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  1. Hi all, looking for fun with couples on being a cuckold with creampie eating/cleanup, cum kissing etc….. Message me if looking/interested and or just wanna chat. I respond to all. 31 WM in the Massachusetts (413) and Connecticut (860). My interests are cuckolding, hotwife, Qos ♠️, creampie eating/cleanup, squirt drinking, cum swap kissing, bbc, bbc cuckolding, interracial and much more. My other media pages are TWITTER @bbccuckoldlova2 : BDSMLR @bbccuckoldlova : MEWE @bbcuckoldlova ♠️ Enjoy!
  2. From the album: SecretPlayWife in Dallas

    BBCs fuck SecretPlayWife then she sucks the cum out of one, shows hubby, and swallows.
  3. Note: Wife Customized by Black Lovers and New Bosses is a story of a woman who experiences the pleasures and frustrations of being a Hot-wife who loves Big Black Cock. It also looks at the desperation that her “husband” must endure as she is shared with a black man and given to a Master who changes her appearance without regard to how others will see her. It is a very true fictional story of how couples deal with the changes that they did not foresee when they decide to step into this lifestyle. If, some extreme, body modifications and tattoos are not your thing, then it is suggested you not read this book. However, if you enjoy very graphic sex and orgasms then be sure to read this, and we hope you enjoy it. Chapter 1 Situation My name is Robert, and I am a writer of fiction stories and novels. My wife, Bethany, who, at 28, is a year older than I am, was a college classmate. We dated for a few years, and then I proposed. Beth and I have been married for 3 years. Beth is a college instructor, with a very boyish, sexy, pixie haircut, with a slightly darker skin tone, though she is Caucasian. She is always smiling and looks very attractive, regardless of what she wears, how she does her makeup, or where she is. She loves the company of friends, and she loves to attend parties with her friends. She will most always wear an attractive, conventionally modest dress. In the evenings, I write stories for publication, and she either watches TV or will prepare notes for her lectures. We enjoy particularly good sex on the weekends, and she is very much an active participant with me. We love our sex life and our lives together. Kimberly is Beth’s friend from college. She moved into our neighborhood along with her black husband, Gayle. Beth was surprised to see her but didn’t have an immediate chance to talk to her because Kimberly wanted to spend time with Gayle, who was leaving the next day for a business meeting. Since Kimberly was new to the area, she found it scary to be alone at night. After the two friends finally connected, she asked Beth to stay with her for the night, as Gayle would be back the next day. The next morning, Beth came home, and I asked about her overnight stay. She said they had talked about both of their lives, since they had not seen each other for the three years after our marriage. I said, "It seems strange for her to have a black husband." "She met him a few months after our wedding, and she fell in love with him. She said it's his big, black cock," Beth replied, grinning. "How big?" I asked, out of curiosity. The next moment I thought, ‘why am I asking this of my wife?' She surprised me, "It's 9 inches long and 3 inches thick." "How do you know that?" "Kimberly said so and I do believe it, since she then showed me a photograph of him naked. She whipped it out quickly and I didn't get enough time to turn my face away. It’s true; I stared for a few seconds. She said, 'Oh you are interested,' but I didn't understand what she meant by that." I didn't understand it either. "She showed me her photo album; it looked very beautiful to see her cute, white body alongside his dark body." That night, Beth was sucking me, and I felt she was thinking about something else. "What is it? Where are your thoughts?" "It's nothing," she shyly smiled. "Honey, you know we are open to talk about anything." "I just thought Kim and I have about the same mouth size, so how could she suck a cock 9 inches long and 3 inches thick? My mouth is about to be filled with your 5-inch cock." "Maybe they were not sucking." "She said she sucks him." "When did she tell you this?" I was surprised at the intimate details they had obviously shared. "She said it when she showed me the photo." "You said she loves to fuck him." "I think she said both." "Enough about them, now focus on us and give me your sweet pussy." We made love and I got excited with the sexiness of my hot wife. She also enjoyed it more than our usual nights. The next day was Friday and I went shopping for some groceries and beer. When I returned, I found that Beth wasn’t home, so I opened a beer and cooled off. Then I got a call from Beth's phone; it was Kim. She said, "Beth said you were working in the evenings and, as a result, you two are not going out together regularly. She would like to come to a party with me and Gayle, are you okay with that?" I said, "It's her decision, and I likely will be working in the evening. She can have all the fun she wants, but it’s her choice.” I said it without thinking, probably because of the effect off the beers I’d had. I heard Kim say to Beth, "What did I tell you? He seems to be totally okay with it," and then she hung up the phone. A few minutes later, Beth stopped at home, dressed casually in jeans and shirt, kissed me on the cheek and said, "Are you sure you’re okay with me going out with Kim and Gayle?" Trying to remember what was going on beyond our home, I said, "You can have all the fun you want. Just remember, you’re my wife." “What does that mean?” Beth asked. “It means you’re my wife, first. In the same way, I’m your husband first.” She looked perplexed, then said, "Okay. Love you," And she left. I didn’t understand her apparent confusion; I expected that, whatever she did would pass the husband test. I would always behave in a way to pass the wife test. At 11 pm she came back. I could barely believe it. She looked very hot in a one-piece party dress. Her perfect body shape was entirely showcased for anyone to see. "What happened to you?" "I am very tired, I danced a lot and I am really dragging, so can we talk about it in the morning? Goodnight, honey." She gave me a passionate kiss on the lips. In the morning I looked at her questioningly. She shyly smiled and I asked about the evening. "When I came back from giving my afternoon lecture, you weren’t home, and Kim called me to come over. She said it was important. I went to her home and I saw Gayle and his friend. Kim introduced the friend as Fernando. Kim had called me to ask for a favor. Fernando is divorced and they were all going to a party. Fernando's ex would be there on a date with some other man. He wanted to show his ex that he was with someone hotter than her. Fernando asked me, would I do him the favor of going with him. I said I am a married woman and I can't date him." "Is he black?" "Yes, he is. Kim insisted that Fernando is a good friend, and I don't have to actually date him, just pretend.” I said, "You didn't like the idea?" "She asked me to call you and ask. After I dialed, she took the phone from me. I didn't hear what she said to you, but she said you agreed." "What? I didn't say that! She said you wanted to go out with her and Gayle. She didn't mention Fernando – or anything about you going as his date for the evening!" Beth looked shocked. She tried to cover, "I … I … I was uh, uh, just pretending!" She could see I wasn’t at all happy about this. She was very moody and in a sad voice said, "I thought you would let me have a date ... pretending!" She went quiet for a bit. Eventually, she looked at me and saw I was truly angry about what had happened. I asked her to tell me about what went on during this pretend date. Wringing her hands, Beth said, "I thought I had no reason not to go along with Kimberly’s idea, because you had already given permission – at least, that’s what I thought.” “Why would you ever think that, Beth? Why would you want to do what she asked?” “I … I don’t know. She’s my friend and I wanted to make her happy.” “You mean you wanted to make you happy!” She looked ashamed at that point, and very uncertain. “Go on,” I told her. “I … I came here to change from my work dress and put on the jeans you saw. Kim and Gayle mocked me about the way I dressed to go to the party. 'We’re not going to a cookout,' Kim said. She was wearing a one-piece sleeveless dress, five inches above her knees. She looked hot, so she took me into her wardrobe in her bedroom. She asked me which dress I liked. Every one of them was as short or even much shorter, than what she wore. “I said I always wore bigger, longer ones, but she insisted on me trying them on. I wore one and she said I looked hot and beautiful. I said I couldn’t go out in it, especially without my husband. I tried to call you and she asked me if I was so dependent that I needed to ask your permission for everything I do, trying to embarrass me. “She took my phone and pulled me out of the room, forcefully. Gayle and Fernando gave me eager applause, which raised my confidence and distracted me.” “Beth, I can’t believe you were that naive.” “I’m sorry!” She cried. “Sometimes you can act like such a stupid girl. Go on.” “We went to a party and we drank. After a while, we saw Fernando's ex. She was hotter than hell. Fernando asked me to pretend I was his girlfriend and he hugged me and kissed me deeply and passionately. I think it was the drinking which made me want to do it. He was very gentle after all…” “I can’t believe you were that stupid, Beth.” “I … I’m trying to tell you … Oh, it is stupid!" "Go on, Beth." "We eventually drove back to Kim's home and Fernando left. When I was alone with Kim, I asked about how she sucks Gayle since he has such a big cock. She asked, ‘Would I be wanting to know?' I said yes, and then what she replied made me angry, so I left.” "Honey, what did she tell you?" "You will get angry also, so leave it. I am going to go make a coffee." "Why wouldn’t I be an angry guy after you had a real date?" "It was just pretending." "Well, I won't get angry with you for what Kim said to you, but you better tell me." "It makes me nervous that If I wanted to know how she does it, she would show me, but won't tell me." That day I thought about Beth seeing Kim and Gayle fucking. Somehow, the idea made me hot in bed, so I asked, "Are you interested in seeing Kim suck Gayle's cock?" She said no. I fucked her again and in between I asked her to go give it some thought. Saturday evening Beth got a phone call, and I could hear her say 'no' and cut the phone. I asked, "Was it Kim?" "Yes." "Was it about watching them?" "Yes - and I said no." "You can watch if you want." "You want me to watch?" "Yes." "What if they tried to do something with me?" "Go along with it, if you want." "Do you want me to be a slut?" "No, I don't want it, I just want you to be free. If you like something, do it, don't ask my permission, but later you must tell me what it was. You’ve already gone so far with Fernando that I’m re-thinking our relationship." She seemed truly hurt. Too bad, I thought. If there’s something in all this that gets me aroused, I won’t question it. I’ll let it play out. "Is that your fetish, me doing it with someone else?" "It’s not a fetish. I want you all to myself. But you’ve already crossed that line, in my opinion. At this point, I don’t give a shit. You initiated this situation. You want to do it, then do it. I have loved you since our college days. I know you are a beautiful woman. Since I write in the evening, I’m sure that makes me very boring, but I don't want you to sit around and be bored with me. Go enjoy yourself. I’d rather have some of you than none of you." "You are not boring." "You certainly are acting like I am. Go and see, then tell me everything when you come back." And I gave her a peck on the cheek, letting her go with very mixed feelings. Chapter 2 Provocation It was now eight in the evening. Beth had left home an hour ago. I was thinking about what might be happening when I got a call from Beth. "Can I suck a big black cock?" "I will not play games with you, Beth. It is your decision. Either this will be good for us or destroy us. I cannot decide that – only judge it when it happens. The ball is in your court. You no longer need my permission to go along with it." After I hung up, I thought to myself, what am I telling her? I was off-guard. When did Fernando arrive at Kimberly’s house? Will he fuck Beth? Oh shit, I thought. She came home an hour later and went to bed. In the morning, when I woke up, I saw she was reading the newspaper. She got up and prepared a coffee for me. While I was drinking it, I looked at her and she said, "Do you want me to tell you what happened yesterday?" "Yes. That was our agreement. Tell me everything." "Okay, when I got to her house, only Kim was there. She said, ‘I thought you said no.’ "I did, but Robert and I discussed it and he gave me the go-ahead." "What else did he say?" She asked me. "Robert said if I wanted, I could suck it too, but if I did, I might have to face the consequences." "Gayle’s cock is my cock - and only mine. I won't give it to anyone, even you." "I don't want his cock either, I’m just was telling you what Robert said." "Okay. Then you can have Fernando's cock." "No, I don't want any cock but Robert’s!" "You said your husband will let you have a black cock and you don't want it? Are you crazy? Do you know how amazing it is? Haven’t you heard the proverb, 'Once you go black you never go back?’ " "That's not what he said. He agreed that I can watch you two and if you persuade me, I can go along with it if I like it and want the experience." "Either way, your husband wants you to fuck a black cock." "No." "Yes! Let me ask you something. How long is Robert’s cock?” "5 inches and ... a half!" "Do you take it all?" "Almost." "Listen to me. If you have sucked a black cock once in your life, you can suck your hubby's cock, at any time! In a different way than you ever did before. And he is going to love it and it will change your sex life forever." "I don't know … When he told me it was okay, he made it clear that it could damage or destroy our relationship." "I don't like to share Gayle, and I won’t. Fernando would like to get it on with you. He mentioned to us that he thought you were very beautiful, and he wants to date you again. I mean a real date, not pretending." "We both smiled at that comment, and suddenly she was calling someone. I asked if it were Fernando. She said, yes and I replied that I wanted to confirm the whole idea with you and she got angry like the first time I said I wanted to check with you. She said this was the last time she would let me get any confirmation from you in these situations." I got hot from that comment. Knowing my wife, Beth, could end up involved in something that I'm not even aware of. I knew the actual truth only when Beth told me later. She asked me if it was okay. I said, "Yes, I suppose. But I’d always hoped you could be fulfilled with only me." She gave me a little peck on the cheek and said, “You do satisfy me and make me feel loved. But I think it’s very nice of you to give me this level of freedom.” I asked her to continue her dialog. "After I called you, she heard what you said, 'You can go along with it." "That wasn’t exactly what I said. In addition, I didn't know it was Fernando's cock." "Either way, you knew then I was going to have a big black cock." She was right. I’d lost the high ground here. It was my own fault for being so wishy-washy. "Tell me more." "She called Fernando. I didn't hear what she said, but I could tell she was very happy. Afterward, she called Gayle and she became sad and told me that Gayle was going to be late, real late, today." "I asked her what we should do and when Fernando would come." "He will be here soon, within minutes." "I pointed out to her, ‘I said earlier that if you and Gayle suck and if it persuades me, I will do it to Fernando. Please call him and tell him, we can do it later, since Gayle isn’t here.’ " "Beth, I gave Fernando an offer on your behalf, so we can't take it back, especially now that he’s on his way." “’Okay,’ I said. ‘Kim, will you do Fernando today?’ " "I’m sorry Beth. I can't do anything like that! I can't cheat on Gayle!" "What about me?" "It's not like that, Beth. I already have a big black cock and I want you to have one for your pleasure. Your hubby is willing to let you do this. I said I would show you how I fuck a big black cock, so I will do it tomorrow. Honey, today you are on your own. You’re about to have an experience which will change you forever." "That’s when we heard Fernando's car. Kim said, ‘Don't make him sad, or disappointed, please.’ And she kissed me on the cheek." “Then Beth went to get some water and I realized was still horny. No, I was even hornier.” “Beth returned and continued where she’d left off, until Fernando was at the door.” "Fernando came in and gave me a very passionate kiss before I could do anything. After that he took out his cock and I could see it was six inches. He made me do a hand job and his manhood swelled up to become a nine-inch hard cock which is much thicker than yours. He put it in front of my mouth, but I couldn't even take it. He helped me make my mouth stretch. I almost took half of it and couldn't believe it. After a few minutes, he came. He made me drink all of it and it was heavy. Then he took my dress off and played with my titties. "He tried to put that huge cock into my pussy, but It was painful at first. Kim said regular practice makes it better and better. He came a lot again, this time he took it out of my pussy, put it in my mouth and made me swallow all of it. After that fucking, it was hard to walk." She then cried that she did this for me. I said, "It’s okay honey, I love you. You can have Fernando's big black cock anytime you want." After receiving my permission, over the next few weeks she visited Kim's home every day until Gayle got back. I was working on my new book, so I didn't have sex with her. The next week I noticed she was very desperate for sex and I knew Gayle was back so she couldn’t fuck Fernando in his house. Fernando asked her out so she started dating him, two or three times a week. This is the first two chapters of 'Wife Customized by Black Lovers and New Bosses', A Novel I wrote, which has more than a hundred pages. It is available on Amazon and it is free for kindle unlimited. More chapters will be coming to cuckoldfart based on readers' reactions. Meanwhile, read it on Amazon.
  4. Our vacation started almost like a lot of others. After 19 years of marriage, my wife and I were looking forward to getting away to relax and get some sun, but we also were looking for a change of pace from the past . . . she said she wanted some kind of adventure and we sure did find it! As I already said, my wife Joyce and I had been married 19 years. She was 37 and I was 41. We met in grade school and dated all through high school and married when she was only 18 and although we never had children, we enjoyed a good life. Our first day on vacation in Jamaica, we lay out by the pool. Joyce had on a bikini that really accentuated her great figure. She is 5'5", about 145 pounds, has long brown hair and a full figured body that I just love. Joyce's breasts are only a 36C, but they are still more than a handful, with thick dark nipples and she has a really nice full ass. Her measurements are 36C-30-39 and for her age, she really looks great. The particular resort we were at in Jamaica was one that Joyce had found on the Internet. When we got there we found the place a little run down, but it was also pretty inexpensive compared to a lot of the others she had checked into, so we weren’t too disappointed or upset. While lying out at the pool that first day, we noticed a number of white women, who it appeared had hooked up with local black men. Most of the native men wore very tight bathing suits and it was obvious that they were sporting really incredible bulges which at one point drew a remark from Joyce, something to the effect that it looked like the myths about black men certainly did appear to be true. That first night we decided to leave the resort for dinner and then wanted to so a little bit of clubbing. We had a nice dinner and had gone to a couple places close to the resort where we had a few drinks and were feeling a little buzzed but the places were nothing special with anything much going on. On the way out of the second bar, there was a Taxi outside and Joyce asked the taxi driver if he could take us to a club where there might be more action, and she said maybe we should go to someplace that the local's hangout. Joyce was wearing a short little sundress that showed off her great figure and ample cleavage at the time and the Taxi driver took every opportunity to check Joyce out before saying, “Well Mrs, I could suggest a rather small club that is not too far away by Taxi and I'm sure you will like the place, but I’m not too sure about the Mister," he said with a wink and a smile that @@@@@@@ a gold tooth. As I said, we both were buzzed, and Joyce looked at me and said she felt adventuresome, so we agreed to have him take us the place. When we got there, the driver was all smiles and told us to enjoy ourselves. When we walked in, the first thing we noticed was that the place was somewhat small and pretty dark. We made our way to the bar and ordered drinks and as our eyes adjusted to the light it became apparent that I was the only white guy in the whole place. On the other hand there were several white women in the club, and all of them were with black men. I later found out that this place was especially known to be mostly for tourist white women who wanted to go native and experience sex with black men. In fact, right next to us in a booth was a redhead, who looked to be a little younger than my wife, who was getting mauled by the black man she was with but based on the way she was grabbing him back, it was pretty apparent that she was loving every minute of it. I couldn’t help but notice that the white woman had a wedding ring on her finger, not that it seemed to inhibit her any. My wife, Joyce was facing their direction and was getting quite a show. "Barry, I think she's going to fuck him right here. She just unzipped his pants and is taking….. oh my God he's huge. I’ve never ever seen a penis that big" Joyce said, gulping down her drink. I got up and went to the bar to get us another round and while I was there, I turned to get a better look at our amorous couple and quickly found out that Joyce was right, The guy’s cock was huge. The redhead had her right hand curled around his shaft and was pumping away on it while they were kissing and he was playing with her breasts right out in the open like no one was around. I ordered our drinks, and turned back to our booth just in time to see a tall black man standing at the table talking to Joyce. It wasn’t long before I saw him offer his hand and was surprised when I saw my wife take it, and follow him onto the dance floor. I returned to our booth and watched as they danced one fast dance, and then a slow number came on and during the second dance I could tell he was holding Joyce very close to his body. The dark skinned black man was about 6'5" and seemed to tower over Joyce by a foot maybe more. I told myself that it was nothing, just a dance and that I shouldn’t be jealous or worry. In fact, over the years, I've seen lots of guys hit on Joyce and if anything, I’ve always found it strangely exciting. When Joyce returned to the table I jokingly asked if her new friend was as big as the black man in the next both and was surprised when she said "Believe it or not, I think his might even be bigger.” She then went on to tell me that she could feel his cock rubbing against her while they slow danced and she said that it was very hard and very . . . very large. My wife seemed really excited as she described her dance with the tall black man. I was about to ask her if he had turned her on, when the waiter walked up with a couple of shot glasses and he pointed over at my wife’s new friend who was now standing at the bar and he told us that the man had just bought us a round. Joyce quickly took the shot glass in her hand and lifted her glass to him, gave him a big smile and then quickly swallowed the shot down. A few minutes later her new friend walked up with a couple more shooters. "Since you enjoyed the last ones, I thought why not a couple more," he said in a deep voice. He introduced himself to me as James, and with a big smile on his face, he asked if he could sit down. Joyce was quick to agree and insist that he join us and he sat down beside her in the booth. We made small talk for a while and during that time James did little to hide his attraction to Joyce. As I said, my wife is a very sexy woman and James never took his eyes off of her. Joyce at the same time appeared mesmerized by him, staring at James and listening to everything he said and seemed totally enthralled with him. After him ordering a couple more rounds of shooters, he asked Joyce to dance again. I kind of thought it would have been more appropriate for him to ask my permission but he pretty much ignored me. I could tell Joyce was tipsy from all the drinks she had but she still reached her hand out and James led out to the dance floor. She swayed a little as she walked and I assumed it was from the liquor but I also knew that Joyce can be quite teasing when she has a little to drink and James was quick to take advantage, sliding his arm around her as if to steady her. The first song was a fast number again and by the time the song was over, James had pulled Joyce close to him again and I noticed that James had his leg pushed up against Joyce, and it looked to me like it was resting against her cunt and I couldn’t help but notice that she seemed to be grinding away on it to the beat of the music. I knew Joyce was getting turned on by the way she pressed her body against the black man as they danced again to the next slow song and I knew that I probably should intercede, but the truth was, I was getting pretty excited by what I was witnessing. During the next slow dance, I noticed that Joyce's eyes were closed as she rested her head on Jame’s chest and I started to get a little alarmed when I saw James hands drop down and caress her butt. I expected Joyce to stop him, but if anything she just seemed to push her body even closer. As I continued to watch them, I saw James saying something to Joyce, and he would from time to time, nuzzle her ear and it was obvious he was continuing to whisper in her ear. When the dance ended they were at the back of the dance floor and I lost track of the two of them in the crowd as people were moving around. When I last spotted them, it looked as though James was leading her away from our table, and towards the other end of the club and I wondered what was going on but I decided to wait a few minutes before panicking. After five minutes I really began to worry and I decided to go and look for them. I noticed there was a rather dark hallway at the back corner of the club in the direction I thought they headed the last I saw them and I headed for it. I entered the hallway and as my eyes adjusted to the even dimmer lights there, I could make out a couple leaning against the wall in the far corner of the hallway. The man, who was black, had his back to me and his shoulders prevented me from seeing the woman's face that he was with but I could tell she was white because I could see her tanned shoulder and part of her breast because the top half of the woman's dress had been pulled down around her waist. I could see that the man was leaning over the woman and was sucking on her tits and the white woman seemed to be working on his pants in a rather frenzied manner. The man's one hand was between the woman's legs, and all of a sudden, I saw his hand move rapidly and I realized that he had tore her flimsily panties off, discarding them on the floor behind them. I then saw the black man as he crouched down a little and saw the woman lift her left leg high in the air as the man dipped, and then I saw him ease his hips forward and move his body up into hers and I realized they were about to fuck right there in the club hallway. It was apparent to me that this woman was wild with lust and I had never seen my wife as excited as this woman seemed to be so the thought never entered my mind that the woman could be my wife. My dick was hard as I watched the man lift the woman effortlessly off the ground and I realized that he had slipped his cock into her. In the dim light it was difficult to see just how large the guy's cock was, but there was no mistaking the pleasure it gave the woman when it entered her as she let out a loud moan followed by her words of passion “Oh yes, that feels so good!” As soon as I heard it, I recognized that it was my wife’s voice. "Oh god James, that big black cock feels so good in me," the women continued as she moaned out loud. Oh yes…..yes……oh fuck yes....that big cock feels so good! Fuck me with it….fuck me with your big black cock," I heard her exclaim. I had never heard Joyce talk like this before. I continued to watch as James lifted Joyce off the ground easily all the while pumping his cock in and out of her married white pussy. Joyce's moaning increased, announcing her first orgasm and James moved with even more powerful strokes as he continued to fuck my wife, bringing her to an incredible first series of body shaking orgasms but still continuing to pound his cock in and out of her. Every now and then he would stop, almost teasing Joyce to make her ask for more which she willingly did. "No.....oh no….please…..don't stop James, please, it feels so good….so fucking good," I heard her say. The scene was so erotic that suddenly I felt my dick start to spurt without me even touching it. I tried to keep myself from cumming by grabbing my dick and squeezing it, but I still came, and it was if it wouldn’t stop. Cum kept spewing from my dick, spurt after spurt and it was soaking the entire front of my pants as I continued to watch them. Meanwhile James had brought Joyce to another series of screaming orgasms as I heard her pleading voice again saying "Oh fuck…so good….so fucking good….please…please don't stop, fuck me, keep fucking me! Oh your big black cock is so good!" she kept repeating, over and over. After this had gone on for at least 10 minutes, I noticed that James movements began to quicken and I knew he was getting closer to cumming. "You like this big black cock don't you Joyce? Tell me the truth!" James demanded. "Oh fuck yes…yes, fuck me, oh yes you’re soooo fuckin good. I love it…I love that big black cock." Joyce moaned and slurred as she came on his black cock still once more. Suddenly, James bellowed and he slammed Joyce against the wall still impaled on his cock. His strokes became short, quick jerks, and then I saw him shove his big cock in deep and hold it there and I knew that he was shooting his hot cum into her cunt. All of a sudden it hit me and I wondered if Joyce had made him use protection. She wasn’t on the pill because she was allergic to it and could never use it and I used condoms whenever we fucked which wasn’t all that often. I doubted that she was sober enough to remember to insist that he use a condom and I was sick to my stomach as I realized it was too late to change things now, as I watched James continue to pump my wife full of his nigger seed. My mind reeled with what I had just witnessed. Confused and embarrassed and not wanting to be seen, I hurriedly went to the men's room where I tried to clean up the mess from the cum I had shot inside of my trousers. Despite several attempts, I realized that there was no way I was going to be able to hide the large stain on the front of my pants so I decided to just hurry back to our booth. When I returned to the table, James was already sitting there and when I looked at him, he got this sly smile on his face before saying "Your wife is in the ladies room, freshening up Barry. I hope you didn’t miss us but we decided to go outside for a little air. I thought it odd the way he said it, since it really pretty much seemed that he didn’t have the least bit of a concern if I cared or not. I just mumbled that it was okay, and he again go this sly grin on his face. For the first time on the island, I was a little frightened, especially by his demeanor and the way he was acting now. When Joyce returned to the table she seemed to still be quite shaky and unsteady and she told me she was pretty drunk and wanted to go back to the room. We said goodnight to James and walked outside and hailed a taxi. As soon as she got in the car Joyce passed out and I literally had to carry her back to the room when we got to the resort. Laying Joyce on the bed I began removing her dress. Her panties were gone as I already knew they would be since I saw James rip them off and throw them in the hall! Her once tight pussy lips were red and swollen and hanging open and cum was still oozing out of her. There was a large amount of cum that had already dried on the insides of her thighs that I assumed had run out during her walk from the restroom after James had fucked her. Joyce's left breast had several “hickeys” on it as well as a large bite mark near her nipple, which was also swollen and extended. I felt a strange mixture of rage and excitement as I placed my finger to Joyce's cunt lips. The light brown hair of her neatly trimmed bush was matted with dried cum and Joyce's pussy was sopping wet as my finger easily penetrated to her inter folds. Joyce stirred and turned over as I withdrew my finger. My finger was coated with thick stringy cum. Just then I decided that I wanted Joyce more than ever and taking my clothes off and spooning up behind her, I easily slid my dick into her hot cum filled cunt. Joyce stirred a little and half started to protest, mumbling she was too tired, but I was too hot to stop. I buried my dick to the hilt on my first stroke and her pussy was so wet and loose I couldn't believe it. The vision of her fucking James in the hallway filled my mind, causing me to lose it and shoot my cum in her after just three or four thrusts. I came very hard again mixing my own sperm with that of James. Joyce turned away from me, forcing my dick to slip out of her pussy and I just lay there with lots of thoughts and images swirling in my head as I watched her fall back asleep within moments. I couldn’t help but remember that James had fucked her bareback and with no protection and shot his cum in her when I had never even had that opportunity and wondered if he did plant a black baby in her. The next morning, I awoke to find Joyce already fresh out of the shower, and already dressed in her bikini. "I'm going down to the pool bar and get a Bloody Mary. My head is really pounding from drinking too much last night. Please don't let me drink like that again Barry. I got so drunk last night I must have fell against the bathroom stink bruising my boob. Look," Joyce said, showing me the dark purple hickeys and bite that James had given her. Joyce didn't mention having sex and I realized much to my chagrin that it was possible that she didn't remember. Before she left, I reminded Joyce that I had scheduled a golf lesson and then was scheduled to play 18 holes of golf and that I would be gone for the remainder of the morning and most of the afternoon. Joyce just smiled and came over and gave me a kiss and left for the pool. I still hadn't decided how or if I would breach the subject of Joyce's indiscretion with James last night when I received my next surprise. When I looked out the window at the pool I was shocked to see James sitting in a lounge chair next to Joyce. James had removed his shirt and even from the window I could see his lean, well-muscled dark black body. His skin was almost looked blue-black in the sun. When I looked out again, I could tell Joyce looked upset and I saw Joyce gather her things and start heading back in the direction of the room. She had only gotten a little ways when I saw James get up and begin to follow her. I didn't know what to do or what might happen so I decided to hide out in the empty closet in the corner in case James thried to push himself on my wife and she needed me, although I knew James would probably kill me in a fight. I heard Joyce enter the room and go into the bathroom and moments later I heard a knock on the door. Joyce came back out of the bathroom and went to the door and asked who was there before opening it, and I heard James answer. Then I heard Joyce’s voice saying "Look James, I told you what happened last night can never happen again. I was drunk and you took advantage of me, so just go away and leave me alone" Joyce said through the door. "Open the damn door Joyce! We have to talk about this!" James commanded in an angry voice. I watched as Joyce cracked the door open a little and James easily pushed his way right inside. "Don't give me that shit woman! Last night you couldn't get enough of my Jamaican cock and nigger seed. You and I both know now that you had a taste of this big black cock, and I’d be willing to bet that it’s all you can think about this morning. I bet all you have been wondering about since you got up this morning is when you’re going to get it again," James said, all the while walking closer to Joyce. "Look, even if you’re right about all of that James, I'm happily married, and my husband could be back at any time" Joyce started to say, and then James took her in his arms and kissed her. I expected Joyce to fight and try to resist, but at first Joyce's arms were just hanging limp by her sides and not doing anything, but it was evident that James was not going to quit or be denied. Still holding her tightly against him, his thick lips smothered her mouth and when she tried to speak, James worked his tongue into her mouth. When that happened, I saw that Joyce had brought her hands up against his chest in protest, but then as the smoldering kiss continued, I saw Joyce's hands begin to move up until they were caressing the coal black muscular arms of her lover. James moved his hand up her back and untied the string to her top and let it fall to the floor. Breaking the kiss, Joyce said, "If were going to do this again, you have to wear a condom. It’s the wrong time of month and I know that I could get pregnant." James laughed before saying "Don’t you think after last night, it's a little late for that Joyce, and for your information, I don’t wear condoms with a white woman…EVER… but if you want me to pull out, before I cum, I will. Now take that bathing suit off, so I can take care of that married white pussy. You know you want this big black cock in there again and I’m going to fuck you real good and this time, you won’t be too drunk to feel every bit." "This is crazy, I mean.........," Joyce started to say, but before she could finish her sentence, James pushed her down on the bed and got on top of her. He began kissing his way down to Joyce's other breast and nipple and he began licking and sucking in earnest. I could see Joyce's dark nipple's thickening and growing from the attention James was giving them. I knew that Joyce loves to have her nipples sucked on and all earlier pretext of resistance from her was soon gone. Her hands went to his head, as he sucked her nipple to full extension and at the same time he worked her bathing suit bottoms down to her knees. Joyce then kicked them off, signaling to James that his conquest was complete. James probed her pussy lips with his large fingers and as his fingers dipped in and out of her pussy, I could see they were already wet with Joyce's moisture. Joyce in the meantime had started groping at James' big cock. "Oh my Gawd James, you're so big. I'm so amazed I took it all last night," Joyce said, her breathing now becoming more rapid. I could tell that she was rapidly approaching orgasm, as was I. I saw Joyce's body shudder as the first orgasm hit, and she came all over James’s fingers and hand. “O Gawd yes..... I'm cumming so hard and I haven’t even felt that big black cock in me yet," she moaned as she bit down on James shoulder. James stopped and moved back. "Undo my pants," James said. Joyce quickly untied his shorts and for the first time I saw his cock. I have always told myself that my dick was “average” at about 5 inches long and about 2inches thick. James was a good 10 or more inches long and at least 4 or more inches thick. His cock actually looked as big around as a beer can so it was probably bigger than my estimate. Joyce's hand could barely wrap around the base of his cock, as she lovingly caressed him. Joyce's nipples were rock hard and her pussy was making sucking sounds as James again worked two fingers in and out of her. "Last night was like a dream, I mean I knew you were big, but I just thought it was my imagination. Now laying here with you, I can't believe this is actually happening. I want your cock in me so bad again, I just can't help myself," Joyce moaned in resignation. Smiling, James rolled on top of my wife and using one hand, he placed the head of his cock against the folds of her swollen womanhood and started rubbing it up and down her slit. The effect on Joyce was devastating. She was looking down between her legs at what James was doing and I’m not sure if it was the contrast of their skins or just the massive tool James was rubbing on her clit, but she suddenly was rocked by another incredible orgasm and her whole body was shaking all over. I too could no longer hold back and came in my pants, and when I came, I came really hard just like last night. At the same time Joyce was rapidly getting frustrated. “Please James, don't tease me "'she begged, as James rubbed his cock over her cunt lips a little more vigorously. “I thought you were afraid of getting pregnant and might not want my bare cock in you?" James said his voice dripping with sarcasms. "I...I don’t care....I want it.....it’s okay if it’s bareback. Just pull out before you cum." Joyce was rocked with yet another orgasm as I watched. To say I had placed myself in a difficult position would be an understatement. Now that I was over the initial excitement of watching these two, my thoughts turned to more serious matters like; was my wife falling for this guy, was he about to impregnate her for sure this time. I realized that I probably could have stopped both these things from happening, had it not been for the fact that I was standing in the closet with the front of my pants covered in my own cum, and the realization that I found the whole scene very exciting. I watched helplessly as James began sliding his big cock into my wife. Inch by inch he pumped that big black cock into Joyce. My wife was completely enthralled, as she watched him work that black cock into her pussy. "You are incredible, and that big black cock feels so good," Joyce kept repeating. A huge knot was forming in my stomach. Joyce had never said these things to me and as James rammed his big black cock deeper into her cunt she wrapped her legs around his hips and came again, very hard. It wasn’t long before James had worked his entire cock into my wife's cunt and she was more than enjoying it. She seemed crazed. Joyce's pussy lips seemed to cling to James's cock with every stroke. James began picking up the pace, his balls slapping against her ass with every stroke as he was now fucking every bit of that cock into her and I knew it was far deeper than my dick had ever been. The slap, slap, slapping sound was quite noisy, even in the closet. "Yes, oh yes… it's so good, fuck me….please fuck me James please Oh yes...yes.....do it James....please don't stop," Joyce kept repeating. Suddenly as I watched, I saw James tense and I realized he was about to cum. I was sure that he took Joyce’s words of “please do it and “don’t stop” to mean she wanted him to cum in her and it was obvious that James was going to be only too happy to oblige. Instead of pulling out, James plunged his cock deep into Joyce's pussy and held it there, and then he groaned like a bull as he sent his nigger seed flooding into her married white pussy again. Joyce's eyes glazed over as he continued pumping his cum into her. "OH shit…..yes…yes….I feel that big cock cumming in me... oh yes...that's it, shoot that cum in me! Don’t’ stop! Give me every drop" Joyce cried out. So much for my thought that she didn’t mean that and wanted him to pull out a few minutes ago. The pulsing jets of hot cum, seemed to send Joyce into a mind numbing orgasm that left her body convulsing in pleasure. Rivulets of his cum began appearing around the base of James's cock as his strokes slowed and finally I watched as James collapsed onto Joyce, and was surprised when he didn't roll off or pull his cock o\out. Instead James was holding Joyce tightly in place, even as he rolled over on his back. They laid there for quite some time, Joyce on top, with James' semi hard cock still fully embedded in her cum soaked pussy. In a while, watched as Joyce started covering James' face and neck with kisses, all the while telling him how good he was, how she loved his big black cock inside of her and how great it made her feel. After about five minutes, Joyce tried to get up, but James insisted that she stay on top of him. James told her that he wasn't finished, and said that he wanted to make love to her again. Joyce said she could feel his cock still pulsing from time to time and he told her that his sperm was still being shot deep into her hot pussy. James said that he wanted to make sure that she stayed wet and didn't want any of his cum to leak out. "Do you really want me wet or are you trying to make sure that I’m pregnant James?” my wife asked him. “I can't believe I let you cum in me a second time. What if I am pregnant? How will I explain a black baby to my husband," Joyce moaned in frustration. "Sorry girl, but that pussy of yours felt way too good to pull out and besides, you the one that said “do it....don’t stop. Admit it, you love having this black cock fill you up with nigger cum. Besides it's too late to worry about getting pregnant now, so let’s just really enjoy ourselves while you’re here" James answered. I realized then, that he indeed wanted to get Joyce pregnant, but I also realized, that after the previous night and what had just happened again in our resort bedroom, that it would hardly make a difference if I came out and stopped it now. I was sure that it was too late if it was indeed her fertile time of the month. James kept his massive black cock fully embedded in Joyce for about ten minutes while they continued to talk, and then I noticed a slow rhythmic movement begin with Joyce's hips and I knew that James cock must be getting hard again. Now with her pussy stretched out and well lubricated from the large amounts of cum James had deposited in Joyce's pussy, she had no problem as she ground her hips against him. Joyce moved into a crouching position and placing her hands on his chest she began pumping up and down on his long and thick black cock. Joyce was clearly the aggressor now, and she was fucking him, stroking her cunt up and down the entire length of James's cock. It was pretty apparent to me that Joyce was loving this new position and while it is true that she had tried it with me a few times, my much smaller dick would always slip out when Joyce would move up and she quickly got frustrated and would quit, but with a big cock like James had, she could ride it as much as she wanted and it was clear that she liked doing it. James cock was so big that it never slipped out and Joyce soon worked herself into a sweat that left her body covered with a thin sheen of moisture. The base of James' cock was white from the juices of his and Joyce's cum from their last fuck accumulating there. I had never seen my wife so excited. After about five minutes, James, put his hands on her hips and stopped her and told her if she kept on going, he was about to cum. I could tell James was supremely confident that Joyce wouldn't stop and James was right. This time it was Joyce who came right out and said it. "That’s okay James. I want to feel you cum in me again. I want you to fill me with your nigger seed!" Joyce exclaimed as she began moving on his cock again. "You sure you want me to cum in you again," James taunted. "Yes, please, do it...please!" Joyce kept repeating several times. James obliged, flooding her once again with his baby making sperm. The scene was so erotic, that I felt my own dick begin to spurt again without me touching it and it felt so good in spite of the fact I was insanely jealous and wanted to stop them right then. Joyce had another series of orgasms as she felt James cum shooting inside of her and she finally collapsed on top of James totally exhausted. After what seemed like an hour, the two lovers finally got out of bed and went into the shower together. I used that time to get out of the closet, grab my things and leave the room through the sliding doors out the back. I walked around the golf course for several hours, not playing but just walking and reflecting on the things that had happened in the last two days. Finally returning that afternoon to the pool area, I found Joyce and James having drinks. I still didn't know how I was going to handle things. I certainly didn't want to confront Joyce in front of James mainly because I didn't know how he would react. Additionally, I had already considered the fact that Joyce might actually fall for the guy and finally, the fact of the matter was that I found the entire scene incredibly exciting to watch. I was sure neither James nor my wife realized I had seen them either last night or earlier today. I was also surprised to find Joyce drinking soda. Joyce usually loves a drink when lying by the pool, but this time she said she didn't feel like drinking. James then suggested that we try a beach that was just up the coast from the resort. He said it was nice and private, and somewhat secluded and Joyce said that she wanted to go, so I agreed. The beach certainly was off the beaten path and fairly deserted. There were two other couples, down the beach from us, both were white females with black men and both couples were quite nude. James pointed out that this was a clothing optional beach and I was a bit shocked when Joyce quickly began taking her clothes off as soon as she laid down her towel. I guess the shock registered on my face, because Joyce said, "I thought you knew this was a nude beach and besides, you always said that you wanted to go to one in the past." Of course Joyce was right; we had talked about it when we visited several other islands such as Saint Maarten where they have nude resorts but Joyce was the one that always had refused before, and besides, when I talked about doing it, I just thought it would be the two of us, and not with some back guy with a huge cock who had just fucked the hell out of my wife. On the other hand the shock which registered on my face actually came from the sight of Joyce’s pussy. Her pussy lips were not only still red and distended, and even slightly hanging open, certainly no longer tight and closed the way they usually looked, and I knew what I was seeing was the result of James big cock fucking it earlier this morning. The other big shock came when I saw that Joyce's pussy had been shaved clean as a baby’s behind. Joyce catching my stare, said "Do you like it Barry? You always told me that you wanted me to shave it so I did it... for you. I wanted to surprise you. Well, what do you think....do you like it?" What could I say? There was no doubt in my mind that Joyce had shaved it for James and not me. “It looks....nice” I managed to get out and I saw James look at Joyce and give her a wink and a smile. Next James took off his clothes and I figured that I had to follow suit even though I felt totally inadequate showing just how little my dick was compared to his big black cock. The rest of the afternoon was strange to say the least. I felt like a third wheel, the way the two of them carried on, talking and laughing. At one point, after I had just come out of the water, James ran down and grabbed me and put his arm around me and told Joyce to take a picture of him and me together. I realized, a little late, that James real reason for doing it I was sure was that he wanted Joyce to compare us, physically any time she looked at the picture. The asshole wanted to hhhhhhhhh me and there I was with a water-shriveled dick that after that was probably only about two inches long, standing next to this tall, chiseled, black man, with a thick 10 plus-inch cock, and he wasn't even excited. Pissed, I decided I wanted to go and get something to drink and asked if they wanted anything and was told no. I left, leaving James and Joyce alone. I walked to the car, drove the half mile to get my drink and returned. When I got back I sat in the car to watch and see if anything was going on and sure enough, James didn't waste any time. Joyce was crouched over him, sucking his big cock. I was too far away to see all that well so I left again, returning an hour later. I was surprised to almost catch them fucking again when I came back. James quickly rolled off Joyce when he saw me coming, and I was less than 100 yards away. Walking up, I could tell they were both a little nervous, but I didn't say anything to them. I did catch a glimpse of Joyce's bare cunt since she had turned over on her stomach and saw a large glob of cum dripping down from her slit and I also saw some on her legs as well. James saw me staring and I’m pretty sure that he knew that I had seen it, but all he did was give me that half smile, half smirk and I wondered just what he really thought about me. James invited us to join him for dinner at his home that evening and I protested, claiming I was too tired, but Joyce said that she really wanted to go, so off we went. James had a modest home, clean, but sparsely furnished. He said that he wanted to use the shower first, so that he could prepare dinner. James walked into his bedroom, left the door wide open and without any hint of modesty striped to his birthday suit, all the while continuing to talk to us. After he entered the shower, again leaving the bathroom door open, I commented to Joyce about his lack of modesty but Joyce was quick to take his defense, and pointed out we were just on a nude beach with him. It was hard to argue with that logic, and so I had to put up with the same behavior from Joyce. When James came out of the bath, he casually toweled dry in front of us. Joyce then proceeded to take off her swimsuit in front of James, and then she went and got in the shower. The strange thing was that between being jealous, I found myself also getting excited again. I knew that I wanted to see them together and I felt sure, given the chance, that James would fuck her again, so I devised a little plan to make it happen. At the same time seeing my wife parade around nude left me wanting some relief so I got up and walked into the bathroom, removed my clothes and joined her in the shower. Joyce had just started to soap herself and was surprised by my entrance. "You’re not angry I see," Joyce said, glancing down at my semi hard dick. "I thought you were angry with us because of the clothes thing. It really was silly of you, leaving us together like that at the beach, and then getting angry just because James took off his clothes in front of me." "I'm not angry, but I did feel left out and I became a little jealous," I said. Taking my dick in her hand, Joyce looked down at it and I couldn’t help think that she was comparing it to Jame’s big black cock, but she began to stroke my dick and she quickly had me hard. Then she looked me in the eyes and said, "You know Barry, I really think it turns you on watching James flirt with me, doesn’t it?" At that moment it was difficult not to respond and so I said “yes” and then still staring into Joyce's beautiful eyes, I leaned in and kissed her. My dick became very hard as Joyce continued to stroke it and the images of Joyce fucking James began to flood my mind. Trembling with desire, I let my hand slide down and began working it between her legs. My fingers slid between her pussy lips, finding her vagina still slippery and totally saturated with what I knew was her black lovers cum, but when she gently placed her hands on my shoulders and nudged me downward, I knew what she wanted and I went down on my knees without any resistance. Joyce then uncharacteristically placed one of her legs on the tub edge, causing her cunt to gape open and then she placed both hands behind my head and pulled my face and mouth to her frothy hot cunt. I could smell the strong scent of sex as I licked at her clit, it was a salty taste, almost like sea salt, but I knew this was the taste of another man’s cum. This was the first time I had ever tasted another man’s cum and my mind raced with lots of different thoughts as I buried my tongue in her pussy even deeper. Suddenly, I could have sworn I heard the door to the bathroom open, and I felt a rush of cool air. I attempted to look back, but Joyce held my head firmly against her pussy. She started rocking back and forth on my face and I felt her trembling as I lapped at her pussy. I felt as if someone was watching us and strangely, I became even more excited as I sensed Joyce becoming more excited too. "That’s a good boy Barry….lick that pussy. Lick it good and suck all that juice out of there and make sure that you swallow every drop. And I want you to play with yourself, I want you to jack that little dick of yours off and make yourself cum! Do you hear me Barry, are you touching yourself," Joyce asked. All I could do was shake my head and groan. I had never heard Joyce talk like this to me before. Looking up at Joyce's face I could see her looking towards the door and smiling. Then she closed her eyes and shuddered, as she started to cum on my tongue. I know that I heard several clicks as if from a camera while all of this was going on. I came too, even though this was my fourth time in 24 hours, and what came out was little more than a dribble. Just then, I heard the unmistakable sound of the door closing just then. I stopped and looked up at Joyce’s face. "Did James come in and see us?" I asked Joyce. Sheepishly she nodded yes, "Don't be angry Barry. He caught me by surprise and your kisses and tongue in my pussy felt so good I didn’t want to stop. I love you and I really love the way you eat my pussy. You’re the best pussy eater in the world and I could tell that you loved eating those special juices out of my pussy, isn’t that right?" I admitted that I did like it, and said that I wasn't angry that James had come in and said that I was actually proud that he saw the way I loved pleasing and the way she enjoyed it. Joyce patted my head and said she loved me pleasing her like that and then she said that had better finish showering and get ready for dinner. James prepared a nice dinner and kept my wine glass full all night. It was interesting that Joyce only drank water with dinner. After dinner, the three of us went out clubbing for a while, and then returned to our resort for a nightcap. Joyce and James wanted to go to the hot tub, but I declined telling them I was tired, but the truth is that I waited and then came out and found an area where I could not only see them, but I was also pretty close to where I could listen as well. Joyce was telling James, how exciting it was to have him watch me eat her out while we were in the shower and then I heard her say “I wonder if he knows he was eating your cum out of me? He certainly loved it and he ate and swallowed every drop without any hesitation. I know that he really does like to eat pussy, maybe even more than fucking and I can’t help but think that it’s because he realizes just how little his dick is and that it can’t possibly please me or at least he should realize it after seeing a real man’s cock, like yours! He has to know that there’s no way he can compare, but when it comes to eating pussy, he really is the best and I love him for it. Barry has been acting kind of weird lately. Last night when I came back to the room, I tried to act like I was asleep and he started feeling me up. I was still soaked and filled with your cum and he had to be able to tell, but he didn't say a word. In fact he put his penis in me and came after about three or four strokes which is even quicker than he usually does and after the way you stretched me out, I don’t know how he could possibly even of felt anything with his little dick. Then this afternoon I was sure he saw us at the beach, but again instead of saying anything, he just ended up eating your cum out of me in the shower. I’m just not sure what is going on with him on this trip." James spoke up and said, "You know Joyce, I have a friend who recently became involved with a married white couple. The husband it seems, likes to watch his wife get fucked by other guys, then he couldn’t wait to eat her out. Today at the beach when he came back, I caught Barry staring at your pussy and I'm absolutely positive that he saw some of my cum running out of your pussy and down your leg and yet, he didn’t say a word then either. Maybe he does like the idea of me fucking you, since he certainly has to know that he doesn’t have the kind of tool to be able to satisfy you himself." "James, please don't ever say mean things like that about him. Yes, his dick is small, but I know that he loves me and he tries really hard to satisfy me and I absolutely love the way he uses his tongue." I was happy and proud to hear my wife come to my defense. James lifted Joyce effortlessly on to the edge of the hot tub. Then, spread her legs wide exposing her hairless pussy, and with his cock in his hand he started rubbing his cock head up and down her slick pussy lips. I could tell that Joyce was so hot and wanted that black cock in her again, and I even saw her bite her bottom lip as James continued the teasing. "What was that you were saying about your husband satisfying you," James said as he slipped the head of his cock into Joyce's wet pussy. "Damn you James, you’re so good with that big black cock, and you really do know how to satisfy a woman’s pussy with it" Joyce moaned. "Do you want me to stop, or do you want all of this black cock in that married white pussy again". "Don't you dare stop; put it in all the way. Stop teasing me and give it to me again, please James," Joyce begged. "Then tell me what you want me to do with this big black cock. If you want it, then you have to say it clearly." James demanded. "Yes, I want you to fuck me! I want your big black cock in me, I want you to fuck my pussy. I want you to shoot your cum in me and if you give me a black baby, so be it." I was stunned; my wife was literally begging this guy to fuck her, and telling him she didn’t care if he made her pregnant. At the same time I was incredibly excited. The problem was that my dick was hurting from cumming 4 times in less than 24 hours. The same obviously could not be said for James, who was now slamming his cock so hard into Joyce, that his balls were making a loud audible slapping sound. Joyce became so vocal, that I was afraid someone would come to the hot tub to see what was happening. The sight of Joyce being fucked by Jame’s big black cock was too much for me and I came again and this time, only a drop or two of cum came out. My dick and balls literally ached. I zipped up and was about to leave, when I heard James billow like a bull and I knew that his seed was once again filling my wife's fertile cunt. Joyce too cried out in orgasm, as her nails dug into her lover's ass in an effort to pull him in still deeper. I knew that jet after jet of hot sperm was being injected deeper into my wife's pussy than I had ever been able to deliver. Returning to the room, I got in bed and pondered the situation. On the one hand the whole scene was terribly erotic. On the other hand I'm not naive. I felt that my wife was beginning to fall for this guy, and I mean she seemed to be falling hard, not to mention the fact, that there was a good chance she was already carrying his child. In a little while, I heard them come into the room and I faked being asleep but it didn’t seem as if James stayed long. I heard them kissing a little and then a short while later, Joyce slipped into bed beside me and fell fast asleep. The next morning seeing Joyce's nude tanned body next to me was too much. Pulling back the sheets I looked her over. Both of her breast's now had several small bite marks along with the hickeys James had previously given her. Her pussy now cleanly shaved looked even redder and more swollen and was definitely looser and hanging open all the time now from taking Jame’s big black cock so often. It was obvious that Jame’s big cock was stretching her pussy open and I wondered it it was permanent or if it would go back to normal when we got home. Joyce stirred and when she opened her eyes, she smiled up at me, then with her hand extended, she invited me back into bed. How could I resist even though I knew almost immediately what she wanted and I was right. Joyce gently nudged me down to eat her pussy and said "you’re getting really good at this Barry. It feels so good to have you lick my pussy out. I want you to try to lick even deeper inside of me if you can so that you can try to get all of the sweet juices out of it. I didn’t hesitate and began lapping at her pussy and sliding my tongue deep inside. “Ummmmmm...That’s it….lick and suck that pussy out. Does it taste good Barry? Do you like the taste honey?" All I could do was moan affirmatively. "That’s good….I love that tongue of yours when it’s licking those juices out of me. Now play with your little dick again. I want you to make yourself cum while you lick me. C'mon Barry, do it, do it for me," Joyce repeated. Even though my dick was still aching, I couldn't help myself. Joyce was working herself up to an orgasm and then she felt me start to cum. Only a drop or two of an almost clear liquid shot out of my penis and Joyce was still conciliatory, telling me it was okay that I came so quickly, but I saw the smirk on her face. I continued to eat her until she had two more body shaking orgasms on my tongue before she finally released my head. When I withdrew, she laughed and told me that I had cum juices all over my face and then quickly tried to recover by telling me that it must be her cum juices because of the great orgasms I gave her and then she told me that she thought that I looked so cute with it on my face and said it was a good look for me. I got up and began to move around to go in the bathroom to get washed up and get dressed for my early tee time. What I wasn't prepared for was the fact that James had spent the night on the sleeper sofa. I realized that he probably heard everything that went on while I was eating Joyce out and when he opened his eyes and got that big smile on his face, I realized he saw me with cum all over my face. I hurried into the bathroom to clean up and get ready to go and play golf. With him being there, I really had no alternative, but to leave the two of them alone and there was little doubt in my mind that he would be filling her pussy with his cum again. When I returned from golf, I saw that they were together out by the pool but I didn’t even bother to go down. I went back to the room and saw the large wet spot that had been left in the middle of the bed sheets so there was no doubt that they had been fucking and it was as if they wanted me to see the proof. The next few days were much the same, except that little by little it was even more obvious of what was going on between them and the fact that they wanted me to know, but still I said nothing about it. A day before we were to leave for home, I played just nine holes of golf and decided to call it quits. Thinking that Joyce and James were by the pool I returned directly to the room and upon entering the bedroom I surprised them. They were in the bed and Joyce was on top riding Jame’s big black cock. I, for whatever reason acted like I had walked in on strangers, quickly excusing myself and hurrying outside as quick as I could. Joyce quickly threw on a t-shirt and followed me outside. "I’m sorry you found us like that Barry. I know that you have to be aware of what has been going on for at least the last several days and you never brought it up or I would have told you everything. I have real feelings for James, at least I think I do, but maybe it is just the sexual pleasure I get from him, I don’t know. I’ve decided that I’m not ready to leave just yet so I’m not going back home with you tomorrow. James says I can come and stay with him for a while so we can sort all of this out. I didn't mean for you to find out this way," Joyce went on, "If you go back home and find that you want a divorce, I will understand and won't fight you but I wish you would wait a little while at least" Joyce said and I could tell she was very upset and emotional. So was I. I told her that I knew about them from the beginning, and had watched them that first night in the hallway of the club and many times after that. I told her that none of that mattered. I told her that I still loved her, and that I didn't want a divorce. She told me that she loved me too, but that she had also become quite serious about James when it came to sex and she couldn’t imagine just picking up and leaving right then. This was no real surprise to me. During the last few days, I could see how infatuated she had become with him. She even told me about there being a good chance that she was pregnant with his baby. I told her none of that mattered and tried to talk her out of staying. I even told her that we could come back in six months, but she wouldn’t listen to any of it and insisted that she was going to stay with James for a while. That same day, she moved all of her things out of the hotel and moved in with James. I extended my stay in Jamaica for an additional two days, but couldn't persuade Joyce to come home with me. I was devastated to return home alone but had no choice. After I got home, I called Joyce’s cell phone and was surprised that she answered. I asked if it was okay if I called her because I really missed her and she told me that she missed me too and that she would like it if I would call. We spoke on the phone at least once a day, sometimes more and I really tried my best to talk her into coming back but it seemed like all she wanted to talk about was the fact that the sex with James was so good. She would get very graphic when she described the way his big black cock felt inside of her and how many wonderful orgasms she would have riding his cock. Joyce had never talked like that before. She did always finish her sex descriptions by telling me that she missed the way that I ate her out and would always tell me that I was the best “pussy eater” and say that she really loved me. At least, that made me feel good Finally, almost seven weeks after I had left her there, she called me one day and told me that she wanted to come home if I would take her back. I told her that was not even a question worth asking and said I would be so happy to have her back whenever she was ready. I arranged for a flexible airline ticket for her to use whenever she was ready and sure enough, she returned home a week later. Of course the first thing I noticed was her baby bump. It was quite noticeable so there was no doubt that she was pregnant. Joyce told me was that she hadn’t had a period during her entire two months stay in Jamaica and she said she had pretty much figured it out that she got pregnant that first time in the hallway of the club. She told me that as much as she loved the sex with James, she really missed me and wondered if I could ever forgive her and take her back, especially in her “with child” condition and I assured her that I loved her in spite of everything and told her that I felt sure everything that happened was my fault. Then I told her that I had seen them in the hallway at the club that first night and just watched and jacked off and hadn’t done anything to try and stop it. I also said that I had plenty of other opportunities to try to stop what was going on between her and James, but admitted that I got so excited every time I saw them together, that I did nothing but watch and jack off, so I felt that I was the one who was really to blame for what happened. She asked me if I really got all that excited watching them and she told me that she appreciated me confessing that to her but said she probably wouldn’t have stopped even if I had tried, because she was intent on having an adventure and had decided when she first danced with him that she was going to fuck him to see how a big black cock felt inside of her. We hugged and more or less forgave each other for everything. We lost all of our former friends once we told them that Joyce was pregnant with a black baby and our parents pretty much shut us out of their lives as well. We spent the next several months talking and crying together while Joyce’s belly continued to grow and in spite of everything, our relationship did become stronger than ever, except for sex. After Joyce came back, she made it clear that I wasn’t allowed to fuck her. She said we both knew that my little dick could never satisfy her and said that it would only be a constant reminder of how good the sex was with James, but she said I always was the best pussy eater and asked if I would be willing to continue to eat her pussy and of course, I agreed. There was another change too. When I was eating her out in Jamaica, she would tell me to jack off while I was eating her out, but now, she jacks me off while I’m eating her and has me shoot my cum in her hand while I bring her to several orgasms with my tongue. Afterwards, she now feeds my cum to me afterwards and always makes sure that I eat every drop and then smears whatever cum remains on her hands all over my face, and then she tells me how much she loves me and calls me her cum faced pussy boy, and the truth was that I have learned to love it too. To bring you up to date now, Joyce just gave birth to a healthy black baby boy a couple of months ago. The black male physician at the hospital that delivered the baby seemed very happy to see that my white wife had gone black on her white hubby, and he told her that her reproductive system was in great shape and even though this was her first baby in 38 years, there was no reason she couldn’t continue to have many more healthy babies well into her mid to late forties and he encouraged her to indeed have a lot more children. I couldn’t help but feel that what he was really encouraging her to do was to have more black children, but that’s just the way I felt. I would be lying if I told you that I didn't feel some resentment every time I saw “Joyce’s black son” . . . he looks so much like James. That was a year ago, and things do change and the truth is that I love “our son” now. Joyce has been working out and looks great again even though she is still a full bodied woman. Her measurements haven’t changed all that much, just her tits and ass have gotten a little bigger, but I still find her so sexy, even more so than when we first went to Jamaica. One other change is that her nipples are a lot larger now, ands they stick straight out all the time and are pretty visible through most of the clothes she wears due to breast-feeding, but otherwise, looking at her, you never would even know she had a baby. She has been a full time stay at home mom ever since she had the baby and sex is better than ever between my wife and I. I still don’t get to fuck her, but I do get to eat her out several times a week and she is still jacking me off and feeding my cum to me when we’re done. I still can’t last very long but she definitely has several orgasms on my tongue every time and I’m happy to be able to provide her with as much pleasure as I can give her. We get lots of looks whenever we go out with our black skinned son, as you can imagine. Of course the knowing looks we get from some black men are less than subtle and many of them openly stare or make passes at Joyce, right in front of me. I’m sure that you’ve heard the saying “Once you go black, you can't go back” and I admit that I do often think abut things and wonder if the saying is true. There are and times I wonder just how much Joyce still misses James and the great sex she had with him and if she would like to try it again and I secretly wrote James and e-mail telling him that he is welcome to write to Joyce and ask her permission to come and visit and get to know his son. Today, Joyce came downstairs with a flush in her face and seemed excited. I asked her what was up and she handed me a print out of a e-mail she received from James asking her if it would be okay for him to come to visit and meet his son. While I know that I probably shouldn’t have done it, I told her it was up to her but it probably was right for him to at least meet his son and suggested that while he was here, we could get his medical history which could be help should little James ever have a medical problem. When I said it, Joyce got a big smile on her face and said that she agreed that it would be good for both reasons and said she was going to write him back and tell him it would be okay. She took a few steps and then turned to me and asked if I could buy and send his ticket to him because she knew that James didn’t have much money. I said I could do that but would need to know how long he was staying so I could book his ticket back to Jamaica, and she got a smile on her face again and said “I know it’s a little more expensive honey, but can’t you just get a flexible ticket so James can decide when he is ready to go back. She shocked me when she got this naughty smile on her face and said perhaps it was also time for our son to have a little brother or sister and her meaning was pretty clear especially when she said “after all, you did say you really enjoyed watching him knock me up the last time!” She won’t tell me exactly when James is coming to visit and she just says that she wants to surprise me. Personally, I won’t be surprised if I come home some day and find James fucking her bareback again and planting another black baby in my wife and the truth is, I know if that happens, I won’t do anything to try to stop it this time either, and I also know that I’m going to enjoy watching. Just thinking about it has made my little white dick hard again, not that it’s going to be going in a pussy any time soon. Please write and send your comments to [email protected] and let me know if you want to know what happens next.
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  11. Her Name is Claire This story is part true and part fiction Part 1 She fell under his spell pretty quickly. This was only her second day on the job. Claire stole a quick look at her new boss. When she saw he was looking at her, smiling, she quickly looked away, but couldn’t keep a small smile from her soft full lips. Claire wore no makeup. Not even lipstick, as her husband didn’t like it. He told her that makeup made her look like a whore and would attract other men. She had long beautiful auburn hair held together by a scrunchy at the back sweeping it into a ponytail that swung freely against her long silky skinned white neck. She wasn’t tanned, not even close. Her skin was a creamy pale white, a few freckles on her cheeks shoulders that seemed to compliment her green freckled eyes, befitting her Irish ancestry. She wore a man’s style shirt buttoned up tightly against her neck, unsuccessfully hiding her amble tits, further concealed in a plain white bra. The shirt and bra didn’t stand a chance at binding her tits or keeping them from swaying as she moved. Her husband hated it when men noticed her tits, and had at times even beaten her for “purposely” drawing too much attention to them. Her narrow waist was of no help at all in keeping her tits concealed, making them seem even more pronounced. She wore jeans over her long legs, and flat black shoes. Claire had been fired from her previous job. It was just a housekeeping job at a motel, but still, it brought in some money, which she turned over to her husband every pay day. When she went home and told her husband she had been fired, and explained she had hit a man who had tried to grab her and pull her into his motel room and her boss had fired her for hitting him, her husband punched her in her ribs for acting too sexy and causing it all. He screamed at her for the money he would now be missing and warned her she better get a new job right away. He would have socked her in the eye but knew that might keep her from quickly getting a job. She desperately but quickly found a new job at a soft drink bottling plant. Her new boss was a big powerful black man with a deep husky voice. He was at least ten or fifteen years older than Claire who was just a few years out of high school. He seemed to be paying a lot of attention to her. She admitted to herself that she liked the attention. Even in high school, she liked it when black boys paid attention to her, even hitting on her, telling her she was so hot and wanted to fuck her like a dog in heat. Of course, she never responded or dated a black boy. She didn’t want to be beaten as badly by her father like her older sister was. Instead, she dated only white boys, and not that many of them. Most of the boys were afraid of her father. Her father had actually beaten one of her dates, after he beat her and the boy tried to get in between. Once out of high school, she was rescued from a poor and abusive home life by the man who became her husband, Ricky. Too late, Claire realized that Ricky was very possessive and demanding and not that much different from her father and her home life there. Not only was her new boss, Terrance, powerful looking with a deep voice that seemed to vibrate within her chest whenever he spoke, but he was tall and very self assured. He had a commanding presence. She liked that. It was exactly opposite of how she saw herself: shy, lacking in self confidence, demure, easily influenced by others, a follower and certainly not a leader. “Submissive” was a word she never used but described her perfectly. Terrance was so strong and obviously a leader. Claire was busy at her work, her head down, daydreaming about Terrance, when she felt a hand at her back. It was Terrance, smiling at her. Her face flushed, feeling like he must have seen she was daydreaming about him. He chuckled quietly. “Claire, you are so pretty. But you try to hide it,” he said in his husky voice. “Why don’t you wear a nice dress tomorrow instead of those baggy jeans you have on today?” Then he smiled again, his hand still on her back, moving up and down slowly, electrifying, even going as low as her ass. Clair could not help but shiver. She made no effort to remove his hand from her ass. On the contrary, if felt warm and good and comforting somehow. Claire stammered, no words coming to her lips. Finally she just nodded, and eeked out a small shy smile. Terrance chuckled then moved on. Claire found her knees getting a bit wobbly. At home that night, Claire went to her closet and picked out a dress to wear the next day. She had few to select from. They were all very conservative. She picked the one with a small floral pattern that was high necked, showing no cleavage, and stretched down to her knees. She made the dress herself, on her Singer sewing machine. She used the sewing machine to make a little extra money doing clothes repairs for neighbors. A small amount of that she kept hidden, but most was turned over to Ricky. She knew she ran the risk of getting beaten for wearing a dress to work, but this was a conservative dress, so she was hoping that would not happen. Ricky had already left for work when it was time for Claire to get ready. She debated putting a slip on first, as the cotton material of the dress was on the thin side. Certainly not see through, though, but it might reveal too much of what was under the fabric of the dress. She knew nobody else hardly ever wore slips, but Ricky was very jealous and it helped avoid her getting beaten. After consideration, she threw the slip back in the drawer. She put a bra on, looked at herself in the mirror, then took the bra back off and stuffed it in her purse. She would put it back on after work and before getting home. She had little choice when it came to panties. Just plain white panties, with nothing at all sexy about them. Ricky didn’t like her at all in sexy panties. What if she had an accident and somebody had to remove her jeans in order to treat her and they saw her sexy panties and thought of her as a whore? He told her that if that happened, the next thing you know is she would be acting like a whore and fucking other guys. He didn’t say it to her, but was afraid she would then find out what sex was really like. She might find out that it is more than just being pushed down on her back on the bed, Ricky slamming his dick into her for a minute, cumming, then jumping off, telling her to go get cleaned up as it was disgusting looking at per pussy that way. He could care less if she orgasmed. In fact, it might be better to keep her wanting. Claire pulled up her panties up over her pubic thatch, then slipped the dress on. She caught herself in the mirror, noticing how her tits moved under the dress with no bra to restrain them. Embarrassed, she almost changed her mind and put her bra on, but decided to just stick with her decision. As she was about to leave the bedroom, she again looked in the mirror, pursed her lips, and decided on one more risky move. Claire pulled out a tube of lipstick from her drawer, and applied it. It was just a light pink lipstick that didn’t draw a lot of attention to her full lips. It was the only tube of lipstick she had. She pursed her lips, looking in the mirror, and wondered how a bright red lipstick would look on her. She figured it would make her look like a whore and would result in a beating from Ricky. Upon arriving at work and approaching the entry, she almost chickened out, half turning to go back to her car, then realizing she would be late if she did go back home to change. She shyly went in to work. Her boss, Terrance, noticed her almost immediately. He went over to her, staring at her chest with her large tits swaying under the thin fabric, and told her how terrific she looked. Claire looked down, her face turning a bright beet red, and stammered out “Thank you.” Terrance cupped her chin in one hand and forced her face up to look into her eyes. He put the other coal black hand on her hip, smiled at her, and said “You are absolutely beautiful, girl, and you should never hide that fact.” As Terrance let his hand fall from her chin, his hand paused at her chest, cupping her left tit, his thumb fingering her now erect nipple, a shadow of which could be seen through the thin fabric. A shiver rippled through her body and her knees went wobbly, requiring Terrance to grab her under her arms to hold her up. His arm around her waist, he escorted her into his office and shut the blinds. In the privacy of the office, Terrance pulled up her dress and put his black hand over her panties and fingered her clit through the cotton fabric. As he did so, Claire could not restrain herself, and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his lips as hard as she could. She started to say, “Oh, I am so sorry!” But Terrance cut her off with a return kiss, his tongue slipping from his mouth and forcing her lips apart and into her mouth. Claire shuddered. His tongue tasted good. It was the first time she had ever been French kissed. Terrance backed her up to his desk, then dropped to his knees, and smoothly pulled her panties down. He pushed her ass onto the desk, and spread her legs apart. His tongue quickly found her clit. Claire breathed out, in a husky, lusty voice, her hands on his head pressing him into her, “Nobody has ever done that to me before. Oh my God! I didn’t know it would feel so good!” Then she shivered. Terrance, in response, pushed his face into her harder, and slipped his tongue deep into her pussy, then lapped her clit more, going back and forth until she was taken over completely by an orgasm. She squeezed her thighs together so hard Terrance chuckled to himself that it might misshape his head. Claire was totally breathless, never having experience such a massive orgasm like that before. She lustfully sucked in air, trying to catch her breath as shudders continued to rack her body. Claire’s orgasm finally ended, making her so weak she nearly collapsed. Terrance held on to her with one hand while standing her up and pulling her dress completely off of her. Claire’s tits were magnificent. They were full and firm and at least C-cup size if not D-cup, he judged. Her nipples were very erect, and so very pink and so fresh looking. He cupped one pale white tit in his black hand while he bent and sucked on the other, his mouth sucking in the entire nipple. He sucked hard, making her shiver again, even though she had just had a hard orgasm. Terrance knew then that this girl hard never been properly fucked in her entire life. That would change. Terrance turned her around, rubbing her sweet, firm and rounded ass, and bent her over his desk. He stripped off his pants, his huge black cock already fully erect, and slowly pushed his cock into her pussy. He started with just his cock head, getting her really wet and well lubricated, then slowly pushed in all the way. It was obvious she had never had a real man’s cock before, either, as she was extremely tight. Terrance spanked Claire’s sweet ass while he slowly pushed and pulled inside her white, tight, pussy. He continued to spank her firm ass making red hand prints on her white skin, while he built up speed, going faster and faster. When he looked down, he could see white pussy juice building up on his black cock. She was definitely well lubricated now. Terrance reached around her and found her clit as he powerfully thrust his black cock into her married white cunt. He thrust harder and faster. He had to remove his fingers from her clit in order to hold on to her hips to keep her from collapsing. Claire moaned, her face in full lust. She had never felt anything like this before. It was so incredible. For the first time in her life, she yelled out “Fuck me oh God fuck me!” As Claire began a massive orgasm, shivering and shuddering with loud moans, Terrance shot his load deep into her pussy. He didn’t know if she was on the pill or not, and he didn’t care. It was fine with Terrance, in fact, if she was not. He was actually hoping not. Claire couldn’t stand, she was so weak. Terrance pushed her down to her knees, and wiped his wet cock on her face and forced her lips apart and slid his black cock past her pink lips and into her mouth. Claire had been made to suck Ricky’s cock before, but Terrance’s cock was so much bigger and it was hard for her to handle. She sucked him as well as she could, then licked his cock up and down his black shaft. After allowing her to rest a bit, Terrance stood Claire up and told her, “ You belong to me now. Do you understood that?” She nodded, “Yes!” “Do you understand what that means” he asked? She shook her head no. “It means you do what I tell you to do. You dress the way I tell you to, you fuck who I tell you to fuck, you don’t fuck anybody without my approval. I own you the same way I own my dog. You are mine and only mind.” She stammered, now realizing the full effect of what she had done, “But what about my husband? He won’t like this at all. I’m afraid. I can’t deal with him when he gets mad at me. He is violent. What do I do?” “I’ll handle your husband. You just avoid him tonight. Don’t fuck him. He doesn’t deserve your cunt. Your cunt is mine. Your tits are mine. Your ass is mine. Your mouth is mine. You are my bitch.” Claire shuddered, “Yes, I understand.” “I expect you to completely shave your cunt, and to forget about wearing any bras ever again, is that understood?” Claire nodded yes. “No, that isn’t good enough, Claire. I own you. You will give me a verbal answer.” Claire smiled weakly, “Yes, I understand. I am still worried about my husband. How will he be handled then? I mean, when he sees me with no hair down there and no bra and all he will call me a whore and beat me.” “I’ve seen him.” responded Terrance. “I’ll handle him if he gives you any trouble.” Terrance smiled at her. She smiled back. Terrance’s cum was running down her legs so Terrance told her to clean that up and put her dress on. He grabbed her plain cotton panties and threw them in the trash can. She went back out to her work station with no bra, no panties, and her pussy very wet. There was still some of Terrance’s cum on her pussy thatch. She had a big smile on her face. Over lunch, Terrance took her out for Chinese food, then took her shopping, buying her some bright red lipstick and some eyeliner, and some very sexy panties. He found a little tiny black pleated mini-skirt and a low cut silver top for her to wear the next day. During their lunch and shopping trip, Terrance noticed other men kept staring at her tits swaying under her dress. Terrance kept his black hand on her ass, signaling to everybody this bitch was his. End of Part 1 Her Name Is Claire Part 2 Driving home after work, Claire was thinking about the incredible sex she had at work that morning. There was a shy smile on her full pink lips as she remembered the massive orgasm she had while Terrance ate her pussy. He says “cunt” but she had never said that word before. But she liked it when he said it. Then she remember how he turned her around and fucked her “cunt” (she giggled as she thought that word) from behind, resulting in another massive orgasm the likes of which she thought was impossible to achieve. She felt so satisfied, so relaxed. She never once felt this way before. Then she worried a bit. First, she remembered that Terrance said she would only fuck those he told her to fuck. She worried that meant she would be fucking other guys besides Terrance. If he told her to, would she? She thought about that a few seconds then said “Yes” out loud. There was no way she could ever give up orgasms like she had just experienced. As she thought about that, she pulled her dress up and fingered her clit. She had no panties, as Terrance threw them away. She did have the new panties as well as the skirt and top Terrance bought for her. They were sitting in a shopping bag in the passenger seat beside her. She stole a quick glance at the bag, and smiled. She wondered how she would look in that outfit. Terrance had told her to shave her “cunt.” She giggled at that word again. She would do it, of course. But she worried that there was no way to conceal from her husband, Ricky, that her cunt was bald. She knew he would be very upset and would call her all kinds of names. She just hoped it would not evolve into violence. But she knew that was likely, given their history. She got home and brought the shopping bag inside, and laid it on the bed in the master bedroom. She slipped her dress off and kicked her shoes off. That was all she had on. She looked at her naked body in the mirror, and cupped her tits, closing her eyes as she remember Terrance’s black hand on her tit as he sucked the other one. She shivered. Ricky wasn’t due to be home for awhile yet. She had plenty of time. She went into the bathroom, taking a scissors to her pubic thatch and trimmed her cunt as short as she could. “Ha!” she snorted. There is that word again. Cunt! Now she couldn’t get that word out of her mind. Terrance said he owns me like he owns his dog, she thought. She didn’t really know fully what that meant, but she figured she would find out. As long as it involved fucking like she experienced that day! She giggled. Having plenty of time, she slipped into the shower with her shaving gear and took a long hot shower, totally shaving her cunt. When she got out, she thought, she would slip on a pair of her old plain cotton panties, and put a sanitary pad on so she could tell Ricky she was on her period. He would leave her alone with that. He hated blood. Once he had fucked her when she had just started her period. When he pulled out and saw blood on his dick, he freaked out and started gagging and hit her, screaming at her that she should have told him. He never kept track of her periods. It was just two weeks ago, but he would not make the connection. He would leave her alone, that she was sure of. She stepped out of the shower and dried off, and stepped into the bedroom, naked. She stopped. Frozen. Scared. There was Ricky, holding up the little mini-skirt and top and the sexy panties he had pulled out of the shopping bag. His face was flush with anger. He started to scream at her, then stopped, looking at her shaved bald pussy. “What the FUCK” he screamed. “Have you turned into a total WHORE? Is my wife a SLUT? I won’t have a fucking slut n this house! How long have you been doing this shit? Where did you get this? I take all your money! Are you selling yourself for money, SLUT? Did you really think you could get by with this shit?” He grabbed her by the hair as Claire screamed, and punched her in the ribs just below her left tit. Then he hit her on her cheek, causing a big welt on her cheekbone. Still grabbing her hair, he pulled her out of the bedroom and through the kitchen and out the side door. Claire stumbled out, falling in the dirt, totally naked. Tears streaming down her face. “Come back when you have come to your senses and no longer are a whore!” Then Ricky slammed and locked the door. Claire gathered herself up, wrapping her arms around her chest, then ran over to her best friend Janet’s house next door. She burst through Janet’s front door, trembling and crying. Janet’s young 12 year old son was in the living room and was the first to see her. It was impossible for him to take his eyes off her. Even though she was crying, she was a vision. He had seen porn with some of his friends, but this was real and better than that. “Holy shit,” he thought. Upon hearing the door slam open, Janet came running and seeing Claire naked and crying with a bruise on her ribs and her cheek, she knew what happened. She grabbed Claire by the arm and pulled her into the kitchen and sat her down, then ran to grab a blanket and wrapped it around Claire. Claire’s cries had subsided to sniffles by then. The bruise on her face was looking worse already, and was puffy. Janet gave her tissues, then asked what happened even though she knew Ricky went crazy once again. Claire and Janet had the type of relationship where they could reveal all their secrets to each other without worry anything would become public and without judgement. Claire had previously told Janet about her new boss, Terrance, and how she was so attracted to him, sort of a crush, with his deep voice and strong build. Claire didn’t hold back anything, telling Janet about the sex and the shopping and the instructions Terrance had given her. Nothing was left out. Janet hugged Claire tightly. After Claire settled down more, she asked what Claire would do about staying with or leaving Ricky. Both Janet and her husband hated Ricky. They both had lobbied Claire to leave the bastard. Claire exclaimed that she didn’t know. She would have to talk it over with Terrance the next day. Janet got her some of her own clothes for Claire to slip on, as her husband would be home soon. While he would love to see Claire naked, Janet wasn’t going to give him that chance. Janet had dinner on the stove when Larry came home. She explained to him about what happened, leaving a lot of it out, but touching on the basics. Larry offered to go over and knock Ricky’s block off, but Claire told him not to. After dinner and some TV, they all went to bed, with Claire snuggled up under blankets on the couch. In the morning, Claire waited for Ricky to leave for work, then she ran over and got ready for her work. Claire arrived at work. She was really nervous, not only because she was wearing the little skimpy panties under the very short mini-skirt which didn’t even reach half-way down her thigh, and the silver top that showed so much cleavage and showed so much of the movement of her tits under the top. The top even seemed to magnify the sway of her tits as she walked. Her lips were the bright red from the lipstick Terrance had gotten her. In a way, she did feel like the whore her husband said she was, but in another way, she almost felt liberated, like she was finally free. It certainly was confusing to her. But she was also nervous because of the vicious bruise on her cheek. The one on her ribs wasn’t as bad, but that wasn’t visible with her top on. She wasn’t sure how Terrance would react. Would he say “Ugh! You’re ugly now, get away from me” Or would he kill Ricky or what? She couldn’t stand it if either of those things happened. Even though she had only been fucked by Terrance just the one day, she realized she wanted, no, needed, a lot more. A LOT more. And if Ricky were killed or badly hurt, she would feel so guilty and she didn’t know if she could face Terrance after he did something like that. Her knees shaking, she stepped inside and went to her work station. She was very self-conscious and felt like she was walking so funny because of it. She felt very sexy but at the same time just not normal. Terrance was in his office with somebody and didn’t notice her at first. She turned and started work, concentrating heavily at that and didn’t notice Terrance approaching until she felt his hand gripping her ass. She shivered, and turned to him. “Oh shit!” he exclaimed as he noticed the bruise on her cheek. His face held an angry look. He took her hand and led her into his office. After closing the blinds, he cradled her face in her hands and kissed her. “Did your husband do this?” “Yes,” she said. “He found the bag of new clothes you got me and then noticed I had shaved down there. He called me a whore and a slut and grabbed me by my hair and threw me outside. I was naked. But I don’t want you to kill him or hurt him.” A tear formed at the corner of her eyes. Terrance kissed the tears away, and cupped her chin, then kissed her very softly on her full red lips. “Did you go back in the house or what did you do?” “I ran over to my best friends house. She lives right next door. I stayed there last night. I think I shocked her son. He saw me naked.” She developed a small smile at the memory of his shocked look. Terrance laughed, a deep husky throaty laugh that seemed to vibrate Claire’s body. Her clit went into overdrive. “I’ll be willing to bet that the kid jacked off all night long at the image of you naked.” Then Terrance laughed again. Claire couldn’t help herself. She laughed along with him. Terrance raised up her top, and was about to suck on her nipples when he noticed the smaller bruise on her ribs. He just shook his head, then began sucking on her nipples. Claire’s clit was really working in overdrive now. It felt like it was being electrically shocked. When Terrance’s black hand slipped into her panties and toyed with her clit, the electrical shocks completed their circuit and she almost climbed on him in an effort to r******** him. Terrance pulled down her panties and sat her on the desk, then pushed his cock slowly into her. She was still very tight. He had to go slow. First just his head, then gradually a little more of his shaft. Before he got very far at all, and before he had even begun to pump her, she shivered, and then shuddered into a hard orgasm. He thought to himself that this girl really needs some good fucking. Then he pushed himself all the way into her cunt, bottoming out before his whole cock got in, then started pumping her. Her shudders and spasms got even harder. He had to let go of her tits and hold her up with his hands behind her shoulders to keep her from collapsing backwards on his desk. This excited Terrance and he fucked her harder and harder, and after several minutes, he dumped his entire load deep into her married white cunt. He kept his cock inside her for awhile, as he massaged her white tits in his black hands, thumbing her pick nipples, causing her to shiver. Over a Mexican lunch, Terrance asked questions about Ricky. He knew from experience that guys like this, who abused their wives, were usually very insecure and most often cowards. They dominated and abused their wives to hide their own faults and shortcomings, to make themselves feel stronger and braver. They went out shopping again. Terrance was looking for a skirt even shorter than the one she was wearing, which was already very short, not even half way down her thigh. They found one that barely covered her ass, with just an inch or two to spare. They also found a complimentary top that really emphasized her gorgeous tits. She was instructed to wear these the next day. After work, Terrance followed Claire home. They went inside and Terrance instructed Claire to strip naked and to stay that way. “But, Ricky will be home soon, and he won’t like that. He won’t like you being here at all” worried Claire. Terrance chucked, “I’ll take care of Ricky. He won’t be a problem.” “I don’t want you to kill him!” Terrance burst out laughing. “Don’t worry. It won’t go that far” then he laughed harder. While Claire took off her clothes in the bedroom, Terrance also stripped his off. The door bell rang. Terrance told Claire he was expecting somebody and answered the door, swinging it wide open. It wasn’t who he was expecting. Janet was standing there, her smile fading into shock, then as she took in Terrance’s huge black cock, her smile returned. She introduced herself as Janet and Terrance invited her in. Janet didn’t take her eyes off his cock even momentarily. After stepping in she then examined Terrance’s entire body. He was strong and well muscled and had no hair, not even around his cock. His ass was incredible, she thought. An image momentarily flashed in front of her eyes of him on top of her fucking her, and her hands gripping that great ass. She had to shake her head to expel that image. Terrance said “Thank you for helping Claire out last night.” “Oh no problem at all. She told me all about you. Now I understand it all” and she giggled, staring again at his black cock. With her paying so much attention to his cock, it started to get a little hard. Just then Claire came out of the bedroom, totally naked, and saw Janet. Claire froze, not sure if she should run back into the bedroom, but then saw Terrance was also naked, fully facing Janet, full frontal nudity, his cock throbbing in sync with his heart beat. He made no effort to hide anything, proud of who he was. Claire put her hands in front of her face, shy at having been caught naked like this, then giggled. “I just wanted to check on you, Sweetie, to make sure you were okay. I don’t want to see you hurt, But I see you are in good hands here already” and Janet giggled again. The doorbell rang again. Terrance opened the door wide once again. This time it was who he was expecting. Three black men. One was even larger than Terrance, one smaller but husky looking and one thin with a head full of hair sticking out all over like spikes. Spike had a brown paper bag in his hand. They came in. Terrance didn’t bother to introduce them. It didn’t seem to be important to Terrance. He pointed at Claire and told them “This is Claire” then at Janet and told them “This is Janet, her friend.” Claire quickly put one hand to conceal her pussy and the other arm to cover her amble white tits. Terrance told her “ Don’t bother. They are going to fuck you anyway.” Claire’s face turned red. “Oh.” “Well, I guess Claire really is in good hands, so to speak” and Janet laughed. “Ricky will be home soon, so I better get going. But I wish I were a fly on the wall watching.” She put her hand over her mouth and laughed. Janet left. The three black men stripped naked as well. Claire, of course, noticed their black cocks. All of their cocks were bigger than Ricky’s. They all sat, waiting for Ricky. Terrance had pulled Claire to his lap, playing with her tits and sometimes dipping down to her clit and massaging her there. Claire couldn’t help but shiver. Terrance’s cock went full on hard. “Your friend Janet seems very open and not shy” he said. “Why don’t you call her and invite her back over to watch.” “Oh my God!” exclaimed Claire. “Are you sure?” She hesitated, but Terrance pushed her up off his lap his hard cock sticking straight up, She ran to get her phone, her tits bouncing as she did so. All eyes were on her. She called Janet, and in seconds Janet was back. She had a huge smile on her face when she saw all the men were completely bare-assed naked. “This should be so interesting” said Janet as she sat on the couch between two of the naked black men. Janet’s skirt was down to mid thigh and as she sat, it hiked up a little more. She didn’t bother to pull it down at all. Her bare legs below her skirt were touching the naked legs of the black men on either side. She giggled as she looked at each of their cocks. Then she realized she was getting wet, and got a little shy about it. After a bit, she let her hand casually rest on one of the men’s thighs. His cock started to rise. She giggled again, never having seen or done anything like this before, not with black men. She thought to herself that she felt like a whore and sort of liked it. Janet had had affairs before, which her husband, Larry, knew about. They were always with white men. Never black. She didn’t understand it, but Larry didn’t seem to object to it or be upset by it, but he didn’t encourage her either. Larry knew Janet was very promiscuous as a teenager, so maybe that was it. She was a real slut back then. Janet casually dropped her other hand to the thigh of Spike on the other side. He quickly put his hand on her upper thigh and pushed up her skirt almost all the way up to her panties. Janet let it rest there. Not moving. A little afraid to make anything more happen. But both men’s cocks had gotten hard. That pleased Janet, and it confirmed she still had it after two kids, a boy and a girl, after over 12 years of marriage. She had worked hard at keeping her body in shape. Janet knew, based on her open discussions with Claire, that she was almost the exact opposite of Claire. Claire was a virgin until her marriage to Ricky, and until now, had never experienced any other man. Wow, she thought, how things have changed! After about 5 or so minutes, the door swung open. Ricky stood there, in total shock. His eyes glued on his naked wife sitting on the naked lap of a black man, and the man’s cock was hard to boot. His face went beet red. Stammering and stuttering, he couldn’t get a single word out, at first. End of Part 2
  12. The last few years I have known this girl "Lauren" who occasionally stops over for random hanging out/occasional hook up . It could be a couple times in a month or not for a few months. I started thinking back to our experiences after seeing some stuff online and it became clear what her intentions were! I am wondering what my next move should be..
  13. Her Name Is Claire – Part 3 Ricky got home from work, and stepped into the house. First thing he saw was his naked wife sitting on the lap of an equally naked black man. Her back was to the man, his cock hard and between his wife’s legs. There was one black hand on his wife’s tits and one hand between her legs, massaging her. Ricky froze, stunned. He was so focused on what he saw that to him it was a tunnel with his wife and the black man at the end of the tunnel and nothing else visible. He was shaken. He stammered, trying to get out a word, but nothing came out of his moving lips. Finally he was able to speak. He screamed out, “What the FUCK!?” He took a step toward his wife, ready to teach her a lesson she would never forget when suddenly he was pulled back. Somebody had grabbed him by the back of his shirt collar, then a black arm wrapped around his chest, locking him in place. Then he noticed the others. Black men, all naked. And his wife’s friend, Janet. Janet’s face had a smirk on it. He tried to get over to her and smash her face in, but he was lifted up off the floor. He tore his eyes from Janet’s face back over to Claire’s. She had a worried look on her face. “You fucking bitch!” screamed Ricky. “I’m divorcing your fucking slut ass. How long you been fucking these black motherfuckers?” The black man, whose lap Claire was sitting on, held up the hand that was playing with his wife’s clit. He held the hand up in a stopping motion toward Ricky. The man chuckled, then said in a deep rumbling voice, “Listen to me carefully, Ricky. We can do this easy or we can do this hard, but believe me, you will not like doing this hard. Your choice. And, white boy, you will not be divorcing anybody. No, white boy, you are going to be her little sissy cuckold.” Ricky stood still for just a second, then rushed toward Claire. Suddenly he was down on the floor, on his knees. His kidney felt like it was on fire. He realized he had been hit hard on his back, right on his kidney. It hurt so badly it brought tears to his eyes and it took him a moment to catch his breath. He looked around to see who had hit him, and discovered a skinny naked black man with spiky hair smiling at him. Ricky could not but notice the mans cock, as it was huge and almost touching his face, he was so close. His cock was much larger than Ricky’s own. “You like my cock, white boy,” asked Spike, and he smiled at Ricky, then pressed his cock right against Ricky’s face. Even though it hurt to move, Ricky quickly scrambled away, still on his knees. When Ricky heard raucous laughter, he closed his eyes in embarrassment and humiliation. “Like I said, little Ricky, we can do this easy or we can do this hard,” said Terrance, smiling at Ricky. “It is your choice entirely, little Ricky. If you enjoy pain, then by all means, let’s go hard. I enjoy that.” Terrance laughed. “I’m sort of hoping you decide on the hard way, boy.” Ricky bowed his head. He could see this was not going to go well at all. But he didn’t answer. “Claire, get up and get down on the floor on all fours, like a dog.” Terrance pushed Claire up off his lap. “Munch, fuck her. Leave little cucky boy here a nice creampie for little cucky boy to eat. He will find it delicious so leave a nice big load for him.” Terrance laughed, deep and rumbling. Munch, the huge black man sitting beside Janet, got up, a big smile breaking out on his face. From the moment he first saw Claire with her big white tits and pink nipples and such a creamy smooth cunt, he want to shove his black cock deep inside her. Claire snapped her head up, looking at Terrance, and started to say something when Terrance cut her off.” “Stop!” said Terrance softly to her. “You will fuck anyone I tell you to. Understood?” Claire just nodded, not quite expecting this, even though Terrance had hinted at something like this before. She should have been more aware of the possibility, she thought. But it was way too late now. “Cucky boy, your wife will be for black men only to enjoy from now on. You will never let your little white dick touch her cunt again, and you will never touch her tits or ass again, understood?” Ricky stared at Terrance, then screamed out “Fuck you, motherfucker!” Suddenly, it felt like there was a vice-grip at the back of his neck. It felt like his neck was being crushed. Ricky screamed out in pain. “Okay! Okay! I understand. Let go, motherfucker!” Munch let go of Ricky’s neck, then aimed a hard kick at Ricky’s ass, “That was for calling me a motherfucker, motherfucker. You won’t do that again.” Ricky just nodded, pain still throbbing in his neck. Munch got behind Claire, who was still on her hands and knees. He rubbed her cunt to see how wet she was. He put a couple fingers inside and pumped her to get her a little wetter. He slowly pushed the head of his black cock into her white cunt. Ricky looked away. Spike grabbed him by the neck and turned his head, forcing him to watch. “Look, cucky boy, see the nice black cock fucking your wife? You like that, don’t you, cucky boy?” Spike forced Ricky to nod his head yes. Munch had his cock about half way inside Claire, going slow as she was extremely tight. “Your wife is so tight, cucky boy. Your little cucky dick must be really small.” He smiled at Ricky. Ricky’s face turned red again, in total humiliation. Claire was at first very embarrassed to be fucking in front of others, especially in front of her best friend, Janet, and also her husband. But soon, the embarrassment went away, to be replaced with arousal, and then on total focus on what was happening to her cunt and her body. She was going to try to stifle her lust, but that thought had abandoned her as she felt so consumed with the electric feeling surging throughout her body. Munch had just fully gotten his cock into Claire and started pumping when Claire began to shiver and shudder into a massive orgasm. It was so strong her arms gave way and she fell onto her face, gasping for air between spasms. Munch laughed, slapping Claire’s ass hard. Claire hardly felt the slap as shudders overtook her body. Her eyes were tightly closed, her lips parted in total lust. “I’ll bet she never had a total blowout like that with you, has she cucky boy?” asked Terrance, looking at Ricky with a smile on his face. Ricky just shook his head no, getting more humiliated by the minute. By then, Munch was jacking his black cock inside Claire’s white cunt hard. She was still tight, but very well lubricated. Her orgasm had subsided, but with Munch fucking her so hard with his big cock, she began to shiver again. Her breathing came in gasps. As she started to cum, Munch let loose with a boat load of cum. Munch had always been a heavy cummer. His black cock throbbed inside Claire, pumping more and more cum deep into her. When he was done, he pulled out of her, rubbing her fine ass. Then Munch turned to Ricky and grabbed him by the hair, pulling his face up. Munch rubbed his cum wet black cock on Ricky’s face and laughed. There was still cum dripping from the end of his cock, so Munch rubbed the tip of his cock on Ricky’s face and lips and told him to lick. When Ricky didn’t, Munch punched him on the top of his head. Ricky immediately began licking the cum from Munch’s cock. Claire start to rise up, but Terrance told her to stay down. “Okay, cucky boy, time for you to eat your wife’s nice creampie. That’s a nice dinner for you. Munch was kind to you and left you a lot to eat.” Terrance laughed. Munch pulled Ricky over to Claire’s cunt and told him to eat. When Ricky hesitated, Munch grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and forced his face down into Claire’s cunt. Munch slapped him on the top of his head and yelled, “Eat, motherfucker!” Ricky began eating. He had never tasted cum before, except what was on Munch’s cock, and the thought of it made him gag. Despite his gags, Munch held his face in place. “Lay on your back, cucky boy. Claire, get up on your knees and sit on cucky boy’s face so he can get the whole load.” Munch “helped” Ricky, rather roughly, roll over on his back and get positioned under Claire’s cunt as Claire rose up and sat on her husband’s face. Munch instructed him, “Swallow it all, cuck. My cum is the best you will ever get. Bitches fight over it, it is so good. You will get to fight over it soon, bitch!” Munch laughed. Cum began to drain from Claire’s cunt into Ricky’s mouth and all over his face. Some got into his eyes and more flowed down his cheeks. He tried to avoid swallowing but Munch grabbing his crotch and squeezing hard convinced him he better swallow as much as he could. Finally, after a few minutes, Terrance said, “Okay, enough. help him up.” Munch pulled Ricky up by gripping his hair with one hand and under his arm with the other. Ricky stumbled up, feeling like his hair was being ripped out by the roots. His face was very wet with pussy juice and Munch’s cum. Terrance directed Spike, “Help him undress, Spike.” Munch released him. Ricky finally got a little brave, and screamed, “No fucking way, motherfucker!” That resulted in another hammer blow to Ricky’s kidney, and he went down to his knees again. As Spike helped him up, tears ran down Ricky’s face. “Now, help him undress.” smiled Terrance. Ricky shook Spike’s hands off him and unbuttoned his own shirt and slipped it off. He stood bare chested facing his wife who had now stood up. “The rest of it,” said Terrance. Ricky unbuckled his belt and slid his jeans off after removing his boots. He stood there in white underwear. Terrance just moved his finger up and down, indicating the underwear needed to come off too. Not wanting to risk another blow to his kidney, which was as sore as hell, Ricky slipped off his underwear. “Whoo, nice ass, white boy,” said Spike. He rubbed Ricky’s ass, causing Ricky to take a step away. Spike laughed. “Don’t worry, sweetie, you will get used to it,” and he laughed again. Ricky’s face grew extremely red. Terrance turned to Claire and instructed her, “Go get your make-up, girl.” Claire went bouncing into the bedroom All eyes were on her naked ass. While she was in there, Terrance instructed Spike, “Okay, Spike, dress him up.” Spike smiled and pulled a skimpy pair of pink panties and matching pink bra out of the bag he brought in. The panties and bra were very lacy and sheer, and very girly. Spike handed them Ricky. Ricky took them but his first impulse was to throw them on the floor and refuse. But he could not risk another blow to his kidney, so he just frowned and stepped into the panties, then tried to put the bra on but had trouble with it Spike helped him fasten it. “Now do a little slow turn and model it for us, girl,” said Terrance. Ricky felt weak. His knees started to buckle, but he held himself up. He did a slow turn. Janet started applauding as Ricky turned. She shouted out “How lovely!” Ricky had to swallow some vomit that rose up in his throat. Just then, Claire came back from retrieving her make-up and upon seeing Ricky in pink bra and panties, she burst out laughing, unable to contain herself. Janet exclaimed, “Maybe we should call her Vickie instead of Ricky!” and she laughed. Terrance turned to Janet with a huge smile and nodded at her, “Excellent idea! I really like that!” Then he turned to Ricky “Did you hear that, Vickie? Your new name? From now on, you are Vickie. Did you hear that, Vickie?” Ricky, or rather Vickie, turned his head toward Janet and gave her his most menacing scowl. Janet just smiled back, loving this. Upon instruction from Terrance, Claire got a kitchen chair and had Vickie sit on it while Claire applied make-up to him. She applied mascara, eye shadow, bright red lipstick and all. Claire stepped back to admire her work, with a grin from ear to ear. She ran into the bath room to get a mirror and held it up for Vickie to look at himself. A mouthful of bile rose in his mouth. Tears came down his cheeks. “Why you crying, sweetie?” said Claire. “You look beautiful! Did you want a different color lipstick? You are a very pretty girl, you know!” Vickie shook his head. Claire removed the chair at Terrance’s instruction. When she returned, Vickie was down on his knees with Spike directly in front of him. Spike was pushing his black cock past Vickie’s red lips. Another of the black men was taking pictures with his cell phone. Spike rapped hard on the top of Vickie’s head, “You need to smile like you are enjoying this, baby girl. The pictures will be much better with you smiling. And you better start sucking, but if I feel your teeth, bitch, you will regret it!” Vickie forced a weak smile while more pictures were taken. Terrance informed Vickie, “These pics are going to be posted to various gay sites. If you fail to do exactly what you are told to do, your parents and all your friends will be sent links to them. Do you understand?” Vickie nodded. “Say it out loud, bitch!” screamed Terrance. “Yes, I understand,” said a meek Vickie, mumbling the words around Spikes black cock in his mouth. It took some time, with several slaps on Vickie’s head and some hard sucking, but Spike finally came in Vickie’s mouth. Vickie tried his best to keep up with the volume, but there was just too much cum for Vickie to swallow it all. A lot of cum dribbled down Vickie’s chin. Spike made Vickie scoop it into his mouth using his fingers. “Never waste a drop of cum, cucky boy,” instructed Spike. “Okay, good job, girl!” exclaimed Terrance. “You are going to go now with Spike to a party. You will be only in your sexy bra and panties, until they get ripped off, of course. You will be one of the girls at the party. Now get your fucking ass out of here, girl. I know you will enjoy yourself,” Terrance laughed. Spike put his clothes on and led Vickie, in only his pink bra and panties, out the door to Spike’s car. On the way out the door, Vickie looked back at Claire. There were tears in his eyes. Claire started to feel sorry for him, but then remembered how many times she had tears after being beaten or belittled, and Vickie never felt sorry for her. The sympathetic feeling quickly faded. End of Part 3
  14. 45 year old, fit and attractive, young looking straight, creative, 'gentle-ish' asian Dom in search of a real cuckold couple either with some experience or complete novices with real fantasies regarding an interracial bull, and want to make it a reality… Both must be submissive to me, but wife must be capable of Dominating hubby along with me in the form of sissy/humiliation, and him willing to accept his role in the relationship as tending to his wife’s needs/pleasures whenever we are together. Yes, she is your wife but ultimately the reality is that sexually she will be my woman and I will own her, I will also date her! Guys do not contact me without your partners’ knowledge as it is important your cuckold desires are mutually understood and accepted, preferably with the cuckoldress taking the lead, and I am not interested in talking about your wife/gf, this is a genuine ad and I am only interested in genuine couples with intentions of real time meetings after a short period of online and phone interactions, where we will discuss the proposal and exchange pictures… I will only go ahead if you are comfortable with live verification of each other, and I must see you and your partner/wife together, on a suitable application. Not looking for a one off, prefer regular and long term where I will be your wife’s man. I am willing to travel within London /southeast or a few reasonable miles beyond, and happy to pay for hotels for overnights on a reasonably regular basis.
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