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Found 4 results

  1. It people are interested, I have a few stories that I have spent some time detailing and am prepared to post on here if there is interest. They are all the best of my memory and the latter ones with my 2nd wife are supported in part by the many photos that I have posted. There is a strong cuckold element in the latter stories, but you have to start somewhere and I think that is at the begining, so here goes. At the time I lived with my first wife in Walsall, West Midlands, UK, we had been married about two years, it was 1977 and I was 25 and my wife was 21. She was size 14 with nice 34C boobs. I had convinced her not to wear a bra anymore, so most of the time her lovely boobs bounced under whatever blouse or dress she would wear. We had a great sex life, she was on the pill and we would fuck most days either in bed or on occasion go back to where we used to fuck in the car. Sometimes in the summer we would drive into the county and set up a blanket in a field and fuck there. My wife worked for an engineering company as a secretary to a works manager, so was close to the shop floor and was visited several times daily by a foreman, Derek, he was about 38. Now Derek would flirt with my wife and was very touchy feelie, often making suggestive remarks. My wife would tell me every now and then what he had done or said. I having spent many years reading Forums and Readers Wives letters, more recently with my wife in bed, as it turned us on, was all for her encouraging him. One day she said he had been massaging her shoulders and had reached down and squeezed her boobs, remember she did not wear a bra so was only her jumper away from feeling her bare tits. She only made a half-hearted attempt to stop him, so the next time he came up that day, he worked his hand up under her jumper and felt her bare boobs and squeezed her nipples. Needless to say, I had a hard on and found this so very exciting, I turned my wife round over the back of the settee, lifted her skirt pulled her knickers to one side and slid my 7” hard cock into her wet pussy. I fucked her hard and fast and spunked within a few minutes. The next day, Derek was back again, this time by the end of the day, he had felt her bare tits and had stroked her pussy, over her knickers, she would not let him get inside. However, she did hint, that she had told me what he had done and that it excited me to know he was feeling her up. He told her that he wanted to fuck her, but she said no not a work. He suggested that we both come over to their flat on Saturday afternoon and we could stay for tea and then go for a drink at their local club and he could fuck her and I could fuck his wife. This for us was a huge leap forward, I was all for it as my wife and I were both virgins when we had got together, so had only experienced sex with each other. So, for me I would get a chance to sample another women’s pussy and my wife another cock. My wife was a bit apprehensive and worried it would affect our relationship, but I convinced her that we were very strong and if she wanted to back out on the day then we would just leave. Saturday arrived and we were both nervous and excited in equal measure, I still had to reassure my wife that we could back out if we wanted to, but that we should not miss out on the experience of sex with others. We arrived at their council flat, which was OK but somewhat downmarket from our brand new 3 bed semi-detached house and we sat in the car for a few minutes wondering if we had made the right decision. Once inside their one bedroom flat we exchanged pleasantries and his wife gave me a quick kiss on the lips, while Derek kissed my wife. Sarah, Derek’s wife was quite nice with dark shoulder length hair about a size 10 and fairly flat chested. We sat down in their lounge and met their young child a toddler more interested in his toys and climbing over his mother. This was a surprise as we did not know they had a child. Anyway, chat ensued and they explained that the Mother in Law had been going to look after him, but had come down with a cold and cried off. So, what they suggested was that we swap and I would take Sarah into the bedroom for an hour and then we would change over and Derek would take my wife in. I gave my wife a quick kiss and a cuddle then left for the bedroom with Sarah. I am not quite sure what we both expected, but I had thought we would be in the same room, so this felt somewhat alien to me. Obviously, my wife knew Derek from work, whereas I had only met Sarah 30 mins ago and now I was about to get naked and have sex with her. I think she could see I was a little unsure and came over to me and kissed me and said to just take it slowly, suggesting we get undressed and get into the bed. We kissed a lot and I felt her hard nipples, a different feel for me as she was flat chested and I was used to holding my wife’s large tits. She held my cock, which very soon started to get hard. Then Sarah slid down the bed and took me in her mouth, sucking my now rock hard 7.5 inches. She then moved down and tried to get my balls in her mouth. Now mine are very sensitive and whilst I know some guys balls can take quite a bit of abuse, mine cant, so I had to stop her. She went back to sucking me and then slid up the bed again, so I started to finger her pussy and stroke her clit, this got a good reaction so I slid down and started my favourite activity, licking her clit and pushing my tongue into her pussy. She soon had a very loud orgasm, but I kept on going and after a while brought her off again. She pulled me up and said she wanted to feel me in her, she reached out and gave me a condom from the bedside table. I then got between her legs and slid my cock into her very wet pussy, the first thing I noticed was that her pussy seemed a lot bigger that my wife’s, as she had given birth, but it was very warm and very wet. We kissed as I fucked her and she pulled her legs over my back. This was only the second woman I had ever fucked and she seemed so much more experienced, humping her pussy towards my cock and trying to get me further into her. My wife tended to lay still while I fucked her. After a few minutes she screamed out as she came again, really loudly. I continued to fuck her and again she came, I thought Derek would burst in at any minute wondering what I was doing to his wife, but I guess she was always this loud. At this point I decided to change position as I wanted to fuck her from behind, so I got Sarah to turn over and I went back in, fucking her really hard and making her cum again as I also shot my lot into the condom. We snuggled up together and then there was knock on the door, Sarah said it was time to change over, so we got dressed and went into the lounge. This all seemed very surreal as I kissed my wife and said enjoy yourself as we passed each other. Sarah and I sat down on the sofa and she was immediately attacked by her little boy who wanted to crawl onto her lap. She tried to pacify him with some toys and treats while we cuddled up and kissed with me feeling her hard nipples. Nothing would work, until we put the TV on and got him interested in a program. We were then able to resume our kissing and feeling each other up. I had my fingers in Sarah, who had left her knickers off and she had my cock out and was giving it a suck. I did hear some noises from the bedroom, when I think my wife came, but not a lot as we had the TV on. About an hour later Derek and my wife emerged and were surprised we were able to play on the sofa and realised the answer had been the TV, apparently, they had not been so lucky and had to play with the young boy to keep him quiet. My wife later explained that once in the bedroom, Derek had immediately kissed her and stripped off her clothes then put her on the bed and went down on her, licking, sucking and fingering her pussy, making her cum, again and again as she was capable of multiple orgasms. She even fainted which she used to do on me every time I made her cum in the days before our marriage, lately much less so. He then fucked her with him standing and her laid back on the bed, they changed position a few times and he had her from behind and finally came while she rode him cowboy style. I asked her how big his cock was but she said he was smaller than me about 6". I then sat in the lounge with my wife, whispering about what we had done while Derek and Sarah got us some sandwiches, cake and tea which we all ate and drank while chatting about what we had just done. Sarah explained that she was hoping that once her neighbour came back from work, she would babysit their young boy while we went out to their club for a drink. This all worked out OK and so we went to a working men’s club and had a drink there. My wife and I felt a bit out of place and I wondered by some of the comments if some of Derek’s friends knew what we had been up to. Anyway, at about 8.30pm we started to make our way back to their flat, stopping every now and then to have a snog with each other’s partners, this would include on my part anyway feeling Sarah’s nipples and having my hand up her skirt, she had still left off her knickers. Although slightly out of site, I am sure my wife was getting similar treatment from Derek. Once back, we all stripped off and Derek and my wife went into the bedroom and Sarah and I used the sofa. Basically, we fucked and sucked each other with abandon for the next hour or so and then called a halt and we made our way home excitedly telling each other what we had done. We continued sharing our experiences each time we had sex for some time to come. All in all, a great first experience for us, we never got to repeat it as my wife changed jobs shortly afterward.
  2. This Is My Wife. We have shared a few times, and looking for guys that would like to use her. We are interested in all types of sex, and even breeding for those interested. I have plenty more pictures I can share, we also have kik for those who'd like to talk with us. kik:mcl0516. Please leave your thoughts/comments
  3. This Is My Wife. We have shared a few times, and looking for guys that would like to use her. We are interested in all types of sex, and even breeding for those interested. I have plenty more pictures I can share, we also have kik for those who'd like to talk with us. kik:mcl0516. Please leave your thoughts/comments