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Maid watches us while we play then joins in..........

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We were playing in our hotel room and had to call down for extra towels as there was only 1 in the room. We had already started to play on the bed after our call and were also aware that we may get a knock on the door any minute from someone delivering the towels to us. but we were too horny and couldn't wait. As I felt Martin`s hard cock throbbing inside me filling my pussy. I had noticed a figure in the doorway, Martin slid his cock out of me and moved down the king size bed uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu that we were being watched and positioned himself between my trembling legs spreading them wide. I took in every detail of the woman, she looked young, maybe in her early 30s, had a 'pretty' face, tanned skin and long dark flowing hair. I just kept groaning as Martin stroked my swollen clit with his fingers. The woman looked shocked by what she was seeing, as if she wanted to leave but she couldn`t. She was wearing a sheer white blouse, short black skirt and an apron and then it dawned on me that she must be the maid.


Martin worked harder on my clit, increasing the pressure and slid two fingers inside my dripping pussy. I had to grasp the bed and move my hips, pushing myself down against his hand. His hands moved to my breasts and nipples, rolling my hard nipples between his fingertips, I was fixated never taking my eyes off of the woman who was still watching me be pleased. She kept eye contact with me and lowered her hand to her skirt, and tugged it up revealing a black thong. As I started to move my hips faster, I felt a third finger inserted in me but Martin didn't stop rubbing my clit. I bucked my hips upwards, panting. I really was having my clit rubbed hard ! I raised my hips again and this time my clit was by his tongue. Martin licked and teased and softly bit it while he thrust his fingers into me at the same time. Oh boy, I was so dizzy and so horny. It felt so good! The maid was by now rubbing herself through the damp lace of her thong still looking directly into my eyes, I could see her lips were quivering and I could see she was breathing faster. I was about to come, it was almost too much for me. I think I recall arching my back and thrusting my hips towards him. Every muscle in my body was so tense as I started to quiver and shake. The girl is rubbing herself harder and faster. Martin was finger fucking me so hard it hurt a little but hurt in a good way. I was gasping, panting. grabbing his hair, he then pushed me down and at the same time increased the pressure on my clit, I felt myself going over the edge, holding my breath and then just screaming as my orgasm washed over me. I remember the muscles in my pussy tightening around his fingers as he continued to lick my clit, with long, slow, rhythmic strokes of his tongue, making my orgasm last longer and longer. The ripples faded and my body relaxed. He kissed his way up my body, to my mouth and gave me a really hard deep, French kiss.


The maid was rubbing her clit like mad. she leaned back against the door to steady herself. She licked her lips and threw her head back arching her back as she finally came. Her silence broke when she muffled 'OH FUCK GOD'!. Martin turned immediately, and for the first time saw the maid that had been in the room with us for a while now, he was just completely uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! She blushed as she hurriedly pulled down her skirt, she ran to the bathroom. Naked, we BOTH followed her to the bathroom where she was standing in front of the mirror. We stood behind her and admired her reflection. Her tight blouse outside her apron was very sheer and we could see that she is not wearing a bra. Her breasts are firm with erect nipples. I wonder why? We asked her name, she told us in broken English and said that she spoke very little English. She told us that although she has a boyfriend she was not experienced. She told us that she would love to have sex with a couple she was afraid she would not know what to do. She turned to face Martin who couldn't help but brush his hands over her gorgeous breasts and lingered on her hard nipples. I asked her if she would like to learn what to do, and nervously she nodded a yes to my amazement. I led her by her hand back out to the bedroom where Martin was sitting now on the end of the bed. Standing in front of him, I slowly unbutton and remove her blouse, revealing her tanned breasts. Martin leaned forward and took her left nipple in his mouth, gently sucking it. My right hand was on her other breast and he gently rolled the nipple between his fingers. Her breathing became slightly faster. Martin unzipped her skirt, and as it fell to the ground and she stepped out of it, we knew then that she was game for some fun!.


Martin`s cock was so hard and erect at the sight before him. He knelt in front of her and pulled down her black thong, revealing a mound of black hair. Carefully I eased her legs apart a little and felt her wetness with my fingers. Martin parted her pussy lips, leaned forward and went for her clit with his mouth and tongue. She gasped and I grabbed her hips, pushing her towards him. Very gently he licked her clit. She started to move her hips now in rhythm, natural for all I guess. Martin felt her wetness with his fingers and knew she was ready and slowly inserted a finger and invited me to also join in. her pussy was a little tight and I could feel her muscles tense around my finger. She was so wet I knew she could take more, and I knew exactly what she needed inside her!. Leaving the maid for a moment, Martin comes to where I am sitting at the end of the bed. He knelt between my legs and grabbed my hips, pulled me towards him so that I was right on the very edge of the bed. I took his cock in my hand, and noticed just how hard he was. And then first I licked the full length of it, then took the head of it in my mouth, swirling my tongue around it just as he has taught me, he grabbed my head and pushed me down, I took his cock in and out of my mouth, making it as wet I could, he grabbed my hair and made me go faster, but I wouldn't let him come not then anyway!.


I went back over to the maid and took her hand to lead her over towards us. Carefully I positioned her so that she was positioned across Martin`s face with her legs either side of his face. His huge gleaming erection was right in front of my face. I placed my hands on the maid's thighs, and gently pulled her down towards Martin`s cock, and she slid down easily so that she was just above his cock. I parted her pussy lips with my fingers and guided his cock to her entrance, so that she could feel the heat against her. You should have seen the sight , it was incredible, she had this incredible look of lust and want!. He put his hands on her hips and gently pulled her down towards him, teasing her and holding her just back so that she could feel the tip of his cock brush her pussy but not go any further. He can be such a tease, Her breasts were by now also rising up and down as she started to pant from excitement and probably nerves. Very slowly I positioned myself and pulled her down onto his erection and she moaned and moaned as she took him deeper inside her. I loved seeing Martin's cock disappear in her pussy and how this and how it made her feel, to see her grasping his cock with her pussy. When she had taken all of him inside her I pulled her legs further apart so she could feel him really deep inside and feel herself filled fully.


As she was moving up and down, pumping. I leaned forward and licked his balls and could taste her juices in my mouth, she didn't seem to mind which also surprised me. I licked and sucked the base of his shaft and carried on up to her pussy as well, I think that sent her almost over the edge, a totally new experience for her we later found, but also admiring her for the courage. Holding onto her hips I lifted her up, and licked the full length of Martins shaft with her juices all on the outside, I could definitely taste her as my mouth and face began to be covered by both their juices. Next he suddenly pushes so hard into her that it takes her breath away and she screams out loud, an erotic mixture of pleasure and pain, you should have heard it! He guided her up and down his hard shaft and when she got into a rhythm of her own he let go of her hips, moving his hands and fingers now to focus on my clit as I had positioned myself around a little for easier access to him. In need of something to fill me, I went to my bag and pulled out my  double dildo. I took a chair and positioned it just in front of them both, so they could see me fully spread. I sat on the chair, spread my legs and lifted my feet up onto the bed. Taking one end of the thick dildo, I rhythmically insert it in my pussy and really go to town with it as I watch them both in rhythm. I watched and played as she slid up and down Martins cock, I had never seen anything so horny in my life and didn't want it to stop!. Martin then suddenly grabbed her hips and pulled her up and down. faster and faster. harder and harder. boy, she rode his cock  faster and faster, I also at the same time thrust my hips into the dildo and we got into the same rhythm. I could see Martin was about to come and sure enough, his whole body tensed and released as he shot his load in her wet dripping by now pussy. I could see their juices flowing down his thighs.


Martin knew exactly what to do next, and sure enough he beckoned both me and her over onto the bed together and told us to get down on all fours ready for doggy style. BUT he got us positioned back to back or ass to ass. He took one end of the dildo and inserted it in my ass and the other end he positioned into her pussy although I couldn't quite tell from the position I was in at that time. He tells me that she is just oozing with his hot cum. Now he tells us both to push back and he pushes her backwards to demonstrate. she didn't take long to understand. As we both pushed back towards each other, the feeling was wonderful, I just wanted to push back all the way I could till I could feel her ass at the same time, skin to skin taking the dildo in as deep as I could. Martin then positions himself in the middle of us, takes the dildo in his palm and moves it from side to side. fuck me, that just threw me a small climax, I just could help but to move my hand between my legs and rub myself hard and I mean HARD! I am moaning so loudly, I'm sure next door they could hear me. I take Martin`s hand and place it on my clit, wanting him to rub me so hard, she too sees this from the side and she too starts to rub herself. Martin just watched at the same time as dildo stretched both of my ass and her pussy. He's now hard and fully erect again!.


I now took his cock and slid my free hand up and down his shaft. She suddenly starts to buck more widely and starts to groan and I could tell she was close cumming again, we both still kept grinding against each other both wanting the dildo deep in us as much as possible. It didn't take long after that we both came with everything so hard and deep. the poor dildo, I came all over her ass and her hot juices are all over me, and Martin`s juices are over and in both of us!, I think the maid actually cried at the intensity of her orgasm or the and maybe it was and the experience. To bring us back, the phone rang in the middle of us coming and Martin went to answer it, it was the reception asking if the towels had been delivered. She quickly dressed and literally rushed in panic before we could even say bye. Martin is my fuckbuddies. We meet at that hotel several times a year. Needless to say we went back to the hotel but never saw her again. Pity as I would have loved round 2.


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