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Found 327 results

  1. Friend wife maria

    .hi all check and comment a friends wife. Her name is Maria she a 55yr milf she is into sharing but not too often he tries to make her a cock hungry milf
  2. i wanna be a cuckhold

    hi all I want to try to be a cuckhold,i wanna see her if its ok, but ill be ok if she goes out with other guy,ill waiting for her at home very horny. shes ready to try because we realy fantasise a lot about it...but the rule is that she has to pick the guy she wants,no one yet but yes theres a guy with she messanger sometimes....any advices?
  3. I shared this with others about a Month ago, I thought I was actually going to going to get things rolling in a direction of getting my wife fucked by a friend, and it seemed like everything was working out, but then my friend ended up in the hospital after a bad car accident. So I backed off, and thought of other chances I may have. Through it all I never stopped talking about her and other men, and how she needs a real man to make her feel like she deserves. I also started jacking off a lot in the bathroom just before before we made love. I wasn't getting off, but it did help me get off even faster than usual. So like for the last Month I have lasted maybe 2 minutes before getting off. It has become so automatic that she will actually have the dildo present when we start making love, because she knows I won't last long at all. Now the dildo I got her uses batteries, so what I dd was hide all the batteries, and so last time her didlo died and she actually got a bit agitated because it did not last long enough, and we had no new batteries for it. So I started talking to her that if we had another man here she would not need batteries. I guess the nudging is helping, because she started asking me where would we find a guy for her. I suggested we go to bars to meet them. She let me know that there was no way she could meet another guy if I was with her. So I told her that I was OK with her going alone. She thinks I am weird that I would let her go to the bar with the express purpose of finding a lover. Well, I finally convinced her to go to the bar. She said she isn't going to do anything, but she agreed to go to see if any men hit up on her. She chose tonight, because this bar across town we heard of has karaoke on Sunday nights. So there should be a good sized crowd.She will have her phone with her and keep me up on what's happening by text. She is taking a nap right now, so I thought I would post this to get a conversation going. She doesn't know that I joined this site for the specific purpose of sharing my thoughts of wanting to be cuckolded by her. When she heads out later this evening, I can keep everyone updated.. She is going to leave for the bar about 9pm tonight. So you may want to keep an eye out for any updates I share that she sent me. I have never ever shared my wife with anyone, but I surf porn and the more I did, the more I have an urge to see her get fucked. Then I stumbled upon a few cuckolding videos and eventually felt as if I would be a good cuck. My wife is the dominant one in our relationship. She seldom if ever gets off with me. mainly because I really have a small dick, and I get off pretty fast. She said she never felt dissatisfied, but the more I urge her while making out, and after I get off, and talk to her about getting with a guy with a bigger cock to see if she would like it, the more she considered it, but then changes her mind. Well, a week ago she agreed, but only to show me that I would not like it if she went out without me. Well she is taking a nap, and when she gets up she will get ready. I have the perfect outfit I want her to wear, and I look forward to watching her get all dolled up for some guy she has yet to even meet. She says she wont do anything, but I am hoping that after she has a few drinks that she will melt in some guys presence and be wooed into giving in and going home with a guy. My wife has always been flirty and much more susceptible to suggestions when she has a few drinks, When she has had more than a few she gets real horny, at least with me she does. Not sure how much she will drink, or if she will allow herself to get carried away, but I'm hopeful. Well, it's now about 3:50 and she planned on getting up and take a shower to get ready about 5 pm. So that's like a bit over an hour. I'll check in as I can without her getting any wind of me sharing what's going on as I can. I'll keep anyone who cares updated as thing go, and then when she gets to the bar, I'll share our texts with you. My stomach is queazy, and I'm as nervous as a cat at the pound. My head is racing with thoughts of what I want her to wear, what I hope happens, and the thought that she may come home with a pussy full of another man's sperm. Even if she only makes out with a guy, I would be happy, but I want her to get fucked like she has never been fucked before. She laid down for a nap about 1:00 pm, and since then i have jacked off about three times I'm so horny. I better post this before she gets up. I took the picture of her about a year ago. shared it on a site for men sharing pics of their wives, with some other racy ones of her I took of her over the last few years, but for now this is all I will share here. It's a site I joined a few years ago. I shared them with a few buddies, and they have been cool by not letting others know. She would literally kill me if she knew I have shown any of these to anyone.
  4. ddddddddddddd my wife for the cum bucket she is and will post more!
  5. My wife is a sloppy stupid whore who loves being submissive and degraded,looking for other guys whos fucked her blown out twat and trashy face to share there experiences..better the comments,the more will post for her to be @@@@@@@!
  6. sloppy seconds

    So, you guys like sloppy seconds? I personally find the idea hugely exciting! After a wife has been fucked and used, entering a hole that has been amply lubricated and dilated by the bull is such an exciting thought! I think I will cum within 2 minutes of entering such a pussy I'd also love to rub the bulls cum on my dick and masturbate, if entering the pussy is denied
  7. He was one her favorite lovers. His cock was 9 inches and he would pound her pussy raw. I didn't always clean up, usually I just watched and took pictures or a video, but that day was different. I got real horny watching him fuck my wife, then when he finished and rolled off, my wife motioned for me to clean up the cream pie he filled her up with. So like a dutiful cuckolded husband I obeyed my wife, and sucked out every last drop of their love juices mixed together. -->-->-->-->--> Please Hit Like Button To The Right, And Please Leave A Comment -->-->-->-->-->--> ========= It will improve my community reputation rating ==========
  8. Leave your pc open in team view while you leave. Wondering what is happening to your wife/ gf photos and what a stranger is doing with them. If they will keep her photos and jack off to them or spread them around on sites or to friends. What do you think will happen? 961 641 060 9i4h5k
  9. share gif via Teamviewer

    id 386 021 437 password 921ssn
  10. I was asked the other day, why I post pics of my wife. I'm not a cuckold and don't share her, so why the play with her photos? Got me to thinking. When we first hooked up, we enjoyed a lot of sexy talk during sex. I loved hearing about her earlier escapades (she didn't like hearing about mine) and would regale me with stories of her past. Suzie was renowned as a being a bit easy when she was younger, so there was lots to tell and it always got me really fired up. After we married, her second, my first, I came into contact with a couple of her earlier conquests (although Sue's a little older than me, we came from the same area and moved in similar circles as kids - in fact, I did know her by reputation, if not that well personally) through work. We enjoyed a bit of [private] banter about her which eventually led to a broadening of our kinky, little group. The guys enjoyed the memories and it all turned me on. Inevitably, I shared a couple of recent photos of Sue. which I again found pretty erotic. Unfortunately, one of the guys decided he would involve Suzie in our fun, which equally inevitably, led to the shit hitting the fan. Obviously I cooled off from the online thing. Suzie, however, decided not to. She used an old email account to create a fff account (using her name from that earlier, teenage, marriage) and continued flirting and chatting with a group of the old flames. What Suzie didn't realise (I think) was that the email account was originally mine and I could still access it and so was soon monitoring her private fff too. So we started this duplicitous and secretive game, where she privately toyed with her exes and I secretly observed. Again, I had to push the envelope a little and posted a few photos on imagefap and then the chatroom there. The pics went down well and soon I was being encouraged to use [the brilliant, older, yellow] Cuckold Fart. I posted more and more pics - editing them for anonymity but, on occasion, being more daring. I posted a screen shot once which included an [unnoticed by me] tab showing her fff page, sending shit back in the direction of the fan as Sue was soon contacted by a Cuckold Fart poster. What followed was brilliant as Sue started to chat with a couple of total strangers, discussing on more than one occasion the fact that I posted naked pics of her online. To this date, we have never spoken about either indiscretions. I'm not sure what finally happened, but suddenly Sue closed the fff page. In response to her backing off, so have I, posting less and less - in truth, I don't find the chat rooms as much fun anymore, too much porn being passed off as real wives, but it was fun while it lasted.
  11. Somebody TEAMVIEWER?

    informacion inbox
  12. B day Present

    Having a house party and everyone is looking for my wife and one of her friends finds her sucking some big black kids cock in the bathroom upstairs.Her head is just bopping up and down and she doesn't even stop to turn around until her friend says "Aly everybody is looking for you to cut the cake." she then pulls the fat long cock out of her throat and with her wet glistening mouth says "Im working on Tommy's present right now" her friend says "ok mami get that shit" she puts the fat wet cock back in her mouth and starts slurping loud and the black kid starts letting out a loud groan and fills her mouth will his thick clumpy nut and say "now go bring Tommy his present!"
  13. So all you guys know how we tell our best friends all the kinky stuff we can get our wives and girlfriends to do . Me and my wife like to do a lot of role playing . We use toys dildos and costumes one of my wife's favorite things we do is i tie her up on her back her wrist are tied to her she is spread open i put a blindfold on her and headphones so she is completely in the dark so the only senses she has is touch .Well anyway what i do i s i first get on her and start to fuck her. After a few minuets of fucking her I pretend to cum and climb off then i change shirts maybe put n a pair of jeans so I feel different next to her body we bought a few life like dildos of different sizes and a harness so i can strap them on then i climb back on her start to fuck her squeeze her tits and pinch her nipples so it is a completely different feel like some one different is fucking her. well she loves it it is like she is getting gang banged we swap out a few time with the different dildos then i get back on and finish my self off it is hot as hell . My best friend has seen a lot of her photos i have taken over the years he will trade with me and show off different girlfriends he has gotten pics of we have fucked in the same room not on the same bed but on different couches . We have even been skinny dipping together so he has seen her naked in person and loves her tits. now she on the other hand really had no interest in my friend other then just joking around . Well one night me and my my Wife went out to the local comedy club with my best friend and his girl friend we were having a blast with a lot of drinks. my wife was getting real tipsy . the two girls decided to go to the rest room and i told my friend I am going to fuck the hell out of her tonight drunk sex is always best and she was really getting there. He said you lucky bastard my girl friend has to head to her parents tonight so no sex for me . I said she is getting tied up tonight he said i am there ill fuck her i said sure (just fucking around ) but i was going to be nice i said i ll send u a pic of her all tied up to get you hard lol. well later we went our separate ways He lives down the street from me and has my extra keys and stuff . so later i got her in bed she was plastered, really drunk but really willing lol .I got her all tied up and spread open and got the headphones on her . i sneaked my cell phone out and took a pic for my friend and said enjoy . it was hot just sending the pic to him so i got on and started to fuck her i was enjoying my self and i heard a noise at the bed room door i figured dammit i for got to let my pet in the room so i pretended to cum and got off it was time to change out any way so i got off went to the door to let our pet in the room and my friend was there standing buck naked cock in hand i didnt even have time to say WTF he walked right past me ans climbed on her and slid in her ..... Holy shit what just happened i was afraid to say anything i didn't want to alarm her but he was all ready in side of her i didn't know what to do he had the biggest grin on his face he bent down and sucked her tits i almost came just standing there it seemed like forever i just stood there quiet as hell hoping she didn't notice that my best friend was fucking her but sh had no clue one of the dildos was exactly his size and we are same build body wise after a few minuets of him enjoying my wife he started to cum in side of her i thought he had a condom on but later i found out i interrupted him putting it on when i oped the door he slid off and was grinning from ear to ear walked out the door and went home well what else was i suppose to do i climbed on and finished my self off it only took a few seconds she was slippery as hell i could tell he came in her for the next month i was worried as hell he told me a few days later damm that was hot as hell for me letting him fuck her i told him you were not suppose to even come over and i was just fucking around he said whoops lol did she suspect i asked her and she don't rember the night at all after the club she was really drunk she has no clue at all now he want s to set her up to do it another time im considering it but i am really nervous what do you think should i do it
  14. Cuckolds Filipina Hot wife New Here

    Hi We are new here and want some comments from bulls and cuckolds .John & Gina Jones
  15. TRIXSY

    From the album Trixsy

  16. BullsInvitation.jpg

    From the album Filipina Gina Jones

    Our Bulls invitation for in our local area , We are excited to meet new Bulls all the time . Lets Do it !

    ID 386 021 437 PASSWORD fk5z96