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Found 6 results

  1. My hotwife and I have been playing for about 2 years now. What would you do to her?
  2. 24-year-old vixen looking for a non-dominant bull to be my regular lover/virtual bf. - My stag owns me and we share everything - Looking for online playdates at first (exchanging pics and videos etc.) but eventually meeting up would be nice if things work out. - Contact would be maintained by me, of course keeping mindful of everyone's personal lives so contact would be occasional when in a playful mood - Our rules are simple: No dominating behavior towards me is allowed, no secrets, respect needs to work both ways and everything needs to stay between us and the bull. - It's very important to me that my stag, our relationship, myself and our rules are being respected at all times. This way I can let go and get playful and enjoy. - I love dirty talk and being watched, occasionally I love being a lil dominant. I'm very vocal and adventurous. I love dressing up and giving my stag a good show.
  3. From the album: SecretPlayWife in Dallas

    BBCs fuck SecretPlayWife then she sucks the cum out of one, shows hubby, and swallows.
  4. I am in a work from home situation now and I can move anywhere and I would love to go to a place that has sexually adventurous couples who are into alternative lifestyles like cucking and hotwifing and all kinds of wife sharing activity. Where do you think it happens the most in the USA?
  5. Marina’s Cuckolding Report features 12 sex scenes. Each scene has up to 4 unique CGs with numerous variations. The author clearly understands the excitement that comes with escalation. With the cheating wife fetish, it’s important that things start slow and escalate gradually. She only role-plays at first to get you excited. Eventually you get to watch your wife’s lover introduce himself to your ! You’re sitting at home watching your , while this man is plunging his cock into your wife! She’s completely oblivious to what’s going on. My favorite scene took place in the hotel where Marina is getting laid. The husband listens through a crack in the door. She’s bouncing on a cock buried deep into her flesh folds. She’s begging for more! The husband sends a text message to her phone, asking if she’s started yet. She answers with a blatant lie: “No, not yet, what’s up?” She says they’ve been sitting and groping a bit, but it hasn’t gone far – yet. In truth, she jumped on his cock the moment the door was closed! After you complete the game you unlock 4 sex scenes from your wife’s perspective, and can actually see inside the hotel room. On top of that, she told you that he never creampied her until later – but in truth – she got creampied on the first night! Thank goodness she’s on the pill, although, that means they never went back to condoms! On her first night sleeping with him, she’s just beginning to know this new guy. On their last night together she says “Right now, you are my husband, and I love you”. The guy says he loves her back! They start kissing each other with incredible passion. The game features every sex position from a leg-locked cowgirl to sixty-nine. MORE INFO HERE
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