking hot with a black dress on her white skin and brown hair, i went straight on, that i forgot to reply to NK when he said we're back). Part 2 : The awkward moment She came in… We hugged, and she felt my excitement and she kissed me in the back of my ear, and i was paralyzed with her mesmerizing perfume. After hi and how was your trip and the casual, she sat on my couch and putted her sexy white long legs on the table facing NK, while he was comfortably sitting in front of us. I instantly start rolling a welcoming joint (home specialty) and passed to her to light it up, and i start playing guitar (what I usually do when I'm nervous or trying to avoid awkward talks). After she smoke, she put the joint with her two finger in my lips while I was playing on my guitar, (honestly, I was like WTF is happening but I kept it cool). With every smoke I tasted her strawberry lipstick on the end of the joint, she knew it and she like it, and I like it, I’m sure she's way smarter than I thought. After many songs and cards playing and laughing... we went out of cigarettes, she fixed her boyfriend with her piercing eyes, and ordered him in a direct serious voice to go out for cigarettes and make it quick. (i was surprised by her behavior, I don't like girls like this, but it's him, her BF and he likes her the way she is so who cares), so the only word he replied is “okay!” and went out. I was alone with her with nothing to say, I was unbelievably calm, I fixed her legs with my eyes, and she noticed (i was like: oh shit) but i saved the situation by saying in a serious voice: "you won't put your legs away from my table aren’t you?" She waited for a couple of seconds and put them unexpectedly on my lap, and replied: "how about here." I was officially ON… And with quick move i spread her soft legs and jump on her little body devouring her down-up, she showed some resistance at first but i tight her hands and she relaxed after and let it go. We make out so hard, and the friction between our clothes was so intense that it can light up a huge fire. In the meanwhile she slide her flexible hands in my pants and pulled out my dick. With a wide eyes she said: «wow! So it’s true!" (I didn't know what she was talking about, i was high in her scent to care, I was also impatient to penetrate her). While we were still in the preliminaries I completely forgot about NK, until the outdoor opened with his voice saying I’m back! I woke up on her so fast, like i was struck by lightning! And returned back my hard erected dick as fast as I can, she tried to stop me and said: "it okay! Look" and then she called NK and said to him: “come here and pull off my shoes it hurts” i was surprised when he agreed and start both talking about my dick length (he know about my dick length from freshmen integration challenge and it was about dicks length, I won the first place with 21cm), he replied to her: "I told you!". I was in shock high and confuse, they notice it and told me that we're just having fun, and she put her hand in my pants again and pull it out, and NK smoking like nothing is happening. I took my lost breathe and order NK to pass me a cigarette, and to start rolling a joint, she looked at me like she likes it and the real action began...!! She start sucking my dick dry-wet, my best friend was excited but he remained in his place watching. After a while, I forgot that he exist, i forgot the guilt i have a GF, I'm the man of the moment, and the rich-ass beauty is chocking on my dick, and she's enjoying it, so why caring. After a passionate facial she recalled her BF to undress her, I was silent with no comment, while she's look to me and smiling. While undressing her, he tried to kiss her, but she didn't let him and told him to wait for his turn. Then I’ve got up, walked to her, and left her up in front of him, and took her to my room and locked the door (honestly i feel guilty now for not feeling guilty back then for this). I pushed her on the wall and start digging my way up in her tight pussy, she was in tears, i was in a hurry so i didn't take in count the time for her uterus muscles to take a relief, even if the pressure on my dick was so strong and painful for me too i kept it on until it began to stretch, then i put her directly in missionary on my bed, legs up my shoulders, with every push, i hear an "ouch", it was a big turn up, then she tried to turn back side, i understood that she wanted to change position, i turned her to doggy-style, but the tension was so intense that i felt on her ass; Back pressing her in the bed and devouring her neck, at first, she tried to liberate herself but she abounded all hope when my 82 kg went all on her. I still can remember her struggle to breathe, (it was a special moment that i've never even had such thing with my fragile complaining ex GF), i was near cuming she know it and she said that i can cum inside her with no worries, so I increased the friction and shoved my instrument deep inside her and let go all my genetic load inside her. It was beyond than I can describe, I swear i fucking saw the vaporized sweat in slow-motion coming up from our buddies in magical shapes, it was different from anything I experienced, and she! She was wriggling in a state of ecstasy with a weird movements, like someone with epilepsy Part 3 : Guilt & Realization It took us a while till we woke from the orgasm…I looked at her I smiled and she smiled back to me and told me: “how it was?” I replied “magical”. Then she recalled for NK, he says "yes!?" she replied "bring cigarettes and come here" he add: "right away". I quickly put a towel on me and went to the balcony of my room, he enter and give her a cigarette and came to me, asking how it was! I said fucking good, and she is hot as hell, He confirmed happily and went back to her at the end of the bed. While I was smoking in the balcony, NK start kissing her downs up, starting by her feet passing by her legs and end up eating the pussy i just cum in it, (dafuq !!!!)…. i Pretended i didn't see, and turned back smoking in the balcony, but she saw me and she smiled at, biting her lips orgasming, and she called me but i didn't reply. I just went throw the other room and hit the shower. In the shower i was teared up by a storm of thoughts, and since the alcohol and weed combine started to fade, I began to realize what happened, (i just fucked my Best friend's GF and i just witnessed him eating the mess I left, a voice in my head started telling me that this how it should be, and i have to seize every opportunity, I was born virile and manly, a leader by instinct so why should I keep this beast tearing me inside out while I can let it tear others outside in, why the guilt? Why the regret? I've always struggled by some stupid codes about good behavior, friendship, ethics, and lot of lot of bullshit made up by society to limit our pleasure and prevent us from being what we really are. My best friend and his girlfriend are still together happy in their relation, I’m thankful for them, they set me free and summoned my true identity, I may misjudged them at first, but who cares… they live their life as they like, and so i did since then. There is a lot of stories from back then till now with other girls, couples, and tourists, I am willing to write more if I found some interested readers. Thank you for reading and sorry for my bad writing i'm not an english native neither it's my second language.
  17. Hi this is a long cuckold story and will take some time to build up. Every effort has been made to keep up the heat in every update as much as possible. Please give me your comments and merciless criticisms. Thanx Hi my name is Suresh and I am from India. This is the story of my descent from me thinking that I am a ‘MAN” to understanding and accepting the fact that I am a sissy-cuckold and a cock-sucking faggot. It’s not that I became a cuckold, but it’s about me realizing through Roopa (my GF, who later became my wife) that I am a natural born submissive sissy-cuckold. I was born to serve REAL men and THEIR women. My role is that of a mentally-castrated male who has happily accepted that the natural order of stronger men dominating weaker males is perfectly right. The weaker male removes himself from the mating rituals so that he does not pass on his inferior genes to the future generations and “pollute” it. He derives sexual satisfaction from watching the superior men fucking all women including his wife. This is the built in mechanism in evolution of species and so the weaker males constantly strives to ensure that his wife gets fucked by superior males so that he can be sexually satisfied. That’s the only way the weaker male is able to get an erection. This is his duty. This arrangement works flawlessly in most other animals and humans have been artificially made to believe that all males deserve to have sex. This is a nasty trick played by our society which has imposed many taboos on women trying to have sex with as many men as possible. But Roopa has opened my eyes to this reality and has sexually enlightened me. Now I am a free person who no longer carries the burden of trying to be a male and fighting my natural urges of being a submissive inferior sissy-male. I am very thankful to Roopa for showing me the way. I dedicate this story to the woman who loves me deeply and helped me realize the purpose of my life. I would like to start, well from the beginning. This started when I was 21 and entered MBA. I am a less than average looking guy and I am a perfect example of what ‘ordinary – looking’ means. I am not ugly but I was close to ugly than handsome. I was skinny; brown skinned and with pimple scarred face. I was good in academics. I was not a confident guy and therefore I would act in anyway to please people and get their approval just to feel good and make myself part of a group. I think I was a ‘good’ guy and took pride in the fact that I will be good to others even when others are mean to me. I would go to any length, sometimes even sacrificing my self-respect to please people. I never had the balls to say ‘no’. I would turn the other cheek if somebody slapped me. Later I realized that it was not so. I simply did not have the spine to stand upto people who insult me. I did not have the courage. I was simply a wimp who masked his weak-personality under the façade of being a ‘good-guy’. In short I was a doormat on which anybody can walk on!!! Girls staying away from me and avoiding me was my singular great talent. I never had a girlfriend. I had never spoken to a girl for more than 10 mins ever since I was a teenager. I had never touched a girl (even accidentally) or even sat next to one. The only pussy I had was the space between my two fingers and my palm. I used to masturbate vigorously thinking of all the girls in my class. That was my sex life. In those days one has to remove the footwear while going inside the computer room. So whenever I found lots of girl’s slippers outside I used to deliberately bend over and drop my pen or book on them. In this pretext I touch their slippers and shoes. Sometimes if some girl had just removed her shoes (especially when she hadn’t worn any socks), the inside of the shoes used to be moist and very warm. Dipping my fingers into the shoes gave me raging hard-on and I used to think of it as putting my cock into their pussies. I have fantasized about putting my cock into a sweaty shoe and fucking it. Sometimes I even rub the bottom of their slippers and get as much dirt as possible on my fingers. Then I rush to the men’s toilet and rub the dirt from their slippers on my cock and on my balls and into my pubic hair. I treated the dirt as if the girls were some divine Goddess and the dirt from their slippers was some Prasad. The sheer shame and this degrading act of rubbing shoe dirt on my cock and balls gave me massive erections. I never understood why the “SHAME” was turning me on so much. I thought it was because of not masturbating frequently and hence the erections. In my hostel room I used to think of this “shoe” scene and rub my cock vigorously. My other outlet for sexual satisfaction was the college ladies toilet. I deliberately used to pass by the ladies toilet and catch the look on the faces of girls going in and coming out of the toilet. The ladies toilet like all toilets has a unique stench. The stinking smell of the ladies urine combined with their shit gives a pungent smell which most men may find disgusting. However those smell from the ladies toilet aroused me sexually. The wet footmarks of the ladies slippers outside the toilet gave electric shocks to my cock. Here I must mention one faculty named Nagarani. She was in her forties and was still unmarried. She was a tall dusky, well built woman like a dominatrix. Her face was brown almost chocolate like. Her cheek bones were like chiseled like Pakistani women or Aryan women of North West India. Her lips were thick and pouting. Her shoulders were wide, strong and her massive boobs just popped out of her chest like a jelly and seemed as if it would fall down and crack the floor. Her pointy nipples used to remind me of the republic day parades where armored steel tanks move with their barrels pointing upwards. Her boobs did look like battle tanks and ready to shoot any unworthy, weak man who dared to stand before her. I used to think that her boobs were indeed “weapons of MASS destruction” and should be declared as national assets. For some reason Nagarani used to wear pure white bra and contrasting dark colored blouse. She would leave her saree open on the sides and one could see the white lacy bra through her blouse. I always wondered if she wore matching white panties. Sometimes I loved to think that she might not be wearing any panties underneath and that her cotton petticoat directly touched her soft, plump, dark, fleshy ass-cheeks and some cloth even getting stuck between her ass cracks. Phew…I had always thought of sex when I saw a woman. What they might be wearing, do they shave their cunt and the ass crack, how much do they shit, how much shit must be inside their ass hole etc. Thinking these thoughts about my unmarried MILF professor made me go 10 times crazier. One evening about 9 pm in the night I left the library into the hallway. The whole building was vacant. Suddenly I saw Nagarani madam walk towards the ladies toilet which was at the end of the hallway. After she had entered the ladies toilet, I tiptoed towards the toilet and stood very close to it, in fact I was leaning on one of the walls where the “ladies toilet symbol” is displayed. I could hear her footsteps tap inside and then the creaking sound of a bath room cubicle door open. I had my hands on my crotch. My dick was standing hard like an erect army soldier. Then I heard muffled sounds of saree being pulled up, petticoat being rolled up and sound of her bangles moving against each other. Then there was a “snapping” sound made by the elastic of her panties being removed from her well built, dark, massive, majestic, dominatrix hips. Then for few seconds I didn’t hear any sound and I inferred that she might be holding up her saree and petticoat with one hand and rolling her panty with the other. I was in an animal-like craze filled with lust. I was thinking about Nagarani madam’s swollen pussy and whether it was hairy or shaven. Is she wearing a cotton panty or a lacy frilly bikini bottom?? Is her inner wear stained with bits of pee in the front and is it stained brown where it had gone inside the ass-crack? Only these thoughts were in my mind. I did not care that I was still inside the college building. My sexual satisfaction was the most important thing to me and I have never come this close to hearing a woman peeing in the toilet. I didn’t care about anything in the world – no morals, no taboo..nothing…I was just a sexually frustrated animal. All that mattered was my cock, its throbbing and its pleasure. I was thinking with cock and not with my head. The shame of standing outside ladies toilet and jerking to the smell and sound of urine made me mad. I wanted to feel that sinful and disgusting pleasure. I closed my eyes and placed my hands on my crotch, hurriedly unzipped and ran my hands over my cock-head. Then I heard a mild grunt of Nagarani madam sitting on the toilet seat. She must have bent her wide hips, placed her thick thighs on the toilet seat, her massive ass must have parted slightly along the ass crack and a part of her ass must have gone into the hollow of the toilet seat. Ahhhhhhhh…..heaven….Nagarani madam’s ass on the toilet….lucky toilet seat. Wish I was born a toilet seat just to enjoy the warmth of her divine ass. The I heard a small soft bursting sound….and a mild puff like air escaping from a balloon….oh my GOD…she had farted…scented air from inside her divine body had come out of her tight asshole and I went wild into sexual pleasure and was in heaven. Then there was the squirting and dripping sound of her urine purring out between her legs and running into the toilet. That sound to me felt like the divine ringing of bells in a temple. Nagarani was my Goddes, the toilet my temple, the toilet seat was her “vahan” and sqirting sounds of urine was the toling of bells. That was it for me and I lost control and squirted loads of cum into my hands and with great effort managed not to moan. Right at that moment when I was cumming ropes after ropes of semen, I heard some light footsteps and a girly giggle…I shrank in fear and opened my eyes and there…before me was standing Roopa…the most beautiful girl in my class. My heart stopped. A chill ran down my spine, my knees grew weak and I was shaking. I didn’t know what hit me. Shame and fear took me. My cheeks and face were blushing red and I could barely open my mouth to speak. There I was leaning on the ladies toilet masturbating to the sounds of my professor urinating inside and with cum in my hands and the most beautiful girl in my class standing before me and giggling at my SHAME and DEGRADATION. My cock which had become small after ejaculation for some strange shocking reason and to my utter horror was beginning to get erect as an iron rod. I stood frozen like a mouse before a snake which was about to eat it. Then I heard the sounds of flushing inside the toilet. Nagarani madam is done with her nature calls and may come out any moment. Roopa looked at the panic which was gripping. Still smirking she pointed to the room nearby and whispered into my ear “don’t you dare zip up your trouser or clean your cum”. I did not think twice and I like an obedient dog ran towards the room while still holding my cock. Roopa was still recording me on her mobile. I squat down on the floor to avoid being seen. Soon I heard voices of Nagarani madam speaking with Roopa. Later I heard madam walking down the corridor and after some time foot-steps on the stairs followed by sounds of a car starting and moving away. I was relieved…partly though. At least I escaped being caught by the professor. That would have been terrible. “Come out pervert” Roopa shouted with authority mixed with amusement. I stood up to walk…but she interrupted me and said “just crawl on fours like a bitch and come towards me and then go towards the ladies toilet door where you were wanking and kneel down there. I need to see your face with ladies toilet symbol behind”. I hung my head in shame. She was relentless. “Crawl bitchboy with your head up, I need to see your pretty face”. All the while she was recording me on the mobile camera. Filled with fear, shame and guilt I did as she commanded. My cum covered left hand left impressions of my hand on the floor and also some dirt from the floor stuck to my hands. Finally I kneeled at the spot where she had asked me to. “Stop!” barked Roopa. There was an evil glint in her eyes. “Take your ID card out bitch” she said. Filled with dread I took it out and was confused not knowing what to do next. She asked me to show my ID card towards the camera which I did promptly. She ensured that the details of my card are clearly recorded. Then she noticed that my trousers were still unzipped. “Take out your pathetic cock out of your trousers and show it to the camera…open your legs wider…I want to clearly capture it” I did accordingly. In a stern voice she said “ok bitch-boy now answer all the questions which I am going to ask.” I said “yes madam”. Roopa seemed very pleased at this. She had never asked me to address her as ‘madam’, but my submissive side had surfaced unconsciously and which made me behave like a servant to her. She was enjoying this power and authority that she was having over me and was in no mood to let me go. “Now read out the details from your id card” she said. Dutifully I read my name, batch, roll no, my home address, my mobile number and even my blood group. Everything which I was saying was being video recorded. “Ok Suresh, tell me are you a pervert?” she asked me in a very sweet voice. I hung my head with shame. I was still holding the card towards the camera. “Are you a pervert?” this time she was sterner. I was silent not knowing what to say. At this Roopa’s tenor changed. She said, “Well bitch it seems you like it the hard way. Pull your trousers down and if you don’t things will get more difficult for you.” To avoid harsher punishments I stood up promptly and pulled my trousers till my ankles. I looked liked a stupid standing like that before the ladies toilet. But I was hard as well and Roopa spotted the tents in my underwear. With an arrogant smirk she pointed her finger towards my bulge, looked into my eyes and slowly pointed the finger towards the ground. Nothing was said. I was a puppet in her hands. I was paying heavily for my perversions and for the sin of thinking with my dick rather than with my cock and now I have become an object of blackmail. Yet in small corner of my confused mind, I was enjoying whatever she was doing to me. I wished that this thing never gets over. She was the most beautiful girl in the college, a perfect beauty. Every part of her body was formed to the right proportions. Well blown and proud boobs, curving body, broad perfectly formed hips, fleshy, round, firm and round ass which was perfectly split at her divine ass crack. She was the dream of every guy in the class. I never had the guts to speak to her. I would steal glances at her and if ever she looked at me I used to feel inferior and bowed down my head with guilt and shame. I did not have the courage to look into her eyes. Now here she was talking to me, getting info about me, asking me to do things for her. She did care for me I thought as she hid me from Nagarani madam and saved my academic career. I felt lucky. I felt blessed that this angel is doing me a favor by talking to me. Suddenly I felt light and relieved. My fear and hatred about Roopa had given way to respect and a feeling of gratefulness. I must thank her for doing me this favor. So without any hesitation I rolled down my briefs as she had pointed with her fingers. My cock was rock hard and pointing up. I was feeling proud that Roopa could see a manly cock (which proved to be myth later). Controlling her laughter, she said “wow your cock is so big! And it’s so hard. Am I turning you on? Or is it that me humiliating you is turning you on?” I thought she knew the answer, yet I lied to her trying to preserve some of my long lost dignity and said “you are turning me on”. But she exactly knew what I was thinking. But she didn’t press the issue further. Suddenly I realized that this is still being recorded! Roopa frown slightly and said “your cock looks very disgusting with all that dirty hair growing around it like a disease.” It definitely was not a compliment but the hardness of my cock was telling a different story. Roopa’s cruel and sharp mind was processing this very fast. Out of nowhere she took out a chewing gum and started munching on it arrogantly and examined my pubic area with contempt and looked into my eyes. Like a true submissive I could not maintain eye contact and bowed down. She then threw the chewing gum wrapper towrds me and asked me to pick it up. Without thinking I kneeled down, then bent forward, pressed my face and lips and against the floor and picked up the wrapper with my tongue. Images of pigs grunting and eating human waste near dust bins flashed across my mind. My mind was suddenly filled with anger and hatred towards myself. Roopa did not mean to pick up the wrapper with my mouth. She just wanted to use me as her servant and perhaps like a walking dustbin. Even she looked a bit shocked with what I had done and perhaps even disappointed with my lack of self-respect and self-denigration. But she did not show any emotion and was nonchalantly chewing and looking at me like a worm that must be crushed. I knelt up before her with the wrapper in my mouth. I was feeling very proud. I had not just let her boss over me but also showed her that how much I liked and craved for it. “Don’t just stare at me bitch, chew the wrapper and swallow it” she ordered. I was immediately on it. The waxy paper was hard to chew and had a bland taste. Roopa was looking at me curiously all while. The she asked to stop and open my mouth wide and brought the camera near my mouth. Her face had a disgusting look, similar to what one will have while flushing a commode after using it. She didn’t wait for me to finish swallowing it and moved on. Never the one to forget things, Roopa came back to the question – “are you a pervert Suresh?”. Seeing that there is no escape I said “yes”… “yes what ?”… “Yes Madam Roopa”. “Why do you think you are a pervert Suresh?” she asked me as if she was conducting a professional interview. “I stood out the ladies toilet, listening and masturbating to the sounds of Nagarani Madam Urinate and Shit” I said…my heart was racing; I was in an erotic rage. My hands were slowly moving towards my hard cock again. Roopa noticed it. “Don’t try to touch your male member before a woman Suresh, it’s not proper for a gentleman like you.” She said. Her sudden professional tone puzzled me. “Why do you think listening to a woman shit is perverted Suresh”? She asked. “A woman shitting is very private and solemn affair and listening to it is considered as a taboo. Breaking any social norm is a perversion. Only desperate men do it” I said. “Will you stand outside ladies toilet again and masturbate?” she asked me. I was suddenly gripped with fear. I cannot lie to this woman. Yet telling the truth before a camera was more than risky. With trembling hands and shaky voice, I squeaked “yes Madam Roopa if there is a chance I will masturbate near the ladies toilet. I have always been a pervert and I am so addicted to it that I cannot escape from this slavish desire towards women. I am beyond cure. I am addicted to masturbation, porn and perverted humiliation. I have become a slave to sexual perversions and I have lost the battle to overcome it. I am a sexual failure. I am a loser and I cannot lie to a majestic Goddess like you who has blessed me by talking to me. I don’t deserve to stand in the presence of such a magnificent angel like you and I am very thankful that you have found me worthy enough to talk to.” Every cell of my body was burning. I spoke spontaneously and from the bottom of my heart. I did not feel any shame or fear. Suddenly Roopa looked at me as if something had clicked. Her expressions were different. It definitely was not disgust or anger. For a moment the majestic arrogance on her face had melted away and replaced with admiration and understanding. May be she liked my brutal honesty. She looked at me directly into my eye. Strangely for the first time I could look into her eyes. I felt a connection with her. But it was not like what happens between two people. It was more like the connection between the owner and her pet dog. It was a connection between two un-equals. Like between a superior human and her inferior sub-human creature. Nor was it a connection between a female and a male. It was the relation between the Queen of a kingdom and her castrated male slave. to be continued--
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  19. My new DOm is making me submit more and more.. He makes me wait for him and if all goes well..he will own me.. my wife....already has mine well on the way to being sissified!!! any questions contact me.
  20. Hi, I'm Miriam Garrity and I've been writing interracial cuckold stories as a hobby for over a decade. Now I've begun self-publishing them on Amazon (other carriers like iBooks and Smashwords coming soon). My first series of short stories are all about a big black stud named Luke Powers who spends his days and nights seducing, corrupting and enslaving unsuspecting white couples across the world. His huge BBC gives the white women a fucking like they've never gotten before, and they do things for Luke that they never would have done for their little, limp-dicked cuckolds. And the white boys quickly learn their place under Luke's foot, learning to serve their new black master and become his sissy bitch for him and his gang of black fuckers. If they're really lucky, he'll even let them be his human toilet. Whether it's crashing the wedding, ruining their honeymoon, invading their vacation or taking over their own home, these white couples and families are never the same once he's done with them. They've all truly learned the truth that once you go black, you never go back! Check out the first two short stories (samples included) that I've released on Amazon below (if there's interest, I'll continue to update this thread with new releases). And you can check out my author's page on Amazon and follow me to be notified of new releases! http://www.amazon.com/Miriam-Garrity/e/B015AWK5XE
  21. Feelings .............. Well I never ever expected to get the feelings I experienced. When we were first married, I was even jealous of her workmates because they were able to be with her for such a long part of each day. Nothing ever prepared me for my desire for her to go to bed with him after she told me of his interest in her. I was apprehensive about what would happen, proud that he had selected her to pursue for his sexual needs, worried that I might not want her after he had been inside her, scared that she would prefer him to me and want to leave me. Butterflies, yes of course, but also a longing for it to happen, to see or to know that she had stripped off in front of him, that he had touched her naked body, massaged her great titties, that she had been to bed with him, that he had opened her pussy and slid his hard cock inside her. None of it made any sense to me, but I knew that I wanted it. Ideally, I would have wanted to be present, to see him taking her clothes off, or to watch her strip off for him. to see them kissing, and groping each other, to watch him caress her soft naked body, to see her holding his hard penis. Ultimately, I wanted to see him slip his hard cock inside her, watch him thrusting it up inside her, to hear her as she got excited, and see her have an orgasm. Another thing that I never ever expected to happen was for her to take him bareback, but she just said that it felt right with him, we both trusted him as we had known him for some time, and she just wanted to feel his cock naked inside her. We had agreed that she should only do what she wanted to do, after all it was her body that he was penetrating. So it was that I found out that I liked tasting his cum inside her ....... believe me, there is nothing so nice (if you do like it), as licking your wife's lovers spunk from inside her cunt. I loved the taste of the warm juice - as it leaked from deep inside her. And when I tasted it I just thought of his cock sliding inside her right there, and squirting his cum deep inside her just where my tongue was licking. Was it hard never ever being able to watch them - Yes ... but it was not all bad - I was being humiliated by her, she was denying me the one thing I wanted .... and it just heightened the sensations I felt when I knew she was in bed with him. She would taunt me by calling me up at work and telling me that she was naked in bed, had left the back door open and that he was on his way over to see to her needs! When he had sorted out his own house, she would go over to his place for evening romps in his bed. I loved helping her get dressed for him, helping to select whatever she would wear for him, even going out on my own and buying special underwear that only he would be undoing. One evening, On his birthday, I made her go to him completely naked except for a furry coat and some tall boots, she said he was gobsmacked when she opened her coat to him on his doorstep. How I wish I could have seen that! Did I ever get jealous - of course I did, he was much bigger than me, and able to last for absolutely ages according to her accounts of sex with him, but overall I enjoyed the whole experience of sharing my wife with him. Bryan XXX
  22. hello fellow bulls and cucks I want to know from the bull what is the best way to hhhhhhhhh the cuck? is it necessary that he has to do bi actions even if he is straight? is it necessary that he should serve only to the needs of bull and his GF/wife And fellow cucks how would you like to be humiliated or treated? For me i want to be humiliated as much as possible.
  23. Hey i have a feet fetish and i don't know why but i just find feet so attractive and was wondering if anyone else enjoyed looking at pretty feet?
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