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Found 7 results

  1. salvaa_fr

    Financial Cuckold

    Hello, I am 24 years old, sexy, fit and tall (6'4") guy. I look for financial cuckold for a month or longer who is sissy cuckold husband to take care of his wife. For ex, will take his wife to dinner, will buy new dress to her, will rent a car wwth driver to have sex in car, husband will pay all of it. + Will be their guest at their home for two weeks to please his wife. Age should be between 30 - 50. also, I like older, sexy well-groomed women who like young guys Any husband might be interested in? I attached my pics. Skype: salvaafr YIM: salvab1234321 E-mail: [email protected]
  2. big_benny

    fake photos

    I`ll fake your wife or gf. P.M me!
  3. teerandaaz

    sloppy seconds

    So, you guys like sloppy seconds? I personally find the idea hugely exciting! After a wife has been fucked and used, entering a hole that has been amply lubricated and dilated by the bull is such an exciting thought! I think I will cum within 2 minutes of entering such a pussy I'd also love to rub the bulls cum on my dick and masturbate, if entering the pussy is denied
  4. This is one of seven animated gifs I made from a short video I took of my ex-girlfriend riding my friends cock while I filmed and jacked off. It's real hot. Let me know if you want to see the next gif in the series of the seven I made. If I get enough comments and likes, I will post more. This is a trial to see if it's worth my time and effort. If you convince me it is, then I will create gifs from videos of my current wife getting fucked. Warning!!!!!! If I do not get enough comments or likes, I will not post anymore gifs of either the 7 I made of my ex-girlfriend, nor any of my wife. So please show me you care by liking and leaving comments. It takes much time to do these in a way that I can upload them in high quality. SO PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Let me know if you want me to keep posting by leaving a comment, hitting the like button, and also please follow me so you can keep up with my posts so you won't miss anything. -->-->-->-->--> Please Hit Like Button To The Right, And Please Leave A Comment -->-->-->-->-->
  5. teerandaaz

    Cuckolds and bisexuality

    I have an observation that most, if not all, cuckolds are bisexuals in various degrees. Some may just be bi curious, who would not have any overt sexual relationship with the guy ( the 'Bull' ) while some may be wholly into guys - sucking and getting fucked by the other guy! Either way, their certainly is some sexual tension between Cuck and the bull. In many cases the Bull too doesn't mind having sexual contact with the Cuck and is thus cannot be called 100% straight ( - as most would like to portray to the world, and even to self). There is not to make any judgement : if anything, bisexuality, IMO, makes the cucks ( and such bulls who are into guys too) the blessed lot, who can swing both ways and thus enjoy wider experience :-) What is your take on this?