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She breaks the news that she has another works function to go on. She really just slips it into conversation as she knows I won’t be happy. I feel an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach, as I know James is bound to be there.

I don’t like James, confident, good looking and a natural way with the ladies. I know my wife likes him, and evidence on her phone virtually proves he has had my wife several times.

The night out gives him another opportunity for him to have her, and I can imagine they have both spoken about the opportunity that lay ahead.

He looks down on me, he smiles at me whenever I see him, but it’s more of a snigger and I know he is thinking he is getting one over me. We don’t get on, and I know he will take the opportunity to seed my lovely wife and get one over me.

Its a week away, and the weekend prior to the night out we head to town on the Sunday. Clothes shopping, where my wife chooses a short dress, easily accessible, low cut that shows of her huge breasts. The dress she informs me would look great    for the holiday we have coming up, but I am not stupid, I know the purchase is for her night out, she just doesn’t want to tell me. New underwear is also purchased, her 34E bra for her large bust and a tiny thong that barely covers her lovely pussy. 

My stomach is in knots as we shop. I know it’s for James’s benefit, but I say nothing. I never say anything, for some reason I choose to just let it happen. I don’t know why, I just do. I don’t want it to happen, and I keep seeing James’s horrible grin in my head as I think of how he will be looking forward to having my wife again. Best I just go with it though. It’s best for our relationship, it makes her happy, and I know it’s pointless trying to stop it as she always finds a way to fulfill her needs.

The night arrives and I am very anxious. I have been all day, but as she goes upstairs to prepare for the night out it gets worse. My hands sweat, time goes uncomfortably slow as I know she is preparing herself for him. I think of him too, I just can’t help it. His balls will be full of cum that he intends to fill my wife’s pussy with. I have a picture of her in my head of her on her knees sucking him off. That grin on his face as he is being sucked off, I just can’t stop visualising it and my stomach is in knots again.

I get around it by focussing on the fact it’s for the best it happens. It’s for the best he has her, it makes her happy. I don’t know whether I believe that, but I really keep telling myself it’s for the best.

As I go upstairs to check her out, that dress is hanging up ready for her to put it on. I look at it and she knows what I am thinking. She uncomfortably says that she didn’t know what to wear so she thought she would try the new holiday dress. It’s far too revealing for a works function, but it will give him easy access, so it serves a purpose and it will certainly get him going............ TBC

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I hang around upstairs as she finishes getting ready. Sitting applying her make up I notice her beauty. Her huge boobs push against her bra, her pussy is barely contained in that tiny thong. I think how lucky I am to have her, it’s just tonight it will be someone else who has their way with her.

She puts the dress on and asks me to do it up. I nervously put the zip up, my hands shaking knowing James will be undoing this very zip later. It’s hard to explain the feeling, I want to appear okay with it all as I want her to feel good, but I do feel anxious.

As she turns around I hug her, we hold each other for a good while, and I know she is trying to tell me everything will be fine. It’s at this point I ask her if James will be there tonight. I didn’t want to ask, but I just wanted to be 100% sure. She looks at me, she’s bites her bottom lip and just nods her head. Her look tells me everything I knew, but now it’s confirmed.

I know I shouldn’t be a barrier, I can’t be, so I confidently just say “that’s good, I hope you all have a good night” and I smile as if I am comfortable and coping well. But inside I have that feeling of knowing she is 100% going out to fuck James.

She walks out the room and tells me to get the car ready as she needs a lift to the restaurant. I drive her there and again I have mixed emotions. I am driving my wife to be fucked by her lover, the very guy who likes to get one over me. Am I mad? But then I also think that I am helping her by taking her there, I am in some small way contributing to her having a good time and that makes me feel good.

I drop her off and she kisses my cheek. I get a kiss on the cheek, James will get his cock sucked, it just seems unfair.

As she gets out I look in the restaurant and all her friends are there, they see me drop her off and I wonder what they think of me, they must know what’s going on.

As luck would have it, James walks around the corner as she gets out of the car and they meet up. I can’t see them fully from my driving position, but I see the bottom half of their bodies as they come together. Did they kiss on the lips or cheek I don’t know, but I did see their bodies meet, their hands come together and then struggle to part from each other as they walked into the restaurant.

I suppose the worst bit was driving off. They walk in the restaurant and I drive away. All her friends would have seen that, they must think I am stupid allowing it to happen. It takes me a good while to get myself together.

Back at home I analyse my behaviour for what seems like hours. I am so proud I have not been a barrier to her having her lover. I feel so proud that I have the strength to allow it to all happen. I am so proud that I haven’t kicked up a fuss, and I know if I continue to support her, eventually she will become fully open with me about her desire to have other men. It’s my fault that she isn’t confident in telling me what she gets up to, so I need to support her more so she gains confidence in telling me. Yes I am very proud I have behaved so well over the last few weeks, and this analysing has helped me get through the hours while she is away.

I do wonder what is happening, but I never text her and ask how she is. I can’t, it would be imposing and may put her off her concentrating on her lover, again I am proud that I am keeping my distance and allowing her the space she needs.

My next anxious moment is when the bars have shut. They all close at 11pm near us, so she should be back at 11.30pm latest, but I know that is when the action will start. As 11.30pm hits I start wondering what she is up to. It will be now that he will probably be having her, unless they left early and he has already done her.

I visualise her on her back, her dress pushed up, her legs sprayed and James pumping his cock into her. This feeling is weird, it’s a nice feeling thinking of her being fucked like a slut, but I then feel bad thinking of the guy actually enjoying her. I want her to have her fun, but I don’t want any guy to have her, it’s just so strange and hard to explain. It’s like 20% great feeling, 80% horrible. 

I get hard thinking of her being fucked and my cock is hard. I start to wank as I lay there in bed thinking of her on her back being fucked and I shoot my load. It’s a heavy cum, a good weeks worth as my wife hasn’t been near me all week. This is usual on the build up to her having a lover.

I am a mess with spunk and I get up to clean myself up, but this is when the feelings are the worst. There is no positive after I have cum and I just question why the hell is my wife fucking another guy right now as I just let it all happen? This feeling remains as I get back into bed, then eventually the door goes.

I pretend I have been sleeping, as she walks in the room. She nervously says she needs to just put her dress in water to wash it as she needs it for her holiday. She goes downstairs to deal with the dress and I realise she needs to wash away any evidence. It would just have been as easy yo wash it in the morning, so there is a clear reason to do it now.

She come up 10 minutes later completely naked, and she goes to the bathroom as I pretend to be asleep.

When she come to bed I ask her if she had a good time, and she just says “yes it was okay” non commital, not wanting to rub my face in it by saying it was amazing.

I say nothing, I don’t want to put her on the spot, I just say I am tired and I hold her as she goes to sleep. I have her back, but holding her is weird. Holding someone who only half hour ago would have been fucked by someone else is an odd feeling. It like she has been used, she may still be feeling the pleasure he gave her, some of his spunk may still be up her and for sure her mind will be on him.

Eventually I drop off exhausted, emotionally exhausted from over two weeks of worry. I wake in the morning and she is already up, showering and talking about anything and everything apart from last night.

I pop downstairs and check in the laundry room and there in the sink is that dress. And in there also is her bra and knickers. She clearly had evidence of James on them that needed washing off.

We continued to talk throughout the day about everything but the night before. It was important we got back to normal, until the next time she wanted James or any other lover that she wanted. 

The dress never made it on the short holiday we went on, but then again o always knew it was intended for James’s benefit and not the holiday. 

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