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Found 176 results

  1. So all you guys know how we tell our best friends all the kinky stuff we can get our wives and girlfriends to do . Me and my wife like to do a lot of role playing . We use toys dildos and costumes one of my wife's favorite things we do is i tie her up on her back her wrist are tied to her she is spread open i put a blindfold on her and headphones so she is completely in the dark so the only senses she has is touch .Well anyway what i do i s i first get on her and start to fuck her. After a few minuets of fucking her I pretend to cum and climb off then i change shirts maybe put n a pair of jeans so I feel different next to her body we bought a few life like dildos of different sizes and a harness so i can strap them on then i climb back on her start to fuck her squeeze her tits and pinch her nipples so it is a completely different feel like some one different is fucking her. well she loves it it is like she is getting gang banged we swap out a few time with the different dildos then i get back on and finish my self off it is hot as hell . My best friend has seen a lot of her photos i have taken over the years he will trade with me and show off different girlfriends he has gotten pics of we have fucked in the same room not on the same bed but on different couches . We have even been skinny dipping together so he has seen her naked in person and loves her tits. now she on the other hand really had no interest in my friend other then just joking around . Well one night me and my my Wife went out to the local comedy club with my best friend and his girl friend we were having a blast with a lot of drinks. my wife was getting real tipsy . the two girls decided to go to the rest room and i told my friend I am going to fuck the hell out of her tonight drunk sex is always best and she was really getting there. He said you lucky bastard my girl friend has to head to her parents tonight so no sex for me . I said she is getting tied up tonight he said i am there ill fuck her i said sure (just fucking around ) but i was going to be nice i said i ll send u a pic of her all tied up to get you hard lol. well later we went our separate ways He lives down the street from me and has my extra keys and stuff . so later i got her in bed she was plastered, really drunk but really willing lol .I got her all tied up and spread open and got the headphones on her . i sneaked my cell phone out and took a pic for my friend and said enjoy . it was hot just sending the pic to him so i got on and started to fuck her i was enjoying my self and i heard a noise at the bed room door i figured dammit i for got to let my pet in the room so i pretended to cum and got off it was time to change out any way so i got off went to the door to let our pet in the room and my friend was there standing buck naked cock in hand i didnt even have time to say WTF he walked right past me ans climbed on her and slid in her ..... Holy shit what just happened i was afraid to say anything i didn't want to alarm her but he was all ready in side of her i didn't know what to do he had the biggest grin on his face he bent down and sucked her tits i almost came just standing there it seemed like forever i just stood there quiet as hell hoping she didn't notice that my best friend was fucking her but sh had no clue one of the dildos was exactly his size and we are same build body wise after a few minuets of him enjoying my wife he started to cum in side of her i thought he had a condom on but later i found out i interrupted him putting it on when i oped the door he slid off and was grinning from ear to ear walked out the door and went home well what else was i suppose to do i climbed on and finished my self off it only took a few seconds she was slippery as hell i could tell he came in her for the next month i was worried as hell he told me a few days later damm that was hot as hell for me letting him fuck her i told him you were not suppose to even come over and i was just fucking around he said whoops lol did she suspect i asked her and she don't rember the night at all after the club she was really drunk she has no clue at all now he want s to set her up to do it another time im considering it but i am really nervous what do you think should i do it
  2. Hi This goes to both bulls and cuckolds like me. I have had a craving the recent days, that someone prints out naked photos of my wife and leaves them in public places (mens bathrooms etc) with some kind of text, maybe some contact information. I dont dare to do this myself, as the men that would find them would live to close tous. But the thought of my wifes innocent pussy being displayed is very humiliating and at the same time makes me very horny. It is a possibility that you give them an email adress that both you and me have access to, so you can read the mail to. Would anybody help me out, or have similar other ideas to play out? (I have more photos)
  3. Hello everyone, we have been very busy with our daytime life obligations and not able to enjoy our nightlife "Play" and "Fun". We found this site a couple of months ago and we like how this site operates. And we oticed everybody who use this site are very open and friendly. This is how we like it and even though it has been only a couple of month we decided post some of our pictures. My wife and I have been married for over 30 years now. We have had our ups and downs with our relationship since my wife is very promiscuos. She gave me a heck of roller coster ride so far. I knew she was very sexual when I first met her. She told me she had over 100 lovers when I met her. There are few people who know how my wife is and I somehow put up with her behavior. I understand that there are several guys at her work who know she can be a fuck doll. Majority of the time when she decides to get wild, she is drinking. Of course working for a company (she is a database administrator at a large energy resource company) for over 15 years can reveal some of personal life style. During the holiday seasons, office party with plenty of booz made her stayed out all night long and sometime she didn;'t get home until following afternoon. My wife is not into cuckolding me with humiliation. I think I talked about my fantasy so much that she kind of comform with my fantasy. We are both very submissive and what we like is men and women dominate us. I love to fantasize I am forced to @@@@@@ my wife's naked body to strangers and hear degrading remarks about our body. You can take a look at our profile and find out what make us turned on. In any event, we are going to post few photos for now. Some of the pictures were extracted from our video clips and some are not good quality photos, we apologize. We are hoping we can attach the video clips to this thread. If you like our photos let us know and we will post our video footage. What we would like is (my wife's request) give us a feedback on our uploads. Degrading, nasty and humiliating commets is what she is hoping to receive. We hope you like them OK.... Giver2u
  4. There's something erotic about seeing another man turning my wife into his woman. Especially if he is doing so in our own matrimonial bed. It's difficult to explain, but the feeling I get in my gut, just anticipating the arrival of one of her lover is like a child anticipating the arrival of Christmas morning. Then to see him make her his woman, would be like getting the present you have been dreaming of all year. Regardless of how many times I experienced it, I know that the next time will be different, maybe even better than the last time. If the stud is someone I never before met, well the expectation is even better. How will he be with her, and how will he be with me? Will he ignore me and give all his attention to my wife, or will he make me feel like I am part of the moment. I have met all types of men who have fucked my wife. Some men are more timid and take caution while entering my home to fuck my wife. Others are like lions, who take control the second they enter the den. The testosterone that exudes from their being is so strong that I instinctively shrink into the cuckold I was bred to be. We both know our positions. His is to be the new lion of the den, mine is to be his house boy, serving at his will as he makes my wife his lioness. Now, out in the world I have always been an alpha type of a male. I am a take charge kind of guy that always climbed the ranks in the the bossiness world, and even though my athletic abilities are average, I have always challenged the better athletes, even if they eventual defeated me on the field. They knew they had a fight, and repeated me as their equal. The home is another story all together. Something happens when I am naked and @@@@@@@. It's as if I am still a boy standing next to my older siblings. As the youngest in a family of 8 children, who's parents worked many hours, I was pretty much raised by four older sisters and three older brothers. They all excreted a certain amount of control over me in the home. Outside the home I was given more leeway in my freedom. So I accepted my role in the home, and reached for control away. I guess this is why I am an alpha in the world but submissive to an alpha in my home. I shared in a comment to a post about how some men can be easily taken advantage of by women who cheat on them, because they will give her more chances. Where as many men will drop a girlfriend or divorce their wife in a heartbeat if she cheats on him. The more this happens in their relationships, the more they are almost being bred to be a cuck. After all, the very definition of the word, “Cuckold”, is the husband of a cheating wife. Well, I had numerous girlfriends who either cheated on me or made me feel as if they were not as dedicated to me as I was to them, but I always forgave them. Now ad all this to the fact that I was not very blessed physically, technically, nor emotionally when it comes to the sexual department. My cock is very small, I don't last long, and I seldom show the type of affection women desire while making love. Now when I say I am small, I mean my junk barely hangs, and my balls are small always tight. When I am really excited and ready to fuck, my dick measures at barely 3 ¾ inches. Now I know a woman can get off without getting fucked by a big cock. But come on now, a man likes to look at his cock as he slides it in and out of a pussy, and regardless of how big a man's cock is, she likes feeling a man's cock inside her. Plus, women like getting fucked in different positions other than missionary style. My stamina doesn't allow for more than one position. I think the longest I ever lasted while fucking is maybe 5 minutes. Which means I am not even warming the woman up, let alone making her twitch and tingle with orgasmic pleasure. For me to make my wife feel good, and bring her to a orgasm, I had to basically rub my pelvis side to side as I smash her clit like a woman bumping her muffin with her. I lost count of how many times I've heard the question, "Is it in yet?" I can joke now about it, but for many years it really bothered me. Especially since most women I had sex with never dated me again. It got so bad for a time that I eventually tried having sex with just men for some time. Well, I sucked cocks, nothing more. Some men sucked my cock, but I learned that I liked the feel of a cock in my mouth and the taste of sperm more than I liked the feel of my cock in another man's mouth. If anyone is curious I did write about an experience I had with a younger guy in his 20s. Sucking cocks is actually something that actually began when I was much much younger. I believe my desire to suck a cock now and then is another experience that helped lead me into the cuckold lifestyle. It definitely made cleaning a cream pie from my wife's pussy a lot easier than if I hadn't tasted another guys sperm before. Let me know and if you want to read it and I'll post it. Now, the first time my current wife agreed to let me watch her get fucked, was the first time in my life I ever felt so sexually satisfied. It was an experience that I cannot explain. I wasn't jealous, I wasn't hurt, and I was able to witness her have numerous orgasms. I even joined in and got off myself. Her joy came from the guy we invited into out bedroom. The guy really connected physically, and emotionally with my wife. His techniques were amazing in the many ways he fucked her while making her feel like I could never do. It was a long journey for us. That first time was a guy who was sharing rent with us. For about 2 years he probably fucked my wife more than I did. Especially since just before he moved out he was unemployed for about 6 Months. Then he moved out to take a job back east. Afterwards, my wife refused to do anything for almost 15 years, but when she finally agreed to, the flood gates of passion opened up for her. She was like a fish in the water, in how she began fucking so many different men. I can honestly say that each and every man who fucked her was bigger than me, and many were more than twice as big. Hell, I could only dream of touching the pussy her lovers were fucking. My wife would joke that once the head of her lovers cock slipped into her they were already fucking pussy I never had. I will share more of the many times I watched her and her lovers and how I slowly went from being one of three to a bystander as I watched and slowly became a cuckold who followed instructions given to me by my wife and her bulls. Look, I know my wife loves me. She has been with me through thick and thin and has never threatened to leave me. That gives me the added pleasure of knowing I can satisfy her every need outside of the bedroom. For the bedroom though, we just started using stunt doubles. LOL I will always believe that, to me anyway, my wife has never been so beautiful as she is when she is having an orgasm from another man making passionate love to her. Something I miss dearly now since she retired. I won't get into the reasons why she stopped, but there is nothing I can do about. I have some pics and some videos to enjoy and that will suffice. But I would be telling a lie if I said I did not miss it. The picture on the left is my wife riding a guy we met when we sang Karaoke at a bar. He won the competition, and he won my wife's heart. So I told him she wanted him, and he said he wanted her also. He ended up at our place and spent the night fucking her. Some day I will post a short video clip of him getting off shortly after I took this picture. The one on the right was a guy I hired to help me cut down a tree. Great story I'll try to write. Believe it or not, but he is earning his red-wings in this picture. My wife was in 7th heaven as he spent quite some time making her smile. Let me know what you think, and please follow me to keep up with my life as a cuckolded husband, and what my early life was about that led me to become a cuckold. I have many many stories that should entertain and turn you on in the process. My posts will come, so don't get impatient. Good writing takes time to be created.
  6. MY WIFE - A SEXUAL HISTORY FROM 18 YEARS OF AGE TO HER MID 40'S My wife Sarah is in her mid 40's and we have been married nearly 20 years. I have known her since her mid-teens but we got together when she was 20 years of age and it was then that I first got to fuck her. I have included two pictures of her when she was in her early 20's. A third picture of her taken earlier this year was taken in a hotel room where she was to have sex with another man while I watched. The purpose of the photos is to give you some idea as to her history and what she looked like when she was younger and what she looks like now. Sarah has always enjoyed showing off her body, whether it be by being naked or semi naked on a beach, by me photographing her or by some of the clothes she has worn. She has always been aware that men have found her and still find her attractive and it has always been a turn on for her. But it was not until her late 30's that she had sex with another man while I watched. I had fantasised for many years about watching my wife have sex with another man. The fantasy always involved a well endowed man because it was one of the justifications in my mind for it to happen. I am not overly endowed in size. My penis is average in size, maybe a bit smaller than average, so I always wondered how she would handle having sex with a man who had a big cock. What would she do, what it would be like to watch and listen. How would her firm hard body cope. I originally introduced my fantasy as role play in our bedroom. Over time Sarah warmed to it, actually instigating sex with me where she pretended she was having sex with another man while I watched. Often it was me standing at or beside the foot of the bed watching her work herself over with one of our dildoes. From there it developed into online chat with men where we would seek men out who might be interested in having sex with her. We often would send them a picture or two, no face, but enough to get their feedback. It aroused Sarah immensely to hear some of their comments. Soon she was doing webcam, masturbating for men, again no face for privacy reasons. She would watch in turn as they masturbated on cam for her. She would always have a huge orgasm and our sex that followed was always very intense. These encounters on the web broke down her inhibitions, sexually aroused her to a new level and eventually led to her being shared for the first time. There are many explicit photos of Sarah both from her younger years and more current photos from her encounters with other men. If there is interest I will continue to post pictures and the next installment in our story will commence at the beginning with Sarah at 18 years of age.
  7. Through the years I have watched my wife get fucked by many different men. One of the things I have always found erotic, is the way her lovers enjoyed nibbling and pulling on her nipples while they were making love to her. Sadly my wife does not play around any longer, due to medical reasons. However, I have many pictures to remember the good old day with. As I flip through them reminiscing, I will often times find myself playing around to create different collages from them. This is a one I put together last night that I thought everyone would enjoy. Any other cuckolds notice this about heir wive's lovers? Let me know what you think. Oh yea, please friend me so I can share my cuckold journey with you.
  8. I was still married to my first wife, when we went on a trip to Bozemen Mt. We were married eight years before we split and divorced. It was 1982, I was 25 and she was 23. It took place about two years before our nasty divorce. I had been trying to get her to fuck other men for a few years, but she never took the leap. She came close, and even agreed that maybe she would if the time was right, the guy was right, and she was horny enough, but she emphasized the word, "Maybe." While she never did take me up on the offer, she came close one time. This is my recollection of that time. We were alone without the kids because they were spending a Month in Texas with their grandparents, (my wife's parents). They had planned to take them to Europe with them. So we took advantage of the freedom to visit her friend and do some site seeing. We lived in California, and whenever we went to Montana we made it a habit to drive through Yellowstone Park. That year we spent two days at the Old faithful Inn lodge as we checked out most of the sites. That day began with us checking out of our room early in the morning about 7:30. We figured we could check out a few more sites, and then head on out of the park. After leaving the park we decided to stop in West Yellowstone to buy a few souvenirs, get a bite to eat, and then finish our drive to Bozeman. I remember our A/C was on the fritz, but figured we could sweat it out till we got to Bozeman to get it check out. It wasn't real hot, but hot enough to make the ride sweaty and more miserable than we expected. It was almost 4:00 pm when we finally got driving through the Gallatin Canyon which is about 50 miles from Bozeman. At the time we were looking at hitting Bozeman by 4:30 or 5:00 pm. As I drove I kept looking over at my wife, who was looking real sexy, all sweaty in her sundress barely clinging to her bra-less breasts. She must have noticed me looking, because she started running her hand on my thigh as she scooted closer to me. I put an arm around her and began slowly running my fingers over her breast and nipple. The harder her nipple got, the closer her hand moved to my crotch. Eventually she began unbuckling my belt, but it was awkward and I had to stop her so we wouldn't wreck. All of a sudden I heard a horn honk that took my mind away from what we were doing and I realized I was driving like 20 miles and hour ans swerving a bit with a couple cars behind us who's drivers were obviously upset with the way I was driving. I decided to pull over into a rest area that is used for fishing access to park the car. No sooner did I turn off the car and my wife and I were ravaging each other. It was so sweet. We had not been able to just stop what we were doing and fuck in over 5 years. Not since before our first ***** was born. We were hot, sweaty, and all we could think about was getting it on. My wife opened the door and teased me by telling me if I want some, I better grab a blanket. I reached into the back seat and made a mess of everything we had neatly packed. I found a corner of the blanket that was used to cover the seat because of a big rip in it and just pulled until it came free and everything ended upside down as I rushed out the door with the blanket in my hand. I slammed the door shut and looked around to find her. I saw her on the bank of the river looking out to some guy fly-fishing about 100 feet down the river. I walked up behind her, and wrapped the blanket around her. She grabbed the sides of it and I stood behind her with my raging hard pressing against her ass. As she held the blanket I began pulling down the zipper on her dress. She turned her head and asked what are we going to do if that guy sees us. I told her its up to her. She answered that question by dropping her arms down at her sides to allow her dress to drop to the ground. I was still holding the blanket around us, and I remember thinking this could be a perfect moment to get her fucked by another guy. From my view, under the blanket, my wife was standing in front of me wearing nothing but her pink and yellow pokey-dot bikini bra and panties. With her dress laying bunched up around her feet on the ground. I looked out at the guy fishing and his eyes were still glued on us. I told her to hold the blanket so I could unhook her bra. Thinking she was grabbing the blanket from me, I let go. She allowed the blanket to drop to the ground at the same time as her her bra did. Here we were standing near the shoreline, as she was facing the old guy in the middle of the river and me behind her with my rock hard cock poking her in the back. I then started kissing the back of her neck while fondling her breasts. She eventually turned her head just enough for me to kiss her, while she then reached behind her to clumsily unbuckle the belt of my pants. While my wife had my belt unbuckled she was making headway on loosening my jeans. I then noticed the old man had moved closer towards us to get a better look. Eventually she had my shorts loose enough so that they dropped down to the ground around my ankles. She then turned around and we began kissing like we were teenage kids, totally lost in our own world. We stood kissing and holding each other for a few moments, until she slowly moved down to my chest, then to my stomach, kissing and running her tongue on me the whole time. Eventually she was on her knees as she pulled down my boxers to reveal my raging cock. She started licking the head of my cock as she slowly messaged my balls with one hand. I closed my eyes and put a hand on her shoulder with the other holding the back of her head. Then I started pushing my cock into her mouth. I didn't feel any resistance, because she willing opened her mouth to allow it to slide to the back of her throat. She slowly bobbed her head on my cock as she continued messaging my balls ever so gently. I soon began humping my cock in and out of her mouth as she let go of my balls and grabbed my ass with both hands. I started to get real excited with my humping her face going faster and faster. My balls were making a slapping sound as they hit her chin. I eventually opened my eyes and noticed that the old guy fishing had moved in about half the distance he was when we arrived. That's when I told my wife I had to stop or I was going to get off. So I helped her up and turned her so the guy could get another eyeful of my wife and her naked breasts. I grabbed the towel and spread it on the grass, and laid down. My wife was still facing the guy when she slowly pulled down her panties to take them off one leg at a time. She stood up completely naked, and allowed the guy to get a real good look before she turned around to see me already laying on the blanket with my cock harder than it has been in quite some time. By now I was convinced that this was the right time, the right guy, and she was as horny as I have ever seen her. All I could think of was another man fucking her. My dick was a raging hard, more because I was thinking of her fucking another guy than it was because I was going to get laid. Then she straddled my body and slowly lowered her self down into me. I held my cock in just the right way so all she had to do was lower her pussy onto it, but she did it in such a way that the old guy could see it all. She looked down at me with a naughty smile as she said quietly that he was moving in even closer to the bank to see even better. So she lowered herself down on my cock, and then back up, and then down again. She kept raising herself up and lowering herself down again for some time. By now I was so horny I could barely hold back. So I grabbed her and pulled her whole body down so I could suck on her breasts and feel her body on me. She lowered her face to mine and we began French kissing. She was sucking my tongue into her mouth so hard I thought she would suck it right out of me. She then sat up and slowly rode me like I was a horse. As she moved her hips back and forward I could see her looking out at the river, and that's when I asked if she was horny enough to fuck the guy watching us. She smiled and licked her lips as she started riding me faster like I was a wild stallion beneath her. Her motion was bringing me to the point of no return. I knew I had to slow things down or get off. So I decided to grab a hold of her ass with one hand as I wrapped my other hand around her waist so I could roll us over for me to be on top. I then lifted my head to look into her beautiful blue eyes as I slowed things down make the moment last longer. As I was slowly fucking her she wrapped her legs around my waist to hold me in tight. After awhile I told her I could not hold back much longer so if she wanted us to get off together, she better catch up. That's when she grabbed my ass to pull me in even tighter so she could grind her clit into my pelvis. She lifted her head to kiss me, so I sucked her tongue into my mouth and almost swallowed it to my throat like she did mine moments earlier. I continued to move my hips around from side to side and up and down, I knew I was ready to get off. The more I moved my groin the more she rubbed her clit into me. With our mouths locked onto each other the only sound we were making was a muffled orgasmic sound of two lovers reaching their point of no return. That's when I began busting my nut deep inside her. At the same time I could feel the quivering and shaking of her body as she started to have numerous orgasms. It seemed like forever, but the moment only lasted seconds. After we were drained we laid on the blanket, locked in each others grip. Slowly it dawned on me that for the first time since we were dating we were making love outdoors. By now I forgot that we were in a place we chose out of pure chance, with a total stranger standing not more than 20 feet away from us. On that day my wife never tasted as good to me. We would never again have a moment so passionate, so erotic, so beautiful. Nor would I have such a magnificent orgasm as I did that day. That is not until years later when I was with my third wife. After we got off, we held each other as we kissed and snuggled like we seldom had the chance to at home with two small *****ren. Slowly the world around us came into focus, and we started hearing voices, as if some people were talking. The more the voices became clear the more we started to realize that the the guy fishing wasn't the only spectator. All of a sudden we heard a chorus of clapping and cheers from a small crowd of onlookers. I lifted my head away from my wife and looked around. There was not one guy, not even two guys. No, there were about 12 or more older men all dressed in fishing garb, standing around watching us with smiles as they clapped their hands congratulating us for the great show. I looked down at my bride and told her that we just made these guys day. She responded and smiled as she responded, more like their year. We laughed and kissed a small kiss. I lifted myself off her and rolled over so they could all get a good look at how beautiful my wife looked after a good fucking. She looked shocked that I would do so, and swung her hand at me as she pushed me off the blanket so she could cover herself up. She then stood up with the blanket wrapped around her and bowed down as if to give an encore for the audience at a play. Then she held her head up, dropped the towel to the ground and proudly walked slowly but deliberately to the car to get into the passenger seat. She closed the door and yelled back at me that if I don't get into the car soon, she was going to drive off without me. I smiled at the men, picked up our cloths, the blanket, and headed to the car. I heard a voice behind me say I forgot something. I looked back, and the guy we first saw fishing was waving my wife's panties and bra in the air. I began heading back to get them when my wife yelled, "Let him keep them as a souvenir." I smiled at him, touched my fingers to my forehead, and headed to the car. I stood by the driver side as I tossed my wife her dress and put my shorts and shirt on. As I jumped into the car my wife was still wiggling to get her dress on her freshly fucked naked body. As we drove off, my wife turned onto her knees and hung partially out the window to wave at the men and send them kisses. All the men stood around laughing and clapping as we drove down the road on our way to Bozeman. I looked at my wife and we both busted up laughing. We drove through the canyon, and I asked her if she would have let them all fuck her if I asked her to. She said, no way, even if they didn't smell like fish I wouldn't. I laughed and asked, even if there was only the one guy? She smiled at me and admitted that she thought about it because of my fantasy of wanting to see her fuck another guy. However when she saw the other men showing up she changed her mind. I asked in a matter of fact way, you knew they were watching us? She said with a smile, sure. that's when I decided to get off with you. If it was only him I would have waited to fuck him before I got off. Then I saw the other men showing up, and thought that if I fucked one I would have to let them all fuck me, and I knew there was no way I was going to let a bunch of fishermen fuck me. One maybe, but not a dozen ore more. I looked at my watch and it was already 4:15. we joked and laughed about the show and the look on their faces as we stood up. The way she sashayed to the car naked, and the one old guy having a souvenir to remember us by. That vacation was turning out to be one for the ages, at least for us. At the time I thought for sure that we were one step closer to my wife crossing that line from being a devoted pure wife and ******, to a hot slut. Why wouldn't I? After all when she was acting the way she was that day. Sadly, that was the closest it ever came to happening. I should have pushed harder, maybe even broken out the scotch. Who knows, maybe I could have even convinced her to get gang-banged by the old boys. Who knows? Oh well, it was a good moment that I will remember forever. Looking back bow at my marriage to her, I wish I had a dollar for every time she said she couldn't fuck another guy because of something she had no control over. When it came to her making excuses, I can honestly say that she was the biggest dick tease I ever knew. I hope you enjoyed this story. For the most part this is a true story. I did change a couple things to make it sound as good as I remember it was. However, one's memories often times are better than reality was. So I changed a few things. After that day, our vacation ended short because one of our *****ren had an accident in Europe with her parents. We would never again get along so well, and within a year we were already discussing divorce. My wife never recovered from the accident our *** had. Truth is, it just added to the troubles we had been keeping hid from our friends and relatives for some time. One day my fantasy would come true. It would happen with my third wife, and what a ride that was. I may write some stories about the many men who have fucked my current wife, but I'll need a lot of encouragement. It takes time to write a good story from events in my life. So let me know what you think of my story of the day my first wife and I put on a show for some old men fly fishing on the Gallatin River. This was my then wife. We were married for about 8 years in the early "80"s, you can tell it was the "80"s by her hair style.
  9. From the album My Beautiful Wife

    My wife had just finished fixing her hair after a shower to get ready for her bull to stop by. She was so beautiful that i had to take a picture.
  10. From the album My Beautiful Wife

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