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  1. On the second day Angie decided to go North and explore Haulover Beach an all-nude beach. Angie and her husband got there early before the crowds of sun worshipers and found an open area in the sand to place their blanket. Angie's immediately removed her top and strolled over the shoreline to get a better view of the beach and to get noticed. She went for a brief swim which also perked-up her nipples for all to see when see strutted back to the blanket. Angie asked her husband to rub sun-tanning oil all over her breasts. She fell asleep for about an hour and woke to the sounds of young guys playing volleyball in the sand. She rolled over on her breasts to get a better look at all the young black men playing volleyball in the nude. She stared at all those dangling penises comparing, color, length, girth, and even some foreskin. A dozen guys playing and no females within 50 yards, but her. Angie had never seen so many penises and asked if she could walk up and get a closer view. Her husband said, "Isn't that why you wanted to try this nude beach?". Angie got up, dusted off the sand that had accumulated on breasts, and walked over to the match. It wasn't too long before one of the young guys asked if she wanted to join in and play. She hesitated, looked over to her husband who motioned with his hands to go, and she said tentatively "Okay." The guys all introduced themselves to Angie and mentioned that they were all from the local high school. Most were seniors enjoying their graduation butt-naked and free. The game began and Angie was the only female among these young guys. It wasn't long before Angie went for the ball and got a face full of sand as she fell forward. The guys were worried about her and a couple of them helped her up and without asking began to brush the sand off her breasts with their hands. She noticed their hands were cupped and not flat and they brushed from off with strokes beginning below her breasts and going upward. Angie looked over to her husband and thought she saw a smile. She blushed a bit and the game when on. The guys became more embolden and began lightly slapping her breasts every time their side scored. Angie was twice their age, and she was getting tired of getting up after her attempts to volley the ball but falling forward getting sand in her eyes. She began the reach up with her hands feeling for a helping hand but got a handle on a penis instead. She pulled herself up as the guy whose penis she had grasped smiled and said, "Well, I see you know how to leverage yourself up without a helping hand." She couldn't see her husband as the sand was still in her eyes and the guys all instinctively formed a circle around her. One gave here a towel which she wiped the sand out of eyes and then the sand from her palms. She dropped the towel and knelt on it. At that level she had a dozen black penises in varied states of arousal surrounding her. She reached out to an uncircumcised penis and began to push his foreskin back. She looked up at him and smiled. Giving his penis several vigorous strokes, he was getting hard. She was worried if it got any bigger, she might not be able to open her mouth wide enough. She quickly inserted it into her mouth and struggled to comfortably provide her services. She felt the other guys reaching over and cupping her breasts, lightly pinching her nipples and caressing hew hair backward. She reached out with both hands and the boys were receptive to ensuring she got a good grasp on two more penises next to the lucky guy. It wasn't long before she felt him tense-up and ejaculate a large load of semen into Angie's stretching mouth. A small leak of semen found its way out onto her upper lip and proceeded to flow on her lip downward. She continued to stroke the other two penises as they could not hold it in and shot their loads all over Angie's face, breasts and hair. She looked up at all three and smiled stating, "You know I am old enough to be your mother." She lifted herself up by both of those penises and picked up the towel to knock off the sand on her knees and the cum on her hair and face. She said, "I'm leaving the cum on my breasts for my husband to see." Angie said, "Three penises are enough for today. If you guys are here tomorrow for more volleyball, I'm game".
  2. From the album: My wife

  3. From the album: My wife

  4. From the album: My wife

  5. From the album: My wife

  6. Tons more of her to share and discuss. Message me on Sky. [email protected]
  7. Some of my favourite English MILFS feel free to add your own
  8. hi guys here is my gf on show for you all,we are from india and i am a wannabe cuckold.would love to hear nastiest comments from you guys if in hindi it would be a bonous.If i get enough response i will be posting more pics.Enjoy!!
  9. Leave your pc open in team view while you leave. Wondering what is happening to your wife/ gf photos and what a stranger is doing with them. If they will keep her photos and jack off to them or spread them around on sites or to friends. What do you think will happen? 961 641 060 86th61
  10. 34f wife from New England. Loving being shared by her extremely proud bf. Needs a little more encouragement tho
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