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Found 12 results

  1. Hope you all like her, let me know what you think of her....
  2. Hoping to get her fucked while I sit and watch in North Carolina drop us a line
  3. Iā€™m just posting a picture of my body cause I feel kinda sad lately and compliments on my looks always make me feel better so... make my day šŸ˜˜
  4. please contact me i wanna see a man cum on momma's photo pleas!!!
  5. Mariana Linda Puta is new here, please visit and comment
  6. My wife is a sloppy stupid whore who loves being submissive and degraded,looking for other guys whos fucked her blown out twat and trashy face to share there experiences..better the comments,the more will post for her to be @@@@@@@!
  7. Cuckold couple looking for hung black males to have fun. She is a curvy latina 34 y/o and he is a white cuckold 52 y/o. We can receive/accomodate or visit. Please be d/d free, as we are too. She likes to fuck bareback. We enjoy gangbangs.
  8. Ok I'm not very good at writing stories so barbare with me. So Jasmin and I were together for a little over 2years. Jasmin at the time was 19 5'8 128lbs Latina. We had broken up because she went clubbing without talking it over with me. So we decided to give it a try again. But me on the other hand still wasn't going to let her get away with it. So we got back together and right away we started our wild sex as usual. So one day we were f****ng and i wasn't actually enjoying it anymore. So i told her lets do a 69. So meanwhile she's sucking my cock and I'm eating her juicy pussy. And i fingered her tight asshole i ended up fitting three fingers as she continued to suck away. Eventually i cummed down her throat. Then i asked Jasmin if she enjoyed sucking my dick while i fingered her ass. Jasmin said it was different kinda weird but cool i guess. Then i smoothly said it's like if you had another dick fucking you as you sucked my dick can you only imagine that since you enjoyed this. She laughed and said you're crazy that'll never happen. So a few days passed and the same scenario happened again. And i told her the same thing. Jasmin's response was different. She said umm yeah I could only imagine it'll feel great. And asked me why i mentioned that again. I simply told Jasmin well i have a fantasy of me and another man fucking you at the same time, if you loved me you'd atleast take the time to think about it. So long story short. Jasmin finally came to agreement. So right away i started searching for a partner. And i thought about it and decided screw it might as well gangbang her. So i found 4 guys. So Jasmin and i rented a hotel in town and started drinking to loosen her up. So one guy arrived as planned. The three of us chatted a while then the guy went to use the restroom. Then right away i pulled my dick out and told Jasmin to suck it and we'll see what the lucky guy will do. So Jasmin got down on her knees and started sucking away. As the guy came out and froze in shock and Jasmin stopped and looked over at him all in awkward then i told Jasmin to get back to sucking and i motioned the guy over to join me on getting a blowjob from Jasmin. He stood at her side as i pulled Jasmin off my dick and guided her head to his semi erect. She slowly began taking him in her mouth. As i stood up to start the camera. The guy sat at the edge of the bed as Jasmin never stopped sucking. I then asked Jasmin. So how are enjoying yourself so far but answer me while his dick is still in your mouth. She mumbled uhu i told her i couldn't understand she mumbled again yes with a thumbs up. So i positioned myself behind her as she was on all fours sucking away. I slowly entered Jasmin as i heard a few moans muffled by the dick in her mouth. I began to pick up my paste as she rocked back and forth between us. Then me and the other guy switched spots. Now Jasmin was getting fucked by a stranger as she sucked my dick. I asked her so two dicks was a good idea after all wasn't it. She nodded her head yes all mean while getting fucked and sucking away. I then told her imagine if there were more dicks she just looked up at me and smiled. Then i pulled my phone out and sent a text and bam 3 more walked in she stopped and freaked out a little then i told her just go with the flow. Just give it a try. As the other guys began stripping they welcomed them selves and i removed myself and said she's all yours and walked away. So they banged Jasmin for about an hour. And everyone covered her face with their fat loads and left as Jasmin sat there unable to open her eyes. I laughed then led her to the bathroom to clean up. We talked about it and she said she was very satisfied and relieved because she thought she wasn't going to enjoy it so we ended up continuing that for some time till i left her for another girl. Hope you enjoy
  9. CHeck her out, shes HOT!!
  10. Guest

    My Journey into Cuckoldry

    Due to issues....sorry.