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My Wife that has been @@@@@@@ all over the web by her lovers


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On 8/29/2021 at 12:21 PM, damilfhunter said:

Here are some pictures of my wife that has been used and posted online by her lovers enjoy






damilfhunter...thanks for these great pics of your very sexy hotwife!

It's especially nice to see a "new" wife to enjoy!  Which is something that doesn't happen as much as it should, unfortunately. It seems like it used to happen more frequently. Maybe the slow down is due to covid...I'm sure that has had an effect. I love a lot of the "old" wives that are shared here...have enjoyed looking at them for years, and still love to see updates from them...but very nice to see a "new" wife here.

Great series of pics you've shown us here. That first pic shows your wife...showing off her beauty...presenting her hot body. She seems to be saying..."here I am...come and get it!" I love the look on her face...you can see that she's maybe just a bit nervous about being a hotwife. You can also see that she's excited by it...she looks hot and sexy and excited...about becoming a hotwife....and about doing something so naughty! Love how her hands seem to be presenting her nice tits!

Pic 2...sticking those nice tits out a bit...to give a better look at them! Maybe she was told to do so...hot!

Pic 3...a wonderful butt shot. Your sexy wife bent over to give us a good look. A nice look at her legs...And what a nice...full...ass on her! Nice and round...makes you want to reach out and grab it. The see-through panties are a nice, sexy touch! I'm picturing her with those panties pushed down around her knees...how hot that would be!

And then pics 3 and 4...mmmmm pussy! In the first pic your wife being a bit of a tease. Her pretty legs spread nicely...giving us a nice, "in-your-facer"...look at her panty covered pussy.  Her legs look very sexy in this shot...creamy smooth, yummy looking thighs. Would love to tease her back a bit by planting soft, gentle licks and kisses on those sweet thighs...working my way to her pussy! And speaking of her pussy...love that your naughty wifey pulled those panties aside to give us a look at her married pussy. Looks yummy...and fuckable.

A great introduction to a new, hot-n-sexy hotwife! 

Hoping to see more! Thanks again!



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