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Found 10 results

  1. I received a call from a married lady friend I have known for years saying she would like to make her hubby watch while she gets a good fucking in front of him. I was asked to turn up at 2pm in the afternoon which i did. She opened the door wearing only a long black T-shirt which just went passed her bottom. She was an attractive lady in her late 40's. She lead me upstairs without saying a word until we reached the bedroom, then she asked me to wait until she called me in. Once back in the bedroom i heard some kissing and then she told her hubby that she had a surprise for him. She told him to sit down and then a couple of minutes later she open the door and beckoned me in. The first thing i noticed was hubby was tied naked to a chair and his cock was standing to attention. Eileen said Simon wanted to watch her get a good fucking by someone and humilated him as well she wanted it to be someone she knew and trusted. Eileen moved over to me and we started kissing and my hands started to explore her body. The kissing became more and more passionate and i helped her take of her T-shirst and she was naked underneath. I started playing with her tits and nipples and i took each nipple into my mouth in turn and started to suck on them, she started to moan and i could tell she was enjoying it. I pushed her back on to the bed and made her lie down and open her legs wide and i could see her beautiful pussy. I started kissing the inside of her thighs working further and further up nice and slowly until i reached her wet pussy. I told her to tell Simon what it felt like and then i could hear telling him how good it felt to have another mans head between her legs. At this point i was licking, sucking and finger fucking her until all of a sudden she let out a load scream as she cum, her body was shaking. After a couple of minutes she got up, gave me a smile and walked across to Simon with his rock hard cock. She stood in front of him and inserted her fingers in her soaking wet pussy and then she put them into his mouth and was told to suck them, this happened a few times and then she bent down and sucked his cock for a minute or two and told him that she was now about to get a good fucking in front of him. Eileen came back over to the bed and asked me to stand up and then started to kiss me, i remember feeling her arse and thinking 'God that feels good'. Eileen started opening my shirt and kissing my chest at the same time she was opening my trousers until she found what she was looking for, my cock. My trousers were around my ankles and Eileen was playing with my balls and cock. The i heard her say to Simon, 'this cock is going to fuck me Simon and you are going to watch'. She then put my cock in her mouth and then took it out and said, 'it tastes good as well'. She sucked me for a good 5mins until I exploded in her mouth. She then went over to Simon and made him taste my cum. I then decided to take control of situation and grabbed Eileen down onto the bed face first and i looked at her great arse and made her knell on the bed and went behind her, i looked over at Simon and asked him if he wanted me to fuck her and he said, 'yes please'. I started to tease her pussy with the head of my cock while playing with her arse. Then Simon shouted, 'Fuck her' and Eileen said, Please fuck me i want it'. So i thrust my cock deep inside her pussy and fucked her good and hard. While fucking her i lent forward and started playing with her tits. I told Eileen to tell Simon what it felt like and she stated to tell him what it felt like to be getting a good fucking. Then after 4-5 mins of hard fucking i exploded inside her with my cum. It felt really good and Simon had a smile on his face as well watching my cum dribble out if Hus wife's cunt. After a couple of minutes Eileen went over to Simon and stood naked in front of him, she asked him if he had enjoyed watching so far and he said he'd loved it. She then put her fingers deep into her pussy and then ordered him to lick them clean and this happened a few times and then she asked him if he wanted her to suck his cock, Yes was his cry. She then went to work on my now hard cock again sucking me like a pro. I left after we had been there for about 2 hrs. I now see them a few times a year
  2. hi all I want to try to be a cuckhold,i wanna see her if its ok, but ill be ok if she goes out with other guy,ill waiting for her at home very horny. shes ready to try because we realy fantasise a lot about it...but the rule is that she has to pick the guy she wants,no one yet but yes theres a guy with she messanger sometimes....any advices?
  3. Hi, I am a broad minded very clean Bull with experience looking for a mature lady & male seeking sexual cuckolding. I am not interested in just quick fucks but a whole mind and body relationship. The boundaries would be your decision alone. My personal details are that I am mixed-race, professional male, 6'1" tall, 12st, good physical shape, confident personality, who enjoys sexual fun in all its forms. Have had a few relationships of the cuckold variety, and ideally would like to meet a couple seeking regular sexual and social meets. Looking to meet for some relaxed no pressure fun, happy to entertain any fantasies you may have. Sexually adventurous and open minded, game for anything once. Not into drugs or pain. So if you need to spice up your love life and need some local distraction with a single, easy going, well spoken, intelligent male, who can stimulate your mind as well as your body, then get in touch. I am from the UK Happy to meet at a neutral venue for no obligations chat if you are nervous! Thanks
  4. Any old and horny guy want to try to seduce my wife on text or fb? all I asking is keeping any chat very discrete,also she doesn't have to know I know it. shes ready to try a different guy but shes lil shy...
  5. Any old and horny guy want to try to seduce my wife on text or fb? all I asking is keeping any chat very discrete,also she doesn't have to know I know it. shes ready to try a different guy but shes lil shy...