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  1. It was a hot day when Angie and I arrived at the airport in Miami. We were on the way to South Beach for some R & R. Angie was a bit nervous and excited as she was looking forward to the beautiful weather and beautiful people. We checked-in to the small boutique hotel just a block away from the ocean. Angie changed into her two-piece bathing suit and they both headed out to the beach. The first day on the beach, Angie and I took the time to get comfortable with the atmosphere and the people. As they walked on the sand southward, the bathing suits got smaller and smaller. Guys were in banana hammocks and the girls were sporting thongs. A lot of skin for a couple of Midwesterners. Needless to say, the beach blanket found the sand and a couple of beach chairs were opened. Angie knew I enjoyed the view of topless women strolling in the rays of the sun with perspiration oils glistening on all those beautiful breasts. What she was about to find out was that I had concealed over the years the dormant fantasy of candaulism. Angie spent a good hour laying on her back before she got the nerve to take her top off. She eventually got hot and mentioned that she was going in for a dip to cool off. I wondered if the top would be reapplied. Surprise! Angie stood up, looked around, and confidently walked into the ocean. She had never before swam topless as both her mother and God gave her a generous portion of breasts that now are being for all to agree. I could not be more surprised and excited. I immediately began to pitch a tent in my tight swim shorts sitting and watching my lovely Baby Doll in all her glory. I had to flip over onto my stomach as my raging erection was becoming noticeable by the other beachgoers. Angie walk back slowly looking around at everyone that was looking at her and her plentiful assets. She smiled and the guys gave her more than just a glance. She stood over the blanket with a towel drying her long blond hair. Her green eyes only added to her sex appeal. She told me that she felt free and confident in her body. I kissed her and stated that her stroll into the water caused my trunks to become inflated. Once I confirmed that the guys surrounding her were all somewhere between glances and stares, I felt so proud of my Baby Doll. All could see, but on I was allowed to touch. The sun eventually dropped over the buildings to the West, and both Baby Doll and I gathered our items and headed to the hotel. That night, the talked about what transpired and how it all felt for us. We made passionate love that night and knew tomorrow would provide more exploration into our relationship.
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