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Found 11 results

  1. Wife Goes Down on her Knees for you Rival by Gustav Jorgenson continued from “Your wife lets a rival squeeze her tits.” After that party where you all got drunk and your wife let Bob, your rival from work squeeze her bare boobs, you were surprised at what amazing sex you had with your wife. She realized that her flirting with other guys turned you on. She had joked about inviting them over again but you were surprised when they actually showed up at the door one night. “Oh, hey guys. I wasn’t expecting you,” you say one night when your friends Pete and Sam show up with a case of beer. Bob is with them and you just glower at him as you let them all in. “Jennifer said you were having a party tonight,” says Sam with confusion. “Look Jim, I’m really sorry about what happened last time,” says Bob with an insincere look on his face, holding out his hand to shake. “Right,” you say tightly, keeping your hands to your sides. Bob just shrugs and greets your wife. “Hello Jennifer. You look very nice tonight.” You wife has entered the room wearing a short, low cut dress that shows the tops of thigh high stockings. Her cleavage is hanging out and you notice your guests all looking her up and down from her chest to her shapely legs. “I’m glad you came, Bob. I hope there are no hard feelings from last time,” says your wife. “None at all,” he says gazing at her boobs. “Great, give me a hug then,” she says and then they embrace for a little longer than is appropriate. Bob is running his hands up and down your wife’s back and then gripping her tightly against his body. She looks over his shoulder at you as she hugs him and give you a devilish wink, then she pinches his ass. “Whoa, easy there.” laughs Bob, slapping your wife on the ass and then releasing her. “Your husband is going to get the wrong impression.” “Oh, he’s a good sport. He’s doesn’t mind a little harmless flirting.” says your wife giving you a significant look. Pete and Sam just chuckle nervously and watch your reaction as you press your lips together tightly and glare at Bob with hatred. You all sit down and start drinking. You have a bad feeling about this. The guys are all checking out your wife’s body and she is giggling flirtatiously and recrossing her legs a lot. It’s turning you on, but you are worried about how far your wife will go. After everyone has had a few drinks and relaxed a little, Bob gives you a smug smile and says. “You know, Jim, after I felt up your wife’s boobs last time, I was afraid you wouldn’t ever invite me back again.” “Uh, yeah, let’s put that behind us ok?” says Sam quickly, noting your ire with trepidation. Pete chimes in. “Come on Sam, don’t make such a big deal about it. Jim’s Ok, right Jim? Just some harmless fun.” “Well, I think you guys got a little carried away last time, but … yeah. It was harmless I guess,” you say shifting uncomfortably in you seat. “Oh, don’t lie to your friends, dear. You loved it,” says your wife, slapping you on the knee playfully. “Having other guys pay attention to me reminded him that I might still have a little sex appeal left.” “Well, well, well. That’s very interesting.” says Bob looking your wife over and rubbing his hands together. “Were you planning on giving him another thrill tonight? That outfit is pretty suggestive.” You are about to snap a rebuttal when Sam cuts you off. “Now take it easy, Bob,” he says. “I think you’ve got to admit that things did get a little out of hand last time.” Pete just shakes his head. “Sam, you are acting so holier-than-thou right now. You enjoyed seeing Jennifer’s boobs as much as we did,” he says with a teasing smile. “Fess up, Sam,” says your wife jiggling her boobs for him slightly. “Ok, Jenn,” you warn her softly but she just pouts dramatically at you. ‘Shouldn’t I shake my boobs for them?” she asks you innocently. “Uh, no,” you say, looking at your friends with distrust. “But didn’t that turn you on a little?” she asks curiously. “Jenn... can we not talk about this right now?” you say, embarrassment setting in. You can’t believe your wife is putting you on the spot like this. “Hey Jim, don’t be embarrassed,” Pete tells you good naturedly. “We are all old friends here... well except for you and Bob.” Everyone laughs at that but you just smile ruefully. “But I think it’s probably a common fantasy, wife sharing or whatever. I like it when Susan flirts a little bit.” “She never let some guy finger her knockers in front of you though, did she?” you blurt out, your heart racing and your member slowly stiffening at the thought in spite of herself. “No. But that was pretty hot,” he says with a lewd smile. “Ok, look, I think I see where we stand here,” says Bob standing up. “Jim, you are reluctant about this and probably afraid to come out and admit that your are getting off on it. But it’s clear that your wife wants to play this out a little further, so I am going to help you both out.” “Oh, yeah, how so?” you ask belligerently. “Jennifer, would you stand up please?” says Bob. Your wife gives you a reassuring smile and squeezes your hand before complying. “Ok Bob,” she says standing up and standing in front of him. “Why don’t you go ahead and take your dress off now?” he says commandingly. Jennifer starts giggling nervously and looks over her shoulder at you. Your heart is pounding in your ears and your can’t believe that he just came out and said that. “You can’t just tell my wife what to do!” you yelp. “I’m just asking,” he says confidently. “Look Jenn, he’s in denial, you are going to need to help him out with this fantasy. Just turn around and I will help you unzip that dress.” “Oh boy,” says Jennifer. Then she turns to you, “Do you think you could handle this honey?” “I could handle it,” pipes up Pete excitedly. “Get naked by all means.” “Jesus, Pete!” complains Sam. “Well I’m not naked under this, I do have panties on,” says your wife to Pete with a smile. “But no bra, right?” he says gesturing at her jiggling breasts. “That’s obvious, isn’t it?” she laughs. “Ok, I know that Jim wants me to do this in his heart but he can’t admit it. Bob had the balls to stand up and ask me to do it. Pete will play along once he’s sauced up enough. But what about you, Sam? I don’t want to freak you out.” She puts her hands on her hips. “Uh what are you asking?” says Sam licking his lips unconsciously as he ogles your wife’s body, then looking over at you guiltily. “Do you want me to take my dress off or not?” demands your wife playfully. “Um, that’s up to you, I guess,” he says, sweat breaking out on his forehead. “I think I see you getting a stiffy, so I will take that as a yes,” laughs your wife pointing at Sam’s lap. “Christ, Jenn, are you serious?” you ask, shifting in your seat to hide your own growing boner. This is incredibly erotic, but you just wish Bob wasn’t involved. “Oh, you’ll be fine,” she says with a dismissive wave. Then she turns her back to Bob unceremoniously and lets him unzip her dress. She looks down at you with her dress unzipped and you can tell she is having second thoughts. You and she share a complex look of guilt, excitement, incrimination, and love. You realize that you will still love her no matter what she does and she seems to sense that. “Well... take it off,” demands Bob. “Yes, Bob.” says your wife demurely. Turning to face him and dropping her dress to the floor without further delay. Your wife is standing bare chested in her panties as stockings facing your rival from work while he casually examines her body. Pete whistles in appreciation and Sam is gasping and gulping at the site of your wife’s bare torso. She does have a wonderful hourglass figure. You are frozen in your chair and don’t know what to do. You cock is throbbing but you also want to jump up and punch Bob in the face. But in some ways this is your wife’s doing, so you just grind your teeth and look on in fascination as your wife exposes her body to your friends. “Here, turn to the side.” says Bob gently. Your wife does so and he starts running his rough calloused hands over her soft white belly, then up to her breasts. He pinches her pink nipples slightly, making them stiffen and she looks at him with pursed lips and raised brows, not objecting, just watching his face. He slides his hands back down over her belly, then around to her sides, gripping the tender pale flesh above her hips. She is breathing faster now and the color has come to her cheeks, make her porcelain complexion glow beautifully. Then Bob puts one hand on your wife’s ass and slides the other down the front of her panties. She gasps in arousal and puts her hand over the hand he’s feeling her crotch with. “You fucker!” you shout and jump to your feet. “No, no!” says your wife as Bob withdraws his hands from your woman and prepares to defend himself. “Honey, just relax. Sit down,” she says. She is in a state of high arousal and you see both Pete and Sam grabbing their crotches. “I can’t just sit here and watch this!” you say with animation. “Yes. You can.” she says, breathing heavily and pushing you back reluctantly back into your seat. “You know you want to see this.” she whispers in your ear. “Let’s do it.” “Are we cool?” asks Bob, holding his hands up defensively. “NO!” you say petulantly. “Yes,” says Jennifer turning back to him with a deep breathe. “Ok, well, do you want to take your panties off now?” asks Bob looking at your wife’s body hungrily. “If you say so,” she says submissively. Then she grips her panties by the sides and shimmies them down, bending over to slide them over her hips and down her legs. Pete and Sam are both gaping in amazement at her neatly trimmed bush. “Turn and show them that ass,” says Bob, gripping his boner through his pants lewdly. “Ok,” consents your wife. “Do you guys like this?” she asks Pete and Sam, bending over to shake her naked ass at them. They both just stare open mouthed and neither one can say a word. “My ass left them speechless, dear. Did you see that,” laughs your wife archly. “Yeah, I see it,” you mumble trying to nurse your own stiffy without attracting attention. “On your knees, now, please,” says Bob unzipping his fly. Your wife slowly gets down on her knees and looks up at Bob waiting for his next instruction. “This is going to far!” you object, but you keep your seat. But Bob and your wife both ignore you. “I hope no one minds, but I’m going to jerk off now,” says Pete pulling out his cock and stroking it. Bob pulls his thing out too and puts it right in your wife’s face. She is still looking up at him submissively. “Do I suck this now?” she asks as the head of his penis brushes her cheek. “That sounds about right,” says Bob gruffly, his voice thick with lust. Then he takes your wife by the back of the head and pushes his stiff member into her waiting mouth. He grunts with satisfaction as she starts sucking him enthusiastically. “Oh fuck!” you say in despair, gripping your cock all the while. “Yeah, she didn’t... need to be asked twice, did she?” stammers Sam looking on in fascination. “Look how she’s looking up at him.” gasps Pete, fapping away madly. “Like she’s begging him for more.” “Do you like me, Bob?” asks your wife, pulling his cock from her mouth briefly and looking up at him lovingly. “Sure, you’ll do,” he says. Then he crams his meat back in her mouth. She resumes sucking with renewed energy and then reaches up and start massaging Bob’s balls. He can’t take much of this and pulls out to shoot a load all over her face. She licks the cum from his head eagerly. “Look how greedily she licks that cum,” pants Pete, jumping up and approaching your wife. “Sorry, Jenn, do you mind if I blow my wad on you?” he asks desperately. “Jesus! ok, Pete,” gasps your wife in surprise and within seconds he is shooting his load all over her face. You and Sam just look on mesmerized as Pete further soaks your wife with cum. “Wow, sorry about that Jim,” he says sheepishly slapping his limp damp phallus against your wife’s cheek playfully. “Well, I’m not sorry. That was awesome!” says Bob. “I would kiss you Jenny, but I don’t want Pete’s jizz on my mouth. Maybe next time.” Then he zips his trousers up. He comes over to you sitting in your chair and leans over you “I really like the way your wife sucks my cock, so loving, so submissive.” he says with a leer. And this manages to unfreeze you enough to reflexively smash a fist into his face. He reels back, completely taken by surprise as you stand up as if in a dream. You kick him in the groin smoothly and he goes down on one knee. You reach your arm back to strike another blow, but your wife and Sam restrain you. Pete has zipped himself up and is helping Bob to his feet. Bob’s lip is fat and bleeding. “Fair enough. Maybe I deserved that. But it was worth it.” he shouts madly with a bloody smile. “Blowing my wad in your fucking wife’s face was worth it.” Pete drags him out the door, shouting apologies over his shoulder. “Goddamnit, Jim. I was hoping to invite him back to fuck me next time.” shrieks your wife in anger. Sam turns white at the suggestion and you just slap her numbly right across the face. She grips her stinging cheek in amazement and a tear comes to her eye. “I can only be pushed so far.” you say shakily. Then you flop back in your chair and put your head in your hands. Sam mutters his own apologies and lets himself out. Your wife goes to clean up and then returns to the living room and watches you sitting despondently in your chair. After a moment she quietly comes over and lays down on the floor with her legs spread before you, masturbating herself quietly. “Oh fuck!” you say, looking down at her offering her snatch to you. Then you pull your pants off and climb on top of her. “You win,” you sigh, sliding your stiff member into her hot, waiting pussy. “Thank you honey, I was so horny from sucking Bob off in front of you, I thought I would burst,” she whispers in your ear as you penetrate her with your throbbing rod. “You little slut!” you laugh, slapping her thigh playfully. You fuck the shit out of her, pounding her with abandon and she is gasping from an orgasm within minutes. You shoot your own load deep inside her when you feel her cunt tightening around your dick. Then you lay on top of her in exhaustion. “Do you think Bob would come back to fuck me if we asked him?” she whispers fiendishly in your ear. “Oh sure, that lip of his will probably only need a stitch or two,” you say and then share a good laugh with your wife. *** If you like this, check out my eBooks on Amazon: View my favorite porn images and more free stories on my Tumblr blog:
  2. The Perverted Bridge Club by Gustav Jorgenson You and your wife are relaxing at home one Saturday afternoon when two fellows, Matt and Chad from your bridge club stop by unannounced. “Why, Hello there, boys,” says your wife brightly as she invites them in. “To what do we owe this unexpected pleasure of your company?” “Hello, Heidi, Hello Clay,” they say greeting your wife and you and taking a seat in the livingroom. “We are sort of at loose ends this afternoon, so we thought we would drop by and pay a visit,” says Chad with a smile. “Well it's nice to see you. Let me get you two a beverage. Clay and I were having soft drinks, but maybe we should switch to something harder,” she gives you a questioning glance. “By all means," you agree, and you join your wife at the bar to mix up some cocktails. “So where are Gracie and Paige?” asks your wife referring to Chad and Matt's wives, as she hands Matt a gin and tonic. “Well, they are out with some... friends today,” says Matt with a strange smile. “I'm hearing scare quotes around the word 'friends' there," you laugh, handing Chad his standard martini and returning to your chair. Your wife casually deposits herself between Matt and Chad on the couch and crosses her legs jauntily, exposing a bit of thigh, as she hikes the hem of her dress up a bit. “They are doing sort of an... experiment today," says Chad. “But we aren't supposed to talk about it," he continues, giving Matt a significant look. You wife looks back and forth between Matt and Chad sitting to either side of her with a gaze of bemused curiosity. “What are you too playing at?” she asks with a twinkle in her eye. “You two should know you can't reveal that you have a secret around Heidi," you tell them with a chuckle. “Now she won't rest until she has pried it out of you.” “It's true, gentlemen. vee haff vays of making you taulk," says your wife, assuming a stern expression and trotting out her mock German accent. Everyone has a good laugh at her impression of a Gestapo interrogator. Matt holds up his hands in surrender. “Ok, Ok, we capitulate, Frau Heidi. We will spill the beans." He tries to suppress a smile and nods to Chad who just wriggles uncomfortably. “You tell them!” he says excitedly. “I fear the wrath of Gracie more than Heidi.” You all chuckle at this and your wife turns her attention back to Matt. She is twirling her foot with anticipation which you know is a sign that her interest is truly piqued. “I just can't imagine what's gotten into you two," she says, gazing raptly at Matt. Matt takes a deep breath and says, “Gracie and Paige are out on a double date this afternoon.” You and Heidi exchange confused glances. “Uh, wait, what?” you say with a crooked smile. “How is that possible with you two sitting here?” Your wife turns to Chad with a furrowed brow waiting for an explanation. He sighs and says, “They met some construction workers at a biker bar who asked them out.” You and Heidi break out laughing at that and it takes you a few minutes to gain composure. But you notice that Chad and Matt are just exchanging smug smiles. “Oh, that's rich,” gasps your wife. “The very idea. You two had us going for a minute there," she says slapping Chad's shoulder playfully. “Heidi, we are perfectly serious," says Matt with a straight face. “Our wives are out on a double date with two strange men they picked up in a bar.” You and Heidi both gaze at Matt in frank disbelief. You've know these two couples for years and they are perfectly normal, upper-middle class suburbanites like yourselves. Chad clears his throat, and Heidi turns her attention to him. “Maybe we should give some background to this.” “Oh, yes, please do," says your wife, lightly, still not taking them seriously. “Do you recall that Caribbean trip, that Gracie and I took with Paige and Matt a couple of years ago?” he asks. You and your wife exchange a look of surprise that this abrupt turn. “Of course," you say. “You all talked quite a bit about that when you got back. What does that have to do with anything?” “Well we didn't tell the whole story," says Chad, looking at Matt for help. Matt leans forward and steeples his fingers. “We did a fair amount of drinking on this trip.” “What ELSE is new?” snorts your wife playfully. Matt shoots her a quick grin and resumes, “Right, no news there. Anyway, one night we were all drinking by the hotel pool. It was very late and all the other guests had returned to their rooms. But we were having a wonderful time, so we stayed up. My memory is a bit fuzzy since we were quite drunk, but basically the girls dared each other to take off their bikini tops to give Chad and I a thrill.” “No!” says your wife, her eyes bright with excitement. “Scandalous!” “It's the sort of thing that made sense at the time," chimes in Chad. “Did we mention that we were drinking?” “But I mean, right there in the open?” asks your wife, wriggling with pleasure at the juiciness of this story. “No one was around," says Matt with a smile. “So they did it, both Gracie and Paige took off their tops and set their lovely boobs free to enjoy the mild night air.” “And believe me, Matt and I both took notice," says Chad, clearly warming up to the story. “I'll bet," you put in with a smile. “And of course, I was gazing at Gracie's pert, pink nipples, while Chad examined Paige's gorgeous orbs," says Matt, looking at your wife with a devilish smile. “Oh my god, you are terrible," says your wife with delight. “Each of you looking at another woman right in front of your wives!" Heidi is obviously titillated by the story and motions for them to go on. “Yes,” says Chad rubbing his hands gleefully, “It was a surreal moment for all of us, I am sure. I mean, we have all known each other for years...” “My god, it must be twelve years by now," you add thoughtfully. “Right," says Chad, acknowledging your point. “So it was oddly comfortable, and yet...” “Perverted!” laughs your wife, slapping his knee playfully. Her foot is really twirling now and her excitement is palpable. “It was pretty twisted," admits Matt. “But then the girls notice the reaction they were getting.” Heidi glances down at Matt's crotch significantly. “You mean... down there?" she asks. “Yep, we were both pitching tents at that point," says Chad proudly. “I guess you weren't TOO drunk yet then," you say with a chuckle, shifting in your seat to hide your own growing hard-on. “Whiskey dick hadn't set in yet.” “Oh, Clay!" chides your wife, wrinkling her nose at your off-color remark. “So Paige points out our erections to Gracie and says something like 'Haven't seen one of those in a while.'” says Chad ruefully. “Oh boy," says Heidi, gulping with anticipation. “And then Matt jumps up and well, he just pulls his thing right out and says something about having some juice left in him or something," says Chad giving Matt a teasing smile. “I was pretty drunk, and I sort of felt like my manhood was being challenged," admits Matt and he actually seems to be blushing slightly. “You didn't!” exclaims your wife, cackling with delight. “Oh he did! I was sitting right there," laughs Chad. “He pulled his johnson right out, standing at attention for the world to see. I wasn't too impressed," he adds mildly with a modest tilt of the head. Everyone laughs at that, but it's a jittery, over-stimulated sort of laugh. “No I guess you weren't impressed, but your wife sure was," returns Matt with a good natured smile. “True," admits Chad. “The girls broke out laughing and whistling when Matt pulled his shorts down but Gracie couldn't take her eyes off of Matt's manhood. Paige noticed Gracie's fascination and impulsively encouraged her to grab it if she wanted. Matt eagerly thrust it into Gracie's face, but I objected.” Matt cut in at this point, sweating and aroused to recount the tale. “So Paige just reached over and yanked Chad's thing out.” “I... I just can't picture meek little Paige doing that..," says your wife with amazement. Matt smiled knowingly in return. “Oh you don't know that side of Paige. She is quiet in company, but she's a hellcat between the sheets.” “I'll say," agrees Chad. “She went right to work on my stiffy. Once Matt saw that, he practically slapped Gracie in the face with his wang, and to my surprise, Gracie just open her mouth and took it right in.” “Let me get this straight," you say holding up your hands. “You guys are saying that you basically swapped wives during that Caribbean trip." You find this almost impossible to believe. You've spent a lot of time with both couples and you never suspected. “And most amazingly, bossy Gracie, submitted to having Matt's cock thrust in her mouth while retiring Paige practically tore Chad's shorts off," she is so thrilled by the story that she claps her hands gleefully. Chad surreptitiously rearranges the tent in his own trousers and says. “Pretty much. That's when we started swinging.” “Started?” you ask with a raised eyebrow. Matt leans back and takes a sip of his drink. “Come on Clay, you know how it is... A married couple together for years and years... Pretty soon the spark starts to dim a bit.” “Of course, we still love our wives deeply," asserts Chad. “And they are completely committed to us.” Heidi wags her finger and squints at Chad. “You know a lot of little weird comments over the years are starting to make sense now." She turns to you with a smile. “Think back to all the times those four rode together to various events even though they don't live very close to each other, Clay.” “That's true,” you admit thoughtfully. “But I never suspected something like... this was going on." You add making a face of disgust. “Don't be so judgmental," chirps Matt defensively. “How often do you and Heidi have sex these days?” “Well, that's... that's beside the point," you sputter, caught off-guard by the question. Chad takes Heidi's hand gently. “Well, Heidi?” he asks tenderly. Your wife looks wistfully into Chad's eyes for a moment and then averts her gaze. “Once a month maybe?” she says softly. She sounds a little choked up and it breaks your heart a little to hear how upset she is suddenly. Of course you had discussed it over the years, and you tried to reignite things once the kids moved out. But there always seemed to be something else to do each evening. “Ugh," you say, perplexed at this turn in the conversation. “The fact is that swinging a little bit has really fired up our sex lives. Seeing Matt get all excited by my wife's body reminds me what a sexy woman Gracie is," says Chad blushing slightly. “And frankly, when they have sex, it really stirs me up inside. I feel... challenged. It's been a long time since I've had to compete with another man for Gracie's attention. So even when it's just her and I together, the sex is amazing.” “It’s the same for Paige and I," gushes Matt. “I just think about how eagerly she goes down on Chad, and it burns me up. I feel that I have to top him and show her that I am a better lover.” Your wife is staring at Matt with her mouth hanging open in amazement. “So how often do you two... do it?” she asks him with interest. “Oh every day," he says with a boastful smile, casually patting her on the thigh. “Whoa," responds your wife, and you notice her glancing at the bulge in Matt's trousers. He sees her looking and rudely reaches down to adjust his erection right in front of her. “Hey, do your wives know you are telling us this now?” you interject, uncomfortable with that little exchange. “Yes, Paige insisted that we try to recruit you two today," says Matt glancing at you shyly. When you realize what he is suggesting, you feel your face heating up. “Hey!” shouts your wife laughing happily. “Is your slut wife trying to get with my husband or something?” she teases. “Yes, actually," he answers matter-of-factly, letting his eyes linger on Heidi's bosom for a moment longer than necessary. Heidi cackles with hysterical laughter at the idea and slaps his leg. He reaches over in turn and grasps her thigh familiarly. “What do you think of that idea?” he asks her lustily. “Why, it's just outrageous," gasps your wife with a smile. “I mean I don't know what to say. We've known you all these years... Honey, help me out here!” she says turning to you as she gestures awkwardly. “I am as taken aback by this as you dear, believe me," you stammer, but then you think of something they said earlier and decide to change the subject. “But what's this business with the construction workers all about?” you ask. “It's an experiment that Paige and Gracie cooked up. We've all enjoyed pushing past the boundaries of propriety with the swinging. Now they want to see how far they can take this," says Chad with a lewd smile. “And?” asks your wife, hanging on his every word. “And, some stranger construction workers are probably fucking our wives right as we speak," he says spreading his hands and giving her a little wink. “You've got to be kidding," she says, aghast. “Isn't that... dangerous?” “Well, we bought the girls pepper spray," says Matt judiciously. “Also, they agreed to stay together the whole time. And don't forget that Gracie is a black belt. I just hope they don't hurt the construction workers.” “Wow," you say and your mind is truly blown. “You think you know people and then all of a sudden, there is this wild revelation.” “Shocking, isn't it?" says Matt smiling at your wife as he continues to squeeze and rub her thigh. “Whoa, there Matt," says your wife, putting her hand on his. “That's a little fresh, mister.” “Don't you like it?” he asks her, shifting in his chair so that his erection is more obvious. Heidi's eyes widen at his overture. She gazes at his crotch and the glances over at you guiltily. “Well, the attention is very flattering, I'm sure," she stammers, looking at you pleadingly. “You are a very beautiful woman, have I ever told you that?” he hurries on before you can interrupt. Your wife sees the frank lust in Matt's eyes and her look softens. “Oh, Matt. No of course you never told me that.” “Why do I feel as though we've all fallen down the rabbit hole here," you laugh awkwardly. Your stomach is churning and your palms are sweating at the sight of your old friend Matt hitting on your wife. “I've had that feeling for years now," chuckles Chad. “You'll grow to love it.” “I'm not so sure, I mean, we are pretty conservative... sexually that is," you say looking on skeptically as your wife allows Matt to slide his hand a little further up her thigh. “Don't get me wrong, I am open-minded. You folks will always remain our close friends, and we will respect your choices, but...” “You you prefer to remain indefinitely in the sexual doldrums?” asks Matt somewhat snappishly. You see that he still hasn't removed his hands from your wife's thigh and has slid it up practically to her crotch at this point. “Uh, we are happy enough, aren't we dear?” you ask your wife half-heartedly. In fact, the question has bothered both of you for some time. Your wife is obviously thinking the same thing. The salacious story that Chad and Matt told obviously got her blood flowing, and now she is in a state of high arousal. Her cheeks are flushed and her eyes are bright with excitement. “Frankly, Matt, our sex life needs some work. I admit it. But this..," she gestures toward his hand on her leg, and gulps as he gives her inner thigh another squeeze. “Uh, I mean. Wow, it's going pretty far isn't it. I mean, this is crazy! I can't just sleep with another man," She looks at Matt searchingly. “Well, I'm not just any man off the street," he says with a suggestive smile. “We've known each other for years. Besides, Paige and Gracie are both interested in... trying Clay out as it were. So while you are with another man, you husband can be with another woman. Could you handle that?” Heidi looks over at you thoughtfully. “I don't know, I never seriously considered that. Would you want to have sex with Gracie and Paige, dear?” You snort with embarrassment. “That's a damned if you do, damned if you don't sort of question, isn't it," you say shakily. “Of course, they are both attractive women in their own ways. They are both certainly fit..." You laugh nervously. “But can you honestly picture watching me having sex with Paige while I watch you having sex with Matt?” Oddly, the idea doesn't seem that ridiculous as you say it and your erection actually grows stiffer at the thought. You wife notices the bulge in your pants and says “Frankly, the idea of that actually does turn me on a little, but I don't think I could live with the consequences." She puts her hand on Matt's again as he pushes up toward her crotch, but doesn't pull it away. Then she turns to Chad. “Don't you all get terribly jealous?” she asks meekly. “Of course," he answers with a relaxed smile. “That actually fuels our sex life. We try to keep it in balance. Gracie has sex with Matt and I have sex with Paige. We both 'cheated' on the other as it were, so the acts cancel themselves out mostly. Not entirely. There are little things, an extra orgasm here or there that cause pangs, but that's the fun of it.” “Also, we established rules up front," said Matt as he massages your wife's crotch. “We normally only have sex all together. No little trysts on the side...” “Matt, can you stop... touching my wife like that?” you interrupt. “We haven't agreed to go along with this stuff yet. Honey, isn't that making you nervous?” you ask petulantly. “It's making me very hot," she admits. He cheeks are flushed bright red now and she looks more beautiful to you now in this stirred up state than she has in years. “Let's make a deal, Chad," says Matt. “If you wife tells me to stop, I will. If she doesn't, then I think you need to reconsider your position." Then he hikes your wife's dress up around her waist, revealing her panties which are clearly soaked. Chad looks over with interest as Matt hooks his fingers into the top of her panties and starts to pull them down. Heidi puts her hands on Matt's lightly. “Oh Matt!” she says in exasperation. Then she looks at you pleadingly. Your blood is running cold, but your erection is fully engorged at the sight of this. You are frozen by the sight and can say nothing. “What are you saying?” asks Matt, looking at her with concern. “Are you asking me to stop?” You wife looks you questioningly in the eye and you gulp. She is clearly aroused and would go through with this if you don’t stop her. Your torn by conflicting emotions of jealousy and arousal. Part of you wants your wife to show her pussy to these two good friends and you unconsciously touch your erection as you realize that. Your wife notices you touching yourself and takes that as a signal. She sighs with resignation. “No," she says in a tiny voice. “We’re not trying to stop you.” You let out a huge pent up sigh as Matt looks at you and pulls your wife's panties down. “You will thank me for this, Clay," he says apologetically. Chad gazes at your wife's @@@@@@@ bush for a moment before she pulls her dress down in embarrassment. “Don't look, Chad," she says coyly as she kicks her panties away. “Well that's the first time I saw your vagina, so it was pretty exciting," he says gripping the bulge in his pants. “Chad!” says your wife in surprise. Then she turns to you. “It feels so strange to be the center of so much... sexual attention," she says to you with an air of confidentiality. “It's alright, dear. Keep your dress down. We don't have to show nasty Chad your privates while we do this," says Matt softly as he reaches his hand back up your wife's dress. After a moment your wife gives a start and you assume that Matt is touching her labia or clitoris. “Oh Matt," she says lustily, taking his cheek in her hand and gazing into his eyes. “This is so... dirty.” “Yes it is," he says in a deep voice. “What do you say now, Clay? You wife is letting me explore her nether regions with my finger right now.” “Yes, I see that. I kind of wish Paige were here to seal the deal," you say with a gulp as you look on in fascination your heart racing in your chest. “Yeah, sorry about that, old man. We are breaking the rules a bit here. Paige owes you one," says Matt contritely. He must have thrust a finger into you wife as he said this because she gasps with pleasure. “Christ!” you say helplessly as you watch your wife about to have an orgasm. “Oh boy,” she says, noticing your discomfort. She is panting with excitement but pushes Matt's hand away gently. “We better stop, Matt. Clay is upset.” Matt leans back in his seat and heaves a sigh of frustration. “I've got blue balls now, Clay!” he complains to you. “Is that my fault?” you laugh nervously. “I didn't tell you to finger my wife," But you feel weird about this. It's a bit ridiculous to let him feel her up and then make them stop. Matt just pouts and rubs his boner through his pants, while Heidi looks on in interest. “Jesus!” you say. “What do you want to do, Heidi?” you ask. “Whatever you say," she says meekly, not taking her eyes off of Matt's cock. “Well I guess you already let him touch you in a completely inappropriate way," you admit thoughtfully. “True," she agrees, looking at you curiously. “Didn't you enjoy... watching?” she asks quietly. “Well, I don't know... in some ways yes, but it's hard to take. I guess it really would bother me less if Paige were doing the same to me," you say. “That's true," interjects Chad. “It's not fair to make him watch without Paige here to service him, Matt.” “Yeah, I know. Sorry," admits Matt. Then his expression brightens. “Can I take Heidi into the other room for a minute?” “Uh, what?” you ask, taken by surprise. “Well you wouldn't have to watch then," he says, spreading his hands reasonably. “That sounds... kinky," says your wife with a mischievous smile. “Really?” you ask. “You want to do that, Heidi?” “He's piqued my curiosity now dear. As you said, we've crossed the Rubicon already in some ways. I promise to let you and Paige do whatever you like," she says standing up and leading Matt toward the bedroom. “I… well, alright," you stammer as they depart. Chad looks at you quizzically for a minute. “You know, I think you are missing a great opportunity. You should have just whipped it out and started masturbating.” “Come on, Chad," you object with embarrassment. “Well he's probably going to really fuck your wife now," says Chad knowingly. “He won't hold back at all.” “No, I don't think Heidi would let him," you say uncertainly. “Oh? She let him finger her didn't she?" he says with a smirk. “Yes, but that's... You know, foreplay," you counter lamely. “Would you put money on it?” he asks. “I'll bet you $100 that if we wait 5 minutes and then checked in on them, Matt will be fucking the shit out of your wife and she will be begging for more.” “Jesus, Chad!” you say. He just shrugs and looks at his watch. “Doesn't it bother you that your own wife is getting fucked by some strange guy right now?” you ask him. “I mean, even if Heidi does let Matt... go all the way. Just knowing that it's only Matt, well makes it somewhat easier to handle," you say, trying to rationalize your feelings. “I just hope they bring back pictures," says Chad with an evil grin. “I mean, I know what you are saying, it's just that we have been doing this a while, and I am ready for the more twisted stuff now.” You sit drinking in silence for a few minutes and then Chad checks his watch. “Well, let's go check in on the love birds.” You and he walk down the hall and stand outside your bedroom door. Your stomach drops when you hear the distinctive creaking of the bed and Heidi's muffled groans of pleasure. “Ok, you win," you say retreating, not wanting to see. “Don't you want to see?” he asks. “No, I can't," you admit. “Mind if I join them?” he asks casually. “Wait, what?” you ask. “Well, you know," he says. “I'm feeling a bit randy myself.” “But," you say, at a loss for words. “Don't worry, I will be gentle with her," he assures you and then slips into the room, closing the door softly behind him. You stand and stare at the bedroom door for minute. The creaking stops and you hear a muffled conversation going on. Soon you hear Heidi cackling with laughter and presently the creaking resumes. You feel truly nauseous now and head back to the living room to wait. They are in there a long time and you struggle with conflicting emotions of jealousy, excitement, arousal, anger and disgust. Eventually Matt and Chad emerge, both glowing with satisfaction. “Heidi's getting cleaned up," says Matt. “We both shot a lot of cum on her," he adds with a raunchy squint. “She was a good sport," agrees Chad with a chuckle. “She didn't mind doing us both at once. I was afraid I would have to wait my turn, or worse yet, just jerk off while I watched. But no, she agreed to let me stick my cock right in her mouth while Matt ploughed her from behind.” “Please stop," you say, stunned. “I can't take this.” “Oh, you'll be fine. We will send Paige and Gracie over tonight to even the score," says Matt good-naturedly. “We will clean them up first from their construction worker party. Don't worry," says Chad patting you on the shoulder. And with that, they are gone. Heidi comes back into the living room blushing furiously. “So... what would you like for dinner?” she asks meekly. And you know that you have truly gone down the rabbit hole. *** If you like this, check out my eBooks on Amazon: View my favorite porn images and more free stories on my Tumblr blog:
  3. Poker Night by Gustav Jorgenson Excerpted from "Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching, Vol.5" Every month a few old friends of mine come over to my place for poker night. I’ve known Arnold, Ben, and Carl since college and we all ended up in the Bay Area together since that’s where all the tech work is. My wife Zoe usually just spends poker night at her sister Terry’s house to let us have a guy’s night, so I was surprised when she came into the dining room as I was dealing the first hand. “Hey, honey, aren’t you heading over to Terry’s tonight?” I asked in surprise. Zoe looked at my friends gathered around the table with me nervously before answering. “Uh, no, I am going out for drinks with William from work,” she said, touching her neck self-consciously. “Drinks?” I asked, growing uneasy. “Almost sounds like a date,” chimed in Arnold giving me a lecherous grin. “Quiet down, Arny,” put in Ben primly. “Well, yes, I suppose it is sort of like a date,” admitted Zoe, looking down and nudging the carpet with her toe. She shot me a sharp glance and motioned toward the kitchen. “Maybe we should talk about this in the other room, dear.” “Oh, come on, Zoe, why I’ve know these guys for twenty years,” I chuckled. “We’ve got nothing to hide from them. But I will say that I don’t like Will very much. I don’t like the way he looks at your boobs all the time.” “What’s wrong with Zoe’s boobs? They look good to me,” laughed Arnold, staring pointedly at my wife’s chest. “Can it, Arny,” said Carl. “Jeez! You can’t joke around with another man’s wife like that!” Zoe covered her boobs self-consciously with her hands and laughed uneasily. “Yes, Will is pretty aggressive. He’s always flirting with me and trying to get me to wear sexier outfits to work. I usually just turn him down when he asks me out for drinks, but he’s sort of worn down my resistance and since you boys have poker night tonight, I agreed to go out with him. I’m sure he thinks of this is a date. That’s why I wanted to talk to you in the other room.” My wife gazed significantly toward the kitchen and motioned with her head in that direction. “Come on, Zoe, don’t be ridiculous,” I said, putting more bravado into my voice than I felt. “Go ahead and have drinks with this guy if you want. I trust you.” “Yeah, but, you know, he is going to expect, well, you know,” Zoe trailed off, her face blushing cutely. “What are you talking about?” asked Carl, in surprise. “What’s he going to expect? He knows you are married, right?” I nodded along in agreement, looking up at my wife quizzically. “Believe me, Carl, Will doesn’t care if I’m married or not. If I go out drinking with him, he’s going to want to fool around a little,” said my wife with a forced smile. “Sounds pretty hot, how far are you going to let him go?” asked Arnold, wagging his eyebrows at Zoe. Instead of laughing and slapping Arnold’s shoulder as she usually does when he teases her, Zoe shrugged her shoulders and answered him, “That’s just it, I don’t know, Arny.” “Come on, now, what do you mean, you don’t know?” I said hotly. “Now settle down, Ed, settle down,” said Ben. Ben is always the reasonable one. “Zoe is a good girl, I’m sure she won’t do anything improper with this Will fellow.” “I’m not a girl anymore, Ben. I’m 43,” said Zoe with a smile. “Of course I won’t do anything improper, but you know, after I’ve had a few drinks and I’m feeling loose, well, it’ll be sort of hard to say no to a really assertive guy like Will.” I just broke out laughing, but I felt like I was hyperventilating and soon I was gasping for breath. Carl patted me on the back with a concerned look on his face. “Zoe, stop teasing your husband like that. A married woman can’t go fooling around with other men,” said Carl, glaring at my wife angrily. “I would pop such a boner if my wife fooled around with another guy. Christ, that would be hot as fuck,” muttered Arnold into his beer. “My God! Are you serious, Arnold?” asked Ben in frank surprise. “Sure I am,” said Arnold. “Jeez, you guys, I’ve gotten to the point with my wife where the sex has sort of petered out and our marriage has started to turn platonic. Frankly it’s hard for me to get it up for Sarah any more. I’ll bet Ed and Zoe are the same.” “Ah, no comment,” I said, ducking my head in embarrassment. Zoe just folded her arms and shook her head at Arnold, suppressing a smile. “But look at Zoe, she’s still got a great body, she’s a beautiful woman. She’s old news to Ed, but to Will, she’s a fresh conquest waiting to happen,” continued Arnold, gesturing excitedly. “Conquest waiting to happen? I don’t like the sound of that,” I said uneasily, looking at my wife with trepidation. She just shrugged sheepishly but said nothing. “You like to shoot your mouth off, Arny, but you are talking about breaking up a marriage here. That’s nothing to joke about!” snapped Carl angrily. Carl was clearly still sensitive about his recent divorce that was caused by his wife’s infidelity. Arnold looked at Carl sadly for a moment, the wind taken from his sails. Ben patted Carl’s arm in consolation. “Look, Carl,” said Arnold softly. “It doesn’t have to be that way. If Ed knows about it and agrees to it, then Zoe and Will can have a little fun and no harm is done. Maybe Ed will feel a little prick of jealousy, maybe he will stop taking his sexy wife for granted.” Arnold looked me in the eye. “What do you think, Ed, doesn’t it turn you on a little bit to think of Zoe fooling around with another guy?” I thought it over for a minute and then took a gulp of my beer. All eyes were on me and I could feel my pits growing damp with anxiety. I looked at my pretty wife, chewing her lip nervously as she waited to hear what I would say. “Do I really take you for granted, Zoe?” I asked. “I don’t know,” she said, looking back down at her feet. “Shit,” I muttered. “But wait a minute, do you really want to fool around with this guy? I mean, Will is a real prick in my opinion.” Zoe ran her hands through her hair and gave a half-hearted chuckle. “Uh, what can I say? You’re right, Will has a really dickish personality. But, it’s flattering to be pursued so insistently. It’s kind of exciting to be desired like that.” Her eyes lit up with excitement as she talked and my stomach roiled with jealousy. But I could also feel my penis stirring slightly at the thought of my wife being with another man. “Look at the gears turning,” laughed Arnold, gesturing at me. “I can’t believe you are even considering this!” sputtered Carl indignantly. “Now Carl, settle down,” said Ben evenly, putting a hand on Carl’s shoulder. “If you had worked out a consensual deal with Linda, you two might still be together.” If anyone but Ben had said that, Carl would have punched them. But Carl just looked at Ben’s earnest, bespectacled face and frowned thoughtfully. Ben looked at me and continued, “I think you would need to establish some ground rules before going through with this though. You need to agree on how far Zoe will go with this guy.” “This is too strange,” I said, smiling queasily, feeling slightly nauseous. “Negotiating how far my wife will go with another guy?” But my penis kept swelling in spite of my emotional distress. “Well, first things first,” said Arnold, rubbing his hands together excitedly. “Location. Does Zoe go back to Will’s place or bring him back here.” “Oh, I wouldn’t go back to Will’s apartment. I wouldn’t feel safe there,” said Zoe, holding up her hands. “We would have to come back here.” “Yeah, it’s much hotter if Ed can watch while you guys are getting it on,” babbled Arnold, sweat beading up on his forehead. “That’s sick,” spat Carl dismissively. “Besides, are we going to break up our poker night so Ed can watch his wife get pawed by some asshole.” “No, no, we are definitely not breaking up poker night. If Zoe wants to fool around with another guy, she has to bring him back here and do it in the the living room while we play poker in here,” I said adamantly crossing my arms. “I want to keep an eye on things to make sure they don’t get out of hand.” Zoe smiled at me brightly. “Oh, I agree dear. It will be like the old days, entertaining a boy with my parents in the next room. I will feel so naughty.” “Hmmph, this guy will need a pretty big pair of stones to put the moves on another man’s wife with the husband and all his buddies sitting in plain sight in the next room. He will probably chicken out,” said Carl, warming up to the idea. “True,” laughed Zoe, scratching her cheek. “Maybe nothing will happen after all. But somehow, I suspect that Will won’t be bothered in the least and that I will be able to see for myself just how big his balls are.” She moved her upturned palm up and down as though weighing a pair of testicles in her hand and my stomach flipped as Arnold and Ben chuckled at my wife’s raunchy joke. “Zoe, come on. I’m not fully comfortable with this yet,” I stammered, rubbing my head in confusion. “Right,” said Ben, pointing at me decisively. “So the question is, what can you handle, Ed?” “You don’t want Zoe rubbing Will’s balls?” asked Arnold, grinning madly. “It’s a little disturbing how much you are enjoying this, Arny,” I said, shaking my head. “But at this point, I could handle, I don’t know, maybe some hugging and kissing, nothing more. No ball touching.” “What, not even though his pants?” blurted Zoe. We all looked at her in surprise and she reddened in shame. “I mean, it’s been a long time since I made out on the couch with anyone, but a proper snog definitely involves some crotch squeezing.” “You want to grab this guy’s crotch?” I demanded, feeling jealous and a little angry. “Well, you know, I assume he’s got a pretty good sized package down there and I wouldn’t mind checking it out a little,” said my wife, trying to hide her excitement. My rebellious cock stiffened in reaction and I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. “Uh, ok, that’s too much information,” I said. “What about second base?” asked Arnold, pointing to Zoe’s boobs. “Does the lucky guy get to squeeze Zoe’s luscious knockers?” “Well of course,” exclaimed Zoe impulsively. She saw the look of shock on my face and covered her mouth in embarrassment. “I mean, if you approve dear. But really, it’s kind of hard to imagine fooling around without some boob action.” “Yes, that’s true,” I admitted stiffly, fingering my boner through my pants under the table as I pictured that jerk fondling my wife on the couch while I watched. “This is going to be so hot,” gushed Arnold. His nose was getting red from the alcohol. “You are a goddamn pervert, Arny,” said Carl. “Oh my gosh, I am feeling so nervous all of a sudden,” said my wife, fanning her face with her hand. “I mean, I haven’t been on a date in years. What am I going to wear?” She looked down at us and spread her arms imploringly. “Normally, I would have my girlfriends help me, but since there is no time, I need you guys to help me pick out a properly slutty outfit. I’ll be right back.” “Slutty?” I asked grumpily. “Why not wear something modest?” “Honey,” said Zoe, putting her hands on her hips the way she does when I forget to take out the garbage. “You and I have agreed that there is going to be some hanky panky between Will and I tonight. But he doesn’t know that yet. I can’t just come out and invite him home to make out with me. I have to send him the message with my outfit.” “Oh my god,” I said, putting my face into my palm. “What have I gotten myself into?” “Oh don’t worry dear, this is going to be fun, you’ll see,” chattered Zoe. Then she sprinted off to our bedroom like a teenage girl to get changed. “Boy, she’s pretty enthusiastic all of sudden,” grumbled Carl. “Well, to be fair, Ed has agreed to this,” said Ben, taking up the cards and shuffling them. “Sure, she’s just excited to be going on a date. It probably makes her feel young again,” said Arnold reasonably as Ben dealt out a hand. “Ante up.” We played out a hand and I drained one beer quickly and then pulled another round from the fridge before Zoe returned to the dining room to show off her outfit. She was wearing a short, tight black dress that clung to her ample tits and ass and her pale white upper thighs peeked out above her thigh high stockings. Even Carl had to whistle appreciatively as she presented herself to us for inspection. “What a body!” said Arnold with admiration. “You look very attractive, Zoe,” said Ben primly, but his glasses were literally steaming up at the sight of my wife’s curvaceous body. “Does this dress make my ass look big?” asked Zoe with concern as she turned and bent over slightly so we could examine her rear end. “Yes, but in a good way,” I said, as I eyed my wife’s round buttocks, perfectly outlined by the absurdly tight dress. “I’d tap that,” muttered Arnold under his breath. “Shut up Arny,” said Carl. Zoe turned to face us again, smoothing her dress over her hips uneasily. “I don’t know, I feel fat. I have to suck my gut in. Do I really look sexy enough?” “Maybe too sexy,” admitted Carl. “Thing is, that dress is so tight, I can see the outline of your bra,” commented Arnold neutrally. “I know, I noticed that,” said Zoe, putting her hands on her boobs. “But if I take off my bra, my boobs will be bouncing out of control.” I think Ben surprised us all when he chimed in. “Well you are trying to send the message that you are, ah, available,” said Ben, pushing his glasses back up his nose awkwardly. We all broke out laughing at the idea of nerdy Ben encouraging my wife to lose her bra. “Jeez, Ben, I didn’t think you had it in you,” murmured Zoe as she deftly unsnapped her bra and slipped it off, extracting it from the front of her dress with a shrug of her shoulders. “Oh my god, they are going to sag to my waist.” “No, they are still fairly perky,” observed Arnold, gazing with relish at my wife’s jiggling boobs. We all watched in fascination as her nipples became flamboyantly erect. “Everyone will be able to see when my headlights are on,” said my wife, covering her nipples bashfully with her hands. “Well, there won’t be much doubt in Will’s mind when he sees you in that outfit,” I said. “I can’t believe I am helping my wife sex it up to attract another man. This is surreal.” “I know honey, this is definitely the kinkiest thing we have ever done,” said Zoe, coming over to give me a peck on the cheek. As she bent over I gazed with interest down the front of her dress at her dangling cleavage and then I glanced over to see Carl’s eyes fixed on my wife’s knockers. “Getting an eyeful there, Carl?” I asked sardonically, and he blushed with embarrassment and averted his eyes while everyone else laughed. “Ok, I’m going off to meet my date at the bar. If all goes well, he and I will be coming back here in a couple of hours, sauced up and feeling randy,” said Zoe with a twinkle in her eye, striking a sexy pose by cocking one hip. “Wish me luck, fellas.” “Oh boy,” I groaned. Zoe bent over again to take my face in her hands and I knew that everyone was looking down the front of her dress again. “Ed, you and I are going to have some extremely steamy sex once this is over. Can’t you feel it?” “Yes, I think you are right,” I said, looking up at her lovingly. “I feel those butterflies in my belly that I haven’t felt since we first started dating.” “Me too!” she said brightly. “Bye bye, see you later,” And with that she was gone, striding out of the room to go seduce another man. “Wow, I hope you can handle this my friend,” said Carl, clapping me on the shoulder. The hours went by and we carried on our card game, but I just couldn’t take my mind off my wife. I kept picturing her flirting with Will, bending over to show him her cleavage or rubbing up against him as they got drunk at the bar together and my gut wrenched with jealousy at the thought of it. “You’ve been losing all night,” commented Ben, showing me his two aces and scraping the chips toward himself. “He’s been distracted thinking about his wife with that other guy,” said Carl, looking pointedly at Arnold. Arnold pulled at his collar defensively. “Well, come on, it’s not my fault this is happening, Carl.” But Carl just gazed at Arnold coldly and said nothing. “Hey, Ed, look, lighten up man. If you change your mind about this this, you can always call it off and we will throw this Will guy out on his ass.” “Shit, that’s just it, Arny,” I said, throwing down my cards and taking up my beer. “It wasn’t your damn idea, it was this guy Will’s damn idea, and my wife suddenly felt someone paying attention to her in a way that I just can’t anymore. I mean, I love my wife, but after twenty years, the mystery is gone. We are both known quantities to each other. Should I deny her a little fun with another guy because of my petty insecurities and jealousy?” “Fuck, Ed,” said Carl, looking at me sadly. “You are making me feel like a heel for breaking it off with Linda.” “Do you ever talk to her?” asked Ben gently. “Sure, we make arrangements on who the kids will come to visit on holidays,” said Carl. “Dammit, I’m calling her tomorrow. I’m seeing this whole thing in a new light. I cried like a baby when she cheated on me. It crushed my precious ego. But it didn’t have to end like that. I want to give it another chance.” “Hey, good for you man, you do that,” said Arnold, acting serious for once. Just then the door opened and my wife and Will came stumbling into the dining room arm-in-arm, giggling drunkenly. They positively stunk of booze and pot. My wife’s hair and makeup was a mess and her stockings were full of runs. Will is a big guy, over six feet tall and maybe 250 lbs. I gritted my teeth at the way he draped his muscular arm possessively around my wife and how she clung submissively to his side. “Holy fuck, you weren’t kidding,” gasped Will, taken aback at the sight of our poker game. “Your goddamn husband is playing poker with his buddies right here.” He gaped stupidly at us for a second with his mouth hanging open. “Of course, that’s what I told you, silly,” said my wife, slurring slightly and rubbing Will’s belly in a disturbingly sexual gesture as she snuggled against his chest. I noticed that Will had a raging hardon that was pitching a tent in his tacky pleated dockers. “Ah, hello you two,” I said, feeling my ire rise and pulse quicken at the sight of my wife being so intimate with this other guy. “Will, these are my old friends, Arnold, Ben, and Carl,” I said carefully, gesturing at my pals in turn. “Guys, this is Will, my wife’s friend from work.” “Smells like you two have been smoking some strong weed,” said Arnold with pursed lips. “Omigod, I am so stoned right now,” babbled my wife gaily. “We smoked a bowl in Will’s truck and, uh,” she glanced at me shyly, “we fooled around a little.” I knew that she would, and I was resolved to let her have a bit a fun with Will, but my stomach dropped when she admitted it. My eyes went dark and I gasped for breath. Will looked down at me in frank surprise. “Zoe said that you were cool with this and I didn’t believe her. She said that we could come in her and fool around a little more in front of you, but that we had to follow some rules, and I thought she was just pulling my leg. Fuck this is some kinky shit you people are into. All your buddies wanna watch too?” “What’s the matter, will that give you performance anxiety?” asked Ben, tilting his head to the side quizzically. “Fuck no, I think I’m gonna get off on this shit,” said Will. “So Ed, Zoe said that I could squeeze her boobies in front of you. Is that right? I mean, are you giving me permission to feel up your wife?” He looked me right in the eyes with a broad grin on his face. I wanted to get up and punch him right in his gloating face, but I swallowed my bile and just sneered at him. “Don’t be like that, baby,” cooed Zoe, rubbing Will’s chest. “Let’s go into the living room and let these guys play poker.” “Zoe, you gotta admit, it’s pretty weird to fool around with a wife while the husband is sitting right there. I just want to make sure Ed’s cool with me touching your ta-tas.” “You already did that plenty in the car,” she giggled, looking up at him with big doe eyes. I groaned at the look of admiration on her face. “I want to hear it from his own mouth,” said Will, looking over at me and arching his eyebrows. “Don’t be a dick,” muttered Carl, irritably. Zoe looked over at me with chagrin but said nothing. “No, Carl, he’s right,” I forcing a sigh. “Will, I told Zoe that you two could fool around a little,” I said tightly. “Yeah? So I can touch her boobs like this then?” he asked, reaching over and bolding grabbing one of my wife’s nice round breasts in the palm of his hand. “Like this?” I watched with a dry mouth as he kneaded my wife’s boob in his hand while Zoe watching my reaction guiltily. “Uh, yeah,” I said, struggling to breath while my blood pounded in my ear. “If she’s ok with it.” “I like it,” breathed Zoe, tilting her head back to nuzzle and kiss Will’s neck. “How about if I pinch her nipple?” he asked haughtily, locating my wife’s areola and tweaking it with his thumb and forefinger until it grew stiff and erect. My wife moaned softly and started licking Will’s neck while he wagged his eyebrows at me and fingered her nipple. My blood was boiling at this point, but my dick started to swell at the sight of this guy pinching my wife’s tit in front of me. I looked around the table and all my friends were watching Will work my wife’s boob with fascination. “Let’s go in the living room, baby,” urged my wife, pulling his hand away from her boob and holding it in her own. “You are making me too hot.” “Yeah, I am getting hot too, feel this,” he said, taking her hand and putting it forcefully onto the big bulge in his pleated dockers. “Oh, boy,” she gasped gripping his shaft through his pants. “Are you happy to see me or what?” she tittered. “Ahh, ok, now,” I said, holding up my hands. “Honey, you said I could,” pleaded Zoe. “His thing is really, really hard,” she exclaimed with a strange innocence as she gripped the head of his dong in one hand and pinched down along the shaft with the other, making him grunt with satisfaction. “And it’s big too.” “Ok, but,” I complained weakly. “It’s hard to watch.” “I like watching,” blurted Ben, surprising everyone. He had to pull his glasses off and wipe the fog from them so he could see. “Oh yeah, nerdy guy?” he asked smugly. “Watch this dance I taught Zoe tonight. It’s a black dance called the grind.” “Oh, I don’t think Ed would like that,” she said, looking at me with trepidation. “Come on,” demanded Will, spinning my wife around easily and pushing her forward so that she was bent over at the waist. My pals and I got a nice view of her swinging cleavage as Will positioned himself behind my wife and started grinding his crotch against her rear. “Omigod, I can really feel it,” she gasped. “I like that, it’s pushing against my hoo-ha.” “Ok, ok, no dry humping,” I said, my palms slick and my cock stiff from watching this rude prick dry hump my wife in front of me and my friends. “I think she likes it though,” complained Will, giving my wife a few more thrusts before stopping. “I do like it, Will,” she said. “I like it a lot. It’s making me wet.” “Ok, honey, ok,” I said, holding up my hands. “Too much information.” “Sorry, baby,” she said, standing upright. “But I’m super drunk and stoned and super horny right now.” “Hey before we go make out in the living room, why don’t you, you know, go take your dress off?” asked Will, gripping his jock with both hands. “Can she do that, Ed? Is that allowed?” “I mean, we hadn’t discussed that,” I stammered. “It should be allowed,” chimed in Ben. “You never specified that she couldn’t.” “Listen to Ben,” laughed my wife, clapping her hands together drunkenly. “He’s dying to see me naked.” “Well, not naked, you still have your panties on I assume,” corrected Ben awkwardly. “I want to see you naked,” said Arnold frankly. “That would be super hot.” “I have to agree,” muttered Carl. “You guys are supposed to be on my side here,” I complained. “I think you are overruled, honey,” said Zoe. She came over and gave me a sloppy smooch on the cheek, then clumsily pulled her dress up and off over her head. She tossed it aside and stood there topless, in just her panties and stockings while we all gazed at her amazing tits, swinging freely. Her ears were bright red with lust but she covered her stiff pink nipples modestly with her hands, while Will grabbed her around the waist and dragged her off to the living room without another word. He picked up my wife and tossed her onto the couch, making her cackle with laughter. I watched in sick horror as he climbed on top of her and buried his face in her chest. “Uh, you guys,” I called lamely. “Play nice, play nice,” laughed my wife, pushing Will away. “Now let’s just kiss nicely, ok?” Will obliged, sliding off Zoe and sitting next to her. They wrapped their arms around each other and were kissing each other on the mouth passionately within moments. “Oh, man, watching Zoe make out topless with that big prick is given me a massive hardon,” breathed Arnold. “I hate to admit it, but me too,” said Carl. “Would it be bad form if I unzipped and started jerking off while I watched?” asked Ben politely. We all laughed, looking at Ben in amazement. “Ben, I can’t believe you,” I said, shaking my head. “You want to spank your monkey watching my wife fool around on the couch?” “Look at him, he’s got his hands all over her bare chest,” hissed Arnold, gripping his crotch under the table. I turned to watch as Will and Zoe kissed passionately, tongues flicking between open mouths. Just as Arnold said, Will’s hands roved freely over my wife’s bare chest, weighing her hefty boobs in his hand one moment and pinching her pink nipples the next. For her part, Zoe tugged insistently on the bulge in Will’s pants. I could hear her whimpering in passion as they made out and my innards were tied in knots of jealousy. But I felt like jerking off too, and my penis stood stiffly at attention. “Honey, I’m just going to, uh,” Zoe said, pulling her mouth away from Will’s for a second so she could unzip his fly. I watched in shock as she extracted his huge phallus from his trousers. “Oh my god, what a beautiful penis,” she gasped, staring at Will’s cock as she fingered it’s red bulbous head and thick, veiny shaft. “Didn’t I have a rule against this?” I asked, turning to Ben in desperation. “I don’t know, Ed, I don’t remember,” muttered Ben, his arm flailing up and down as he jerked himself off under the table. “Fuck it, if Ben’s jerking off, so am I,” said Arnold, as he unzipped and commenced to masturbating. “Omigod, are you guys actually jerking off in there?” called Zoe with delight as she stroked Will’s @@@@@@@ penis. “That’s so freaky! Is Ed jerking it too?” “Not yet,” I admitted. “Well, I’ll give you something to jerk it over. Stand up, Will, let me get these pants off you,” coaxed my wife, and Will eagerly obliged, standing up so that my wife could yank his pleated dockers down around his ankles. “Here turn so Ed can see,” she said, sitting on the couch with Will’s huge swollen prick just an inch from her face. “Honey, look how big Will’s balls are,” she giggled lustily, grabbing Will’s nuts and weighing them in her hand. “He’s got a real pair of stones, just like I thought.” “Ok, yeah, that’s nice,” I said impatiently. “Here, watch while Will dangles them in my eyes,” she said. Then Will and Zoe laughed uproariously while she bent down, her bare boobs brushing his thighs as he plopped his nutsack into her eye sockets. “So rude, I love it,” muttered Arnold, licking his lips as he choked his chicken. “Oh, yeah, now suck those bad boys,” urged Will. “Do you mind, Ed?” called my wife. But before I could answer, she opened her mouth and slurped one of his sizable cojones halfway into her mouth. “Oh fuck,” I groaned, sweating profusely as I finally unzipped my fly and started tugging my compelling hardon. “Yeah, you like how your wife sucks my balls, there Ed?” called Will triumphantly. He produced his phone from his shirt pocket and snapped a few pictures of my wife as she posed for him, gazing up at him in adulation with one of his nuts hanging half out of her mouth. “The guys at work are gonna love these,” he boasted. “Oh my god, it’s so big, I can’t fit it all in my mouth,” gushed my horny wife, as he snapped some pictures of her vigorously jerking on his cock. “But if you show these pictures to the guys at work, I will kill you,” she said cheerfully. “It’s ok, if I blow him, isn’t honey?” she asked me sweetly as she yanked Will’s meat. “I mean, we are all having fun, now, right?” “Yeah, I mean, do what you want at this point,” I agreed, feeling a chill wash through my chest as I jerked my dick under the table. I looked around the table and realized that all four of us were pulling our puds watching my wife get it on with this big dick and I felt like a dirty pervert for a second. But then I heard my wife humming with pleasure and I forgot all about judging our perversion as I watched my wife hungrily sucking on Will’s fat cock. Her head bobbed up and down as she blew him. “You like that, Ed?” he crowed in exultation. “You like how Zoe sucks my cock and balls? She can’t get enough of that big old dick in her mouth, man!” He gave a hearty guffaw at my expense, but I just frowned and kept beating my meat while I watched my wife drop submissively to her knees before him, topless and boobs swaying, as she ran her tongue up and down his engorged shaft. “I think I’m in love with your penis,” she groaned as he held his phone above her. “This is gonna be an awesome video,” he said excitedly. “But hold off, I’m gonna cum if you keep doing that.” “Don’t cum, I need you to fuck me,” pleaded Zoe, gripping his thighs and looking up at him beseechingly. “Yeah, that’s right,” he said smugly. “You heard that, Ed?” “I heard it, but, Zoe, come on,” I said, trying to push my boner back into my pants. “You guys were just going to fool around, right?” I said. “I mean, already, the blowjob and getting topless was going a little too far. I am trying to be cool about this, but penetration is over the line.” Zoe jumped to her feet and ran over to me, her boobs bouncing in all directions as she approached. “The bouncing,” croaked Ben and he crumpled up and shivered and I assumed he was ejaculating into the bottom of my dining room table. “You better clean that up,” commented Carl. “Honey, please,” said Zoe, throwing herself onto my lap so that my stiff cock poked up between her stocking clad thighs. “Oooh, look at how hard you are,” she cooed, pinching the head of my cock. “See, you are into this. Don’t make me stop now. Feel how wet my pussy is,” she said, taking my hand and putting it down the front of her panties. “I know this is rough for you, but I need Will’s dick inside me. He’s so big and manly, he’s making me crazy. I need for him to fuck the shit out of me right now.” “Yeah, Ed, I’m gonna need you to let me fuck your wife now,” said Will, imitating the boss from Office Space. He walked into the dining room with his stiff dong swinging back and forth. He came right up to us and slapped my wife in the cheek with his dick while she sat on my lap, fingering the head of my own dick between her thighs. She turned her head casually and he pushed the head of his dick right into her mouth and I had a close up view of my wife giving her lover an enthusiastic blowjob while she tugged my knob. “Jesus, alright, alright,” I said, sliding her off my lap hastily. “Who wants to shoot the video?” asked Will dropping his phone on the table as he scooped up my pliant wife in his arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kicked her legs prettily, as he carried her off to the bedroom to fuck her. “I’ll do it,” offered Arnold excitedly, snatching up the phone and chasing after Will and my wildly snickering wife. “Are you really OK with this, Ed?” asked Carl, holding one hand over his dick to hide it as he stood. “Yeah, as sick as it seems, I guess I am going to go in there and jerk off watching this guy fuck the shit out of my wife on our own bed,” I admitted sheepishly. “This is soo fucking hot,” raved Arnold, over his shoulder. By the time I made to our bedroom, Will had already tossed Zoe onto our bed and pulled her panties off. He plunged his face between her legs, locking her twat in his mouth to eat her out for a few minutes, but she couldn’t take much of that and squirmed away. “Enough, enough,” she pleaded. “I’m already too wet, I just need that dick now.” She looked over at me apologetically as she spread her legs for him and my heart skipped a beat. Arnold leaned in to get a nice shot of my wife’s pale inner thighs and dripping snatch. She reached down and spread her labia for Will, her arms corralling her big boobs together and making them jut skyward. Will pushed Arnold aside and climbed up on top of my wife, stroking his big hard cock as he hovered above her, looking down at her body as she offered herself to him. “I’m taking ownership of your wife, now, Ed,” he said gleefully. “That ok?” “Own me,” she begged, holding her pink twat open for him. “Ed?” he asked. “I am waiting for your approval.” “Yes, take her,” I grunted, dick in hand, jerking off as I watched Will sink down onto my wife and plunge his fat cock into her eager pussy. “Yeah, yeah,” she moaned, affirming her pleasure as Will sank his shaft into her. “Nice,” muttered Carl, who had taken up a position in a chair along the way and sat masturbating with his pants down as he watched. Arnold was holding the phone with one hand and jerking himself with the other and he actually started dribbling cum onto the edge of our bed just as Will started pumping himself in and out of my wife. Arnold let his sticky penis drop from his hand, but continued capturing the coitus on video, walking around the bed to get the best shot. Will’s big dark body covered my wife’s small, pale form and his ass was pumping up and down insistently as he drilled her. My wife gripped Will’s ass cheeks, pulling him into her, her head thrown back in ecstasy. She was moaning and urging him on with inarticulate affirmations while he rhythmically violated her on the bed where she and I had slept together for all these years. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I like it, I like it, fuck me,” she murmured, legs spread as wide as she could to grant him full access to herself. “That’s it, that’s it, I’m cumming,” she cried out as his forceful fucking increased to a fever pitch, making the bedsprings creak manically. “Ok, I’m going to empty my load inside,” croaked Will and after a few more vicious thrusts, he arched his back, driving himself as deep inside her as he could while he filled my wife’s womb with what I assumed would be a voluminous emission. His climax complete, he climbed gruffly off of my wife, and headed off to the bathroom to wash up. “Wait, where are you going?” cried my wife plaintively, reaching a thin arm out to him. “Willy, I think I love you!” she called. “Jesus, honey,” I complained, near climax myself. “Well, you know, I love his penis anyway,” she said with embarrassment. “Hey didn’t you cum yet? Come here, then,” She lay limp, sweaty and naked from being fucked once already, her hair plastered to her forehead, but she rolled to the edge of the bed and and grabbed my dick in a friendly and familiar way. “Did you like hearing me moan with pleasure while Will sank his big ole meat into me?” she asked, looking up at me impishly as she dispassionately worked my dick like a washerwoman, her sweaty tits swinging back and forth. “Bitch,” I gasped, her filthy talk bringing me to orgasm. I spurted blast after blast of hot cum all over her tits while she laughed with pleasure. “Attaboy,” she said encouragingly as I coated her chest in glistening semen. “Oh fuck, this is so weird,” I said, pulling away and pacing back and forth. “Um, yeah, can I add to the weirdness?” asked Carl, tentatively, coming over to offer his @@@@@@@ penis to my wife. “For real, Carl?” exclaimed my exhausted wife. “What do you want me to do with this? My arms are getting tired.” But she reached out and tickled Carl’s nuts anyway and apparently that’s all he needed because I watched in horror as my old buddy jerked his dick until he shot a nice sloppy glob of jism right into my wife’s eyes. “Wow, that’s awesome,” commented Arnold, leaning in close to capture the cumshot on video. “Jesus, Carl,” she complained, wiping the cum from her eyes. “What the hell? I’ve got like three men’s semen on me now.” “Four, actually,” corrected Arnold. “I think you are sitting in the spot where I came earlier.” Zoe stood up unsteadily and turned her rump toward us, touching the wet smear of cum on her ass cheeks gingerly. Arnold studiously captured the scene for posterity. “Oh my God, you are right,” she said with mild disgust. “You are a cum slut,” I offered gamely, noticing that I somehow didn’t feel that upset by the fact that two of my pals were looking my naked, cum slathered wife up and down with interest. Zoe noticed too. “Wow, you boys are getting an eyeful,” she complained good naturedly. Pulling a cover off the bed to wrap herself in. Will came back into the room, fully dressed with his hair freshly slicked back. “Ok, folks, well it’s time to go,” he said, chest thrust out proudly. “Ed, thanks for letting me use your wife for sex. Zoe, thank you for revealing what a filthy whore you are, I look forward to besmirching your honor many more times in the future. Arny, thanks for capturing the video, I will post that online tomorrow,” Will snatched his phone away from Arnold deftly. “Bye, now!” “No, Will, you can’t post that online, I will be mortified,” cried Zoe, jumping up to try to chase after Will, but hampered by the cover wrapped around her. “Ahh, you will get used to it. Lots of women have sex tapes out there,” he laughed as he scuttled toward the door. “In fact, once the guys at work see it, the worst that will happen is that you will get asked out on a lot more dates.” With that he was gone, slamming the door behind him. Zoe looked at me with a crooked smile, Carl’s cum still dripping from her eyebrow. “Well, that went better than expected,” she squeaked awkwardly. I thought I would be more upset when Will posted the video of Zoe getting fucked online and texted me the photos of her with his nuts in her mouth, but actually, I enjoyed jerking off to them. As predicted, there was a minor scandal at the office, but she braved it out and she accepted dates from several other guys at work, including her boss. Sometimes she would bring them home for me to watch alone, but I had to admit it was more fun when she brought dates home on poker night. Sometimes she would even let one of my pals slip it in her from behind or suck them off if she was drunk and stoned enough. Carl got back together with his ex-wife Linda, and when Linda came over to join in, poker nights got a lot more interesting. Overall, I don’t regret the turn our life has taken, though I still get a pang of jealousy when my wife begs one of her other lovers not to leave after sex and tells them she loves them. But I just blow it off, it’s nothing to get divorced over. *** If you like this, check out my eBooks on Amazon: View my favorite porn images and more free stories on my Tumblr blog: Gustav Jorgenson's Fairly Clean Blog
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I tell her that I think I would be ok with it, if she wouldn’t freak out about it. She says I think I’d be ok if I kept busy, teasing me. I say let’s both do some serious soul searching before we jump into something crazy, She agrees, then with an evil grin, “Is it movie time yet?” What a gal, now you see why I love her so much. Tonight I have chosen one with a white and a black stud, she again is taken away in her excitement, and as I am stroking her clit, how about a big black cock honey, she came on my fingers like a faucet. Well, a week goes by and we chat some, play more and then I ask her, “What have you decided Valerie, do you want another man in our bed with us?” She says that she’d like to try it, but only if she knows him and trusts him, which puts Mike back in the picture. Mike was recently divorced, but a really nice guy that we had over whenever we had cookouts, pool parties, etc. He and Valerie always got along and flirted a lot, just innocent but flirty and I knew he loved to watch her walk across serving drinks, and food. I knew he was dating, but nothing serious. Mike is about 6’ tall with a nice build, sandy blond hair, and Valerie’s age. I tell Valerie I am going to talk to Mike the next Saturday after our golf game, and that I will call her if he wants to come over. She agrees. I call Mike and set our game up and we meet at 9:00 a.m. for our tee time. After a fun round, I won $20.00, I tell him I’ll buy because I want to talk to him about something. We shower, and I see what Valerie means, he is hung, and head over to the 19th hole for some beers. I sit him away from folks so we are private, “Mike, how do you feel about Valerie?” I ask. He takes a swallow and says that she is a wonderful wife and that I’m very lucky to have her. “Do you thinks she is sexy?” Mike spits out his beer a little, “what kind of question is that George?” “Well, Mike she thinks you are sexy as hell and we were wondering if you’d like to be with her tonight?” (I am nervous as hell as this is going on, I’m giving my wife to another man.) Mike takes a few minutes but says, “Yes, George, Valerie has always turned me on and I’d love to be with her tonight.” “OK, Mike be at our house at 7:30 and bring a bottle of nice wine for steaks and we will go from there.” “If you change your mind, please call us as we are both very excited about this.” I tell him. His reply, “Oh, George you couldn’t keep me away” “Cool Mike, see you then.” As I’m leaving I call Valerie and tell her It’s on, and he is very eager, she squeals with delight like a teen ager, OH GOD, what have it turned loose, I wonder. Mike as promised is right on time, wearing nice slacks and a polo, just like he was going out for dinner and looked very handsome. My girl is dressed in a tight red dress, no bra, garters, black stockings and a very sexy black thong, God she was hot! But Very very nervous, as we all were, so I open some wine and get the steaks going, potatoes and salad already on the table and we sit and have a fairly normal conversation about this and that, We finish and I tell Mike to go sit in the living room and we’ll be right out. I pin Valerie against the counter, kiss her and ask her one last time if she is sure about this. “Yes, George I want this, please”, what can a man say to that. I go into the living room and sit in my lounger and tell Mike she will be right out, and then there she is in all her beauty, Mike stands and pulls her to him and kisses her very tenderly I might add. She shudders and kisses him harder, grinding herself into him, She told me she could feel him getting hard and that she was already dripping. He steps away and pulls the straps of her dress down and there are her pretty pink tits, nipples reaching for the stars. He leans down and kisses one then the other, and tells he always wanted to do that. She takes his head and pushes it back down on one and she says “so have I Mike” Me you ask, well I’m sitting up on my chair, watching everything as it unfolds. I am so excited, My cock pulsing but I don’t take it out yet, I do NOT want to miss anything. Valerie kisses Mike again as she starts on his belt, pulling down his zipper and reaching in his trousers and I hear her moan, Oh my god she says. He helps her get them open and they drop down, no underwear and there is a very nice 8” thick cut cock in front of her. She reaches down and takes a hold and I hear Mike groan, and she strokes him softly. I see him push down on her shoulders and she falls to her knees and takes him in both hands and strokes him, the leans forward and licks the head. Mike is moaning and telling her how good it feels. She opens as wide as she can and takes the head in her mouth and he pushes forward, giving her about 3 inches, she moans and goes deeper. God it was so fucking hot. Now she is going down as far as she can, holding his big balls and gagging some. He is fucking in and out, drool dripping from her mouth. Suddenly he grabs her and pulls her up and kisses him. “I’m saving my 1st load for your pussy” Mike tells her. He takes off her dress and sits her on the sofa and leans her way back and starts licking her, My wonderful wife cums for him right then and he licks her relentlessly till she begs him, “Mike, Please Fuck me NOW” Mike raises up and I get out of my chair so I can be close and tell him, “Go ahead Mike, she needs it. Fuck her good.” I get on the couch, and kiss my darling and ask if she is ready, she just moans, I take her legs and spread her open as much as possible and watch as Mike puts it against her pussy and pushes in the head, Valerie cums again, so fucking hot. Mike is very gentle as he pushes more and more into her, until there is no more, he has buried himself in my darling wife. He stops to let her adjust, then starts pumping, first slowly but then faster and faster, as I know he needs to cum badly too. “Where do you want my cum Valerie?”He asks. She just moans, and “I tell him in her pussy this time Mike fill her pussy up with your cum.” She says “Yes please Mike inside me.” “Oh God he moans, Here it cums and he pushes all the way inside and holds himself still. Well after that it takes a few minutes for all of us to catch our breath. Valerie leans forward and kisses Mike, “Thank you darling, that was wonderful”, then she kisses me and says all thanks to my wonderful husband. I go and get us all a glass of ice water and she says “I have to clean up I’m a dripping mess.” I put my finger inside her and say “can I have my turn before your do?” I finish getting undressed and get between her legs and enter her squishy tight pussy and after like 2 strokes add mine to the mix. “Now we can get a shower, come on Mike we have room for 3 I tell him.” So we 3 gather up clothes and head for the shower. Mike and I soap up Valerie and she soaps us up, of course soaping everything and getting excited again. We get out of the shower and head to our king-sized bed. Mike says “Valerie that was one of the best times I have ever had in bed with a woman, you are great.” Valerie does her blush and says, “Mike you were absolutely fabulous also, George is great, but you really rang my bell. Thank you for helping us.” “Oh, my pleasure” he says. I just nod and tell them both how sexy, hot and wonderful it was. I am a little overcome in that I knew she loved it immensely and that I was able to give it to her with any questions. I look over and Valerie has his cock in her mouth again, sucking like a banshee, she keeps sucking and then she has him to the damn balls, she has deep throated him, and he is going crazy. I get between her legs and start eating that wonderful pussy again. I hear her warn her, but she doesn’t stop and takes his load in her throat as she gives me a shower of her cum. I move next to her head and she takes me and I cum in her mouth also. Mike spent the night and we had another round before and after breakfast, then he had to leave to get ready for a business trip. Valerie and I couldn’t move for most of the day, but smiled the whole day. As we laid down to sleep that night I asked, “Well, Valerie are we going to do it again?” She just smiled and said “oh yes honey you bet we are.” Rolled over and went to sleep. I hope you enjoyed our story, I have others if you’d like to hear them. That was 5 yrs ago and we are still going strong, with some fabulous times.
  7. Wife Spanked in front of Husband by Gustav Jorgenson Jim, Bob, and Susie were all good friends since college. Bob and Susie were a couple and later got married, but Susie and Jim always liked to flirt and tease Bob. He didn’t mind it since he trusted them both and loved his wife. But one day things got a little out of hand… One afternoon, Bob and Susie had a BBQ at their house and invited some friends. In the evening, after all the other guests left, Jim hung around with the couple in the backyard having a few more drinks as was his habit. “Ok guys, now that it’s just us, I am going to go change,” said Susie. “Put on something slutty,” joked Jim. “Yeah right, you wish,” said Susie with a smile, walking into the house. “What’s the matter, Jim? You getting desperate now that’s you’ve broken up with Amber and you want to get your jollies ogling my wife?” asked Bob, handing him another beer. “Your wife!” snorted Jim. “Don’t forget that I knew Susie before you did. I’m the one that introduced you two.” “True, but now we are bound by the sacred vows of marriage,” intoned Bob seriously. But he couldn’t keep a straight face and he and Jim broke out laughing. Bob and Jim contemplated the mild evening. They looked out across the lush green lawn, illuminated by the bright full moon, listening to the crickets, and drinking beer. After a few minutes Susie re-emerged from the house. She was wearing a thin halter top with short denim cut offs and she carried another six pack of beer. “Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about,” said Jim, looking Susie up and down and admiring her shapely legs, round ass, and generous bouncing breasts. “Don’t be a perve, I am just trying to get comfortable,” said Susie with a smile. Then she bent over, pointing her ass at Jim provocatively as she put the six pack into the cooler the ground. “Wait a minute, are you wearing a bra?” asked Bob wryly, noticing Jim checking out his wife’s ass. “Nope,” said Susie, straightening up and shimmying her shoulders for her husband to make her boobs jiggle. “Like I said, I’m trying to get comfortable.” Then she flopped down on the cushioned wicker outdoor sofa next to Jim. “That’s nice,” said Bob, slightly annoyed. “Oh come on, don’t be so uptight,” laughed Susie opening a beer for herself. “It’s not as though Jim’s never seen my body.” “Yeah, like that time in Rehobeth at the outdoor shower,” said Jim looking at her lasciviously. “Yeah, that was awkward,” laughed Susie looking at Jim fondly. “Wait, what?” asked Bob, sitting up to attention. “You know, that time we all stayed at Gerry’s beach house in Rehoboth Beach and Jim walked in on me in the outdoor shower,” said Susie. “I never heard about this,” complained Bob, shifting uncomfortably in his seat. “Oh I’m sure we told you about that before, you just aren’t remembering,” said Susie furrowing her brows at her husband and leaning back against JIm on the couch. “It wasn’t my fault!” chimed in Jim. “I mean, who takes off their bathing suit in those things? They are just for rinsing off the salt water.” “So you were totally naked?” asked Bob queasily. “Yepper,” said Susie with a devilish smile. “He saw everything I have to offer.” “You’re a lucky man, my friend,” said Jim eyeing Susie’s boobs lecherously. “Ok, yeah, let’s change the subject, shall we?” said Bob testily. He was sure that Susie never told him about that shower incident and he started to wonder what else she might have neglected to tell him. “Moving on, how is Amber doing, Jim?” asked Susie, turning to look at Jim impishly. When he saw Jim’s reaction, Bob broke out laughing in spite of his annoyance with his wife. “Don’t start with that. We are through, I told you,” said Jim uncomfortably. He took a drink of beer and looked out across the lawn. “What’s the matter, weren’t you giving her enough... good luvin’?” teased Susie, poking Jim in the ribs. “Is that why she had to go looking for someone to keep her warm at night?” “Oh, you bitch,” yelped Jim with an indignant laugh. “You’ll pay for saying that.” Jim grabbed Susie and they struggled playfully on the couch for a moment. “Bob, help!” Susie shrieked as Jim tickled her. “You probably deserve it,” said Bob, amused but a little wary. It looked like Jim might have “accidentally” grabbed Susie’s boob once or twice. Jim finally managed to pull Susie down and put her over his knees with her rump in the air. “That’s it, you are getting a spanking now, young lady,” said JIm. His face was flushed from the exertion and the alcohol. “Oh no, Bob, make him stop,” said Susie, gasping with laughter. “Let her go, Jim,” said Bob with resignation. “Come on, man. You heard what she said. She was questioning my manhood there,” complained Jim, holding the struggling Susie down on his lap. “I mean Amber and I just broke up and she is already rubbing salt in the wound.” “Well, that’s true...” said Bob judiciously, taking a sip of beer. “Noo!” shouted Susie. “Come on, I was just kid-ding.” “Quiet down, you,” said Jim, giving her a slap on her soft round ass. “I can’t believe you are letting Jim put me over his knee and spank me like this, Bob,” giggled Susie. Bob noticed that she seemed to be enjoying herself more than was appropriate. He was also surprised to find that the sight of his old friend spanking his wife was making him slightly aroused. Jim rested a hand on Susie’s rear and rubbed it slightly before giving her another, slightly sharper spank. “Hey, that hurt,” purred Susie. She had stopped struggling and was clearly warming up to this little game. “It’s not my fault that you didn’t fuck your ex-girlfriend enough,” she said, wiggling her ass in anticipation. “Oh, you want to play it like that, huh?” said Jim giving her a few more spanks in rapid succession. Susie just laughed and rocked side to side slightly, but made no further effort to escape. Bob was embarrassed to notice that his penis was growing stiff at the sight of his buxom wife thrown over the lap of good buddy with her nice round ass in the air. “You think you’re a big man?” teased Susie. “Spanking a poor helpless wife while her husband just sits there doing nothing?” Susie shot Bob a wicked smile. Bob’s stomach felt cold and his cock stiffened at his wife’s flirting. He was torn between jealousy and curiosity, but he decided to play along. So he gulped some beer and replied, “I’m not doing nothing, I’m drinking my beer and watching.” “Pssh, no wonder Jim can’t keep a woman. A real man would have pulled my shorts down and given me a proper bare-bottomed spanking,” said Susie with a twinkle in her eye. “You think so, do you?” demanded Jim nervously, shooting his friend a guilty look. “Bob, I can’t have your wife questioning my manhood like this. I’m going to need to discipline her.” “Ahh, Jeez, I don’t know,” muttered Bob half to himself. He was aroused by the situation but the jealousy was starting to twist his gut and he hesitated to let the flirting go any farther. “See, you ask permission instead of just forging boldly ahead,” said Susie, unsnapping and unzipping her shorts as she lay over Jim’s lap. “You need someone to teach you how to be assertive.” “Oh, that’s it, I’m sorry, Bob, but she is going to get it,” laughed Jim angrily, his face deep red as he grabbed Susie’s cutoffs and yanked them down to her knees, exposing her panties, barely covering her soft white buttocks. She made a show of struggling, but Bob noticed that she didn’t put up any real resistance. “And you don’t get to keep your panties on either!” exclaimed Jim, casting Bob a quick glance of trepidation before yanking his wife’s panties down. “Uh, that’s a bit much, now, guys,” said Bob, but his voice caught in his throat. The sight of his wife’s bare ass waiting to get spanked by his friend had him frozen in fascination. His heart was racing and the blood was pounding in his ears. Jim and Susie just ignored Bob’s comment. She looked over her shoulder and exchanged a smoldering look with Jim as she wiggled her ass again, challenging him to spank her. Jim looked down and contemplated Susie’s beautiful round rear for a moment before slapping it playfully. Susie gasped in response and Bob noticed that her cheeks were flushed with excitement and her hair was a mess. “I hardly felt that,” she said softly looking up at Jim pleadingly. “How about this?” asked Jim giving her a solid whack on the rump that left a red mark on her pale flesh. Susie yelped in spite of herself, but she gritted her teeth and said, “Nope!” Jim cast a furtive glance at Bob as he laid a hand on Susie’s ass and rubbed it softly for a moment. Then he looked down again at Susie as he slipped his hand down between her thighs and prodded her vagina gently with his finger. “You feel that?” he asked her softly. Susie gasped with pleasure and looked over at her husband guiltily. “Uh, yeah, I felt that. Maybe I was wrong about you. It takes some balls to finger a wife in front of her husband like that.” “Yeah, Jesus, Jim. Cut the shit, will you?” stammered Bob. He was flustered and didn’t know how to react. “Yeah, uh, sorry about this Bob,” said Jim with chagrin. “But she was really questioning my manhood there.” He kept rubbing the soft, tender skin of Susie’s inner thighs as he talked. Then he moved his hand up and stroked her outer labia for a moment. He could feel moisture there, so he thrust an exploratory tip of his finger between her vaginal lips. Susie’s vagina was slick and wet inside and Jim’s probing elicited a moan of pleasure from her. Bob gripped his throbbing, stiff erection unconsciously as he watched. “Hey! Am I supposed to just sit here watching, while you prove to my wife what a real man you are?” he asked helplessly. “I don’t know what you should do,” admitted Jim as he started working a finger in and out of Susie’s hot, tight, vagina. Meanwhile, Susie reached up and gripped the bulge in Jim’s pants. “My god, you are hard as a rock,” she moaned breathily. Jim withdrew his finger from Susie and pulled her shorts the rest of the way off. The sound of crickets chirping filled the soft summer night as Bob watched his wife slide bare legged and bare assed off of his buddy Jim’s lap to knee expectantly before him. “Unzip my pants,” Jim commanded Susie. “What about my husband?” she asked, casting a look of concern back over her shoulder at Bob. “Well, I guess he’s going to watch this time,” sighed Jim with resignation. “This time?” yelped Bob with indignation. “What are you talking about?” “Honey, let’s not dwell on the past,” said Susie soothingly as she unzipped Jim’s pants and extracted his stiff member. “What’s done is done, let’s live in the moment,” she continued as she stroked Jim’s hard penis. “Suck it,” said Jim simply and Susie complied immediately, pushing her hair back from her face and turning slightly so that she could look at her husband as she slid the purple head of Jim’s swollen phallus between her lips. “I can’t believe this is happening,” said Bob in a daze watching his wife perform felatio on his buddy. He realized that his mouth was bone dry and he took a satisfying gulp of cold beer to quench his thirst. “How long have you two been cheating on me like this?” Bob grunted with satisfaction as Susie slurped heartily on his manhood. “Ah, it’s not really cheating exactly,” he said lamely. “Maybe we fooled around a little here and there. You know we were sort of friends with benefits before you and she met…” “What?” said Bob in shock, stunned to be hearing these revelations while he watched his wife go down on his old friend out the in the backyard like this. “What about marriage vows?” But he feels silly trying to invoke those vows seriously after joking about them before. “Oh come on,” coaxed Susie with a smile after pulling Jim’s cock from her mouth. “This is us we are talking about. We’ve all known each other for years. We are practically family. Can you really make a big deal out of this?” “Lay down on you back,” demanded Jim urgently. “Hold on a second, dear,” Susie said to Bob as she casually stripped off her halter top and laid back down in the cool grass spreading her legs in anticipation. Her pale skin glowed slightly in the moonlight as she lay there nude in all her sensual glory. Bob admired his wife’s gorgeous body for a moment. He gazed with anxious appreciation at her dark bush, lewdly spread wide for Jim. Then looked over at the neighbor’s house nervously. The light was on in the Smith’s kitchen, which had a clear view right down into Bob’s backyard. “Fuck you guys, what if someone see you?” he asked nervously. “Well, if that’s all you’ve worried about, I’m just going to go ahead and fuck her then,” laughed Jim, shedding his pants and climbing on top of Bob’s waiting wife. “This is so weird,” said Bob, shaking his head as he unzipped his own pants and started jerking himself off, casting a tense glance over at the Smith residence. “Are you going to jerk off while you watch?” cackled Susie in delight. “That is so kinky! I love that you are being such a good sport about this.” She looked over at her husband lovingly. Then Jim pushed the head of his prick into her and she gasped with pleasure, quickly returning her attention back to her friend with benefits. Bob looked on in fascination, masturbating himself while his friend Jim fucked his wife missionary-style in the grass. They made loud noises of lust but Bob was too engrossed in pleasuring himself to notice when Mr. Smith pushed through the low hedge that separateed the two properties and walked over to join them. “What the living hell is going on here?” blurted the elderly Mr. Smith in bewilderment, wearing his signature plaid shorts and faded US Army t-shirt. “Oh, hi, Mr. Smith,” said Susie cheerily, looking over at him from beneath Jim as he shagged her, his balls slapping her ass vigorously. “Oh fuck! Mr. Smith!” exclaimed Bob in mortification, struggling to put his cock away. “What is going on over there, Harold?” calls Mrs. Smith from their backyard. “Stay over there, Martha. I’m handling this,” commanded Mr. Smith gruffly. He looks down in disbelief at the tableau before him struggling to understand what was going on. Jim noticed the new arrival and stopped fucking Bob’s wife. He pulls out of her and looked up at Mr. Smith in surprise and embarrassment with his stiff cock hovering over Susie’s belly, still slick with her juices. She reached down and yanked on Jim’s scrotum playfully and he gasped in ecstasy. The tug pushed him over the edge and he started spurting load after load of semen all over her stomach and large breasts. Bob noticed Smith looking at Susie’s naked body as she lay there drenched in cum and he saw Smith’s expression change from perplexity to amusement and maybe even arousal. “My God, Susie, what are you doing, getting plugged by a man who isn’t your husband in the backyard?” Then he gestured over at Bob with a wicked smile. “While your hubby looks on no less?” “Sorry, were we making too much noise?” she asked sweetly, propping herself up on her elbows as Jim climbed off of her clumsily. Bob noticed that she made no effort to hide her nakedness and might have even shook her shoulders slightly to get her boobs shaking. Mr. Smith stood looking down at Bob’s sperm-soaked wife for a moment before answering. He ran his eyes up and down her body from her shapely legs still spread wide, over the dark patch of her pubic hair, and then up to her large generous boobs with her pink nipples pertly erect. “Mr. Smith?” asked Susie again, with a little smile. “Are you enjoying the view?” Smith looked over at Bob with a strange smile and wiped his brow with his handkerchief. “What was I saying, son? I got distracted. Oh yes. Your wife has a fine figure, I will give you that,” he said to Bob. “I wouldn’t share her if I was you.” He looked back at Susie who just lounged there unselfconsciously in the nude. “I guess this is a different era than the one I came from,” he said distractedly as he gazes at Susie’s lovely pale orbs and pink nipples. “What can we do for you, Mr. Smith?” prompted Susie with a suggestive smile. “Uh, right. Well, it’s a free country and all, but I would be obliged if you folks would, uh, keep it down a little when you are having your fun in yard.” Smith looked at Jim with annoyance as he struggled to back into his jeans. “You know if my wife had come over here, you would have given her a heart attack.” “Well I won’t tell her how much you seem to be enjoying the sight of my naked body, don’t worry,” teased Susie with a laugh. Smith broke out laughing at this, but didn’t stop admiring Susie’s body. “You are a bad girl. That’s for sure. I don’t know, get a tent or something if you must make hoo-ha in the yard though. It would be more neighborly.” Then he turned and gave Bob a strange look. “Bob, come and see me tomorrow, boy. You need a talking to, I think.” Then he waved vaguely and turned to trudge back to his house, shaking his head in bemusement. Susie broke out laughing. “Wow, that was so fucked up. Old man Smith really got an eyeful of my bod. I think he was hot for me.” She jumped excitedly to her feet and rushed over to Bob, boobs bouncing as she grabbed her husband by the hand. “Come on, honey. I will go rinse Jim’s spooge off myself and then I need you to fuck me more. He stopped before I could cum.” “Can I watch?” asked Jim lecherously. “Sure, hang out if you want to,” said Susie shooting Bob a sly glance. “Maybe you can slip it to me again later if you can get it up again.” “That’s nice,” said Bob sarcastically, but he let his wife lead him back into the house by the hand. Jim slapped him on the shoulder good naturedly and Bob looked at him sheepishly. “I don’t know how I’m going to deal with this wife-sharing business on an emotional level,” admitted Bob aloud as he and Jim waited in the bedroom for Susie to return from the bathroom. “Maybe Mr. Smith will have some good advice for you,” joked Jim gently. Just then Susie returned, naked as could be, pink and clean from a quick shower. She strode over pushed Bob back on the bed aggressively. “Maybe Smith isn’t going to offer advice at all,” she said pulling Bob’s pants off. “Maybe he wants to ask if he can get a crack at me himself… maybe you should let him!” she exclaimed with a laugh as she put her husband’s cock in her mouth. Bob couldn’t tell if she was kidding or not, but lust quickly pushed all thoughts from his mind as his wife gave him the most intense blowjob of his life. *** If you like this, check out my eBooks on Amazon: View my favorite porn images and more free stories on my Tumblr blog:
  8. Your Wife Lets Your Rival Squeeze Her Tits by Gustav Jorgenson You and some friends are drinking one at your house one night. You are all feeling pretty loose when you wife comes in with another tray full of beers for you. "Here you go boys," she says cheerily as she sets down the tray. "Don’t bother to invite me to join you anything." Your buddies all laugh, and you join in weakly, but you don’t like the way they are looking down the front of her dress as she bends down to put the tray on the coffee table. "Come over here and sit with us," says Bob, a guy you know from work. He’s more of rival than a friend. You are always trying to outdo each other, but he’s friends with your other pals, so you invite him over sometimes. It annoys you how he looks your wife’s body over as he moves over to make room on the couch for her. "Why thank you Bob, at least there is one gentleman among you," says your wife teasingly. Your friends react by teasing you in turn. "Whoa," "Oh, boy, you heard, that, Jim?" You just roll your eyes and lean over to grab a beer for yourself. "Thank you for bringing us more beer, darling," you say sarcastically, tipping your beer at your wife. "You are welcome, dear," she says primly as she helps herself to one. You all resume chatting for a while but Bob keeps looking over at your wife’s boobs. They do seem rather jiggly this evening and you are enjoying the view but wish Bob would stop looking at them. "Jennifer, can I ask you a personal question?" he asks your wife, shooting you a devilish glance. "Sure, Bob, I don’t see why not," she says casually, recrossing her legs and tossing her foot playfully. "Are you wearing a bra right now?" he asks, suppressing a smile. You wife blushes furiously, and quickly crosses her arms over her chest self-consciously as your buddies break out in nervous laughter. A couple of your friends look over at you apprehensively. It’s no secret that you and Bob are always competing with one another. You keep your cool and just smirk at Bob, "Ha ha," you say in a deadpan voice. Your wife looks over at you helplessly, her cheeks flushed bright red. "Well, actually, no, I’m not, Bob. I didn’t think anyone would notice." Bob furrows his brow earnestly and gives you wife a look of consternation. "Oh, I’m sorry, Jennifer. I didn’t mean to embarrass you. I shouldn’t have mentioned it." Your wife relaxes slightly and gives a half-hearted chuckle. "Oh, it’s alright Bob, I guess you boys have had a few drinks and it loosened your tongue a bit," She lowers her arms hesitantly and Bob watches with interest as her nipples grow hard and poke through the fabric of her dress. "You’re right, alcohol lowers your inhibitions," he says, gazing brazenly at your wife’s tits, not bothering to look her in the eye. She notices his attention and looks over at you with an uncomfortable grimace, but she keeps her arms by her sides and doesn’t bother covering her boobs again. You scratch your head in annoyance, but aren’t sure how to react. "So yeah," says your wife, “What were we talking about again?" "Your boobs!" laughs your buddy Pete to more laughter. You shoot him a dirty look but he just shrugs an apology and you can see that he is just a little drunk and didn’t mean anything by it. "Right," says Bob apologetically, still not taking his eyes off your wife’s rack, “I am sorry I brought them up, but see when I saw that you weren’t wearing a bra, I was wondering if you, uh, wanted us to notice them," He turns to you and wags his eyebrows at you like Groucho Marx and you have to restrain the urge to jump up and pop him one. "Oh lord," gasps your wife with amazement. Then she slaps Bob’s shoulder and breaks out laughing. "Don’t be silly. I am allowed to be comfortable in my own home, aren’t I?" "And then you bent over and we all got a nice view of your cleavage…" continues Bob shooting you another cocky glance. "Purely unintentional, I’m sure," asserts your wife, trying to laugh it off and giving you a significant look. "Oh, no, don’t apologize, we all enjoyed it, didn’t we boys?" says Bob looking around for support. Your friends just laugh awkwardly and avoid his eyes. Everyone except Pete that is, who is drunk enough to chime in. "Honestly, Jennifer, I did enjoy catching a glimpse of those gorgeous orbs of yours," he says with a slight slur and a crooked smile. "Pete, you’re drunk," says your wife kindly. "But that’s, uh, nice of you to say, I guess." "Let’s change the subject, now, shall we?" you demand coldly, glaring at Bob with hatred. "Oh yes, please," says your wife, relieved that you are taking control of the conversation. "Does it bother you that we like looking at your wife’s breasts?" asks Bob nonchalantly. You are surprised that he is pressing forward like this and are at a loss for words for a second. "Uh, wouldn’t you be?" you ask. "Honestly? No, it wouldn’t bother me at all. My wife would just laugh it off, I’m sure," he says smugly. "Well I just laughed it off too," pipes up your wife, squaring her shoulders indignantly. She is subtly thrusting her chest forward as though daring Bob and Pete to look. "Well that fact that you didn’t wear a bra and bent over to show us your boobs seems to be making your husband nervous," says Bob, turning to your wife with a smile. "Now wait a minute," she laughs, blushing anew. "I wasn’t trying to show anyone anything." "I don’t know what your are insinuating, but I have perfect faith in my wife, Bob," you chime in defensively. "Jim and I have a very solid relationship," agrees you wife with a emphatic nod. "So he shouldn’t mind if you show us your breasts?" he asks archly. "I mean a little thing like that shouldn’t affect your relationship at all." "No of course it wouldn’t, but I didn’t intend to show you anything…" insists your wife, looking at him strangely. "I’d like to see them again," offers Pete, clearly drunk at this point. One of you other pals shushes him up and looks apologetically over at you and your wife. "But it would be no big deal if you were to show us. You could just flash them for us maybe. It’s not like you and Jim would get divorced over it," presses Bob. "Wait, are you asking me to flash my boobs for you?" asks your wife with surprise. "Pete’s drunk, but what’s your excuse?" "I like boobs," Bob admits with a smile. "I like your boobs," he adds lecherously gazing at them obviously. You wife giggles in spite of herself and glances at you guiltily. "Alright Bob, just can it," you say angrily. You notice a couple of your other friends shifting nervously. "Maybe we should be going," says your pal Sam. "I think we’ve all had a few too many. Better call a cab." "That’s a good idea, let’s call it night," you agree with relief. "You have an amazing body, I’m sorry if it makes you nervous for me to tell you," says Pete drunkenly taking your wife’s hand. Jennifer just laughs and let’s Pete kiss her hand. "Pete, you are normally a perfectly polite and respectful guest. I promise not to tease you about this once you have sobered up," she says with a twinkle in her eye. "Perfect, now why not pull them out real quick so we can get a better look," says Pete gesturing clumsily at her chest. Sam leaps to his feet and guides Pete back to his seat shaking his head at you in amazement. "You are going to be really embarrassed in the morning, Pete," you say with resignation. "I promise not to tell your wife about it, though." "Jeez, you guys are making me self-conscious," says your wife touching her bosom gently. "I can’t just go flashing my chest for other men while my husband is sitting right there…" "Well I hope you wouldn’t do it even if I was in the other room," you laugh which makes her lower her eyes and blush an even deeper red. "Well, let her do what she wants," says Bob. "She didn’t come out here bra-less for nothing," he says looking her over lewdly. "I don’t know what you are suggesting," says your wife primly. "You want to show us, you knew we could see down your dress when you bent over like that. Don’t be coy, we are all adults here. Go ahead and show us if you want to. We certainly don’t mind seeing some beautiful breasts," says Bob matter-of-factly. "Bob, you are such a prick, do you know that?" you say. "Can’t you see that this is making my husband angry?" says your wife uncertainly. "Wait, it’s making me angry? Aren’t you offended by all this?" you ask her, startled at her attitude. "Well, not really. Boys will be boys and all that," says your wife with a wry grin. "I just don’t want you to get upset," she says. "You mean that you would show them your tits if it didn’t bother me?" you ask incredulously. "Well of course not, I see that it would bother you," she says quickly, biting her lip nervously. Bob just watches your interaction with interest as Sam hurriedly fishes out his phone and starts calling a cab. "You aren’t answering the question. You seem to be saying that you would gladly flash your boobs for these guys if I agreed to it," you demand. "She did bend over and offer a nice view already…" mutters Bob. Your wife slaps his shoulder in exasperation. "Shush now, you are making it worse." "Please answer the question, dear," you say patiently. "Ugh. Why are you doing this?" she asks unhappily. "Maybe I would give them a thrill if I thought you wouldn’t mind. Why not? I don’t get much attention from men these days." "Oh, I can’t believe that," says Bob soothingly. "I’m sure men still check you out." "Nope," says your wife, sniffing slightly. "I honestly feel invisible around men most of the time." "Can we not get into this personal stuff in front of the guests?" you ask uncomfortably. "You wanted to know," she snaps at you, upset now. "Would I flash my boobs? Sure I would." "Well do it then!" laughs Pete of the tension between your wife and you. She grabs the top of her dress and stares at you daring you to object. You just shrug your shoulders, unable to believe that she would go through with it. But she does. She pulls the top of her dress right down and her soft white breasts come spilling out. She turns and points her erect pink nipples right at Bob. "Are you happy now?" she asks him. "Sure," he says. "May I?" he asks reaching out his hands. "Do what you want," she says softly. You look on in stunned silence as Bob grasps your wife’s tender boobs in his rough hands and pinches her nipples gently. "You wife is an outstanding hostess," Bob says to you as he fondles your wife’s knockers and smiling crudely. You jump up and rush over to intercede, but he quickly withdraws his hands. Your wife flips her top back up and gives you a frightened stare. "Get the fuck out!" you shout at Bob, pointing to the door. He stands abruptly and holds his hands up defensively. "Easy, bud, easy. Just a little drunken tomfoolery. We didn’t mean anything by it." Your guests file quickly out of the room muttering awkward goodbyes and your friend Sam puts his hand on your shoulder. "This won’t seem so bad in the light of day tomorrow," he says sympathetically. You nod at him tight-lipped and say nothing. Once everyone is gone, you turn on your wife angrily. "What the hell was that all about?" you shriek. "I can’t believe you humiliated me in front of my friends! You know Bob is my rival at work!" "I know dear," she says looking at you beseechingly. "Please forgive me. I don’t know what got into me." She seems genuinely contrite and upset, so you just let it go and head off to bed, muttering angrily to yourself. Your wife joins you a few minutes later and you lay in bed together not talking for a while. She snuggles close to you, but you just lay there coldly, not responding. She reaches over and starts fondling your penis and you grunt reluctantly, but you don’t stop her. "You know, it was pretty exciting for me to show my boobs tonight," she purrs in your ear as she fondles your cock. "That’s nice," you say grumpily but you can’t hide the fact that your dick stiffens in response. Your wife notices you getting harder and continues huskily. "Pete and Bob weren’t the only ones looking you know. Sam couldn’t keep his eyes off of them. I didn’t know that I could still have that effect on men." "And all you have to do is act a slut," you say turning to her as she continues working your rod with her hand. "Well, I’ve been pretty modest my whole life up until now," she says eyeing you lovingly as she bends over to go down on you. "Oh shit," you exclaim with pleasure as she wraps her lips around your shaft and sucks. She pauses and says. "It really made me wet when Bob fondled my boobs right in front of you. He just grasped them rudely and pinched my nipples while you sat right there." "Yeah, I didn’t like that," you say, but are surprised that your cock gets even harder as she brings it up again. "Are you sure?" she asks coyly feeling your cock’s reaction. "Jesus! What are you saying?" you say, avoiding her eyes. You wife climbs on top of you and slides your throbbing member inside her. It plunges easily into her soaking pussy and you gasp with satisfaction. "I think you enjoyed that little show tonight," says your wife as she works herself up and down on your hardon. You are about to object, but she puts her finger over your lips. "You can’t hide the fact that it aroused you. I think I should invite Bob and Peter over again for another little party. Heck, I should include Sam too from the way he looked at my titties tonight. Maybe I will wear something a little more… intimate." "I don’t think…" you start to object. "Hush," she says softly. "Maybe I will let them do more than just cop a feel, too," she says devilishly. And now you are too busy cumming inside her to pretend to complain. She joins you by climaxing herself almost simultaneously, and you wonder how strange it is that this perversion has resurrected your love life. *** If you like this, check out my eBooks on Amazon: View my favorite porn images and more free stories on my Tumblr blog:
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