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Found 7 results

  1. Here are some photos over the years of my girlfriend then wife. Her name is Sarah. Let us know what you think of her. You can follow our story in the Cuckold Stories forum.
  2. MY WIFE - A SEXUAL HISTORY FROM 18 YEARS OF AGE TO HER MID 40'S My wife Sarah is in her mid 40's and we have been married nearly 20 years. I have known her since her mid-teens but we got together when she was 20 years of age and it was then that I first got to fuck her. I have included two pictures of her when she was in her early 20's. A third picture of her taken earlier this year was taken in a hotel room where she was to have sex with another man while I watched. The purpose of the photos is to give you some idea as to her history and what she looked like when she was younger and what she looks like now. Sarah has always enjoyed showing off her body, whether it be by being naked or semi naked on a beach, by me photographing her or by some of the clothes she has worn. She has always been aware that men have found her and still find her attractive and it has always been a turn on for her. But it was not until her late 30's that she had sex with another man while I watched. I had fantasised for many years about watching my wife have sex with another man. The fantasy always involved a well endowed man because it was one of the justifications in my mind for it to happen. I am not overly endowed in size. My penis is average in size, maybe a bit smaller than average, so I always wondered how she would handle having sex with a man who had a big cock. What would she do, what it would be like to watch and listen. How would her firm hard body cope. I originally introduced my fantasy as role play in our bedroom. Over time Sarah warmed to it, actually instigating sex with me where she pretended she was having sex with another man while I watched. Often it was me standing at or beside the foot of the bed watching her work herself over with one of our dildoes. From there it developed into online chat with men where we would seek men out who might be interested in having sex with her. We often would send them a picture or two, no face, but enough to get their feedback. It aroused Sarah immensely to hear some of their comments. Soon she was doing webcam, masturbating for men, again no face for privacy reasons. She would watch in turn as they masturbated on cam for her. She would always have a huge orgasm and our sex that followed was always very intense. These encounters on the web broke down her inhibitions, sexually aroused her to a new level and eventually led to her being shared for the first time. There are many explicit photos of Sarah both from her younger years and more current photos from her encounters with other men. If there is interest I will continue to post pictures and the next installment in our story will commence at the beginning with Sarah at 18 years of age.
  3. Experienced older man, South East UK, good shape, above average cock size Loves role playing fun with couples from younger up to around my own age (60). Lots of scenarios, your place ot hotel based - can "script" new scenarios especially for you around a brief outline of your kinks if you'd like One of my favourites was this one: I play a businessman staying overnight in a hotel, I am travelling alone and am having a drink in the hotel bar when a very smartly dressed but very unhappy looking guy walks in. He comes to the bar, stands next to me and orders a beer - I say: "Hi, what's up, worse things happen at sea you know". He turns and asks me if I want to hear about it - so I offer to go and sit at a quiet table.and we sit down. He tells me that he got married earlier in the day and his wife is upstairs in tears and still wearing her wedding dress. It seems that thay had decided to "save themselves" and were both still virgins - and he got so excited that he came while his cock was still in his trousers and now he couldn't get it up again! She had told him that tonight was her wedding night and she wanted the fucking she was entitled to so, if he couldn't, he had better find someone who could.... Of course, I volunteered my services and he said "let's go up to the room and see what she says". So off we went, He opened the door and called "Hi darling, I have found someone happy to help, are you still interested?" and she told him to come on in. She had dried her eyes and was sitting on the edge of the bed - still, as he had said, in the wedding dress. She asked me " can you get hard? Are you already hard?" and I told yes that the answer was yes to both and offered to show her. She nodded and so I dropped my tousers and showed her my rock hard tool. Then came the first signs of a smile, "that will do nicely" she said - so I said "Just like American Express" and closed the room door. First of all I fucked her in her dress, mish - we made him watch from the corner, she came hard, her pussy pulsing on my cock. Then I stripped her, licked her till she came again and then did her doggie. In the morning (he slept on the floor) I put her ankles over my shoulders and made him hold her open with one hand and aim my cock with the other. Afterwards I asked him "Do you think you have the idea now?". He was very shamefaced but nodded and she told him that she would like him to fuck her now - "But you'll never be the first man inside me - and we will be doing this again". I left them to it and went for a good, hearty breakfast. This one really happened (except they were not really newly wed!) and it was great fun - and we did meet again too. Anyone want this kind of fun?
  4. For a time I was living alone while Lara and I were still together. This ended up working to my advantage quite a bit since most guys didn't feel comfortable going back to a girl's place whose boyfriend is there. This however is a story of when one of the guys came with us to my place. Lara and I went out one Friday night with no intention of anything happening with anyone except the two of us. However a lot of alcohol and a night of dancing changed that. First let me describe Lara. Lara is my height, five foot seven. Fairly tall for a girl. Taller than me with heels on. Slim/athletic build with nice perky little tits. A little bit of weight on her stomach but by no means thick. She did however have thick strong legs from soccer and a big juicy ass no seen on many German girls. Just thinking about her makes me want to dive between those legs and taste that sweet pussy one more time. But I digress. We went to dinner around 7pm one night. A fairly nice Italian place. She wore jeggings that showed off that supple ass and a pair of heels that made her sexy legs bulge through and a black tank with a blazer and a gold necklace. The whole dinner we couldn't keep our hands off each other. And at one point in time she had my cock in her hand and jerked me off under the table. After dinner and a bottle of wine we went and bought some beers and sat drinking on the bridge until it got later to go out. By 10 we were fairly tipsy and could see the groups of people making their ways to the clubs. By 10:30 we were down at the trainstation where one of the nicer clubs were. I go to the bar and get us another two beers while she goes to find a place on the dance floor. After about ten minutes I saw her with a group (three guys and two girls) talking on the edge. She kisses me and introduces me. Turns out there are two couples and one tag a long. So we made small talk for a minute and then all of us went to the middle of the floor. The tag a long (who we will call Jonny) and I took turns dancing with Lara. Eventually she ended up between the two of us grinding and teasing both. After all of us finished our drinks we went back to a table and started talking. They were all university students in the town over getting degrees in engineering and bla, bla, bla. After a while the two couples decided to leave and Lara and our new friend decided to finish drinking at my place. We took the cab back to my place and got there around 3am. We cracked open a few beers and Lara and Jonny sat on my bed while I sat in my chair. Now, keep in mind we never intended for anything to happen and at this point I still wasn't excepting for it. As we talked Lara moved closer and closer. During one of Jonny's stories Lara crossed one leg over his and put her arm around his lower back. After holding that for a few minutes she crossed her leg a little more lifting one of those gorgeous cheeks and smiled at me. At this time I was still uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu of what was going to transpire (although the alcohol might have had something to do with it). After we had run out of beer I offered to go to the gas station to get some mixers for the whiskey I had. It was about a five minute walk each way so I was gone about fifteen minutes total. What I came back to in that short time almost made me nut in pants right in the door. I heard some light r and b playing and thought they just changed the station on Spotify. However I couldn't have been more wrong. Jonny was in his underwear and Lara in her little black thong with her ass on him. We locked eyes as soon as I walked in and she smiled at me. She quickly turned around to him (showing me her perfect ass with handprints on each cheek) and told him I wouldn't mind then began to kiss him. After making out for a few seconds I set the bags down and grabbed the whiskey. Lara then seductively walked over to me and poured us some drinks. Then she slowly unbuttoned my shirt and undid my pants. After I was dressed for the occasion she went back to Jonny and began grinding on him. With a rock solid boner I got closer and we made a sandwich. She took turns grinding on us and kissing for several songs, then went and grabbed our cocks. As she jerked us off I kissed her neck, nipples and stomach before sliding her thong off. I then put her leg around my shoulder and began eating her pussy like never before. She moaned as she kissed him and I felt her hand jerking him harder and harder just inches from my face. She then took her leg off me and slid his underwear fully off and began to suck. I continued to eat her pussy and ass from behind as she took him in her mouth and could hear him gasp as she throat fucked herself. Then she turned around. Kissed me allowing me to taste her new lover and then sucked me. Within seconds of having eaten her she has her first orgasm. I could feel her tigthen around my shaft as her cum oozed down her legs and into his mouth (lucky bastard). After a good blow job I offered Jonny a condom and allowed him to enter her first. They got on my bed and she climbed onto and I watched from my chair as she rode him to another screaming orgasm. I stroked myself and I watched her ass lift up off his cock and slam back down hard. I could see the cream from her second orgasm begin to build up on the base of his dick and knew she needed a fresh cock. I came up behind her tilted her head back kissed her then lifted her off. I put her on all fours so she could still service Jonny. I then put myself into her freshly fucked pussy. It felt stretched out. Used. Wet. As her ass jiggled as I fucked her I saw her rip off his condom. I knew he wouldn't be able to hold off much longer, nor would I for the first fuck of the night. She had turned her head just right so I could see his cock as he blew into her mouth. She got what she could but some came out of the sides of her cheeks. The hurridly scraped it into her mouth. After he cums I threw her on her back. I began to pound her hard. She spread her legs as far as possible and she came again. I quicky went down to lap up what juices I could in a few seconds and thrust myself back in. Within three minutes of fucking her like that I came inside her. As we kissed (tasting Jonny's juice and her pussy) Jonny hinted he was ready for another round. The rest of the night was a blur of swapping out. By morning she was so red and swollen she couldn't even walk. We said our goodbyes to Jonny and never saw him again. But on those nights when I need some spank material I just remember walking in on those two in their underwear.
  5. Any couples looking for a 3rd to enhance your cuckold lifestyle/fantasy? As a switch, it doesn't matter what type of Cuck you are (Voyeur, Generous, Giving, Dominant, or Competitive), I can fulfill any/all of your desires . Mike