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Found 21 results

  1. Hello everyone i am 35 male n have 32 yrs hot slim wife well i never knew the feeling as Cuck often people used to stare her at markets and i used to feel bad about it. But donot know gradually what went wrong in my head that i suddenly developed a lust for it. Now i enjoy if someone peeps on her but biggest problem is that she would never ever accept the reality of being a cuckold couple .............. need your experiences n advise to make her dream of my fantasies n Accept Sleeping with other Men
  2. hOT iNDIAN wIFE

  3. juli3.jpg

    From the album hOT iNDIAN

  4. juli2e.jpg

    From the album hOT iNDIAN

  5. juli2.jpg

    From the album hOT iNDIAN

  6. Sexy Slutty Indian GF

    How would you rate this sexy dusky indian bitch ??
  7. Indian

    Hey Is there any Indian couple in Here?
  8. Bull From India

    Hi der any cpls hotwives living in india or who are thinking of visiting india or just in general who wanna chat can contact me on my yahoo or skype my id amazinglover962 i am looking for especially those sub cpls who will suck my together and share my cum too and i can own them as well here is little video for u cuckold cpls and hotwives
  9. Make Fakes Of My Fiancée

    Make fakes of my indian fiancee anyone ??i wanna see her get fucked by a big cock..
  10. Hot Bull From India

  11. My Slut Wife Cxxmen

    Well, shes carmen. A natural slut i can say. Being used by 6 of her ex. Then me. After that i bring 3 other bull to fuck her for sometimes. i had the videos of her being played. Any of you interested pls do comment and let me know. Thanks.
  12. Indian Hot Wives

    Starting this thread on hot wives of cuckold husband from india. I am bull from india and love fucking hot ladies and girls.
  13. I am a 26 year old bi sexual & dom bull from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. I ask all Cuckold husbands and cuckold wannabe husbands who are in INDIA to share where they are from ? and what they wish to see their lovely hot wife do with bulls. [email protected] is my email for those who like to meet in person ! Thank you.
  14. Which member is husband to India slut wife Anu ?? Please Reply here !
  15. My Indian Wife 2

    Starting a new thread continuing the old one.... New lingerie to try much fun... Comment our pics, tell us what are your thought about her, we love to hear your dirty minds....
  16. Caption Request

    Hi All! Please could you caption her? That's a picture of her and some other guy.
  17. Cuckolds and bisexuality

    I have an observation that most, if not all, cuckolds are bisexuals in various degrees. Some may just be bi curious, who would not have any overt sexual relationship with the guy ( the 'Bull' ) while some may be wholly into guys - sucking and getting fucked by the other guy! Either way, their certainly is some sexual tension between Cuck and the bull. In many cases the Bull too doesn't mind having sexual contact with the Cuck and is thus cannot be called 100% straight ( - as most would like to portray to the world, and even to self). There is not to make any judgement : if anything, bisexuality, IMO, makes the cucks ( and such bulls who are into guys too) the blessed lot, who can swing both ways and thus enjoy wider experience :-) What is your take on this?
  18. Cuckold from New Delhi, India

    Hi folks, This is a 45 year old cuckold male of a hotwife from Delhi. Am seeking other cuckolds , incest lovers from Delhi to connect with. Would also love to connect with local ( Delhi) bulls.
  19. My Indian wife

    Hi all my wife loves to show off and I love to showing her....give us some dirty comments, give us your cum on her pics, give us whatever she deserves, more pics to come up and hot videos too for our new "friends".... Her hot ass Playing outside lollipop anyone?
  20. My shared wife

    Hello all Here is my shared Indian wife. She has been with 5 other guys so far. Usually I like to watch and sometimes clean her afterwords.