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Found 13 results

  1. Hi. Does anyone else feel that cartoons is a good way of illustrating your fantasies? I think the photos out there, and the captions, often is kind of tacky. Here is some cartoons that pretty much sum up my fantasies. The last photo is a my wife though
  2. I’m a 24 year old white male that loves to submit and do as you say I love spoiling women and being a sub to their every command I’m in need of a beautiful woman that I know I can’t satisfy only by mouth and with money if you are looking for a cuck like me please message me and let me know
  3. A lot has changed since I was regularly active. The last year and a half has ushered in a rebirth of me as a husband, cuck and person. Last year my Lara and her bf celebrated 3 years together, to celebrate that I decided I'd send them on vacation that was about them. No rules, no checking required. Just have fun. I booked them on a cruise and everything began to fall into place. I had my suspicions that they were developing feelings for each other as they got closer and closer. I knew Lara loved me so I wasn't worried, in fact I was a little happy. One night before they left the three of
  4. Before Lara got pregnant we had a date night with our BF. This time however he decided to spice things up. He ordered me to get Lara bathed and ready and wearing something sexy. I bathed her and shaved after she locked me up and decided to go with a tight fitting short skirt that barely covered her ass and a baggy shirt that left her shoulder @@@@@@@. For underwear I chose a black g-string and a black and blue corset to go with it. And for her legs I decided to go just classic black stalkings. She looked amazing. We get to his place and there's some talking going on in the living room. W
  5. I am pleased to announce myslutasian69 as my submissive cuck, and I dom over his wife and himself. This are his initial submission pics to me
  6. Hello everyone, we have been very busy with our daytime life obligations and not able to enjoy our nightlife "Play" and "Fun". We found this site a couple of months ago and we like how this site operates. And we oticed everybody who use this site are very open and friendly. This is how we like it and even though it has been only a couple of month we decided post some of our pictures. My wife and I have been married for over 30 years now. We have had our ups and downs with our relationship since my wife is very promiscuos. She gave me a heck of roller coster ride so far. I knew she was very sex
  7. Hi this is a long cuckold story and will take some time to build up. Every effort has been made to keep up the heat in every update as much as possible. Please give me your comments and merciless criticisms. Thanx Hi my name is Suresh and I am from India. This is the story of my descent from me thinking that I am a ‘MAN” to understanding and accepting the fact that I am a sissy-cuckold and a cock-sucking faggot. It’s not that I became a cuckold, but it’s about me realizing through Roopa (my GF, who later became my wife) that I am a natural born submissive sissy-cuckold. I was born to serv
  8. Looking for aggressive blacks of all ages to use her. The bigger the better.
  9. I originally posted some pics of my wife in chat, and it sort of snowballed. Now I get to see her shown all the time, people have collection of 20+ pics of her. Gets me so turned on, but also humiliated to see. Curious how many people have saved her pics? If you own her, let me know. As a reminder of what she looks like, I've attached a few more.
  10. Hey i'v recently been intered in gloryholes and been wondering if any cuckold has bough his wife/girlfriend to a gloryhole and watched as she fucked or sucked of a stranger I want to know how it was
  11. Any cuckold like the idea or have gave a rimjob to their bull. how does it feel and did you enjoy it?
  12. Any cuckold enjoy warming up the bull while he is making out with their wife
  13. Hi, I'm looking for a couple of submissive woman in the area of East-Belgium, south-East of the Netherlands and NRW, Germany. I like to dominate and have a hugely perverted imagination that likes to find pleasure for all parties involved. I love many many kinky subjects and I'm game for almost anything. I'm a Caucasian 35 years old male. Next to English I speak Dutch, German and a little French. I'm able to travel by car and meet up, but I also enjoy a kinky chat session. I like to dominate, but I'm not insensetive to other peoples feelings, joys or hardships. Contact me if you like to
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