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Found 292 results

  1. Another sexy wife...rjhsteel2001's wife...
  2. LeicesterBull75

    Any one else from the UK? on here

    Hi there my name is Martin im the Bull for 4 couples here in the Midlands in the UK im always on the look out for new friends and couples i currently service 1 30 yr old couple in Coventry 2 40 yr old couples in Leicester/derbyshire and a mature 55 yr old couple in warwickshire these are regular meetings im not into short term each of the couple above ive been seeing for about 1-4 yrs if your interested in a 40 something guy joining you please drop me a message over i would describe myself as rugby player build, about 14 stone but not fat, im a non smoker and social drinker, dont mind if others smoke. the tool i have is i would say 6" but been told its quite thick, and has a curve upwards like a banana also been told im a good repeater and cum heavy but guess you would have to find that out! i seek LTR with cuckold couples, i can accommodate as i share a house since i was made redundant from the Army back in 2015 i live in the north leicester area but can travel for the right couple, would like to meet more couples like i say in the bull to 4 regular couples, 1 of them is a very dom cuck wife, she enjoys making hubby watch and listern caged up outside her bedroom door only allows him in to clean her up after our sessions, the others are a bit more like thresomes, where the hubby is allowed to watch and maybe touch during our sessions im totally straight and its great that the cuck hubbys i know respect this, im there for one reason only for the pleasure of the lady NOT them. anyway if there is anything you would like to know about me or your from the uk and looking for a Bull in your relationship maybe i can help untill its a regular thing i do insist on safe sex, then once i know its regular fun i do like to have bareback and creampie cum in her pussy fun
  3. servantnj

    Corporate Bitch Wife

    My wife is corporate executive...yes that typical rich corporate bitch, always dressed to impress and tease. When she has lunch meetings with her clients and customers I often fantasize about her cucking me while she is dressed to prefection in seductive blouses, tight pencil skirts, amazing heels. Do you have have experience with being cuckolded by executive bitch? Is the look of powerful, elegant wife driving you insaine?
  4. mywifefor

    My wife needs encouragement

    My wife needs a little push. Say what you think of her so that she upload more pictures. Merry Christmas!
  5. Raging_Bull

    My Middle-Eastern Wife

    This is my gorgeous Wife, I caught her cheating on me with 2 guys in a Nightclub toilet cubicle. When I watched her at first I was angry but it quickly changed into pleasure and I watched the entire thing. She was blowing both of them and even deep throating them, after that 1 of the guys went down on her and pleasured her tonguing her pussy and then her ass. After that they pulled her skirt up and ripped her pantyhose and DPed her in the cubicle. She swallowed 1 and let the other Cum in her ass. I never told her that I seen her that night or all the other nights I caught her cheating on me, It's the biggest turn on. Luckily for me she has a thing for having sex in public places so it's easy to watch her, but she has definitely a preference for toilet cubicles.
  6. dennis

    Fake pics

    Hi i can make fake pics of your wife. If you like pm me.
  7. dennis

    Fake porn photo

    Hi. I can make fake porn photos of anyone (wife , mom, sis , ....) very nice. Just pm me.
  8. This is my sexy Blonde Wife whom I have been slowly introducing big black dildos into our sex life and incorporating role plays of her cheating with some big black cock stud and me watching which gets her soaking wet and she cums very hard every time when using the big black dildo on herself and having me watch I can tell deep down its a taboo but big erotic turn on for her and believe if I find a fit and big ripped and huge black cocked stud to secretly seduce my wife with my help of course but her not knowing this I could get her to cheat on me and I could hide and watch the whole thing without her knowing and hopefully see if she has me go down on her when she comes back home afterwards please let me know what you think of my sexy wife! Leave all the dirty comments and questions you may have and if youre a bbc message me!
  9. Spitzmaus

    My wife-what do you think

    tell me what you think about her
  10. Cuckold_seekers

    Shared wife with BBC

    My wife screams having anal destruction ! Shared_wife_with_bbc_240p.mp4
  11. just thought I would give a review of what happened recently with my wife and a guy we had arranged to meet his name was Martin from Craigslist now he's on here. we had arranged with a guy for a 3 sum as we have recently enjoyed a few meets where another was involved as I wanted to enjoy seeing her with another man. Im sean a 52 yr old guy and deb is 48 yr old living wife. She's amazing and my rock. Both Debra and her meet Martin had gone upstairs and were busy undressing and feeling each other up and i joined them about 5 minutes later and settled down in the chair in the corner of the room to watch them. As usual it all started as many meets do with lots of kissing and caressing of body parts. Martin it seemed he likes to spend a lot of time concentrating on Debs pussy and was licking and fingering her and flicking her clit with tongue which Deb liked as she was moaning and writhing around. He then stood at the side of the bed so Deb could take his cock in mouth which she duly did and he leant forward a little so he could insert a couple of fingers into her. They kept up this for about 10 mins with Deb sucking and then wanking him and him stroking her pussy. I was watching Deb closely and she seemed at this time to begin to buck her hips a little as Martin had his fingers in her pussy and she pulled his cock out of her mouth and said " oh my god that feels fantastic" and was showing in her facial expression that she was almost ready to cum. She always gets really wet when we have sex but what happened next shocked me as Martin sped up his fingering and Deb let out a loud moan and shouted "oh my god" and began to cum but not like she usually did Martin pulled out his fingers and a large gush of fluid spurted out from her cunt. as he filled her mouth with his warm spunk I looked over from my position and couldn't believe it as another gush followed and Martins arm and bedsheets were soaked in pussy juice. He promptly pulled her to the edge of the bed and pushed his cock into her and began to fuck her hard and fast which Deb responded by meeting his thrusts and calling out "fuck me fuck me hard". He was pumping in and out of her like his life depended on it and then i saw his buttocks tense as he let out a moan and grunt and knew he had shot his cum deep into her. He pulled away and i stood watched as his cum leaks out and moved across to lick out her pussy and taste the load that he had left behind for me. Debra held my head tight and again had an orgasm with just a little of fluid pumping out which pushed the cum towards my mouth and the taste of the mixture was fantastic and i ate every drop. Martin left for the evening and we lay chatting about the experience that we had and Debra couldn't explain why she had squirted but had enjoyed it. We will be using martin and his services again soon. It was the best hour we've ever had and well worth whle you trying him Im our honest opinion hes a very nice man. Easy to get on with but could be total filth in the bedroom department. Were looking at a regular meetings now with him of maybe 1-2 times a month
  12. So a couple of weeks ago it’s a Friday and I’m working from home. I don’t do this a lot but once maybe twice a quarter. It just so happens that this particular day we had scheduled a plumber to come out and zap a few of our lines. Around 2 pm there’s a knock on the door. I don’t give it a second thought my wife is home she’s downstairs I assume she will answer it and that will be it. I don’t give it a second thought. Then again there’s a knock on the door. My wife stands at the base of the stairs looks up toward my office and hollers. “Are you going to get that?” I naturally replied with a “NO”. I mean hell in not even supposed to be there. I’m working lol. Anyway I hear her answer the door I hear some laughing and some giggling still I think nothing of it. A few minutes later my wife walks into my office leans over my shoulder and very quietly said “the plumber is here and he’s really cute. Sense you are so caught up in what your working on I’m going to fuck the shit out of the plumber”. She stands and walks out of my office. I’m shocked in a state of disbelieve. Yes we have fantasized about it, talked dirty about it but really? So after a few minutes I grabbed my phone jumped from my chair and ran downstairs and walked right in on this wifeplummerme.mp4
  13. Hi i can make fake photos of your wife. If you like pm me
  14. dennis

    Fake porn photos

    Hi i can make fake porn photos of anyone you want. Just pm me
  15. dennis

    Fake porn photo

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  16. dennis

    Fake photo incest

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  17. salvaa_fr

    Second husband to wife

    Hello,27 years old bull here, are there any cuckold husbands who want to get a second husband to their wife?For more info, please send me a message here or on KIK.SalvaKIK: jeusenn
  18. dickypucker

    my wife spa Philippines

    hi i just want to share my real lifes story of well , being a sharing husband. ill make this short as possible if possible. we re newly wed couple last year july. asian from Philippines. i first met my wife in a spa which we friends go, i was naive back then didn't know the truth about that place, its a spa and also a place where u can have sex if the price is right. so anyway since we met there I constantly get her for massage and also courts her(she gives me handjob and blowjob back then. thenwe got married, we are open couple so one time we had this talk about her giving extra services to other clients, I really love my wife we share the same fantasy, it gives me sexual pleasure to know her having sex with others, so we had this agreement: she gets to give sextra services to others as long as she tells it to me first or after or in between, same goes to me she wants me to have sex with other girls(i get to her therapist friends and her sister who works there too) yeah im a lucky guy i guess gets to screw my wife's friends and sister, and it has her blessing. she keeps insisting i try them. anyway it seems my wife job is like a whore or prostitute but no. we just really have this fantasy of having sex with others, i love the feeling of my wifes pussy when she came home with cum of others inside her( shes constantly on pills) by the way if u guys are going to Philippines specially cavite part try my wife shes 5'3" not to petite normal boob size, look for linden spa her name there is mariel and works there wed -Sunday 3pm to 12 midnight. she gets to fuck daily for the whole week of work, sometimes none or few , it varies one of most memorable thing happened there is that she got a black client she said its like 10 or 11 inch she got home with swollen pussy, she said the guy wants her after her sched so she go with the guy and go home next day, yeah i fuck her even when shes too tired and full of bruises but not to hard. one of our fantasy is to have her gangbang which happened, a group of teenagers go to the spa and got her, the boys wants her so go and the money is good, its sunday back then so she go with them after work she just txt me about it and it makes me hard. my wife said then fuck her one by one then one of the boys dad found out and fuck her too then shared her to his friends and gangbang her, they fuck her for 2days, she gets home Wednesday morning with full of cum, i get to fuck her too i dont know why i love the feeling of my wifes swollen pussy with full of cum when im inside her, guess its my fetish, i even let some of my friends have her it really turns me on seeing her having sex with others😍 now most of them keeps bugging us (are u home, is ur wife free, can i fuck her again etc). there thats it, this is true guys just try if ur on Philippines remember linden spa kawit cavite - [ ] look for mariel my wife or her sister (also hot) jonie wed-sun 3pm to closing. we even had this talk if the client dont want extra services, give it to him free👉 👌💥 i attach her photo