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Party at our neighbors house.


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This story is true, it happened a few years ago.

My wife and I live in a very rural area, out in the country. My wife Lynn is a beautiful woman in her late  30’s. She five foot six inches tall 110 pounds, very shapely body. Large breast 38DD, a round athletic butt, long toned legs and shoulder length brown  hair. She’s definitely hot. I’m 45 years old, five foot nine inches tall 160 pounds, athletic body.
Our neighbor John was having a party, to kickoff the beginning of summer. He invited us over, which we gladly accepted. John is good looking black guy, six foot tall, about 180 pounds. He’s in great shape.
The party was to start about 7pm. Lynn and I went over to John’s house early, to help him get everything set up. It was a very casual party plus it was pretty hot and humid, so I was wearing jean shorts and a T shirt, Lynn was wearing a very light yellow sundress, almost see threw and very revealing, showing quite a bit of Lynn’s cleavage. 
As we were getting things ready. I noticed John couldn’t help but checking Lynn out. After a few minutes he said “Damm Lynn, you’re looking real good today. I’m having a hard time concentrating.”
Lynn blushed and replied “Well thank you John.” 
I chimed in, “I was thinking the same thing John.” We all laughed.
People started showing up, some brought food some brought drinks and before you knew it everyone was there and the party was on. There was laughing and drinking and eating, it was a great time. I couldn’t help but notice that not only John but just about every other guy there was checking out Lynn. I didn’t blame them, Lynn’s breasts were almost falling out of her dress. Some of the wives and girlfriends were nudging their husbands and boyfriends, to stop staring. It was pretty funny and a definite turn on for me.
Several hours went by so fast, a bunch of people had left. The few of us remaining were sitting in chairs around the fire pit. Telling stories and just chatting.I was still drinking and feeling no pain. Lynn was talking to John he was sitting next to her. 
The next thing I know, I’m waking up. I must have passed out. I looked around and everyone was gone. Saying to myself “Oh shit, this was some party.” I struggled to stand up, then I staggered towards the driveway. The last couple there was getting into their car. The guy said “Hey look who’s up.” He and his wife laughed. I said”Yep I’m still alive.” Then I asked if they saw my wife? The woman replied “No. she disappeared a half hour ago.” Figuring she went home I started walking towards my house. When I got there, I looked all over for Lynn. But she wasn’t home. So I went back to John’s house. Fortunately he’s only two houses down so it’s not a long walk.
I started looking for Lynn. I went all around the yard, no sign of her. I went into the house and looked around downstairs, nothing. So I started going upstairs, that was when I heard someone moaning and groaning. As I got to the top of the stairs I could tell the sound was coming from John’s bedroom. Not wanting to disturb them I quietly checked the other rooms, no Lynn. I was headed back downstairs, when I heard a woman’s voice “Oh yes, yes,yes!” 
It sounded like Lynn. I went back to John’s room and carefully, quietly opened the door. I looked in the room and I was shocked. There was John was fucking my wife! I quietly stepped into the room, closing the door behind me. I stood there a long while, totally shocked. I watched as John pounded Lynn’s pussy with his huge cock. She was panting and moaning, throwing her head back yelling “Oh yes! Oh yes!” Then she yelled “Oh my god I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Oh god yes!” All the while John kept pumping his huge cock in and out of her soaking pussy. Then I realized, I was enjoying it. I was completely turned on, I had a full hard on, by watching a black man fucking my wife! 
I quickly got my phone and making sure the flash was off and the sound was down. I started taking pictures and even a few short videos. After a half hour, which was amazing. John finally was ready to cum. He said “Oh shit baby, I’m gonna cum.” As he went to pullout Lynn grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him back in her pussy. And said “No! I want to feel you cum in me!” I almost fell over. And with that John let out a loud groan, and started shooting his hot cum in my wife. He just came and came, pumping his load inside Lynn’s soaking wet, eager pussy. Then he collapsed on her, panting heavily trying to catch his breath. The look on Lynn’s face was of total satisfaction. Eyes closed, a big smile her cheeks flushed red. As they laid there almost sleeping, I snuck out of the bedroom and quietly made my way out of the house. I went back to my home and poured myself a drink and sat down in my recliner. I sat there just thinking about what just happened and what I saw and as I scrolled through the pictures I took. It was almost morning when Lynn finally came home. As she walked over to me she said “What a great party. I had a great time. The best time ever!” I looked up at her and as I handed her my phone I said “Oh I know you did.” I continued “You must be exhausted after all that. Why don’t you go to bed and get some rest.” She stopped scrolling through the pictures and looked at me asking “Your Ok with this?” I replied “I’m actually very good with this.” She smiled and gave me a kiss saying I love you.” Then she walked into the bedroom. I realized that things would never be the same. And I was good with it.



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