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Found 1 result

  1. This happened a couple of months ago while we were on vacation. My wife and I had discussed and had set in motion a plan for me to share her with another man. My wife was very reluctant but my plan for her worked out better than I thought it would. My wife is a 63 year old very attractive brunette, 135 lbs. and very fit for her age, who could easily pass for a 40 year old woman any day. I had placed wanted adds and her naked photos on many porn sites looking for a older rough looking man for her, while we were on vacation in Florida. I had many younger guys respond but I wanted to do her, but i wanted this to be more of a beauty and the beast type situation. Then I had a older white man respond who was a trucker, he was just the type of man I was looking for. His name was Bill, and he was 68 years old and very perverted looking. Bill told me he would be in Florida in the Orlando area the same time as our vacation and would love to fuck my wife for me. I agreed to to this and told Bill that I wanted to meet with him at a bar before hand and introduce my pretty wife to him, so we set a time, place and date for this. Bill ask me if if he could bring his helper on the truck with him and let him fuck my wife also, that he had shown my wife's naked photos to him and he went nuts wanting her also. I ask Bill what his helper looked like and did he have a picture of him. Bill said he didn't have a picture but his helper was about his age, so I agreed that it would be ok. I told my wife that I had found a nice older man for her and he was really looking forward to meeting with her, and that he had a friend the same age who was his helper and would she be alright if they both were to have sex with her. My wife said she would prefer only one guy but if this is what I wanted she would do this for me. I really wanted this to happen and soon before my wife or these two men changed their minds, but time passed quickly and we were now in Florida on our vacation. I called Bill on the phone and he said he would meet us at a bar up the road from our motel room at 7: 00 p.m. for a few drinks that night if it was ok, and I agreed to this. My wife was a little scared and didn't talk to much as we drove to the bar. I told her everything would be ok, to have fun and enjoy this. I told my wife I really wanted her to do this for me. My wife and I sat at a table and ordered our drinks. I called Bill on his cell phone and told him we were sitting in the far corner of the bar. Bill came over to our table and sat down with us. I didn't really know how my wife would react to Bill since he wasn't very attractive at all, and my wife had never seen him before. But my wife smiled and they both started small talk. I ask Bill if his friend was coming and he said he would meet with us later in the night if it was ok with my wife, and my wife said it would be ok. My wife and Bill seemed to be really getting along the more my wife had to drink so we called it a night at the bar and went back to our motel room with Bill. It wasn't long before Bill was kissing my wife rubbing her small tits through her skirt, I started my video camera as Bill unzipped my wife's skirt and it fell to the floor. Bill took my wife's bra off and he started sucking her small b cup sized tits. My wife was really squirming and now in the mood. Bill removed my wife's pantyhose and was getting very hard through his pants as he looked at my wife's dark pubic hair on the edges of her white panties. Bill put my wife on the bed and took off all of his clothes. Bill was even more perverted looking naked, Bill was very pale skinned, grey haired and had a few tattoos on his arms and legs, he was skinny and sporting a small uncut cock. Bill got on the bed with my wife and he wasted no time in removing my wife's white panties revealing her hairy pussy. Bill stood back looking at my totally naked wife, taking his phone snapping a few pictures of my wife naked in front of him. Bill could not believe he was about to enjoy such a pretty woman. It was at this time Bill's phone rang and it was his friend. Bill told his friend our motel and room number. Bill said his friend would be coming in a few minutes. Bill then started to enjoy my wife for himself and started licking my wife's hairy pussy, my wife was going crazy as he did this. Bill then ask my wife to suck his dick, my wife had never seen a uncut cock before and she now had Bill's stiff pink headed cock in her mouth sucking it until Bill shot his load in my wife's mouth. Bill then still on the same hard got on top of my wife and pushed his pink headed uncut into my wife's hairy pussy, fucking her very hard and rough until he groaned and shot his load into her pussy. When Bill pulled his cock out of my wife a thick load of cum came oozing out of my wife's now gapped wet pussy. It wasn't long that we heard a knock on our motel door, Bill asked me to let his friend in as he and my naked wife were laying on the bed. I opened the door and to my surprise a old black man walked in the room. This old black man looked at my wife and Bill naked on the bed, my wife trying the best she could to cover herself, but not being able to. Bill said this was his helper on his truck and his name was Tyrone. I didn't know what to expect as I knew my wife would not want to fuck a black man. My wife said to Bill that she wasn't expecting a black guy and Bill told my wife to chill out that she would like it. The old black man then started to remove his clothes, as my wife was shaking in fear, Bill holding her down as he kissed my wife. Tyrone walked over to the bed and got in with the both of them. This old black man was even more rough looking than Bill was. He had a pock marked face, was as black as black could be, grey haired, skinny with a very large black uncut cock. Bill looked at me and said he always wanted to see a pretty white woman get fucked by a black man. Bill took out his phone and started to take photos and videos of what was going to happen. I didn't know what to do now because I had no idea Bill's friend was black nor did my wife. My wife was squirming as this black man started licking on her small tits, while rubbing her now cum filled pussy with his black hand. Bill got out of the bed and was holding my wife's hands, he told Tyrone to enjoy this white bitch, my wife begging them to stop. Tyrone now was very hard and spread my wife wide a drove his black uncut deep in my wife. Bill stood at the end of the bed, and told Tyrone to fuck her like she was a whore. My wife was in pain as he drove this big uncut deep in her hairy pussy. Tyrone was fucking my wife very hard, his skinny black ass humping her like he hadn't ever had a piece of pussy before, at this point my wife was exhausted and was just ready for this to be over. Tyrone fucked my wife for about 15 minutes and I noticed his old asshole winking as he filled my wife with his thick white cum. Bill ask my wife how she liked getting black cock for the first time and she didn't answer him. Tyrone then ask my wife to give him a blow job as he did this Bill walked over to my wife and told her to do what she was told or he would post the pictures he had taken of my wife and his black friend on porn sites and someone would probably see what a whore she was by fucking a old black man and him. My wife sure didn't this to happen so she started sucking on this old ugly black mans uncut until he shot his thick white load of cum in my wife's mouth. Both men fucked my wife and made her suck on their old cocks many more times until they left for the night. I got way more than I ask for and so did my wife.
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