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Found 2 results

  1. He was one her favorite lovers. His cock was 9 inches and he would pound her pussy raw. I didn't always clean up, usually I just watched and took pictures or a video, but that day was different. I got real horny watching him fuck my wife, then when he finished and rolled off, my wife motioned for me to clean up the cream pie he filled her up with. So like a dutiful cuckolded husband I obeyed my wife, and sucked out every last drop of their love juices mixed together. -->-->-->-->--> Please Hit Like Button To The Right, And Please Leave A Comment -->-->-->-->-->--> ========= It will improve my community reputation rating ==========
  2. I shared this before, but not sure where or what thread I did so on. Anyway, here is my wife swallowing the biggest cock she ever had. His cock measured a bit over 10 inches, and when he fucked her he said he could only get so deep, because he was hitting her cervix. This gives you an idea of how far my wife can take a cock down her throat without gagging. Which is more than her pussy can take. Her lover had to go slow, but he did finally sink it all the way to his balls. I keep telling everyone I had a real bad HD failure, and when it happened I lost like 90% of the collection of pictures and videos I had of my wife and her many lovers. Sadly, this is all I have of my wife with this stud. It's from a recovery operation I was kind of successful using. The software cost me about $50.00,and when I used it I was able to restore some things, but not much. Most of what I recovered were small images, some thumbnails from video clips and like two or three short videos. This gif was originally a short video clip, but what I recovered was a bunch of thumbnail prints from the video. I was able to put them together to create an animated gif, but that is the best I could do.