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Found 170 results

  1. So all you guys know how we tell our best friends all the kinky stuff we can get our wives and girlfriends to do . Me and my wife like to do a lot of role playing . We use toys dildos and costumes one of my wife's favorite things we do is i tie her up on her back her wrist are tied to her she is spread open i put a blindfold on her and headphones so she is completely in the dark so the only senses she has is touch .Well anyway what i do i s i first get on her and start to fuck her. After a few minuets of fucking her I pretend to cum and climb off then i change shirts maybe put n a pair of jeans so I feel different next to her body we bought a few life like dildos of different sizes and a harness so i can strap them on then i climb back on her start to fuck her squeeze her tits and pinch her nipples so it is a completely different feel like some one different is fucking her. well she loves it it is like she is getting gang banged we swap out a few time with the different dildos then i get back on and finish my self off it is hot as hell . My best friend has seen a lot of her photos i have taken over the years he will trade with me and show off different girlfriends he has gotten pics of we have fucked in the same room not on the same bed but on different couches . We have even been skinny dipping together so he has seen her naked in person and loves her tits. now she on the other hand really had no interest in my friend other then just joking around . Well one night me and my my Wife went out to the local comedy club with my best friend and his girl friend we were having a blast with a lot of drinks. my wife was getting real tipsy . the two girls decided to go to the rest room and i told my friend I am going to fuck the hell out of her tonight drunk sex is always best and she was really getting there. He said you lucky bastard my girl friend has to head to her parents tonight so no sex for me . I said she is getting tied up tonight he said i am there ill fuck her i said sure (just fucking around ) but i was going to be nice i said i ll send u a pic of her all tied up to get you hard lol. well later we went our separate ways He lives down the street from me and has my extra keys and stuff . so later i got her in bed she was plastered, really drunk but really willing lol .I got her all tied up and spread open and got the headphones on her . i sneaked my cell phone out and took a pic for my friend and said enjoy . it was hot just sending the pic to him so i got on and started to fuck her i was enjoying my self and i heard a noise at the bed room door i figured dammit i for got to let my pet in the room so i pretended to cum and got off it was time to change out any way so i got off went to the door to let our pet in the room and my friend was there standing buck naked cock in hand i didnt even have time to say WTF he walked right past me ans climbed on her and slid in her ..... Holy shit what just happened i was afraid to say anything i didn't want to alarm her but he was all ready in side of her i didn't know what to do he had the biggest grin on his face he bent down and sucked her tits i almost came just standing there it seemed like forever i just stood there quiet as hell hoping she didn't notice that my best friend was fucking her but sh had no clue one of the dildos was exactly his size and we are same build body wise after a few minuets of him enjoying my wife he started to cum in side of her i thought he had a condom on but later i found out i interrupted him putting it on when i oped the door he slid off and was grinning from ear to ear walked out the door and went home well what else was i suppose to do i climbed on and finished my self off it only took a few seconds she was slippery as hell i could tell he came in her for the next month i was worried as hell he told me a few days later damm that was hot as hell for me letting him fuck her i told him you were not suppose to even come over and i was just fucking around he said whoops lol did she suspect i asked her and she don't rember the night at all after the club she was really drunk she has no clue at all now he want s to set her up to do it another time im considering it but i am really nervous what do you think should i do it
  2. MY WIFE - A SEXUAL HISTORY FROM 18 YEARS OF AGE TO HER MID 40'S My wife Sarah is in her mid 40's and we have been married nearly 20 years. I have known her since her mid-teens but we got together when she was 20 years of age and it was then that I first got to fuck her. I have included two pictures of her when she was in her early 20's. A third picture of her taken earlier this year was taken in a hotel room where she was to have sex with another man while I watched. The purpose of the photos is to give you some idea as to her history and what she looked like when she was younger and what she looks like now. Sarah has always enjoyed showing off her body, whether it be by being naked or semi naked on a beach, by me photographing her or by some of the clothes she has worn. She has always been aware that men have found her and still find her attractive and it has always been a turn on for her. But it was not until her late 30's that she had sex with another man while I watched. I had fantasised for many years about watching my wife have sex with another man. The fantasy always involved a well endowed man because it was one of the justifications in my mind for it to happen. I am not overly endowed in size. My penis is average in size, maybe a bit smaller than average, so I always wondered how she would handle having sex with a man who had a big cock. What would she do, what it would be like to watch and listen. How would her firm hard body cope. I originally introduced my fantasy as role play in our bedroom. Over time Sarah warmed to it, actually instigating sex with me where she pretended she was having sex with another man while I watched. Often it was me standing at or beside the foot of the bed watching her work herself over with one of our dildoes. From there it developed into online chat with men where we would seek men out who might be interested in having sex with her. We often would send them a picture or two, no face, but enough to get their feedback. It aroused Sarah immensely to hear some of their comments. Soon she was doing webcam, masturbating for men, again no face for privacy reasons. She would watch in turn as they masturbated on cam for her. She would always have a huge orgasm and our sex that followed was always very intense. These encounters on the web broke down her inhibitions, sexually aroused her to a new level and eventually led to her being shared for the first time. There are many explicit photos of Sarah both from her younger years and more current photos from her encounters with other men. If there is interest I will continue to post pictures and the next installment in our story will commence at the beginning with Sarah at 18 years of age.
  4. How often does you masturbate ? Or watch your spouse do it ? , what is your fantasy about it ? And techniques Would you dare and do it outdoors ?
  5. I would love to watch another man fuck my wife. Who would like to fuck her??
  6. If you have more, show.......If you know her, say who and where......
  7. IMG-2671.JPG

    From the album White night

    Love seeing her play in her white lingerie
  8. Love it when wifes tight pussy is completely shaven ready to take a cock
  9. I'm newbie in this area, and curious about what you all think of my wife.
  10. Rub it for her IMG_0384.3gp IMG_0384.3gp
  11. Let us know what you think of her captions!
  12. This is my girlfriend Karola Schulz from Leipzig (Germany) for you. She became 50 in October last year, but is still retrievable ...
  13. How many cucks are spending the weekends at home while their wives are with their lover?
  14. Hi there! We are a couple looking for chat and photo trade
  15. My wife Linda, tell me or show what you would do to her... Thank you...
  16. Still both new to this. Should i post more? Dirty Comments welcome!
  17. My wife has never worn a bra as long as I have known her. She has always loved to flirt. She has been enjoyed being turned on when I play with her tits in diners. My response to her when said a man was watching has been, “They are just jealous it is not them playing with your tits.” And if it was a female, I would say, “They are jealous they are not bold enough to allow their husband to do the same”. She has gotten use to dressing very sexy when we would go out of town: unbuttoning blouse enough to show off the tops of her breast and wearing leggings without panties, tight enough to show camel toe. Or see-thru sun dresses or very short dresses and even on rare occasion just a very large shirt. She is comfortable pointing out men she finds attractive. And I would at times point at to her the guy was checking her out when she was not looking and turn around quickly when she would look his way. It never happened, but she got use to the fact other men found her attractive. We have role played during sex, with me being another man she had found attractive at a bar or restaurant. It really turned her on. We would not do this often. I knew she was getting into the thought of being with another man when she started initiating the role pay and talking dirty. Never have mentioned to her I would love see her to get fucked by other men. She has two weakness, slot machines and desire for attention. We recently met a man at the casinos that she find attractive and we had dinner with. During the meal, she encouraged me to play with tits by moving my hand to them. She got real flushed as I played with them. Today, she asked it was alright with me, if she went to the casino with Rick, I got horny instantly. “Sure, Sweetheart,” I replied trying not to tremble with my answer. “I will go and get some money from the bank.” When I got back she was dressed in one of her sexy out of town outfits. Rick has just left with her in toll. Hope she lets him fuck her.
  18. When your wife is enjoying her sexual freedom
  19. Anyone share their wife and enjoy their stories. With video and pictures.
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