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Found 14 results

  1. I love panties. I have about 60 pairs myself and my wife has around 200... I decided to get all pics of her in her various panties ... here's a sample - enjoy
  2. i love to see the personal staff of milf wives, shown by their hubbies
  3. heyy guys, anyone want more of my little petite wife? new to this and trying to get some interest i have hundreds more too if u guys want. comments?
  4. When me and the ex-wife finally split up we still shared the house together for a while.She started staying out later and later more often and I suspected she was fucking somebody else. I'd regularly check the laundry basket and sometimes find her knickers buried deep down instead of on top as if she was trying to hide them. I never actually found out if she was enjoying someone elses cock back then but check out the pictures, judge for yourselves and let me know please. I did and still do get turned on at the thought of walking in on her lay on her back in the marital bed, legs wrapped round someone else who's balls deep in her.
  5. From the album: My album

    Underwear for work
  6. This is my wife Lucy, please leave her some comments on your genuine thoughts. She loves to show off for other men and flirts like crazy. Face pics are available for anyone who wants to leave her a &&&&& or just cum on her face.
  7. We had the idea of selling her already used panties, since they were goint to the garbige... we are surprised how many men have the fetish of smelling and tasting a total stranger. However she has been dealing with this idea of her selling herself, is she really a WHORE? Coment on her...
  8. Guest

    Gf Panties

    So i just seen my gf the other day and right b4 i left she looked and me and took off her lace black panties and you have fun with these and put the panties in my bag. Whats your thoughts?
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