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Found 6 results

  1. Cuckold Is there any actual scientific data to explain why some of us actually enjoy the thought of our wives with another man? The arousal that comes from knowing she's with him, touching, kissing, coming, all that? Or is it just a fetish?
  2. Hello all Here is my shared Indian wife. She has been with 5 other guys so far. Usually I like to watch and sometimes clean her afterwords.
  3. I hope this's a great video Naughty Hot Wives — This husband does a nice job setting up cameras....html
  4. Free this weekend (June 03. 04, US Pacific Time)Saturday: Priya's MDMA GangbangSunday: Lesbian-owned WifeLinks and samples at the author's blog for pbrider wordpress if you can't see the link
  5. Jenny's fuck buddy/Lover came to watch Formula 1 at our house today but they were planning going back to his house after the race. It didn't get to the end and they were so wanting to fuck each other that they slipped out early , We have kids so nothing could happen here but he whispered to me , "You OK if we slip back to mine? my cock is aching to slip into Jenny's wet pussy , She just came back in and slipped her wet finger in my mouth and whispered she was soaking wet imagining my 9" cock filling her up soon. So i'm gonna take her back to mine and fuck the life out of now mate if that ok with you?. Yes , take her now , i said , but dont keep her too long , we are going out for a drink later with some other friends. No Worries he said , i will send her back full of spunk and when you go out , you know she will be feeling my cum seep out of her for ages., her panties will be drenched with my spunk and she will definitely look like she has just been fucked senseless !! i hope so , i thought. A couple of our friends have arrived and I've told them she's nipped to another girls house from work to drop off some files and she wont be long now. She's on her way home now and i really hope she has that, looks fucked , look and smells of sex and cum ...haha i will pull her pants to the side and I'll slide my fingers into her when we get to the pub , cover my fingers with his Cum and make her lick them clean when nobody is looking. i like this feeling
  6. illustrated story by Paro Gide READ COMPLETE STORY HERE