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Found 3 results

  1. From the album: SecretPlayWife in Dallas

    After being cummed in by two BBCs, SecretPlayWife is fucked by a third BBC who nuts deep inside her. He pulls out and shows hubby a ton of Black cum in SecretPlayWife's pussy.
  2. This is my ex wife in a video her and her first bbc fuck made for me. I had been begging her for years to act sluttier, go out and meet a black guy and let me watch them fuck, but she always insisted she couldn't do something like that. She did regularly go out with friends and would flirt with guys, but never took it any further. She hadn't known very many black people so sleeping with a black guy wasn't something she had thought about, while my fantasy was specifically to see her fuck a black guy and I wasn't sure that would ever happen even if she did fuck another guy. She liked to watch porn when we would fuck, but I always chose it so I started playing some of the hottest bbc hot wife videos I could find. Then one day she started asking for the ones that were cuckold videos and not just hotwife. Around this time we decided to try to the U.S. so I could spend some time with my family and maybe we would want to live there rather than Germany. I moved first then about two months after that she came over and visited me on vacation for a month. During that month I finally convinced her that she should take advantage of this time and see if she couldn't enjoy herself fucking other guys she was attracted too and she convinced me that if she could get into it by fucking whomever she wanted to, to begin with, it would make it easier to do everything I wanted. Two days before she went back to Germany, I broke an ankle and it made me immobile for about six months. So I was stuck in my bedroom for the most part, while my wife was finally going to make my fantasies come true. She fucked the first guy after about a month, someone she had already been talking to. It was exciting because it was the first time, but disappointing because he got a drunk before they went back to a room and had a below average sized penis. He did have decent stamina and she sounded like she enjoyed it. I didn't have any video but she did get audio for me. She was picky in a way, because they had to be American, she wasn't turned on by German guys, but the place where we lived wasn't really conveniently located for meeting any Americans, much less have enough black guys to make anything happen. She met four more guys, all white, spread from June to December. The first guy had an average sized dick and he was alright but sounded stupid in the video. The second guy had a decently sized dick longer than mine, which is around 6.5 inches, but about the same thickness. They made two videos, but in the second one, he didn't realize he was still recording and just put the camera down, so you can hear more than see, but it's long and people always hold back a little when they know they it will be heard or seen by someone else. She didn't realize this though until she uploaded the videos without ever watching them. She had uploaded the first video while they were getting ready for the next section, but then I didn't hear anything else from her. After a while I started trying to call her phone then after I call three times it is turned off. She later said she never heard it ring, but I can clearly hear him asking her if she needs to answer it. She tells him that he better not stop, just to ignore it, then finally when they are switching positions she turns the phone off. That video didn't get updated for a few days but still I confronted her about what would help but accepted her answer and didn't think anything else of it. The third guy she met was pretty well endowed. About 8 inches and a good bit thicker than me. She had promised to make a video of their meeting, but once she said he was there, I didn't hear anything from her. My old laptop was still there in our room so using a home security program I had installed on it, I was able to activate the mic and webcam. I couldn't listen to it in real time, but I could make it record audio which was automatically uploaded to my Google Drive. I would record for five minutes, download the recording and listen to it after starting the next recording. He was obviously bigger than anyone she had ever had before and the difference was extremely pleasurable to her. She had always been kind of reserved and never completely let go until she got fucked by a big dick with a lot of stamina. The recordings I got were sexy enough that I didn't give her to hard of a time for not making videos. She said they were all over each other right away and once she felt his dick grow hard through his pants, she got so wet she couldn't think of anything but feeling him inside her. Especially after having fucked a decent sized dick the last time. She knew what a big dick could feel like now. I told her not to worry about it this was what I wanted, her to turn into a little slut who loved to fuck bbc's. She told me I'd better watch it because if she had an experience like that a couple more times I might get what I wished. The next guy was average sized and her disappointment the whole time was obvious. She begged me to let her see the other guy again, but one of our main rules was that I didn't want her meeting them more than once because I didn't want her to get attached to them emotionally. Finally through a personals site online I found a black soldier living about an hour away that was only going to be in Germany for three more months. He was dominate, well hung, and seemed like he knew what he was doing. They talked for about a week and she was crazy desperate to feel him inside her. At the end of the week though he told her that he wouldn't waste his time with a married slut without knowing she was worth it so first he was sending his homeboy over to use her body however he wanted to. She tried to refuse at first then finally agreed as long as he wore a condom, like everyone but me who had ever fucked her. Her meeting him is the first time she ever fucked a black guy or had such a big dick inside her. In an audio recording I hear her excitement at how big his dick is, while he is telling her how much better it would feel with such a huge dick inside her if it was bare skin. He promises to pull put. She weakly insist he has to wear a condom. When she tries to put it on him though, it's way too small. She can't take it any more and tells him just to fuck her. At the end she whispers to him to cum inside of her. First he makes her beg for it, loudly, then he shoots his load deep inside of her. They end up fucking for five or six hours. I finally get her on the phone where she tells me it felt good and was fun, but was nothing special. The next few weeks it gets hard to get in touch with her, but knowing her account info I was able to find out what was going on. If you'd like to know how it ends, let me know. 20160204_220532.mp4 20160204_215651.mp4 20160204_220053.mp4 20160204_215207.mp4
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