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Found 33 results

  1. guya im starting a new kik group for chucks to share wifes adn meet bulls please leave you kik so i can add you.... the first kik id i get will get my wife's pictures
  2. Enjoy and please let me know the good words ;)
  3. Hey guys, here's my girl... would love to know what you guys think. comments are absolutely welcome... The dirtier the better. comment for more...
  4. Till then enjoy. How is everyone? Been busy lately but now I'm free. Feel free to pm me.
  5. Wife Goes Down on her Knees for you Rival by Gustav Jorgenson continued from “Your wife lets a rival squeeze her tits.” After that party where you all got drunk and your wife let Bob, your rival from work squeeze her bare boobs, you were surprised at what amazing sex you had with your wife. She realized that her flirting with other guys turned you on. She had joked about inviting them over again but you were surprised when they actually showed up at the door one night. “Oh, hey guys. I wasn’t expecting you,” you say one night when your friends Pete and Sam show up with a case of beer. Bob is with them and you just glower at him as you let them all in. “Jennifer said you were having a party tonight,” says Sam with confusion. “Look Jim, I’m really sorry about what happened last time,” says Bob with an insincere look on his face, holding out his hand to shake. “Right,” you say tightly, keeping your hands to your sides. Bob just shrugs and greets your wife. “Hello Jennifer. You look very nice tonight.” You wife has entered the room wearing a short, low cut dress that shows the tops of thigh high stockings. Her cleavage is hanging out and you notice your guests all looking her up and down from her chest to her shapely legs. “I’m glad you came, Bob. I hope there are no hard feelings from last time,” says your wife. “None at all,” he says gazing at her boobs. “Great, give me a hug then,” she says and then they embrace for a little longer than is appropriate. Bob is running his hands up and down your wife’s back and then gripping her tightly against his body. She looks over his shoulder at you as she hugs him and give you a devilish wink, then she pinches his ass. “Whoa, easy there.” laughs Bob, slapping your wife on the ass and then releasing her. “Your husband is going to get the wrong impression.” “Oh, he’s a good sport. He’s doesn’t mind a little harmless flirting.” says your wife giving you a significant look. Pete and Sam just chuckle nervously and watch your reaction as you press your lips together tightly and glare at Bob with hatred. You all sit down and start drinking. You have a bad feeling about this. The guys are all checking out your wife’s body and she is giggling flirtatiously and recrossing her legs a lot. It’s turning you on, but you are worried about how far your wife will go. After everyone has had a few drinks and relaxed a little, Bob gives you a smug smile and says. “You know, Jim, after I felt up your wife’s boobs last time, I was afraid you wouldn’t ever invite me back again.” “Uh, yeah, let’s put that behind us ok?” says Sam quickly, noting your ire with trepidation. Pete chimes in. “Come on Sam, don’t make such a big deal about it. Jim’s Ok, right Jim? Just some harmless fun.” “Well, I think you guys got a little carried away last time, but … yeah. It was harmless I guess,” you say shifting uncomfortably in you seat. “Oh, don’t lie to your friends, dear. You loved it,” says your wife, slapping you on the knee playfully. “Having other guys pay attention to me reminded him that I might still have a little sex appeal left.” “Well, well, well. That’s very interesting.” says Bob looking your wife over and rubbing his hands together. “Were you planning on giving him another thrill tonight? That outfit is pretty suggestive.” You are about to snap a rebuttal when Sam cuts you off. “Now take it easy, Bob,” he says. “I think you’ve got to admit that things did get a little out of hand last time.” Pete just shakes his head. “Sam, you are acting so holier-than-thou right now. You enjoyed seeing Jennifer’s boobs as much as we did,” he says with a teasing smile. “Fess up, Sam,” says your wife jiggling her boobs for him slightly. “Ok, Jenn,” you warn her softly but she just pouts dramatically at you. ‘Shouldn’t I shake my boobs for them?” she asks you innocently. “Uh, no,” you say, looking at your friends with distrust. “But didn’t that turn you on a little?” she asks curiously. “Jenn... can we not talk about this right now?” you say, embarrassment setting in. You can’t believe your wife is putting you on the spot like this. “Hey Jim, don’t be embarrassed,” Pete tells you good naturedly. “We are all old friends here... well except for you and Bob.” Everyone laughs at that but you just smile ruefully. “But I think it’s probably a common fantasy, wife sharing or whatever. I like it when Susan flirts a little bit.” “She never let some guy finger her knockers in front of you though, did she?” you blurt out, your heart racing and your member slowly stiffening at the thought in spite of herself. “No. But that was pretty hot,” he says with a lewd smile. “Ok, look, I think I see where we stand here,” says Bob standing up. “Jim, you are reluctant about this and probably afraid to come out and admit that your are getting off on it. But it’s clear that your wife wants to play this out a little further, so I am going to help you both out.” “Oh, yeah, how so?” you ask belligerently. “Jennifer, would you stand up please?” says Bob. Your wife gives you a reassuring smile and squeezes your hand before complying. “Ok Bob,” she says standing up and standing in front of him. “Why don’t you go ahead and take your dress off now?” he says commandingly. Jennifer starts giggling nervously and looks over her shoulder at you. Your heart is pounding in your ears and your can’t believe that he just came out and said that. “You can’t just tell my wife what to do!” you yelp. “I’m just asking,” he says confidently. “Look Jenn, he’s in denial, you are going to need to help him out with this fantasy. Just turn around and I will help you unzip that dress.” “Oh boy,” says Jennifer. Then she turns to you, “Do you think you could handle this honey?” “I could handle it,” pipes up Pete excitedly. “Get naked by all means.” “Jesus, Pete!” complains Sam. “Well I’m not naked under this, I do have panties on,” says your wife to Pete with a smile. “But no bra, right?” he says gesturing at her jiggling breasts. “That’s obvious, isn’t it?” she laughs. “Ok, I know that Jim wants me to do this in his heart but he can’t admit it. Bob had the balls to stand up and ask me to do it. Pete will play along once he’s sauced up enough. But what about you, Sam? I don’t want to freak you out.” She puts her hands on her hips. “Uh what are you asking?” says Sam licking his lips unconsciously as he ogles your wife’s body, then looking over at you guiltily. “Do you want me to take my dress off or not?” demands your wife playfully. “Um, that’s up to you, I guess,” he says, sweat breaking out on his forehead. “I think I see you getting a stiffy, so I will take that as a yes,” laughs your wife pointing at Sam’s lap. “Christ, Jenn, are you serious?” you ask, shifting in your seat to hide your own growing boner. This is incredibly erotic, but you just wish Bob wasn’t involved. “Oh, you’ll be fine,” she says with a dismissive wave. Then she turns her back to Bob unceremoniously and lets him unzip her dress. She looks down at you with her dress unzipped and you can tell she is having second thoughts. You and she share a complex look of guilt, excitement, incrimination, and love. You realize that you will still love her no matter what she does and she seems to sense that. “Well... take it off,” demands Bob. “Yes, Bob.” says your wife demurely. Turning to face him and dropping her dress to the floor without further delay. Your wife is standing bare chested in her panties as stockings facing your rival from work while he casually examines her body. Pete whistles in appreciation and Sam is gasping and gulping at the site of your wife’s bare torso. She does have a wonderful hourglass figure. You are frozen in your chair and don’t know what to do. You cock is throbbing but you also want to jump up and punch Bob in the face. But in some ways this is your wife’s doing, so you just grind your teeth and look on in fascination as your wife exposes her body to your friends. “Here, turn to the side.” says Bob gently. Your wife does so and he starts running his rough calloused hands over her soft white belly, then up to her breasts. He pinches her pink nipples slightly, making them stiffen and she looks at him with pursed lips and raised brows, not objecting, just watching his face. He slides his hands back down over her belly, then around to her sides, gripping the tender pale flesh above her hips. She is breathing faster now and the color has come to her cheeks, make her porcelain complexion glow beautifully. Then Bob puts one hand on your wife’s ass and slides the other down the front of her panties. She gasps in arousal and puts her hand over the hand he’s feeling her crotch with. “You fucker!” you shout and jump to your feet. “No, no!” says your wife as Bob withdraws his hands from your woman and prepares to defend himself. “Honey, just relax. Sit down,” she says. She is in a state of high arousal and you see both Pete and Sam grabbing their crotches. “I can’t just sit here and watch this!” you say with animation. “Yes. You can.” she says, breathing heavily and pushing you back reluctantly back into your seat. “You know you want to see this.” she whispers in your ear. “Let’s do it.” “Are we cool?” asks Bob, holding his hands up defensively. “NO!” you say petulantly. “Yes,” says Jennifer turning back to him with a deep breathe. “Ok, well, do you want to take your panties off now?” asks Bob looking at your wife’s body hungrily. “If you say so,” she says submissively. Then she grips her panties by the sides and shimmies them down, bending over to slide them over her hips and down her legs. Pete and Sam are both gaping in amazement at her neatly trimmed bush. “Turn and show them that ass,” says Bob, gripping his boner through his pants lewdly. “Ok,” consents your wife. “Do you guys like this?” she asks Pete and Sam, bending over to shake her naked ass at them. They both just stare open mouthed and neither one can say a word. “My ass left them speechless, dear. Did you see that,” laughs your wife archly. “Yeah, I see it,” you mumble trying to nurse your own stiffy without attracting attention. “On your knees, now, please,” says Bob unzipping his fly. Your wife slowly gets down on her knees and looks up at Bob waiting for his next instruction. “This is going to far!” you object, but you keep your seat. But Bob and your wife both ignore you. “I hope no one minds, but I’m going to jerk off now,” says Pete pulling out his cock and stroking it. Bob pulls his thing out too and puts it right in your wife’s face. She is still looking up at him submissively. “Do I suck this now?” she asks as the head of his penis brushes her cheek. “That sounds about right,” says Bob gruffly, his voice thick with lust. Then he takes your wife by the back of the head and pushes his stiff member into her waiting mouth. He grunts with satisfaction as she starts sucking him enthusiastically. “Oh fuck!” you say in despair, gripping your cock all the while. “Yeah, she didn’t... need to be asked twice, did she?” stammers Sam looking on in fascination. “Look how she’s looking up at him.” gasps Pete, fapping away madly. “Like she’s begging him for more.” “Do you like me, Bob?” asks your wife, pulling his cock from her mouth briefly and looking up at him lovingly. “Sure, you’ll do,” he says. Then he crams his meat back in her mouth. She resumes sucking with renewed energy and then reaches up and start massaging Bob’s balls. He can’t take much of this and pulls out to shoot a load all over her face. She licks the cum from his head eagerly. “Look how greedily she licks that cum,” pants Pete, jumping up and approaching your wife. “Sorry, Jenn, do you mind if I blow my wad on you?” he asks desperately. “Jesus! ok, Pete,” gasps your wife in surprise and within seconds he is shooting his load all over her face. You and Sam just look on mesmerized as Pete further soaks your wife with cum. “Wow, sorry about that Jim,” he says sheepishly slapping his limp damp phallus against your wife’s cheek playfully. “Well, I’m not sorry. That was awesome!” says Bob. “I would kiss you Jenny, but I don’t want Pete’s jizz on my mouth. Maybe next time.” Then he zips his trousers up. He comes over to you sitting in your chair and leans over you “I really like the way your wife sucks my cock, so loving, so submissive.” he says with a leer. And this manages to unfreeze you enough to reflexively smash a fist into his face. He reels back, completely taken by surprise as you stand up as if in a dream. You kick him in the groin smoothly and he goes down on one knee. You reach your arm back to strike another blow, but your wife and Sam restrain you. Pete has zipped himself up and is helping Bob to his feet. Bob’s lip is fat and bleeding. “Fair enough. Maybe I deserved that. But it was worth it.” he shouts madly with a bloody smile. “Blowing my wad in your fucking wife’s face was worth it.” Pete drags him out the door, shouting apologies over his shoulder. “Goddamnit, Jim. I was hoping to invite him back to fuck me next time.” shrieks your wife in anger. Sam turns white at the suggestion and you just slap her numbly right across the face. She grips her stinging cheek in amazement and a tear comes to her eye. “I can only be pushed so far.” you say shakily. Then you flop back in your chair and put your head in your hands. Sam mutters his own apologies and lets himself out. Your wife goes to clean up and then returns to the living room and watches you sitting despondently in your chair. After a moment she quietly comes over and lays down on the floor with her legs spread before you, masturbating herself quietly. “Oh fuck!” you say, looking down at her offering her snatch to you. Then you pull your pants off and climb on top of her. “You win,” you sigh, sliding your stiff member into her hot, waiting pussy. “Thank you honey, I was so horny from sucking Bob off in front of you, I thought I would burst,” she whispers in your ear as you penetrate her with your throbbing rod. “You little slut!” you laugh, slapping her thigh playfully. You fuck the shit out of her, pounding her with abandon and she is gasping from an orgasm within minutes. You shoot your own load deep inside her when you feel her cunt tightening around your dick. Then you lay on top of her in exhaustion. “Do you think Bob would come back to fuck me if we asked him?” she whispers fiendishly in your ear. “Oh sure, that lip of his will probably only need a stitch or two,” you say and then share a good laugh with your wife. *** If you like this, check out my eBooks on Amazon: View my favorite porn images and more free stories on my Tumblr blog:
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  9. I would just like to share a hot slut that has asked me to share her awesome photos in as many places on the web as possible. Visit her on tumblr sexysueuk and let her know where you seen her.
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  12. Fuckmywifebull

    Should my wife get blacked?

    Can anyone give me some advice on getting my wife fucked by big black dick. She encourages interracial movies and creams at the sight of a bbc on television but won’t let any black men touch her, yes they have tried and I let them to no avail.
  13. Horny wife is ready for big cocks but still quite the teaser.
  14. Karen's Cuck

    Karen's High School Reunion

    This story was written by my wife last year after her class reunion. This past weekend was my class reunion in my hometown. I was so excited to see my old friends that I haven't seen in years. I decide to stay with my sister while there. I asked my husband if he'd like to come with me but he said that it was my reunion and that I should have a great time. On Friday morning I finished packing and headed off for my six hour drive. One of the organizers set the whole reunion up on fff. It was great because we got to know who was going to be there. I learned that a very good friend was coming in for the reunion. I was thrilled as I hadn't seen Ken in years. We were inseparable during high school but never romantically involved with one another. He lives a long way away and was flying in for the weekend. I arrived late Friday afternoon at my sisters and had some time to relax and visit with her. I took my suitcase into my room and got ready to go to the first event. It was a casual party at a lounge so I just wore a nice blouse, jeans and heels. I got to the lounge and it was so great seeing everyone. Ken arrived and we gave each other a huge hug and kiss on the cheek. He looked great. I spent the evening chatting with old friends and catching up on everyone's busy lives. Ken and I spent lots of time together talking about family and friends, old girlfriends and boyfriends. I brought an old picture of Ken and me. We were all dressed up going to a high school dance together. The evening broke up pretty early as everyone worked or traveled that day to get to the reunion. I headed back to my sisters. She was still up so I had another glass of wine with her before turning in for the night. The bed felt great after a long day. I felt like a teen again thinking about my classmates and chatting about old times. Like a teen I felt a familiar stir between my legs and reached down to find myself hot and wet. I rubbed my pussy with my right hand and squeezed my nipples with my left. It wasn't long before my body tensed from a powerful orgasm. After calming down, I fell fast asleep feeling very satisfied. The next morning I got up late and got ready to meet some of my girlfriends for lunch and an afternoon of shopping. We had so much fun, it was like old times. We went shopping in a mall I haven't been in for 20 years. We all went our separate ways to get ready for the nights festivities. The organizers planned a dinner and dance so we were to arrive early evening. The weather was warm so I was glad I had some summer style clothes with me. I wore a knee length wrap skirt, a tight white tank top, matching white lace bra and panty set and 4 inch pumps. I remember looking in the mirror on the way out thinking to myself that I look pretty damn good for a woman in her mid 40's. I arrived, at the party and looked up some of the guys I hadn't seen yet. I sat with Steve and Ken for dinner. Steve and I dated for a while in high school, sex with him was fun but we were both pretty inexperienced. After dinner the music started and I had a so much fun dancing with different people. I was disappointed to see some people leaving around midnight. Ken told me that a few people were going to a classmates place and asked me to join them. I agreed and off we went. There were about 8 people at this house. The house was owned by a couple that got married right out of high school and still together. We had some laughs and some more wine. I went to get up to leave and realized I was a bit wobbly from the wine. The hosts suggested I spend the night as they have a private bedroom in the basement with its own bathroom. I agreed and everyone headed off to bed. The room was nice and I got ready for bed, unfortunately had nothing to wear but I didn't really care. I turned the light off and lay back in the bed. It was so dark in the room I couldn't see anything. I was drifting off to sleep when I thought I heard something. I listed and heard, "Karen, are you awake". I recognized Ken's voice and said "Yes I'm awake, is anything wrong?" "No, I have a question to ask you" I said, "Okay". I went to reach for the lamp but realized that I only had the sheet on me and couldn't reach the lamp without exposing myself when the light turned on so I left it off. I felt Ken bump into the bed and move around to the side of it sitting down beside me. "Karen, ......... why did we never get together when in high school"? "I don't know. I guess we were too good of friends". Ken said, "I've always been disappointed that we didn't". The next thing I felt was Ken's hand touch my face and then him lean over and kiss me. I didn't say anything. He kissed me again, leaning onto me harder. I then felt his right hand move down my neck to my shoulder. He then moved around and lay on-top of the sheets beside me again kissing my lips and neck. "Ken, we shouldn't do this" . "I know but I want to be with you so much". He said. I felt his hand move lower to cup my left breast. He noticed my hard nipple as he pinched it with his fingers. He then pulled the sheet down exposing my breasts to him. He leaned down and took my right nipple in his mouth while pinching the left one with his fingers. A quiet moan slipped from my lips. He heard it because he immediately stood up. I heard the rustle of clothes and then felt him pull the sheets back and him climb into the bed beside me. I knew he was naked and he quickly learned that I was too. He moved close to me kissing me again, then moving down to my breasts where he paused to suck my nipples. He then moved down my stomach and I felt the flick of his tongue up the slit of my pussy. I moved my legs open to give him better access where he continued to kiss and lick my very wet pussy. He teased my clit for the longest time. Licking my entire opening and stopping to give my clit a little nibble. He would get me worked up close to an orgasm and then slow to let it subside. He did this several times and I thought I was going to explode if I didn't cum soon. Finally he continued until my body shook in convulsions from the massive orgasm he gave me. I then felt Ken moving up my body. I reached down and took his cock in my hand. I wrapped my fingers around it and knew that it was so much larger then my husbands. I guided him to my opening and he pushed ever so gently until I had his entire manhood inside me. He was stretching me from the size. He then began to slowly move in short strokes in and out of me. It felt so good inside me. He kissed me as he moved his cock inside me. He lifted himself up over me and took my right leg lifting it up high over his shoulder. This forced me to twist my body and he continued to move my leg until I was now over on my stomach, his cock still deep inside me. Pulling me up onto my knees with him behind me he started to plunge deep into me. He was fucking me hard. This kept going for a few more minutes until he stopped and pulled out. He moved me onto my back again, taking my legs and putting them up onto his shoulders and thrusting his cock deep into me again. Leaning forward forcing my legs higher, he sank his cock into me as deep as I've felt in a long time. He was grinding his cock into me and then pull it almost all the way out, then deep into me again. He felt so good inside me. After a few minutes of this I felt an orgasm building deep inside me. My body arched as I felt wave after wave of orgasm run through my body. The next thing I remember feeling was his semen squirting deep inside my womb. He moaned as he shot his load and collapsed onto of me. He rolled beside me and I fell fast asleep. The next morning I woke up with him leaning on his elbow looking at me, smiling. "Good Morning", he said. "Morning, did we do what I think we did last night?" "Oh we sure did, and it was wonderful", he said. He leaned over and kissed me. I felt him move and remembered that we were both naked under the sheets. He kissed me again and moved his body on top of me using his legs to spread mine apart. "Ken, we shouldn't do this again", I said. I then felt his cock head against my opening and he pushed into me. "Too late", he smiles. He got up on his knees with his cock still in me and took my legs in his hands and lifted them up. He spread them wide holding me open. "Rub yourself while I fuck you", he said. He reached forward taking my hand in his. He then placed my hand on my pussy and began moving it in a circular motion. Lifting his hand away, I continued rubbing my clit. He moved his cock in and out of me while I masturbated. He took his hands and pinched my nipples. This sent jolts of joy to my clit. I couldn't believe that I was laying here completely nude, legs spread wide, rubbing my pussy with a high school buddy fucking me. It wasn't long before I was having an orgasm from all the attention to my pussy. Ken then started to thrust harder and harder until all of a sudden he thrust in as deep as he could go and pumped his load into me. He moved off of me lying next to me catching his breath. I lay there not quite sure what to do next. I finally got up and went into the bathroom to shower and get dressed. When I came out Ken was gone. I finished dressing and went upstairs to the kitchen where Ken and the other couple were sitting having coffee. It got really quiet when I walked in and Lori looked up with a big smile on her face and asked if I had a good time last night. I obviously blushed and she said it was okay. They couldn't hear everything but knew what was going on last night and again this morning. Lori said that she was surprised it took this long for Ken and I to have a fling. "It was meant to be", she said. She wanted to know what my plans were and I told her that I was planning to go home today. She suggested that I stay and relax. I told her that I needed to go to my sisters before heading home. Lori convinced me to go pick up my clothes and stop back in to say goodbye before hitting the road. I agreed and got my stuff and went back to Lori's. Lori, her husband and Ken were sitting around having a glass of wine when I arrived so they offered me one. I thought it would be okay and sat down for one. Well, 4 hours and 2 bottles of wine later we started talking about dinner and my spending another night there. I called home and told my husband that I was spending another night. We had a great meal, a nice evening and when it was time to go to bed I said my goodnights and Lori said to keep the noise down tonight. I laughed and went to my basement bedroom. I got out of my clothes and was about to get into bed when I turned and saw Ken standing in the doorway. "MMMMM nice sight", he said. Standing nude in front of him I smiled and pulled him close to me. He leaned in and kissed me. I began unbuttoning his shirt and helped take it off of him. Then I opened his pants and got down on my knees in front of him. I pulled his pants and underwear down in one motion releasing his stiff cock. I looked up and I took the head of his cock into my mouth. His eyes closed as I licked it with my tongue. Wrapping both hands around him I stroked the length of his cock with my mouth over the head. He was moving his hips back and forth fucking my mouth and moaning. I grabbed his ass and pumped his cock in and out. With my left hand I reach between his legs and massages his balls. I could tell he was really enjoying this so I started stroking him with my right hand. It wasn't long before I felt him begin to tense his body and I got ready. On the first squirt I started to swallow. I swallowed as fast as I could but still had some leak out and down my chin. He looked down and I smiled back at him, his cock just touching my lips. He helped me up and lead me to the bed where he lay be down on it. With my legs dangling over the side of the bed he got on his knees in front of me and began licking me. Oh it felt so good. I was so horny. While he licked he reached up and squeezed my breasts with his hands. I felt an orgasm starting to build within me. I lifted myself up and taking his head in my hands. "I want to cum on your cock, fuck me." I pulled him up onto me and guided his now hard cock into me. He thrust in and out of me, stretching my pussy. Within moments my orgasm hit and I actually squirted on his cock. It felt so warm and the orgasm felt like it was going to go on forever. After I stopped shaking, Ken rolled off and took me in his arms. I fell asleep with my head on his chest. In the morning, I was the first one awake. I looked down and Ken was sporting his morning wood. His cock was so big, hard and magnificent. I couldn't resist, I had to take it in my hands and put my mouth on it. Ken woke up and smiled. He pulled me up onto of him and had me lower myself on his swollen cock. I slowly lowered myself until I felt his balls against my ass. I didn't move for the longest time, wanting to savour the feeling inside me. I started to move up and down on him. He was so hard. He moved his hands up and pinched my nipples as I rode him. It felt to good I couldn't believe I was going to cum all ready. I've never cum this fast. He thrust in and out of me while I orgasmed rolling me onto my back and continued to fuck me. My legs were up on his shoulders and he pounded in and out. I started to shake again from another orgasm. He didn't stop fucking me. I squeezed my pussy on him and he continued pumping. Again I orgasmed! He pulled out of me and had me get on my hands and knees. He sank his cock in and like a piston he fucked me hard. Ken slowed and thrust deep. I felt his seed squirt into me. After a while, we caught our breath and decided to shower together. Just some passionate kissing in the shower and time to get refreshed. We dressed and went upstairs to find Lori in the kitchen drinking a coffee. "Was that as hot as it sounded" she said? "I'm going to have to go back to bed and play with myself after listening to you two." We had a coffee and I packed the car to leave. I gave Ken a big hug and kiss. He said that he needed to come back to the area on business next month and if I would consider joining him for a visit. "You let me know and I'll be there".
  15. My wife knows I would enjoy being cucked. She roleplays with me in bed all the time & little comments she makes about cheating, but won't make the next move. Any help or advice?
  16. Hey everyone, so I tried to tack this on to another post that is no longer available/deleted, so I will start here. I have fantasized about this lifestyle for some time. With a previous ex (thank goodness) we tried some, as she enjoyed telling me I have a small cock, though at roughly 5", I like to think 3.5 - 4.5 (somehow completes the cuck fantasy for me). We even explored her being sub, having a master and even had a pretty hot experience with her master, where I got to ty watch and stroke as she got what was a very thick ginger cock and load. Anyway, now I am with my fiancé, she is a sexy, thick girl, me 45, her 40...a nurse, who also has a side job selling toys and accessories via parties. The latter part is cool because she has all kinds of things that heat things up. Well, this helped introduce her to the idea. I would say, yeah you like that big cock don't you, while often referring to my dick (you can't call it a cock, can you...though I love that word and honestly like watching and admiring strong cocks, cumshots, etc..) as small. It even allowed me to point out how the big toys make her moan and also hit the clit like my little cock can't, which really makes her moan. This has been progressing nicely and now she really likes to talk about how better big cocks can take her and telling me of her past promiscuities following her divorce after 18 years. She would often turn me on and flirt/hint at her desire by exuberantly saying BIG BLACK COCK ALWAYS WINS while playing Cards Against Humanity, though she claims she doesn't want BBC (probably scared), she admits she loves a big Puerto Rican Cock...says they all have big ones. So to cut it short, here is her looking for cock, a bull on a casual kinky encounters site (will keeping working for more, but that part she may be reluctant). A pic of what she is dealing with, though it gets hard easy and is a hard/far multi-shooter (it is clearly not enough right???) that she owns. She says she wants to see some bull cock (of course, I do too) BONUS: A pic of an eclipse she and I thought was hot. Ciao, Mike and Racquel
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