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Found 42 results

  1. captainblack

    Subway Cuckold

    Just the other day in the subway I saw a very white, blonde woman on the subway with her very blonde husband. They had matching wedding rings. She had a little mocha colored baby in her arms. Does anyone else suspect she cucked her husband with a black man? Her cuckold was most attentive to her and the baby's needs.
  2. cocotheslut

    Slut Coco for Blacks Bulls

    Coco real whore to BBC
  3. Onions

    UK Bull for long term

    45 year old, fit and attractive, young looking straight, creative, 'gentle-ish' asian Dom in search of a real cuckold couple either with some experience or complete novices with real fantasies regarding an interracial bull, and want to make it a reality… Both must be submissive to me, but wife must be capable of Dominating hubby along with me in the form of sissy/humiliation, and him willing to accept his role in the relationship as tending to his wife’s needs/pleasures whenever we are together. Yes, she is your wife but ultimately the reality is that sexually she will be my woman and I will own her, I will also date her! Guys do not contact me without your partners’ knowledge as it is important your cuckold desires are mutually understood and accepted, preferably with the cuckoldress taking the lead, and I am not interested in talking about your wife/gf, this is a genuine ad and I am only interested in genuine couples with intentions of real time meetings after a short period of online and phone interactions, where we will discuss the proposal and exchange pictures… I will only go ahead if you are comfortable with live verification of each other, and I must see you and your partner/wife together, on a suitable application. Not looking for a one off, prefer regular and long term where I will be your wife’s man. I am willing to travel within London /southeast or a few reasonable miles beyond, and happy to pay for hotels for overnights on a reasonably regular basis.
  4. We are a long married white couple who has enjoyed the interracial cuckold lifestyle for many years but have been out of the picture for about a year since me moved to nashville. we are very interested in getting back into the scene with a well hung black male who is willing to let me watch and clean up afterwards. Reply in the comments if your interested.
  5. I know there are some talented members out there. Please caption or photoshop fake this Asian slut with big black cocks! Thanks in advance!
  6. Gracie

    How I Became a Cuck

    Lorna and I were sweethearts in school. She got pregnant when 15 and gave birth to our at 16. We got married out of high school at 18. My dick is only 4 1/2 when hard, and I have a tendency of cumming really quick, so I knew I was not satisfying her. When we were 19, I suggested that she start fucking other guys. I was surprised when she put up just very token resistance them immediately agreed to do it. Lorna is hot, very pretty with a slim waist and big D-cup tits. She is always getting hit on. One of the guys hitting on her was a black guy at her gym. She brought him home, knowing I wanted to be present. He fucked her brains out, giving her massive orgasm after orgasm. I never was able to make her cum like that. That one time was enough to make her declare that from then on, she was black cock only. That was over five years ago. Shortly after that first time with the black gym guy, she quickly had many more black boyfriends. A few of the more dominant ones urged her to feminize me, and to deny me any pussy at all. I was quickly put on female HRT to grow tits. Actually, all my life I have been effeminate, some would say girly. The HRT made me even more girly. While my wife fucks tons and tons of black cocks, I have become very much a girl, a chick with a dick. Lorna allows me to cum, but ONLY when there is a black cock in my ass. Since I love cumming, I love black cocks fucking me. At home, there are always at least a few black males around. Our bed is reserved for Lorna and her black boyfriends. I either sleep in a spare bedroom, or on the floor near Lorna;s bed so I can do cleanup duties when needed. Gracie - Chick with a Dick
  7. As my name suggests, I am looking for a dom, middle eastern bull for my 26 year old white american girlfriend. Chmm1234 on yahoo messenger.
  8. big_benny

    fake photos

    I`ll fake your wife or gf. P.M me!
  9. Karen's Cuck

    My Wifes first BBC Experience

    My wife Karen and I decided to go into the city do little shopping and stay at my favorite hotel, it's my favorite hotel because across street is a high-rise condominium building. Karen is a horny exhibitionist and I love to show her body off to others, so when we check into our hotel room we immediately open all the drapes and turn on all the lights so that anyone in the condo building can see what's going on in our room. Our night always has Karen naked and pressed up against the full length window and me fucking her from behind with anyone from across the street enjoying the show. After shopping and dinner we decided to stop into the hotel bar and took a seat at one of the tables, after a couple of drinks we noticed a handsome large build good looking black man in a nice suit come into the bar and sit at the table next to us. We overheard him on his phone telling someone that his flight had been canceled and wouldn't be leaving the city until the next afternoon. After he hung up his phone Karen leaned over to him and apologized for overhearing his conversation and asked if he would like to join us for a drink, he said thank you and pulled his chair to our table. After a couple of hours of chatting and multiple drinks my tipsy wife was turning on her cock tease charm by making sure her dress was pulled up showing off her sexy legs and thighs to our new friend James. It didn't take too long for the conversation to turn sexual in nature and Karen told James that we were active in the swingers lifestyle. James wanted to know if she had ever been with a black man and when she said she had not he said that perhaps he could help her with that and put his hand on the inside of her bare thigh. Karen looked at me and I nodded my approval knowing that our night was about to get much more exciting. The three of us quickly finished our drinks and headed to our room. Once inside the room I took a seat in the chair while Karen and James embraced and kissed one another, then began removing their clothes. The room was perfect with all the lights on and the drapes wide open. Karen was naked quickly because she only had on the summer dress, no bra or panties. James stepped back to take a good look at my naked wife in front of him as he dropped his boxers releasing his large semi-erect black cock. I heard a “Wow” from Karen as she immediately dropped to her knees and took the head of his large cock into her mouth licking and sucking it, then running her lips up and down the length of his shaft. James held onto her head and begin thrusting his hips forcing his cock into her mouth. After a couple of minutes James then moved Karen onto the bed and got between her legs licking her hot pussy and getting her good and wet. He then lay back on the bed with his black pole standing straight up in the air, and Karen climbed up and placed her opening at the tip of his cock. James rubbed his cock back and forth over her opening causing her to moan as it touched her clit, then she began to lower herself taking is much of his cock as she could. As she very slowly engulfed his big cock her body began to shake with a massive orgasm. My wonderful wife managed to take his entire cock inside her stretched pussy and rocked back and forth on it causing what seemed to be a nonstop orgasm. When Karen stopped to rest James moved her onto her hands and knees and pushed into her doggy style. As he pounded away in her pussy he’d look over at me and smile as I sat and watched him ravage my wife and we were all loving it. James re-positioned Karen onto her back and held her legs wide as he continued fucking her. Seeing his big black cock disappearing into her white pussy, the contrast of their skin together was such a huge turn on. I could tell that he was getting close as he buried his head into her neck and began thrusting harder and faster. Moments later he turned his head and looked right at me as he moaned loudly and filled my wife with his sperm. After resting for a few minutes got up off my wife and began to dress, thanking us for a wonderful evening and hoped we could have breakfast together. We arranged a time and he was gone. The whole time Karen was laying spread out on the bed completely exhausted but with a huge smile. She asked if she could suck my cock, so minutes later she was swallowing my load. The next morning I woke to find Karen showered and primping for breakfast, she obviously wanted to look good for James. She wore just a tank top and mini skirt down to breakfast. We arrived at the restaurant to find James all ready there and all smiles when he saw Karen. After breakfast James asked Karen if she would like to see the view from his room as it overlooked the nearby park. Understanding exactly what he was saying I nodded and told him that I was going for a morning walk and I’d be back in a couple hours. As I left the hotel I couldn’t get the image out of my head of my wife in his room getting thoroughly fucked by this good looking black man. Two hours later I came back to the room and started packing up our stuff to get ready for check out. Karen arrived shortly after me with that very familiar just fucked satisfied look on her face. She gave me a kiss, dropped her skirt, flopped on the bed with her legs spread to show me her sloppy pussy and said, “Fuck me”. “Oh you know I love sloppy seconds”, I said. She answered, “Actually it will be sloppy thirds as he came in me twice”. That comment was so unfair as I added my sperm to her after only about three strokes. James and my wife became very regular lovers. Whenever James was in the city on business Karen cancelled everything that interfered with her seeing him. His cock was like a drug to her and when available she had to have it. This relationship went on for almost a year until James got a promotion and transferred to Europe. From that point forward my wife has been hooked on fucking black men.
  10. mrswinger

    My Slut Brenda

    Posting Pictures of my Slut Brenda, She is a submissive slut that loves to be a Whore for Black Cock, a cum slut that loves to swallow cum, to be whored out for BBC use. She has fucked hundreds of BBC starting in her teenage years. Here are some Gangbang Pictures of her. She Loves it when Men look at her Pictures & Loves to read the comments that they make. Let her know what you think of her pictures and her being a slut for BBC & Gangbang Whore and I will post more of her. Make comments to email address on picture
  11. jonedoneo

    should i or shouldn't i

    IF YOU VIEW my friend really wants a blanket that i have and i wanted sexual favours from his "wife"/"girlfriend'. he was MORE THAN WILLING to trade FOR her ya know? and she was willing, if not a little enthusiastic about the affair as well. then i stipulate-because i myself have an oral fixation- that in full exchange i'd like to take some time and eat her pussy and just talk to them about what we, admittedly mainly i, wanted and didn't want out of the experience. then she halls off and says she will have absolutely no contact with me. a long way to go to make me feel hideous,alien and unwanted but its put a heavy or crippling cramp on whatever plans i had. shes no model. i would still pursue it if he'd settle for the blanket only-as at this point i dont believe her company to be worth more or even as much as a single blanket. so advice on whether i should still try for the experience of just say fuck it? i appreciate your thoughts and comments in post.
  12. Hello friends, I read a lot of books on cuckolding, female dominance, female lead marriage and relationships. I have shared some of my favorite book names here. I will appreciate if you share your fav books, authors etc on the topic.
  13. WeLoveitdark

    Boston hotwife looking

    We opened this account to share our fun side of our married life and to meet clean BBC with an open mind.
  14. UKYoungBull

    Young Uk Bull

    Any Cucks/Hotwives looking for a young bull? UK, midlands area - able to travel too. Please private message me your kik if you're interested.
  15. The Start, Chapter 1: I awoke late in the morning from sounds coming from the living room, it sounded like heavy breathing and I felt that, my wife wasn’t in my bed. It has been happening since I let my hireling stay with us since he had no roof. I got up, and opened my door to look into the hallway, where my wife was pinned on the wall, embracing and wrapping her legs on him, while she kept moaning his name and inserting her nails on his back which made him go harder. I could see he was flexing his muscles to the max, they were so defined and big, and his biceps looked like the size of my head. He was motor boating my wife’s precious and grand breasts, enjoying the feel of those perky and smooth breasts. I felt my lower part getting stiff, but even at its hardest, it didn’t compare to the monster he was packing. He kept penetrating her, but there would still be 3-4 inches left because her body could only take so much of his dick. I closed the door and went back to bed to try and get some sleep which unfortunately I couldn’t, I kept hearing yell and moan louder, the dirtiest talk I had ever heard. It all happened months ago, I needed to hire new personnel for my company, which worked in constructions and manual labor. I was going thru the files, usually filled low scum who were drug addicts and usually looked weak for a position like this until I saw his profile. Tyrone Hendrix, fresh out of jail, 300 pounds of pure muscle, at 6’7” was a total mountain. Said he had been charged with the murder and drug dealing but was able to go back to normal after 15 years in prison. At the time of his release, he was 25, god knows when he went in. I interviewed him, and when he came into my office, he barely fit thru the door, even worse when it came to sitting down. I asked him straight away about his condition and if he would go back to his previous life. He had told me that he had seen the mistakes he had done, but couldn’t go back and change his past, but could change his present, which inspired me to hire him. He was able to carry tons of steel easily without breaking a sweat, as he casted a gigantic shadow on me. He was well behaved, but a little flirty when he saw women in nice dresses. My secretary had informed that he slapped her ass once, while she didn’t know he was there. I told her not to care much about, he must have done it jokingly. Few weeks after I hired him, I needed to go back to the office for some papers, when I saw him sleeping on the floor, I asked him what he was doing and he had told me that he had no roof and wanted to stay in the office to sleep, asked me not to get angry but I asked him to come with me and have a few drinks. We went to the bar and he told me how his mother had died and wasn’t able to leave him anything, and he had no place to go since no one wanted an ex con. After a few drinks and laughs, I asked him if he wanted to stay with us. We live in big house, almost like a mansion, with a pool, sauna and a Jacuzzi. He agreed and was thankful for me offering it to him. When we got home, my wife was in her nightgown, which was made of silk that resembled her skin. The moment he walked in, he whistled so loud, I thought he was going to shatter the glass table. He went over to my wife, grabbed her by her waist and kissed her lips. Her cheeks were flushed with arousal. I told my wife Jenny, that he would be staying with us for a few weeks. Asked her if she could take him to the guest room. He told me I was too lucky to own a damn hotel, but even luckier to have such a fine woman as a wife. As they were walking to his room, I caught a glimpse of him slapping the firm ass of my wife, making wolf sounds. After she showed him the room, I could see her nipples trying to burst from the nightgown. She asked me who he was, and why I’d let him stay with us. I told her about his situation, and his past and she got mad at me but asked her not to make a scene, we then went to sleep. Next morning, I woke up, but I didn’t see her which was weird, so I got up and saw him sitting there shirtless on the couch, and when I asked where my wife was, she sprung up from in from of him, where another couch was. She looked pale but also aroused, and her voice was shaking. Tyrone then got up and asked me if we were going to work. His shorts were so tight you could see the outline of his tool, even the veins were visible, and his head was almost poking out too. I asked him to get ready, and asked my wife if she could make us some coffee, while she was adjusting her nightgown. I asked her what was going on, but she just told me that they were talking and getting to know each other. On the ride to work, Tyrone was talking about how fine of a woman I had, with those perky silver white breasts, with fat small pink mountains of nipples. But that her ass was his main attraction, those thing would not stop bouncing every time she walked. I told him to stop, that it was my wife he was talking about and that he should be more respectful. All he told me was to be careful of not losing her with a smirk. We got to work, and it was raining, I was in my office, warm and clean, while Tyrone was outside in the cold and dirty. He was flexing his muscles carrying the equipment and working on the buildings that I started fantasizing of him with my wife, but he could just absorb her entirely like a germ. We finished working and went home. He entered first and slammed the door back that I almost crashed into it, while I caught a glimpse of him grabbing Jenny’s butt. He went and sat in the couch with his legs spread open and one feet on the coffee table. It was weird to me because Jenny wouldn’t even let me enter the house with my shoes dirty, let enough my whole body. He yelled from the living room if I could bring him a beer, while he was sitting there and Jenny cuddled up beside him asking him about his day, like she didn’t know I came home too. I greeted her, and she just replied back with hey John, and continued talking to Tyrone, amazed at the stories of how he carried a lot of steel and wood. I couldn’t tolerate what I was seeing, so I went to my room and changed. We had dinner then he went to take a shower. I told Jenny when we were in private that it was a good thing he was showering, he was smelling dirty. And she said that he smelled good, while she was staring at his room. I went to my room to lay down and read something, but before I left I tried to grab her butt but she stopped me and told me she wasn’t in the mood. I was laying down in my bed when Tyrone yelled that he needed a towel, I was getting up but Jenny said she got him since the kitchen was closer to his room, which had a closet with all the towels and bathroom equipment. It had been 5 minutes since she first went in, but I never heard her leave so I got up and asked her what was taking her so long, and as soon as I opened the door, she got up from her knees, cleaned her mouth and said that she was looking for a towel while Tyrone was telling me that I need not to get worried, nothing had happened and that he had his underwear behind the towel he was putting. His chest was so big and defined. All the veins made it seem like he had the Great Canyon in his chest. His pecs were literally 5 inches up from his body. His abs, his 8 pack were looking like normal pecs. I left the room and wished him good night and Jenny came with me. While we were in our room, I asked her what she thought about him, she said and I quote “A total body building perfection, like he came straight out of a magazine or he was photoshopped”, I asked her if she caught a glimpse of his tool, and she giggled and blushed, and asked me what kind of woman I thought she was. ============================================================================================== This is my first time posting a story, I've written a few but never posted them. Please, I encourage you to tell me what was good, and what I need to improve on, and if you want to hear more Tyrone and Jenny blooming relationship. Until then have a good one.
  16. Part One: Sorry for the hold up, with school and family matters, I've only been able to complete it till now. Enjoy! ========================================================================== I just told her if she had noticed, and she told me that in all honesty she had, and that it scares her and laughed. I felt a little down, knowing my wife was checking someone else out but she noticed so she started to jerk me and said I was good and she liked mine. I came in less than a minute due to me thinking of her doing that to Tyrone. She got upset because I didn’t last long so she went to sleep, I felt sick the entire night. The next while at the office, my boss district came to visit and check our operations and found Tyrone working hard. He asked me about Tyrone and if I saw potential in him and I told him he was a hard worker and I could see him moving higher. He told me that he was going to get a raise to Assistant Manager. We brought him and told him about it, he was really happy about the news and we decided to send him home early. I had to get out late, all the paper work for Tyrone’s promotion kept me up late but it was time to go home. When I got back home, I found Tyrone and a couple of his friends in the living room, where my wife was sitting all @@@@@@@ in skimpy night wear with her hair messy. I asked if there was a party happening and one of his friends said there was a great party hosted by my missus. She blushed while everyone laughed and Tyrone got up and told me he had some friends over to celebrate his promotion. I told him it was fine but they’d have to leave in an hour. I went to my room and my wife followed with an orchestra of wolf whistles. I got to my room and started getting undressed and my wife asked me how my day was. I told her it was long as tiring and seeing her dressed like that around his friends didn’t please me. That she should cover herself more, especially around strangers. She sighed and told me she felt comfortable with her body and enjoyed showing it off, and that Tyrone’s friends were really nice about it. I got mad and got into bed while she stormed back into the living room while one of his friends exclaimed welcome back gorgeous. As she was leaving, I looked her way and noticed some white drops on the floor. I headed to that direction and felt and it was sticky and warm, it was cum. I was in shocked but just thought she might had been aroused, I tried shrugging it off but all I could think about was Tyrone and his friends did with my beautiful wife. How they all took turns with her and she enjoyed it. How she was begging for more, getting tag teamed. I got mad and took sleeping pills because I couldn’t stand those thoughts. The next day my wife had to go out and while at work I called a security camera service and asked for them to plant and hide cameras all around my house, the living room, the kitchen, the bedrooms, etc. They were able to do it in a couple of hours so there wasn’t any stress. They were up and running and I was able to livestream it all the way to work. This way I would know if it was real or just my imagination. The next day I called Tyrone to my office and let him know that he could leave early and that I’d take over his work, he thanked me but he flirted with the assistant for a while, she was blushing and opening her blouse a little more as she was smiling and laughing. He then left to go back home and that’s when I started the monitoring software and turned everything on and ready. I saw my wife getting a call and her reacting so well to it. I had to turn the volume up a little more because the cameras were far away but I heard that Tyrone had called and she was happy for him coming early before hanging up and running off to our closet where she got herself into another skimpy bikini I had never seen before. She went back to the kitchen, bent over and got a tray, but as she was doing it, one of her breasts fell out of the bra. She got up and fixed and got some beer for the tray, there were around 5-7 beers and she was just sitting in the living room waiting with anticipation when the door bell rang and she opened it with tray in hand. It was Tyrone and 3 of his friends. They then came in and start handling my wife as they all took a beer, surrounding themselves around her. I saw how they grabbed her body and smacked her ass, they went to the living room with her and place her in the middle as she started getting on her knees and getting their cocks out, I started to feel mine grow in anticipation but I was also ashamed. My wife started to jerk them, and started to suck each one of them as they play with her breasts and started slapping them, Tyrone then bend her over and started eating her out as they called her a dirty slut wife, how she loved the black cocks as she choked on them. Tyrone got up and placed his hands on her waist and started teasing her with his cock, at the time it was so hard and big I was surprised when the head went in because I didn’t think it’d fit inside of her, I never thought she could take something that big. She kept moaning loud and playing with everyone else, I was in shock, I had no idea of what was happening that I didn’t even realize I was touching myself as I watched my wife getting pounded, guys slapping her face with cock and she never having enough. I had no idea how any of this started and why she became so crazed for cock. Tyrone got off her and a friend sat in a couch and grabbed her, then she got on top of him and started to ride his cock, seeing her beautiful breasts bounce as her ass was being slapped and she started to try and get some dicks in her mouth. I felt sick in my stomach because of how turned I was, how I loved seeing my wife man handled by four black men, having their way with her and she enjoying. She was moaning louder and crying of pleasure, a sight I had never seen in our marriage. Then came another and pushed her slightly forward, spit on his hand and rubbed her asshole before he started to penetrate it. She was speechless for a minute, trying to gasp for air as another guy started to face fuck my wife. They kept taking turns on my wife, fucking all of her holes, it wasn’t until an hour or two later when they all came on her face and tits, then Tyrone kept fucking her harder that she was shaking and squirting until he came inside of her. The sight was grotesque, I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing, how can my beautiful wife turn into a slut like that? Drinking all the cum in her face, taking a load inside of her. I came back home, filled with hate, not only at my wife for cheating but at myself for enjoying. All I could think of during the ride is how much she looked like she was enjoying, and she never had too much. I arrived home to find Tyrone and my wife alone, cuddling in the couch, but she sat up as soon as she heard the door. I greeted them off, must have come out bad because she asked me what was wrong but I just told her I had a bad day at work and went to my room. She came after me and asked again while she tried to go in for a kiss but I stopped her and just told her I needed to go to sleep and she left mad. I couldn’t fall asleep and felt her come to bed around 3 am. ========================================================================== Part three is underway, enjoy and till the next one.
  17. Club Bangers: I take my girlfriend to a club for her first time on ecstasy. She loves it, but loves the big black dicks she finds backstage even more. mfmm, interracial, asian, cuck, hot girlfriend, voyeur, drugs Full story (DOC file) here:
  18. A .MOBI version of this story (for Kindle reader / app) can be downloaded here, but I recommend copy/pasting the text below into a .DOC file, then doing a find/replace Suzy with the name of a woman you’d rather think about, and replace girlfriend with wife if that works better, too. Suzy is Asian, so you may also want to find/replace Asian, Thailand, Thai and Bangkok. ONE Now this is a quick and dirty story that happens to be true, and I’ve never told it to anyone before, but I thought why not write about it, change the names, and try and sell it for some money, just like this. It took place a year or two ago, when I was dating this hot little number, Suzy, not marriage material but very fuckable. She had this wild, submissive side – a good Catholic girl who’d discovered sex and found she liked it. When I met her she was already a big fan of Rocco Siffredi, and we used to watch his movies together while fucking. Look him up and you’ll get the picture. It was from that I knew she was freakier than one dick could satisfy, so I got a rubber cock and stuck that in her ass while banging her pussy, or vice versa, depending on whether I wanted a blow job mid-fuck. This got her hot, and she loved the idea of two or three cocks at once, giving me all the dirty talk on that theme, and I’d call her a slut and a bitch and a whore, and she’d cum harder. She used to get her knees and suck my dick, and I’d tell her if she was good I’d take her to a bar, set her up in a bathroom stall, and have her give blowjobs for $10 a pop, or take her to a frat party and swap her for a bag of weed and some pills, and that only made her hotter. Suzy loved it all, so it’s important you know going in that my girlfriend was a beautiful freak, and it was hard for me to keep up with her desires, so later on, when this seems to get out of hand, just remember that’s how she liked it, and we kept dating for a while after the night I’ll tell you about here, which involves some ecstasy, a club, and a whole lot of bangers. TWO Suzy had gotten high many times before, but she’d never taken ecstasy, and wanted to. I was cool with that, because I love drugging and dancing, and I also knew that when we got home she’d be ready to fuck like a demon the rest of the night. I got four pills, and made sure we had enough weed and fresh porn to keep us going through to Sunday afternoon. Suzy was on an interracial kick at that time, and loved watching girls worshipping big black cock and then getting fucking destroyed. She’d never been with a black guy, though, at least that’s what she said, not until that night, but then she sure made up for lost time. THREE Wait, I should tell you how she looked, right? Unless you just want to imagine your own woman getting ploughed here, in which case, go ahead. I’m in no place to judge. Suzy was all-American, but her dad had been a missionary in Asia and her mom was Thai, so she had that short, dark look, with full lips, nice tits, high round ass and almost hairless pussy. It’d be fair to say she looked good, and enjoyed the attention she got from men. We didn’t live in San Francisco or somewhere like that, and a real-life hot Asian was still something of a novelty in Newton. FOUR OK – let’s jump to the night in question. It was Saturday, and we hadn’t fucked all day because I told Suzy it was best to let the tension build, get really high at the club and dance, then get a cab back and fuck like rabbits all night. “I can’t even masturbate?” “Uh uh, verboten. No sex till later. Trust me, it’ll be worth it.” “But I can’t relax.” “Go for a run or something.” “Fuck you.” But she went for a run, then came back and did aerobics for an hour. That tight body was well-earned. “What if we’re too tired to fuck after dancing?” “Don’t worry. The ecstasy will keep us up.” “And then we’ll fuck?” “Yeah, sure. We’ll dance a while, enjoy the lights, then come home, break out the toys, and fuck till noon. You’ll remember this night for the rest of your life.” She kissed me. “OK then, I’ll just shave my pussy in the shower.” FIVE Now I probably don’t need to tell you that Suzy looked great as we got ready to go out. Short skirt and a thin silver top without a bra, full club make-up and hair. We were smoking weed and my balls ached, and I wanted to bust a nut on her face there and then, but no, we had to wait, had to let the tension build, and so we just listened to some dance music and got in the mood before taking half a pill each and then calling a cab. We’d do the other half after the first one hit, dance a few hours, then be home by one. There were two more pills in the stash box that we could use when we started fading, along with some Viagra, in case my dick felt like it was fucked out. I’d even bought Suzy a dog collar, leash and a big black dildo she could use as a chew toy while I was fucking her ass. I was really looking forward to it. SIX We made it to the club before the tingles hit and then the rush, and I sat down with Suzy to get her over the hump. Like I said, we smoked a lot of weed, and she’d taken mushrooms a few times, so it wasn’t all new ground, and once she was up she was good, and we chewed some gum, got some water, took the other half pills, then went dancing. It was still early, but the place was busy. There was name DJ on at midnight one of those producers who take a little show on the road with an MC or two, press play, wave their hands in the air, then cash the check. It seemed like a pretty sweet gig. SEVEN We were dancing and it was great, and if you’ve taken ecstasy you’ll know how, and if you haven’t then you won’t. We were in the music, but more than that, we were in love, so open and forgiving and happy. It felt exactly like it always should – no ego, no judgment, no fear. I drank a lot of water to keep hydrated, so pretty soon I needed to go to the bathroom, but when I came back Suzy had wandered off, and I kept weaving through the crowd, trying to find her. Finally I looked up and saw her waving at me from a balcony. I waved back, and felt good, but then I noticed she had a guy right behind her, and he had his arms around her while she was dancing. I knew her ass must be moving up against his crotch, and he was smiling, like an idiot, and looking straight at me. I wondered what the fuck was happening. EIGHT Now I’ll say right here this whole scene wasn’t exactly virgin territory. Like I said, we watched a lot of porn, and we both liked watching DPs, TPs and gangbangs, and yeah, I’d thought about Suzy being fucked like that, and I know she had too. We had a bunch of dildos and she’d been double- and triple-penetrated with those and my dick, and we both enjoyed it. But this guy getting his cock and balls rubbed by her ass wasn’t a fantasy, and even with the drugs I couldn’t help feeling jealous and hurt. This was supposed to be our night. I looked again just to make sure I wasn’t overreacting, but there was Suzy, still grinding up against that guy, while he was moving his hands up and down her body. I knew that he was touching the sides of her breasts, naked under that thin top, then going down to her hips, and no doubt copping a feel of her ass too. My face must have dropped, because suddenly Suzy turned and seemed to be saying something to the guy, and they both moved away from the balcony. I looked for the stairs and went up to see what the fuck was going on. NINE It didn’t take me long to find them, and it was even worse than I’d imagined. Not only were the guy’s hands all over Suzy, but she was all over him. I saw her stroke his chest, grab his ass, and even put a hand on his crotch and laugh, and all within the few seconds it took for me to spot them and stride over. “What’s going on?” “Hey,” said Suzy, smile wide and tripping. “This is LP. He knows you’re my boyfriend.” “Hi, man,” he said, “we cool?” “It’s OK,” said Suzy, “he knows the DJ. Says we can go backstage and smoke. You want to?” I put a hand on Suzy’s shoulder and pulled her close, leant in and spoke as quietly as I could in a club. “What the fuck, Suzy? Don’t run off like that. You’re on ecstasy – everyone is. It’s easy to get carried away. I’m not angry, I’m just – just try not to do it again, OK? There can be a lot creeps at nights like this, it’s easy to get taken advantage of.” “You don’t trust me?” “Yes, I mean, no. I trust you. I love you.” The drugs hit again, and we kissed, then I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was LP, whatever the fuck that name meant. “So, you guys want to go back and meet Leon and the crew? He’s got the best weed in town tonight, a little strain they call triple-x fly.” “Sure,” I said. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen? TEN LP led the way. We went downstairs and then there was a door with a NO ENTRY sign. He pressed some buttons to get in, and then we walked along a corridor, the music from the club a distant echo, until we reached a shabby door with cheap silver star stuck on it. LP knocked, the door opened, and we were let in, him first, then Suzy, then me. It was a small backstage room, walls covered in graffiti, with a couch, some armchairs and barstools, a table with drinks and snacks, a sink and a mirror. I recognized Leon, the DJ on the flyer for the club, and he was with two other guys, and all three of them had blunts and were drinking beer from the bottle. “Hi,” Leon said, going straight up to Suzy and handing her a smoke and a drink. “I’m Leon, and this is Chris, and this is Dion. He’s the one with the big dick, if you’re wondering.” “Hi,” she said, eyes wide, a sip of the drink, a puff of the blunt. “I’m Suzy.” “This the boyfriend?” Leon said to LP, ignoring me. “Yeah. Don’t worry, he’s cool.” “Great, good work.” He turned to me. “Nice to meet you, boy. Why don’t you sit down over there,” he pointed to an armchair, “take the weight off your feet.” One of his friends, Dion, came over and handed me a fresh blunt and a beer as I was sitting down. “That’s the ticket. Get high, enjoy the show.” “Now what are you, Chinese?” Leon said to Suzy. “My mom’s from Thailand,” she said. “Bangkok.” Dion said. “That’s where they make all ‘em whores, ain’t it? You think your momma ever suck a donkey dick, do that ping pong trick?” Leon put up a hand and waved Dion away. “Cool it, man, I like Asian girls. They submissive. Treat a guy right.” He turned to me. “Ain’t that true? Your girl do it right?” “Yeah,” I said, “I guess.” “I guess? You don’t know? What about you, Suzy – you know how to make a man happy?” “I think so.” “Then tell me what a man likes.” “A man likes to get his dick sucked.” The guys laughed, having a great time. But me, I wasn’t so sure. They were tight around my girlfriend now, right in her personal space, and I realized she was cut off from me, that I couldn’t get closer without pushing them out of the way. I felt uncomfortable, but I also felt my dick rise. What the fuck was happening? Well, there was my little Asian girlfriend, horny and high, and surrounded by three black guys who were trying to provoke her with sex talk. She was on display, and she knew it, getting off on all the sexual tension in the air, and I wondered what would break it. Leon looked passed me, and I turned and saw LP still standing at the door, watching it all. “Good work,” Leon said, “now you go out and find some other bitches for the aftershow. Need ‘em back here about two. Let ‘em smoke, drink, whatever, just make sure they know what’s expected. And this time at least one blonde with tits.” “You want ‘em with boyfriends?” “Nah, it’s OK. We got this one, so that’s cool. Just some regular hot ass bitches is fine, man, but remember – tits.” “Sure thing. And don’t forget, show starts at 12. Someone better press play on this girl’s ass. You ain’t got all night.” Then LP left, Chis went over to the door and locked it, and I waited to see what would happen. ELEVEN It didn’t take long to start. Suzy let out a moan, and I looked and saw Leon had a hand on her back, moving it up and down, taking advantage of how awesome a backrub feels when rolling, knowing there was no way she’d ask him to stop, and guessing I wouldn’t either. Why? I don’t know. I just sat there and kept smoking and drinking, watching it all like it was on TV or something. Leon’s friends saw all that too, and moved a little closer, started touching my girlfriend’s bare arms, then her shoulders, face, and thighs. Suzy let out another long moan, arched her back so her tits stuck out and jiggled. I knew she was ready to fuck. “A lot of love in this room, baby,” Leon said, just above a whisper, and kissing my girlfriend on the neck, “can you feel it?” Suzy put down her drink and turned around to face him, and I thought she was about to kiss him back, but then he just pulled her shoulders down with one hand and pushed her waist back with the other, so her ass was sticking out and facing the rest of us, wrapped in a short, tight skirt that barely reached passed her pussy. “No disrespect, man,” Dion said, “but looks like your girlfriend’s got a great ass.” He reach out, grabbed both cheeks shook them up and down. “Damn. That’s firm. Hey Leon, her tits as good?” “I don’t know – let me feel.” Suzy moaned again as he touched her breasts, then she straightened up, gently pushed him away, and pulled her top up and off, threw it on the floor. She turned around to face me, Chris and Dion. Her tits looked fucking amazing. “Oh, hi, babe,” she said, high as fuck and still hitting the blunt, “why are you here?” TWELVE “Damn – we got one,” Leon said. “Regular party girl. Say, what’s your name again?” “Suzy.” “You like to party, Suzy? You like to play around?” “Yeah,” she said, while Chris and Dion were stroking her tits. “And your boy here’s cool that?” “Yeah, I think so, he likes it in porn.” Leon turned to me, “is that true?” I didn’t know what to say. “It’s OK, kid. We got this, we do. Funny thing is, that’s my thing too.” “What?” said Suzy, “watching gangbangs?” “Nah, Bangkok,” Dion said, “making ‘em.” “That’s the truth,” said Leon, unzipping Betty’s skirt and pulling it down, showing off her little hot pink panties, “but you know what I like even better? I like fucking women in front of their men. Guess everyone’s some kind of freak.” I felt myself gulp, cartoonish, but it got stuck as a lump in my throat. I emptied the bottle of beer I was holding to steady my nerves. A guy came over – Chris, Dion, I can’t remember – and gave me another a beer and a new blunt, even though I wasn’t done with the first. I just sat there and kept smoking, drinking, suddenly numb. “That’s it, you sit there and get fucked up,” said Leon. “We’ll take care of, fuck –” he turned to my girlfriend, whose panties he was pulling down and helping her step out of, “what’s your name again?” “Suzy,” she said, with all three guys touching her naked body now, while she writhed and moaned, her shaved pussy glistening from across the room. Those other half pills were hitting us now, and I knew we were just about to be overwhelmed. For a moment I thought we should never have taken ecstasy, we should never have come to this club. And then I simply didn’t give a fuck. “Yeah, we’ll let Suzy here take care of our little pre-game blow job thing.” Leon said, pulling down his pants and squeezing his dick. “But no disrespect – we know your girlfriend’s a real nice lady. Ain’t that true slutty Sue, you a lady?” Suzy just smiled, her eyes half closed and mouth chewing gum. Then she straightened up, took a bottle of water from the table, drank a few sips, and looked at me with such longing and love that I thought she might burst into tears and beg for forgiveness. “I’m sorry, babe,” she said, spitting out her gum, “but I really, really want this. Is it OK?” “Yeah,” I said, the ecstasy hitting me hard, “I’m really OK with this.” “So, you gonna get down, or do we have to take it?” Dion said, suddenly also without pants, and what looked like an overgrown zucchini in his shorts. Suzy put a hand behind his head, pulled him close, and kissed him while grabbing his dick, then turned to Leon and did the same, then to Chris, who was only now unbuckling his belt. Then she pushed them away a little, took a deep breath, and got on her knees. END OF THE SAMPLE… More at the author's blog