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Found 337 results

  1. Would you guys enjoy watching a me (husband) back massage my wife in a semi public location? We do this while sitting around talking to guy/guys usually in a bar or maybe the park. We have a signal for me to start the massage/ back rub. She likes guys that are kind of shy about watching. This lets her take the lead. Usually I will move her shirt up to the back of her head then massage her slowly while unsnapping her bra. That will let me lift her bra clear of her nipples. Next is her top........ If she likes the guys we are talking to she will ignore my hands as I move parts of her top and bra around to @@@@@@ her tits to you. So where else should we be trolling for shy guys?
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  3. What's the largest cock your wife has ever had, that you know of anyway. Here's is my wife's biggest. A struggle from start to finish.
  4. Looking for a older black man or Hispanic or dark skinned man to fuck my wife while I video and watch. We will be in south Waycross Ga. on the weekend of February 21st. through 23 rd. Must be clean and disease free. Not looking for Mr. right and a rough looking man is ok. You can be very dominate to her. I am looking for a guy in his late 50s and up. My wife is 63 years old that looks 35, and very pretty. Please PM me for more info.
  5. I had been hanging out helping a mate with his old classic car. Then stopped later for a drink and a catch up. They're were sitting on the couch, and I was sitting in a chair almost directly across from them, and we were watching a comedy special. We were all a little drunk , and they had began to make out. I was trying to act like I didn't notice, and just pretend to watch the show, but it was turning me on. She was so sexy, Skinny waist, and big tits with a pear shaped ass. I watched as he slid his hand down the front of her pants. I could see his hand moving under her jeans, rubbing her clit while her licked her neck. She was starting to moan quietly, and I knew I should probably go. I started to stand up, and my friend motioned for me to sit back down. So I did, then sat back and watched as he lifted her shirt up. Her breasts were perfect, they were big natural tits, and she had very puffy, and very pink nipples. He then unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down to her ankles. She whispered something to him, and I thought "Damn it! Show's over!" But then my friend looks up at me and say's "She wants you to lick her pussy, while she sucks my dick". I didn't know what to say, He stood up, pulled out his dick. It was still soft when she wrapped her hand around it, and brought it to her lips. As she filled her mouth with his cock, I got down at the back of her on my knees. She spread her legs as I began kissing her inner thigh, starting at the back of her legs, going all the way up to her inner thigh, where I was sucking gently, and slowly, licking my way to her pussy. Her cunt was shaved, and she had a nice plump clit. Her pussy smelled so sweet as sucked her fat clit into my mouth. Her clit was the biggest I had seen before, the more I sucked it, the bigger it got. I'd start to run my tongue down her pussy, and she'd grab my hair and push my face back down on that clit. She was really making a mess out of my friends dick. Slurping it, Spitting on it, shoving it so far into her throat it gagged her. She kept one hand on top of my head, not letting me move from her clit, as if I would want to. As I swirl my tongue around her little stump of a clit, she's grinding her pussy into my face. She still has his dick in her mouth, slowly trying to suck as she moans loudly, about to climax. "FUUUCCCK" she yells, and pulls my head back by off of her cunt just as a huge spray gushes out of her pussy and soaks my entire face and chest. "Uhh Huhhh" she moans, as another gush of sweet hot pussy juice sprays towards my face, this time I stick my tongue out and let her cum in my mouth. My friend says "Hurry up, and put your dick in her". I stood up, and pulled my dick out, she say's in a whimpery voice, "please fuck my pussy as good as you sucked my clit". My dick was hard as fuck as I rubbed my whole dick and balls all over her dripping wet pussy. I slid it in hard and fast. Slamming deep into her tight young pussy. She started to moan, and then said to my friend "Do you like watching you friends fuck me baby"? "I love it" he said, as he stood there, propped up on the couch stroking his dick, watching me fuck his beautiful wife. Her big tits bounced as I pounded in and out of her cunt. Her pussy was so tight, it felt so good. I had reached down and pinched that fat clit between my knuckles, just kinda stroking it as I pumped her. After a while of my thick cock, invading her sweet tight pussy, she starred up at her boyfriend and said "Ohh baby, I want you to cum on my face your friend to fill me with his spin both at the same time. "Okay baby, we will" he told her. And with hearing that, I started really fucking her pussy, ramming my cock deep inside her. Every thrust bringing me closer to cumming, as she's now starring right at me, her begging eyes, looking in amazement as my next thrust sends her into another orgasm, her cunt splashing my thighs, pouring pussy juices, the hot juice felt so good on my balls, couldn't stand it anymore, so I plunged in one last time my cock throbbed as I released what seemed like gallons of spun in her, Her boyfriend starring at me as my first shot sends a thick stream of my baby maker fluid in to her her whole face smiling at him. He moans as he see's it, and starts to cum as well. Hid dick, inches from her face, spewing hot cum all over her, she sticks her tongue out, trying to catch all of his juices. Her whole face is dripping as he rubbed his cock all over her cum covered head. Gently tapping her head with his dick as I make sure every last bit of my cum is deposited deep in her cunt.......... We now have fun 4-5 times a year I hoped you liked it !!! If you did please comment.
  6. Here's a series of my wife's tits for you with interesting narratives.
  7. Oldies but goodies. A couple of my favorites just because we haven't had the opertunity to post in a while
  8. Total control pc, Take my wife's nasty pics. AnyDesk 603996066 Connect using file transfer!
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  13. Hi there my name is Martin im the Bull for 4 couples here in the Midlands in the UK im always on the look out for new friends and couples i currently service 1 30 yr old couple in Coventry 2 40 yr old couples in Leicester/derbyshire and a mature 55 yr old couple in warwickshire these are regular meetings im not into short term each of the couple above ive been seeing for about 1-4 yrs if your interested in a 40 something guy joining you please drop me a message over i would describe myself as rugby player build, about 14 stone but not fat, im a non smoker and social drinker, dont mind if others smoke. the tool i have is i would say 6" but been told its quite thick, and has a curve upwards like a banana also been told im a good repeater and cum heavy but guess you would have to find that out! i seek LTR with cuckold couples, i can accommodate as i share a house since i was made redundant from the Army back in 2015 i live in the north leicester area but can travel for the right couple, would like to meet more couples like i say in the bull to 4 regular couples, 1 of them is a very dom cuck wife, she enjoys making hubby watch and listern caged up outside her bedroom door only allows him in to clean her up after our sessions, the others are a bit more like thresomes, where the hubby is allowed to watch and maybe touch during our sessions im totally straight and its great that the cuck hubbys i know respect this, im there for one reason only for the pleasure of the lady NOT them. anyway if there is anything you would like to know about me or your from the uk and looking for a Bull in your relationship maybe i can help untill its a regular thing i do insist on safe sex, then once i know its regular fun i do like to have bareback and creampie cum in her pussy fun
  14. So, you guys like sloppy seconds? I personally find the idea hugely exciting! After a wife has been fucked and used, entering a hole that has been amply lubricated and dilated by the bull is such an exciting thought! I think I will cum within 2 minutes of entering such a pussy I'd also love to rub the bulls cum on my dick and masturbate, if entering the pussy is denied
  15. riprap69


    My wife watching traffic pass by below us. She's in full view there. Lots of horns honking and two young visitors eventually.
  16. riprap69


    From the album: Pure Pleasure again

  17. riprap69


    From the album: Pure Pleasure again

    My wife in an old hotel in northern California. We had started in bar downstairs, guys feeding her drinks. She had been groped at the crowded bar several times and finally one young guy approached me about him renting a room upstairs. I think he saw a good chance to fuck Cheryl coming up. She was drunk enough by then to accept the invitation. The three of us went upstairs with dozens of guys watching us climb the stairs. Our new "friend" had clued them in on what might happen. Once in the room, he got Cheryl to strip naked. He wanted to jump her right then but I made him wait until we got her tied down on the bed first and then I got the vibrator from her purse. She was going wild by then. I turned in on full speed and into her pussy it went. The young guy and I sat back watching her twisting and jerking around on that old bed. He had his cock out, stroking it slowly while he watched Cheryl being tormented. About fifteen minutes later, my wife had a crazy orgasm. I yanked the vibrator out of her and our young friend climbed between her legs. I watched him fucking her like a wild animal for nearly half an hour. He unloaded between her legs and climbed off the bed. Cheryl was covered in sweat. The young man quietly asked me if I wanted to invite more of the guys from downstairs to come up. I looked at my wife laying there spread wide open with semen seeping from her pussy and told him to "do it". He nearly ran downstairs and came back up with five of his buddies. Within minutes, they were all naked and taking turns fucking Cheryl.
  18. I met my wife at the university, we were 20 years old. We got together and started to have complete reports shortly thereafter. I was his first boy, before he had only had some unrequited crush. I was his first love, the first kiss and all the rest for her. At 27, we got married and had three children. Over time our relationship has been increasingly improved, and our sexual understanding has become truly fantastic. Cris like long preliminaries, kisses, caresses, being licked long and deeply. She likes to take it in her mouth and suck it, without haste. Then she likes to be taken, in all positions, but not in all ways. We never had anal intercourse, I'm sorry a little but I do not want to force it. It is so wonderful to see her while she enjoys, that for some months I have been growing the imagination to show her and share it with others, to show how beautiful she is and how good she is in bed. She was absolutely uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu of my desire. So I kept dreaming of watching her secretly while she fucks with other men, observing her, doing different things than she does with me, if she likes more or less. Until one day I met a dad from my son's rugby team, also a former rugby player. He also visited a site for bull / cuck, he recognized my wife, and began to court her, taking advantage of my tips, while she was absolutely uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu of our complicity. I was excited but calm, absolutely certain of my wife's loyalty, and I enjoyed the accounts of him who boasted progress that I judged non-existent. Then one evening, while my wife was supposed to be at a congress in Florence (we are both doctors), he began to send me emails, without text, only the object: "do you recognize it?". And the attachments you know. You can not imagine the mix of awe and excitement, an incredible and indescribable feeling! Now I know that they have seen each other several times for four months, with images and short films that he secretly shoots and, surely, enjoys sending them to me. And I enjoy it too, I'm honest. The problem is therefore that she does not know that I know, in the strict sense I am cuckold but not cuckold. For some time, while making love, I whisper in her ear that I would like two of us to take it, to fill it in every way, to make her feel full. At these words she gets very excited, and enjoys a superb way, but then everything ends up there. Knowing that she is courted, apparently without my knowledge, spying on her reactions, hearing what she tells me, and what she does not tell me, is a source of great excitement.
  19. Leave your pc open in team view while you leave. Wondering what is happening to your wife/ gf photos and what a stranger is doing with them. If they will keep her photos and jack off to them or spread them around on sites or to friends. What do you think will happen? 961 641 060 86th61
  20. Hi, if anyone of you want to share his own wife videos on porn sites and let people jerking of his wife , just pm me.
  21. love the idea of others using her