Remembering the past.... Part 2

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Remembering the past..  Part 2


About 20 rears ago I had changed jobs and the new job had me working 200 miles from home for the first six months before transitioning back to working at a facility near a our home.  During that six month period I was only able to return home to see my wife every 3 or 4 weeksKnowing it would be difficult for my wife and myself to limit or sex life to self stimulation I encouraged my wife to seek out as many lovers as she desired to keep herself satisfied while I was gone.


    A few days before I was to leave we were thumbing through a swingers contact magazine I had picked up at an adult book/video store thinking it may be useful to help out our situation.  There were the usual assortment of ads some of which that looked like they could be promising and some not but then we came across a full page ad for one of those sex contact phone lines with a free membership for women and of course if you were male you paid dearly to be able to talk with a horny female.   After looking through the ad a couple times and reading the fine print we both figured what the hell since it was free let's give it a try.   My wife called and set up her membership and within 10 minutes was chatting away with a guy who was ready to drive 45 miles to meet my wife and "give her the fucking of her life"  but since our time together was limited she was content to wait until I had left to meet prospective lovers.   She had several men contacting her almost daily and it wasn't long before she agreed to meet one of her callers it was actually about 3 days after I had left town.  She agreed to meet the guy at a motel half way between our location and his.  She called me the next day and told me she had spent the night with the guy.   She said the evening had started out very good, said he was bartender at a popular restaurant and very good looking.  They had a few drinks in the bar at the motel where he couldn't keep his hands off her.  She said by their third drink he had his hands all over her tits and was finger fucking her under the cover of the table.  When they finished their forth drink she said she was ready to fuck his brains out so they went to their room.  In the elevator he had her blouse open and was sucking her tits (she wasn't wearing a bra or panties) and when they arrived at their floor he made her walk down the hall with her tits in full view.   She said her pussy was dripping in anticipation but when they got to the room things started to go down hill.  They got naked and he ate her pussy for a while but then she said for the next couple hours he had her suck his cock and work his ass over with a dildo he brought.  That was all he was interested in.....  She said he did finally fuck her but it wasn't all that great.....


     Although that first encounter turned out to be not all that great for her she didn't give up.   She did meet a few guys she had a good time fucking, one she is still friends with.  She started fucking a guy who lived just a few miles from our place.  He was a regular while I was gone and on one of my weekend visits I had her call him up and arrange a threesome.  I wanted to watch this guy fuck my wife and wasn't disappointed.  We went to his house and after a few drinks she went to the bathroom and when she walked back into the room she was naked. She walked up to where he was sitting and got on her knees looked at me and said what would you like me to do.  Before I could say anything she had pulled his cock out and was sucking it for all she was worth.  After a couple minutes we moved to the bedroom where we both fucked her for a couple hours......


     There were a few others but I'll save them for another post...


Attached is a pic of wife back then. 

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