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Found 3 results

  1. I am in a work from home situation now and I can move anywhere and I would love to go to a place that has sexually adventurous couples who are into alternative lifestyles like cucking and hotwifing and all kinds of wife sharing activity. Where do you think it happens the most in the USA?
  2. As some of you know I have an unwilling wife. I have asked her in the past to have sex with other men and she has just been unwilling although she has had moments where I thought maybe something was going to happen but it didn't. The thing is I have a big birthday coming up and she has been asking me what I want. All I really want is for us to get a hotel room for a couple of nights and to invite a guy in so I can a man cum inside her multiple times and I want to watch her give this guy a blowjob. So.should I bring the issue up again or is that unfair to her as she has already said she doesn't want to do it ? I would appreciate your feedback . She did say She would go to Vegas for a weekend away so maybe she is considering it !
  3. I have a very small penis, and Eva loves BBCs, She used to fake orgasm w me because she loves me and did not wanted to make me feel bad, but couple years ago after she came back from a date (I used to fuck her after the dates because the sloppy seconds felt awesome.) she felt to sleep wile I was fucking her really hard, It happened again in other 2 occasions, so we talked and she confessed to me rarely have had with me since we married, most of those were fake. That did not really hurt at all, actually is turned me on, and we both agree that was no need for me to enter her anymore., I could do it if I wanted to, but I am happy w masturbate wile watching, and the hand jobs she gives me when not too tire, after her dates. And that my friends is all the sex I have. I wrote about it w more details at our personal blog, here is the link if interested: